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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> i don't say that. >> yes, you always say it. >> laura: congrats, julie you are the closest george w. bush known for his portrait. that is it forto us. remember get usa freedom gear at and all the proceeds for the month of april go to the amazing special operations warrior foundation. and all usa made, camels and hoodies. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert a holy week cease-fire from the united nations calling the request and sincere as the kremlin with more forces into eastern ukraine. >> todd: ukraine said to resume evacuations and the kremlin stand up ready to claim weak spots and take over territory. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: carley shimkus we will have someone on the ground in a moment. >> todd: we began in washington where the biden administration scrambling to come up with a unified message
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after a federal judge overturned the cdc public transit mask mandate. speed to live in washington with the latest, lucas. >> good morning, guys the trip to new hampshire one day after the judge's ruling president biden weighed in on the face mask debate. >> should people continue to wear a mask on planes? >> that is up to them. >> for many americans repeal the mask mandate he had the probation and within minutes of the ripped off across the country, the white house cdc have the authority to mandate mass on planes on the forms of public transportation? the department of justice said the department continues to believe the order requiring mask transportation corridor is a valid exercise of the authority congress has given cdc to protect the public health. passengers aboard planes 30,000 feet wasted little time not only removing their mask but celebrating the end of the mask mandate. major airlines and airports like
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dallas, atlanta, los angeles, salt lake city dropped the mask requirement making it optional. new york, chicago, los angeles, content domain connecticut continue mass transit with an appeal of the judges ruling as biden says he is not sure. >> the mask mandate... >> i have not gotten anything from the cdc so i don't not know. follow the signs. >> white house press secretary jen psaki because the might cause the ruling disappointing. she is confident the cdc authority to keep it in place if it feels necessary. the authorities on air force one to wear those mask. >> todd: lucas thank you. senior advisor kellyanne conway said biden is losing his own party. >> they feel like you are not listening to them and not connecting with them. he is down in the polls among women, with the victory in 2020
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key to victory, independence and young people. who overwhelmingly voted for him in 2020. they have predirt, cratered on key issues. joe biden the only thing declining more of the approval rating is joe biden. >> details on the ledge operation into the covid pandemic origin. >> todd: no definitive answer over two years the g.o.p. is looking to dig in onto probe. brooke singman with the details, hey brooke. >> good morning, guys house republicans looking for answers on the origin of covid-19. the latest step in their investigation comes after "vanity fair" report with stuff taken by the nonprofit eco-health alliance and its president peter divert attention from frisky u.s. government funded for allergy research in wuhan, china. illiterate to help g.o.p.
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lawmakers "according to "vanity fair," immediately engaged in a cover-up of the origin of covid-19." they wrote a work in concert to present the hypothesis of a groundless and destructive conspiracy theory. in a separate letter house republicans called on dr. christian anderson to address his efforts to congressional investigation into the wuhan lab theory and on february 17, 2022, respond to the letter and stated you were not aware of and were not involved in any effort to suppress any particular theory about the origins of covid-19. recent reporting by "vanity fair" brings into question the truthfulness of that response and invited him to correct the committee record and an interview. the republicans have been struggling for years and getting transparency into covert origins, that containment in 2023 captures the majority of mid term gain subpoena power, carley, tied to.
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>> todd: turning to the southern border president biden considering a delay to the retail of the title 42 policy. >> carley: meanwhile dozens of governors launching a border strike force to get ahead of the coming migrant surge. marianne rafferty is live in los angeles. marianne, good morning. >> president widen the lengthy repeal of title 42 even if the administration continues to defend the move. jen psaki with a stop during the pandemic and so lifting it would be a return to the previous standard. >> title 42 is not immigration policy. that is the point. it is public health authority that congress has given the cdc authority to make a determination about peer they made the determination. >> but republican governors of border states said lifting title 42 would open the floodgates at the southern border. texas governor greg abbott and doug ducey with a partnership
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between 25 governors to launch the american governors border strike force to take border security into their own hands. >> the biden administration with responsibility for national security because martha come as you know almost two dozen people during the term of the biden administration who were known as being on the terrorist watch list to have been apprehended coming across the united states border. >> i think the real story here is the crisis at the border and note the way the federal government is derelict in its duty. lifting title 42 is a mistake. >> now many democrats are also backing legislation to extend the measure that includes democrats like senators christian sentiment and joe manchin has long as henry cuellar very vocal about the devastating effects of illegal migration has had on his border district in south texas. greg abbott also sang a migrant bus heading to d.c. after making good on his promise to bring the
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issue to the steps of the capital. todd, carley. >> carley: marianne rafferty live with us, former acting i.c.e. director, tom, what you make of this news the biden administration is considering delaying the repeal of title 42? it is what a lot of republicans are falling for? >> look, it would certainly keep the numbers from being so overwhelming. the border patrol is already overwhelmed as it is pure total 42 is in place they've had over -- they are on a scale right now to beat last year's numbers which are historic. and almost 500,000, but that biden administration, even with title 42, they didn't do what trump did. they sent about 85%, title 42 and allowed all unaccompanied children despite title 42 and some nonspanish speaking adults
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despite 42. so not only title 42 the administration is ignoring but the cdc, this is my issue will remain in mexico and lisa jude to remain in mexico program back in and you have failed to do with. and what the trump administration did, they have a lot of tools at their disposal. i think secretary mayorkas has failed to implement remain in mexico which itself would be a game changer in the title 42 peer they have many options. >> todd: tom, the report that the white house is reconsidering title 42, do you think they are coming to the realization as to how dangerous a repeal of title 42 is, or are they kicking the can down the road to give more vulnerable democratic colleagues some cover as the midterms approach? >> exactly. that is exactly what is happening. look, where were all these democrats last year when the we
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hit historic numbers? not only that they know the biden administration policies are inhumane. trump's policies were inhumane, but the first year under joe biden on u.s. soil than any i can remember because more, crossed mom were dying. 100,000 sentinel overdoses because fentanyl coming across the border and overwhelmed. president biden's policies are killing people and they need to face the facts. this is all about politics peer they are scared about midterms and a little too little and a little too late. >> carley: something that has been troubling me the biden administration says they are just letting family units and children stay in this country cured because of title 42, they are sending everybody back to mexico or their home country. but then you look at the people coming off of the buses in washington, d.c., and getting on the migrant flights going across the country and they are all single men. so what measure are they using
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to justify that? >> i don't know. this is another example of the biden administration not being truthful to the american people, just like the secretary was saying though border is closed. here is why they are not detaining these people. homeland security life cycle report which anyone can have access to says if you are not detained the chances of you being removed are almost zero. that is why they were not retaining people. it is not because of retention conditions or the lack of beds, they have 10,000 empty beds right now that are paid for it. they are releasing people because they know 90% in front of a judge if they show up but very few will leave. this is not only about not letting them in the country but not being able to remove them in the future. >> todd: the u.s. shocking 43% of black americans murdered in 2020 compared to the last 10-year average which comes because of defined the police movement.
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it shows the problem, this chart, in stark form. the movement to defund the police show black lives really didn't matter to these activists, right, tom? >> right. i was talking as my career as a cop and i want to tell you, this whole defund the police i said at the time list cops means less cops. it means more crime, simple math. less patrols, less units on the road, a lot of response time, which leads to more crime. this is common sense. so i think this has blown up in their face and the american people, you will see a lot more pushback on any attempt to defund the police across the country. >> carley: absolutely and i want to get to another topic that is really important here the leader of >> ashley: mike isis delivered a speech and demands the terror group is distracted by the war in ukraine. he is calling for a new global
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offense. when you think of the 42 people on the terror watch list that were trying to get into the united states under president biden's watch and now we are learning about this isis threat and calls to do something, possibly attacked the united states or european country, we have a really big problem on our hands. >> that is a great question. here is what people need to understand. they call it 42. since joe biden has been president about 700,000, 700,000 that have entered the country illegally and we don't know who they are. border patrol has arrest of 157 different countries and many of these countries sponsor terrorism. if anybody thinks, not a single 1 of 700000 came from a country that sponsors terrorism and come to this country to do harm, they are ignorant. this is no longer just an
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immigration issue or acumen crisis or public health, public safety crisis, this is national security crisis. i've done this for 35 years. i've never been so concerned about national security on the border than i have right now because so many galloways. just last month so overwhelmed that in one month 67,000 people cross the border when arrested, no bedding, we don't know who they are or where they are at. it should scare every american. >> todd: you know the department of wealth. once these individuals are in our country, how hard is it to try to catch them after the fact once we get a tip that maybe someone is concerning and somebody has these ties to terrorism? >> because these groups are well trained. well trained to avoid apprehension and police officers board the investigation.
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this is scary. i said from day one the national security crisis has been created by this administration. when you allow hundreds of thousands of people to cross this border unscathed, the terrorist organization will take advantage. after 9/11, you can you can't get to a plane ticket. including all of that work means very little if you can simply walk across the border into the country and escape. that is a scary situation. >> carley: the sheriff of texas said he has four officers patrolling 110 miles of the southern border. if that doesn't seem like a problem to you, i don't know what does. tom, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> carley: the nypd picking up as more details emerge about the murder case fear of the queens mother of two reportedly involved in a fair with her old handyman.
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according to "the new york post," he had intimate knowledge of her home and where she kept a spare key. the police have not named the man or the person of interest, but they do want to question him. the body was found in a duffel bag saturday morning about a half a mile from her home. an autopsy found she was stabbed nearly 60 times peer and surveillance video from a neighbor's door bell camera shows the bag being pulled late saturday. >> todd: an agreement to avoid a strike by new york city doorman. >> we have a deal! [applause] >> todd: the local chapter of the employees union striking a deal before the headline. the dormant with 3,000 and dormant have not strike to more than three decades and a walkout would have affected thousands of new yorkers in luxury and apartment buildings. they were thinking they would have to man the door themselves. this is no joke.
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the joke writes itself. in the meantime, did you hear this? >> i'm going to get emotional about this issue because it is horrible, but, you know, it's like kids who are bullied and they make a live these leaders to take steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families. >> todd: okay. that was white house press secretary jen psaki talking about florida's parents rights bill. we will have more that interview. you won't believe what you hear. >> carley: plus joe biden showing his hat in the ring for 2024 and of what would a decision late that mean for his party right now. our panel is here to debate that he replaced montana attorney general, brian brenberg, all live on "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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>> todd: welcome back. president biden ramping up ahead of the midterms and stopping yesterday with a trip to iowa. does this signal's intention to run in 2024? would that help or hurt democrats this november and beyond? here to debate, kelly hyman,
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democratic political analyst. great to have the both of you here. kelly first question to you. how petrified are you and fellow democrats joe biden will run in 2024? >> hi, todd, i am excited the fact biden is considering running in 2024. but the bigger question is, who will be the person on the other side? if i was a betting person whom i would say that trump would be the nominee. but who will be his vice president? will it be mike pence or will it be nikki? i think we will have to wait and see but as a democrat i'm excited to 2024. >> todd: interesting, only 33% approve of president biden according to the latest poll. should kelly have any confidence in his chances of getting reelected as she does? >> kelly, always a pleasure to see you but look, there is nothing to be excited about. more petrifying is half of the
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nation does not approve of president biden at the moment. over 60% of the nation does not approve of how he is handling the economy right now. look, this is immense uphill battle for president biden. you have democratic stars and obviously distance themselves. look at george aware did not appear to him with big voting rights speech there. the democratic defeated former governor and democratic nominee this time around terry mcauliffe state and himself he thought biden was a liability to his campaign. these are signs it is a challenging time. it will continue to be a challenging time. people have not forgot about the afghanistan withdrawal and have not forgot what is happening now with inflation, gas prices across america. these are real issues and people will vote with real issues. >> todd: kelly, chris just alluded to this. let's dial back 2242 this
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november all focused on the midterms. if you are a vulnerable democrat candidate, do you want president biden campaigning for you? >> absolutely. we have to think about what the president has done and let's focus on the positive things. we have to remember the covid relief package that have helped american people. let's talk about the infrastructure bill. we have to remember the former president try to get the infrastructure bill passed and he was unable to do that. about biden did that. it was a bipartisan bill. it is important to focus on that. in december, we had the lowest unemployment rate since 1969. and there is other stuff as well. absolutely, he has a president for all the people whether republican, democrat, independent and important to get out and speak to the american people about the issues that affect them. >> todd: okay, chris, kelly focusing on the biden administration talking points of low employment and infrastructure bill.
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but does any of that matter if president biden goes to a place and still struggling with inflation? high gas prices, crime, all of that stuff that seems to be really dropping joe biden's poll numbers right now? >> todd, you could not have asked a better question. look, here is the reality campaigning and ads do not matter, results do. ads and campaigns don't matter results do. and pennsylvania and arizona will not help right now. people are tired of this ever political style let's roll and cheer and get everybody pumped up and riled up. people are not stupid. people are tired of being duped with campaign speech and talk to death. right now people are hurting. it is time to get the economy back on track and obviously people talk about the mask mandate. but here is the reality. you have airline seals reporting and you know where to get things back to normal and put money back in the american people's
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pocket. that is what this is about. a lot of what they are talking about is not that. look, he's not going to come close to being the nominee if he doesn't plan on doing that, which he is not. again you have democratic stars who have distanced themselves against him. it is time to move forward and move our nation forward. they don't have a plan. >> todd: kelly alluded to this earlier saying she thinks it will be a biden/trump rematch. do you agree with kelly, chris? >> i don't, i don't. on a more serious note, here is the reality biden -- the reality is he will be 82 years old, right? i think people know and i talked to democratic friends and it doesn't matter all walks of the aisle, people know obviously biden is getting up there in age and not just that. this is a concern overall to be able to move forward. that is what this comes down to.
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i don't see it happening. people earl frustrated and a leader that is enthusiastic. and can make things happen. right now we don't need talk. >> todd: kelly and chris, we have the tape. you took opposing positions here. we have the tape to see which one of you is going to be right coming up in november and again in 2,024th. we appreciate as always and have a great rest of the day, thank you very much. >> you too todd. >> todd: pouring more troops into the war that we are live on the ground as ukraine fights back against the new wave of attacks. >> carley: that is happening overseas our military in america is focused on new woke initiatives. we will tell you exactly what is going on coming up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, russia pouring more troops into
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war-torn ukraine. >> carley: and the kremlin's ramp up the fence as estimate vladimir putin has lost one quarter of his combat power originally committed to unprovoked invasion. matt finn is live in the western city of lviv with the latest on the battlefield, matt. >> carley and todd coming in ukraine russia is moving ahead with its second major phase of this war. the official say 78 battalion troops are spread across the donbas region and 52,000 troops on the ground right now. and the coastal city of mariupol a brutal standoff between ukrainian troops is more desperate. ukrainian troops in a massive steel plant and russia has dropped heavy bombs on them. yet in a new social media post, there are signs of life here the video to a man believed to major
1:34 am
says that women and children or with them in the standoff, 500 people are injured. this military commander is begging for some type of rescue even tagging president biden on this video. >> this is our appeal to the world. the last appeal of our lives. we are probably facing her last days if not hours. the enemy is 10-1 and they have advantage in error and artillery and in tanks. we plead to all world leaders to help us. use the procedure of extraction and take us to the territory of a third party state. >> russia is attempting to essentially gain control of the donbas region for east side of the country. controlling this industrial area would deprive ukraine of met plants and factories. they have retreated from the urban capital city of kyiv right back the familiar donbas. moscow has lost a quarter of
1:35 am
combat power including killed or injured soldiers and military equipment. ukraine to pick up firepower as part of the united states a hundred million dollar aid package the u.s. shipping, canyons and trained to use and expected to operate within days. spirit this is holy week here into ukraine for people celebrating orthodox easter, the u.n. is calling for a four day pause him fighting leading up to orthodox easter this sunday. back to you. >> carley: russia captured the first major city in eastern ukraine. so we will be following all of that. matt, thank you for the reporting. we will check back soon. also listen to this interesting interview asked actor sean penn filming a documentary in ukrains the war broke out in a sit down with our bret baier at the nixon presidential library. watch this. >> our government is extremely good at caution. american diplomats pulled out
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and surface officers pulled out of kyiv. don't go, there is nobody there and there will be no calvary and so on. we made a calculated, whatever would happen but i don't think anyone wanted to give up a level of denial because they would give up hope that it wouldn't happen. so, we met with him. a man in a suit, and the next morning, the russians invaded. we went back. we were with president zelenskyy and waited for him at a meeting point. the next time i saw him he was in -- and the world had changed. >> todd: let's focus on ukraine and focus on the fight. meanwhile focusing on carving out spaces for service members navy reserve officer jim banks with this reaction. >> the bottom line here, lori, wokeness' weakness.
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i'm embarrassed for all of the extraordinary men and women who joined the air force for them to see stories like this that their leadership or imposing such a ridiculous concept on the air force that is antithetical to everything we stand for. >> todd: for spokesperson ""the environment on continued is for readiness." carley. >> carley: you can drop your mask as transportation mandate and struck them but new york city's preschoolers are still being forced to cover their face in the classroom. a mother of two is suing the city over its toddler mask mandate. she joins me to live. good morning to you. it is hard to believe the only people in new york city still forced to wear a mask or 2-4-year-olds. what is your message this morning? >> absolutely it is completely observed all the responsibility is on the 2-year-olds and 4-year-olds when everybody else has lifted the mask mandate is
1:38 am
absolutely absurd. >> carley: you have a toddler who has to wear a mask and preschool. how is she handling it? >> right now she is on spring break so it is great to be a regular child but come monday, the harsh reality sits in again and has to be messed up and can't see her friends facesd nobody's childhood should be like that. every few days the research is talking about how anxiety and depression among kids is through the roof. and especially with reading. the repercussions can be seen in years from now. it is a shame that absurdity of this is continuing. >> carley: tellers can't stand up for themselves. they need adults to do it for them. you are doing that by suing the city to try to get mayor adams to drop this mask mandate.
1:39 am
tell us about that. >> yes, as you said, the kids cannot speak up for themselves. the city is so focused on economic development and toddlers are not unionized so they have to have people speaking for them. and so bravely taking up the fight with the city. there was a judge who struck down the mask mandate for toddlers. mayor adams put in place so it is pending right now in appeals court and being dragged out on purpose by mayor adams. it is cruel and unusual punishment, and these toddlers need to get back to a normal childhood. >> carley: you call it cruel and unusual punishment but the mayor said he's keeping the mask mandate in place because 2-4-year-olds can't get vaccinated, but also they are less acceptable to this disease. so, what do you think is driving this decision? do you think it is political maybe to have something to do with the teachers union? because it doesn't seem like it is rooted in science.
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>> absolutely. pediatricians, speech therapist and a slew of doctors and those at the front lines with kids recognize this is absurd. it is definitely political, whether the pharmaceuticals driving the decision and so when the vaccine comes out for the toddlers, it is hard to speculate exactly what is driving it and the interest of the kids is not put at heart. >> carley: strange thing in new york city thank you so much for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you for bringing attention to this. johnny depp taking a step in defamation trial against his ex-wife. we have the most shocking revelations from the emotional day in the courtroom. >> todd: puts a teacher fights for free speech and wins big time. here to share his incredible story. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> todd: back on the stand today johnny depp with his ex-wife amber heard. hollywood superstar delivering emotional testimony yesterday calling these allegations against him heinous and disturbing. >> it is a complete shock.
1:46 am
there were arguments but never did i come of myself reach the point of striking. >> todd: johnny opened up about his childhood saying he was physically abused by his mother. the constant violence drove him to drugs and alcohol starting at the age of 11. >> carley: florida governor ron desantis with a special session to consider legislation to dismantle disney's special self-governing status. >> we are expanding the call of what they are going to be considering this week. they also will be considering termination of all special districts. >> carley: one thing lawmaker following through on that call filing a bill to eliminate the company's privileges. meanwhile white house press
1:47 am
secretary jen psaki getting emotional over parental rights in education bill. listen to this. >> i'm going to get emotional about this issue because it is horrible. but it is like kids who are bullied and these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and hurt their families. speak to the governor's office responding calling those tearful remarks "troubling." the thing that struck me about the podcast that jen psaki was on where she cried about the parental rights bill is she said if a child brings up that they have two moms or two dads, a teacher can get penalized in engaging in that conversation. that is not true. that is not what the law is about so her tears are completely misplaced. this law says you can't teach gender or you know sexual identity issues with children kindergarten through third grade. >> todd: all issues in that realm. >> carley: there is no tears about this.
1:48 am
just protection. >> todd: not just transgender but all step kids k through three should not be focused on. they should be focused on blocks and playing with their friends and running around outside. that is what they should be focused on. as for ron desantis in the disney thing, you raised a good point. disney cannot move. you cannot move the big ball to new york. you can't basically do that. you can't dismantle the castle. so to your point, carley, e if they don't, they subject themselves to a huge problem in florida and ron desantis and republicans do away with the special protections. disney is on a hill here and shouldn't die on this hill. they are also alienating the families that make up all of disney's customer base. >> carley: disney has self-governing status, what does that mean? >> todd: they have a carve out to allow them to govern themselves around orlando. >> carley: they can make their own law? >> todd: yes. >> carley: wow i don't think a
1:49 am
lot of people knew that. this parental rights law reminds me of the georgia voting law where democrats said one thing about it and when you actually read it, democrats of the georgia law but you read the legislation a majority of the people say that's not the case at all. a lot of people said it was anti-but then when you pull people who read it, republicans, democrats and the majority of americans say there is absolutely nothing wrong with what's going on here. >> todd: liberal states like connecticut way more onerous than george's but you don't see anybody in connecticut. so there you go. with that joe concha getting a lot more on both of these topics coming up. >> carley: exactly. >> todd: any time but in the meantime ohio scoring a victory for free speech. forced to pay out $400,000 after disciplining the teacher for refusing to use a student's preferred pronoun. joining me now professor nick and his attorney tyson,
1:50 am
thank you to the both of you for being here. professor meriwether walk us through the incident that led to this lawsuit? >> and 2018 i called on a student and i use the phrase, yes, sir. his hand was up and so he approached me after class and asked me then to refer to him as female using female pronouns, female titles and i explained to him i would not be able to do that. the student complaint to the administration and the administration initially was willing to agree to an accommodation where i would use the students proper name feminine but decided to change course and discipline me and we are here three years later with a lawsuit resolved. i had to file a lawsuit to protect my physician and free expression in the classroom. >> todd: and freedom of religion because your position not wanting to use what the student preferred was based upon your religious beliefs.
1:51 am
did you fear you would be fired if you said something as innocuous as yes or once again? >> i fully anticipated i would be fired absolutely. but one thing i want to emphasize, this is really not about the student. the student stayed in the class and did extremely well. he's a good student. but this is about being forced to endorse the ideology that the university wanted me to affirm and this is extremely dangerous. it is very unhealthy for higher education for professors to be forced to speak of things they do not agree to. so this is a great win and huge win for college professors throughout the country so that we can have higher education can be a place where people can debate and discuss and disagree with each other without being forced to affirm ideology they don't agree to. >> todd: to
1:52 am
professor meriwether's point, how important is this to the concept of freedom of speech and freedom of religion? >> it is huge and as sixth circuit recognize if they can force people like dr. meriwether to say something they don't believe, they come for civil rights icon to freedom riders or force a believer to say god does not exist. they would have unfettered power. that is not what the university is supposed to be about. it is antithetical to the first amendment and the purpose of the university, which is to be a marketplace of ideas. >> todd: are you seeing more professor stand up for their beliefs like professor meriwether or is the cancer culture censorship on campus and grown too strong preventing more people from speaking out? >> we are getting calls more and more every day from, kids k-12 and those across the country saying i will have to take a stand. so i think victories like dr. meriwether's are going to ee
1:53 am
that our laws are still strong and we can win if we are willing to take a stand. so i think we will see more people standing up saying "we don't like the way the universities are going or the way the country is going so we have to stop this cancel cultur" >> todd: professor meriwether how have your students reacted to all of this? >> well, the students have been -- i have not been able to talk about this in the classroom. there has been a cloud over me because i have no idea what would happen if the issues even arose spirits only very recently in the last week was i free to speak about the issue in the classroom. the students are extremely curious about a lot of issues, this one in particular. we have not been able to discuss it in class. it has been very restricted. but the students have been fine with me, right. i haven't had any problems with students. >> todd: interesting. as you both stated college university like there's supposed
1:54 am
to be about robust exchange of ideas, ideas you may agree with and ideas you may not agree with peer that is what makes that time in a young person's life so important because they form their views on the world through those robust discussions, through having their eyes open to views they may not have had previously. hopefully, this lawsuit helps keep that, keep that in our colleges and universities going forward. professor meriwether, tyson, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> think you. >> todd: time is 54 minutes after the hour and biden administration to revive the kill keystone pipeline as an energy crisis cripples americans. montana attorney general has a message for the president and he's here to tell us about. >> carley: plus brian brenberg and sean duffy on deck. don't miss a minute of "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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>> todd: fox news alert, insincere request as the kremlin forces into eastern ukraine. >> carley: the kremlin stands ready to claim any weak spots and take over territory. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: great to be with you, i'm todd piro. we'll have a live report from the ground in just moments. we begin in washington. the biden administration scrambling to come up with a unified message after a federal judge overturned the mask mandate for travel. >> good morning, despite administration officials saying they are disappointed in the ruling, president biden said he wants americans to decide on their own. >> should americans continue to wear masks on


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