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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 21, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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in your body? in your body? tryd, true neogen life as we knw cannot exist without anad as we age, nedd can decrease by asau much as 50 percent. true , neogen is proven to increase to support heart and muscle health and energy and muscle health and energy production that starts in your cells. address one of the root causes of aging with true neogen researched by the world's top scientific institutions. >> good evening and welcome tucker carlson . so here's an interesting story of the new yorker. we're still a realn magazinee. you might write it up, but of course they won't. here it is last summer i deeps,t in the of the transportation department in washington, some nameless sh federal analysts came across a highly puzzling trend in a pile of stats on traffic deaths. it turns out that in the year t 2020 the number of american motorists who diedd on the roads
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spiked dramatically. traffic deaths rose by more than 10% in a single year. year. now in any year that would be odd and distressing b. but coming as it did in twentyas twenty , it was flat out f bizarre because as you'll rememberbiza in twenty twenty te was a pandemic. it had just started millions of people stayed home that year. t did ndido not drive to work. many didn't drive at all in twenty twenty roads were less crowded than they hadan ben in decades in this country. so of course you would expectew far fewer traffic deathser, lesr traffic, fewer people dyingff in traffic and yet there were more traffic deaths. i think that's where it gets weirder. if you look deeper into the numbers you sawaw that notil only were more americans dying in cars in the year 2020 a staggering number of those who died were black traffic deaths among african-americansin rose by nearly 25% in a single year. that's unprecedented. so in a normal presidential administration, that question why is this happening?wh would be the subject of is urgeg academics. peoplest are dying.
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let's figure out why.ure but in this administration it was not the subject academic study. why? because what a judge is nowor the secretary ofk transportatin . but a judge once worked at mckinsey so he already knew the cause of these deaths. and it was d needless to say, racism. racism did it because america's roads are racist. k they're killing black people. p as washington post put it, the transportation departmenttin concluded that black communities tend to be crisscrossed dep tha by more dangerous roads and quote now that made sense to the washington post and you can see why civil engineers, road builders bent on would, needless to say, put all a the dangerous roadsll in black neighborhoods. that's who they are a and that kind of thing happens k all in america. this is a racist country. cou joe biden has told us that countlessha times. but what doesn't make sense isth the timing here. very few of these racist roads are new . most of them have been there a long time. so why did so many black motorists suddenly start dying in the year? 2020
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before a judge had no idean' he didn't even bother to guess because honestly he didn't really care. but we do care. d we've got a theory and here it is. if you look at the numbers, you will notice that traffic deathst among african-americans in the year 2020 surged in the monthth of june, fatalities among black drivers in june. 2020 were fully 55% higher than they were in june of 2019. you never see increases like that . what could have happened? well let's see. he was in the last week of mayed of 2020 that a convicted felon called george floyd died in police custody in minneapolis and afterol that you'll recall everything changed. what changedl most of all was how we regard the rule of c law as russ martin of the governor's highway safety association put it, floyd's death quote accelerated national discussion about equity in transport d and that discussion would include quote questions about enforcement. oh , there it is right there. that's the answer. cops across the country were told to stop enforcing traffic
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laws against black drivers. no o no one wanted to be accused of arresting somebody for the crime of driving whiledr black. so in the nameiv of whi equity, the law no longer applied to huge numbers of people result, thousands of americans diedd. this isay a trend you may have a noticed and it doesn't just apply to trafficndt and it doest just cause traffic deaths. here's a chart that showsf the number of black b americans murdered every year from 2010 to 2020 look carefully and youef notice two major spikes. 4 come one spike came in twenty fourteen. that was exactly the moment the media decided to d lie tos us about the death of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, activistst used that false story to drive police out of blackut neighborhoods o in many parts of america that was supposed to make things better. fewer cops, less racism. right. r no net effect. a lot of people got killed and most of them were black. then there's the second spikeec in the last decade,ad the bigget one yet. as we said, itt camee in the
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summer of 2020 and it's continuing today. same reason, same effect. there aren't a lot of trends in social science that can be explained in a single graph. but this isisph one less law enforcement means more crime and over time it means more dead children, more grieving parents c. t you don't need to be a criminologist to understand this is very obvious. even lori lightfoot gets it. lori lightfoot is the mayor of chicago. ba thanks to her equity based policies, the city of chicago is falling apart. people are dying in huge numbers. shootings in chicago jumped 60% last lori lightfoot knows perfectly well this is happening. she knowsposeile this why it iso but loriot lightfoot doesn't cae . lori lightfoot iste so uninterested in all of those deaths, mostlyhose black people that she won't even t answer questions about them when askedh . watch this exchange. it comes from tuesday ofro this weekm. es everyda time you have a pressev conference, you say crime is a down, the economy is booming. well, that's not that's not boue .my butoming get your questions acs
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the street. we had a police officer on duty, the victim of a hit and run. we have michigan avenue. the magnificent mile is nows referred to as the mile of fear the water tower place has thrown the keys back to the lender. . they say they don't want to be in chicago anymore. are real chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly even consider running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago after all the harm you've caused? i i disagree with youit fundamentally and i don't think i need to address and dignify your comments. one second further next question next question so lori lightfoot won't answer the question precisely because she knows the answer in the name of equitys the officials in chicago have stopped enforcing the law and not some esoteric tax law that no one really understands. the basic laws like you can't hurt otherhe people.
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they're releasing criminals who go on to murderrimi more citizens. this is the triumph of ideologyi over human life. here's just one example.. it comes from fox's chicago station. the details on the offenders prior history does call into question how he was released.. this document from the cook county state's attorney's office says in june of 2020 one sixteen year old anthonyol brown led police on a foot chase. that's when. they recovered a loaded 22 caliber glock handgun with an extended magazine. five days later, he was released on electronic monitoring. fourteen days later, the braceletor came off and he was put on a curfew. six months later,on they say he was involved in a carjacking. this time police recovered a loaded glocke r nine millimeter handgun with a roundlo in the chamber that's when he was put back on monitoring in the case of tuesday, shooting the six year old is charged with first degree murder and carjacking. he carjacked a lyft driverer earlier in the day and took off in that same infiniti after the alleged shooting of a teen.o he didn't evenf a t know stories
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like this constantly in the city of chicago, cities across the country there are always the same. but the detailsago,y a of this e tell you everything. a criminal runs from the police carrying the illegal gun. then the same politiciansol who never stop lecturing you control. cont it's immoral to defend yourself. they scream at you those same people at this guy who used a gun to commit a crime out off jail immediatelyel because equity then he getsy rid of his ankle monitor and commitsnk a carjacking. then what happens? well, laurie lightfoot'spe friendsns, we him once againat because incarceration bad. so what does he dodo? he drives off a to shoot and kil a 15 year old because why wouldn't he ? there's no penalty now ifer tragedies likee' this happened occasionally you would call them accidents. you would feel sad but you wouldn't be bothered.. these are't not accidents. are this is happening every dayhi in the city ofca chicago. fully 43% of all criminals convicted in the state of illinois commit new crimes within three years of beinghi released.
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some are released very early. that's a high number compared to other states in saner places like texas, south carolina, . st virginia the recidivism rate after three years is about half of that . what's the difference? differenc politics honestly, it's not a partisan talking points. it'se?ot a true . for the last decade, fors, example, the most liberal statey in the country, california hasd recorded a recidivism rate of a nearly 50%. 50%. now keep in mind the irony here they tell you that we shouldn'to incarcerate people because incarceration doesn't workpl. if you want to rehabilitate people, you have to let them out. but n they're not rehabilitated. that's why they're reoffending w and almosthy 50% in the state of california. so incarceration has two purposeslifornia, so. one is to improve the prisoner so he won't t reoffend. but but the main purpose is to protect the rest of us who aren'tst committing we'vet got kids who just want to live a normal life. they've forgotten that part. soso every day in california, politicians released truly dangerous criminals back into i the public sphere.ublic and this is why you're nowwh taking a very big risk if you
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dare to use public transportation. the city of los angeles, you could be shot c or assaulted and we're not guessing. weho have the tape hereg, surveillance footage from l.a. transit system. it's on your screen right now. womenludes pictures of woman being in public as she's sitting down. we're cutting some of it w outon that happened in public and it happens a lot that kind of things we went to l.a. for the premiere of season two of our documentary series. weum because we wanted to understand how one man, a man called george gascon, a prosecutor backed by george soros could have done sold h mu in such a little time to destroy the city. and of course he did it in the name of equity. we talk to the family of a murder victim called fatema johnson was a bracing conversation. fatema johnson, a mother of six , was found brutally murdered in her apartment. she was violently murdered, beaten to death, tied and gagged. the suspect is a career criminal called darryl cohen. collin sadeqi in prison for two murders as well as aer string of
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armed robberies. he had quite an extensive criminal history, a series of armed robberies. he killed two different people on two separate occasions. he wasreon separate o under twen he committed those murders. he was eligibleco w for youthful parole and the parole board decided, oh , it looks like he's rehabilitated yourself and we'll go ahead and release you. was >>at was a huge mistake. a a he came in and told my mom he was going to marry her and you know, would be our stepdad, prince charming bush despite previous convictions for murder and despite the fact that fatema johnson was bound and horrifyingly tortured before tor he was killed, george gascon is refusing to g add any enhancements to this case. george carstone is not the only prosecutors doing this . george soros has paid for people just like george gasconge . many americans can fox in chicago, larry craster in philadelphia, alvin bragg
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now in manhattan, others. in every case, many americans, e thousands overall have diedd as a result. so who's benefiting fromhi this slaughter and how exactly are they benefiting? a f that's a fair question. you've got to know for certain that voters don't want it. americans want the laws they voted for to be enforced and that is true of black voters just like any others because why wouldn't sorry white liberals black people don't love crime. actually , you're not helping black v ue people by increasing the amount of crime in their neighborhoods. provesew pew poll the poll asked blackit adults what they cared about most and guess what ? it wasn't racism and diversity or equity that was near the bottom of the listitthe . et what they cared about most wasol quote violence and crime. that's what they care about. why wouldn't they care about it? so as people to judge frets about racist roads, thousands of black people are dying of gunshot wounds. no people are sick of this in san franciscoic, a lunatic equiy mongering d.a. there, just boudin is facing recall which could succeed. boudin has, among other things,
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encouraged openair narcotics markets throughout the city of san francisco. open air result, you guessed e e more than twice as many peopleee have died from drug d a in san francisco than from covid i who could support something like that ? you'did. be pretty out of touchd well, singer john legend does quote i endorse chessa for d.a. when he ran for election legend tweeted and i support him now. of course you do. john legend. the bush administration supports him toen just days agot police in washington raided an apartment where they found a dogrt, pablo. the documents stolen at gunpoint by thieves who alsoey took drugs and money at gunpoint. so police arrested fournpoint. men, three juveniles in the apartment. a few hours later, joe biden's justice departmenttif he was and he was refusing to charge any of them. the u.s.k attorney's office has decided not to move forward with what they were charged with and also confirmed that wereour adults arrested have been released. i can tell you the seven people arrested yesterday were charged with receiving stolen propertyvi
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. song receiving pablo in this cae pablo was one of two dogs stolen during a wednesday a violent crime spree w that polie say lasted nearly an hour. there were four incidents reported within that time frame, includingngr a double shooting in northeast d.c. along with the armed robberies of two dog owners. w police tell us that when they recovered pablo in a northeast d.c. apartment that they also took apprehendede some items here including drugs, a pistol and a ar 15 style rifle and ammunition. so what happens when you allow people to commit violence? the one thing the state can never do state is v a monopoly on violence in a democracyem we decide when violence is appropriate. but what happens when you allowe antisocial but qunol the violene they want? you get a lot of violence and your cities startrt to resemble third world. people are executed in broad daylight and no one bothers to call the cops. that just happened in atlanta. fifty one year old security guard anthony frazieryl getting out of his vehicle on monday near cleveland avenue
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in southwest atlantat. littlele does frazier knows he's about to be murdered nows watch as the suspected gunman walks toward him with a pistolig in his right hand . another man sitting there in the curbn. we'll watch the whole thing happen.. police don't show the actual shooting, just the aftermath. frazier laying there on the ground dead. his bloodied body has been blurredd. the alleged gunman goesgh through his belongings before casually walking away from the scene. remarkably, the witness who was sitting at the corner gets up's and walks by frazier's lifeless body just shaking his head in apparent disbelief. then two other men approached the victim and also appear to search him. look, take a closer look.ed we zoomed in on the video as they then walk away with what appears to be the deceased victim's wallet. something really wrong with everyone in that video except the dead man.. there's something really wrongng he puttingest of us for
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up with this and not figuringt out why exactly it's happening. it's a little more complicated than racism and mass incarceration. something really dark is going on . butt we can say that these sorth of things happen a lot l more than they otherwise would when you decide that law should be applied on the basis of skin color, when you decide that aa lot of people die, they bleed in gutters and city streets as the rest of the neighborhood hides indoors in terror. t as it happens, most of the dead come from the very group our leaders say they're protectingay . we love youy so much for lettinn you die. that's the equityg.g. agenda. what wd, bill . i've never told us how it was going to end. rafael manguel new he's one of the wisest voices we know on crime and law enforcement. nt a senior fellow at the manhattan institute, he joins us tonight. phil, thanks so much for coming on . so the cause and effect i know that you know criminology's complex, but this seems very clear. you stop enforcing the lawor againstci violence. you get a lot more violent. i think that's exactly right. look, if you look at the lastig decade plus in the l united states, we have seen a systematic erosion of the criminal justice system at all levels. we've put more constraints
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on police. we'vemoren reduced our incarcern rates. we've made pretrial detention less likely and we've entirely stopped enforcing whole categories of laws that certain elected d.a. don't like. what that has done is, is that systematically lowered transaction costs of criminality and it has raisedtr the transactionan costs of criminal enforcement and that's gotten us there's a lot more crimenten and i don't think takes a genius or a criminologist or an economist to o know that . i thinkk it's quite obvious from what we're seeing and as you pointed out that danger is not evenly distributed. it is borne disproportioned. by low income minority communities in and around big cities b that have gotten significantly less safe, less safe. so if younifi livecantly in thet bronx or on the west side of c chicago, your life ishi very, very different i. and if you live in beverly hills or in greenwich, connecticutbe and what i think s happening is that a lot of so-called progressive has haves convinced themselves that in order to be virtuous human beings, they have ter to support this decarceration agenda, the city policing agenda because that's what makes themer
10:18 pm
a good person and they never actually see what the results of that are because they never would dare walk through these kinds of neighborhoods late night where people have to live and see that kind of violencell that you just showed. it's really, really disconcerting. neighborhood people pass a murder victim and just loot the body casually. why don't the people who support the equity agendaa apply to law enforcement havehb to live in neighborhoods with tons of people like that ? wouldn't i meanor, wouldn't that be a basic requirement?iren you should have to experience the effects of your policiest? ? yeah, well, i think their ignorance is really what i think informs>> a lot of this .y to i really do try to try see to se the best in people and i do think a lot of people who support the progressive prosecutor agenda the who suppot mass decarceration, who support defunding the policeor even i think they think that they have good hearts and that a they're doing the right thing. and i think it has a lot to do with the distance that's between them and the sort of violence that people are experiencing all too often s s. i think you're exactly righttl
10:19 pm
and i would say it's all about them. everything is all's that's thats the problem. i appreciate your measured take . i think. kamalato see you tonight . thank you . thank you . so pamela harris is very busy. she's got a ton of jobs and the by the administration, none ofgo have gone very well. first she was in charge offi therring the southern border. then she wasn keeping the peaceb keeping the peace between russia, ukraine. they're not going to invade kabul. harris is there, but he her toughest job of all is as space czar. s but she did know she waspaces as she's chair of the national space council. kamala harris is the administration's expert on the stars. in she was in october speaking to child actors about the cosmosak i just love the idea during the unknown and other things that we just haven't figured discovered yet to think about so much that's out there that we still have to learn. i kind of love that they're literally in the craters on the moon with your own like
10:20 pm
with your own eyes. i'm telling you it is going to be unbelievable. now obviously that's nauseating. but then you think you're simple. she's never had her own kids. she d how youaybe knowwuseatinga talk to kids. maybe she thinks you're supposed to patronize kids to the point where they throw upin in their own mouths and she would never talk like that to an adult because would put up with it. oh , but you'd be wrong. commentariat is happy to talk that way to adults, including you. here she is on monday speaking to members of the united states exciting itsaceses first ever imagined nation and it forces us to ask big questions based affects us all and it connects us all. >> space connects us all actually separates us all. that's by definition. wouldn't it be better for commentariat ? i don't actually know anything. i've never done anything. l, been a political i don't my entire life. i have no skills and no
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relevant life experience. youve fly airplanes maybe need i talk to me about what you do.ti oh , but no talking about herself again in possibly related news, commentariat is chief of staff . flournoy has announced that she's quitting. that marks we're keeping track the thirteen senior official to flee kamala harris s office in the last well, cnn executives apparently used marijuana in large quantity, thought it would be a great idea to launch a paid subscription service eventi though nobody watches their cable television channel which is then they hired mike wallace, the son for the splash. it's the end of the story that's the best part. red mike l stealthiness. hello, i'm mike lindell and i'm here to you about my new product for my film. how's it actually work? watch this absorbency. here's another title that we ran. we went overboard. here's one of my toes with the 90%. i don't know if you see this but you could line a swimming pool with those.
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convenient. download ernan say so here's some interesting financial news. the stock price at n netflix which is completely changing entertainment is down dramaticis . 40 40% just% this week. why you must put it this way quote the woke mind virus is making netflix unwatchable. it's cnn where there is a shortage of self awareness supply chain issues. apparently the housee unit took the opportunity to squeak to a gloat about the fall of netflix. >> watchbo this . netflix getting awful reviews for its poor q1 earnings report. the stock tanking right now. r t
10:27 pm
what it means for your sharinguc of passwords and muchh more netflix more like notflix . yeah,or pretty bad. just i think what happened for netflix for a while they were on their own supply. they believe they were, the future o of everything. everything wasas going tost be streaming all the time and maybe that's not quite true . they were high on their t otherc supply. they convince themth of somethig that was implausible. they told themselves. yeah, well, it turns out that zealands own streaming service called cnn plus t is now shutting down. fox business is charlie gasparino predicted this would happen weeks ago. in response to t that , the spokesman over at cnn, mark dornoch, wrote back and scolded him, quote, for the record, we are very happy v with the launch of cnn..mb plus,ra they're bracing for a long run of success where viewers didn't agree even those cnn plus went on to air severaln bombshell exclusive interviews including one with tony fauci f where he said he's four masked man h and yet weirdly nobody watch charlie gasparino called it right.
10:28 pm
he's a reporter for foxsi business. our friend joins us tonight. charlie, have youne gotten h coe machine on apologizing? i'm not holding my breath either. you know that i have a deal with flacks complaining about my stories years was they werear in the trump administration. they were the biden administration were all over wall street. so mr. dornoch just get online. you know what can i tell you the interesting thing here, i think, tucker , is why they ever thought this thing was ever going to work. you know, think about it. cnn's program and i have friends over there. you know, they have a political point of view. it kind of matches what the administration is doing. the biden administrationstt approval ratings are very low. okay, good point. that's'sth going to hurt their ratings. then you throw on top of that a foray into streaming streaming is a difficult business as the netflix example. you just put out shows and you get probably some of the worst programing from that low rated
10:29 pm
cable news network such as jake tapper's book club and anderson cooper telling us how to be better parents. better pare i mean, think aboutnt that for a minute. they got some blowhard from nyum ,scott galloway talking about i don't understand why people would tune into this guy and i guess chris wallace, the aforementioned chris wallace who i i'm not going to critique to critique hisbilities. journalism abilities, i'm i'm sure he's very good at his job. i don't watch him much. his i don't watch him much when d he was out on our network. but h matt , i'm just going to say it's not going to sell it. you need something to sell it. and i think that's the problem they have and it took probablyw, david zasloff, who i know verys well. i know what's in his mind and that's kind of how i got onto the story about thirty five seconds to say, okay, we just pump 500 million dollars in this. wes have a big budget and guess what ? we have to get for four billion dollars of cost savings buy because we bought just bought discovery just bought time warner and as david runs
10:30 pm
discovery so where's the low hanging fruit cnn plus that's the first one you really think i i keep reading that they spent and i'm all for news companies s spending a lot of money to clean this out. on the other hand , they really nd a dollars to bring you like a tony fauci interview with chris wallacey weathertech or whatever . let's be clear, it's it's 500 million, which is still a lot of money. but yeah, i mean that's the problem. i mean if you if you interview i mean think about how predictable the programing was. jake j tapper's book club interviewing tony fauci about b mask mandates. i mean m m are you going to waly away with that with blaring headlines? you know that we look with mr. fauci saying dr. fauci saying about mass mandates and that's part of the problem with their program. it's it's predictably leftpr progressive on the cable side and it's predictably boring here. it was said i have friends there. they come back , they come at me and say, oh , you guys who i
10:31 pm
really am i that predictable is tucker carlson predictable? no, i mean that's whyhy that's v and well, one thing we're not. one thing i'll say in fox defense is we're not pompous and self-satisfied that that is you know what you need to doo unless like i don't know what you should do. stop telling me what to do. that's been my attitude and it's great to see youht tonight .. thank yo thank to you. so the state of florida is just challenged by the administration attempt to push hormone treatments on small children. the surgeon general of state also has been a really weird and real spate of disasters at food processing plants all over the country and it's increasing tonight . we had another disaster, the food processing. what the hell is going's on for investigators for the in 2020
10:32 pm
los angeles county voters elected lunatic to be the county's top prosecutor. he's deliberately unleashed the most violent criminals in our midst. turn los angeles into a war zone this is los angeles under george gascon. people who break the law are celebrating tucker carlson original suicide . >ay los angeles streaming now on fox nation on a day without. on fox nation on a day without. my dream free because my eyesch don't shine from the light. my head doesn't pound and my stomach isn't nauseous.ep it's time for migraine it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently through an i.v. infusion. star my empty a preventive treatment for a preventive treatment for migraines in adults by empty designed to start working fast and for life with a thirty minute eyebeamam usun for times a year delivering 100% ofe the medicationdu directly into
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10:38 pm
mutilation. so the state of florida is rejecting those federal guidelineses. dr. joseph woodchopper with the surgeon general of the state, we're happy to have youre, doctor . thanks so much for coming on . so why are you rejecting the guidelines? yeah, that's that's a good question. where rejecting the guidelines because we think they're to kids and i mean i say that both as a professional, as the surgeon general of the state, but also really on a personal level. i mean, you look at the scientific evidenceuon that the biden administration has based this recommendation on and it's i mean, it's so thin, it's appalling. and to be making such a you know, such a really a powerfulhi recommendation. i mean, this is not trivial.s these are not trivial interventions. these are major interventions, major life saving. erpardon me. major life changing intervention. yes. with such intervent little dataw i honestly don't know what'ser
10:39 pm
happening over there, but we here in florida with governor desantis, we can't stayin silens when you know, when recommendations that make no sense are in fact likely to be harmful are being made. isg it ever as intense as a physician?n? are there p dataositio supportig the idea that has ever medically necessary on the basis of emotional reasons to remove the o of, sa, a 13 year old girl? right. so this is it's definitely a complicated issue. i think to answer your question, i think the things that we think about include the fact that first of all, this is something that's not publicized but it's been shown in multiple studies whendi adolescents express an interest in being anothernts gender , you know, feeling that they're not in the right body, believe it or not. eight out of ten about eight 8 out of ten of these children will essentially stop having that desire, stop feelingay that way later in adolescence or in young adulthoododla, eight
10:40 pm
out of 10 of them basically move beyond having those feelings inside. sor:. right, right. soso you know, it's complicated but the right answer and the whole you know, everything aboutt this complicated. right, obviously. but the right answer is not to be subjecting children to therapies like puberty blockers that we don't fully u understand the implications of or surgeryer that are that are irreversible. i mean, that's just not the right that's not where you l land after you evaluate the body of evidence. yeah. i mean,,evidence sterilizing ch, that's a big step. so maybe we should pause. heappreciate your the reasonable perspective you have on this and i'm sorry that people are announcing who was a hater. it seems hatat just the opposito me. doctor , thank you . and yes. thanks. so just moments before we went to air tonight , a plane apparently crashed in generall mills plant food plant in covington, georgia.
10:41 pm
six tractor trailers were reportedly on fire. you're seeingg pictures fromg the scene right now. this is the second time in a week something likeik this happened on april 14th. the plane crashed into the gem state processing in east idahost . what's going on here? guess we're food processinger plants all over the country seem too be catching fire . a couple of days d ago, a fire destroyed the headquarters of a u.s. standard, one ofst the largest organic food distributors in the country. the end of last month, a fire severely damaged a fresh onion packing facility in south texas. in oregon, a potato chip processing plant to support a boiler explosion that sent workers to the hospital. here's a news report on thatsi eastern oregon where crews are battling a majoror fire at a potato chip processing plantla here 12 flew over the scene at shira's foods on highway 280 in hermiston. we're told the fire was caused by an explosione of a portableo boiler there. two people were taken to the hospital t. so industrial accidents happen of course, but this is a lot oft
10:42 pm
industrial accidents at food processing facilities. at the same time, the president's warning us about food shortages. we'ree going to hit by planes and catching fire . what is going on here exactly?at jason rantes host a radio showad in seattle and joins us to put it into t perspective. jason , good to see you. good to see you. yeah, obviously when something happens every so often youev obviously hope that there's no significant damage and certainly no one gets hurt. off. u kind of write it it's d not that big of a deal. accidents happen. but when you'vee gotbu well ovea dozen food processing plants and warehouses getting destroyed or seriously damaged over just the last few weeks at a time when the food supply is already vulnerable, it's obviously suspicious and it couldd lead to serious food shortages. that's why some folks are now wondering, well, number one , what's going on ? you've got some people speculating that this might be an pspec intentional way to disrupt the food supply which. going to really create it because i just want to nail this down for our viewers.
10:43 pm
there have been confirmed over a dozen disabledee accidenm at food plants in the last month. over a dozen. absolutely. and we're talking about some really significant plants that taylor farms facility in salinas, california was completely destroyed by a fire last week. we've had two w major potato processing plants in belfast, maine and ward in washington that were completely gutted, which is happening at a time where we already have a potato shortage globally. you were talking about the onion supply at that really fresh, but it's not just produce plants. last month there was jus a firea that took out a nestlé food plant out in jonesboro, arkansas, and that's impactingd frozen food brands like pocket's or stover's, which maybe you might buy iff you can't get fresh fruit from a warehouse that just exploded and that shira's food facility you just mentioned in the open. i mean that's the only west coast facility that they operate. so there is some significant concern, of course, that thisern is going to impact the supply chain. now to be clear, the timing is very suspicious.
10:44 pm
that'sit obviously concerning. police are saying that these fires are due too faultypo the s with equipment. so they're not saying that this was intentional. either way, it's obviously going to have some significant implications in us getting our food. yeah, i mean, an hour ago a plane crashes with general mills facility. we already plannedil the segment . i'm sorry. i'm sorry. onu the onus ispl on people who thik that's a conspiracy theory to explain what is going on .. what are the odds of that ? i have noesti idea. visionaries.t, i appreciate your report tonight . we will follow up. thanks, tucker . so the administration just announced at a time of profound economic uncertainty here willl be sending nearly a billion dollars to heavy weapons to a train. we're also spending over half a billion to support government workers in ukraine. the question is sending allio these guns and all this money, where is it going? do we know yes or no? straightht ahead, what everybody's been asking myself, what the hell is going
10:45 pm
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10:50 pm
the government of ukraine today. ukraine. >> today i'm i announced in another eight hundred million dollars to further augment ukraine's ability to$8 fight in the east and the donbas region. this package includes heavy. artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers and a hundred and forty four thousand rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzersmm. it also includes more tactical drones. sometimes you will speak softly and carry a large javelin you are sending a lot of those in as well. oh , spare the stupid churchill stuff. it's not just the gunsr: that we're sending the treasury half aary f outstay. we're sending another half a billion to pay for the salaries of workersin in ukrainian government. that government should be doing that . but more to the point, what happens to all these weapons that we send tope ukraine? well, according too cnn, we don't know quote the u.s. hasha ways to track the weaponry to sent across the borders so the weapons are disappearing w w fast. fast. watch the first shipments off that new more heavy duty military assistance for ukraine started arriving m in the region
10:51 pm
over the weekend. but there isshe already concern that more equipment may be needed soon. a us official said there is growing concern about the ammunition inventory of t ukrainians as it's expected willheavy ground combat be picking up in the coming days in eastern ukraine. the new now this new round of eight hundred million dollars worth of security assistance includes 18 howitzers and 40000 artillery rounds. but a source says that those could be extended and used in just a matter of t days. now the pentagon has been working trying to address how to arm the ukrainians faster so they've beaten into submission with moral lectures. meanwhile, the white house hastt sent more than a billion dollars to ukrainekr in just the past week. and then today as we told you, the secretary of the treasury announced we're saying that over half a billion to paya of ukrainian g government workers. shouldn't we have an audit of zealands finances firstke? ut shut up. that's russian disinformation.
10:52 pm
ceo doug macgregor is p a former senior adviser to secretary of defense. he joins us tonight. thankset so much for coming on . so is there no concern that because you've seen this so often in the past that weapons that we send to a war zone might wind up in thee wrong places? well, i think there is some concern but not enough to stop the hemorrhage s of materio and money into ukraine. gwe've had terrible problems in the past with accounting for where weapons and ammunitionnt.o we sawns that in southeast asia. we've seen it in iraq and afghanistan. with and i think we can say with some certainty that many of these weapons will end up in the hands of people we'd rather never see them in . but that aside, if you listen l to what president biden said , he's conveying the impression that any of this will change the outcomeme, it will not. what's happening right nowni in the donbas is the final annihilation of what remains of ukraine's best forcest downou in the southeastern corner of the country. they they can't change that .ha
10:53 pm
remember the distance fromt. poland to the battlefront is roughly the same as the distance between st. louis and new york city. they don't have the infrastructure to train people. they don't have the infrastructure to sustain the equipmentt t and then they'e got to move it. i'm afraid the only thing we're doing is escalating tensions with russia and turning western ukraine into a large target set for russian missiles, rockets and air strikes. i mean, this isik also sad for o many people, mostly the ukrainian civilians caught in thehey middle of are wete making life better fore them? it seems aig like we're fightino the last ukrainian to me where we are. and the thing is i really think the president and his supported supporting advisers believeve a that somehow or another they're going to arrive at a negotiating table in the futurerrle where they will be ae to dictate terms to moscow and that's not going to happen.f and if there is no negotiated n settlementeg, then western ukraine just becomes a firing range
10:54 pm
any time they see any evidence for significant military equipment show up, they'll destroy it fromnc a distance because the russians have neverru been interested in crossing the dnieper river. they were always interestedd in destroying the ukrainian forces that jobs about through . so i thinkthd the sad truth of the matter is that this is a proxyy war in which we'reng sending large numbers of ukrainiansan to die without any real hope that will attain anything of importance to them . so depressing. and it's especially as you put it that way as clearly as you do. colonel douglas macgregor, thank you so much for joining us tonight. so this morning, as we told you a moment ago tonight , the involuntary retirement ofac mike wallace's son who lectures on tve're. a but even as we're doing that , we have an announcement which ou on thisng to see show tomorrow nightht and we'll the break tor fishermen and other liars
10:55 pm
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>> she mentioned a few days ago governor 1% support>> push for a bill to eliminate the disney corporation special tax breaks in the state of florida after disney decided it is in charge with the florida legislature passed thereunder the ocracy. the census joins us here j on this show live tomorrow night to explain why t he did i. we'll see this . and welcome to hannity. and tonight, big newss surrounding the media mob vice president harris oh ,he m boy. y another word salad and guess what ? biden's old boss barocco s obama is still obsessed with yours truly. i have a message forll him tonight . of the dayideo features a man harassing world famous boxer mike tyson on an m airplane. thenikson on he paid the price. i'm actually on mye side t and i'll tell you why.el but to first i want to start tonight with a very personal thank you . when the management of fox came to me and told


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