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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 23, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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i feel way better than i did before. i don't sit down in life anymore. ♪ ♪. eric: assault on you drink during its 59 the day were just learning moments ago, according to ukrainian president zelenskyy he won't meet and kyiv u.s. secretary state entity at blinken. that is scheduled for tomorrow in ukraine's capitol for this of course it follows that visit by prime minister boris johnson. president zelenskyy has invited president biden to visit him in kyiv which be a huge and major
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stand of solidarity with ukrainian people. but for now, tomorrow he'll be visited by the secretary of state and by the secretary of defense for lot more on that in just a moment. but first a tragic update from the southern border that search for a missing texas national guard soldier is now a recovery mission but we are told he never surfaced yesterday. after heroically diving into the russian current of the rio grande river to rescue illegal immigrants were struggling to cross into our country from mexico across the other side. hello everyone welcome to fox to slide by eric shawn, hi arthel. arthel: hello everyone i am arthel neville by the crisis of the southern border continues with no end in sight. latest numbers from customs and border protection show agents encountered more than 221,000 migrants trying to cross illegally last month. that is the most since 2000 and pray those numbers are expected to go even higher if president biden forges ahead with his plan
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to repeal title 42 next month the trump era health policy put pandemic restrictions on asylum-seekers but as midterms approached, more and more democrats for reporting republicans distract democrats to oppose the end of title 42. >> this is not good for democrats in november. you're talking to some republican colleagues to say we cannot believe the white house is giving us this narrative. >> a fox news team coverage from the white house to the southern border but first were going to go to bill he is live in eagle pass, texas, bill. >> arthel good afternoon to you. we just moments ago got a new update on that missing texas national guard soldier of the texas military department putting out a statement saying texas rangers have determined the two migrants the soldier was trying to save in the river yesterday were involved in drug smuggling at the time of this
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incident. that soldier disappeared more than 24 hours ago after jumping into the water to try to save those two migrants who again texas rangers have determined were smuggling drugs when this happens. that soldier has not been seen again. that soldier is now presumed to have drowned, presumed to have died even though they've not found that body it has been so long. as you look at scene video here keep in mind this is prep and 8:30 a.m. yesterday morning we originally told he jumped into save it migrants who were struggling in the water. but this latest statement does say these and migrants were involved in drug smuggling as they were coming across the river. that soldier never resurfaced. border patrol and state resources have been out on the river all day long since yesterday for their out there again today with boats trying to find the soldiers body to no avail so far but they did find his body armor. they did find a walkie-talkie they did find his cell phone before he jumped in but that soldier is still missing right now. were told those two migrants are
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a border patrol custody right now they are in federal custody parade they both survived that once a soldier tried to save on foresight does not le that soldier survived. we are told his family has been notified. in the meantime river crossings continue for take a look at this video we just shot in eagle pass a short time ago. broad daylight as mexican police watch on the other side with these crossings have been happening nonstop today the rivers running much lower in this area. you can see the waters only going up to their knees in some areas. the mayor of a nearby town to this area said situation is completely out of control and the administration's lost control of their own border, take a listen. >> this administration doesn't listen to any concerns of any communities on this border. they fall on deaf ears and we complain or try to to them it is sad. >> and again, back out here live just want to reiterate this brand-new update we have from the texas military department, the two illegal immigrants that
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this texas national guardsmen was trying to save yesterday before drowning were apparently involved in drug smuggling. just a horrible situation all around. the state of texas says are not going to stop searching for that soldier or they will not stop searching until they find a spot he send it back to you. arthel: it's horrible all around, bill melugin at the border. eric: the news national texas guard member drowned trying to save those alleged drug runners for another stunning are minors what critics they are the failures in the biden ministration border policy. that could be an issue effecting november's midterm elections. lucas tomlinson at the white house with the very latest on that, lucas. >> eric, many lawmakers and forces of the lark >> team migrants surge this summer ahead of the midterms the presence of dhs secretary said he has a plan to handle them, apparently not everyone is seen that plan. >> if we are going to cancel
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title 42 have an effective strategy in place so we don't see this mass flow of immigrants coming across. also work with other multiple partners as well and work with congressional partners. >> dozens of democrats including many in tight races this while urging the white house to keep title 42 employs the trump era health measure those barred nearly 2 million migrants in coming to the u.s. since the height of the pandemic two years ago. group a bipartisan senators choose the bill to delay lifting title 42 for 60 days. the biden ministration plans to repeal it next month by the presence on dhs secretary has reportedly told members of congress he is also concerned about the administration repealing title 42, here's one democratic lawmaker sharing that concern. >> the administration is handing over a perfect and narrative for republicans go after democrats in november. and they just don't understand why that's being handed over to the republicans this narrative of open borders dump the
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southern area. >> the president will host a congressional hispanic caucus here at the white house on monday per the plan to discuss immigration and of course title 42, eric. eric: art lucas at the white house thanks so much. amy: right now are going to bring in someone who's community is directly affected by all this, the mayor of rio grande, texas broodmare if i could i want to start this horrible and devastating news of the texas national guard soldier who died friday while attempting to rescue migrants in the river. i mean this highlights the danger texas national guard and border patrol agents face will trying to handle this a massive influx of migrants, doesn't it mayor? >> good afternoon and thank you for having me on your program. and yes, our prayers are with that family, it is just incredible we are at this position this is a constant reminder of the perilous journey
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and what they can do. thousands of people have died in that rio grande river. but our prayers to the family of that fallen soldier the five of course of course free. >> it's one of the things in a keep saying this, keep this in mind. it is a mistake at this point to end title 42 because it will create a massive influx of immigrants. without a doubt it's going to happen. party seen those numbers. now to be fair to the president as well, keep this in mind title 42 is a public health order and it cannot be a permanent solution to this border crisis border situation. arthel: if i may jump in here i think the criticism is that no one is expecting at this juncture to be in place forever. but they are hoping it can be extended for a while especially as we are approaching summer
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months on the border surge is just going to increase but i wanted to ask you, if you been in touch with d.c.? do you think the biden in ministration will change course and keep title 42 in place question rector think that will happen at least until the end of the year we can revisit it at that point? >> at this time there is no indication they will go in a different direction regarding their plans to end title 42 but however i'm still hopeful because many individuals being impacted by the current circumstances are voicing their opinion we must continue to reiterate that message because the fact is we will have an influx of immigrants we have already seen it by the way we are seeing groups of 100 -- 200 -- 500 pretty already seen it. we can only anticipate. we are embracing by the way, we are embracing as best as we can for this influx of immigrants they will be coming to our shores. and to our border.
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arthel: in if i may, how are you planning to embrace? what is the biggest threat or challenge facing rio grande city and its residents? ask it isn't manpower safety, security, manpower having resources with us providing food or shelter or busing out of the communities as well. and security as well you have individuals example that might have medical situations and our medical community will be impacted as well. we are looking at all these resources we must provide we absolutely cannot say i am equipped to have resources necessary for 10,000 people come into our port of entry or through our community here the point is we need to address it. but we haven't and we have the solution here's the point we have the solution. [inaudible] the majority of americans for
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example agreed we have a broken immigration system and yet we refused to address separate immigration reform done right will benefit the american people without a doubt. looking at the components of immigration as a whole for border security immigration are silent laws you look at the u.s. bureau of labor statistics we already have a labor shortage in ten years from day went up 11.9 million new jobs at the same time how do we address immigration and address our workforce shortage as well? is it possible? absolutely. but we need to take a look at how immigration can benefit our nation and the fact is this, people the world over still believe our nation is the land of opportunity, the land of hope and prosperity but as long as the american dream is alive and well immigration, as it has throughout our history will remain embedded in the fabric of our nation. arthel: if i may jump in here as
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well, think you are right the americans who support immigration reform, they support migrants coming in the legal way. let me show you a statistic just in march, last month there were 14167 border encounters with unaccompanied children. that is an 18% jump in one month. so finally i ask you, how does this compound the problem? >> oh well, going back to the point to use an analogy, we have a water leak. and instead of repairing the water leak we just keep bringing in mops to clean up the mess. at the end we do not address the two problems which is this whole concept of immigration reform. arthel: i'm sorry just short on time and i want to get your reaction, do you think congress on this? they have the ones that have to pass the laws ultimately. >> absolutely. in fact i just came from a
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meeting where was here earlier today in fact he will address some of these issues because our communities are suffering and they will continue to suffer. the point is we all agreed we have a broken immigration system. but yet we refuse to address it. we have not even touch this whole concept of immigration because we need to resolve it at the core of it and we haven't. so right now, yes we continue to deal with the symptom of it and the symptom are for going to continue to have people come over because they do believe in the american dream. which by the way it is a great dream too but as you mentioned early it's gotta be done legally it's gotta be done strategically at and the best interest of our country. and satisfy also the needs of our country. by all means we have to look at it how do we solve this? at the same time address the needs of our country because as i mentioned earlier, immigration reform done right will benefit
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the american people without a doubt. arthel: if it is done right all right mayor villarreal i appreciate your time as always we appreciate your time i'll see you again thank you very much mayor take care. before he wanted present biden to visit but president zelenskyy said the top two officials -- make two of the top ones will visit to margaret secretary of state inc. antony blinken and lloyd austin no confirmation from the state department for coming up what that means in the state of the war as it continues vladimir putin trying to kill as many ukrainians as he can. how can the west stop him? ♪ for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ on ancestry i discovered more about my
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arthel: been a major press, told earlier today at ukrainian president zelenskyy said he will meet with defense secretary lloyd austin secretary of state antony blinken tomorrow in kyiv. meanwhile russia reportedly tried to storm a steel plant for thousands of civilians and ukrainian soldiers are holding out seeking shelter there let's go to griffin jenkins he's live
11:19 am
in kyiv lots of news coming out of ukraine today what more can you tell us? quickset is right arthel that's recall making news at your own press conference. readjustment monitoring carried a little bit live in the last hour pretty certainly made news announcing that blinken and awesome would be coming to me of him to marshall point out correctly neither the state department nor the department of defense or white houses commenting on that. zelenskyy by the way, very emotional in that press conference. at one point talking about the recent strikes in the southern city, of odesa. talk about it infant, very, very powerful stuff. the amount let's take a look at the latest videos coming out of mariupol the situation they're very dire as the last defenders of mariupol trapped in that steel plant with his siblings i spoke with the commander in charge of the marines at the
11:20 am
steel plant he said he's got some 500 soldiers injured and many civilians that need to be evacuated. the news of odesa getting hit as well, that has not been struck on hard to pray spoke with the member of parliament about that. he is a devastated to know his residence have been killed there. it is signifying more that indeed the russian forces monopoly head to the eastern donbas. it's between mariupol and odesa we spoke to the mayor there that it may be the next mary (check mariupol listen. >> we spoke every day they use psalms they kill i ask all of the people who still live in the city to leave the city. >> meanwhile, arthel, here are
11:21 am
the weapons currently on their way over there pretty see artillery rounds, tactical vehicles and ghosted drones. will that be enough question maturely at this meeting will take place zelenskyy will plead with them blinken and austin for many more weapons than that. we had a chance to sit down with zelenskyy chief of staff he said they need more because the stakes are larger than just ukraine's future, listen. >> one of the greatest nations, greatest countries can do everything to help a another heroic nation to win and to stop the war it is not just war in ukraine. it is the war against democracy. it is the war for the freedom.
11:22 am
>> and arthel, told me he also wants the u.s. to designate the russian federation, putin's government as a state sponsor of terror you can bet at this meeting does indeed happen that will be on the table as well, arthel. arthel: every time you and others report and show the pictures of all the devastation i keep saying the suggested not have to happen, seems so senseless. >> it sure is the ukrainian people certainly feel that more than anybody on day 59 of this invasion but i've got to tell you, arthel, their resolve is hardened and their unity is strong here as they get ready for what is going to be at least an eastern donbas. arthel: gloried to ukraine. groupthink and thanks for that life report in kyiv thank you. >> president zelenskyy is calling for president biden to
11:23 am
visit ukraine justice prime minister boris johnson did a couple of weeks ago. and on this program "fox news live" a few weeks so ukrainian member of parliament also invited president biden to kyiv. the secretary of state and the secretary of defense going tomorrow according to mr. zelenskyy, they will bring a message of solidarity but does it mean more jim walsh is with us security expert to mit for the security studies program there, jim always good to see you. >> good to see you eric. >> of course will visit not yet confirmed by the state department president zelenskyy says so the visit by blinken and austin tomorrow, could that mean will that mean more than a photo up? >> typically when you have visits in this context if you go back and read the archives and presidential libraries you will see visits are accompanied by announcements. in this case to be announcements of more support. now congress, i believe just
11:24 am
approved $800 million in new weapons aid package for ukraine. but there are things the executive can do on its own i would be surprised if the secretary of defense or secretary of state did not use this opportunity to symbolize u.s. support for ukraine by making some new announcements. so far we've already announced the howitzers going in the phoenix ago sick and go over and drop a bomb and more than that the heavy artillery is going in. do you think it will be fast enough? and as you say you think there could be more announcements of more equipment? >> yes i think weapons are one factor in this equation. it's number of soldiers you have, how will train the soldiers are? are you at a geographic advantage or disadvantage? do you have enough weapons? do you have an upper resupply on. morale of it so the ukrainian
11:25 am
morale is much higher than the russian morale. weapons is a big piece of it is not the only piece of it. i think the question you raise with president biden visit at some point, i think one thing to keep in mind as this war is probably going to go on for a while. and so there is got to be a pacing to it as well. before we saw overnight to cruise missiles, russian missiles hit odesa. putin is moving west he's got mariupol, odesa and they're saying putin was a goblet moreover more of europe. there is a russian enclave called 1500 russian troops there for tell me what you think is in putin's mind and why he's not stopping? >> have been wrong a couple of times about putin's mind. but it may be that the map tells the story. good old geography from grade school you pull up that map on google maps you start at belarus
11:26 am
in the north for you draw a line straight south you will go through ukraine, southern ukraine, and then mold ova. it may very well be there's always sort of three scenarios they talked about prior to the invasion grabbing a slice, setting up a land bridge which is basically what it looks like now from the south through the donbas. scenic they started with the first one they might be settling for the land bridge things. if i was in i would be preparing for the possibility of conflict. >> finally the russians have suffered such losses but let me fold pull up a swedish analyst said the russians have lost for example, how far and how long can putin continue to do this? says have about 170 tactical
11:27 am
groups 120 of those deployed to ukraine. seventy-six from ukraine now they have lost 54 tactical groups but russia's last about a third of the conventional forces. do they have the ability to continue? at what point does it become a stalemate perhaps or at least we hope ukraine wins? >> that is a great question. first i am thrilled he's lost a third of its conventional forces if that's true bird one of our main objective should make this as costly as possible for russia's military both because of a scene as a loss and because it will reduce their capability of going forward. these losses, there is a race here. i do not know how putin is going to bed. on the one hand he has to get in his mind a victory here because it's so far there is no victory to show the russian people or to anyone for that matter.
11:28 am
he's going to be paying for this for a long time he probably feels like he has to come up with something to show. but the problem is the longer it goes on the more costly it becomes the more difficult it is for him to attain that. so what is he doing question work is to speed up the process. but when he speeds up the process those losses, those military casualties, the deaths, the maiming, when you speed up the tempo of war those are going to increase given their own internal problems. it's he's really sort of caught in a dilemma by the longer this takes, the worse for the faster it goes the more costly becomes to his military break. >> he is taking the winds he's lying about to his people back home. jim walsh, always good to see you. certainly get you back as always, thank you for your analysis, as always. you have just ahead but learning more about the horrific murder of a mom and new york city. police say the suspect who confessed to stabbing her more than 50 times was living here
11:29 am
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arthel: welcome back pain right now click on it some other stories we are following through multiple republicans standing by hausman or liebert kevin mccarthy after the "new york times" published leaked audio from the days after the january 6 attack on the capitol. in the recording mccarthy told house republican leadership that he had quote had it with former president trump and would suggest he would resign. mccarthy had denied making such comment. florida governor desantis yesterday setting a new law stripping walt disney world of self-governing status it has enjoyed for 55 years. this after disney criticized the parental rights bill the governor recently signed. the federal aviation administration is taking the blame thing it failed to warn capitol police about a parachute
11:34 am
jump at the washington nationals baseball park this week. the surprise bite in the heavily restricted airspace led to a security alert and evacuation of the capitol building. eric: we are learning more about the suspect in the gruesome murder of a 51 year old new york city mother. police say that she was trying to end an affair with him. he was her handyman. cops that he has confessed to stabbing her dozens of times that the murder suspect he is in our country illegally. nate foy with more. >> good afternoon for the accused killer 44-year-old david is being held without bail at queen central booking right now. u.s. immigration officials have filed a detainer which could facilitate his deportation if you were ever to be released. police say the handyman turned on and off again lover over a period of two years turned accused killer of the mary
11:35 am
mother's caught on surveillance video here shortly after the attack. fox first lived of the possible illegal status of this nypd press conference. >> we believe he arrived here proximally 21 years ago. we believe he came from mexico. >> was he in a legal resident here? >> were not going to get into that. >> now we know he is here illegally. the detainer followed by ice will ensure they take custody of him if you were ever to be released for a no ice would not speak specifically but did provide a statement to fox news that reads quote, ice focuses its civil immigration enforcement priorities on the apprehension and removal of noncitizens who pose a threat to our national security, public safety and border security. police say he stabbed her nearly 60 times with a kitchen knife from her own home. his 13-year-old son was on the third floor while the attack happened in the basement. said he left behind a bloodied
11:36 am
jacket as well as the murder weapon. he is facing charges of murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of a weapon he's due back in court this tuesday, will send it back to you eric. eric: what a tragedy nay thank you. arthel: people in los angeles county must once again mask up on public transportation and indoor transit hubs. the rule was reinstated yesterday and goes beyond state guidelines and a new federal ruling it is leaving travelers quite confused. rosina coleman is live in los angeles with details, hi christina. >> hi arthel. mass corn was optional for writers using l.a. county metro system as of tuesday. but as of yesterday commuters who use public transit in l.a. county will required to mask up once again for it l.a. a new public health order that started friday at 12:00 a.m. which requires everyone h2 at older older regardless of their vaccination status to mask up on all public transit and in
11:37 am
transportation hubs including airports and subway stations confusing some passengers. >> the thing i don't like it is the flip-flop. get on one side or the other. it is confusing and i don't agree with that. >> so come if you're passing through lax you are required to wear a mask at the airport per l.a. county rules. but you do not have to wear a mask on the plane. during a teleconference l.a. county health director said masking up a still needed locally on public transit due to elevated covid transmissions. >> while they would be much preferable to have the cdc had previously mandated a requirement that covers the entire country until the legal challenges are addressed it is important local jurisdictions take direction from the cdc on what measures are needed to protect the public health. >> the d.o.j. announced it will appeal the judge's ruling that
11:38 am
struck down the national mask mandate for public transit on monday. today on fox news doctor anthony fauci told neil collude with the decision should be left up to the cdc. >> this is a public health decision. i think it is a bad precedent when decisions about public health issues are made by people, be they judges or what have you that don't have experience or expertise in public health. >> also, as of now writers in new york, massachusetts and wisconsin are also required to mask up in a number of public transit settings per the local public health guidance, arthel. arthel: bent on the plane most do not have to wear the mask but if you want to you can still wear your mask. so they are, i will just keep mine on. [laughter] just make it easy. >> there you go. [laughter] christina coleman thank you. eric. eric: the united nations is reporting that more than
11:39 am
11 million ukrainians have fled their home since the war began. fox news found in many hadley part of their family behind. we will show you that coming up. plus fox station reporting on the disappearance of teamsters president jimmy hoffa that's claimed he's buried in new jersey but up next in veteran crime journalist scott bernstein is here and what he thanks happen to hoffa. if you would to catch up on all of our programs just watch riddle the search for james r hoffman streaming now on our streaming service vaccination. ♪ ♪simply irresistible♪ applebee's irresist-a-bowls are back. now starting at $8.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program. with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket
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11:44 am
jeff up all these story from lviv, ukraine. >> they are the forgotten casualties often the afterthought of this war. these in dogs and cats in lviv, ukraine are the lucky ones. >> difficult situation. there's a bomb they're shooting for. >> until he helps run this wildlife refuge termed animal rescue bridges never been so busy. some are dropped off, others or pull from war-torn areas left behind by their families, left on their own, left to fend for themselves. >> people ask about help and animals cannot do this without people for. >> it is a tough choice and his family scott at the crossfire are facing a decision to tell is trying to understand. >> people think okay, i have two children and to pet what i must do is a quite different
11:45 am
situation and i cannot tell them you are a bad guy because you do this for. >> each of these dogs has a story of survival, a family they've been separated from her like the millions of people here in ukraine have been forced to flee their home, they to find themselves in a similar situation as a victim of this war. victor traveled from spain he could not sit by and watch anymore. >> your family needs to eat the lesson and feeding his dogs were. >> he and his partners have been driving some the hard hardest hit cities risking their lives in search of abandonment injured pets they often fill their jeep to the brim bringing dogs and cats to a safer place for. >> you have to think here and you have to think for what you are going there, for saving animals for. >> what keeps victor and many others it rescues like this from giving up, i hope these four-legged creatures will soon find a new home, a new family, a new beginning away from the war.
11:46 am
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11:50 am
59 against the russian invasion. president zelenskyy said defense secretary austin secretary of state blinken will meet with him tomorrow in kyiv are still waiting for confirmation from the state and defense department. >> now to our exclusive investigation of what happened to jimmy hoffa. vaccination series riddle the search for james r hoffa has been running down leads observers expect a new dig by the fbi at a spot in new jersey soon. we reported about that spot it's under the elevated in jersey city or look at there. claimed hoffa was a buried vaccination ground penetrating radar survey of the site we found buried metal like could have hoffa's remains noted the crime journalist authors the answers to his fate may not be
11:51 am
there it stayed in the midwest. >> the entire saga of jimmy hoffa the rise and the fall, it all begins and ends in detroit. i think that sometimes gets lost in the narrative you have this giant east coast bias when you're tired but anything organized crime related pickwick scott bernstein hosted the gang's report podcast joins us now from detroit. scott good to see you. >> was supported by web magazine for. >> might mistake original gangster podcast as well as you note these stories you have covered them in michigan as you know. what you think we could expect in new jersey? >> is going to be quite the three ring circus i am certain. these kind of take on a life of their own at least they have in last 20 -- 25 years since i have been following them. in detroit at least the last
11:52 am
sample of digs becomes almost a tailgate for a football game. got people bringing their coolers, their stereos, their lawn chairs and camping outside hoping to see a piece of history happened in front of them for. >> in this case they won't be able to you're looking at the site that site is behind the interstate wastes a company that had nothing to do with this break under the pulaski skyway. used to be the dump which was a mob connected dump. that was owned by phil brother scotto a mobster. and a businessman. his son frank claims it was his father who buried hoffa in a barrel frank's brother junior is watching fox news when date reporting on this and that is how it became public. he lives in florida and the tampa bay area everyone's on pins and needles waiting for
11:53 am
this, but he think the are hoffa is buried in new jersey and not something happened to him in detroit? >> i will put out 50/50. really the only reason i give it 50% validity is because of dan and a lot of this is coming from brings us back to the former site of the landfill where the feds were in the subsequent after hoffa disappeared in july of 1975 the feds were searching that pj p property and now 47 years later we are back looking at the property again. it's very intriguing and i am very excited to see what happens. just like everyone else is. >> i was a betting man i would say are not wind by jimmy hoffa. there's a chance to find a body
11:54 am
there that's not jimmy hoffa. the detroit mob had a phd in gangland homicide which is why they were tasked with this mega responsibility for they pulled off the perfect murder and they got rid of the body, i believe the body was most likely incinerated within a half hour of him being murdered. the crime family had access to almost half a dozen incinerators at various sanitation companies, funeral homes, cemeteries, crematorium's. one of those burned down in a suspicious arson fire before the fbi could get a search warrant in there. a lot of the guys that own those companies were the people the fbi puts directly into the conspiracy. eric: at dan as you mentioned was working with the sick on exclusive for years. this has been something that is been in the american psyche for so long. what you think is going to happen when the fbi digs?
11:55 am
>> whether it's coming from dan or whoever it is coming from, we have been able to i'm not going to say that to disrespect dan. dan is the godfather on this dan kind of brought us here. you guys obviously helped along the way. the last tip was the tip where they dug into 2015 pretty have to run this up the flagpole and see if it flies. again if i made betting man i don't think they are going to find anything. i find it a bit of a stretch to think the detroit mob would need to send his body to new jersey to bury. think it's giving as i said in the clip from the series i think it's giving the new jersey mob detroit talked to a lot of it mobster some i believe were
11:56 am
involved in this they said it is offensive and frankly they would have to have someone come into their city and handle their own housecleaning. what comes to the sharing theory and think we need some drunk irish union boss coming to detroit to handle our business? >> we are up against the clock. we've got to thank paul could poll a junior for alerting us all about this. if it were not for him watching fox news this would not have fox news this would not have happened. good to see you, will be right back ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ozempic® is proven to lower a1c. most people who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. and you may lose weight. adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. in adults also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events
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>> we are going to take a break. eric and i will back at 4:00 p.m. eastern in one hour the journal editorial report is up next. we hope to see you in an hour. eric: see you then. ♪ ♪ ♪. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. democrats facing an uphill battle to retain control of congress this november as a brand-new poll shows depths of voter dissatisfaction with the country is increasing buried presidents of biden handling of the economy is down. just released harris bullfighting that just the third of voters think the countries on the right track progress 60% saying inflation is a very serious issue right now


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