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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 20, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: fox news alert, insincere request as the kremlin forces into eastern ukraine. >> carley: the kremlin stands ready to claim any weak spots and take over territory. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: great to be with you, i'm todd piro. we'll have a live report from the ground in just moments. we begin in washington. the biden administration scrambling to come up with a unified message after a federal judge overturned the mask mandate for travel. >> good morning, despite administration officials saying they are disappointed in the ruling, president biden said he wants americans to decide on their own. >> should americans continue to wear masks on planes?
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>> that is up to them. >> repeal the mask mandate felt like the end of prohibition, the cdc had extended to may 3rd. can they mandate masks on planes? the department of justice says it does. "the department believes the masking is about exercise of the authority congress has given cdc to protect public health," and and -- many believe the rules is on the line. major airlines such as american, delta, united and southwest, among a dozen who dropped the mask mandate minutes after the judge's ruling. new york and philadelphia continue to require masks at airports. the president says he is not sure if they will appeal the
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mask mandate ruling. >> president biden: i've not gotten any -- from my cdc, i don't know. i follow the science. >> president biden covid corridor said he was disappointed in the ruling and said he will wear masks onnen plas. air force one is keeping the mask mandate mandatory. >> carley: travelers are off the hook, preschoolers are still being forced to wear masks. one mom joined us earlier. >> on monday, she has to be masked up and can't see her friends or teachers' faces. i've seen research talking about how babies are talking less, anxiety and depression amongst kids is through the roof, academic levels are low, especially with reading. repercussion from this will be seen years from now and it is a
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shame that absurdity of this is continuing. >> carley: new york city buses, subways and taxis are still requiring masks, so are ubers and it is annoying. >> todd: president biden considering delay to repeal of title 42 policy. >> carley: dozens of governors are getting ahead of the migrant surge. marianne has more. >> marianne: president biden considering delaying the repeal of title 42. jen psaki making it clear it was never a permanent solution, it was aim at curbing -- lifting it would be return to previous standard. >> press sect. psaki: it is not a policy, it is public health authority congress has given the cdc authority to make the
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determination about and they made the determination. >> marianne: lifting title 42 would open the flood gates at our border. there is a partnership between 25 governors to launch the american governors border strike force to take security into their own hand. >> there is responsibility for national security, martha, there have been two dozen people during the term of the biden administration known being on the terrorist watch list. >> the real story is the crisis that is happening at our border and the way the federal government is derelict in its duty. lifting title 42 is a mistake. >> marianne: many democrats are backing legislation to extend the measure, including democrats like kyrsten sinema and joe manchin and henry cuellar, who
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has been very open about the border district in south texas. governor abbott saying eighth migrant bus is heading to washington, d.c. after making good on bringing the issue to the steps of the capitol. >> todd: tom holman explaining how dangerous the biden policies are. >> keep the numbers from being so overwhelming that the border -- the border is overwhelmed, title 42 is in place and they have had over a million apprehensions this year. they are on scale to beat last year's numbers, which are historic and will blow them out of the water by almost half a million, with title 42 in place. president biden's policies are killing people. they are scared about the midterm andeck spooing up, too little too late. >> todd: border crisis has democrats including beto o'rourke all over the place with
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voters gearing up to hit the polls in a few months. >> i think it is time to end title 42, it is cynical reading of u.s. law that has done nothing to improve public health or safety. >> todd: he said something different a few days ago and we have receipts to prove it. >> carley: biden white house wants the president to focus on his economic message ahead of the midterm, how will that work when he is blaming putin for his problems. brian brenberg is here to help us make sense of all of that. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo!
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well, you're the tech expert webs. is it reliable? you tell me. wah ping. it's reliable and fast. wireless savings so good, even the bad guys love it. switch to xfinity mobile today. and see dreamworks "the bad guys." >> todd: fox news alert. russia pouring troops into war-torn ukraine. >> carley: the pentagon estimates vladamir putin lost one quarter of combat power originally committed to the invasion. matt finn is live in lviv with the latest on the battlefield. matt. >> matt: russia is moving ahead with second major phase of this war right now. defense officials say 78 battalion tactical groups are spread across the donbas region, 62,000 russian troops on the ground now. in nearly levelled coastal city
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of mariupol, brutal standoff between ukraine marines and russia are growing desperate. u.k.s troops are hiding in a steel plant. they say russia has dropped heavy bombs on them. in a new post, there are signs of life. video of man believed to be a major is tagging president biden in a video. >> all of us, mariupol military battalion soldiers, 500 wounded and hundreds of civilians, we plead toic taus to safety on third-party state. >> matt: russia is attempting to slice ukraine in two by gaining control of the donbas region. controlling that region would deprive ukraine of critical mines, metal plants and factories. russia has retreated from kyiv
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back to the familiar ground of the donbas. pentagon estimates they lost a quarter of its power and military equipments. ukraine is preparing to pick up firepower as part of the united states $800 million aid package, the u.s. isip shoulding canyons issue the ukrainians will be trained to use and operate within days. in ukraine, this is holy week, preparing for orthodox easter that will be celebrated on sunday. >> todd: matt, thank you. president biden blaming vladamir putin for his problems. now he is champions the bill passed in 2024 battleground states. >> president biden: how will we reduce pressure on inflation? maine, new hampshire, gone on the mend, they are not on the end any longer, they are on the
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move. >> carley: brian brenberg joins us now. the headline from the speech, he did blame code vladamir putin for inflation. >> brian: he doesn't have any results to speak of, instead of you can taking about good things, he finds other people to pin the bad things on. his infrastructure plan, he's talking about, what has happened? has anybody seen results? not if you look at inflation numbers, the numbers keep going up. >> todd: biden said our country is healthier than ever. what country? gas is through the roof, costs $100 to buy two bags of groceries and you get shot walking down the sidewalk of any area. >> brian: we are fine, if that
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was the case, i would have more money in my being poet, i wouldn't be fearful walking down the streets, i would be okay with my child's education and they are not. you have to make things okay, they will draw that conclusion for themselves. >> carley: mitt romney had interesting piece, biden errors worsen inflation, saying president biden's focus must be on inflation. 8.5% nationally. inflation is hurting people, and people with guilty or no money to spare is hardest hit. last thing we need is shelf it is build back better plan permanently and says the president needs to talk about solutions in trying to ramp up the economy, deregulation or increasing oil and gas
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production and in the u.s., stop blaming people and start coming up with solutions. >> brian: we've been talking about those things for many weeks, his bureaucracy this week said we will make it harder to build pipelines and infrastructure because we'll ramp up environmental reviews, biden is doubling down on that. will we get that new infrastructure when it takes that long to review the procedure? no way. >> todd: the lawyers are the only who win and i'm a lawyer and i don't want -- apple workers in new york city grand central city, in the station themselves, just one store plan to form first ever union. they want $30 minimum wage, better retirement, increase to education reimburse ments and
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improved working conditions including review of the track dust. being in a train station, you worry about i think thiss like track dust. isn't apple falling victim to this ideology it over whelmingly supported when you look at joe nations and ideological push. >> brian: vast majority of the employee, political donations go to left wing causes. workers have $20 starting rage, retirement match, tuition reimbursement. what can apple say in response to that? that is what we've been pushing, it will happen here now. >> carley: $30 minimum wage, that is huge. wow. is it typical for just one store within a company to unionize? >> brian: it is not totally atypical.
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what is interesting apple can say, how much do we need these retail stores? this business is susceptible to automation, apple might say forget it, buy online. you have collectively bargained yourself out of a job. apple has laid the groundwork, created a workforce that is one sided for the left and democratic party. >> todd: quick admission, i did not know these were apple workers, i thought they were people wanting me to sign a petition for something. they hang out on the sets, there you go, welcome to the world, todd. >> carley: you learn something new everyday and this is your moment, good for you. >> todd: one shining moment. >> carley: ron desantis getting in the middle of elon musk's battle to buy twitter, what he's
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doing to hold the social media site accountable. >> todd: did you hear this? >> i will get emotional about this issue, it is horrible, but it is like kids who are bullied and like all these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives and their families. >> todd: that was white house press secretary jen psaki talking about the florida rights bill. joe concha's response to the emotional interview next. what's the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists? it's neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine lines in 1-week, deep wrinkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogena® my a1c stayed here, it needed to be here. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®.
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do you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep? qunol sleep formula combines 5 key nutrients that can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up refreshed. the brand i trust is qunol. >> todd: doozies today, this takes the cake. a black dj is speaking out against a pair of activists after being falsely accused of wearing black face during a
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charity event. >> it was a disco theme, played music all night long, two, three, four hundred people on the dance floor, that great energy has been overshadowed, purity of what upon haed that night overshadowed by this controversy. >> todd: falsely accused of wearing black face, his boss informed critics that hunter is in fact black. the activist doubled down saying a black person in black face is still problematic, as well. hunter calling the position shocking. >> carley: only in twenty22, also this. white house press secretary jen psaki breaking down on asking her thoughts on the education bill. >> press sect. psaki: i am not going -- i am going to get
2:24 am
emotional about this issue because it is horrible. it is like kids who are bullied and all these leaders are taking steps to hurt them and hurt their lives. >> todd: joe concha live with his take. based upon that reaction, isn't it more likely than not she never read that law in the first place? >> joe: probably not, todd, carley, i don't know if that was performance art or she genuinely feels that way. jen psaki is on the media tour lately, she is trying to promote herself for an upcoming job at 30 rock and nbc and msnbc and lying about the so-called don't say gay bill, the bill didn't mention the word gay once, bill that says you can't teach gender
2:25 am
identity to kids up to third grade. i have a son that is kindergarten and daughter in second grade, why does she think it is okay to teach kids that age that stuff, either way, she should have retired weeks ago, this is know co conflict of interest being press secretary and promoting herself as a future host. she is going on podcasts and making it about jen psaki. >> carley: federal employees are barred from talking about partisan politics, she is in gray territory there. i think her tears were genuine, but i felt bad for her, she said that in another part of this podcast, she said teachers can't talk to kids if they bring up their parents have two dads or two moms, that is not what this law is about, she has a
2:26 am
fundamental misunderstanding of what this florida bill does. >> joe: completely. as a parent, again, my kids should be having that conversation with me, not with teachers. i'm sure some teachers would be uncomfortable having that conversation, should be noted that jen psaki today in washington, d.c. is a featured speaker at an event along with kelly o'donnel. and they are doing a panel event together. does anybody on the white house press corp have a problem with this? no statement, nothing, this is all a-okay? it is ridiculous, carley. >> carley: make fun of peter doocy, no problem from the white house. liberal "new york times"
2:27 am
reporter fretting over the end of the mask mandate. i can't stop thinking about people -- involved everyone being masked and mid-flight that element of the risk assessment was upended, that is from maggie after. shouldn't the journalists follow the science who says the planes are the safest place to be during this pandemic. >> joe: yeah, if you are wearing n-95 mask you should be protected. if you are vaccinated, you should be protected. this reporter had zero issue with democratic lawmakers caught breaking rules, joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi,
2:28 am
lightfoot. covid stops when people take off their mask when eating or drinking during a flight? this person believes we should be masked even after an end emic, carley and todd. >> carley: people will take off masks while eating, we digress, todd. >> todd: not impossible to leave the plane if you had a parachute. >> joe: great point. >> carley: greatest point. state of emergency declared in northern arizona county as wildfire grows by the minute. dozens of structures reduced to rubble and homes near flagstaff have been evacuated and firefighters have been called in to fight the flames that cover nine square miles. we'll turn to meteorologist adam with more. good morning. >> good morning, conditions out west are rough this morning for wildfires and will continue to be throughout the day.
2:29 am
very dry and windy conditions, when you get something like that, you see increases in wildfires, we have outlook across arizona and stretching to east and portions of texas early this, momorning. humidity levels are so low, we've been in a drought, that entire region and stretching into california, could be looking at another nasty wildfire season as we continue into the summer. if you want rain, that is not happening, it is dry in the desert southwest. backside of the big snow storm we saw yesterday, how much snow did we get? there are areas that saw 18 inches of snow in state new york, a ton of snowfall, cargo ship full. we will see on the backside of this, frost and freeze warnings, significantly cooler air. it does warm up in middle of the country.
2:30 am
current temperatures, leave you with highs on the day. getting into the 60s and 70'ss, been chilly across the country, we'll bounce back getting closer to the end of thiseck woo. >> todd: good. >> carley: dallas, 91. >> todd: cover up to hide the truth about covid-19, exclusive report on what know ares are doing to cover the truth. >> carley: and president biden looks ready for reelection as he makes stops in iowa and new hampshire, do voters want four more year? we'll ask a candidate who escaped china, what needs to change here in eshg m. americas /* ♪ ♪ i came, i saw, i conquered. (all): hail, caesar! pssst caesar! julius! dude, you should really check in with your team on ringcentral. i was thinking like...
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why is guy fieri in the neighbors' kitchen? it's slider sunday! sliiiiiiiiii-der sunday! these chicken parm sliders on king's hawaiian rolls are fire! slider sunday! i want that. everything's better between king's hawaiian bread. mmm! >> carley: republicans are demanding detailed on alleged cover up into the covid pandemic origin. >> todd: with no definitive answer after two years, gop looking to dig in. brooke singman has the details. >> brooke: that is right, house republicans are looking for answers on the origin of covid-19, latest step coming after vanity fair report reveals steps taken by eco health divert attention from the virology research in the united states and in wuhan, china.
2:35 am
in a letter, gop lawmakers write, it is a cover up of the origin of covid-19, he and a small group of scientists worked in concert to prevent the hypothesis as groundless conspiracy theory. house republicans called on vireologist dr. christian anderon to address his efforts to suppress investigation into the theory writing in february, you go responded to our letter and stated you were not involved in any effort to suppress origin of covid-19 but recent reporting brings into question truthfulness of that response and invited him to correct the record. republicans have been struggling getting transparency to covid origin, that could change in
2:36 am
2023, they capture subpoena power. >> todd: president biden making stop in new hampshire yesterday to tout his infrastructure success despite failures on inflation and supply chain. with midterm around corner in 2024, what do people of the state think of president biden's policies? here to tell us, lilly, hew hampshire congressional candidate who survive the china cultural revolution. were the people of your state excited to see the president? >> not really. thanks for having me, todd, people protesting and his 30 minute talk did not address inflate knowio, which is highest in 40 years and caught many by flooding the market with money and out of control spending and gas prices are high here.
2:37 am
people are struggling, he did not address that much at all. he campaigned for democrat friends, including my opponent. >> todd: do you think that will help your opponent? >> well, they have -- they think the people really just don't understand right now, i don't think so. number one concern is is inflat, politicians, the media like to blame covid, russia and corporations but instead look at consumer price index that is major reason for high inflation, 90% cost by government out of control spending and regular people understand that. that is why people are complaining and his approval rating along with my opponent rating like around 40% or below.
2:38 am
>> todd: state with slogan live free or die is very excited about the biden regulations surrounding covid-19 and the like, we will see. retailers warning china shanghai lockdown issic maing global supply chain crisis worse. your reaction to what is happening in shanghai? >> i feel heartbroken, terrifying to see shanghai 26 million people locked in their homes like prisoners and my friends who i went to law school with, they are wealthy, but they cannot go out to buy food and they are hungry. i watch their posts every night on the chinese app. i can't talk to emthis, i can't get on because of the censorship
2:39 am
app. human rights issue called out by biden, by secretary antony blinken and if you talk about other parts of chinese lockdown under iran fist of ccp, talking about 190 million people in lockdown. they want people to rely on government for food delivery and you cannot access medical care and if you test positive, your pets will be killed. it is hard to watch. i have my friending saying in china it is like shanghai has gone mad, the whole country has gone mad, insanity. >> todd: it is sad, supply chain issue you haven't heard president biden comment on that or human rights abuses. we'll wait to see. best of luck with your campaign, thank you for joining us.
2:40 am
>> the keystone pipeline that president biden killed on his first day in office? republican generals across country want it back and montana attorney general austin knudson is doing something about it and joins us next. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? oh, like how i customized this scarf? wow, first time?
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>> todd: oh, yeah, the band is back. ron desantis putting twitter board of directors on notice after they rejected elon musk request to buy the company. >> carley: cheryl casone from fox business joins us live with more. good morning. >> cheryl: good morning. governor ron desantis is calling out the board of twitter. >> i don't think it was rejection based on concern or business judgment, we are looking at ways the state of florida potentially can hold twitter board of directors accountable for breaching for duty. >> cheryl: the board activated a poison pill to stop elon musk buying the company.
2:45 am
the pension system has a sizeable stake and ron desantis says they should be responsible for for duties. >> todd: one thing i know, i'm certain there will be lawsuits. shareholder lawsuits will follow. >> cheryl: the first thing i thought after doing this for 20 years. it depends on the investment group elon musk will or can form to do this. he is determined and probably the best deal for shareholders. >> todd: meantime, get ready to pay more for other people's decision to take on debt to party for four years? >> cheryl: on heels extending pausing student loan payments, about 40,000 people, 3.6 million getting three-year credit in total. we announce steps to bring
2:46 am
borrowers closer to repayment forgiveness by addressing historical failure and administration of the if the student loan program. that is not enough for congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, she wants 1.6 trillion in debt forgiven. who is on the hook for that? taxpayers. >> carley: keystone pipeline back in the news. >> cheryl: after canceling the pipeline, the attorney generals telling president biden, we warned you then, if you your decision was not reversed, americans would suffer higher prices. we hate to say we told you so. one industry group says there are ways to remedy soaring prices. >> there are ways to get through the process, defend leases in courts, debatable they will.
2:47 am
get through analysis, and issue permits in timely manner. >> cheryl: gasoline is $4.11. >> carley: thank you, bring in montana state attorney general austin knudson who read the letter to president biden about the pipeline. great to see you this morning, you hear the president blaming vladamir putin on high gas prices, you are calling on him to do something about it. can you hear me? attorney general? all right, i think we are having connection issues. >> i can now, yep. >> carley: tell us about this letter you wrote president bidens to -- pipeline? >> hello. >> carley: okay, we are probably going to have to get back toim had, he doesn't hear us. this has been something in the news and dogging the biden
2:48 am
administration since he cancelled the keystone xl pipeline on the first day he was in office, his first thing as president. a lot of people lost their jobs andy woo are going through oil and gas crisis in the country, one thing he is blaming vladamir putin, he is blaming the oil and gas companies themselves when he ran on a platform to shrink fossil fuel in this country. now the attorney general of montana and 15 other states havin zooed this letter, to try to get the keystone xl pipeline to be reinstated. >> todd: what is interesting from a sad perspective, you have followed the projection of this the entire time. do we have him? we will try again. >> carley: attorney general, can you hear me? >> i can, good morning. >> carley: excellent to hear you and the fact you can hear me is
2:49 am
important. tell us about this letter you wrote president biden about the keystone xl pipeline, you want to reinstated? >> we do. this would be funny if it were not idiotic. president biden cancelled keystone pipeline, that would have brought 800,000 plus barrels of canadian and american oil to american refineries, lowering the price of gas. not rocket science. 15 months later, gas prices are up, natural gas prices up 150% in this country and biden is crawling to our enemies asking for oil, asking iran for more oil, venezuela for more oil and now asking canadians for oil. how do we get it here? there are no room in the
2:50 am
pipelines, so he wants to truck it in or go on rail. keystone pipeline would have fixed this problem, there would be oil flowing and we wouldn't be having this mess right now. >> carley: trucking in oil and gas by rail is more detrimental to climate change, if you care about the climate and environment, which the president says that he does, the pipeline would be the safest way to do it. the other thing, the keystone xl pipeline is run by canadian company, would it be realistic if president biden said, okay, fine, giving green light to restart it. do you think this is possible, this pipeline could be brought back into fruition? >> i continuing is possible. i think a different company will do it. tc has made clear they are not interested in picking this project back up. they lost a billion dollars in this deal, they are pursuing
2:51 am
damages in the nafta court. we will probably be on the hook for that, american taxpayers will end up paying damages to tc energy for their losses here. this is a viable project, the path is stim -- still there. if they show the industry there was steadiness here, we could get this project done in relatively short time. >> carley: might be a different company, maybe one day the pipeline will be brought back to life. austin knudson, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. all right, just when you thought covid confusion was a thing of the past, president biden and his white house are making conflicting statements about what is next. sean duffy will set things straight. >> todd: check in with hegseth first. >> we are confused about of course mas, we will break it down this morning, good morning.
2:52 am
on "fox and friends," florida attorney general ashley moody reacts to jen psaki's bizarre meltdown over florida parental rights bill. and legislation might repeal title 42, would they ignore cdc? midnight migrant flights are back. rob has the take. plus, mask mandate confusion, rising crime and surging cost have one thing in common, result of far left leadership, why jason says this is not your daddy's democratic parties, he will join us, douglas murray, lawrence jones and steve doocy and ainsley earhardt will be here, she has eight minutes. don't miss it.
2:53 am
this may sound strange, but you've been here before. you were here when this wrench was turned. . .
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>> carley: president biden says masking while traveling should be up to the individual. but his own be justice department is ready to defend the cdc's federal mandate saying
2:57 am
it is, quote, a valid exercise of the authority congress has given cdc to protect the public health. >> todd: now that we have that all cleared up. sean duffy. the former congressman and, of course, a fox news contributor. sean, what kind of a response is that from biden's doj? >> well, it confused response from everybody, todd. listen, i think the doj is saying, listen, we have to defend the cdc if the cdc wants to go forward with masking rule on airplanes. the bottom line though is the cdc isn't basing many of their recommendations on science. it's all politics. you look how happy americans are to take their masks off on planes. as evidenced every airline basically lifted mask mandates immediately. they know the customers don't want to wear them. i think this is december 5th, 1993 when prohibition ended. people are celebrating. grab their drink, taking a mask off. same thing here. the cdc is not going to come to the doj and say we want to extend this mask mandate this
2:58 am
thing is over and done with. not going to continue. >> heading down to the border, beto o'rourke has been all over the map ending title 42 on aprit make sense to end this until there is a real plan and capacity to address those that come over. a few days later he said -- listen here: >> i think it's time to end title 42. i don't think we should have ever implemented it it's a very cynical reading of u.s. law that, again, has done nothing to improve public health or safety. >> carley: sean, i think this is bigger than just beto. it shows that progressives really are having a tough time defending their policies pleasing their own base when they know that what they are saying overall doesn't get broad support. >> well, i think that's right, carley, because when beto is saying this on msnbc. is he talking to the left wing
2:59 am
base of the democrat party. back in texas, most texans don't want open borders. they don't want 18,000 people, you know, coming into the u.s. a day if title 42 is lifted. back at home he has to say whoa, this policy is dangerous. we shouldn't have it lifted unless there is a plan in place. but, you know what americans want? they want leadership. they want people to be honest with them. maybe tell them things they don't want to hear but are truthful. that's what leaders do. when beto o'rourke can't take a position on title 42. it's having a huge impact on america and on the state of texas. it's pretty troubling which why, listen, is he going to nowhere. you can't say i support lifting title 42 when texas is overrun. this is bad politics in a state where already only 26% of hispanics support joe biden. this is a core base of the democrat party. they are fleeing the party in droves one, because of inflation, two because of immigration. >> todd: texans do not like flip
3:00 am
floppers. >> no, they don't. >> carley: president biden reportedly the biden administration is considering extending title 42 because of all of this backlash from republicans and democrats including senator chris coons, one of his closest allies says he wants the administration to keep it in place. sean, got to leave it there. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> have a good morning. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> todd: mask madness continues the biden administration scrambling after a federal judge everturns the public transit mast mask mandate. >> people continue to wear masks on planes? >> that's up to them. >> mask mandate? >> i don't know. >> people won't vote for you if they feel you are not listening to them. >> they clearly are not. his administration defending


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