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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 18, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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in a democracy and as it happens, we know the answer because cbs itself ran poll on that topic just a week ago and they asked this question should the united states send troops to ukraine? answer fullye? 75% of americans said no. the united states should not send troops to ukraine. and yet somehow the cbs newsreader forgot to mention t any of this to chris coons. well, you know why? because in washington what you think is irrelevant. our foreign policy matters of life and death decisionsre that destroy nations are made entirely by people with no skin in the game, people who face no conceivable risk of injury, people like john bolton and max boot toria nuland, your opinion doesn't factor intoth the equation at any point. so if you bothered to askwh american citizens what they think and if you care about democracy, you would they'd likely tell you that their borders are more important to them than ukraine's borders tse are. that makes sense because they're americans, not ukrainians. and if you ask and deeper, you would find out that the very top of their concerns is not ukraine.
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they feel sympathy for the people of ukraine, but they're not taking up too much t space brooding about ukraine moment to moment because they have other things to worry about starting with their own economy, especially the cost of food, energy and housing. t they're worried about these things and they're right to be worried at this point. the united states is looking at a grim economic picture before you point a credit card today, beware if youou don't pay it off in full, your interest rate is probably about to jump. the federal reserve, the nation's central bank is expected to raise rates by a quarter point today as it tries to throwry cold water on runaway inflation. every time you go and shop every like a price, something has gone up by so much it's insane. every american shopper has seen it first hand clothing up six and a half percent e, food p eight and a half percent. electricity up nine percent , used cars up 41% and gasoline up nearly g a buck fifty from a year ago. milk, flour, sugarar like cartons
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of oil like frying oil. that's an insane that's like tripled in price. so that's been crazy. the highest inflation in 40 years i, highest inflation in 4a years. so the official numbers which of course bearum no resemblance to the day to day reality, everything is mucher more expensive. and that's especially true of the big things. the big things are o the most expensive of all the why is that simple? the declining power of us currency has created an unprecedented asset bubble . that means investors around the world are rushing to convert increasingly worthless u.s. dollars into objects that might hold valued over time. so anything tangible costs a lot more , a lot more than it did a year ago. there's noo mystery in this. this is exactly what happensn when you pump too much money into an economy. the money becomes worth less son where is this going?fo how is it going to unfold? nobody believes the interest
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rate rises we're seeing will get inflation under control quickly. so what happens will at some point consumers begin to run out of cash to spend assets will become too expensive to buy and the average person will have less money to buy them. at the same time that prices are rising, so are taxes. property taxes are rising in many places in tandem with the real estate bubble . so even if you didn't buy a new house will suffer because of that state income taxes have risen dramatically in places like i new york . so they're getting it from both ends and that means that some people may be a lot of people will start to go broke and as they do go broke, they'll be forced to curtail what they buy in an economy driven largely by consumer spending. this is a very scary trend whenp people stop buying things, the crash comes. so you can see very clearly this is going everyonee in washington understands exactly where it's going. but instead of taking real t steps to fix it, stop writing these massive spending bills.
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they're taking everything they can all the money still on the table while there still is money. janet yellen, the secretarythe f the treasury, declared last week, for example, that quote we must redouble our efforts to decarbonize our economy. so what does that mean exactly? how do you decarbonize an economy by spending trillions of new stimulus spending on renewable energy schemes that , by the way, are? owned by the chinese government and democratic donors? see how that works. youmes pass the cash around whie it still exists. another name for this is looting. it cannot go on forever by definition because if the economy tankshe, everything resets. not just the economic question, there could be genuine social and political volatility. our current conversation c can only happen in a country c that still believes itself to be rich.h.onappen i nbut once the country doesn't think its rich, everything changes. this tells you exactly why ourde leaders seem so jumpy. it's they're more determined than ever to move
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the conversation away from economics, not talking about economics c and toward questions of race and obscure politicsow everyar moral panic they create and they create them by the dozen diverts attention away from themselves. they've been doing this for quite a while since at least the financial crisis since that time. twenty eight twentyal on our leaders have been telling us over and over and over again many books written about it that the central divide in america, the seeping wound , the original sin is race. consider the timing at exactly the moment the u.s. government bailed out wall street not a popular move use of the terms race and racism in thehe washington post in the new york times and usa today jumped by more than 700y percent. so the official message is really clear. you've gotca problems and white men caused those problems. the white guys are takingus the money and the perks of themselves and they're holding everyone else down now to this day you hear that constantly, including from joe biden. it's the most divisive possibleu message. it's also factually speaking a lie.
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according to federal statistics, white e men aren't r even close to the richest group in the united states. indian americans, chinese americans un, filipinos, korea, indonesians, among others all have much higher median household incomes than whites. so the story is not onlyes destructive of the social fabric, it's not even true .th the actual fault line in american life iss not color, it's money. the real problem isn't racism. it's wealth distribution. a small number of people small where every year have become richer than anyone else in history. meanwhile, the rest of the country has stagnated. if you don't believe it, drive out twenty miles from m the city center and seeil how people are doing. so if the population understood this that effectively it's an economic scamm had nothing to dw with racism or transgenders population, we're pretty mad about joe biden is donors fear that they don't want you to think about economics. they prefer to keep you paralyzed by guilt and shame. and if that doesn't work, they'dthin be worried about ukraine. ukraine is the real scandal they problems are putin's fault. what's joe biden? i'm doing everything withinn
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my power by executive orders to bring down the price and address the putin price. i in fact have already made progress since march inflation data was collected . your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should hinge on whether a dictator declares war and commits in half a world away. so this is their last desperate talking point and it's highly familiar to anyone who's watched american politics for the last six years. putin did, but it's ridiculous and we feel it's always a moral obligation rebut it with facts . this chart clearly shows here are several core measures of 20 inflation that go back to 2011 . you notice that all of those measures begin spiking in what year? twenty , twenty one right after joe biden tookegan office. it was the spending that did it. he's not the only one who spen too muchh but he spent the most. biden could claim a spiketa started this february in the media would probably protect him, but things have so obvious economic decline being the one thing you really can't hidee
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because people feel it every single day. it's the media are beginning too stopop defending. >> watch this . the white house says this priceb jumps are happening because of the war and what they call quote putin's price rice. ki but remember, prices started spiking well before the war in ukraine began. and every time we talk about gas prices, democrats aid new president biden, that is always putin's priceen hike. they're trying to blame, of course, the russian n' president and the invasion of ukraine fora the jump in prices. but of course, as polling suggests, this president is going to take a lot ofpres the blame here. biden has called it a putin price hike, but mostt americans aren't buying it despite what president biden says, inflation was a majorthis concen way before putin's invasion. so no one's buying it because everyone understands the most simple principle in all economics, which is supplypply and demand. if you create a lot more money, the money loses its valueio obviously. and yet this administration proposes spending even more money at a scale that this
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country has never seen. the founder of fedex, fredfe smith, summed it up this way, quote had we passed the build back better build if biden wanted. my guess is that we would be weimar germany right now. we'd have 25% inflation rather than nine or 10%. that's all very obvious.we and again, you don't need to be running the fed do understand it joe biden maybe the onlyet person who doesn't understand in this case he getspa a pass because in joe biden said he's far away somewhere else. yesterday, for example, biden is fumbling through questions about foreign policy when a staffer in an easter bunnyou costume appeared out of nowhere and led him away. is that bad now?s how bad is it here is bidenst in one of the saddest momentsum of his or any other presidency. > this is from last week. watch. there's not a single thing america can't do when we do it together as the united states of america 5% shake an
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imaginary hands wandering off into the great distance. so the one thing we can say with certainty at the white house in the spring of 2020 two is that joe biden is not running it. joe biden is joe biden has gone in his place are unelected ideologues people who do not care what the price of gas is. they don't care if you can afford dinner at applebee's with your kidsr. it they don't care even if war with russia could cause the destruction of entire populations cau. those things are notti interesting to them. they care about theories, not realityon a t. so improving the life of americans, elevating the american population doesn't even rate on their scale of concern. it's a pure after thought and we've known that for a while. they've been in charge for a while and that's beenor sustainable as longin as everyone's getting a check, as long as everyone feels like i've got enough moneyabg as. butmo the second the economy turns south, the calculationon changes completely. everything is different in a i
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country that believes it's becoming poorss. the short term effect is a peaceful revolt by voting. s so you can be certain of this if there are free and fair elections this november, neoliberalism will be swept away entirely revealed as there joke itve is so the thing to worry about right now, not public opinion. public opinion is settled. nobody likes likik the this . the thing to worry about right now isng voting the mechanic of voting. if the public is allowed to express its preference in the thdterms, we're done. but will they be allowed that should be the thing people are paying attention to? so as the biden administration tells us once again, territorial integrity of ukraine is worth dying for our country's territorial integrity is not only an afterthought but a historical footnote. it doesn't exist. drug cartelst., human traffickers, even terrorists are walking into the united states of america totally
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unimpeded. fox's film illusion broke this story as he has so many who live on the border force tonight . hey, bill , tucker . good evening to you. i was able to obtain a cvp record through a freedom of information act request that reveals at leastrr twenty three possible terror linked individuals were stopped here at the u.s. southern border last year. take a look at this graphic. we'll get right into the numbers. at are hitslookingng on the tsa cdb that is the terrorist screening databases of known and suspected terrorists maintained by the fbi. and what you see are the different border patrol sectors where these hits happened four in san diego, sector four in el centro, two in yuma, two in tucson, three in el paso, sector four and del rio sector and four in the rio grande valley sector again totaling up to twenty three . but keep in mind those are only the ones they caught, only the ones they know about took her back out here live. that isth a major concern becaue cbp officials tell us inne the last six months alone here at the border there have been more than three hundred thousand known got aways sent back to you.
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amazing as you've chronicled for months now, millions of foreign nationals come over . they don't stay in the rio grande valley. there's not the economy or the services to support them an awful lot w. t them wind up in southern b california and when they get there it is veryre l easy to brk the law and not get punished for it. you were instrumental instrumental documentary we just finished on los angeles is sort of streaming today and you have news to report relevant to this story for us . >> what is it? yeah, tucker , that's right. so look, ever since ladha george gascon was elected, it's no secret that criminals have been celebra eating his soft on crime policies. but never have we seen such a blatant example of this is what your viewers are about to see in here right now. fox news has obtained exclusive jailhouse audio of a convicted gang murderer named louise unhealth hernandez boasting that he is going to get george gascoigne's name tattooed on his face and he calls george gascon a champ for dropping his gang and gun enhancement
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with real good. now we've got a new day in l.a. so they're going to i got caught on the 14th floor right there in compton. there's sook they're going to drop a gang of like my gun in his me and my gang enhancement. my gang has been fifteen years from being a gang memberen and thent the gun in the commission of a crime is going well. i'll get the name on the face right there. gascon alcalay from the right there bro. is making the story changes for all of us . so i'm just grateful for like i got good news on that so at least now i know like that you're coming home like every time i tell me you're coming home and soccer what you heard right there certainly is not an isolated incident. your documentary also has another murderer from behind his cell in prison toasting one of his cellmates with prison moonshine smilingce saying, hey, we're going home
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on this. george gascon directed your documentary alsoon has jailhouse audio of a twenty six year old transgender child molester boasting that nothing is going to happen to him and he's not going to face any prison time because george gascon refused to prosecute him m as an adult. there is no denying that george gascony policies treat criminals with kid gloves sometimes and prosecutors in his office tell me when it comes to george gascon, d.a. stands for defense attorney, send it back to you. that is d effectively a big part of that documentary. thanks so muchat for all the hep you give us. so as we said, we're premiering season two offyo our series tucker carlson originals. the first one came out today of and it's really the story of democracy subverted. ke sor you take the second biggest city in the country, l.a. and a tiny group of people back , a truly radical prosecutor called george gascon the black lives matter people to defend the police people airhead celebrities george soros this guy takes over and one man
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changed his life for everybody in los angelesch, it's beyond belief. the document is called suicide of part one is available right now. here's a portion of it. so who exactly supports this ? how could a sane person vote for a maniac like george gascon so clearly intent on destroying what previous generationsis built? george gascoigne's primary supporters were black lives matter crowdit. why has this been called the second most important race in the country? the presidency? crowd tha george gascon is supported by the crowdants that wants to defund law enforcement, defund the police, really moving funding around. he's supported by a large swath of the celebrity crowd. please join in welcoming the one and only john legend to be a racist or so some critical to how our city functions and especially here in l.a.
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and of course, george soros who has been bankrollingng progressive ideas all across the entire country. george soros donated more than two million dollars to george gascony campaign, but he wasn'tver the lone ceo of netflix. reed hastings and his wifemp patty quillanai donated two poi> $1 million. oh , yeah, this iss all funded by soros and company and reed hastings. >> alld the billionaires in the bay area, the only significant elected official in los angeles who opposes george gascon is the county sheriff. alex, the, the t the problem is t here in l.a. in cityhe and couny government, they occupy every single seat. there iss no other point of view other than that , wolf.ea ideology have to operate in the> real world, not their fake fantasy from 2019 to 2020 one we spend 94% increase in homicides, which is mind boggling increase. i can't get the board of supervisors to even admit that homicides are going up 95%
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. i think the understatement of the year would be to say that there's no love lost between george gascon and l.a. county sheriff alex fauci in a wayov over theire por opposites. my lack of relationship with the d.a. is unprecedent i've had c one phone call with him since he's taken office. let's start with the rise in crime in l.a. county. you are the sheriff. do you bear any responsibility for that ? well, as i'm being funded and being discredited , delegitimized by our elected officials, it's kind of hard to put the blame on the people doing the most of the work for six months of august, second time in office, he rejected five thousand nine hundred and thirty two cases. that means all those people just walk free suicidal los angeles sadly not an overstatement available now on fox station part two out tomorrow, a free country. tucker carlson , dotcom's
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desert fox station. so you may have noticed it's hard to miss it. unequals justice under the law is now the rule. the punishment depends on your political views. so january six defendants will rotting in jail for over a year without bail for nonviolent crimes. but actual criminals. the guy who shot nine people in south carolina all of the weekend get released on bond for twenty five grand for the event is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hellos ing. to the place whe rolling hills meets well below where our feel inside and out are always growingth and where the sun is just getting started. . no where are you going to be at ? hello, i'm mike lindell or
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doctnd make a commitment to taking care of yourself. >> for more information, visit more to and so the whole point of america is that american laws are applied evenly and fairly to american citizens. they're not even trying anymore to do that after the bush administration placed dozens of its political opponents in solitaryot for months and months and months, nonviolent protesters didn't hurt anyone. meanwhile, actual violent offenders like a guy who just shot nine people in a shoppingt mall in south carolina over the weekend already out of jail watch in columbia. more than a dozen people injured after gunfire erupted saturday at a shopping mall. police believe a dispng among at least three people led toeo the violence they charge. twenty two yeared old wayne prie with unlawful possession of a gun. he was released on house22 arret after a judge set bond at just twenty five thousand dollars, allowing him to go to work with an ankle monitor.
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the judge's name in that case is crystal rookard, by the way. that's her . buck sexton is one of the few former cia officers we trust our friend hosts the clay travis and buck sexton, so s he joins us now. buck, thanks so much for coming . it does seem like the core promise of equal justice has been corroded. the democrat party has been using prosecutor's offices not just for social engineering or you could say for replacing criminal justice with social justice but also as a weapon. the most prominent recent example of this is january six where you have people let's remind ourselves they're held because they're either supposed to be a threatt to the public, which i don't a think any personth actually believes is based in a reality. based i you're talking about january 6th or a flight risk, which also seems quite strange considering many of them have already pleaded and they've gotten months. one just actually got off entirelyon because he was wavedt into the capitol. but look at the way the doj was weaponizes against donald trump before that . in fact, i would sayep republicans have gotten far toor used to this , whether it's governor scott walkerwa up
10:31 pm
in wisconsin or the john doe laws being used to go after him, chris christie and bridgegate, they wanted to lock up governor mcdonnell, former governor mcdonnell, virginia's wife, for taking gifts. if you all remember that at one point they wanted to go after rick perry when he was the governor of texas. these are all prosecution , by the way, that were eitheron in part or in total dramaticwh overreach. and it always seems to go one way. where's the equivalent on the other side that is just off the top of my head. meanwhile, people who shootpl a lot of people get let out on bail because they're notn a danger 25 grand there's a shooting nine people shot in a shopping mall and there's only a gun charge and twenty five grand in these out. >> i mean, how can that be? we've seen the progressive prosecutors have taken the opinion in city after city at this point that if they're only honestly softer, more gentle on violent crime across the board, let them out sooner from either a sentence, let them out right away with catch and release bail reform laws that somehow this will improve the community that we'vetionsns seen talked about a bit
10:32 pm
more now in the aftermath of the blm protests and riots. that hasn't worked at all. they have to admit now across the country the crime rate has gone up dramatically and pretty much every major city you can think of not because of covid, which is one of the lies they told not because we were cooking the books and trying to create hysteria on tv, butcrut because they have really stupids policies that are reckless and made things worsetus for everyone. and tucker, i think they only care about it, which is obvious to everybody now because crime a is a major issue in city after city and they're going into a midterm election and they people like gascon and others by the way, krassner in philadelphia, but dan in sanr francisco who just looked like lunatics while good people are suffering, they're all democrats. that's exactly right. >> tuc put. the great buck sexton, thank you . good night, tucker . thso the democratic party iss bracing for a total wipeout in the midterms this point they're not even trying to convince you to vote for them. toto're trying to take their opponents off the ballot. they're attacking democracy, nott a letting you vote for people you want to vote for. here's the latest and most shocking example.
10:33 pm
a new legal effort underway to keep marjorie taylor greene off the ballot in her own district where she's very popular in the state of georgia and what grounds the left is saying she's guilty of, quote, insurrectioner. >> marjorie taylor greene represents georgia in congress and she joins us tonight. congressman, thanks so c much for coming on . so they're trying to prevent voters from voting for you. how is that democracy? well, it's not, tucker . that's's the thing. these people hate the people in my district so much they look down on them because they voted for me and sent me t to washington to fight for the things that most americans care about, like secure borderst ,stopping abortion, protecting our second amendment, stopping the outgec of control spendingn in washington and stop funding, never ending foreign wars t and all the insanity that takes place in washington. well,ha i went there and i have been fighting it and now the progressives, the people donate the dark money groups, the 501 c 3s and the foundations they've hired up some attorneys from
10:34 pm
new york who hate the people in my district and don't believe that they should have to elect who they want to send to washington, which is me.wao i have overwhelming supportup in my district and i'm so thankful for all ofpo them. la well, now they filed a lawsuit because they're trying to rip my name off of the ballot and steal my district's ability to reelect me and send me s back to congress. so if youen can prevent voters from being allowed to vote for the candidate of their choice, t which is their constitutional right, then the system's over .p >>ar is that is the republican party with all four paws jumping in to help youo? not yet. i'm on my own to defend myself . wonderful people are donating to my campaign. ntgye for america .com and i'm o grateful for that . but i haveei to protect myself. i have to go to court on friday and actually be questioned about something i've never been charged with and n something i was completely against. and soso this is h how far it'se going.
10:35 pm
these leftists, thesehe progressives who would rather want they'd rather have a judge or bureaucrats making decisions instead of voters, they want to hand that over to them and not let the people in my district even have the right to vote for me. but nowhe the republican party needs to fight harder. tucker , , youee know,ds there'i something that wegh that i have learned and i think this is really important. you know, if you can challenge any representative's candidacy or elective elected office holder, then i bet you we couldp round up some republican voterse who didn't like kamala harris funding rioters, criminal rioters out of jail or ill hassan omar or corey bush or maxine waters inciting riots. you know, i think there's there's another way to play this game will. of course, american citizens have an absolute right to votegh for anyone they want to because their government is self-government. and if you take that away, it's it's tyranny. obviously we appreciateehat comg on tonight. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene of georgia,al thank you . thank you , tucker . pretty shocking medical mysteryn
10:36 pm
in the state of new jersey. nearly 100 high school students who went to a high school nearby have developed the same extremely rare and deadly tumors nea. why? dr. marc siegel after the break.dr. marc siegel everybody has been asking myself what the hell is going on in 20 20% county voters like you and me, the county prosecutor, if you want to really see what i look like no farther than george deliberately the most violent criminals in los angeles in two weeks or so my neighborhood is turning. people are so about what's going on when he says i'm not going to prosecute the legalizing gang members
10:37 pm
committing murders, they'll be released by december 25 no matter what this is under george desco, you do the crime not to use the time to break the law are celebrating. tucker carlson original suicide of los angeles streets now on the line up at fox station dot my husband always trying to hug up grinker time, but i don't think he realizes how much is pain cream smells. i guess i get the kids to myself today thanks to my secret my secret to living a pain free life with no smell . thanks. i'll stay and drink. well it couldn't hurt to share it so in any way australians find out what your favorite retailer mike lindell street sales. i think that is incredible video maga hats the power of a display on the day this dropping your secret
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10:42 pm
american citizens like an invading army even as you treate the invaders like they're your own children, which is exactly what they're doing anyway. no last minute i'm plaints hoping for two years becauseuc it's helped a lot ofke politicians more powerful. pu but there are real public health emergencies going on in this country. one apparently is unfolding new jersey, dozens of people connected to a single high school in woodbridge township have come down with rare brain tumors. here's a local news report on it. al lopiano, an environmentalmo scientist and former resident of woodbridge township says he has confirmed 65 cases of people with rare brain tumors. the common denominator, they were all colonial high school graduates or had worked there. luciano was diagnosed 20 years ago and still suffers lingering issues. fast forward to august of lastuf year. my sister received the news that she had a primary brain tumor. it unfortunately turned out to be stage four glioblastoma.
10:43 pm
two hours later we received information that my wife also had a primary brain tumor after his sister sadly passed away less than a month ago. he posted on facebook calling on all colonial high school alumni asking if others had brain tumors and the response was shocking. >> doxxed is right and scary. what is this exactly? dr. marc siegel joins us tonight to assess. dr. tucker , i want to start with a little bit of history. you know, the middlesex sampling plant, which is less and 10 miles away from this high school is part was part of the manhattan project that made the first atomic bomb and they had a uranium there and they didn't close it until nineteen sixty seven the same year that colonial high school opened. and not only that , re but repos were that they didn't fully decontaminate that middlesex plant until more than 10 years, more than 20 years later, till the 1990s it wasn't fully decontaminated and the question is, was there an association
10:44 pm
between the uranium that plant and the soil and the radiation and what happened in this high school? let's talk about this high school. six out of a hundred thousand people a year get any kind of brain or spinal cord tumor very, very rare.ol but this high school has seen over 100 brain tumors from nineteen seventy five to 2000. you saw al lopiano there. he has an acoustic neuroma which is very, very rare. his sister died of a glioblastoma, a terrible, terrible brain tumor . i spoke to our head of neurosurgery, john gall finance at nyu who's an expert at this and also tom roeland, who's an acoustic neuroma expert for the nyu, one of the world's best. both say that a little bit of ionized radiation, just a small amount in the area is enough to provoke these tumors. now wee don't knownow for sure that this is what has gone on , but the environmental protection agency is involved and the local department of health in new jersey is involved. tucker , this is what we call a cluster and this thirteen hundred students in this school
10:45 pm
today all wanting to know do i have risk? is there radiation here? but you know what i want to add tonight , not just the part about the manhattan project , not about just j how we dispose of radiation and the issues of our environment, but we need toa look beyond this school.. we need to look at the entirehi area around this plants and see and test for radiation in the air and in the soil tucker . because people can be hurt and we need to know. that's exactly right.. haenvironmental poisoning is real. it's not just aboutro climate change and covid there's a lot p goingoi on and we should pay attention. i appreciate that report. dr. marc siegel, thank you . thanks,, tucker . you probably need jimmy johns sandwich all over the country. jinsheng vetoed, made it and made millions making sandwiches starting in just 19 never took on debt. amazone story. amazing man that all of this isr
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news headlines on sirius xm anytime, anywhere. but he was on his own. twenty six in america. he's listening to america, talking todicine, social media f
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an online pharmacy you probably don't say much over the years but if you're like us , you didn't know who jimmy john was. jimmy john's jimmy john lyoto sold most of this companyy
10:51 pm
and made billions. he's an amazing person and politically aware too. at one point he came out against barack obama and paid the price for that . so we sat down with him for an hour for new episode tucker carlson today and learned a ton but mostly were amused, inspired, engaged . amazing guy. here's part of it. after obama won his second w term, i was completely annihilated and cancer i'm a hunter. i'm overweight. i'm very, very successful rich. right. so i get beat out of me for all those three things completely canceled before cancer was cool but the way i want to talk about this is i had twenty eight hundred restaurants open like three thousand so that i had deposits on to open from from my operators and these your mom and pops across america and they changed the labor law. the definition of what a manager is minimum wage insurance and all of a sudden i had three thousands
10:52 pm
restaurants each one employing forty or fifty people right. and three thousand restaurants where they just you know, they just virtually that business just stopped. my mom and pop franchisees were being sued by law firms that lobbied the government right before for laborue taking advantage of our of our people. and it just became this arduous completely complet our mom and pop shops for average owner had like three and a half stores. i'm incredibly successful. i'm grateful. but what happened was a travesty because it made them they were taking all their extra time baking cookies for people that kicked and sampling baseball games and building their catering businesses and learning how to runn a business. and we taught them how to run these businesses and when we did it with them and then when the labor laws changed in the middle of the game, we were just sitting there holding the bag and these momn and pops are now in court and then a and then the, the laws changee even further. and we became a co employee, meaning i'm responsible for all the employees and all these sandwich shops all around s america so that the big,ho big
10:53 pm
law firms could then sue for so they could get their money. so i had no idea here i was helping mitt romney fordr america, for everybody toea have the dream and i had no idea that i was goingng to be attackd and the it got soft anyway. i spent all my time in court and i did sell the business and i'm happy i did. but this is interesting as well. i've hired a company to go back and do the forensics and where all the money cameca from and all the attacks and all the canceling on me and it all came from politics, l all from the democratic party ,m all supported by them or their or their or their pacs or soros or whatever it is. and anyway, the guy in thep sandwich shop and he dared to contribute to the wrong candidateed and that'sid what happened to him. but it's the whole thing's ann amazing conversation. what a guy.. john legatum. we're getting up earlier now so you can watch our interviews on fox nation. fox tucker carlson today starting at 7:00 a.m. now we heard
10:54 pm
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