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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 23, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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candidates will have to negotiate over who gets to ask what, when and where. >> if you have your own hit or miss, tweet us at jer on s and c. that's it for this week's show things to my panel and all of you for watching. i hope to see you here next week. ♪♪ >> an announcement from ukraine's president zelenskyy say tomorrow his capitol city with secretary of state antony blinken and secretary of defense lloyd austin. hello and welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live, i am arthel neville. >> thank you for joining us, i am eric shawn. the white house has yet to confirm those officials but the first trip, the biden cabinet since russia invaded ukraine 59 days ago.
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several european leaders including british prime minister boris johnson have already visited ukraine. the show of support would, putin's forces on the ramping up attacks in mariupol. ukrainian officials say russia today tried to storm the plant where thousands of ukrainians where soldiers are still hold up, the last pocket. griff jenkins is live on the ground with the latest from their. >> good afternoon, president zelenskyy making a lot of news in the press conference hours ago. as you pointed out, neither the white house, pentagon or state department is confirming this visit but zelenskyy announcing tomorrow secretary of state defense, blinken and austin will visit here and one line stood out from zelenskyy we are working, to quote it, we will be
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waiting for the time it's safe enough for the president of the united states to come here. strong words from zelenskyy and added at the top of the list will discuss this list of weapons he needs in the timeframe for their delivery. let me show you a list of current weapons on the way here, you see it, 144,000 children, 72 vehicles and more than 121. also the situation in mariupol is simply dire is ukrainian officials are trying to storm the steel plant where the last of mariupol's defenders holding out despite putin's order to hold the attack russian missile strikes devastate the southern port of odesa that killed at least five including an infant. moscow indicates full control of southern ukraine in addition to
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the eastern donbas in this new phase in barking fears it could be the next mariupol, the mayor telling people now to get out. >> almost every day, they are using bombs that kill humans. i asked the people who still live in the cities to leave. >> as you pointed out, a lot of them have come here not just prime minister boris johnson but also a visit from the president of poland, and estonia so this is if it happens tomorrow and we will watch with highest delegation coming to the u.s. at a time when ukrainian officials say they need to support the most. eric: and on our program, the president visiting ukraine and
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perhaps he will. griff jenkins and kyiv for us, thanks. arthel: ukraine during up for different types of warfare with russia setting sites on complete control of the donbas region. u.s. defense officials have been sounding the alarm for weeks saying closer range combat could shift to long-range battles that rely on artillery and launch systems. moscow said the new goal is complete control of ukraine eastern and southern regions. we'll bring and colonel darrell of black hop international military strategist and cofounder of liberty. i'd start with what is the significance behind defense secretary austin and blinken to visit belinsky and kyiv tomorrow? >> i would say the first thing
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that came to mind was the security situation on the ground allows for them to travel into kyiv and be part of the discussions. thus the number one take away. arthel: i want to look as we continue, let's look at the next round of u.s. military vehicle artillery sent to ukraine, we'll have a list that includes over 700 switchblade tactical unmanned aerial systems, 90, 72 tactical vehicles to tow vehicles and 16 helicopters as well as hundreds of armored high mobility multipurpose vehicles. does ukraine have enough personnel will enough military, the right military equipment and access to the equipment to continue to hold back the russian forces?
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>> it seems like they do ultimately but one of the challenges in this list of the different weapons systems and talking to sources in ukraine, it's not just enough for these equipment to arrive. they come with logistics requirement, training requirement and a lot of these systems are western in origin and as simple as manual to use these systems as printed in question to be handed to ukraine, it adds challenges to their ability to employ them quickly in a conflict that doesn't change day today but changes fast enough to being asked to pull people off the front line in the east to be trained and push them back to the east to use them takes precious time and people from the fight is ongoing. our sources say that's one of the frustrations, inability to adapt western systems quickly
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into the conflict they have now. arthel: it is a hot war, there's no way around it. how do you negotiate that? >> the first thing is not stop. clearly there is no need to stop, there's opportunity to get into ukraine and learn and use them we need to keep doing that but we need to start thinking about how we can train or support ukrainians fight like ukrainians with equipment they are used to or than western systems. javelins and singers are easier to train on than others but when you get more complex systems with more requirements, it will take more time and we need to look at the equipment they are used to using. arthel: some would say why not send the best of the best, the
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equipment the u.s. has the best to offer? but you are saying it doesn't matter if they can get up to speed quickly enough to operate quickly. >> absolutely. one of my past jobs i trained 33 u.s. brigades to go overseas to fight multiple conflict zones and the training challenges for those people using systems that are american using manuals in english, it's still a tough thing to do, to put in this extra language barrier makes it even harder. arthel: i do see the complications of this already comforted war. i want to get your assessment of the current strategy to occupy mariupol will free up soldiers to fight elsewhere and create the land bridge with crimea. also to effectively landlocked ukraine which would cripple, if not deplete the nation's economy, what is the effect on that? do you think putin's war on ukraine could last to the end of
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next year we been hearing about? or are the russian troops capable? >> i don't think either country is capable of lasting even into this the way they are going right now. there could be a stalemate that could make it last longer, that's happened in the past and could happen here but it means they are really doing anything but i do believe this is a next level strategy to accept potentially what they always wanted, which is the land bridge from crimea to the donbas region. mariupol is a big deal but to move from mariupol to the odesa region is even bigger. you're basically landlocked in a country that requires a lot of trade. russia is successful in that, we need to look at other places where there are land bridges that connect russian people to russia mainland and consider putin could look at those as
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well. arthel: that's what president zelenskyy said, he will not stop here but i have to leave it here lieutenant colonel, thank you for joining us and we'll have you on again, thank you very much. ♪♪ >> back here at home, a tragic story from the southern border. a search for a national guard soldier is now a recovery mission. it appears the soldier has drowned. after heroically diving into the rio grande river to try to rescue to illegal immigrants struggling to cross into the united states from mexico. it turns out the two illegals are now identified as suspected drug smugglers. the border crisis continues with no apparent and insight. the latest numbers from the border patrol so agents encountered more than 221,000 migrants trying to cross illegally last month alone, the highest in more than two
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decades. bill melugin is live in eagle pass, texas with the latest from the. >> the latest update we have, it's now been over 30 hours since the texas national guard soldier jumped into the water in an effort to save illegal immigrants. we've just learned from the texas military department both of the illegal immigrants the soldier tried to save were in fact drug smugglers. if we can pull up this statement from the military department that reads, the service members selflessly attempted to help to migrants appearing to drowning from mexico into the united states. initial report determined that you migrants were involved in illicit narcotics trafficking. as you look at the video we shot a short time ago, the search is underway once again though as you mentioned, it's now a recovery mission, the soldier
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disappeared under the water more than 30 hours ago and never resurfaced again. this was about 8:30 a.m. yesterday when the soldier first jumped in. all they've found is his body armor, walkie-talkie and a cell phone near the river where he jumped into the water and we are told the soldier's family has been notified. he's still missing it is handled as a presumed drowning. we want to show you video we shot here in eagle pass earlier where in broad daylight, illegal crossings continue essentially nonstop. several struggle in the water struggling to swim across in the current over and over and 30 minute span, one man was yelling help, help and others who simply walked across when the water was shallow your and some were saying they were from cuba and they continue coming in from all over the world. the river has been remarkably dangerous. this week alone we seen migrants
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drowned, we seen bodies washed up on the mexican side of the river. the texas dps helicopter, mexican authorities helicopter over us right now scanning the river but it shows how dangerous it is, migrants are constantly drowning in the river and unfortunately it appears a national guard texas soldier is dead after he drowned in the river. eric: so tragic. bill, thanks. arthel: back here in our nation's capitol lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are trying to stop the biden administration from ending title 42 pandemic water restrictions. political fallout speeding up as border agents prepare for another surge of migrants. a new report from axios says homeland security echo's secretary alejandra mayorkas is privately telling lawmakers saying he's concerned about plans to lift title 42. lucas tomlinson is live at the
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white house with more. >> one mayor says the president will come down to visit the southern border, the press secretary will before she departs in the coming weeks. >> i think ms. psaki should come to the border and stay with these individuals who live along the border and see what they endure every day. they don't know who could come into the house were coming across their property. >> ken paxton sued the biden administration for lifting title 42 warning of the devastating flood of illegal migration. dozens of democrats including many urgent to take title 42 held in place. 2 million migrants coming to the u.s. at the head of the pandemic a few years ago. senators introduced a bill to lay lifting title 42 for 30 days. the biden administration's plan to appeal it next month. he's concerned about the administration repealing title
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42. >> the administration is sending over a perfect narrative for republicans to go after democrats in november. they don't understand why that's handed over to the republicans. in open borders in our southern area. >> the president will host a hispanic caucus at the white house monday and expects to discuss title 42 and immigration. a majority of the seats in the senate this fall in the midterms, according to washington post the white house is beefing up shots of the white house handling potential probes you would expect. arthel: lucas tomlinson live at the white house, thank you. eric: tear at the nation's capitol after a government with a sniper rifle randomly opened fire on people with their rifle. what's next in the investigation and why do we keep having these
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situations? that's in a moment when fox news live saturday continues. stay with us. ♪♪
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their learning more about the gruesome murder of the new york city. she was trying to, an affair
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with the handyman and he confessed to stabbing her dozens of times. the latest twist in the story police said the suspect, here's more on this. >> the video there, david remains in custody in queens today but ice officials are making sure he will be deported if ever released. ice launched a dictator which confirms his illegal status. police say the handyman turned on and off again lover over the period of two years turned accused killer of the mother caught on surveillance video of the night of the attack. fox news first learned of the possible illegal status during this press conference. >> we believe approximately 21 years ago and he believed he came from mexico. >> and illegal resident here? >> we are not going to get into his immigration status. >> he is here illegally we know now.
1:21 pm
he will taken into custody if he's ever released. ice speaks specifically about him but did say eyes focuses immigration enforcement priorities on the apprehension and removal of non- citizens who pose a threat to our national security, public safety and border safety. they had an affair ever since he started working for her family. the floor shop owner tells fox news digital, he often by a single red rose and brag about her being his girlfriend. 51-year-old mother of two was found stabbed nearly 60 times with that kitchen knife from her own home stuffed into hockey bag and left on the side of the road for neighbor to find while walking their dog. the 13-year-old son was on the third floor at the home. he left behind of jacket and the murder weapon. he's facing charges of murder, criminal tampering and criminal possession of weapon in due back in court tuesday.
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eric: thank you. arthel: meanwhile, shooting in the nation's capitol yesterday led to for people being hurt including a young child and former police officer. investigators say a sniper opened fire from an apartment building and targeted people randomly. the gunmen took his own life as officers closed in. alexandria hoff has more. >> to find the suspect, police say they used chaotic video posted online. that is not unusual but this one was taken from the shooters perspective. we do have that, a warning, this video is disturbing. investigators believe he captured the terror he was raining down on a neighborhood in d.c. yesterday. four people were shot at random including a 12-year-old girl, all are expected to survive and the second shooter is dead. >> we believe the suspect took his own life as pd members were
1:23 pm
entering or breaching the apartment where the suspect was located. >> identified the shooter as 23-year-old raymond spencer. he is listed as a person of interest earlier because an account appearing to belong to spencer put posted a video. they have not determined a motive at this time but did say once inside his apartment, they found a sniper style set up. >> the suspect apartment we recovered over 60 firearms including several long guns. multiple rounds of ammunition and handguns as well. >> witnesses reported hearing close to 100 shots fired, nearby apartment billings evacuated while other residents were told to shelter in place for hours. the washington post reports spencer left comments on a post including he was waiting on police to catch him and quote, dear god, please forgive me.
1:24 pm
arthel: thanks, alex. eric: these type of sniper incidences, our next guest has a lot of experience in our nation's capitol, former d.c. homicide detective, ted williams. that video is chilling. it looks like the video, they've got the guy across on a circle where he's shooting the suspect, what are your thoughts about this? >> this was chilling and we were very lucky here in washington d.c. yesterday when the sniper shot 100 grams, only injuring two or four people and those people are going to survive. when you dig into this individual, there is a common
1:25 pm
thread which is there is some form of mental illness. the mental illness, all of these guns the police talk about is a terribly dangerous concoction. eric: did they feel it's not real or they are trying to seek revenge or avenge society in some way? multiple guns and snipers and the guy the video on social media and he has comments apparently while he's doing this on social media so is this a tragic influence of being on, social media, mental illness and put it together and you have a real live videogame sadly raining down terror on innocent people? >> a dangerous concoction. when you look at the fact that in essence he was talking to himself at times, he said it
1:26 pm
gunmen on april 22, 2022 and then he says the suspect is still at large. it's like he was living through an out of body experience. we find that with the mental illness and the sad commentary here is there is really nothing we can do until the mentally ill commit some type of an act. it's my understanding there are guns he had that he illegally purchased and if that is the case, that is what they are dealing with here in america, the mentally ill can have that amount of guns. eric: we seen this in case after case, 2002, mohammed shooting out of the car, the las vegas music shooting and charles
1:27 pm
whitman in 1966, he went up on the top of the university of boston, texas, they shot i think 16 people altogether by a sniper, they don't know much about this young man, what you think they will find out? >> he lived in regina from what we understand, they've already broken into his media site, i think they will find some kind of problem in this young man's life and unfortunately he went in the direction he did but i agree, in 2002 the sniper case, i was there in the fox studio, a chilling situation. it's out of control, unfortunately. eric: absolutely is. thank you for your service to
1:28 pm
the nation's capitol and us here as we, hopefully society can do something and the government and politicians can do something to address this. thank you. arthel: thanks, ted. it was a wild week in court as johnny depp took the stand in his legal battle with amber heard. deb is suing his ex-wife but can he convince the jury to side with him? we'll get into that next. ♪♪
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did something happen this morning? i don't think so leap.
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oh you are crazy. >> that video was part of evidence presented this week in a legal battle between jerry death and his ex wife amber heard. depp is suing her for defamation over 2018 column where she said she'd been abused but did not mention him by name. the high-profile case turned into a spectacle when depp took a stand. the pirates of the caribbean star has been asked about everything from abuse to tax, he sent two friends suggesting violence against her. depp was asked about the video where he was seen trashing the couples kitchen during an argument. >> i did assault a couple of cabinets but i did not touch ms. heard. as you can see.
1:34 pm
>> you may have been drunk in the video, correct? >> there's a possibility i was. eric: attorney and member of the supreme court, mark. first of all, who has the advantage of this time in the trial? >> i think the advantage always go to the defendant in just about all trials because the plaintiff in this case johnny depp has the burden of proof to prove his case. whether you like him or not or the jury likes it, it doesn't matter, he still has the burden to go through those elements and he wins. amanda heard as well has counter claims she is asserting against johnny depp as well so when it comes to her counterclaims, it comes to burden of proof so really it's an uphill battle for johnny depp and probably for amanda heard. >> any implications beyond the
1:35 pm
trial? >> i think there are, first amendment considerations in the sense that 2018 there was an op-ed written in the washington post about a matter of public concern domestic violence, legislation that touched on the issue and she was exercising her first amendment right to speak on those topics. i do think there is a big question whether or not at the end of the day the jury will find this dispute is a public policy dispute about what she said in the washington post or is it more intimate in the sense that this is a private individual against private individual airing dirty laundry in the newspaper? arthel: i want to look at the burden of proof for defamation, we'll put on the screen, false statement reporting, publication or communication of that statement to a third person. amounting to at least negligence, damages or some harm
1:36 pm
caused the person or entity who is the subject of the statement. in this current climate where people post anything they want to about someone, they have a beef with even intentionally lying and defaming a person, can you speak to the permanent damage caused by such reckless behavior? should it be easier to protect yourself against defamation? >> in today's world of the internet where simply doing an electronic search on google maps up all sorts of information about ordinary americans, i think false statements against people are there forever in a way that it wasn't a case let's say 20 years ago so today, concerns about protecting ourselves is more important than ever before because one nasty statement by someone about you has a lasting effect in a way that wasn't in the past.
1:37 pm
it's important lesson for all americans watching this to realize when it comes to their own lives to be very sensitive about what other people say about them as well as what they say about other people. arthel: absolutely. do you think it should be easier to protect yourself against defamation? >> it's interesting, the united states supreme court has given indication they are interested in maybe making it easier to bring defamation cases, especially if you're famous because right now if you are a public figure, famous in some way, it's difficult to sue and win because the supreme court in its first amendment says if you're famous in a public figure, that's part of the game, people will say nasty things but in the last couple of years is indicated they might be willing to revisit that concept in the first amendment. your opinion to speak into place with the right to speak, defamation law does put the
1:38 pm
first amendment in many instances. arthel: in this johnny depp case in the court of public opinion, no legal bearing but how could it affect his career or her career? >> i think you're right, there's reality and then perception of reality. the way johnny depp comes across and heard has come across, i think either of them come across in a terrible light, there's a lot of dirty laundry aired, it doesn't make johnny depp look great so on the one hand i think the problem for their future career but on the other hand america likes to cheer for underdogs and like comeback stories so i could see a situation where people are willing to forgive and forget people who have come back and said i made a mistake and being honest and i'd like have another chance. americans do like comeback
1:39 pm
stories and this could be the case. arthel: we want to say that johnny depp and the trial has pointed out that he was on the receiving end on some abuse physically and verbally as well, just trying to be fair in covering this but quickly, i asked about defamation, should it be easier to protect yourself against defamation? i met regular people, too. this happens on facebook all the time, people are crazy out there. >> i do think, lawsuits generally speaking, it's beyond defamation, it's access to the legal system, hiring an attorney not just for defamation cases but everything so when it comes to the legal system, i think it's very difficult for ordinary americans whether they are suing or being sued because of the cost of lawyers. arthel: we have to stop doing
1:40 pm
this to each other, it's ridiculous. marc smith, appreciate you breaking this down for us. >> thank you. arthel: we will you to note the number four domestic hotline is here 807 net 997233. you can go online to the it's 24/7 and the calls are full free, confidential, this is a serious matter. it doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or not. eric: that is for sure. house minority leader kevin mccarthy facing a firestorm of growing criticism after audio showing urging then president trump to resign because of the deadly january 6 riot and attack on our democracy at the capitol. he first denied he said that about the president but then mccarthy could have, he's going to speak at the republican
1:41 pm
party, the congressional correspondent chad pergram has more on this. >> kevin mccarthy, audio of conversations between mccarthy and other republicans appears irrefutable. liz cheney asking mccarthy former president trump and mccarthy really blaming him for the capitol right. >> it's my recommendation he should be fired. what he's done is unacceptable. >> mccarthy. >> i've had it with this guy. >> mccarthy condemned former president trump after the riot. >> the president bears responsibility of mop rise. >> he should have immediately denounced the mob. >> mccarthy and mr. trump screamed at each other on the phone during the ride yet mccarthy made a pilgrimage to make amends. >> on trump in january is noteworthy.
1:42 pm
how positive is he toward the former president? those things will matter. >> mccarthy will is they went. the knives are out. >> what you are dealing with is a team but a team of robbery. >> mccarthy and the former president spoke thursday after the material launched. mr. trump hasn't trash talk himself. >> the people who were against him but then turned for him but what we don't know is when does donald trump potentially put in a sort? >> house republicans often follow his lead. >> if trump goes after him, it could create albums for mccarthy. >> he abruptly dropped the bid john dana in 2015. mccarthy appears to lack the votes. washington leaks are strategic.
1:43 pm
she denies she leaked it and same with the office with steve scalise. a leak could be designed to drive a wedge between resident trump and mccarthy. so far, it has not worked. chad pergram, fox news. arthel: thanks, chad. the most populated county in this nation is bringing back mask mandate. a lot of confusion about when and where masks should be worn. will try to unravel the confusion up next. ♪♪
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people in los angeles county once again masking up when they arrive on public transportation. the order is beyond the latest rules are and against the judges ruling that struck down the cdcs nationwide mask mandate. justice department. here's more in los angeles. >> there's a lot of confusion
1:48 pm
right now, mask wearing was optional for writers in the l.a. county's metro system as of today but yesterday commuters who use public transit were required to mask up once again. l.a. county issued a new public health order that started friday 12:00 a.m. which requires everyone ages two and older regardless of their vaccination status to wear a mask and all public transit and indoor transportation hubs. airports and subway stations. even though a federal judge struck down the national mask mandate covering airlines and other public transportation monday, l.a. county's health director says masking up is still needed due to elevated covid transmission. >> it would be much preferable to have cdc as previously mandated requirement that covers the entire country. the challenges are addressed, it's important local jurisdictions take direction from the cdc on what measures
1:49 pm
are needed to protect the public health. >> d.o.j. announced they will appeal the judge's ruling 40 the mask mandate public transit but as of now if you passport lax if you're required to wear a mask but you don't have to wear a mask on the plane. >> i feel there's a reason so i'll follow the rules but i don't like to wear a mask. >> the thing i don't like is the flip-flop. get on one side or the other. it's confusing and i don't agree. >> i will continue to wear the mask to protect others. >> it's unclear how long l.a. county will have the mask mandate, initially the federal mask mandate was set to expire may 3. eric: the variant be a two is spreading and many in the country are up.
1:50 pm
hospitalizations are also up so covid is not yet over, we want to be careful. arthel: nascar fans revving up for a big weekend. who will take the checkered flag tomorrow? we are live at the legendary track, that's next. ♪♪
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for more info. a teacher in dallas texas, took the life of one of her students and it was caught on camera. the high school teacher carley while she was in class, one of her students been out in a panic. she followed her into the hallway and saw the student choking and she performed the heimlich maneuver after a few times, a water bottle popped out of her, look at this video. saving the students life. the school district calls the teacher heroic and says the student did get medical treatment. man, saving someone's life caught on camera. arthel: well, okay, the first
1:55 pm
french presidential. the results are due tomorrow, we'll have that. the two remaining frontrunners emmanuel macron and far right challenger maria. battling it out for the second time, pulls expected to defeat with 55% of the vote. several analysts say they cannot rule out. she's made up ground since 2017 when she got 33%. eric: the crisis at the southern border is a focused tomorrow on fox news sunday. sandra smith will be angry and speak to texas law makers including democrat henry cuellar and michael call. tomorrow 2:00 p.m. eastern here on the fox news channel. arthel: a lot of eyes on nascar this weekend as the biggest stars in raising tried to seize
1:56 pm
their victory, their way to victory on nascar's most prized tracks, nascar fans love is track. swarming with fans right now. you can see quite a few of them getting a break from the warm temperatures on the track and relaxing. they are having a good time. how the data, super speedway, alabama. eric: beautiful weather. we'll be covering the race on the fox news channel later on this afternoon. arthel: it's so exciting, a lot of fun but it's one of those whether you like racing or not, you like pellet ida. we'll be back tomorrow noon eastern. appreciate your time, look forward to seeing you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your evening. ♪♪ for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition
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