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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 22, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> so monday, i'll be doing my virtual signing. so check it out. it's 3:00 p.m. eastern monday. get in and log on and i will sign your book. >> thanks to dagen mcdowell, kat, tyrus. fox news "fox news at night" is next. i love you, america. hello and welcome to fox news that night. i'm rich in for shannon bream. >> breaking tonight, texas national guard soldier is still missing. he seem to have drowned after going into the rio grande river to save a migrant. this is concerning from democrats continues to mount about president biden's the station to and -- and democrats fear another
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illegal migration surge. midterm elections approach, the are applying pressure. and we are learning more tonigh about the suspected killer and reported handyman level of the queens mother who was stabbed dozens of times and stuffed int a duffel bag. he has confessed to the crime and is reportedly in the us illegally. we will have the latest news in the case. remember the former washington state high school football coac he lost a job for praying on th 50-yard line after a game. his case with it to the supreme court on monday. shannon bream sits down with coach joe kennedy for an exclusive interview. first breaking news tonight, washington dc and apparently brandon a group shooting and th city's bustling neighborhood early afternoon. four victims out man and woman and 12-year-old girl wounded an a nearby school placed on lockdown and a massive police
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response. 23-year-old raymond spencer of their backs, virginia, announce -- announces a person that interes in and found dead in a nearby apartment building, apparently shooting himself as authorities closed in. spencer was found with considerable cash and weapons o the sniper like set up, including a tripod, said that they shop you scenario for presidents who remembered snipe attacks from 20 years ago. >> it's a very intense situation . you don't know what you don't know. we all call back in that time when we had a sniper situation. unfortunately that situation unfold over most of several days. this was resolved in a matter o a few hours. >> we will continue to follow the story as it develops. not the situation on our southern border. kevin corke at the latest on th growing democratic discontent with president biden, sticking by his plane to repeal title 42
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next month. >> good evening. we will get the title 22 in a moment but first the military department says it's continue t get psyched for that missing national guard soldier who as you pointed out is believed to have drowned ball trying to rescue a migrant. for the time being the operations which included typin have actually been seized because of the river. authorities are reaching out th soldier's family. >> break national guards move -- removed his armor before jumpin a dangerous waters to save a human life. please pray for the families of all those impacted. the words of texas republican congressman tony gonzalez on twitter friday and response to news from the texas national guard that one of its soldiers went missing during a mission related than seven on the road be a grand near eagle pass. authorities spent much of the day searching for the soldier who jumped into the preferences
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say they migrant but never resurface. fox fox news news is told that the soldier is now presumed dead . confirmed and the body is recovered it will mark the firs time i texas guardsman has died on the references texas operation lone star was launche just a year ago. the tragedy coming as the biden administration doubles down on its support of rescinding the trump era title 42 policy that allows the government to turn away migrants over fears of spreading the coronavirus and other communicable diseases. dhss the public health measure has already barred over 1.7 million migrants from entering us over the past two t make years. since the height of the covert outbreak but for democrats already facing a very tough political climate this november the president brossette plan couldn't come at a worse time and many from his own party including nine senators in tigh races are urging the white hous
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to keep title 42 in place for now. >> the republican voters are no happy by what's happening at th border. the democrat voters are not happy and if you look at the independent voters, they are no happy about this recession -- rescission. >> tonight is building momentum on capitol hill to extend title 42 but the bipartisan group of senators pushing for a 60 day delay. and the problem solvers caucus backing a measure for an extension as well. meanwhile those buses up migrants from texas we've been telling you about keep arriving here to washington dc with the ninth and tenth such buses arriving thursday night. >> as you can well imagine that should make for a very spirited discussion on monday. president biden meets with the congressional hispanic caucus. something that we will follow very carefully here.
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>> kevin, thanks very much. law enforcement forces confirme the man accused of killing the queens woman and dumping her body in a duffel bag moved to u from mexico illegally 21 years ago. more angle is tracking the latest developments in this cas tonight. good evening, laura. >> we are learning more about the relationship between the victim and her alleged killer. we are also learning new information about his background , which includes questions about his immigration status. 44-year-old appeared before a judge late thursday night in criminal court. he was held without bail after being charged with murder, criminal tampering, and crimina possession of a weapon in the killing of a stay-at-home mom i queens. handyman who was the on and off-again lover of his electric down pled with an interpreter. we first learned about this after his arrest.
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>> he arrived here at approximately 21 years ago and we that he came from mexico. >> we are not going to get into the immigration status. >> we reach out to immigration enforcements, which could not comment on the specific specifics of the case. i spoke with the civil immigration priorities on the removal of noncitizens were a threat to national security and border security. fox news gaining insight into the accused killers account talking with the owner of a floral shop across the street from the home that that the venues commitment by a single red rose each time, saying he had a girlfriend and recognize him from photos. he said he was very much in lov with her, adding that this is all hard to believe. i'm a more enforcement official tell me that ice has now last year detainer the -- meeting that they're looking to take custody of him if he is
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replaced. >> thanks, laura. now the situation on the southern border. the biden administration is to keep the mask mandate as the president's latest poll numbers. that's beat the latest. thanks very much for joining us here this friday evening/ saturday morning. the start of the situation from president biden heading into th midterm elections. all of those issues on top of inflation. his average approval rating dow 14.5% since the start of the term. robert, how does he turn this around for democrats before the midterms? >> well, i think what president biden have to deal with is put points on the board. one thing we learn from the trump uses you have to keep you base satisfied. 81 million voted for president biden for student loan reform. he puts the environment changes
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to make sure that your highlighting criminal justice reform. and he has to do a better job o getting his people out there to talk about the acceptance that the administration has had goin forward. he has to be in a stronger position going into the midterm. he needs to put more points on the board so they have a better opportunity to maintain those seats going into november. >> what about that. if you are a republican or democrat and in your precinct poll numbers like this, you attacked the base or go to the metal? >> well, you would think that democrats will learn seeing how they are so underwater. all underwater for him. you would think that they would move toward the middle but that does not seem to be the democratic strategy. at you you just heard, they wan to double that down a policy se of driven inflation and fueled
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the border crisis and they are putting americano bleecker standing on the globe. democratic pollsters are sounding the alarm. if you are in a district that was plus or minus 12 commits yo need to act like you're writing for your clients right now. is not a matter of being more moderate or progressive, they have a weak leader at the top o their party with joe biden kamala harris. they are walking into a midterm that will need a substantial number of seats in the house an possibly the senate as well. >> let's look at covid, the border, mask mandates, how does this all tied together? you've got title 42, which is this what the previous administration was using to kee certain migrants out of the country. now the mask meant that goes away in one subject mask mandat and we need this because the covid is the administration's argument.
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but it is okay enough that we can now be since title 42. what is going on here. >> that the that republicans want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to covid. we're getting to the point of -- because of this they're lessening the covid restrictions . title 42 was always a temporary method. with a cast happen is that the pass immigration reform and solve the problem. the same thing happened in february 2018. same thing we have been 2013. we know the answer and have to negotiate on it. but it comes to the airline mas mandate, who needs to call. does single federal judge make the call for mask mandate guard we go to our experts at the cdc and other people who have the ability to look at the scientific information to make that determination. it's a question of who makes th call and that is what the biden
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administration is going through right now. >> to think that there's any chance that democrats and republicans over the long term or whatever can get together on a legislative answer to what's going on at the border or are administration going to continu to bridge between democratic an republican solutions here as they are elected into the white house? >> i truly do believe that the demonstration can exist in a bipartisan fashion. not only immigration reform but securing the border and that is something you do not often hear democrats talking about, which is a key part of this. democrats just want this immigration reform and we need depth as a multiple thing. this though an opportunity and it can happen. but what democrats so dug in on things like trying to overturn title 42, stopping for doing that portable and ending remaining with me to mexico, they are the antithesis of a party that would support
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immigration reform. >> real quick, how big is this issue going into the midterms. >> i think those issues are going to be the main thing that is driving boulders. what are the unemployment numbers. so i think that they have to come through those 2020 promise and that's what puts democrats over the top of it comes to november. >> much appreciate it. >> thank you. >> kevin mccarthy says a voice recording break tells of the republicans that he would urge then president trump to resign is false that wrong. that audio was allegedly recorded shortly after last year 's capital ryan. chad perper has details tonight from capitol hill. >> kevin mccarthy -- audio conversations conversations between mccarthy and other republicans which appears it irrefutable. this june asking mccarthy a
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former president trump might quit and mccarthy blaming him for the capital riot. >> what he did was unacceptable. >> in another conversation, he dishes the president. mccarthy initially condemned the former president trump afte the riot. he bears responsibility by mob writers. you should have immediately denounced the mob. >> mccarthy and mr. trump screened at each other on the phone during the riot. mccarthy made a pilgrimage to our love go to -- >> in january, isn't with trump if you can strum, how positive it's you towards the former president. those things are going to matter . >> mccarthy's fires to be speaker if republicans win the majority. the knives are out for mc carthy. >> but you are dealing with these calls for immediate is a team.
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>> the former president and mc carthy spoke late thursday after the lake lehtera allies. he hasn't trash talk mccarthy so far. what we don't know is when does donald trump potentially cut if he does, put in a sword. >> house prep republicans follo his lead. >> of trump goes after him, it could create problems for mc carthy's speakership. >> he abruptly dropped john later in 2015. mccarthy appeared to lack the votes. washington makes our strategic. jamie's office denies it and th same with steve scalise. this could be designed to drive a wedge between president trump been mccarthy insofar hit has not worked. rich. >> chad, thank you very much. this breaking tonight, new
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filing from the congressional january 6 committee doesn't bod well for former president president trump chief of staff mark meadows. the house house. was indicated that has received testimony that white house counsel warned meadows that sending alternate electors woul be against the law but meadows advocated for the idea that vic president pins could act unilaterally to accept the electoral votes and meadows als received information before han that there could be violence on january 6. republicans on the judiciary committee are taking an interes in elon musk's attempt to takin over twitter. the gop members sending notices to board members of the company asking them to retain all records and materials relating to his bed. the process framed at the ongoing efforts to examine big tech on how to best protect americans recent speech rights. >> and on monday high profile
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privileges freedom case asking but republican employee, and escape the high school football coach, can engage in public displays of faith without entangling the school district in what critics argue is an improper endorsement of religion . chiefs legal correspondent in your particular fox news that night host anchor shannon bream has that story. >> i don't want to take things to the supreme court. i don't want to have these big battles and i don't want to be in front of all the cameras and the lights. i just want the coach. >> if former high school football coach joe kennedy hope to get back to his players, it means his legal team will have to win over at least five justices when the nations highest court hears his case on monday. >> no one should be fired from their job simply for engaging i a private act of prayer by themselves at the 50-yard line after a football game. >> the parties to the case don'
9:18 pm
agree of those facts. kennedy years ago said he felt compelled to begin offering prayers by himself on the football field after games. he said students at that they could join in and eventually invited opposing teams as well. at some point prompted by a cop meant about the practice the school district began investigating. the president and ceo of americans united for separation of church and state, the group representing the school distric says this case is about protecting impressionable students with the pressure of other cars to participate repeatedly in public prayer. kennedy it. of years that 2 plays kim to hi and said they were comfortable taking part. >> i made both of them a my tea captains. i need people who can stand up for what they think is right. >> he was told he couldn't continue to have on-field prayers with students and other private options. the school districts at the kennedy was never disciplined until after they unsuccessfully tried to reach a compromise wit
9:19 pm
him. the parties disagree about the details of what happened next. kennedy ultimately lost his job and subsequent legal battle has been raging for several years. the special counsel for first liberty, the group and bouncing cavities of this case is more about just this one coach. >> the teacher bows her head over her luncheon says grace before having her meal in the cafeteria and this you can see that. the teacher needs to be terminated. what about a teacher wearing a job, or some other display of religion or their fate practice. >> the impact could be wide raging ours we hit the coach wins and the district loses, that would dangerously erode th core principles of our democracy . i asked kennedy why he didn't just reach a compromise or give up years ago. he says his players often asked him the same thing. >> i would've been the biggest hypocrite in the united states appellate just that you are bright, this is too hard for me. what kind of example i have set
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first up into the's viral video australian reptile park is giving a firsthand look at one of the tasks bears you pete -- zookeepers former ahead of the winter months. health checks on the breadth of the alligators. the keepers of the process involves wrangling and restraining the gators while they check their muscular denta
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and overall physical condition. the keepers that there were a few close calls but the alligators and zookeepers made it through the process safely. no, thanks. a couple in washington got a glimpse of all potter spot as i spun around on the lake and toward their home and toss in a canoe and even toys on our long. a home security camera also see to dissipate once it hit land. now this. police in california apparently on paul patrol. rescues a german shepherd from 12-foot deep home at. the top name willie felt while playing with his older. officers and local firefighters joined up for the rescue. at the 55-pound green sea turtl is getting a new fees on life going back to the ocean after getting treatment for benign tumors on its flippers. the video shows the crowd gathering to send off the creature, fittingly on earth day
9:27 pm
. and a great life version of jaw playing out a must really yet except except thankfully no one was hurt after a massive great white sharks circled a fishing family's boat for over an hour, even chopping up the motor. the 14-foot or whatever they caught afterwards the owner of the boat said although it was scary, it was the best part of the weekend. if you have any viral videos to share, hit us up at "fox news a night" and social media. >> president biden is hitting florida republicans tonight for stripping the walt disney company up its special tax status. the move is part of the feud between disney and governor run to saint this over new educatio law. correspondent bill keady shows us tonight from miami. >> ron desantis from south florida today signing the stopped will act in into wall
9:28 pm
contending race theory and anti disney bill, taking what its self-governing status. the stripping of its power was led by tuesday desantis after disney out to fight in court th parental rights in education la known by as that don't state gave the ball which prohibits teachers from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with children between kindergarten and third grade. >> i'm just thinking to myself, your corporation based in burbank, california company, marshall or economic might to attack the parents up by state. be viewed that as a provocation and we are going to fight back against that. >> still no public response fro disney by president biden is right in saying off-camera respects conservatives. there's nothing conservative about deciding you're going to throw disney out of his president posture because micke mouse it up you put the say, yo know, day.
9:29 pm
the district was recently created in 19 chernihiv to brin chernihiv 67 to print disney world florida and all the sales tax dollars. it works like a small, managing of roads and permits and emergency services. they won't be picked up by ozil and orange counties where the mayor says this will be catastrophic for orlando area taxpayers. the fortified is also -- the democratic are tweeting tha florida is a socialist attacks on the private sector are driving businesses away. colorado we don't meddle into pairs of companies like disney or twitter. hey, disney, we are pretty for mountain distant land. >> they point out that the company is expanding operations in communist and lucrative china . homosexual are like tea and borodyanka he deems in the desires officially frowned upon. thanks very much. coming up, the latest on the wa in ukraine. we will take there live next.
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the so-called next phase of russia's war on ukraine as the southern strategy focused on creating a land bridge from mainland russia to the crimean peninsula. let's get the latest on the ground in ukraine tonight from matt then, live banned levine. -- live in lviv. they're saying that russia does want to take full control of eastern ukraine across the southern coast all the way, redrawing the order from donbas grading a land bridge into
9:36 pm
southern ukraine. also sparking fears that they could be the next to be invaded by russia. >> the russian invasion of christmas on the intended as beginning. then they point to capture the countries. of course we will defend ourselves is necessary to break the ambition of the russian federation but all nations that like us, believe in the victory of life over depth must fight with us. >> and in the southern city of mariupol, new set of satellites shows a second location of mass graves. that accused russians of bearin up to 9,000 people to hide thei for crimes. mariupol has been reduced to a smoking rubble and there is tha the ongoing standoff with the russians. an estimated 2,000 screaming an reads and women and children hiding out in the back of a steal plant in sun using
9:37 pm
underground tunnels, starving t depth. vladimir. that it'll barricaded the plant forcing big ukrainians to slow surrender or die. and money and resources are tightened some families are bearing loved ones in court yards. >> people are sitting in basements. that district is being shelled. cars are all burned in a courtyard. people are being killed near a fire. people walking their dogs kille by scrap metal. >> and tomorrow is orthodox easter. a priest will be blessed easter baskets and president polansky is -- presence presents a landscape o not agree to a cease-fire befor the holiday. >> so well promise promised jus -left-curly-bracket making it t the hands of ukrainian soldiers in time. the spring and lieutenant
9:38 pm
colonel daniel davis to talk about that. good evening, to you. >> let's start here. take a look at the latest grouping of american munitions heading to ukraine. another part 45,000 artillery rounds, 72 tactical vehicles to toe the howitzers, or over one at 25 tactical unmanned aerial systems and field equipment and spare parts. what sticks out to you on the list? >> it is not an egg significant number. the 72 howitzers along with the 18 that were promised a week or so ago. that is a decent number. if to put in context before we get the idea that is going to b decisive on the battlefield. this whole front is 300 miles long. these howitzers have a range of about 24 kilometers are 17 or s
9:39 pm
miles, you said you conceit is going to affect only one small portion of that entire front. so it's not going to be decisiv but it's not insignificant if they use it at the most critica point. that is the biggest attack on the russian site is rocket launchers. anything that you can use from -- issued back at the russian artillery is going to be useful. >> this came up at the pentagon earlier this week. a question of what you ebionite that should've just thrown everything the hatter could provide to ukraine as it could in the beginning of this invasion or whether these more tailored weapons are better served forth that ukraine military. what do you think? >> i think that we just have to admit that nobody feels like they scheduled an invasion that everybody can make plans for. everybody hopes the threat of the sanctions were prevented from happening.
9:40 pm
you can't assume because these things take a long time. is going to take multiple? if not months for some of these potential shipments that other countries like britain and others have brought think that the area, which they say they be . is taken months to get in because of the transportation and preparation. this is a training component. he just kept forecast that. so i think that is an unrealistic complaint. it would be great if it would have. that are hot it can happen. >> what about the end of this ukraine -- analog you think you can look a the slapped slab the first 60 days. the first problem was the russians had a really terrible strategic plan with the stop their forces into four components and split them into even spots but they were small and every one of the areas.
9:41 pm
especially keep back, as you know because of all the cash an he said they suffered in there. they had hundreds of kilometers of supply line. now that they are focusing on the donbas area, it's all secured on there. on the side of that front, the ukraine have long -- and almost refers to it started and russia can contradict that' supply line. they have long range missiles and airstrikes with with long-range artillery. is having a pretty good impact so the big problem for ukraine, brinkley. >> what you think about all thi talk to your hearing about the potential of moving on to moldova after this. thank you great question is snoop and settled yet. is that something we should be taking seriously? >> i think my guess is just and in the -- ploy. if they are upset and aspiratio
9:42 pm
who belonged to do that but it is going to say. everything that they had to be able to take donbas. and it does that arise that russia can do that but it will come at great cost and they wil be a spent force and they're going to take this over a substantial period of time off afterwards of the going to thin about going anywhere beyond donbas, which has a million people. you're going to have another hundred. that is -- eight the that rush is that going depth that many troops. >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> a love of a drinker trying t squeeze country time because they are shortchanging customer with their summer drink mix. ther to your new home - across town or across the country.
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist.
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1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. there is a new twist and the mike tyson tale tonight. it turns out the man who was recorded talking and then getting fault by the legend don tmc sports video on a jetblue plane wednesday has a long criminal record. jonathan holland is taking a look tonight. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, rich.
9:48 pm
fraud, threat, trafficking stolen property, just a handful of the long and varied criminal record of melvin pounds in the third. the 36-year-old who is, according to his lawyers them a big mike tyson fan and he apparently got a little over excited when seeing the former world heavyweight champ on a plane as seen in this video obtained by tmc sports. >> for salt up annoying mike tyson and according to tyson's players, throwing a water bottl at demand was arguably the hardest punch ever see them boxing is this. mike, mike, hold on. >> he now has the learned to cope with his cuts and bruises. that lawyer telling us today that it tyson was annoyed, the boxer could simply have contacted the flight attendant. the letter also said that he di
9:49 pm
like throwing a water bottle prior to being struck by mr. tyson and restate the obvious is one of the greatest players of all-time, mr. tyson should exercise radio for straight before using his hands on an overly excited i am. i should point out that a half our own history with mike tyson. he defendable up might year whe he the fox studios but he didn' take a real bite like to get holyfield back in the 1990 -- 1990s. preps he was a teddy bear because i was too intimidating to the scariest man at for to b in the boxing ring. i'll ask him. or maybe not. >> jonathan, thank you. glad you still have that beer.
9:50 pm
>> it is another case of the plaintiff alleging he is not getting what he paid for. in that court tonight, robinson from alabama filed a lawsuit against kraft hines argued that the food making giant country time lemonade canisters purport to make 8 quarts of lemonade bu actually only makes six. the suit also claims of the company has fueled a major marketing campaign to falsely portrayed this. let's start an argument with th talking fence podcast hosts herald equipment and legal founding -- founder and manager brian patella. thanks for joining us. let's go to this. this is the plaintiff's claim, craft hines statement properly displayed on the label are untrue, misleading for consumer because the canisters do not contain a powdered drink mix to make 8 quarts of lemonade or
9:51 pm
pink lemonade using the line. i will start with you. i guess you think this is legitimate, according to our rules. >> it is. that said you went to a restaurant and you for your 16 people and you ordered 8 quarts of lemonade. they shot up a six and that the charged you for eight. you would be upset about a law to hold their feet to the fire. that is what happens here. a guy does not have a heavy port . he did exactly what they said. he said use use this cap and yo take it off a few pellets of th lineman you put in water. guess what, you do that and you make six courts. this is a class action. he did not another. to be deceived. in court six courts is that the end of the world but happens again and again and again and they are lying about it. >> that is a pretty good argument. it is all about volume here. you can use is over and over again and you were talking
9:52 pm
several powdered mix volume. what about it. >> harry, great to see you again . 210 lawsuits were filed in 2020 against food and beverage companies of which 110 were actually these types of false and misleading claims. i think we have great news tonight or probably not so grea news. that trial or has developed ambulance chaser to a grocery store chaser. that's the breaking news. five i think that? welcome at this gentleman who filed this lawsuit put in his complaint that one of the primary basis reason for this was because when he tasted the lemonade, it tasted diluted. is his expert going to be one o the little rascals? we are talking about 8 quarts compared to 6 quarts. >> it felt like 11 i think it's
9:53 pm
going to get thrown out. out think a a reasonable consumer will five is be confusing. i think it's a loser. >> what about that? maybe he just likes his lemonad more concentrated. >> but he doesn't. that is the whole point. they go exactly to what they tell them they want him to and he is not a guy who just likes more powder in there. he is doing tests, as i said. it's not the case of the centur but it is a line and it plays out again and again and again. it are tbe courts, that six courts. >> house is going to work flex. >> the bottom line, they give and take some of the powder for tastes. this gentleman's problem was a felt like it was diluted when h
9:54 pm
was tasting the lemonade. take a little power here or there. do we really for folks to have to go to jury duty in alabama for a case like this? i don't think so. out of the anybody wants to sit through this on the website. it was 8.875. think this is the case that shouldn't have gone to court. >> i think they will have to mail every one of them one extr scoop. that is your compromise. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> some good news before we say good night, a woman on a missio to set a world record by completing 102 marathons in 102 days. the african made it is not your average runner. she's running only one real leg preacher loss one part of her like below her knee due to a rare cancer. she just finished the boston
9:55 pm
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