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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 22, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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you see a couple of people there. it would take us four hours and 30 minutes to drive from here to there. what are we doing? let's go. >> thank you y'all so much for watching us this week. talladega live "fox & friends." >> check me on the radio 9:00 to noon. >> bill: good morning, the hits keep on coming. president biden reeling from a week of setbacks and the democratic revolt growing larger by the day as you are about to see. dana has the day off. smitty is back. >> you are stuck with me. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer, good morning. >> i'm sandra smith, this is "america's newsroom." a new poll reveals most americans say the country is on the wrong track. it's easy to see why. new numbers from the border show agents arrested more than 200,000 migrants trying to cross illegally last month
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alone. that is the most in a month in two decades. >> bill: only expected to get worse. the president apparently plowing ahead with the plan to repeal a trump-era border policy a month from now. that move drawing opposition not only from republicans but more than two dozen democrats. adding insult to injury one of the president's own appointees said to be criticizing it as well. more on that. >> another thorn in the price of the president's side is gas. it's up again. the president continues to insist it is vladimir putin who is to blame. >> bill: the president's sanctions are failing to stop putin in ukraine. they are launching a new offensive as the white house deflects calls for the president to visit the country himself. >> let's get to jackie heinrich live at the white house for us to kick things off at this hour. hi, jackie. >> hi. good morning to you both. axios is reporting that dhs
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secretary mayorkas has privately expressed concerns to members of congress fearing the administration is not ready for the migrant surge at the border after the repeal of title 42 and expressing frustration with the way the cdc announced plans to end this program. it contradicts what mayorkas told cnn two days ago in panama conveying confidence about all this and think we have to be mindful of the fact we're addressing enemies. they're the cartels and smugglers. i will not provide our plans to them. all this comes as the white house denies reports that it is considering postponing the title 42 repeal. the president yesterday gave a pretty confusing answer conflating the border health policy with mask mandates and saying his justice department will appeal the decision to lift it. >> do you think of delaying title 4? >> president biden: what i'm considering it -- first of all there will be an appeal by the
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justice department. as a matter of principal we want to be in a position where it's strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title when 2 we be able to do that. there has been no decision on extending title 42. >> biden said afterward i want to clarify that in comments at the conclusion of my remarks this morning i was referring to the cdc mask mandate. there is no department of justice action on title 42. even that statement did not answer the original question which was whether the administration is considering postponing lifting title 42. also not changing in all this is the president's playbook on the economy. yesterday he was saying 70% of the cause for march inflation was because of putin. he is advocating for electric vehicles as the path to energy
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independence. a new a.p. poll shows that 70% of americans think the country is headed in the wrong direction, that includes 49% of democrats. that's an increase from last month's poll. >> on a sunny morning at the white house, jackie heinrich, thank you. >> bill: james freeman, "wall street journal" assistant editor with us. a couple of things here on title 42 you have now 11 senators, democrats, you have 16 republicans -- 16 house members democrats and one democratic governor who is saying hey, we don't need to do this. look at the list. you have gas, border, ukraine, crime, inflation. find some good news for this white house. >> yeah, it's hard to find and why you see democrats breaking with him. but again it suggests the huge opportunity the president has, if he wants to seize it. this is a moment you have motivated people in his party to solve the border issue. if he wanted to start right now
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saying to members on both sides on the hill let's have security, let's have a wall, let's also increase legal migration, i think this is a moment. i know it's an election year but there is an appetite for a solution. >> they aren't just breaking with him over immigration. they have been breaking with him over his handling of inflation including senator joe manchin and others. it doesn't help in this moment where prices keep going higher, housing becoming a bigger issue. the price of just about everything going up. president biden continues to blame vladimir putin for these price hikes. listen. >> president biden: make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of putin. big reason for inflation is vladimir putin. the current spike in gas prices is largely the [tpa-lt/] falt of vladimir putin. nothing to do with the american rescue plan.
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putin's invasion of ukraine. >> can't fix the problem if you can't acknowledge what's driving it. >> you've shown the stats. people are well acquainted with the story. it was raging for a year before the february 24th invasion. this is another issue where you are going to see democrats try to break with the president. the problem is, it's basically only sinema and manchin in the senate who have said no to the big spending and departed in a serious way. the others now, i think, are in a bind where they may feel pressure and political need to say i'm fighting inflation, but they really haven't created the record over the last year to back that up. >> bill: the whole idea taking advantage of an opportunity to find a solution that you referred to on the border. some of the democrats are opening the door for you. cross the aisle and work with republicans if you chose. spang berger is a democrat in a hotly contested district.
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"politico" headline talking about defund the police. she said it was a terrible idea. she was policing reboot for house democrats. james, there is another opportunity if you so choose. >> i think we see this reckoning coming this fall on a set of policies that were advanced by the far left and embraced by too many in the democratic party. i think voters thought when they rejected bernie sanders and voted for joe biden, that they were getting a moderate path. what they got was a left wing option that has largely failed in the congress so far. but you see this -- you will see it in swing districts. democratic members trying to separate themselves from the agenda that has dominated democratic discussion for the last several years. it will be hard to do. >> very interesting. meanwhile he is telling donors he thinks democrats will pick up one or two senate seats.
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>> i don't see it. these are worried democrats in georgia, arizona, nevada and other places in the country, new hampshire, that's right. so where are the pickups? i think they're hoping for wisconsin. i think ron johnson has shown he is a pretty tough campaigner. given the polling for biden, this is not consistent with democratic pickups. that has to change. and the policies have to change if he wants inflation to change. >> bill: in your paper today they write about -- he is favored 31-56% that's significant. james. >> that's a problem for maggie hassan as we discussed. one of these democrats who hasn't separated herself from joe biden on policy. voted with him essentially all the time with perhaps a few rare exceptions but she has been with him on all the big votes. she is trying to do a straddle.
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when she talks about the border she doesn't associate herself with the president. when he is talking about infrastructure she welcomed him to new hampshire and think that's a positive. this is the challenge and that approval rating for biden has got to change in new hampshire for her to -- >> bill: nice to see you, james. come on back. james freeman, "wall street journal." thank you. >> ukraine desperation is growing after vladimir putin rejected a proposal for an easter truce. folks turning to satellite images of a possible mass grave near mariupol that may contain as many as 9,000 bodies. matt finn is live in lviv, ukraine for us. >> hi, sandra. the situation in mariupol is growing more gruesome. satellite pictures appears to show mass graves extending from a cemetery. ukrainians accuse russia of
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burying up to 9,000 victims to conceal their war crimes. for weeks now an estimated 2,000 ukrainian marines along with innocent women and children are hiding out in a massive steel plant in a stand off against rush yas many trying to stay alive in underground tunnels as bombs were dropped from above. putin will no longer storm the steel but barricade it. some people who escaped mariupol coming out of underground hiding for water could be a death wish. they were sharing one loaf of bread for 40 people. >> hell is what's happening there. it's not possible to describe it. russians are killing people for nothing. if the world doesn't take measures, others will have a same. something needs to be done as soon as possible. in our backyard we have a little cemetery and buried seven people there. >> a russian state media is
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reporting the country's intentions in the war is to establish full control of the donbas region and the area around mariupol and the southern coastal ukraine to connect russia to crimea which it annexed in 2014. the kremlin will not comment on those reports. today is good friday for orthodox christians. sunday is easter. today the president zelenskyy here is now condemning vladimir putin saying he rejected the offers for a truce over the holy holiday. sandra. >> dana: matt finn live on the ground in lviv. >> bill: on the economy, home buyers don't expect a bargain now. they sore to the highest in history. are we on the brink of a housing bubble? >> americans are being caught while in the crossfire of violent crime while democrats are distracted by climate change and mask mandates. caitlyn jenner has seen the swift decline of the once
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golden state and she will join us live. >> bill: in florida, should the fallout be a wake-up call for corporate america? >> chief legal officer of disney should be fired. ceo ought to be fired. they entered into an area without thought and care. the people of florida are not ignorant. the ultimate losers will be the disney share hold rs. shareholders. veteran homeowners- you deserve more. more cash, more savings, and more financial peace of mind. newday can help you get it with the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value: up to $60,000 or more. and veterans are saving an average of $615 every month.
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you just can't stop. >> sandra: elon musk says he has secured more than 46 billion dollars to go forward with his twitter buy-out proposal and big plans to overhaul that platform. kelly o'grady is live in los angeles with the latest details for us. hi, kelly. >> hi. yes. in a new sec filing he revealed
6:18 am
he is not only weighing taking the decision to directly to shareholders but secured more funding than the current offer calls for so gives him wiggle room should he want to increase his bid. musk is putting out $21 billion himself. the remaining 25 1/2 will be loaned by a group of banks led by morgan stanley including a 12 1/2 billion load pegged to the value of the tesla shares. he is in talks with private equity term to finance that. he continues to provide us with a preview of what twitter might look like under his control tweeting if our twitter bid succeeds we'll defeat the spam bots or die trying. he is fighting strong calls for more oversight. in an address stanford university yesterday barack obama implored big tech. >> they check on the power of
6:19 am
the state. it doesn't apply to private companies like facebook or twitter. with that power comes accountability. in democracies like ours, at least, the need for some democratic oversight. >> that begs the question how elon will enact change when facing bipartisan challenges around moderation. first the bid needs to be accepted. right now the ball is in twitter's court. >> sandra: on a story we've all been watching and continue to follow. thank you. >> bill: inflation there -- average interest rates on the most common u.s. home loan climbing to a 12-year high. just about everything will be more expensive, folks. steve moore worked for donald trump. austan goolsbee worked for president obama. good day to both of you. average cost of a home. median house price 15% jump to $375,000. i don't know where we start,
6:20 am
steve, but inflation is a devilish thing in people's lives. >> you know, bill, right now i'm sitting in jacksonville, florida. try to buy a house in florida right now, in orlando, tampa, palm beach or fort lauderdale. forget about it. there isn't anything to buy. you've seen the huge escalation in prices and for people who own homes that's good news. more equity in their houses. but for people trying to buy houses, bill, it is a really tough market where you've seen a doubling and truppling in housing values here. here is the problem. i do believe there is a potential bubble here because as you were just saying, in just the last year or so, these interest rates on mortgages have gone from 3 1/2% to 5 1/2% and going in the wrong direction. is there a housing bubble? i'm worried, no question about it. don't forget what happened last time we had a housing bubble in
6:21 am
2008, it crashed the economy. >> bill: austan, how do you see it now? is it a bubble and do folks have something to worry about either way? >> well, i am a little puzzled by steve's reaction there. the republican position. steve's position in our discussions for the last five months has been he wants more of this. he wants the fed to raise interest rates a lot of times and to make the interest rate higher to try to cool the economy by getting people to buy less housing. to turn around and say oh, look at how hard it is to buy housing. this is what you called for, steve. that's the way that you want to cool the economy. i think people should be nervous if you are a homeowner and you are looking at property prices. in the past when we go into great tightening cycles, that does cool the growth of house price inflation. but as you look at housing as a
6:22 am
category, like i say, that's the goal for the people saying that they want the fed to cool the economy, this is the mechanism that the fed cools the economy. >> bill: either way, gentlemen, a massive election issue. one thing, steve and i will let you talk. a.p. poll 29 good, you're at 70% for poor. you have a perfect storm out there, right? a slow fed that hasn't really acted. you can argue and debate whether government spending contributed to it or not but that's where we are today. continue. >> let me clarify my position. this is really important. what i'm saying is that when you have this galloping inflation that we have now that will cause interest rates to rise on things like mortgages. let's not forget in the 1970s, higher and higher inflation and the mortgage rates kept going up and up and up and finally by 1979, 1980 we had mortgage
6:23 am
rates of 15, 16, 17%. i don't want to see that. the fed has to take action to bring the inflation down. congress and white house have to take some action in cutting government spending so we don't have this rampant runaway inflation. that is going to crash land the economy and i want the fed to take some action now. >> bill: austan, go. >> look, what you have seen so far over the last year is inflation is higher than the interest rate. so anybody who took out a mortgage or if you take a mortgage at 5% and inflation is at 7%, the actual real interest rate you are paying is negative 2%. they are paying you to take the mortgage. so we have to get back to an equilibrium. i want everyone who is out looking at houses, if you are looking to buy, your incentives on house prices are the opposite of the people who are looking to sell or borrow money. >> bill: the bigger issue.
6:24 am
like grocery prices. the egg meter, i go to a deli every morning and buy hard boil eggs. they were 50 cents forever. they went to 75 cents this week. 50% jump. one small item and one small little store. austan, thank you. steve, have a good weekend. see you next friday. >> sandra: speaking of which nestle the world's biggest food and drink company says another price hike may be on the horizon on top of the 5.2% bump in the first three months of the year. during the call yesterday the ceo said he expects cost to jump further due to the i word, inflation, which has made soursing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping those products more expensive for their more than 2,000 brands. okay. you have the egg meter, i have the milk meter. i bought a gallon of milk. we live in new york and things are higher priced than a lot of
6:25 am
other areas in the country. it is nearly $11 for a gallon of milk at a new york grocery store. >> bill: i went to kfc this week, once a year. i get the same thing every time, right? three pieces of chicken, dark meat, original recipe. always $6.71. this year it's $9.50. you folks know that you are paying more already. that's the egg meter and kfc meter and the milk meter. >> sandra: i have known you long enough to know it's more than once a year stop at kfc. >> bill: new papers show federal investigators petitioned paternity documents from hunter biden. a fight or flight response. mike tyson on board a plane.
6:26 am
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by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> bill: that battle in florida between governor ron desantis and disney taking a new turn. the legislature passed a bill yesterday that would strip disney of its self-governing status. desantis set to sign the bill and warning other companies from becoming too woke. phil keating for the latest on this. >> good morning. in the weeks' long man versus mouse florida fight man easily won in tallahassee driven by republican governor ron desantis versus disney. reacting the democratic mayor of orange county warned this will be catastrophic for orlando area taxpayers.
6:32 am
>> thank you, mr. speaker. mickey and minnie, this is the bill we discussed yesterday. >> the republican controlled florida house passed the same bill the state senate did wednesday with a 70-38 vote. the bill eliminates the self-controlled tax district created for disney back in 1967. as part of the deal with the state to lure disney to florida to build disney world and bring millions of tourists from around the world. create tens of thousands of jobs and generate massive sales tax revenue. it approves and pays for all zoning, roads and emergency services within the 40 square miles. it all began with what critics call florida's don't say gay law which prohibits teaching topics concerning sexual orientation and gender identity to kids from kindergarten through third grade. disney vows to fight that law in the courts. >> their behavior has been at
6:33 am
troeshous as a guest in the state of florida. when you kick the hornet's nest sometimes issues pop up. >> our view is the don't say gay bill is really crystal clear. it is wrong. that's our view. it is just wrong. >> that recorded yesterday on board air force one. two counties orange and osceola have to absorb the massive footprint that is disney and that's all of its emergency services, as well as its estimated $2 billion in bond debt. >> bill: they have a period of time. june of next year. see if it goes through. "wall street journal" editorial board revolt in disney's florida kingdom. there is a warning to other companies, big tech and wall street mainly based in liberal states but conduct business everywhere. if they try to impose their cultural values they risk losing republican allies and
6:34 am
policy issues that matter most, regulation, trade, taxations. >> sandra: this whole thing is getting -- >> bill: moving the all-star game with major league baseball as well. we'll see what states choose to do. action in florida as of now. >> sandra: all right. the latest in the hunter biden investigation. prosecutors investigating his subpoena documents in 2019. all of this according to the attorney for a woman named london roberts who alleges hunter is the father of her child. let's bring in jonathan turley, constitutional professor and fox news contributor. a lot to dig into there. i'll let you choose how you want to. where is all this going, jonathan? good morning. >> good morning. and what the prosecutors are trying to do is follow the money. you have a great deal of money coming from foreign sources.
6:35 am
some of which apparently hunter biden never paid taxes on. but he was living quite large in terms of spending on drugs and all types of things. but when it came to the paternity action, he refused to admit paternity, a court found he was indeed the father of roberts' child. but he resisted disclosing his income. and that may be simply because he wanted to fight to the end not to pay child support but it also may have been an effort to avoid disclosing many of these financial details. those details are now in front of the grand jury. and the prosecutors are looking at how much he spent to get an idea of the money that he accepted, where it came from, and whether he avoided taxes or may have misrepresented their sources. >> sandra: that's a lot of information to be provided so we'll watch where that all goes
6:36 am
next. meanwhile, i want to dig into this story for you. this is really something. a new york appeals court ruled the new congressional districts drawn by democrats did violate the state's ban on partisan gerrymandering. we'll put up on the screen the map of the brooklyn/staten island map that was struck down. appointed five-judge panel said that map was drawn to discourage competition and favor democrats. your reaction. >> well, what's fascinating is that districts like the one for house judiciary chairman jerry nadler who spoke against gerrymandering very much like the original gerrymander district. it is so contorted it looks like a salamander. what the republicans were complaining about is that the
6:37 am
democrats were trying to basically reduce their advantage in the state to just five districts. to reduce the number of republicans going to congress. a judge earlier said this was raw partisan gerrymandering. now the appellate court has agreed. keep in mind recently a maryland judge also struck down a democratic map saying it was unconstitutional and raw partisan gerrymandering. and then in wisconsin a court went with the republican map over the democratic map because of similar concerns. this is making it more and more difficult for the democrats to run on this protect democracy slogan, when courts are saying they are trying to rig elections. >> sandra: the three-judge majority wrote in that opinion we're satisfied that petitioners established beyond a reasonable down that the legislature acted with partisan intent. you believe that governor
6:38 am
hochul and other legislative leaders will appeal this, right, jonathan? >> that's right. what's really interesting is that the new york voters earlier said they didn't want anymore gerrymandering. they created a commission so they could have a non-political, fair district map. the democratic legislature essentially rigged that process as well guaranteeing it would fail and the map drawing would come back to them. so this is the frustration of new york voters to say they don't want any more of this. they want to have fair elections. >> sandra: this is going to have big implications which has happened in new york for the bigger picture for the control of the house, obviously a story we'll continue to watch very closely. professor jonathan turley, good to have you this morning. thank you very much and a good weekend to you. >> bill: legendary boxer mike tyson had a rough flight courtesy of tmz sports iron mike can be seen throwing blows
6:39 am
to a passenger behind him. that wasn't it. stand by. tyson's folks say the passenger was drunk and bothered him. after several attempts to get him to stop the boxer had enough. soon after he was photographed with this picture smiling in a nightclub in miami, florida. don't know if we have it. i saw it a bit earlier today. >> sandra: i think everybody has seen it by now. >> iron mike is in front and this is not a good look, sandra. >> sandra: there is a lot to this story. apparently this man seen on the screen after the beating wouldn't leave him alone. that doesn't exactly give another flyer the right to beat the heck out of you. >> bill: drunk or not you shouldn't do that. we'll see if there is fallout. >> sandra: it has become a top issue nationwide. soaring crime not even on president biden's agenda as he travels the country. is he out of touch with americans and what they are feeling in this moment? we'll get reaction from caitlyn
6:40 am
jenner. plus a suspect arrested in the gruesome murder of the queens mother stabbed almost 60 times and stuffed in her son's duffel bag. is it a closed case or is there more to be learned? >> this is going to be a slam dunk case by state. he tried to rekinding their relationship. she refused. he went into a rage and stabbed her over 50 times.
6:41 am
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tell congress to shut it down. >> bill: so now seattle skyrocketing crime rate the focus of today's visit by president biden. that's not what he is going there to talk about. instead he will be talking about climate change. fox news contributor caitlyn jenner out of l.a. knows the issue well. good morning, nice to see you. i want to read to you the police chief in seattle from
6:46 am
the seattle times he said we've had a 95% increase in shots fired year-over-year. we've had 171% increase in people being shot year-over-year. the times write the data shows violent crime rising so fast that 30 years of progress may be undone in a blink. to that you say what? >> well, did you see what i think is very interesting is the president of the city council in seattle made a statement after the sheriff made that statement and basically the city council said don't talk about crime because fox news will pick it up and use it as proof that seattle is a liberal hellhole. well, the city council member was absolutely right. we are on fox right now calling seattle a liberal hellhole. it has so gone down. i have a lot of friends that
6:47 am
are from seattle. it was honestly a great city. this woke liberal police force and defund program have just been horrible. for seattle. crime rates in every area is up. they're down about 175 police officers on the defund program. and so it just isn't working. but what it comes down to is really the d.a.s. the d.a.s in all cities we're talking about have absolutely been horrible. they don't want to prosecute crime. and it is coming back to haunt them. >> sandra: how much longer president biden can ignore it. put up the stats in major american cities, major crime new york city up 44%, chicago spiking 36%. you've got portland robberies on the screen, violent crimes in d.c. up 30%. we're talking about los angeles up 7%. can't ignore it as we head into
6:48 am
mid-term elections. you've seen the polling on this issue. people care and they don't feel safe in the streets and that will affect how they vote on that ballot. >> yeah. it is not going to be good for the democrats in november. this is happening in all cities across the nation. and they all have one thing in common. very liberal, progressive d.a.s. here in los angeles the exact same thing. our d.a. gascon, george gascon is an absolute disaster. he is actually enemy number one for the people because of what is happening with the crime. he just doesn't want to prosecute crime. our sheriff here in los superst. he is trying so hard to clean this city up but every time he sends -- he has sent thousands of criminals to the justice department and gascon just continues to let them go.
6:49 am
no bail, they're back on the street. if you are under the age of 18 and you steal less than $1,000 you aren't prosecuted. within a few hours you're back on the street. the criminals know this. what are they using do that their robberies? 16 and 17-year-old kids because they know they won't get prosecuted. take beverly hills. we all know about beverly hills. it has changed so drastically because of the crime and the organized criminals in the los angeles area. they go to beverly hills and they track people. you are advised not to wear rolex watches or any jewelry down rodeo drive and they will follow you, run you off the road and take your jewelry. i have a friend who is a real estate agent in beverly hills and when the high-end homes are being sold, one of the first
6:50 am
things the buyers ask, is there a safe room? now for your viewers that don't know what a safe room is, it's like a vault that is in your home usually in the bedroom area, so if anybody breaks in you can immediately run in there. you shut the door. nobody will get in there. there is a little bit of food, drinks and communication to the police department. and that becomes a big priority when buying a home in beverly hills now. this has to stop. right now george gascon is in a recall. i know something about recalls. they tried a while ago. it didn't work. and now they have a second one that's going on right now and we need the help. the people of the los angeles have to get together and we have to get that guy out of there. they are doing a little better this time. they actually did get some funding, $3 1/2 million on the recall. which is really going to help.
6:51 am
>> bill: that's what's happening. >> but we have a little over 200,000 people have signed the recall so far but we need about a little over 566,000 for the recall to get it on the ballot in november. so i just want to encourage all people in the los angeles area to go online, join the recall, sign up, and let's get rid of this guy. >> bill: not just l.a. seattle, portland, up and down the west coast. caitlin not to see you today in l.a. we'll see what happens. thank you. >> sandra: new warnings that russia is gearing up for a heavier offensive in ukraine. what's the next step in the grinding war? we'll speak strategy with former ambassador kurt volker. china's harsh covid lockdown sending ripple effects through the global economy. meet an american stuck in shanghai. what a story he has to tell.
6:52 am
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6:57 am
what would you like the power to do? >> bill: china claims to be allowing people out of their homes after a harsh lockdown. 25 million were put on lockdown in the town of shanghai and massive protests. sometimes they got violent. frustrated residents, police in hazmat gear, it went on and on. there is an american stuck there. a merchant marine by the name of john stuck in the port of shanghai on the ship and been there for two months and going nowhere. santa cruz, california is your home, giancarlo. what is happening with you? when do you get out? >> well, not much is happening since about a month ago when they went on lockdown. with we're getting out is a million dollar question. we got here february 21st. scheduled to be here for only 35 days and about two weeks
6:58 am
into it the guys just quit the projects. we were having about 500 chinese shipyard workers on board every day and at lunch time they got the call that the lockdown started and they just bailed. there were torches and meals floating everywhere. >> bill: we have some video from pictures you sent. a boat parked in an ocean outside the port. people getting tested. we can share it with the viewers here. give me an idea what you are up against? do you ever get off the ship? are you in quarantine, what is it? >> we never get off the ship. i haven't got off the ship even to dock since i got docked on october 11th. we do have chinese healthcare workers that come by a couple times a week to do the pcr test on us and we are just waiting for the call that they can
6:59 am
resume work. wuhan was locked down for 79 days. and this is a bigger city and we have only been locked down for a month. >> bill: unbelievable. i assume you have enough food and water. give me an idea where are you living? what's around you on that ship? >> well, actually funny you mentioned that. we're running very low on food and only have about two more days left of potable water. we haven't even been able to get the packages that arrive. the whole city is on lockdown. we have a great captain, good crew and we have our own state room. we're trying to keep our spirits up. >> bill: they come and test you, right? and show up in hazmat gear, i assume like they have in other parts of shanghai? >> full hazmat gear, the whole
7:00 am
nine yards. >> bill: giancarlo we'll stay in touch with you. you must feel like gilligan right now. you are stranded in the port of shanghai. good luck, hang tough. your spirits sound good. i think you'll see santa cruz someday very soon. salute to you. fox news alert top of the hour, top of the news right now. fentanyl seizures on the border hitting record levels. a lot is still getting through, however. could the deadly crisis get even worse if president buy en opening the borer. new details after a gruesome murz of a mother in new york city and her accused killer. the evidence. what the handyman told police and whether or not his
7:01 am
confession will stand up in court. coming up shortly as we begin a new hour. 10:00 in new york. top story at this hour russian forces making small advances along the front line in eastern ukraine as they gear up for a full scale offensive seeking control of that donbas region. and more. welcome brand-new hour starts right now. dana has a day off today. i'm bill hemmer. how are you doing? >> sandra: great to be with you i'm sandra smith. giancarlo what an amazing story. we'll follow up with him, right? cities in donbas are bracing for the next phase of this russian campaign. several areas there already coming under fire interfering with efforts to safely get civilians out. meanwhile, russia now claiming victory in the battle for mariupol. despite the thousands of resistance forces that remain in that city. >> what we will tell you this morning we assess mariupol is contested and hasn't been taken by the russians and there is
7:02 am
still an active ukrainian resistance. they continue to fight for that city. >> bill: kurt volker joins us with analysis in a moment. but first griff jenkins in kyiv with a report. hello. >> good morning, bill. the city in mariupol is dire but it has not yet fallen. i have been communicating the last few days directly with the ukrainian marine commander holed up in the steel plant. unable to reach him today for an update. meanwhile take a look at these new satellite images showing what appears to be a mass grave in the village located approximately 20 kilometers west of mariupol that russians have been dumping bodies in. four sections graves measuring 85 meters each. the equivalent of four football fields and it is 10 times at least the size of the mass grave that we visited in person here in bucha.
7:03 am
the mayor of mariupol says 20,000 civilians have been killed there. as russia has war on the eastern donbas the pentagon is sending another $800 million weapons package including 72 howitzer, 144,000 artillery rounds. 72 tactical vehicles and more than 121 ghost drones. but will that be enough to stop this war? we sat down exclusively yesterday with president zelenskyy's chief of staff, who is grateful for the weapons and the support of the u.s. but he says sanctions do not go far enough. listen. >> the war is continuing. the ukrainians continue to be killed by russians. they kill our children, our women, our men, our soldiers, our civilians and destroying our cities. it is understandable that these sanctions which exist are not enough.
7:04 am
>> and what he would like, bill, specifically is a total ban on russian energy in europe and also like the russian federation to be designate ed as a state sponsor of terror. meanwhile you can catch more of that interview tomorrow, saturday, on fox news live. >> bill: we'll see it then. griff jenkins live in kyiv. want to bring in ambassador kurt volker. thank you for coming back to our show. a week since we spoke. zelenskyy is asking for an easter truce recognizing good friday today and he made this overture to putin, watch. >> unfortunately russia rejected the proposal to establish an easter truce. this shows very well how the leaders of the state actually treat the christian faith, one of the most joyful, important holidays. we keep our hope. hope for peace, hope that life will overcome death. >> bill: the state of the war today is what then, sir, in
7:05 am
your view? >> russia is determined to keep pressing the offensive. they want to take over all of donbas and secure that land corridor connecting crimea, donbas to russia and want to do it by may 9th so putin can claim that achieved something big in ukraine. not what they set out to do but they're determined to do it. there have been easter truces before. since 2014 russia has been fighting against ukraine there and they have had truces like this. the fact that they aren't doing it now shows on the one hand the determination and brutality but also the pressure that they're under to deliver results because this has gone very badly for russia thus far. they have not been able to take over kyiv or the ukrainian government. they had to withdraw from around kyiv and central ukraine. this is the last ditch effort in some ways to make sure they accomplish something that they can present to putin. >> sandra: we hear you talking
7:06 am
about russia's determination and we continue to witness ukraine's. speaking to general jack keane yesterday i asked him about the additional weapons package and he called it significant. but he said we have to be all in. do you -- are you seeing an administration that you believe is willing to continue to go all in and do what it takes to help the ukrainians continue to push back? >> right. look, i agree with general keane this is significant and it is different from where we were a couple of weeks ago. a couple of weeks ago you saw the administration drawing lines about what we won't do. we won't give this weapon. we won't do that. we won't allow the polish to give planes. since then we've seen that kind of conversation stop. we've seen better and more weapons flow in. so i think we have really turned a corner in terms of our support for ukraine. the way general keane put it i completely agree. we need to adopt ukraine's
7:07 am
victory here as our goal. and that means we have to be thinking through with them what do they have, what do they need, what is it going to take? how do we get it there? as proactively as we can. i think we're getting there but there is still more we can do. >> bill: one final question here. before day break our time earlier today a general, major general who runs the central military district, russian central military district is talking about securing all of southern ukraine to connect with moldova in about 2500 russians who live in the eastern part of moldova. is that going to be the next new front in this war, or is putin getting ahead of himself? >> well first of all, russia's appetite is unlimited here. what that general is describing is going from crimea west and
7:08 am
taking odessa, connecting the coastline all the way to moldova, as you said. what we need to recognize is that -- [inaudible]. he may consolidate some gains in eastern ukraine but he will never stop and that's why it's so much in our interest to make sure that he is defeated and that russia is removed from ukraine. >> bill: a great point. mr. ambassador, thank you for coming back today and we'll speak again. thank you. >> sandra: thank you, ambassador. all right. mask mandate, l.a. county extends a new rule requiring masks on public transit yet again. now people are wondering when will the mixed messaging on masks come to an end? we're live in new york city speaking of which there is a lot of mixed messaging and confusion. hi, david lee. >> good morning, sandra. as you so rightly point out four days after it was put into
7:09 am
place, philadelphia is ending its mask mandate. sudden reversal has not only left the residents feeling confused but many are angry. march 2 the city said it would no longer require masks to be required in doors. monday they cited a new policy. the backlash was swift. number of people and businesses challenged renewed mandate in court. last night following a closed door meeting of the city's board of health to discuss the lawsuits they voted to do away with the mandate. the acting health commissioner said that over the past few days hospitalizations had plunged by 25%. later today the health department says it will release more information explaining why the mandate is no longer needed. the justice department is appealing a judge's ruling that ended a federal mask mandate on planes and other public transit. the judge said the cdc exceeded its authority. attorney general merrick garland disagrees. >> the reason for appealing is
7:10 am
we believe that cdc has clear statutory authority for the mask mandate and the cdc has assessed it is necessary for the health of the american people particularly the traveling public. >> as the debate over masking continues the mandates haven't gone away. los angeles county requires masks on all public transportation including at lax and burbank airports and here in new york city you must wear a mask to ride the subway or bus and you must wear one at jfk and laguardia you aren't required to do so if you catch a flight across the river in newark, new jersey. milwaukee, students are getting a real world example how government works. monday they were told the max mandate for all school distinct staff and students ended. two days later they were told the masks had to come back on. sandra. >> sandra: confusion. mask confusion. okay. thank you very much, david lee miller. >> they want as many illegal
7:11 am
immigrants to come into the country as possible. they campaigned on this and they are pushing this open borders agenda. frankly, this is the most successful part of this administration. this is what they wanted to happen. >> sandra: critics say the president's refusal to secure the border is all by design and the repeal of title 42 could make things even worse. we'll hear from some of the migrants waiting across the border for that policy to expire. >> bill: the president getting criticism from farmers. the policy decision they say is kicking them when they are down. l newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month.
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7:17 am
>> bill: top police official in philly saying the record pace of carjackings in that town is due to the lenient d.a.'s policies adding that a task force is required to get a handle on the matter. so far this year in philadelphia alone, there have been 420 carjackings. that breaks down to about four of these violent crimes every day in the city that was known as brotherly love. quick way to get cash if you are looking for money. steal a car and sell it. >> sandra: that is an awful reality. all right. another awful reality.
7:18 am
>> she let him in willingly of the he wanted to rekindle the relationship. she refused. he went into a rage and stabbed her over 50 times. >> sandra: nancy grace this morning with a major update in the case that shock and continues to shock new york city. police arresting a suspect for the murder of a queens mother stabbed nearly 60 times it is revealed and placed in her son's hockey duffel bag. it was a handyman who knew the victim. they had an intimate relationship they carried on for years. the "new york post" summing it up nailed. fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin, just a horrific story. now this person, the accused killer is on suicide watch after his first court appearance, mercedes. >> so often, sandra, we have this type of scenario we're
7:19 am
covering. domestic dispute that results in the death of one of the individuals and frankly there is so much evidence against david bonola, digital evidence. in the camera he is dragging the duffel bag leaving a trail of blood. you have the instrumentality of death. the knife. his bloody clothes. there will be a lot of dna evidence tying him. on top of all of that, the evidence that we have, the overwhelming evidence against him, you have the fact that he has confessed twice. during police custody he was actually the murderer. >> sandra: there is just so much to this. you talk about the blood trail. he left the bag with her body in it out in the open. metropolitan avenue, jackie robinson parkway. police got a phone call saturday morning about the suspicious bag. that was the blood trail.
7:20 am
they followed back to the family's home. she has two sons. one of the sons was home at the time of the murder, it is revealed. he was questioned. he was initially arrested and questioned and then later released by authorities. the husband and older son were traveling on the west coast at the time. but she was out and about. she went to lincoln center. road the train home that evening. stopped at a local watering hole at 11:20 in the evening. returned home at 12:20 a.m. saturday morning. it was then that things get in question. police say either she let him into the home or he used a spare key that was hidden in the barbecue. we are going to know more soon, i imagine. but it was then that an argument ensued in the basement. >> it is pretty unbelievable and so outrageous. something that is so sickening. you look at these circumstances and say number one, thank god the 13-year-old sleeping at the time didn't come down while the
7:21 am
mother is being butchered. god knows he could have been attacked by bonola trying to defend his mother and two, the fact that she trusted this man if he accessed the home somewhere between 12:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. they suspect bonola accessed the home. there is so much to unpackage here. hopefully what we won't see is a defense attorney step forward. there is common place. these type of jail house confessions defense attorneys say it's under duress. they'll try to do what they can to get the confession out of there. but the evidence still remains. you have so much evidence against him. especially with dna evidence that will be unfolded and all of the digital evidence with respect to those external cameras watching him as he drags the duffel bag down the street with her body in it. >> sandra: every crime scene they're able to learn so much about what happened with the
7:22 am
cameras. the charges against bonola, murder, criminal tampering and possession of a weapon. the knife was consistent with knives in the home. he is due back in court april 26th. if convicted he faces up to 25 years to life in prison. mercedes, awful. >> unbelievable. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. good to see you. >> bill: more from police when we get it on that story. democratic governor offering a new headquarters in his state. where is that? we'll tell you. saying free speech is at stake. republicans of florida say it's not what this feud is all about. ruby's a1c is down with rybelsus®. my a1c wasn't at goal, now i'm down with rybelsus®. mom's a1c is down with rybelsus®. (♪ ♪) in a clinical study, once-daily rybelsus® significantly lowered a1c better than a leading branded pill.
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7:27 am
>> bill: two more buses full of migrants arriving in washington, d.c. overnight bringing the number of buses from the southern border to the nation's capital to a number of 10 at the moment. texas governor greg abbott shipping them off in an attempt
7:28 am
to send a message to d.c. and biden administration showcasing the impact of the border crisis and potential wave that is to come in about a month's time if title 42 expires as scheduled for now. watch that story. >> sandra: the end of that trump-era policy is being welcomed by migrants waiting to cross into the united states. fox news recently spoke with some of them. for more on that we go to bill melugin live in eagle pass, texas for us at this hour. hi, bill. >> hi, sandra. good morning. a lot of talk here in the u.s. about what is going to happen with title 42 next month. we decided we want to go into mexico and talk to migrants themselves about what they think about title 42. so take a look at this video. we went into the mexican city directly across from us here in eagle pass where a lot of migrants have been crossing. law enforcement sources are telling us there are thousands of migrants in this city waiting for title 42 to drop on may 23 because they know they
7:29 am
will no longer immediately be expelled back to mexico. it didn't take long to find the migrants standing around in groups all over the place. we spoke with many of them. many of them telling us they've been expelled already via title 42. a lot of them from the northern triangle countries. we talked to one honduran man who told us yes, he plans to cross illegally on may 23 and he told us from his perspective president biden is getting rid of title 42 to help migrants. take a listen. >> on may 23 there is another proposal from north america to help other countries. honduras, el salvador and guatemala. the president is taking that measure to help us and support us in this moment. >> take a look at this bizarre video out of the rio grande valley sector courtesy of texas dps. one of the troopers stopped a truck towing a goose neck
7:30 am
trailer. there was a canine hit. they start removing the bails of hay and find plywood down there and a hidden compartment where they end up finding a group of a dozen illegal immigrants being smuggled underneath all that hay in that trailer. texas dps saying one of the people arrested for human smuggling was a confirmed gang member. last thing we would like to show you look at the mug shot. border patrol in del rio sector arrested this convicted murderer from honduras victor cruz garcia convicted of second degree murder in charlotte, north carolina, back in 2012. the sector chief himself tweeted out it is not just economic migration. you need us on patrol. this is why. another murderer caught. back out here live in del rio sector alone since october 1 border patrol saying they arrested more than 940 criminal migrants. we'll send it back to you.
7:31 am
>> sandra: a continued staggering numbers. >> bill: as of today president biden standing by that decision to allow border policy to expire a bit more than a month from today. how is that going over in texas? we talk to a republican from the dallas area. a lot to cover here. henry cuellar is a democrat represents an area along the border what he told fox digital. if you take title 42 away this is what you can expect. >> title 42 is taken away it provides an incentive to the criminal organizations saying hey, now we can promote this, we can market this saying that the border is open. and they make a lot of money. >> bill: they are making a lot of money already. what do you think of that? >> i think that that's why democrats in washington hate henry cuellar. he calls his own party out and what he said on that clip is absolutely right. the title 42 removal is encouraging this trafficking
7:32 am
and helping the cartels that he mentioned in that clip. i think it's a disgrace and our country, if we were in bad shape eight months ago, it is he have than worse now. we're in a situation where the details that bill outlined at the border the migrants. these aren't just people coming for a better life. these are criminals being smuggled in and shuttled in and ferried across the united states and it is a disgrace. this administration could stop it if they wanted to. >> bill: it has never been easier. you know that. that's the case, too. another point here on screen guys, 28 democrats in congress, house and senate members, are opposed to it. it is growing by the day, i would say. a lot of these senators and members of congress are in tough districts. that's one point. number two, secretary mayorkas has said privately, according to axios, that he, too, says there is no plan if you get rid of this. so it's hard for you to get in
7:33 am
the mind of joe biden. do you think this has an affect or influence on him? >> i think it absolutely does because the democrats are realizing their poll numbers are not reversing. their covid issues are behind them. they thought the american people would suddenly thank them for ending this pandemic. the american people are worried about how they are paying for gas in their vehicles and worried about the crisis at the border. the crisis at the border has fueled this fentanyl epidemic that we're seeing across the nation. democrats are aware of that. they're worried about how that will affect them in november and we're seeing deaths from fentanyl overdoses that are really scaring everyday americans. i hear from my constituents that they are concerned with fentanyl spreading out across this nation. i believe enough cross the texas border in the next few months to kill 200 million people. that's scary. you saw the issue with the west point military cadets in florida. i believe this administration could step up.
7:34 am
i have asked joe biden just today to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction because i believe it is slowly destroying our nation and if he will do that, then law enforcement can coordinate and go after the cartels and make meaningful impacts. it requires action from this president. i would beg him to stop listening to whoever he is listening to and start listening to the american people and let's do something about this crisis. >> bill: well stated. just to make your point on screen for viewers, this is the fentanyl that has been seized going back to 2019. you had 1200, which is ridiculous enough. but now in 2022 you have 5300 pounds of this stuff. we're only in april. marc thiessen wroo*its biden's border disaster fuels the crime wave in american cities. one major reason we're facing a surge in crime is the disaster biden unleashed on our southern border. the dea seized enough fentanyl
7:35 am
to provide a lethal dose to every american. overdose deaths from fentanyl hit record levels in 2021 claiming a new victim every five minutes. yesterday when the president was talking about ukraine and putin, he was asked a question about -- it was a confusing answer about masks and title 42. he crossed lines repeatedly during his answer. toward the end with record to title 42 there has been quote no decision. that's what he said. so perhaps you are right, that the influence that's now being put on him by fellow democrats will have an effect over the next month to change his mind. last answer. >> i think that's right. i don't agree with her. one person that's very savvy is nancy pelosi. i don't believe nancy pelosi is looking at these poll numbers and encouraging joe biden to keep doing what he is doing. i don't know who he is listening to. but for the stake of this nation i'm not worried about
7:36 am
the democrats' approval ratings, i'm worried about this nation. for the sake of our children and for the american people, the joe biden administration has got to step up and do what's right at the border and fentanyl and declaring it a weapon of mass destruction is a step in the right direction but we must secure our borders. >> bill: thank you for your time. sober stuff. >> sandra: one democratic led state going to bat for disney and taking a stand against florida. could mickey mouse move to colorado? nascar racers revving engines gearing up for talladega and we take you to the alabama speedway. ♪♪♪ ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn!
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>> bill: colorado's democratic governor pitching his state as a new home for disney. come on down, he says, the democrat accusing florida's governor ron desantis, of socialist atthe private sector. clay travis founder of out kick. want to read you the comment to fox digital. consumers absolutely, you can choose not to go to disneyland, you can choose to buy or not
7:42 am
buy whatever product you want. but where it becomes inappropriate is where government leaders say we're specifically writing laws that penalize your company because we don't like the way you've exercised your free speech. that's how he sees it. how do you see it? >> well, he is totally wrong and let's break down first of all thanks for having me. now let's break down why he is totally wrong. what florida has done is return disney to the same treatment that every other theme park in their state has, right? if you're universal studios where they have harry potter world that my kids love. sea world, lego land, all of these different amusement parks are not treated the same way as disney. disney had a privilege under florida law. all they are doing is returning disney to equal status with all the other theme parks. and by the way, i love colorado. it is a beautiful state. the reason why disney world is
7:43 am
located in florida is because they can be open 365 days a year. i've been to colorado when it is awful cold, bill. there is no way that an amusement park like that works in colorado, not to mention here is the big takeaway. disney needs florida more than florida needs disney. if you've ever been to disney world they have 40 miles it feels like worth of land that they have bought that walt disney himself bought back in the 1960s. they can't relocate the hotels and theme parks. they're in disney world forever in florida. and so look, maybe he scores a few political points by making these arguments but they aren't very intelligent. >> bill: desantis fires back. floridians many who have fled from socialist countries. it would be produce dent for politicians to educate themselves on socialism.
7:44 am
socialism is an authoritarian system where the state controls the means of production and the entire economy. they have until june of next year to figure it out. i bet they do. we'll see whether or not that's the case. it was not enough for the white house. joe biden traveling on the west coast at a fundraiser in oregon weighed in and said this is not your father's republican party by any stretch of the imagination. this is the maga party, not a joke. not even conservative in a traditional sense of conservative. it is ugly. look what is happening down in florida. they are going after mickey mouse. so he is in on it, too, clay. >> it has turned into a battleground. the real quee and a broad question bigger than what's going on with disney world. how do you respond to woke corporations when you feel as if they are attacking your values? for a long time conservatives have said let me just turn the
7:45 am
other cheek. i talked about this a lot in the world of sports, right? we went through this in sports and continue to go through it in sports. when you have a woke hyperactive political universe in the world of sports. a lot of people say hey, i just want to watch sports. i don't need to worry about what the coaches, players or owners think politically. i want to enjoy the game. many people feel that same way about disney. the question is, how do you get a corporation or a sports league to go back to normalcy begging for normalcy doesn't seem to work when you get constantly slapped in the face. do you eventually decide you are going to slap back? that to me is what florida is doing and what ron desantis is doing and i think it is ultimately the legacy of donald trump in general. he is right, the republican party has changed. for a long time there were these country club republicans like mitt romney who are terrified of criticism and desperately want to be liked. and will bend if people criticize them enough. what donald trump said is i'll
7:46 am
tell you exactly what i think. if you don't like it, i don't care. that's new and i don't think the democratic party has realized that this is a dynamic that is going to live on far longer than donald trump's political career and the republicans to me this is what desantis represents. he is the fighting wing of the republicans. >> bill: we'll see where it goes from there. i like what romney had to say about the debt and everything else. >> have a great weekend, by the way. >> you the same. >> sandra: all right. we're off to the races as nascar rolls into the talladega speedway, drivers gearing up for sunday's big race as finishing touches are added to the racetrack and we find madison who is live in alabama with us. >> good morning. it is the start of race weekend and people are excited. there are about 200 children over to my right because it's kids day here at talladega. if you hear excited cheers you might have heard they are
7:47 am
getting pumped. all the fans we've spoken to are excited to be back in person and racing. those fans add so much to the local economy. we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. we're looking at an economic impact of $434 million over the two race weekends at talladega. it depends on tourism. those dollars go a long way. people, they travel a long way to get here. i spoke to one group that came from indiana, another gentleman that drove all the way from canada. he was so happy to be here. why do they travel so far? they travel for this epic track. >> this is the biggest, baddest racetrack on the planet. i love to say the palace. when bill france senior went to build this racetrack he wanted something bigger than what he had in daytona. >> i got a little taste of that speed yesterday. russell took me for a spin in the pace car that started off fun, unique experience. i have to tell you it was truly
7:48 am
terrifying as well. we were hugging the wall here which is a 33% incline at 140 miles per hour. it was really like nothing i had ever experienced in my life. when you think about the track here and the professional racers, they are going 200 miles per hour. they have to cap the speed on the cars. the way it's set up they could go faster than that but run into bigger problems. the track is known for the big one, the big crash that tends to happen here at talladega. if you aren't here like me and want to catch the action it will be on fox this weekend. we have a race saturday and a big race on sunday as well. >> sandra: you are having a lot of fun covering it. you know who is pumped up for this? bill hemmer can't wait. >> bill: it will be a great one. enjoy, madison. nice to see you. in the meantime is going green costing you money? why the climate agenda could be making life a bit more
7:49 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: today is earth day. president biden visiting seattle to talk about his policies. the green agenda adding to america's economic crisis. fox business edward lawrence live on the north lawn of the white house to see what they're saying about it there. >> not what they're saying about it. the sec saying it will cost companies 10.2 billion to comply with the administration climate risk and emissions standards costs passed to all of us through the products we buy. the president expected to make a bold statement for a bold agenda related to what he is calling a climate crisis. the president in seattle, washington this morning will
7:55 am
sign an executive order that safeguards forests on federal lands. the order will direct federal agencies to strengthen reforestation partnerships and planning to spend $162 million on fors tree programs and directs the state department to prepare reports on a whole of government approach to stopping deforestation around the globe and employ nature-based solutions to combat the climate crisis. 2.3 billion spent under the bipartisan infrastructure bill for the u.s. forest service and interior department to advance ecosystem resilience with no specifics. some republicans are saying all of this is going to push the u.s. off of a national security cliff. listen. >> europe has followed their version of the green new deal. they passed a restrictive energy laws without any plan to provide for their energy consumption and the needs of their country. so they made themselves vulnerable to this. >> he is worried the u.s. is
7:56 am
headed down the same road as europe. back to you. >> bill: edward, thank you for that from the north lawn. >> sandra: let's bring in the former epa chief of staff. thank you for joining us, manny, great to have you here. it is tough to quantify the impact of this but i'm sure you have put a lot of thought into it. the biden administration restoring the environmental reviews for major infrastructure projects. what will be the impact according to you of that? >> well sandra, it's not about the environment but giving up to environmental activist that helped get biden elected and into office. the changes he made to the national environmental policy act is putting in place lots of avenues for environmental activists to sue and slow down the ability of this country to build out much-needed infrastructure not to mention the 1.2 billion that congress
7:57 am
agreed to through a bipartisan group of legislators to get those type of projects underway. what biden did will slow down these projects and it will be to the detriment of the communities that need better roads, bridges, more runways and to the construction jobs. i'm talking about the blue collar construction jobs that could have taken advantage that they need in this high inflation economy and joe biden is busy out there putting out more red tape. >> sandra: put it up on the screen what inflation has done over the course of the biden presidency and we are at the highest levels that we have seen in decades in this country. so he is doing that in the middle of an inflation crisis and not putting any blame on his own policies. they continue to blame vladimir putin with #putin price hike. here is some of what the president has said on that. >> president biden: make no mistake, inflation is largely the fault of putin.
7:58 am
big reason for inflation is vladimir putin. the current spike in gas prices largely the fault of vladimir putin. has nothing to do with the american rescue plan. putin's invasion of ukraine has driven up gas and food prices. >> sandra: when it comes specifically to how these environmental reviews are going to impact the overall business environment in this country, larry kudlow came on america reports yesterday and teed off on the whole thing. >> the regulations that came out two days ago will stop -- listen to me -- they will stop pipelines. they will stop wind turbines, highways, roads, bridges. there will be no building in this country. >> sandra: now you have farm groups crying foul over the expanded environmental reviews as well. >> yes, certainly. the problem with farmers is you have layer upon layer as new
7:59 am
environmental regulations that aren't about the environment. it is about the president trying to expand federal control into the everyday lives of the american citizens. what we proofed in the trump administration is that you can cut regulations, you can save americans money and you can continue to improve environmental outcomes delivering clean air and water to all americans. we can do that. as the farmers point out these regulations have a serious cost. the farmers are not only looking at skyrocketing diesel prices but we're about to be in a major crunch terms of our global food supply. it is the farmers who will be unable to deliver because joe biden keeps making it harder and harder for them to do what they do best. >> sandra: it would be one thing if they could tout progress with their green energy projects but we haven't seen a whole lot of that on display yet. thank you very much for joining us. good to have you here, mandy, good to see you. that brings us to 27 seconds to the top of the hour.
8:00 am
>> bill: before we go. if you want to see it. a solar eclipse on mars. you see that every day, sandra? >> sandra: wow. >> bill: video taken from the surface of the red planet showing the martian moon floating across the face of the sun. i'll see you on "fox news sunday" and see you monday afternoon on america reports. gillian turner is in for harris today. have a great weekend. bye-bye. >> thank you, bill and sandra. a fox news alert to kick us off. president biden is taking hits from all sides on his plan to repeal title 42. critics on the right, left and reportedly inside the administration say getting rid of the trump-era border policy could be disastrous. this is "the faulkner focus", i'm gillian turner in for harris in washington the number of democrats now speaking out against lifting title 42 is increasing by the


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