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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  April 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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unfiltered facebook instagram or at unfiltered on fox that does it for us on unfiltered see you back here next saturday night at 9 p.m. don't forget set your dvr if you can't make it life. really appreciate it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: giefng welcome to cross country. tonight we begin with a question: are we disposable do our lives not matter. crime is up across the country all are dying but i can't help but recognize large number of black people black children being murdered. today 7-year-old antonio jr. laid to rest in erie, michigan shot and killed while walking with a group of friends and his
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nickname was espn because he loved sports. especially wrestling -- police are looking at surveillance video but no arrest have been made in this case. on wednesday, loved ones said good-bye to 12-year-old kay who was shot while he ate dinner with his family in a parked car in brooklyn. his mom says he liked football and video games. mayor eric adams new york mayor vowed to end revolving door of justice but no arrest have been made in this case. and it is not just children. let's take brian shot and killed in baltimore family tells us that the 26-year-old had an extraordinary life and was just at wrong place at the wrong time. the man charged was a repeat violent offender. but isn't that exactly what progressives, the yeedz and black lives matter wanted? they said don't prosecute they
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want empty jails. they said reimagine public safety. >> the folk in law enforcement that share the goals of reimagining police -- reimagining policing in the 21st century, rethinking and reimagining polices. community efforts to reimagine policing -- to reimagine policing. we have to reimagine what policing looks like. we must reimagine what public safety looks like. glans that's what they said. black america said we wanted fairness equal justice under the law. to be clear, we don't support this. you don't have to take my word for it. look at the polling. a pugh research poll shows that black democrats are more likely to back increase police spending compared to white democrats. so again, they are not listening to black folk. we didn't ask for any of this. but if we weren't funding this movement, then who was? well, it was white progressives.
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now i don't know what guilt you may struggle with but please -- just please stop helping us. and number one we don't need your help. number two, you're really not helping us. and, in fact, you progressives have become the hero of the criminal. >> gascón or -- >> that name on the face that's right there. >> white lightning. another cut. boom. celebrating us going home on this -- lawrence: i'm not going to sugar coat of it aware of the divide between my community and police i've seen best of law enforcement, not seen those that dishonor the bad. however, the past two years have taught us a lot. number one, most of american including overwhelming majority of cops disagree with cops like derek chauvin cop that killed george floyd. number two derek chauvin doesn't represent the entire profession. just like the guy that shot up a crowd at subway in new york city doesn't represent most black men.
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three, we need police. we are experiencing utter blood bath and police need us. but operation and trust of citizens communities are less safe. so what is equal justice under the law. it is very simple. if a citizen is accused of breaking the law, they are innocent until proven guilty. when an officer is accused of abusing their authority, they too are innocent until proven guilty. we will not no doubt disagree request outcome in some cases. our system isn't perfect. but we've tried to progressive experience. and a lot of people died as a result. i think it is team that we return to some normalcy. every day that we continue with this utter nonsense is another day that a kid like antonio or kade doesn't have opportunity to pursue happiness. joining me now is reverend jew
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jew -- eugene. >> good evening. >> the reason i wanted you on the show is the street credit. the community and police respect you and you've been able to bring them both together this boston. but this movement is going across the country it is not supported by black people. so -- i'm just curious, who are the people that are promoting this? >> the black lives matter movement was being supported not by people who were concerned about what happened to the conditions of black people. it was basically ideologically a transgender movement that coopted this initiative to promote an agenda that had nothing to do with saving the lives of black men, black people, or the black community.
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it was a scam from the beginning. and -- and i thank you for providing some space in this country where there can be a transparent discussion of the fact that black lives matter was a pseudoradical movement that exploit suffering and irony is that it did nothing to save black lives. the majority of black males are killed by black males. but never once in the entire -- tenure of this ideological movement were there any real discussions of how black people, black people are -- are being subjected to criminal behavior with endorsed, and this politicization that suggest to abolish police or defund police is suicidal. at best -- and absurd and black churches,
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and clear thinking black folk must now build a movement of faith that is going to put boots on the ground to do what the black lives matter failed to do -- with millions of dollars. none of which has been accounted for. lawrence: black folks said we want fairness and country responded and saying this was unjust and if it happens more in the krnghts then we stand against that. and instead not putting criminals back on street you have criminals that are making fun of d.a.'s that are -- getting their names tattooed on them. i mean this is utter nonsense and it is not the people that are rallying together in saying defund the police that is going to impact. it's us. it is our community. >> that's correct. that's correct, in fact, i have talked with young black
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criminals. young brothers who were criminals -- they weren't criminalized. these are young men who chose the past of criminality, and they have loved and celebrated the fact that hamstringing the police retorting police's ability to protect the black community has been promoting criminality and violence. no this was not about criminalizing black youth there's majority of black youth are law-abiding citizens. there's a small group. small group who -- exploited and undermined this -- the security promoting a culture of nihilism and black lives matterrings in to wasting money was a lie. from the beginning -- that produced no results. because the amazing thing is, all of our -- our social justice, woke, white left, never once that anyone
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raise the question well, what xeangt are the results that you produce and this is astonishing millions of dollars, and the white left msnbc and liberal never asked for one penny to be accounted for. glans i'm so glad. reverend the man that has the respect of the community and police it is a perfect segue. thank you, sir. following the killing of george floyd in 2020, a slew of large corporations including apple, target, facebook, just a few -- invested $50 promised to invest $50 into black community and problem is they never gave them and sure enough black live matter got their cash but let's be honest it was not about the movement it was about -- just to post black squares on your social media feed and
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support. it is easy to pour gasoline on the fire so while big corporations virtual signaled we have to bury our loved ones is anyone okay with that? these corporations will rebuild. but the small businesses that were raised to the ground in these communities many black own businesses -- will never return. here reaction department keira, davis so 23w4r5d to have you on here. had a fascinating conversation just with the reverend but now i want to go to the money it is easy to post square and going out there and marching saying that you love the community want to build businesses in our communities, but when it came down to actually delivering that money -- they didn't do that keira. >> well -- no. and people like you and i said that the bhoal time we don't need people who have loud voice and deep pongts but no good intentions. black community has been plagued by those people were decades
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what we need are people log to put their feet on ground and do hard work of the day and day out of changing community and i know i've been a community supporter and activist, and i have supported after-school programs in the inner cities, and i have sacrificed a lot of my life to be in situations to help people and i can tell you that there's no glamor in. few don't get a mansion in studio city in los angeles one of the most -- posh places to live you don't get that. you get a lot of hard work sweat blood and tears but we just got a lot of blood on our hands right now and blm has blood on their hands we've been sounding this alarm from the start. you know 60 million dollars 2020 alone they cannot account for we're looking at maybe 11 billion more they can't account for, and there's nothing to point to say -- oh, look we did this. we changed this community. we uplifted this business,
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there's nothing to show for it. they could have taken that money and just thrown it up in the air on the south side of chicago. and done more good with it than they have with all of this organization and now they have this -- you know, a $6 million home in studio city coolers cofounder of blm her wife came into a $3 million mansion in downtown toronto. so who side are these people on? >> whether or not on their side toipght play a sound bite from mayor of chicago this is what she had to say. watch. >> real chicago i cans are asking me how can you possible even consider running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago after all of the harm you've caused? >> i disagree with you fundamentally, and i don't think i need to address any and dignify your comments one second further. >> keira what do you mean not going dignify it is just a
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simple fact. >> this is the problem. lawrence, this is the whole problem from start to finish whether we're talking about blm or crazy things that are plaguing us right now. we have a whole slate a whole slew of politicians a political class who have never had to answer for themselves. they've never been held to account by the media that are their allies. they've never had to answer a difficult question. they've never had to justify smflt ridiculous decisions they've made and when covid keam along and able to shut us down and all up, then that just -- they just doubled down on that attitude that they don't owe us anything and that is what the black community in america has gotten from the political class for decades, lawrence. no one has given us answers that give us platitudes they give us black squares and avatars. they wear shirts that say black lives matter but they don't come to where we live and dig in, they don't bleated for us. and they don't answer to us that's the worst part and i
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think a lot of black voters are starting to realize that. that particularly when it comes to the progressive left as it is housed it in the democrat party, they don't think they have to answer our questions. >> you're so right. don't think they owe us anything. lawrence: so right. keira davis, thanks so much for coming up on cross country. >> thanks lawrence. >> set up soon is expose georgia high school putting toxic conditions on display on a viral video. we went there looking for answers plus you've seen the polls now we take it to the streets. to ask people how is joe biden actually doing? >> you have one word to describe the president, joe biden, qhald you say? >> sad. >> if you have one word to describe the president of the united states, what would you say? >> train wreck. >> whew --
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glans welcome back joe biden is polling at the lows levels for an american president in modern history. but why? well we asked lovely of alabama. watch. >> all right ma'am, one word to describe joe biden. >> play list. >> god bless you. ♪ ♪ one word to describe joe
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biden -- >> sad. >> sad -- oh one word to describe joe biden? inch empty. >> oh. one word to describe joe biden? >> cognitively impaired. >> one word to describe the president, joe biden what would you say? >> saturday. sad. >> if you was one word to dreeb the president of the united states what would you say? >> train wreck. >> whew. >> if you have one word to dreeb the president of the united states qhald you say? >> confused. one word to describe the president what would you say? >> grandfatherly. >> if you have one word to describe the president imhald you say? >> disconnected. if you have one word to describe the president what would you say? >> ab sent. that was tough. a show of hands if you think the president is doing a good job raise your hands.
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good job. good job -- okay. if you don't think the president is doing a good job raise your hand. i think that does it. [laughter] he got two -- joining me now to fox news contributor joeman sha. you know we laugh at this, joe but this is kind of problematic for the president. right? >> the perception lawrence is it is not that his policies are bad and they are. it's this problem that he's going to be 80s in november. and things will get worse before they get better. and it is telling that polls show that even a majority of democrats don't believe that joe biden is even going run in 2024 or don't want him to run in 2024 which is stunning when you consider we're only 15 months into this presidency, and that's because mr. biden has been a failure on all major issues.
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inflation, crime, the border, education, foreign affairs, and given his public statements increasingly have to be walked by by his staff and cented given that more and more americaning believe this president doesn't have the competency for the job. i just think they think that things are going to get worse before they get beaters and you can see why people on street or people you spoke to in that particular vennue don't want to serve after 2024 and let alone now because i think leslie is more of a clinton, bill clinton sort of democrat and doesn't recognize the party now -- lawrence: you know what let's -- >> toipght i want to hear what she say to -- >> he had a great job with connecting with voters, but it seems like that's gone, lesley. >> well, he's not running for reelection for a couple of years
7:22 pm
pep and one thing about joe biden as president and my party is not real happy about it he's not really looking at the polls and he's not really carrying it qowld seem about democrats that are in tight races or in districts that didn't vote for or joe biden -- or voted for joe biden by a very slim margin. look i get mad about the age, ageism okay because my husband has patients that are 95 and whoop your ass -- my apologize but sorry but there's a different 80 i look at nancy pelosi and i think she can take me down okay and i'm much younger than she is. but -- you know back to the numbers. back to the numbers in your mos. let's be honest was in the south i'm here in l.a. let's do mos in l.a. but numbers don't make me happy. i'm a democrat i'm reasonable. but ong numbers don't make me happy. but then again, the american
7:23 pm
people are not hearing and are not looking at when you look at close unemployment rate then you see inflation right. >> hold on lesley. hold on. hold on i have pushback don't give me they don't look a polls they focus group and all they focus on is support. you said president will not consider polls. >> i never said they don't look at polls. i said that joe biden is not presiding based on polls. >> that's all they look and change polls at the drip of the dime based on polls so curious when you see average day americans and see average americans out there this is not even just from a policy standpoint but they cannot connect with the president because he doesn't seem there. how do you feel? >> well if you're asking me -- my answer is if joe biden were doing what you're saying and i disagree with you on that. there would be policies in place and mafntion mandate would have
7:24 pm
been gone and although saying on public transportation it is a good idea so no i don't agree and i think there's some in my party that wish that he would, you know, make decisions based on polls and based on their polls and their individual districts those run in the midterm elections. lawrence: i'll give you last word on this. >> can i ask lesley a question i think it is a very -- one to ask. lesley do you want yoib to run again in 2024 is he the best person to serve the democrat party right now because many democrats don't feel that way. so how do you feel because i think you're pragmatic so tell us. >> well first of all 2024 is a lifetime away. second of all he's the president of the united states. he's saying he's going run again. yeah there's people in the party that say they don't want him to run. but also i'm not gong to share cocktail hour at the l.a.
7:25 pm
but -- >> it is saturday night. >> no. >> yield back on this we have to go. thank you all so much. protest over the state of their school. and falling apart and infested with moles. we talk to them. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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glawrntion if a story that should be making headlines across country but no one seems to be talking about it hills in thrapght, georgia is falling apart from inside and old from ceilings and unsafe learning conditions but parents say that board of education is refusing to address the issue things have gotten so bad that students put together this video pleading if help. well we got the message. i went to atlanta and spoke with some of the those students. watch. >> when you go to the school what you do you see? >> like we it is almost something out of a who are row movie like missing ceiling tiles, mold, expose wires. you can almost feel it when you breathe sometimes feels like air is heavy it is very uncomfortable.
7:30 pm
murky i watched them paint over mold. >> when i was walking to class i literally saw a wet ceiling tile on the ground and i could look up it was missing so ceiling teal fell from ground i don't think they replace it but took it away. >> what are the leaders saying? >> we started whole thing because we wanted our school ton reconsidered to be renovated it was out the board meeting on monday. >> did you take to you guy or making decisions just do it? >> if you don't reach out they won't talk to you at all imagine if someone didn't have social media they would not know that anything was happening right now. >> i just want my teachers and fellow classmates to be in a safe learning environment. >> we want safe. second you go in it is like filth. you just see a lot of dinge dirt, all over the floor, walls. >> why do you think you're being ignored? >> because we actually spoke up and they don't like that. they made me feel like --
7:31 pm
trying to get our point across. >> do you think they're trying to punish you guys as a result? >> i can attest to that. it really seems like if anything having money funneled out for renovation is like a political move. >> why on the board on delaware cab county in order to fix the schools. we can't personally go in and paint over walls, kl off the mold we're helpless. lawrence: go to this school. >> we can't go to private school we have one choice. >> when there was a protest outside e saw them continue to o move their -- move bag didn't want people on the sidewalk talking. they didn't want the press -- is that normal too? more like e-mail don't allow this or that. >> the teachers i'm sure they want to speak up. >> but they need the job.
7:32 pm
>> how long what has this been g on the condition of this school? >> going on since i was here i started high school here as a freshman i'm a senior now. >> what do you see? >> a mess a mess that needs to be fixed. >> i walk into that door and i see a slowly deteriorating school building that's been here over sew years. yeah i'm talking about leaking, bathroom doors not being able to close. privacy issues and stuff like that, you know having to get out of class because there's feces spilling out of the sewer. literally. >> smell it you see it? >> yes, sir. every classroom has water damage -- >> teachers could get fired if they spoag spoke out because they're expected toughs teach as a happy and be students have to be tiebl res taken information in this literal garbage of a school. >> my family saw it on the news we thought you were being
7:33 pm
dramatic because teenagers are dramatic but no this has what i've been through the past four years. when they would eat lunch they would have the smells -- from waste at the picnic table that was blowing my mind that that was allowed to happen. >> cache safe for your kid? >> i don't think we get the answers that i think we deserve that's unanswered question. >> what do you say to them saying that is rich people complaining? [laughter] >> i'm not rich. i do think this has become slightly political. >> in what way? >> well you know the response to the superintendent, the letter that she wrote in the same letter that we have known about this for a really long time and same letter saying we care about every child. you can't have both. which is it? decades need to be addressed and now. i'm not sure what will happen.
7:34 pm
i'm sure board will see the better side of this and do what's right by the children and make a change for them here at this school. but at least their voices are are being heard and people are starting to pay attention. >> most parents i think have been hearing for years about the conditions of classrooms, about leaky ceilings, mold, the hbac dupght work and i think in at least 30.of the building any given time you don't have window that open. so when the summer time the kids have to go outside -- for their classes because inside is too hot. they're in winter tile multiple classrooms that are freezing. and i'm sorry as a child, i mean a teenager nonetheless, how are you supposed to be able to focus and be your best academic self if you're freezing or burning up? >> teachers and administration at the school are wonderful. and they've been advocating as best as they can to the school
7:35 pm
board -- to the superintendents. i heard the board members say with their own mouths there are other schools in the county that are just as bad. >> doesn't make it better. >> exactly like i'm supposed to feel better about that or any of us should taxpayers in this county? first of all if that is true, there's a whole other issue -- [laughter] that we vice president haven't touched on if there are multiple buildings in this condition then that is -- absolutely neglect and disregard for the actual health of your students in your county. >> what we've seen is a lot of talk and no action. and duct tape and windex and coat of paint cover up the real issue. >> unbelievable. no one believes these kids. and then they try to intimidate them when our cameras went on campus. we reach out to the board of
7:36 pm
education several times and received no response. but the georgia department of education says they are scheduling a tour of the building. crazy. let's bring in doctor marty to separate what health concerns these students might be facing thanks pr coming on first of all i'm furious about what happened because no one would believe these kids they have to go to yiewg tube we saw the video that's only while we were there. board didn't listen to them and parents thought they were being dramatic teens but what health concerns with mold and they're trying to cover it up with paint and leaky building and human feces coming out while they're trying to learn. is this safe for them to be in that school? kudos for your show exposing it nationally this is what public accountability is supposed to look like and painting over mold is really become emblem mat egg
7:37 pm
of the approach that some districts have taken to addressing the concerns of students. look, no work place in america would have employees tolerate this at their office and kids are different kids don't vote so they get ignored when they were shut out of schools by politicians. look are from a public health stand point i'm concerned about asthma rates, it is endocument nick low income neighbors because of the condition of the housing of the walls of the construction. you also have to wonder any time there's that much sewage spilling over there's bacterial concerns. you know irony as we've seen 100 million on air purifiers over past year and research shows it has as effective as cracking a window. >> yeah so we spent all of this money on getting a ventilation system repairing schoolings and you have a school like this that is being completely egg mothered. doc are there health protocols maybe i'm just crazy but aren't
7:38 pm
there standards before kids going to school? don't medical professionals like you set those standards? >> the problem is that in public health it takes sometimes several years or decades to document the consequences of dilapidated condition like this so for waiting for the randomize control trial or former public health study guess what we have to resort to common sense instead but it is pretty clear that the air particulate levels in conditions wouldn't meet code there's a basic code for that but problem is nobody is really looking. there's even sort of this attempt to cover up those or intimidate those who are speaking publicly about it. >> yeah. doctor marty -- we have y'all back we're not going allow this to happen anymore and keep covering this story until they fix it thanks doc. coming up, a new data trend revealed that may surprise you but first we're heading to
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talladega to meet new generation of the legendary nascar family one-on-one with jeffrey erin earnhardt ahead on cross country. and so i came to clearchoice. your mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeth with dental implants from clearchoice. [ joe ] clearchoice has changed my life for the better. it's given me my health back. there's an amazing life out there if you do something for your health now.
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really? the clues are all around us! some things are too obvious to be a coincidence. welcome back before drivers hit talladega speedway for tomorrow 500 i have chance to visit the track and talk with driver grandson of nascar late earnhardt sr. racing behind number three car when green flag waves. take a look. ♪ ♪ >> when it comes down to talladega no bigger name than dale earnhardt we caught up with jeff what does this moment for you to be here at talladega seems like it's been a while since y'all had a full crowd here. >> i love cominging talladega.
7:44 pm
to get the opportunity to run for rcr my granddaughter made so famous when he drove there dream come true of mine. >> this is your granddaughters granddaughters -- grandfathers car. >> to be able to think that you know i'm going to be here racing three cars. it is huge this is where he got his last wean at in 2000 to be able to have a paint scheme that resembles his is incredible and he was my hero. so getting to be here doing this means the world. they have almost everything to put together and for all of the crew guys doing race cars are all of your radio to communicate as a team they have all of that in here. ♪ ♪ uniforms, race teams, you know
7:45 pm
they have their seats in there nascar requires us to wear as pit crews. all like interior stuff for like where drivers compartment is. >> you change it out. >> spare, you know, spare anything. like i said they literally have everything you need to pretty much build another race car. >> park -- you have to have snacks. come on. can't get nowhere without snacks. ♪ ♪ >> how fast can this car go? >> probably 195, 198. >> 195 -- not bad. very blessed to have such a good fan following that my grandfather created, and those stayed loyal to earnhardt name and i want to continue that legacies and i know how hard he worked to build that fan base and get that love from the fans. >> your grandfather is a legend if he were here right now,
7:46 pm
passing the torch on to you before this race what would he say to you? >> i think he would be proud. you know i feel like over years i've worked really, really hard to get opportunities like this about with and really get out in really bad teams that yngt know where my career was going to go and we kept fighting and digging and pushing hard to get you know this opportunity or -- every opportunity i've of i appreciate but this one is, obviously, really special and i think he would be pretty proud of me. big moment for jeff we're going to be rooting for you brother watch jeff and rest of the drivers tomorrow for the geico 500 at talladega coverage kicks off at 2:30 eastern time right here on fox. so coming up, talk about out of your league. a new study on dating and surprise, surprising new trend and just when you thought things couldn't get any divorce in academia one university is adding porn to their curriculum
7:47 pm
wait until you hear about that. that's next on cross country. you try crazy things... ...because you're crazy... ...and you like it. you get bigger... ...badder... ...faster. ♪ you can never have too much of a good thing... and power is a very good thing. ♪
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lawrence: so ask incline who is single, me they'll probably tell you they dated in 2022 is not easy a new poll shows 60% of
7:51 pm
singles are looking to date up. that is date someone who can improve their lifestyle. comedian and host fox across america on fox radio and fox nation jimmy is here with reaction. so i'm out there dating. what's up -- but dating up i think that may -- >> a weird strategy this play and epght you to know i'm a dating expert we mashed on tinder and happened after we got married leak you're on here too awkward a long story for our therapist not us right now. here's why dating is hard instagram facility verse convinced everybody there are lot better looking than they are and they think their deserve better than they can get because thing about instagram is never seen ugly person on there but i saw three one on the way one chased me but everyone is on instagram is what i look like if i was hot because we facility period our way into better lifestyle if you want to know
7:52 pm
what you should be dating set someone up on a bliengsd date they're saying this is what you look like i set any friend up like that girl was a four, xeangt. you know what i'm saying -- lawrence: that time i was on a blind date not really my type. overcompensated. everyone has been set up on a bliengsd date with someone who was hideous and if you haven't you were the hideous person in your instance you're fine. all of these people who were plaining like dating is hard. this is why it is hard because they're liars why do i say that? because number one trade number one trade according to respond here was honesty but rank looks 11. if you're being honest, if honest is your number one trait there's no way telling someone with a straight face that looks are 11. you have a lot of people that think they're 8 and 9's when they're really 7 and 6's. >> you're instagram 9 that enmoose walking around 6 you're a walking around 5.
7:53 pm
filters go a long way. lawrence: no more filters. >> you shouldn't be dating online for real and meeting people in person because we're attracted to energy everybody has left a 9 at the bar to go home with a 6. >> attracted to vibe. everybody is left at the bar with the 9 to go home with a 6. you're finding people with something about them there's a connection. those are ones -- lawrence: there's something about you toipght get your reaction to next story. so just something about you a porn class in college -- i mean you have the teens in the class with -- i think that is creepy. >> it is like left is perverts credits because at least they're sexualizing adults instead of kids this time at least they're over 18 but this is a college class based on what you do in your dorm. what are they doing in dorm they watch porn. and get credit and why not eat
7:54 pm
ramen noodles and smoke a bomb butting -- >> gone too far with this stuff do they teach them, not trying to be graphic. >> they're doing missionary work. >> this is in utah. this is the thing, all i can say to this is in some regard i think this exposes colleges for what a racket they are because they figure out how to get money for things we don't need college kid porn is free. everywhere -- it is everywhere. you don't need a professor you need a wi-fi password and good to go. cannot -- the class is staying. it is staying they don't care when people think about it and religious group or care about the conservatives they're addressing them in the statement saying they've been doing stuff like this for years and they're not going to allow stifle their creativity. >> hilarious is irony in the
7:55 pm
fact that students are watching porn because everybody is starting in the porn didn't go to class. >> takes the course or does jiminy teach course? >> one thing is delete your search history when you get off the air that's what jimmy is thinking. >> i have to go before we both get fired. lawrence: back in a moment. your projects done right . with angi, you can connect with and see ratings and reviews.
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lawrence: so hair it all of the time lawrence do you read your e-mail do you read your twitter do you read your instagram i do. you know that story we woct know about yuck people and their youtube and what's beginning on in that school if someone didn't send it to me. so send it my way so i can know what's happening in the country. part what have we do we're all one big happy family. thanks so much for watching we'll be right back here live next saturday night at 10 p.m.
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until then find us on social yeetd this is a show lj cross country or find me on my personal page, lawrence b. jones 3 and remember set your dvr so you never miss an episode. good night america. brian: i'm brian kilmeade. welcome to "one nation." the democrats are down right now no denying it. but i will tell you how they got there. presidents republican and democrats had a view of things that were pretty much out of their control. but how they react to the under controllable.


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