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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  April 23, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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be there at night. on "fox and friends" amongst our guests, piers morgan, and newt gingrich. follow foxnation on instagram, facebook and twitter, especially if elon musk buys it. dan: the images of people running for safety during the new york city subway shooting. it shows their desperation for power and control over us. a murder mystery unravels. a new york mother stabbed over 50 times. how did investigators piece it all together. we have a former fbi profiler with us. the key pieces of information
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that helped them piece it together. obama wants to give big tech more power to censor you. the dollar, crypto, the stock market. folks, the drama and confusion rounding the transportation mask mandate has nothing to do with your health. it has everything to do with maintaining the power of those in charge over you. what power am i referring to? >> we disagreed with the decision immediately. so the immediate steps were to determine what power we had to respond to that. our focus was seeing what power we had to preserve what we felt was in the public health interest of the country. dan: it's always been about power. here is a look at the power she is talking about.
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remember the tragic new york city subway shooting? dozens of passengers were seen running for their lives while keeping their masks on. politicians and bureaucrats who run almost all major cities seem to care more about preserving their authority that mask mandates represent than the physical safety for citizens. here is the point he's making there. the criminal typically wears a mask. where the victims subjected to the government's hour have to wear a mask. they love their mandates, don't they? the mask mandate which was supposely there to protect people from getting covid seems to be only there to protect the left's power. it's become a global talliesman, a visual symbol of their control.
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this flip-flop from joe in a matter of hours shows even the president is wow together power. pat swamp, aka, the cdc. >> should people continue to wear masks on planes? >> that's up the them. -- up to them. >> should we repeal the mask mandate? >> i haven't heard from the cdc, i don't know. dan: biden knows he can't undermine the cdc and keep miss power. it's all from the same well. there is inflation. there is an obvious fix. raise interest rates and top spending money we don't have. we transfer power from the government back to individuals who get to keep their money. but the biden administration wants to raise the corporate tax
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rate and spend more money on the build back better program. what about immigration? next month the biden administration is ending the covid safety rule. the border is one place bide prr can use his authority to keep people infected with covid from entering the united states. but he's going to use his power over what you down stead. now, you understand why the left can't under any circumstance allow elon musk to control twitter. because they must control the flow of information to help them keep masks on everybody's faces. this mandate is not about safety. it's about keeping their power over you. shut up and don't ask questions. you think they are worried about losing it? here is a letter from some of their recruits demanding congress not break up big tech's
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power. they said they have to rely on the power much its tech sector to insure the narrative events continues to be shaped by facts not foreign adversaries. you know who was the first person to sign that letter? james clapper. they keep their power and access while insuring your safety. thanks, fellas. you are doing a great job. the common theme of this show i'm proud to bring to you. but more specifically, it's not about money. the haves always seem to have access to power. access, access. one of those access is brian deese. blackrock. i say former because now he's in
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the white house leading joe biden's national economic council. why is this so important? here is bird and brian deese talking about their climate agenda. >> we need to make sure spliewghtss woven into every output much our policies. >> how to bring the world togetherred to find global agreements. >> so he uses some of the same language larry fink and blackrock are using. turns out blackrock's investment could impact your wallet. check out this headline. mastercard to link all employee bonuses toarks sg goals. take a guess who one of the major investors of mastercard
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is? blackrock. but that not all. would you be intriesed if i told you twitter? access, baby, access. former black rock executives are heavily influencing the white house while controlling the information flow on platforms like twitter where conservatives who wanted to have an honest conversation about climate change are threatened with censorship. let, be clear. we are not just singling out blackrock. there are examples all over. why would the haves work to solve problems when they can profit off the problems instead. you see, folks? the genie is out of the bought. americans need to be afraid all the time. fear is the coin of the well many and the left and it always
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has been. but even the democrats realize the fear game, we are maybe catching up with them. >> the problem democrats have, no one fears us. they learned over the period of time it doesn't matter. they are weak and all they will do is talk bad about each other. you can't govern without fear. >> i heard that before. dan: did you hear the msnbc guy? they heard that before. i'm not suggesting only democrats do this. the swamp has enough republicans tonight, too. but the democrats who claim to be the party of the little guy are neck deep in the swamp. joining me is jd vance. congratulations opening the endorsement from donald trump.
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you wrote about the access class of haves and have nots. i only see it getting worse as problems like inflation start to affect our country. >> that many right. our inflation problem is something our leaders don't care about because it doesn't affect them. inflation doesn't affect you. but if you are in middle class ohio it does affect you. this is the problem on issue after issue. the elite the created a set of rules they don't have to follow. as you said earlier, it's about getting rich while the little guy has to follow the rules they set for everybody else. >> how you can explain with the straight face how a guy like hunter biden who has the golden ticket for thes have, with it's access. how a guy like hunter biden
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skates on what you and i would be doing 10-15 in a federal prison for is disturbing. people sense the unfairness. it drives people nuts and they can see it. >> so it's one of the things i think president trump's four years in office revealed. the incredible corruption that exists in our country, we love to talk about law and order. it means first of all i don't want cincinnati to be the murder capital of the country. but it means when people in power break the law, they should go to jail, too. the fbi that got an illegal wiretap on the president of the united states, the people involved in that should be punished. the agents who engaged in an
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entrapment situation to create a fake kidnapping. it may be that anthony fauci fund some bad things in his career. he doesn't lose his jock for being wrong again and again. the problem with america's leadership class, when they screw up they don't suffer any consequences for doing so. >> are we seeing a generational role reversal in the parties. have they entirely abandoned the working class for the woke elites. >> where you are seeing in florida where the florida republicans are fighting back against disney, you are see a generational change where the republicans are growing courage and fighting back against the people hurting their voters on around values. republicans seem to be growing.
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not all of them. but a lot of us are and that's a good thing. dan: jd vance, best of truck in that ohio senate race. from a seemingly perfect life to a brutal murder. a new york mom stabbed dozens of times in her home and dragged away in a duffle bag. discover a simple way to use colors in managing diabetes! inspired by nature, onetouch verio reflect® meter shows instantly if you're below, within or above your range. it cheers you on and provides guidance. connected to your health and your phone. visit today.
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photos on social media show a loving mom enjoying vacations with her husband and two teenaged sons. dan: police charge a 44-year-old handyman who police say confessed to the murder. suspected killer caught on camera dragging her body away in
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a duffle bag. here to break down how the investigators broke the case is profiler jim clemente. you show up at a crime scene, you see a brad pattern and multiple stab wounds. how do you do that. >> we reverse behavior at the crime scene. investigators would know right away this guys a disorganized offender. he's not criminally sophisticated and the victim had a known relationship to the offender. dan: this is relatively fast for a case like this. >> absolutely. the fact that he's disorganized means he didn't plan this well. he actually found the murder weapon at the scene. he used a knife from the kitchen
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at the scene. in terms of forensic and criminal sophistication. he's not a serial killer who has done this before and knows what he's doing. and he left evidence and clues all over the place. the reason why they would know right away he is known to her or has some kinds of relationship with the victim is the 60 stab wounds which indicate an overwill that shows aggression and rage. and also the fact that he would move the body from her home, the place where he killed her to another location to try to delay discovery. what that did was increased his risk of getting caught 100 times. he was caught on cameras doing this. and spending more time with the body makes the chances that the offender will get caught astronomically higher. then he left all sorts of forensic evidence there and a
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bloody gruesome trail right back to her home. all those things are mistakes and just reveal that the person who did this is not that sophisticated and that's why he was so easily caught. dan: that an interesting points that the murder weapon was at the crime scene. there wasn't any preplanning. which would indicate this is some crime of passion to somebody who knew her, correct? >> that one of the indicators, yes. if somebody takes the implements necessary to commit the crime to the crime and leaves from there, then we know we are talking about a sophisticated criminal who has -- something like this before. this guy didn't know what he was doing, and unfortunately the scale -- mrs. gaal suffered the consequences. dan: good job by law
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enforcement. thanks for your service to the country. coming up on "unfiltered." it's not looking good for democrats in november. so joe biden quietly orders the administration to help boost voter turnout but won't tell anyone their plan. why this maybe a blatant abuse of power. the only definition of wealth that matters is yours. it can be a smaller house, but a bigger nest egg. a goal to work toward, or the freedom to walk away. with 200 years of experience, personalized advice, and commission free trades on an award-winning app, we are working for you. planning. investing. advice. jp morgan wealth management. and it's easier than ever to get your projects done right. with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews. and when you book and pay throug you're covered by our happiness
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reporter: welcome to fox news live. a face to face among u.s. officials and ukrainian officials. may be imminent. the white house has not confirmed the talks. back here at home as many as 9 wildfires are burning across arizona and new mexico. they destroyed dozens of homes and for house to evacuate 177 square miles are burning. i'm lauren blanchard. now back to "unfiltered."
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for all your headlines log on to dan: biden is doing everything in his power to avoid a monstrous red wave in november. but last year there was an executive order to boost voter registration. they have been shady and cryptic about that executive order. joining me is charlie kirk, for under and president of turning point usa. this executive order to promote voter registration sounds benign, but it's kinds of weird. biden is not telling anyone where they are spending money to boost voter registration. it sounds like that zucker bucks all over again. >> it's like they have to make up for the $400 million that's
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not going to be pumped into the election. this is unprecedented where we are seeing the federal government united states by the direction of the president use taxpayer dollars for potential get out the vote efforts coming into the mid terms. we know there will be a red wave in november. i'm traveling the country and i'm seeing people angry and motivated to change what is happening in our country. i'm wondering if joe biden is going to use federal agencies. is all the new federal health bureaucrats that have been added to the cdc and nih through stimulus dollars. are they going to be comun organizing open raw toughs? where is this money going to be spent? i doubt it's even constitutional. but i'm not surprised democrats will be using taxpayer dollars trying to boost their efforts coming into november.
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dan: i had a guest on my radio show who is an expert in voter irregularities. we have a history of this. the hatch act was specifically designed to stop federal agencies from pressuring people to vote. the fact that they are not answering foia requests and being shady about this program i will bet has you looking out with the side eye here with what's going on here? >> that exactly right. we know the government isn't being transparent about the origins of the virus. whether it be the mandates or the issued the next couple years. now they are not being transparents with whether you will be able to use the multi-trillion dollar government. i want everybody to put on their imagine if hat. imagine if donald trump signed an executive order to say he wanted to use federal agencies
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to boost turnout? rural areas. they would call him a fascist. i don't want to jump to conclusions but i don't trust the democrats. we know they are desperate. dan: they would beer. walkingdon out now if something happened. california seems to have a new crusade. this time against doctors. delays new bill that would threaten the medical license of doctors if they prescribe alternative covid-19 treatments the medical board deems to be misinformation. joining us is dr. peter mccollough. he you go to medical schooling to use your discretion in treating ailments. if you wanted people to be
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robots they could spit out a prescription. >> doctors should be gravely concerned. medical discourse is the engine of medical progress and treatment is established by doctors treating patients, not government agencies or staffers. we cannot allow our government to dictate a and dawshed of care. it never happened in medicine. it never happened in any disease category. we need to have as much dialogue as possible. i just got off the stage at a medical program in tallahassee for doctors and healthcare providers. we have a flurry of questions and answers and interchange. that's what improves standard of care, not government agencies. >> since the last time we spoke, there have been developments about the possible growing side effects much mrna vaccines,
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specifically some of these covid vaccines and the consistent production of spike proteins in the body. do you have scene update on havn the system peer reviewed. over 200 on covid-19 vac sweens my he car die is. this isn't conjecture. including fatal cases of myocarditis. we are at the point that the mrna stays in the body far too long. at least 60 days. and it stays in the the body for the s1 and s2 for more and a year. the body conceals the spike protein. immunity runs out but the side effects maid persist much longer
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than what we originally thought. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." the censor-in-chief. barack obama is back. he thinks big tech needs more power to tell us what we can say. pete hegseth has the case. we hit the bike trails every weekend shinges doesn't care. i grow all my own vegetables shingles doesn't care. we've still got the best moves you've ever seen good for you, but shingles doesn't care. because 1 in 3 people will get shingles, you need protection. but, no matter how healthy you feel, your immune system declines as you age increasing your risk for getting shingles. so, what can protect you? shingrix protects. you can protect yourself from shingles with a vaccine proven to be over 90% effective. shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older.
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." it's time for hot takes. some outrageous stories you may have missed this week but you definitely need to hear about. joining us is pete hegseth. thank you so much for spending time with us again. we missed you last week. topic number one, the ego of obama is leading the charge. he wants to fight disinformation
6:36 pm
by giving power to big tech to censor america. >> people are dying because of misinformation. we see that our new information ecosystem is turbo charging some of humanity's worst impulses. regulation has to be part of the answer. so much of the conversation around misinformation is focused on what people post. the biggest issue is what content these platforms promote. dan: i quit. this is the king of the disinformation prom. obama lecturing us about disinformation. your take. >> this is also the guy who in 2008 was quite happy to use new technologies to advance his message and his campaign through social media. so when it's work for him, it's you beautiful. wouldn't king george have said the same thing about thomas
6:37 pm
payne and his pamphlets. the king's message is what the people will hear. whether they don't control it, whether it's true or not. they don't want it fact checked. they want it pushed compliantly. and anything that disrupts that is unacceptable. i think elon musk is in these guys' heads right now. the guy they don't control might control twitter. dan: that's up a good point about obama and facebook. remember when what they did with the facebook dashboard? topic number two. biden has to get under your skin. he's pledging to make all military vehicles climate
6:38 pm
friendly. >> the united states military every vehicle will be climate friendly. i mean it. dan: we had cars in the secret service that could take gasoline with lead tonight. you know why? if we were in a foreign country we were afraid of getting caught. >> they say by 050 they wanted an -- by 2050 they want an all electric army vehicle system. wherever they go, they have a reliable electric grid we can plug into for our fighting vehicles to operate? charging stations everywhere. if you want a special operations vehicle that operates more quietly, great, use a battery. but if you want to be more lethal in killing the enemy. none of this has to do with
6:39 pm
being more lethal, it has to do with being more woke. may we put someone in charge who cares about real enemies like the communist chinese who are laughing as they produce whatever they want. dan: watch his new he spode "modern war years." check it out. thanks, pete. i have been warning you about pegasus, known as the winged horse used by the clash of the titans. but it's spyware. boris johnson is the latest to be targeted by this system. joining us is cyber-security expert morgan wright. how is it this no-click malware gets on your phone. you don't have to click on
6:40 pm
anything. >> it's called zero touch infection. that's what it means. you don't have to do anything. they just have to have maybe a phone number. maybe they scan an area and identify all the phones because they can get their unique i.d. numbers and start targeting who is moving, who is going in there. it's not like a physical piece of equipment -- if i took a gun away from you you couldn't duplicate one in thin air. but if i took a phone away from you, it can grow faster than our ability to traffic stopped it or track it. we don't know whose hands it will end up in. this is one of the most worrisome pieces of software i have ever seen. >> how would you know if it's on your phone? >> it's tough. even from a forensic standpoint.
6:41 pm
when you get malware sometimes it generates extra bad battery life or decrease your battery life and warms things up. but the only way you find out about it is if somebody from the fbi or intelligence agency says we got information off your phone. dan: coming up on "unfiltered." the border crisis is turning into a bored apocalypse. -- into a border apocalypse. [engine humming] [clapping] ♪ we will, we will rock you ♪ ♪ ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving
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dan: we are not sugar coating this immigration crisis at the southern border. if you want any of that you will have to go to different network. this is turning into an apocalypse at our southern border while the biden administration fiddles away. terrorists crossing the border. 42 migrants, 40 caught at the southern border are terrorists trying to enter the united states. terrorists on the terror watchlist. we are watching them because we suspect them of terrorism.
6:46 pm
you know terrorism bringing horrible horrific violence to people, killing, murdering and maiming people in the interest of some sick ideological cause. terrorists. that's why they are on the tearoff watchlist because we are watching them for terrorism. we seat drone footage of everybody waltzing on in. terrorists being caught at the border. you might want to do something about it if you are the commander-in-chief. you know, national security? ever fill out a ksa for jobbing description? knowledge, skills and security? do you have any of those to fill your role as commander-in-chief. number two, fentanyl, did you see the fentanyl overdoses are the number one cause of death among u.s. adults 18-45.
6:47 pm
to call this a national emergency may be the understatement of the year. we have people dying everywhere all over the country from this poison, poison. and what is joe biden doing? he's doing squat. he's giving silly speeches where he can't even keep his mind straight. we had as it report on sex trafficking at the border. >> the only way agents can identify sex trafficking victims is through interviewing them. and washington, d.c. is screaming at them in to release them as quickly as possible and releasing them into the u.s. the numbers are misleading. we have no idea how many people are being trafficked. >> we are not even interviewing sex trafficking victims any more because there are not enough people. border crossing projected to hit
6:48 pm
1 million. that's larger than the population of the state of wyoming. under joe biden it can get worse. the man is completely, totally incompetent. we have an election coming up. it's time for us in 2022 to send an unmistakable message to this man the white house. you are an absolute failure and do not have the knowledges, skills or abilities to do the job you claim to be doing. joining us, blake masters from arizona. fentanyl, sex trafficking, terrorists crossing the border. documents cases. you are running for senate in arizona. this is turning into an apocalypse down there. >> dan, it really is. if you thought it is bad now.
6:49 pm
wait a knew weeks when the biden administration canceled title 42. many officials expect border crossing to quadruple. it's really carry stuff. dan: this is a national security issue. we are talking about terrorists. they are here for one reason, to impose death and destruction via terror to advance some sick ideological cause. we are not just talking about them coming across the border. i'm sure there are people who do come here to work, they should follow the law. this is a serious national security crisis here. >> that's right. most people think it's just people from mexico or guatemala. there is a lot of those. but there its also russian,
6:50 pm
udbek. and dozen who have been apprehended have been found to be on the terrorist watchlist. those are just the ones we know about. the taliban released all the prisoners. those people are coming into our country doing god knows what. and the biden administration doesn't care. it's not like they are trying to do a good job. it's evil. they are open borders and want to import a new electorate. it's criminal what they are doing. >> blake, thanks a lot, i appreciate. i'm glad you used the word evil. this isn't political malfeasance, it's straight-up evil. coming up, the economic crisis as americans are wondering how to make the most of our money.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered listen if you were like me as a kid you learn the art of negotiation of business through your sports card collection. >> show, and you can't -- and off the table. >> i'll tell you what, that show schwartz trying to pawn off for years. when will you -- >> that could have been me and my brother turns out some of the cards and memorabilia could be assets during a crisis don't sleep on this stuff joining me now is ken founder of golden auction known as king of cards. so king --
6:56 pm
people tend to laugh at these investments pokemon cards baseball cards ha-ha comic books no one is laughing if they have rare onings now right collectibles make you some money. >> no absolutely. the trading card market and collectibles as a whole has been incredible really for the past ten years but certainly in the past three years as we have entered into a more higher inflationary period. you look at, you know, traded card index for example we've sold cards on 6.6 million dollars lebron james $5 million and niki cards for $5 million. but it's not just those big names there are indexes such as card letter indheax track over a thousand or two thousand or three thousand cards up and average of 450 many as 1200 percent since march of 2020 really when the inflation started.
6:57 pm
>> you know, i've seen some examples of even you know comic books -- you know marvel or d.c. whatever will come out with some movie and you'll see a comic book jump 25, 50%. i mean, if you have those kind of returns ken, in the stock market you know you would have a bunch of, you know, trillionaires out there right now if you can consistently make those. pretty big stuff other example base of other things that you bought and sold for big profits? >> sure, let me giving an example. we -- there was a, you know, a client who brought a batman number one from us in late 2021 liquid -- i think october 20 21 and he paid 1.3 million dollars. we sold i found a buyer i said i have a buyer who will pay you 1.8 million and this was in -- wows. in february. literally so in february just two months ago we resold that same batman number one for 1.8
6:58 pm
million. so he made over half a million dollars in just a few months. but the categories that are really popular that have really spiked the most over the past couple of years are soccer trading cards because it is really become an international market all comic books you know the big names, vintage batman vintage superman. spider-man amazing fantasy 15 and characters they've taken off. basketball cards have taken off and vintage baseball cards is the blue chip i've been doing this since literally i was 12 years old buying and selling i remember days, first time a card sold for a thousand dollars people thought it was a bubble and thought i was crazy well that same card right now in 10 perfect condition i've offered somebody 27 million dollars for the card in a psa ten and they've turned it down. >> wow. 27 million i'm out of time but
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do me a solid i'm on the market for spiedzer man first appearance what is it amazing fantasy 15 and i have to get the number from producers right. i'm going to you. i need it too. i need them to tell my wife it is a christmas present thanks for your time we appreciate it. thawnch, dan. dan: before we go catch the dan bongino show every day every day on fox nation. here's the clip from the past show. >> only job that biden administration has to do is to really protect the national security of the united states of america. the american people. and what about the people that are crossing that border? what about the enslavement in the united states what about people that are being targeted by some of the worst people on this planet especially children. dan: if you watch my show on fox nation see there i'm con stangtsly fidgeting not because i'm not interested i love it it is on fox nation weekdays from 12-3 i can never ever get -- [inaudible conversations]
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don't forget to follow us unfiltered facebook instagram or at unfiltered on fox that does it for us on unfiltered see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. don't forget set your dvr if you can't make it life. really appreciate it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: giefng welcome to cross country. tonight we begin with a question: are we disposable do our lives not matter. crime is up across the country all are dying but i can't help but recognize large number of black people black children being murdered. today 7-year-old antonio jr. laid to rest in erie, michigan shot and killed while walking with a group of


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