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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 19, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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he wouldn't take his car justar anywhere so he brought it to safely. we replaced the windshield and recalibrated their cars d and safety systems. so features like automaticec emergencyh: braking for work properly they are safe. we're safe like goodhew now safe can't be take your seat like we place. good evening and welcome tonb tucker carlson tonight. last year, unbeknownst to pretty much nobody, a womann in brooklyn started a twitter account that was comprised almost solely of videos of liberals talking about themselves. so the concept was i very simpl. finds interesting tape had already been uploaded to the internet by the people who made it and then repost m that tape. there was no editing of it, no special effects. there's very little editorial
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content. the idea was to let activist types describe in theirr own words what they believe unfiltered. the woman who created it called that account libsoftiktok libsoftiktok now has more followers than the entire population of the state of wyoming, which is tiktoks audience dwarfs the nightly viewership on cnn. so it was quite successful by definition. the question is why? i and here's why. it turns out that is repellent is academic lifestyle liberalism . they seem to you as an observer the reality of it as described the people who actually believe this stuff is even worse than you ever imagine truly beyond belief, both idiotic and disgusting. it's like watching someone eat roadkill. you feel nauseous but you can'to turn away. so what does the tiktoks on alls kinds of tape on the internet. but they found a bunch ofyl selfie style videos from the publicly available social media accounts of teachers. it is snoop they just pulled people already posted. here's some of what they found
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. hi, my name's is and i'm a preschool teacher. recently we started wearing n pronoun pin and the kids get to pick a new pronoun in every we have something that pick likes here every single day and we have the change. so i'm a nonbinary preschool teacher and i can't on nonbinary you know i'm not a girl or boy.r. i use they-them i see them pronouns in the classroom but we work on it.he not all the kids get it. that's okay. and i go by next grade in the classroom not miss or mr. nanobot me teaching the children who maybe probably was crazy but not only that but they also know that i'm gender fluid. i'm going to give you >> t about what it means to be transgender as well. so when babies are bornnie, the doctor looks at them a and they make a guess about whether the baby is a boy orid girl as young as three and four are actually aware of their gender identity even if they don't have a language for it. say that pre-k through third grade are not ready for such topics is actually internalized homophobia and transphobiaopho.
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so those are the people in charge of tending todi your small children's minds while you're at work. now maybe you agree with the viewsgr you just heard. maybe you think that doctors just guess at the of newborns maybe you don't agree. it almost doesn't matter either way you a have a right as parent to know what these people are teaching to your children. and yet before libsoftiktok there was not an easy way tos n find out what they were teaching you to takeor the teacher's word for it. well, turns out there are o anue awful lot of videos liketo this out there. libsoftiktok found a lot of them here, for example,ot of the scene at one private school in washington, dc. okay, so let's say you're paying forty five thousand dollars a year to send your kids to some overyid mediocre private school in the district of columbia. you think everything's fine. you pull up libsoftiktok and you find out what's actually happening in your kid's classroom.
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what's wrong with that? this is journalism.rn noalism. news organization in america has done more to reveal the reality within american schools than libsoftiktok. we aired a number ofbe their videos on the show. we are grateful for their reporting. it was far more straightforward than anything you're going to find the new york times or the washington post because it wasn't accompanied by a lot of bloviating to show you the tape and you can decide that's journalism. here'sthat you another piece ofe that libsoftiktok unearthed that amazed and horrified. this is a teacher screaming at a student for refusing to wear a mask. you know, not call the police. i'm sure there are serious i ama serious, man.m i have hadi' enoughve of it. you were going to take off the mask. the more i turned the corner. so enjoy being that's i think that's where you're wrong with the military guy all day o because you're a i'm going to
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call the police.e. he screeches because the kid has the mask beneath his nose. now again, maybe you're okay with your kids being taught by emotionally incontinent nut cases like that .. maybe you're not. but you probablybu ought to know either way so you can see why libsoftiktok quickly became so very populartok. you didn't have to wade through some long editorial to find out what was actually happening. you whaha see the raw video andn you could assess it for yourself. fo millions of parents were grateful for that . so was christina pusha, who's the press secretary for the governor of florida, ron desantis. it was partly in response too videosron desantis that she saw on libsoftiktok that florida ultimately banned public school teachers from lecturing kindergartners about . the mosto law. it's one of those p popular laws and the state majority of democrats supported. @libsoftik so libsoftiktok was getting results as good journalism does not bad for twitter feed. so of course that twitter feed had to be shut down. n the bush administration and its many servants in the news media set to workts the neo liberal
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slander machine media matters published four separate hit pieces on libsoftiktok in just the past three weeks. itpipi was trafficking hate for lying liberal to talk about themselves. it was anti-gayeral. gh the site was attacking anyone, certainly was not attacking, was just playing tape of people talkingf about themselves in their own words, video that they uploaded twitterey stand this they shut down the account entirely twice. they suspended it.ns one of the suspensions cameai after a complaint from a harvard instructor called alejandro carballo quote my report libsoftiktok violating twitter rules got them suspended. he bragged @. yet the woman who keeps runs libsoftiktok kept going. so ultimately jeff bezos weighed in . bezos, his personal newspaper, the washington post decided to f harass the family of the woman who operates libsoftiktok they couldn't find her so they went after her family. the post sent what it calls its tech columnist taylor loreen's to showw up outside a home
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that belongs to one of the woman's relatives. and then lauren set about trying to find the womannd herself. she couldn't sheom sent a direct message on twitter to someone who turned out to beco not that woman. it had nothingnoth to do with te account whatsoever. but because she did b that we know what taylor runs washe saying. here's what she said. quote, you're being implicated in starting a hate campaign against lgbtq people, right? i hate campaign. soso here you have talil rence who's effectively acting as they stasi for the deep state trying to intimidate a private citizen into silence. and this morning she gave it her best shot. the washington post published a piece by llorens linking to l the name, the physical address and the real estate licensing information of the woman who runs lives of tiktok. after the post published the article, the woman behind libsoftiktok went into hiding. that was off hi course the whole l point of the exercise.iv people know where she lives because the washington post linked to itas so she had tof
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leave now talil friends of all people knew this would happen. she knew what she was doing when she wrote the story. she was trying to shut this woman up. it was just a couple of months ago, you might remember that llorens herself complained on television that she was being harassed and that no one under any circumstances would be allowed to show up at her home. here she is. trolls live everywhere. please explainwh what was like can draw a picture of what it is like when a surge of harassment hits. it's horrifying. and it's not just me either. you know, they immediately doxxed youocs go after your fat members, they try and look up everyone who's ever you been associated with you. it's completely overwhelming and terrifying. ker: oh , they go after your familyo members of a a picture back up p in front of you that this is taylor rends outside of family members of the woman who run libsoftiktok the other day harassing the family members. now the tape you just saw comes from january then in april,
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just eight days ago, taylor ,ho who cannot stop talking about herself drowning in like me, cried on television becauseed she'd been criticized on line watch. i've had to remove every single social tie i hadng severe ptsd from this . i contemplated suicide. it got really bad if you like any little piece of informationi that gets out on you will be used by the worst peoplent on the internet to destroy your life. and it's soo isolatingd and terrifying. it's horrifying. s it's overwhelming.'s it's really hard.uc it'ske really hard to be grante. should work for the washington post. so no power f. but if you really think it's hard, if you're really against that kind of behaviore, why are you engaging in it at scale? so a few weeks later after shooting that performance, taylor and shows up at the door and there's a picture right
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there of a relative of the private citizen who post videos to lorenz's bosses don't like and then she posts that person's identity online. so this is obviously an intimidation campaign designed to shut down a highly effective twitter feed. but take one step deeper into the story and ask yourself to taylor warren, the woman you just saw crying on tv because she is ptsd.ti did she want to do the reporting here? did she really track down the personal information of the woman who runs libsoftiktokk police, of course, that shee couldn't pillories is noter a reporter apart from whining about herself on television. she has no skills. r she couldn't do a weather forecast any rain storm . she's not a journalist. she's merely a receptacle for information m that other people. gather for their own and willing receptacle. so where does she get this information? who gave her the identity ofe the woman who runs libsoftiktok? well, actually don't have to guess because today's washington post story answersue that question. the post piece tells us thatth
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information came from a manro called travis brown . travis brown runs the quotes travis brown hate speech tracker, which uses a variety of proprietary methods o to reveal personally densifying information of private citizens who stray from the approved story line. nowor who pays for all this ? that's the question. will the travis brown hate speech tracker is funded by something called the prototype fund? here's the prototype fund describes i a point of travis brown's project quote prominent right wing extremist accounts on twitter and facebook have developed a well-documented pattern to distribute controversialedpa extremist cont to their followers and then delete it before moderators have the opportunity t to react to others before it can be censored. archiving is an important element in counteracting this behavior has in many casest led to prominent victories in the fight against the supreme extreme right extreme right. so no hate speech is the same. the hate speech tracker does not target the hate speech blm riders are in no only enemies of the biden administration
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and the guys at davos. how do they do it? well, brown's methods, according to him, including using automated software to save user account names and social media poststs long after they have been deleted. so there's no hiding from these people. now that appears to be a violation of twitter's terms of service. but we care because they don't care. we reached out to twitter about this . isn't this a violation? they ignored us . they suspended our account. what's interesting, though, is it travis brown himself appears to be a former twitter employee. so again, who's payingso for this will? ? the foreign government is g paying for it. the prototype fund gets its money not from private donors but from the government of germany. germany's federal ministry of educationed. it says so right on the website. in other words, what happened to the woman who runsk, libsoftiktok her life being destroyed was not the work of pela llorens, the fearless journalist who cries on tv fromn ptsd. no, it was a foreign intelligence operation designed
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to silence and intimidate anto american citizen. wait, is that legal? did the biden administration have any role in this particular intel op? why is the german government trying to shut down an american twitter account posting about american teachers and since she was the recipient , a willing recipient of this information from a foreign government designed to destroy an american citizen, why hasn't hillary at the very least registered under the foreign agent registration act fara we seem to remember quite a bit of talk about this over the last days. weal think there was an impeachment trial. someone went to prison because of it.en butz taylor can take informatioo from a foreign government to crush an american citizen clearly as part of an a intel s operation. and she's a journalist in good standing. it's jetwayshe us newspaper. lots of questions here. l weof hope we can get the bottom of all of them.ig we're going to start tonight by talking to the creator off libsoftiktok who joins us right now by phone. we p appreciate your cominghore. so i just have to ask because
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i'm really interested why don you suppose the german d government wanted to shutow down your twitter feed? well, i think that what i'm doing is very effective and i think that a lot of people wanted to shut me down. they wanted to intimidate me into silence and unfortunately for them, that's just never going to happen. >> well, i'm grateful to hear that you're not intimidated. wereyo you a little surprised to llorensel people tell who complains bitterly when we used her name on the air a several months ago, who whinedhi and cried on television because she had ptsd because peopleyo were criticizing her online? said it was her whoer came after you personally and tried to destroy your life . yeah, i thought that was really humorous. it added a really nice, nice layer of humor. but humor on t the whole story k that the fact that it wasz, taylor , the one who is a knownk ,you know, hypocrite is known
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to doxxed people, the fact that it was her that is doing all this is i think it helps people rally with support for me. >> have you i mean, i know you're not a psychiatrist orrh perhaps you are i don't knowap who you are, but are youth surprised that the people who are the most deep we are enmeshed in narcissism. we talk about themselves t the most are also capable of the greatest cruelty. have you noticed that ? i'm yes,s, i've noticed that a lot. i've noticed there was a lot ofw tiktoks as well. i think it's a a little bit of a trend. >> yeah, i talk about i obsess over myself so i'm willing to to hurt you. sou. what's your status as sincw we have you on the phone, how are you doing tonight ?? where are i mean can you tell us where you are? but y how is this affected your life? this jeff bezos piece? well, the past few days have been very chaotic and overwhelming. i have to make some travel plans, you know, really fast. but i was not planningit
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on earlier. so there was a little bit oft oi coordination. i had to hop in and i'm now in a location. i don't think anyone would find me not in any of the locationr to roam around blipped or that anyone can find. but i it's been a little bit tough but i'm not going to let this get me down. well, i hope we see you in our t studios. thanks so much for joining us . so we appreciate it. glenn greenwald is an actual journalist who has done actual m reporting over many years. he's been following this very closely. you can find him, ofy courseb on substack. but i have to ask you to why would the government of germany be funding a doxxing of anco american twitter account? what are we looking atun we he? do you think? look, if there were really a principle, tucker , that everyone was willing to agree with that anybody who obtained any influence on social media, even if they wanted to remain anonymous
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to protect their family orto their workplace or their community now is fair game to be investigated on and right no matter their political ideology. everybody was subject toev w th, i wouldn't agree with that. but at least they could swallow the idea that if someone gainse influence, they're fair game for reporting. but you know that's not the case. forno for example, if i tomorrow go to tucker to tell them i rented his home and bang on her door or fox sends a camera crew to her parents house or some right wing independent journalist goes to her siblingsgso workplace and ss we're here to find out l information about tell llorensor and extremely powerful and influential journalist or imagine if you unmask the identity y of, say, a trans activist who was popularce on facebook or a black lives m matter activist who had a big twitter following. you think these people who are defending end would say, oh , this is fair game reporting, this is shoelace shoe leatherre journalism. they would declare like some sort of crisis off national mental health and pressth freedom. they would like lower the flags to halfow mast. it's clearly a huge double standard punctuated by the fact
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that taylor was just on national tv sobbing, claiming she was the victim ofth exactly this kind of behavior less than three weeks ago. it's just beyond belief. beyond i've b fauci this many times, bt i still don't really know the answer. why forces,ese big these big powerful forces, washington post, german government, media matters be so intent on crushing like a little twitter account that repost videos? what what does that this is the way journalism changean in the trump air. you know, when i grew up,al the reason i admire journalism, the reason i went into it when i study things likey the pentagon papers where documents are released showing the pentagon was lying to the american public about the vietnam war or people confronted the nixon administration with watergate or peopleehe exposed power centers. what has happened is in the trump era the media convinced t itself, the corporate media, that the real threats to the united states were no longer the cia and the pentagon and the nsa and wallon street
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and silicon valley, all of whom are on their side and trying to undermine trump. it's the trump movement and people who are conservative, those are criminalsry in their eyes and they moved their their media lens from the people who used to be the target off it. toole in power centers individual citizens whose only crime is that they have the wrong ideology and they're using their vast resources. the washington post is owned by jeff bezos not to challenge actual power centers but to p destroy and wreck the livesop reputations of people who they t regard as having the wrong politics. >> that's all t this is about stusy for the deep state. exactlyxactly that'ss right. so nicely put as always..glenn glenn greenwald,greenw thank yo. thanks.nk so the country is a little freer. we don'tt often report that we're grateful to you tonight . mask mandates are being lifted all across the country after a federal judge struck down the cdc transportation maps mandate because there was no justification for it. m but the media is upset. they're pushing the mandates to be reinstated so they'll knowwh
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who the planes areo shooting. the video that what everybody's asking myself, what the hell is going on in twenty 20% county voters listen to this and be the county's top prosecutor. if you want to really see what americans look like, look farther than george deliberately set about violent criminals on this los angeles into a war zone. my neighborhood is turning into the guy who was so about what's going on in when he said he's not going to prosecute them to legalizing gang members, committing murders. they'll be released by december. twenty five no matter what this is los angeles under george desco. you do the crime not people
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hey oh a rare piece of good news. a federal judgee struck down the insane mascot mandate on planes and trains m. c
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the much beleaguered passenger class in this country celebrated upon hearing the news. watch this massacre no longerti required of domestic flights or u.s. air force one . employees and customers are no longer required a to wear masks. >> they may do so if they choose map will be optional cpac for example, if you choose you may the mondo ce. >> tucker: so the mask enjoy and celebrate. >> so the mass mandate never made sense on planes. the airlinered planes filtereds way safer than a restaurant. of the mandate was to humiliate you and get you to obey and people hated it and the airlines do. they hated it. so almost every major carrier in the country lifted
10:26 pm
the mandates as soon as the judge allowed them to. but joe biden's publicistt was a dedicated enemy of human happiness and really ought to in a kindergarten classroom in new york city. so she's disappointed in the watch. >> the cdc recommended continuing to order for additional time, two weeks to be able to assessts the latest science in keeping with its responsibility to protect the american people. so this is obviously a disappointing decisionon. no one believes you anymore. no one believes the cdc anymore. you drained your credibility account over the last year by lying to us . you're a joke. we're the only ones that don't know it and they don'tt. a couple of hours ago the administration announced it will appeal the ruling if the cdc tells them to quote if the cdc concludes a mandatory order remains necessary, the doj will appeal the doj. nobody wants that . the only people who areis in favor of it are the journalists who work for the administration, which is virtually all of them. and they're thrilled at the possibility that the american population will once again be subjugated because
10:27 pm
they deserve it. what do we need to know about this ruling? are we kind of in the wild west? it's every company for itself 100% it's it's a mess just because this ruling was made by a judge doesn't mean that suddenly the science has changed. we we know that maskless remain very protective measures basically donald trump as a federal judge today. yeah, yeah. true . we report trump as a federal judge. > w soha what we've done is e mask mandatevel with incredibly high level of virus and right now as of today, it is s less safe to fly in this country than it was yesterday. chiefha obviously is clueless and the vast majority off scientific evidence is maskless have saved millions of lives, il masses and millions of lives and some low iq politiciansli never had a job. sheer knows the scienceci
10:28 pm
candace owens knows a lot more about science thans the lady you just heard. she's the founder of blexit. alwaysfo happy to have her . >> it's just it's their powers and they go away and they're badr . what we're looking at these people, tucker , they're just they're sick. these utterly sick, mentally unstable people who want people to suffer out of sport, out of sheer sport. we obviously know the science does not make sense. it neveravenakr makes sense toe about science ever shifting. that's exactly what the cdc specializes shift making up this like as they go along likee they are actually assignment'se, as in the child's game. and you know what ? it is sad to me to see so many flight attendants celebrating and people that are in the seats because you realizeze people have just been suffering but they're going to go tori prison the first nopsemama they hear you don't comply. you know you can be arrested. i imagine having a federal charge because you didn't wear a mask over your face. we watched children suffer. wehi watched special needs kids get kicked off a plane for their inability to keep their mouths to keep their masks on their face as well as young kids. two yearsac crying and screamin,
10:29 pm
not understanding why they're being made to wear a mask.ear ak and this is really just happening in america, by the way. i've traveled all across europe. they'vevee, all released a mathematics. this is not baseds on science. it is just based in control. the government took power.pp they don't wanty to give it back . and to me as happy as i am, as relieved as i am, i am going to play to not wear a mask. i don't feel like this is a win because we shouldn't be cheering on the restoration of our base human rights.o we should be infuriated and we should want to see these people face consequenceeo b because gus what , tucker ? the cdc broke the law. that's the ruling says it was unconstitutional. similarly, osha broke the law. they were trying unc to overreah and if they could do t thingshi that they had entirely no power to do song when regular people break the law, tucker , they go, to prison. why is rachel walensky and the cdc and the members of the fda and the drug cartel operating our country , any exception tota that rule? it's unacceptable and i'm not going to cheer untilndin peoplee behind bars what they have done to the dignity of human beingso ,forcing them to sit behind masks that we know do not work to stop the spread of the virus
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. i would say maybe candace owens the case in the most fauci that life expectancyc for american citizens is down due to their mismanagement of covid from cover. but dueov toid the regulations, i think, you know, maybe you're right over the target. and so i appreciate candace owens. thank you . i'vek you .. so in february k nineteen twenty eighteen, a man called john ruu was working the register at a gas station in lancaster, california. out in the desertst he was approached by two suspects who were targeting the store toi rob itt. less than a minute aft the suspects entered, one of he didhot and killed you. he didn't do anything. they just any executed him as really bleeding on the floor. an accomplice, a minor called monday. lee laughed. mla he laughed at the man dying. eu we obtained exclusive material from that case and itsia featurd heavily in part two of our new documentary the suicide of los " comes out today. here's a preview. doesn't matter how heinous the crime is, how horrifying in every case, george gascon protects the criminal,
10:31 pm
the person who did it. but the biggest beneficiaries of theses rules are the young gang members gascon treat them like children as a juvenile. as heen walked out of the store, he is smiling and thed defendants in this case were both gang members and they wereg committing the crime for the purpose of enhancing the gang while awaiting trial in juvenile detention. domani we started taking taxpayer financed music classes. he gave himself a rap name r to shooter that he posted rap videos he made to social media artists. we obtained a copy of one of these videos, shows him waving a sidearm in the desert and bragging about being a gange a runner when i'm one where you really knocked in one lyric he explicitlyy threatens a keyre witness in the case. oh my. according too law enforcement sources, that key witness in the case retracted her testimony after seeing
10:32 pm
the video. based on that and allll ofre the other factors that they knew about that they thought that the juvenile should be handled in adult court. well, gascon's policies change that . he ordered prosecutorsrt to withdraw all of the transfer motions. yes,e sfer motions and also ordd prosecutors to drop gang enhancements, gun enhancements and special circumstances in hand. in both cases, prosecutors later dropped all three counts that domani lee faced for intimidating the witness. en what that means is no matter what sentence he gets the longest he can stay in custody and is until his twenty fifth birthday the suicide of los angeles. hard to watch worth watching a great american city truly in distress because of the mismanagement and really the hateful policies of a very few people. parts one and twond now streamig on fox station. it's our season to debut of s
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tucker carlson original on fox o station.ri get a free account tucker carlson dutko. y well, it's not simply libsoftiktok that are being silenced on social media. so many independent journalists are being censored as well. we just spoke to one of them. t my namehe is savannah fernandez. we didn't know too much aboutuc it. we wereout very impressed by our conversations. we permanently banned twitter for reporting on the blm riots of 2020 which officially never happened. it kind of like abusive here. c you know,hr there is no simple that is more misunderstood and maligned across surprise and yet it is on that cross that died and he died to peace here and now an eternal life with him. would you surrender to him to find out more visit finding true peace .com today don't
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10:39 pm
and that was confusing because we didn't reallyse know what central north ukraine was and we definitely didn't have chernobyl could power it since chernobyl has been out of operation since nineteen eighty six when it blew up. malcolm nance never answered that question. how could chernobyl be poweringp anythingow since it doesn't work and now he never will because he's done talking w. malcolm nance of msnbc, ladies and gentlemen is takingd the fight to putin. >> p the more i saw of the war going on , the more i thought i'm done talking. all i right. t it's time to take action here.ut so about a month ago i joined the international legion here in ukraine and i am here to this country and there are people here like a mee who are here to do something about it. m they make fun of it. and what malcolm nance talkingit with his eyes closedh with his gloves and a little gun supposedly in ukraine g butr
10:40 pm
looked at another way it's kind of impressive. a lot of people are calling for war with russia. none of them want to fight that war. malcolm nance doesn't know what else going on has decidedbe to be the exception to that rule. it's like when elvist were in the army. it's kind of inspirational. but this was not malcolm nancehi we're mad at. wes want to know where his backup is. wh? e's joy reid where's max boot? where's joe scarborough with hime who work say is a pretty tough character where all the other people where's david from the ukrainians could desperately use their skills rightd now you call for a war. maybe you should go ahead and fight in it so at least you can save malcolm nance. well, he is over at chernobyl monitoring power generation. so yesterday nance made it clear that he is in danger as you watch this clip, pay attention to the people walking behind malcolm nance in the war zone. i wonder whether that was a cruise missile. did you see the aircraft? are we in an area they are. .
10:41 pm
we are. we have that right. there's another one . there'll be three. slok standby three cruise missile calibur the standby five six, eight, nine, ten , eleven. if there is 30% the smoke here that's three. so three cruise missiles. there's malcolm nance trying tow assess what the caliberha of the new cruise missile is. what's interesting is if you the people most of walking in the square on that spring day behind malcolm nance had no idea that they weree in danger. but of course they're not malcolm nance. they probably didn't know that chair nopallmobth has beent working for the past thirty five years. but again, they're not malcolm godspeed, malcolm nance. >> t well, we open the show tonight by telling you of the international internat effort, including the german
10:42 pm
government to censor and silence the twitter feed libsoftiktok. but libsoftiktok is not n the only operation in that position. a lot of journalists are being censored. one of them is an independent reporter called savanah hernandez. twitter has bannedtene her permanently. no why? what did she doy.y.? we well, because she was one of the only people to cover the bomb riots in the summer ofd 2020 on the ground b they were ignored by big news operations. she didn't ignore it.e she went there than iphoneha and took video of what was happening. so wee decided worth talking to. we're glad we she's impressive. savanah hernandez satat down with us for a new episode of tucker carlson today. here's part of the conversationa at and we go into these riots w rallies and there was this oneae moment she was watching this white guy get beat up by this black lives matterrf attendee's, if you will, t because they were blocking traffic. the guy gets out of his car as a camera and like i have work gets punched in the face. no, i'm surrounded by grown men
10:43 pm
. nobody is standingg up for this man. this guy's glasses gown flying off and he goes to go pick thems up and find them get punched in the face again at this point i'm just getting so upsetre that my fellow americans are being brutalized and the grownhi men around me aren't even doing anything about it. so thenn i step in because i'm like, well, i'm a woman. if i get punched, maybeso somebody will stepme in .s the guy a ends up backing up. the guy goes and gets his glasses and he's like, oh , thank you so much blah blahnt blah. but it w was at that moment i realized as well like we havee a severe problem in this country because you can't even go report on these events without being brutally attacked. i was with elijah schaefer in philadelphia. he got punched in the face by black lives matter. luter's mean pouliot rosoff. s. were hispanic people.k we walked right into the riot and no one suspects us . but if you don't look a certain way, you can't go into these leftist events or go to a riottt without being attacked. soac i decided on the basis of skin color 100% tucker . right. okay, so since the beginning of the facemasks i've always been against it and icens do not wear facemask in the airport or anin airline until somebody
10:44 pm
physicallyeb comes and tells me to do it. i sat on planes with elijah schaffer right next maskless as soon as he puts t his mask down just a little bit, they get on him immediately and i'll be sitting there without a mask on . they won't say anything to me. and that's one example of many commercial airline cabin h multiple times. i'veap also gone to several rios ,rallies and again on the basis of skin tone, efese leftists think that i'm immediately liberal because of the way that i look. so i've gone to be l.m. rallies and i've asked the white attendees how will you apologize for your skin tone and for your ancestors crimes? and they'll go, oh mymy a gosh, i'm so sorry for you. i'm like, i know, right? isn't it horrible? what did they do in there?. like slavery? and i'm like, okay, thank you for apologizing. and so that's why i'm able to get all the footage that i'm able too get in response is that i'm able to get maybe notay after this interview but you i know, it's because people immediately look at me and i really do have brown privilege . i don't think white privilege is a thing. i think brown privilege isdeg a thing because i get away with a lot of stuffe tomorrow
10:45 pm
morning. if you watch that entire conversation with savanah savanah fernandez tucker carlson is now playing starting at seven a.m. for those insomniacs out there. next up,, we have a weird story, yet another out of the state of new jersey. two inmatesesjers, all female prisoners are now pregnant. how does that happen? t.leave you guessing over the break. we'll be back in a moment. to fishermen and other time you spent on the docks. boats,es lines, these moments yu share with people you love the fish never forget feels the fish never forget feels that gets home take me to the last to ask for substack balance. your adventure starts here. ogy.
10:46 pm
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you've got to take it early. reveal in metzinger history to leave it judges. this is definitely something i never would only think that it's a domino matter being popped. third place gets you a plane ticket home to a ringmaster. the three ring circus down all new metzinger and it domino matches tomorrow on fox and we'll take
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go online to get your flavor pack and save 20% of the code america great day. so in modern america, if you put out the biological is a physical p reality, you can be fired from your job.b. the washington post will send a reporter to your house too intimidatery you, but it doesn't change anything. denying reality doesn't change reality. youy not c say gravity isn't rt if you jump off the roof of your garage, you're still gonnar get hurt. ere still g and that's true for biological sex. it is in factet reall whether the authorities admit it or not. officials in new jersey arese learning that lesson this week two female inmatesy tha, supposy all women's prison in new jersey have just become pregnant. d. we wonder how that happened. well, turns out those women hadn sexual encounters with other inmates. it was a biological man passing as a woman. wo some people predicted that this would happen and they
10:51 pm
were laughed at, mocked and attacked as bigots carry the excuse at the very top of that list. she said this years ago on our show. she's the president of the u.s. chapter of the women'spt declaration international authoror i of the book the abolition of how the transgender agenda harms women and girls. we are happy to have kara dansky back . thanks so much for coming in .tn i'll neverks s forget the firstr time itst had been for at least four years ago when you said ife we keep going down this path we're going to have g biological men and women's prisons. and you're right. absolutely.ou thank you so much for having me. you know,e though, the story that's happening in new jersey is obviously horrible for so many reasons. we need to not have men beingn' housed in women's prisons. but a couple off takeaways fromt this that i just want to point out are first of all, the state isin not getting away with this by telling its residents that they are housing men in women's prisons. what they are doing, ofre cours, is telling the residentsts that they are housing so-calledt women or trans
10:52 pm
women in women's prisons, suggesting that there is some sort of subcategory of women that is calledwo transgender women or trans women and it's not true . the fact of this story shoots the shoots a hole right through the trope that trans women aretran women. our society has been taught s that we are supposed to say and think that trans women are women. but obviously that is notus true because the individuals that are the focus of the story impregnated women and every thinking adult noo, matter what the president of the united states has to sayhet on the matter, knowsma that thee is no category of women who can impregnate women. so i really want to thank you for highlighting the story and i also just want to point out that this is not just a problem in new jersey. this is a problem across the country. i know that we have talked previously about how the state of california recently enacted the law at the end of 2020 which went into effectwe
10:53 pm
in twenty twenty one , which mandates that men be housed in women's prisons on the basis of their so-called gender identity. if they say gende that they are women. washington state has a similar policy, however, this is not is h happening in blue states. this is happening acrossappe the country as far as i know, 49 states plus the district of columbia have some form of law in placey that mandates the housing of men in women's prisons. why is it left to you and j.k.ut rowling and a couple of othersar to point this out wherean the physicians you know perfectly well the you're saying iser through theno biologists, you know itw every bit as well. why arere they going along with this when they know it's a lie? so the entire medical s establishment in the united states has been captured by so-called trans ideology. and what i really want all americans across the political spectrum to understand iss that trans is not a civil rights movement to protect r r a marginalized community
10:54 pm
of people. it is a multitrillion dollar industry that is pushing this .g it is paying the medical establishment. it is paying most media outlets. it isgo i paying our government. it is paying our schools at all levels elementary schools through college to push the idea that material the material realityat of does not exist and that what is more important than the material reality of is so-called gender identity. itrin this is all being pushed by a multitrillion dollar industry in the guise of a civil rights movement. it's allal a lie and these are the people providing ourng medical care. it's really scary when you put it. they are i know someone i know someone who is a medical student right a now and she's horrified about what's beingan taught. i do just want to say reallye quicklyis there's something that has been announced in the past couple of weeks called the women'swe bill of rights. by this was drafted by members ofbe the women's liberation front and by members of independent women's voices supported by my organizationed women'sat declaration international as well as concerned women for
10:55 pm
america. t and ihe really hope that one of the members of congress introduces it. thank you so much. t i hope so great to see you. we'll be right back . introing will everybody coolki our body right herend in a video our body right herend in a video call a camera video call.. oh , and that is just top to e send the message you don't take kindly to neither in . so how about a ringcentral phone call? you don't make it. >> eugene, this is herero i've been meeting and we got ourselves a newi this is not the stallion i was imagining. >> i'm sixteen injuries to your breathing. give mike your most ultra pure steam inhaler. it's all terms destroyed. just pure effective happy sinuses good breathing again mypurmist do it. as we know
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their homes to have rights all over this country. here's one right now. just some of this devastation and brutality that russia has unleashed here in ukraine. the reports on the front lines on fox news channel. yeah, that's it foror >> us . as i i said, we hope you willhe stream our season premiere of series suicidery of los angeles that we'll see them on melugin hannity. and tonight, his presidency, it is full out imploding but apparently no and told joe biden, according to reports, the president has decidedhe to run for reelection in twenty twenty four bragging to barack obama that he's the only democrat who could actually winin. issue, has j this brings us to an important issue. has joe biden reallyh lost touh with all all reality? it's a serious question.n, unfortunately, every week we all watch observe his cognitive abilities. they get worse and worse . a new issues and insights poll found that on


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