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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 22, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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host. give them a kiss because that is its own reward. a great weekend with the ones you love, we will see you on monday, same time always, 8:00 p.m. eastern. have a great time this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity," i'm pete hegseth in for sean tonight, like you, i was watching the top of sean's show last night, the longest-running prime time host in cable news history. congratulations, sean. yet another thing fox beats the end and at. honored to be in for you tonight. shocking news from the southern border as of the biden
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administration is making it easier for illegal immigrants to enter this country in droves. we will explain in just a moment. but first, let's turn to an update from new york city, where a woman was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant in her own home. here now with the very latest is laura ingle. laura? >> hey, pete. as we learn more about the relationship with her alleged killer, there are new questions about his immigration status. seeing the photos now, 44-year-old held without bail after being charged with murder in the vicious killing of the 51-year-old stay-at-home mom inside her queens, new york, home last weekend. the handyman who police described as her on it off again lover was red charged or a spanish interpreter as sources say he is a mexican national, and in violation of u.s. immigration law. >> we believe he arrived here approximately 21 years ago and we believe he came from mexico.
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>> did he come illegally? >> we are not going to get into his immigration status. >> so we reached out to immigration and customs enforcement, which could not comment on specifics but tells fox i.c.e. focuses its civil immigration enforcement priorities on the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to our national security, public safety, and border security, and law enforcement officials tell me that i.c.e. has now launched a detainer with queens central booking and that means they are looking to take custody if he is ever released. speed? pete? >> pete: laura, thank you. we turn now to something called title 42, something i know our viewers are well aware of. it is a public health policy that allows the federal government to quickly expel migrants. of course, coming across the border because of covid-19 concerns. now if joe biden gets his way, it will end a month from now on
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may 23rd. tonight, a growing number of democrats are begging the administration to keep it in place, fearing the political ramifications of a massive new migrant caravan, just in time for the midterms. take a look at this interview between our own bill melugin and one hunter and migrant. >> one honduran man told us yes, on may 23rd, he does plan to cross illegally and he says from his perspective, president biden getting rid of title 42 is an effort to help the migrants. take a listen. >> interpreter: on may 23rd, there is another proposal from north america to help other countries, honduras, el salvador, and guatemala. the president has taken that measure to help us and support us in this moment. >> pete: sara carter has been at the border all week and earlier she spoke with a border control official who had this dire warning about title 42. watch this. >> concern is title 42? what is going on with border
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patrol when you guys are discussing that issue and the rescinding of that probably by may 23rd? >> yeah, if they rescind that, we are in deep trouble. we are in deep trouble now. we are way over capacity everywhere you turn in the border patrol, we are having a hard time keeping up with just what is out there now. if you open up the floodgates with title 42, we are going to be in dire need of assistance out here come on top of what we are already getting from the local municipalities, the national guard, doing a great job helping us out that we can barely keep up with their help. if you open up these floodgates and double or triple what we are seeing, we are going to be in a lot of trouble. >> are you concerned that terrorists or terrorist cells are already inside this country? >> oh, most definitely. they could be anywhere. they are here already, we know people coming across are tied to it and if you look at the got-away ratio 1 to 1 or three apprehensions and one guy, 25% rate or 20% rate, there is still
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some in here that have gotten past us and we can't be sure unless we can check everybody that comes through, but when you have mass flooding of the border like we do there is no way to do that. >> pete: imagine having to do that job right now. of course mass illegal migration poses serious risks on both sides of the border. just today, a texas national guard soldier went missing, still missing as of this program, while trying to rescue migrants in the rio grande. here with maurice fox news contributor sara carter. see you sara? >> it is heartbreaking. i have an update from texas dps, speaking to them just before coming on the show with you, they had a texas dive team searching the rio grande right now for the texas national guard soldier that lost their life, they believe, in the river. they are still searching for him. they also had texas dps scouring the area, texas border patrol, as well as the texas national guard themselves.
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this is a really somber day for everyone there and i know you have some video that i want to turn to right now, pete, because we have been at the border all month year i was in big bend national park out there with texas dps aircraft operations division. we were flying with them the whole week and i want to show how difficult it is for border patrol and for dps to apprehend people that are god-aways, exactly what chris cabrera was talking about. they are people who do not want to be apprehended, sneaking into our country, coming over the mountains, dressed in camo, camo gear, up -- basically our operations division is up in the air scouring the mountains, i was up there with them, in the middle of the night, and they spot if they are lucky these guys coming across the mountain. this is happening almost every single night. now they are addressing in camo, they are blending into the environment and disappear onto i have 90 or i-10 and you know, pete, for being in the military
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just how dangerous the situation is when you are dealing with terrorist cells, when you're dealing with terrorism, and also when you are dealing with the human tragedy that comes with having a porous and open border. >> pete: sara, have you ever -- you spent a lot of time on the border. have you ever seen it worse, and how much worse will it get when they know there is a date on the calendar? >> i have never seen it this bad and just to let you know, for those of you that know me and know my work, i have been covering the border since i was a young reporter at a newspaper in california, the daily bulletin, in 2003, 2004 i started covering the border and i continued to cover it to this day. i have never seen it this way. this is coming from sources, as well, not just from my own experience but the experience of those who have been on the border and worked their whole lives on the border and border patrol, in i.c.e., in law enforcement, they have never seen it this bad.
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over 1 million so far since the fiscal year started in october 2021. we have over 300,000 known got-aways and we don't even know how many have gotten away since october 2021, which is no know god-aways. this is a very dangerous situation on what is happening in afghanistan and al qaeda and other groups finding another home base, this could be a potential national security situation for us. >> >> pete: sara, ask that question because i know how deep your background is. thank you for doing the work. almost no one else in the media exit for fox news is willing to do. sara carter, thank you so much fear of all right while border states brace for another unmitigated disaster, joe biden, could not care less. naturally, he of course has no plans to visit. instead, today, joe traveled to a different border, kind of close to a border up in canada, he went to seattle where he
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honored earth day with a truly bizarre speech. watch. >> our natural wonders, inspire -- inflection that inspires to take action. you know, my mother had an expression and i apologize to my colleagues, they have heard me do two things my whole career, quote my mother and my father and quote irish poets, we are going to completely -- going to start the process where every vehicle in the united states military, every vehicle, is going to be climate friendly. every vehicle. i mean it. i made it clear to my friends up in nantucket and that area, i don't want to hear any more -- [laughter] they are pretty. but seriously, it's incredible, the breakthroughs they are making. once you tell a nation that we can do this, go do it. >> i have flown over every major wildfire in this country, fema -
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not every, a couple i didn't -- but the vast majority of them. >> pete: every major wildfire. and the whispering. a beautiful town, could we find a better spot than the middle-of-the-road for the press conference? nothing going right for this white house. eco-friendly tanks? and humvees? really, joe? well, not to be outdone, biden's climate czar, the sophisticated john kerry scolded americans for not buying more electric cars. take a look. >> not where you would like to see them, how can we get them there? the projections -- >> the agency tells us that in order to meet the goals by 2030 of 45-50% reduction, we have to
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be deploying renewables five times faster than we are today, five times faster. we have to be shut in coal plants five times faster, deploying electric vehicles 22 times faster. we are behind. >> pete: shut them all down, five times faster, 22 times more electric vehicles. sounds like a great plan. joining us with reaction's former senior counselor to president trump, kellyanne conway. out kick founder clay travis peer and fox news contributor charlie hurt. kellyanne, where to start. there are so many serious aspects to what was reported on with what is going on at our border and joe biden is in seattle on earth day talking about electric tanks. i don't know how to square that circle. >> none of this makes any sense. go to seattle, roughly 4700-mile round-trip, emitting enough carbon that represents about
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eight americans carbon output for the year, through air force one, and then to not even memorize a couple of good lines, to not even be able to be conversant or compelling or persuasive or memorable, joe biden talks like that every single day for free without going anywhere except walking down to the residence in the white house. we didn't need him to go across the country. and by the way, where is he tonight? he is going back for his 33rd trip to delaware. he has spent 25% of his presidency at operation wilmington at home. that will be fine except why didn't he stop off in philly and say you know what, here in pennsylvania doesn't look like it but you are living in a border state. fentanyl is the number one killer of 18-44-year-olds, i'm is on the rise, people are flooding into every state, roughly i was an atlanta last night with newt gingrich and he was saying it is basically in atlanta every month calming over the border, 7,000 people a day or so. anyway you look at it, this is a country in crisis, chaos, crisis, and a president -- very
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quickly, look at the polls, climate change and covid are now way below inflation, immigration, education, crime, and of course national security as a top issue. and so, john kerry just wants to be popular at dabo's. he wants to make sure he is lecturing the rest of us over his furrowed brow and he is popular among the factional crowd internationally. joe biden continues to confound me in this way, he is not meeting the issues americans are clearly telling every pollster -- >> pete: that's exactly right -- >> most important to them. he is not even preaching to the choir, he is stopping in the middle of the road with no one, back to the camera, the perfect metaphor for joe biden turning his back on the country. >> pete: it really is. clay, there are no other networks with reporters actually asking questions at the border. and bill melugin and others do, honduran migrants say openly, i'm just waiting for may 23rd
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because on may 23rd, i know i got a free ticket. >> pete, think about what we got going on here. the white house is still trying to defend the idea that we all have to wear masks on airplanes and while we walk around in airports because of covid. while simultaneously telling us that the border, they don't need to have covid emergencies anymore so title 42 can be removed. you can't make sense of that. biden himself actually got asked about it, i know you saw it and everybody saw it earlier this week and totally bungled that response. he confused the two. if you watch the tape you just played from seattle, this is unfortunate. look, there was a lot of talk and i know kelly and heard it about the 25th amendment surrounding donald trump. joe biden has dementia. i don't understand how you can watch him every single week, he is getting worse, he is not making any sense, his speeches,
6:15 pm
even when he is reading directly off of a teleprompter, often don't make any sense. the bizarre whispering, the turning the back, who is he talking to? the shaking hands with people that don't exist, this is a time that is not in control -- i don't take any joy in it because all of our enemies are taking advantage of the fact we have an empty suit right now in the white house and it is only going to get worse over the next couple of years, and pete, he is telling everybody, at least obama reportedly, that he is going to run for reelection at the age of 82? this is madness. he is in worse control of his faculty than any president we have ever had in modern american history. this is an embarrassment. i don't how we get out of this mess but i know it is not getting any better. >> pete: there are some moments when playing the "what if it were trump" game, if trump had done one-tenth of the things joe biden is doing now other cable pundits would be yelling 25th amendment, there is no doubt about it.
6:16 pm
that is not conjecture, that is what we know what would be happening. you mentioned the scary part, clay, i want to go to you charlie, national implications. the sovereignty of our border and now you have the commander in chief obsessing over electric vehicles in our military and making sure we don't aim it because of climate change as opposed to, i don't know, figuring out a way to stare down the communist chinese should that happen. when you look at it three national security lens, we look fundamentally unserious. >> and we are fundamentally unserious. at least joe biden certainly is. one of the arguments the administration makes about the title 42 is there bound by law, they have to respect of the particulars of the law that brought about title 42 in the first place. well, my goodness, are you kidding me, when you start caring about the law? they ignore the law every single day on the border. they refuse to enforce the laws that are on the books, that have been on the books for decades.
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they refused to enforce any of those laws. so this idea that suddenly they care about the particulars of the law, as clay points out, at a time when the administration on the other stand is still trying to enforce covid regulations, but of course, everything is political with these people, everything is lawless with these people, and this displayed today -- and if there is anybody in washington who is as big a buffoon, perhaps a bigger buffoon than joe biden, it is john kerry. these are the two greatest foreign policy experts washington has been able to produce, for going back at least 20 years, and they have created every crisis we are facing right now and so many of these crises are caused or made worse by this lunacy about windmills and destroying our energy independence. that is why vladimir putin invaded ukraine, it's because joe biden is in the white house and because he ran off after, you know, unicorns and fairy
6:18 pm
dust, trying to destroy america's energy independence. >> pete: you are exactly right. kellyanne, talk about this, there are young texas national guard soldiers trying to do a job, one of which jumped in the river to save a migrant, and is missing at this moment, and we pray for him and his family but likely won't end well. there are human consequences to this. >> there are indeed and in fact just yesterday i was speaking to former members of the border control and former members of dhs and they all say the same thing, that on like never before, as sara said, we have border patrol agents doing paperwork, they are just constantly processing people, handing out diapers, baby formula, trying to save lives, because we have a president of united states and commander in chief who refuses to do with this nation has done for decades for other countries, to the billions, which is protect our own borders. we have to protect the sovereignty and defend the borders of so many other nationf
6:19 pm
years and we are not doing that right here. now people are watching this and they know it, do you know that in most polling, the number of americans, including suburban women, including -- who care about immigration and border security is higher than when donald trump was there and he made this a centerpiece of his campaign and his white house. why is that? because they notice there is nobody minding the store now, nobody in their right mind minding the store and i just want to make a quick correction. i understand we all see joe biden failing in front of us, but i want him to own all of his policies, i don't want to make excuses for him because then people think barack obama is running the white house or kamala harris isn't that bad. this guy and the democrats should be made to eat all of the failing and flailing so they walk into the midterm elections in november i don't know what hit them. >> pete: clay and charlie we are almost out of time, 30 seconds each, same question, do you think this white house, based on what kellyanne said, understand how disconnected the things they are pursuing are
6:20 pm
from what people are feeling? clay? >> i feel like they are trying to intentionally tank, pete. this is a situation right now -- i can't explain it in any way. it is like when you are trying to get the number-one pick in the nba or the nfl and your team keeps intentionally losing. they are incompetent on a level i have never seen before. if that's what it feels like right now. >> pete: charlie, incompetence or ideology that blinds them? or both? >> i think they are completely seized by this ideological craziness and i can't see anything else, and my one question is this, this week we saw jen psaki burst into tears talking about that law in florida to stop people from teaching kindergartners about transsexualism. will she cry for us over that texas national guard? that's what i want to know. >> pete: great question. it's a great question. kellyanne, clay, charlie, great
6:21 pm
panel, thank you all for being here, appreciate it. coming up, it is official, florida governor ron desantis is stripping disney of its special self-governing stand us in the sun sunshine state. they want to be a country there, turns out it is a theme park, divorce, divided white house weighing in. pam bondi and victor davis hanson join us. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is iowa. we just haven't been properly introduced. say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪ weathertech is the trusted brand that offers premium products for ultimate protection, like our laser measured floorliners. now there's the weathertech comfortmat. anti-fatigue support and cushioning
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♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome back to "hannity." now florida republicans taking aim at corporate woke lunacy tonight as governor ron desantis has signed a new bill stripping disney of its generous -- more than generous -- self-governing -- self-governing, don't we all want to self govern -- that tax status. it comes after disney continued to amplify lies about the state's new parental rights law
6:26 pm
and continues to launch baseless attacks against conservatives. anyone that opposes their will. biden white house slammed florida's move calling the law "just wrong" and falsely suggesting the log bands use of the word gay, which anyone has actually looked at it knows it doesn't. it gets worse, failed far left teachers present randi weingarten, decades since she has seen the inside of a classroom, is claiming the parental rights bills are "the way in which wars start." watch. >> it's this notion, and look where, you know, we have been very lucky in america and we in some ways live in a bubble for a long time, this is propaganda. this is misinformation. this is the way in which wars start. this is the way in which hatred starts. >> pete: this is how wars start? what does she mean? i wonder if anybody will
6:27 pm
actually ask her to explain that. but hold on a second. democrats are now in favor of corporate tax giveaways? and corporate handouts for big businesses? and also ask yourself why are democrats and their media allies so terrified of any semblance of transparency in the classroom? why are they so bent on to undermine parents and trying to sneak in there far left agenda under the guise of straight up education. because the state of florida has now released four more examples of critical race theory from textbooks that have been rejected from its school system. what me, racist, one example reads. in a lesson plan on something called the implicit association test. that is in addition to several other examples where textbook materials appear to try to divide students by race, which is exactly what crt is trying to do. joining us now with reaction
6:28 pm
from a former florida attorney general pam bondi come along with senior fellow of the who. institution victor davis hanson, thank you both for being here. we did a little quick research. in california where disneyland is located, disney does not have a sanctuary country inside of california where they have their own distinct tax status. yet democrats are losing their mind over the fact that florida is simply leveling the playing field and saying hey, disney, you don't get to be your own country. >> yeah, that is exactly right, pete, and those woke executives that live in california pay about 40% more in their taxes than the executives that live in the great state of florida, so, you know, we passed this bill in florida and i am so proud of wilton simpson, our senate president and our governor for finding it and bringing light on it. this is why it is so important. the first bill, the parental rights bill, as you said, it is protecting 5, 6, 7, and
6:29 pm
8-year-olds. in a garden through third graders. third-graders, from not talking about sex in schools. i think any parent in america would agree with that. past, done, great law, then it disney comes in and lie about our governor and our senate and our house, they lie about what parents want in the state of florida and they are held accountable. what they did -- what they didn't stay in their own lane, r lane is entertaining families and making money for their shareholders. yet they shined a huge spotlight on themselves. this law is 55 years old. none of us actually knew the extent of the privileges that disney had an our own kingdom and now they're taken away. >> yeah, and their lane used toe wholesome content that parents could count on and now turn on disney plus and you don't know what woke series youu leave your kids unattended. victor, when you look at this,
6:30 pm
it used to be democrats that would fight against corporate carve outs or tax breaks for big businesses. now they are falling over themselves to protect them. why this change, victor? >> i don't think -- i think it is just a matter of we are going to force this down people's throats and how dare you object to us. it is highly ironic, disney has a market of $300 million and they are worried about disney's autonomous zone and all the legislators that is let's go back to normality. disney is in a bad place because how many places in the united states have 20 million people and an all-weather climate, may be florida, california, and texas. that is about it. you need a big population, you need warm weather, they are at the mercy and it is very ironic because remember the last decade we have been told that private business can really force these conservative states to their knees so if they have i.d. laws, major league baseball will
6:31 pm
boycott them or south carolina has just clerical bathrooms and all of our california companies here will shot out billions of dollars. really it is not even equal yet, but the states are saying, we can do this, too, we can pass laws that reflect our values just like you can boycott our states, but they get hysterical. the subtext of all of this, whether it is critical race theory in the schools or it is transgenderrism, open borders, 51 percent do not agree with these ideologies. none of these agendas, they either have to change the demography or they have to indoctrinate young people. and weingarten talks about wars, it is kind of ironic that she was right, indoctrination of young kids, whether in the third reich or the soviet system or maoist china was essential to creating an autocracy and totalitarian ideology which we know how that all ended for everyone. so that is what they are doing because they don't -- they can't
6:32 pm
win the people. they don't have an effective, persuasive agenda. the people have rejected it. they are going crazy and are saying we've got to go to the kids then, or we've got to bring in new people or we have to change the system because we can't win anymore because we have gone off the deep end. >> pete: pam, that feels right to. it feels like the woke versus the newly awake, who realize they take it for granted for quite some time. what has been the reaction honestly among a political independence inside florida based on the mischaracterization of this bill, how do they really feel it? >> well, floridians everywhere, they can't believe come i think disney -- people are giving up disney plus, they are giving up their season passes. disney, they didn't stay in their lane and they are wrong and they lied about our state and they lied about what our parents want in our state and they are supposed to be the organization that looks out for families, yet they are enjoying
6:33 pm
a privilege that universal does not enjoy, see world does not enjoy, our museums don't have, our aquariums don't have, and now we are leveling the playing field in the state of florida and they are going to have to abide by it and it was their mistake because they brought this to light on themselves, and you know, in florida, we are not going to put up with these woke corporations, it's unbelievable we are even having to talk about this, and in our school rooms and in our classrooms, the books that they are putting out there, it is truly unreal, but in the state of florida, we are going to look out for parents and children and we are going to continue to do that. >> pete: victor, we don't have much time and it is kind of a big question but do the best you can, is the left capable of any self-reflection, based on electoral viability, or do they have to double down because of their thirst for ideology and control? >> they are ideologues. they are not capable of any
6:34 pm
concessions or moderation, that is what ideologues are, they have hijacked the democratic party. they would rather lose and be ideologically correct than win and be ideologically incorrect. these are sins of not just commission, pete, they are omission that they assume that these first, second, third graders are getting great education in art and music and literature and language. they are so well taught by these brilliant teachers that they have time to teach transgender-is on. that should be the last thing until they get the basics and we know our kids are not getting a good education at all. >> pete: you are exactly right. look how the 2022 midterms, if democrats get wiped out, watch them say it is because we weren't left enough. are they capable of learning? i don't feel like they are. pam, victor davis hanson, thank you so much. all right, straight ahead come another day, another scandal for hunter biden. the feds are reportedly -- his
6:35 pm
paternity documents. senator ron johnson has been all over that. he weighs in on that when we return. ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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and order your comfortmat at ♪ ♪ >> pete: more developments tonight in the investigation into hunter biden. and the biden family foreign business dealings, which at this show has outlined night after night. we are now learning prosecutors reportedly subpoenaed documents from a paternity lawsuit that included hunter biden's tax records. according to cbs news, the u.s. attorneys office is a demanding hunter documents going back to january 2017. that is significant because joe biden was still vice president in january 2017. remember it was lunden roberts, a woman from arkansas who filed suit against hunter in 2019
6:40 pm
alleging he was the father of her child. which was later proven by a dna test after hunter tried to deny it. and get this, house republicans are demanding to know why russia's wealthiest woman, the former first lady of moscow who paid hunter biden's company $3.5 million, why is she receiving preferential treatment? she has not been targeted by the treasury department sanctions. don't forget, this is not just a story about hunter biden. this is a story about joe biden. and how the family, the biden family used their political status to ink lucrative deals with foreign governments, not just foreign governments, foreign adversaries in places like china and russia, and how big tech and the media colluded to try to cover it all up. here for reaction, wisconsin senator ron johnson. senator, thank you so much. you were ahead of this, you put that report out in september of 2020. you have been digging into this.
6:41 pm
you understand the back and forth. how significant is this federal subpoena into hunter biden's paternity documents? what are they looking for and what does it tell you about the ongoing investigation? >> pete come of course it is all speculation because we don't have all the detail, but i think it is pretty significant because it shows it might be a serious investigation in the way you conduct a serious investigation as you gather all of the information. hunter biden would have to meet financial disclosures to the woman of his child and the paternity suit. that would have to then match with his tax form, tax records, other bank records, things he has reported to the government, and if they don't, there will be a lot of questions asked. >> pete: there sure would be. and they are looking for discrepancies in what he filed versus what he said versus what was actually in his account, and do you believe -- again, this is speculation, i know, but the
6:42 pm
reason hunter biden matters is because of his father, the course of this investigation, potentially able to identify whether or not those business dealings were known by or privy to joe biden himself, either as a candidate, vice president, or president? >> well, when you start getting people's financial transactions, you start seeing the inflow and outflow. senator grassley and i found in the inflows and outflows of millions of dollars coming from the russian oligarchs, from chinese communist people become affiliated with the chinese communist party, that is what you are looking for, and so it could be very revealing if you have a lot of outflows from hunter biden, reports potentially joe biden paid off some hunter biden tax liens, that type of thing. we don't know because no one has been transparent and the press certainly has not been investigating this to the extent they certainly should, there have been some elements but most
6:43 pm
of the media has turned a blind eye to this and the other two scandals, as concerning as the compromise of the biden family is in terms of national security, the corruption and complicity of our media, but also elements within our federal law enforcement, department of justice, and our intelligence agencies, remember those 51 intelligence officials that conducted their own information operation when they wrote that letter saying the laptop had all the earmarks of a russian information operation, they had no basis for doing that and they interfered in our election to a far greater extent than anything rush ever could have hoped to accomplish. >> pete: you are precisely right about that, played right into the narrative that they created, enabled, and then tried to use to their benefit. you mentioned the way in which this could affect our policy right now, call it compromised, call it leverage, call it whatever you want, if the former first lady of moscow was involved in business dealings,
6:44 pm
that is a pretty significant position and involved in business dealings internationally and with hunter biden to the tune of $3.5 million, why would she not be included in the sanctions that are targeting high-level russian officials? can we be concerned about the fact that certain people might be being carved out at this point? >> well, she might have information that the bidens don't want revealed. why did joe biden cancel the sanctions on the construction companies of the nord stream 2 pipeline? why does he stop the china initiative which was signed for the department of justice to investigate how china is stealing our intellectual property in our university systems? again, i don't have all the details, but i think i know who does have all the details, people -- >> pete: exactly right. >> of the wife of the former mayor of moscow, chinese intelligence, russian intelligence, that is why we need to get to the bottom of th, the american people deserve the truth, the press needs to start asking president biden some tough questions but they haven't done so yet.
6:45 pm
>> pete: well, that is why this matters. you and i both know the press won't do that unless and until they are forced to. that is why a lot of people are putting hope in committee chairman come 2023, should republicans get the gavel. senator johnson, thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. all right, coming coming up, alec baldwin claiming he has been exonerated in the rust film shooting. but is he right? plus, flip-flop fauci, king fauci facing intense backlash were saying it is disturbing that a u.s. court could overturn the cdc. how dare you overturn the scientist? gregg jarrett, leo terrell react. ♪ ♪ discover a simple way to use colors in managing diabetes! inspired by nature, onetouch verio reflect® meter shows instantly if you're below, within or above your range. it cheers you on and provides guidance. connected to your health and your phone. visit today.
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♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." turning now to a couple of legal
6:50 pm
stories that we have been following. first, alec baldwin now claiming he has been exonerated in the fatal shooting of cinematographer helena hutchins after an investigation by regulators in the state of new mexico, despite the fact the state find "rust" movie productions the maximum amount possible for safety violations. now baldwin completely washing his hands of any responsibility in a statement from his attorney, proclaiming his exoneration and his innocence. keep in mind, baldwin still faces a wrongful death lawsuit from hutchins family. meanwhile, in story number two, dr. flip-flop fauci, he is not happy at all with the legal authority granted to the judicial branch by the u.s. constitution. because it interferes with the authority of really important people like him. take a look. >> so obviously, the cdc will abide by the order of the court
6:51 pm
because it is a legal obligation, but one of the problems that we have there is that the principle of a court overruling a public health judgment by qualified organization like the cdc is disturbing in the precedent and might set. >> pete: here with reaction, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett and fox news contributor leo 2.0 terrell. greg, leo, it is friday night, let's play grab bag. take the story that fires your utmost and have added. gregg, go ahead. >> well, alec baldwin, sometimes i wonder if he was dropped on his head as a baby. there is nothing in his report whatsoever that exonerates him. this is a regulatory body, they are not a law enforcement prosecuting authority. prosecutors will decide if he is criminally culpable. they are conducting their own investigation. i doubt they will even read this report. when you take a look at the
6:52 pm
report, it makes banners verse for alec baldwin. yes, it said the assistant director failed to check a gun before he gave it to baldwin. baldwin has an independent, separate duty to check the gun himself. it's in the actors equity rules and regulation. that is the standard in the industry. he breached that standard by failing to open the gun, check the cylinders and barrels. had he done so, he would have noticed it is not a blank, it is a live round, and halyna hutchins would be alive had he done his job properly and not breached that duty. >> pete: interesting, so far from exonerating him, it may actually make his case more complicated. leo, you can go either way but by default, your thoughts on fauci saying us scientists should be at the top of the pyramid? >> thank you very much -- by the way, gregg is absolutely right about baldwin.
6:53 pm
when did dr. fauci become a lawyer? america is tired of dr. fauci. the u.s. constitution, he makes a full assumption, that the judge didn't have the evidence in front of her to make a decision that the cdc -- which is really an operative of the biden administration, just like dr. fauci, he is a political operative -- he wants us to believe that he is in a better position to make a ruling, regarding the decision made by this judge, simply because he is a doctor. i have news for you, he's wrong. he's always been wrong. and i'll tell you, pete, dr. fauci's time is almost up. it's just a matter of time when he will no longer be on television any longer, but just as a matter of law, the constitution, the law of the land invested in the court, not a doctor who is a political operative of the democratic party. >> pete: you are right, and leo come his time is up, but he is going to find every podcast,
6:54 pm
every closed-circuit television program he can until the very end. gregg, isn't it revealing -- that is how he really feels, this whole follow the science, science is number one, the rest of you should step aside, we are calling the shots. >> yeah, fauci seems to be under the impression that all doctors are gods and that the cdc is the ultimate authority on everything and can tell americans what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and how to think. that's simply not the case. if we have learned anything from this pandemic, it's that government officials got a lot of things wrong. look at many of fauci's pronouncements over the last two years. they were incorrect, they had to be retracted or reversed. the cdc, a lot of their directives were not based on science and not supported by evidence, so fauci should actually stop mouthing off and
6:55 pm
try to think for a moment, read the judges well reasoned, 59 page decision in which he lays out, here's the statute and the cdc did not meet the requirements of the law. >> pete: yeah. leo, we are out of time but i do want to say, it was great to see you in person last evening. break bread. you are a great american. >> you are a great american, as well, as well as gregg. we are all great americans. >> thank you. >> pete: let's end it right there. thank you so much for joining us this evening. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after the break. ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> pete: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity" on a friday night. that's all the time we have left for tonight. tomorrow morning tune in 6 a.m.,
7:00 pm
fox and friends weekend. we will all be live from alabama. the 500 super speedway. we have a lot of fun saturday and sunday morning. sean is back on monday. we will see you tomorrow morning. >> ♪ ♪ >> i am jason in for laura ingraham on the "the ingraham angle." we begin with tragic news. a texas national guard's man is dead after trying to rescue a female migrant crossing the rio grande. it's been over 12 hours since he dove into the water and never resurfaced. they have to cease dive operations due to the strength of the current. th