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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 20, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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can't -- mordecai or i don't -- can you remind me what may of 2014 film was? >> were you filming black mass in boston in may of 2014? >> yes, yes. i was a film called black mass in boston and ms. heard had come with me. and i had for the film, i had to -- there were very early calls to work because i had a number of prosthetics glued to my face and blue contacts so that i could resemble -- it's
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based on the true story of james whitey bulger, so i had to go in quite early to get the prosthetics glued to my face and all that and you would work, you know, the whole day and then at the end of the night they would remove the prosthetics, if it took three hours to put it on it took about an hour to take them off. so on top of what could be anywhere between a 14, 16, 17 hour day of work, what with the application of the makeup and the taking off of the applications.
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>> was ms. heard staying with you in boston the entire time you were making that film? >> yes, she was. >> and who from your staff was in boston with you during that time? >> jerry judge, keenan weyandt, steven dutures, nathan holmes, i believe. and i believe malcolm connolly was there as well. so we would have my assistant sound technician, security, i believe that was it.
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>> mr. depp, we heard yesterday from mr. wyatt about a flight that you and mr. wyatt and ms. heard were on from boston to l.a. in 2014, do you remember that? could you please tell the jury what you remember about that specific flight? >> i remember as i was still filming black mass, before i did black mass, the film, my sister, christie, and i were talking about the oxycodones that i had been again, that was the monkey on my back that she came to me. she told me she had read this
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book of dr. kipper's book and i read dr. kipper's book, a good majority of it. and i agreed that i would do the detox. i would kick the opiates. there was no time to do it before the film. so when the nurse, which was nurse debbie lloyd, when she came to boston, she had asked me what is your dosage? how many of these are you taking per day? and, you know, someone who had
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been under -- you know, under the kind of lock and key of a prescription drug that is highly addictive -- i mean with built-in barbs, this drug does not want you to stop taking it. she asked me how many i took her day or my dosage and, of course, as any person who is addicted and essentially a fool to the drug, and you know how important it is because you have felt the sting when it doesn't -- when you don't have it. so i agreed to the detox and
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she asked me how many i took. i told her obviously more than i was taking purely because when you are in that frame of mind, the one thing that you do not want to -- a situation you don't want to find yourself in is having no access to the thing that will make you not high, it will make -- it -- you only get better from it. if you start to get the shakes and the tremors and the -- the -- you could feel this traveling into your system, your receptors are out en
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masse, and your receptors are demanding that drug if you don't give the drug to the receptors, you are going to -- you will start going into a pretty nasty withdrawal. and it could -- which could -- it could end in seizures. you can go into pretty nasty seizures. so i had told debbie lloyd more than was necessary so that i could always have one or two in my pocket on the just in case. so i didn't find myself, you know, on a plane or anywhere without one in my pocket to stop the inevitable body cramps
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and nausea and stomach cramps and seizure of the bones and shaking and also it's quite an emotional ride as well. so before the flight, amber and her assistant savannah mcmillan, wanted to be picked up in new york and then have the plane fly to boston to pick me up to bring us back to los angeles. we had spoken the night before. we had argued the night before.
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she was most definitely looking for -- she was looking for a fight, actively searching for a way to instigate a fight with me. and i had taken two of these opiates, oxycodones and i can tell you now, some of you may be very well aware of this, oepiates are extreme downers. so if you have enough opiates in you, you will essentially go on what's called the nod. you will just drop into sleep. so i've heard the words blackout used and there is a
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grave difference between a blackout from alcohol abuse because that is a person who has ingested enough alcohol to render them -- they can still behave and still stand and talk and scream and yell and cry and do whatever they do. and never remember a thing. and generally they are always embarrassed by it. a blackout is a very, very different animal to the oepiate taking you into dreamland. so when i arrived on the plane, i was not feeling any pain and
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i knew that she was ready for some kind of brawl, and i sat on the plane drawing. i was drawing in my notebook. she would verbally heckle, hassle, accuse, poke, prod, physically, you know, poke and prod, psychologically and emotionally. and finally, you know, as was my -- the one thing i learned if you are going to hide someplace from somebody, go straight into the bathroom. so i walked back into the back of the plane, i grabbed a pillow, and i went into the bathroom, locked the door, and
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lay down on the bathroom floor and went to sleep. and that's where i remained for the rest of the flight. >> how much, if any, alcohol had you had before you got on the flight? >> i honestly don't recall having any alcohol. i mean, maybe there was this sort of glass of champagne when you got on the plane or something like that, the initial thing. people order glasses of wine, people also the -- tend to have a few drinks before a plane takes off because some people don't like turbulence or this or that. a little bit of liquid courage, you know? but i certainly -- after ingesting two of the
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oxycodones, alcohol was not necessary. so i can tell you now that i was not drinking to excess certainly not. if i had i probably would have been in the bathroom hugging porcelain as opposed to sleeping on a pillow. >> who else was on that flight that you can recall? >> i remember jerry judge was on the flight. savannah was on the flight. ms. heard, keenan wyatt, steven dutures. probably that's it. >> what do you recall happening after you arrived back in l.a.
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>> i mean -- do you mean once we got back to -- downtown or -- >> did you and ms. heard go back to the same home together after that flight? >> , i don't believe -- no, we didn't. i don't believe we did. i think she had decided if this is the time, pretty sure. i believe she had decided to
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check herself into the chateau -- if -- there are so many of these, it is hard to sort of keep them all straight. >> who would have paid for ms. heard to stay at the chateau? >> i would have paid for it. if she wanted to go to the chateau i wasn't going to let her pay for it no matter the circumstances. i wasn't going to let her pay for it because i knew that that might get expensive for her. so generally i would take care of things of that nature. >> and why did ms. heard tell you why she was staying at the chateau? >> no.
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i mean, she was clearly upset and she was irate. and i can't say that it was a bad idea for her to stay at the chateau at that time. i don't know why she went to the chateau since she still had her apartment on orange, i believe. and the penthouse. because i could have gone to suites but she went to the chateau. >> mr. depp, do you recall why you were flying from boston to l.a. in may of 2014? >> i can't remember if it was a break from the film or if i had finished the film and that was
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before we went -- well, before i was supposed to go to the island to -- to detox from -- from the opiates. >> i think i'm about to switch gears. a good time for a break. >> we'll have our morning recess. we'll see you in 15 minutes. thank you. >> harris: from that courtroom in fairfax county, virginia, where actors johnny depp and amber heard are well into a trial, right now that is at times hard to watch. the language yesterday, the stories and the personal intimate nature of that and just the accounting of the emotional and verbal and then some violence, too. it is like peeking into something that you never thought you would see. but the judge has allowed cameras in this courtroom and for the last day or so we've
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seen a lot. i'm harris faulkner. our coverage here of this trial is on "the faulkner focus" and i want to bring in now david spunt who is following that trial in virginia. david. >> incredibly personal moments with the actor johnny depp inside the fairfax county courthouse behind me in virginia. first of all for viewers that haven't been following this, the reason that this is in fairfax county is because in 2018 amber heard wrote a "washington post" op-ed where she claimed to be a survivor of domestic abuse. the "washington post" is printed in fairfax county, virginia, and that's where the online servers are for the world to see that op-ed. johnny depp said that actually ruined his career and hasn't been able to get any steady acting work since then and why it's in fairfax county. back into the courtroom today depp has been on the stand since 10:00 this morning and yesterday he spent three hours
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on the stand. what's important to note is the questioning right now, harris, is coming from his legal team. so these questions are favorable questions. later today we'll hear questions from amber heard's team during the cross examination, and things will likely get a little bit more brutal, if not a lot more brutal with that questioning. i want to play a sound bite from johnny depp in a moment. he talked a little bit about amber heard being the aggressor in the relationship, that she emotionally abused him and constantly criticized him over time since they became married in 2015. take a listen. >> small insults and kind of teenage or high school tactics. this bullying, if you will, was
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becoming too much to take. >> so that's from johnny depp right there. he will be back on the stand in just a few moments, harris. >> harris: thank you very much. we'll come back to you. the judge said it would be about a 15-minute break. they've been doing this on a day-to-day basis. the trial is expected to last for six weeks. this is the portion of depp's testimony. then there will be cross examination and then heard's testimony, cross examination and so on and so forth. we're down at the point now where what is happening in the courtroom we'll show you because it involves people who many know. and we have no idea how long that high-profile list of celebrities is going to be. we heard some of the names. be it tattoos on johnny depp's body. wynonna rider saying it caused
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consternation between him and amber heard so he had a couple of letters taken off. i want to bring in jonna spilbor. this has to be one of the ones since o.j. simpson where we've seen potentially this much hollywood involved and every inch of it. what is your take? >> this is more fascinating than the o.j. simpson case. what we're learning here is a lot of very personal information about johnny depp. i don't think any of us expected to learn this much personal information such as that he was only 11 when he first started doing drugs. his mother and the very strange relationship that he had with her and his father being
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estranged, etc. now we're moving into the actual relationship between him and his ex-wife who was the defendant and also plaintiff counter suing him which is also fascinating because he is now -- you would think he would be angry. he is being accused of something he didn't do. he should be angry. he is so slowly and methodically and matter of factly and almost gently attacking her character. i say he is attacking her as if he had no teeth and nibbling away at her character. it is fascinating. i done know if he is acting. if this is the real johnny depp. right now it's very effective. >> harris: that's a critical point, right? we don't know who we are looking at. we also don't know whether or not this person is sincere about sobriety. there are a lot of layers to being different from who you normally might be and dedescribing them all in detail.
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he doesn't consider himself to be physically addicted to alcohol but a host of other drugs and the drug usage between the two of them, according to him at this point, seems to be a back drop to what was going on in this relationship. we don't know either one of them at this point. if she have is doing mushrooms and ecstasy and he is hiding out in bathrooms because he is so high he can't deal with her on private jets. how do you get to the truth? you have been there in a courtroom. how do you get to the truth in this instance? >> well obviously that's the jury's job. look at what johnny's team is doing right now. they are creating a sense that amber heard's side of the street is not clean, right? if you have johnny depp claims to have a problem with pills and she is claiming that he was drunk all the time, etc.
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he is very effectively saying wait a minute, folks, it wasn't just me. we both had problems with addiction. we both had emotional baggage. if i had to sum this trial up thus far i would say baggage versus baggage. he is describing his own. he is describing some of hers and i think what's clear and believable at this point is that these two were on very different emotional plains. he is describing this young, very emotionally immature starlet and her emotional immaturity and he holds himself out at lover, husband and mentor, like a hollywood mentor and that at some point he could no longer take it anymore so he had to step back and stepping back made her attack him ultimately end being up in this op-ed which is the crux of the case here. >> harris: mentors don't usually sue you for $50 million. talk to me about the law and how it works.
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she wrote this op-ed in washington we're standing by. as soon as we get it we'll pop in the audio. my team will let me know. it is an interesting admission by amanda heard on tape. as soon as we have it we'll give it to you. i'm wondering just about how it works. she didn't mention his name in the "washington post" op-ed. this whole trial is happening, as our david spunt explained in fairfax county because that's where the servers sit for the newspaper she wrote the op-ed for. if she doesn't mention him how does he then claim libel? >> that's a easiest hurdle. she doesn't have to mention him as long as who she was talking about is clear. i think it is very clear at this point she was definitely referencing johnny depp at the time. she is claiming to be an ambassador for domestic abuse. what we're gathering now is that she is claiming to be an ambassador for something she might have also been committing. set that aside for a second.
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>> harris: thank you for your patience. this is now boom available. this is tape of amber heard 2015, daily mail out with this audio just today. it is her making quite the admission. we'll come to you on the other side. let's watch together. i haven't seen it yet. we're seeing it for the first time together. >> i can't promise you that i'll be perfect. i can't promise you i won't get physical. i just get so mad i lose it. i'll do everything to change, i promise you. i will not get a divorce. >> i want to be your husband. i want to be a good husband. if i haven't been, i'll do everything i can to find that out to be a good husband.
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>> harris: all right. m response to that real quickly, jonna, you know how this works. a spokesperson has heard that statement and now there is a statement from amber heard's camp. anyone would immediately recognize what is going on here. tlouft the extended tape recording that johnny depp vin diktively turned over to the press ms. heard attempts to placate mr. depp, ignore his accusations and force him to knowledge what was really happening in their relationship. so that is a statement in response to the 2015 audio tape that we just played for you. on it johnny you hear i can't promise i won't get physical again. i get so mad i lose it. and amber heard goes on to admit to hitting her ex-husband, johnny depp, with pots and pans. this is the daily mail releasing this. you have just heard the statement from her side.
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jonna. >> very damaging for her side and trying to excuse that away as her attorneys camp is doing it's their job. not very effective. the reason she wrote the op-ed, the reason they are in court is because she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse. you know, for a genuine victim of domestic abuse, this is a slap in the face if in fact it comes to pass that she was an aggressor in this. keep in mind, johnny depp also has to prove that she did what she did with malice because he is a public figure. so if she is trying to get back at him for leaving this relationship, what he has been describing all day today why he wanted to leave the relationship and why eventually left the relationship. that gets him over the malice threshold and he wins this case. but harris, even if he wins this case who is really winning here? there is a lot of dirty laundry
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that we're getting earfuls of. who will really win in the court ever public opinion? >> harris: it has gotten so nasty at points we ride on a several second delay because it isn't just the language that pops that we want to have the ability to at least address when our viewers hear it, right? it is the substance. it is their intimate talks. i'll be delicate. it really gets gritty. the drug use and just all -- johnny depp talked this morning about all that what happened, the physicality when you are addicted to certain types of drugs. unfortunately that's the scientific part of it but it's still raw. and my other question for you, jonna, before i let you go, you know, again, winning. there are a lot of losing sides in all of this. he has children. >> absolutely.
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and so interesting because i get he wants us to believe -- maybe it is true that he is motivated to be here because he is a good father. because his children were subjected to things they never should have heard. also interesting that this direct examination is not like anything we see in real life. he gets to just be johnny depp. wait until the cross examination. if you think it is hot now, wait until he is attacked on cross examination and trust me, that will be an attack. his demeanor if it stays the same will be the best acting job of his life. that won't be easy. i guarantee it will be grueling. >> harris: that's quite a preview of what we're about to see. we're inside of a minute warning that they are coming back into this courtroom. and what other point is fascinating in all of this, too, has to do with what happens if nothing happens in this trial? they don't exactly just go back
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to life. i don't know, maybe they do. you have seen cases won and lost in this sense. why not try to work something out before this point? attorneys like yourself can we come to some kind of agreement? or are they thirsty for the public trial with the cameras? we'll be perched to watch it. thank you very much. appreciate it. we'll be going back to the courtroom in a second. i want to quickly get caught up on other news while we wait for the trial to restart. the biden administration says it will fight to restore the president's federal mask mandate if the cdc says it's necessary. still. judging by the sheer joy at the airports across america, it is clear people are ready to move on. the department of justice calling the mask mandate a valid exercise of the cdc's authority after a federal judge struck down the ruling on monday. while the cdc decides if the mandate is worth fighting for
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the white house can't stick to a single message it would seem. white house press secretary jen psaki is forcing the press to mask up on air force one. they were flying to new hampshire, if you were on that plane you had to wear a mask. >> mr. president should people continue to wear masks on planes? >> that's up to them. >> cdc continues to advise and recommend masks on airplanes. we're abiding by the cdc recommendations, the president is and advise all americans to do that. >> harris: there is some disagreement in the democratic party already. we had a former dnc dep see yesterday on this program who said they should just let this go. take the judge's ruling and move on. politically this could be fiery for democrats. it could backfire on them. meanwhile, what is really rolling out? the confusion is continuing. some cities are keeping their mask mandates in place. others are moving on.
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at the airport, many travelers are celebrating. >> i'm thrilled. it is about time. it should have been over a long time ago. >> it's time that we just move on. >> so excited for it to go away. time for the airlines to do away with it as well. >> harris: peter doocy is live at the white house. peter, where i am in new york, certain mask mandates, if i cross the lincoln tunnel halfway through it, it is jersey, i live a different life over there, no masking. it will have some confusion for awhile. >> somehow even though it affects so many people, anybody that flies are takes a train or a bus, it took the president nearly 24 hours to get a briefing from the cdc about what they think should happen next. >> are you going to appeal the ruling the judge made striking down the mandate? >> president biden: i haven't spoken to the cdc yet.
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>> now the cdc answer is cdc doesn't comment on pending litigation. the president's team is leaning on them. this was deeply disappointing, cdc scientists asked for 15 days to make a more durable decision. we should have given it to them. i will continue to follow cdc guidance and mask up on planes. the president said it should be up to individuals and staff says it should be up to public health officials. if you are having a hard time following it at home it will be a surprise to the white house coms team. >> i would dispute the notion people are confused. we're hear to alleviate their confusion *r fusing. >> not that confusing in florida where the judge struck down the mandate for travelers. >> we filed a suit against this right before it was supposed to expire. i think because florida filed the suit, biden extended it just because he doesn't want to
8:35 am
give us a win. by him extending it, it allowed this judge in middle florida to rule. so our view is very simple. zero mandates of any kind. >> the president has some events today with pentagon officials. we don't know if he will weigh in on this very confusing issue, harris. >> harris: we say that a lot. that's code for we don't know if he'll just walk away without taking questions on an important topic. >> all true. >> harris: thank you very much. liberal media are tearing into the judge who struck down the transit mask mandate and criticizing her. age and qualifications are on the list. >> if you think she was not qualified to be a judge after at least graduating from law school, imagine how not qualified she is to make public health decisions about trying to control highly infectious, deadly pandemics.
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>> absolutely reads like donald trump as a federal judge just making these sometimes pronouncements that aren't based on any discernible fact. >> without sourcing she makes these pronouncements about the good that masks do or don't do when she is clueless. >> they go after the judge and on and on we go. for right now that ruling stands. masks off when you fly or other public transportation. right now what is not optional in this courtroom in fairfax county is johnny depp taking questions. it is his defense right now and then we will see cross examination. so after a 15-minute break they're set to restart. let's watch together.
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>> you may be seated. thank you. your next question. >> thank you. mr. depp, who is dr. kipper? >> dr. kipper is a -- he has been my doctor since -- ever since i met him in i believe it was may of 2014 around there in boston. >> and why were you connected with dr. kipper? >> my sister, christie, knew, of course, that i had been addicted to the opiates and she was concerned and she brought
8:38 am
me his book, and talked to me heart to heart. and asked me if i would be willing to go through the detox. >> what was your answer? >> yes. of course. >> and you mentioned debbie roy, could you explain to the jury who she is? >> debbie lloyd is a nurse who my doctor, dr. kipper, had assigned to my case to -- to be the -- to oversee the detox and deliver the meditations to me
8:39 am
that would help with the effects of withdrawal that one goes through to essentially try and knock you out so that you don't go through the nastiness of the affair. >> did miss lloyd stay on after the detox process as your nurse. >> yes, she did. >> and when you were under dr. kipper's care, how often did you see miss lloyd? >> on location, every day. yes, on location every day. even when -- after a year or two, i would -- i was still seeing her at least on a
8:40 am
biweekly basis, two to three times a week. >> when did you start the detox process that you mentioned? >> i know that it's -- i believe it was around -- it was in august, july or august of 2015, 14? i cannot remember the year -- 14, i guess. >> and where did you do this detox process? >> we did it -- the detox process happened on -- i have a place in the bahamas.
8:41 am
it's an island, a very strange thing to say. i thought that would be the best place, the most private place where there were no worries of paparazzi or any of that. so it was a place where i could literally be -- the only place where i can have actual anonymity. so i thought that would be the best place to do it. >> what came with you down to the island for the detox? >> debbie, nurse debbie lloyd traveled with me on the plane.
8:42 am
ms. heard. i believe that was it. on the plane to go to the island for the detox. i was not bringing security. i was not bringing assistants. in fact, initially my sister, christie, was going to go there to help ms. lloyd and the doctor through the detox, which made perfect sense, since the whole thing had been borne out of her desire for me to get clean. so initially it was supposed to be christie coming in place of
8:43 am
ms. heard. there was a great part of me that was very uncomfortable with ms. heard coming along for that detox because, as things could fluctuate very rapidly in our relationship, i was wary that those things would come up during what needed to be a very straight detoxification of these substances. and i was well aware that it was not going to be pleasant. i was well aware that i was
8:44 am
going to go through quite a bit of physical changes, physical -- i was afraid that it would be too much for her and i also felt that she might be too much for me at the time. >> so then why did ms. heard come down to the island with you during the detox process? >> she insisted. she switched places with christie. >> could you please describe for the jury, mr. depp what it feels like to go through a detox from opioids? >> i would say the best way to
8:45 am
describe it is it feels like -- it feels like the inside of you, the very inside of you is trying to escape the body. so it's -- it becomes obviously very physical and so therefore you will go into a withdrawal would mean you would go into -- you would have immense cramps in your stomach, your muscles would seize, my body could shake, the pain is like nothing i have ever experienced before.
8:46 am
part of it was -- the best way to explain it, for example, there was a situation that -- when we were on the island and i was going through the detox, and it was hitting pretty hard at that point, and ms. heard had made a deal with nurse debbie and dr. kipper to stay at their end of the island and she would administer the drugs to me. administer the medications that i needed to not go into the for lack of a better word, these intense, sharp, painful heebie-jeebies.
8:47 am
and there was a moment when i could feel my body starting to tense and i could feel the withdrawals coming on and they come on quick. and they are not discrete. they go straight for the jugular. like i said, when your receptors are in full bloom and begging for the -- the substance, the drug, the opiates that my body had become used to, these receptors were being fed by, there was a moment when it was coming on
8:48 am
very fast and i was sitting on the couch in the little house that we all saw on the island. ms. heard was at the -- she was in the kitchen area and she was chopping vegetables i remember. and i think this was around 2:30 in the afternoon and the effects of the withdrawals were really coming on. and i said to ms. heard, i'm going to need the meds now. and she said -- she looked at the clock and she said it's not time. and i said no, no, no, you don't understand. this is not about clocks and watches and things. i'm going into -- it was
8:49 am
visible. and i hate -- i hate saying this. i hate to have to admit this. but that was -- i believe that was about the lowest point in my life. it was the lowest i had ever felt as a human being because i had to say please, please may i have the meds, because it is really kicking in and she was adamant nope, it's not time, it's not time. so in explaining how these --
8:50 am
these withdrawals start to take over your body, when i was begging at that point for the meds, i found that i had sort of rolled off the couch and i was sitting on the floor crying. tears streaming down my face beto please, please give me the meds that will take this away. and she would not. she was adamant that nope, it's not time. 4:00. so the only thing that one can do in that situation is you have to trick the body. you have to -- you have to manipulate your body away from those -- well, you have to trick the body to get away from
8:51 am
the receptors, so the only thing that one can do is you go straight to the shower and you put it on scalding water and you stand underneath the scalding shower and essentially you are burning the top -- your skin is burning from the heat of the water and what that would do is it would trick the nerves away from the receptors because they had -- now they had an immediate problem that needed to be dealt with. the nerves. so what it does is a scalding shower would reverse those
8:52 am
nerve endings and they would go up to the top of the skin because there was a problem there. so that's how i was able to bypass those withdrawal symptoms at times. it doesn't fully take them away, but what it does is it tricks your body into thinking that there is something going horribly wrong on top so it keeps them away from the receptors. and after that i had a conversation with nurse debbie and with dr. kipper and i said i don't believe -- i told them that she had denied me the meds when i was in need and then i told them that i don't think that this is going to work here
8:53 am
anymore. i think we have to leave the island. and i need to be -- she can't be with me while i'm going through the rest of this detoxification. so i told them we should leave the island. i told -- i asked them if they understood what i was doing and they did. so we went back to los angeles and then i asked ms. heard if she would please allow me five days, seven days, whatever it took to get out -- to get finished with the rest of this horrific detox and the pain. >> did ms. heard give you that time? >> she did reluctantly, yes.
8:54 am
i was immediately accused of throwing her out. i was accused of abandoning her. i was accused of not appreciating all that she had done to get me to this point where i was, which was kind of an interesting argument for me. i begged her, please, can i get a place at the beverly hills hotel? i'll get you and your friends a bungalow at the beverly hills hotel where you can all stay together and have a grand old flag. you can have fun, you can do whatever you want and you don't have to sit around mr. shaky. and she wasn't happy about it but it was very necessary.
8:55 am
so she did eventually leave for about five days or so and i sat in a -- for a few days i sat in a metal chair with one song on the -- one song on a loop that i could focus on the lyrics and the power of the song to help me get through it. and even once the -- the effects, you know, start evidence to go away, that is the pain, i was still in this -- something strange that happens. you feel -- you feel electricity in your body.
8:56 am
you feel this electric very foreign -- you are just sitting there like going through it. and i didn't understand what the electricity was until probably -- this lasted for -- electricity, that feeling lasted for a month, two months. and i finally realized at a certain point what that electricity was, and i was feeling. that's what it was. i was actually feeling. without the aid of the drug, without the aid of any drugs. i mean, i had -- i had refused with dr. kipper and nurse debbie and amber at the table
8:57 am
before she left for the hotel with her friends, i had refused to continue taking the phenobarbital and the lithium because to me it was just another drug, in a way. it seemed like it was just another hurdle to get over. and i would rather just get it out of my system now. and move forward. maybe i wouldn't have had the electricity, maybe i wouldn't have felt as quickly, but i didn't want to take phenobarbital and lithium & all these other things and the worst of the two i believed were the phenobarbital and the
8:58 am
lithium. so i just went through that. >> >> so we have a technical situation right there. it has happened a couple times in the last few hours. sometimes we have lost the video, it freezes, sometimes we lose the audio, but it is a live trial was cameras, which we have not seen the likes of in quite some time. johnny depp, famous for so many movies. not "pirates of the caribbean" so much, the fourth when ruth said he was having problems with drugs. the details of detoxing on an
8:59 am
island he owns, there was almost painful to listen to. it really is so much intimate detail in their lives right now. next will be the cross-examination. from our guest earlier this hour, former criminal defense attorney, it could get really toxic at that point. he's able to -- we don't know if he is acting. is this johnny depp post drugs, post-rehab we don't really know who he is on screen right now. but if this is what they are presenting a staircase, his demeanor, with the criminal defense attorney was singing as the cross-examination is going to pick away at that. they're going to go for areas that they know will cause him emotional discomfort in an effort to gush like an onion, peel away the truth.
9:00 am
the language, the sex talk. all of that word to submit coming back and cross-examination. then with cameras in the courtroom you can see amber hurd's reaction. the entire time we've hurt showed you in a split screen. when she takes the stand what will her demeanor be like? we are covering it all. a lot of news being made, we are bringing you that at the same time. more of it with my partner, kayleigh mcenany, on "outnumbered" as i go to west coast on specialist time. >> think you come to harris. fox news alert. i'm kayleigh mcenany along with carley shimkus, shannon bream, and joe concha for the last few hours you've been watching the deformation trial, $50 million defamation trial between johnny depp and amber


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