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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  April 23, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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country or find me on my personal page, lawrence b. jones 3 and remember set your dvr so you never miss an episode. good night america. brian: i'm brian kilmeade. welcome to "one nation." the democrats are down right now no denying it. but i will tell you how they got there. presidents republican and democrats had a view of things that were pretty much out of their control. but how they react to the under controllable.
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abraham lincoln saved the country and paid with his life. franklin roosevelt declared and we won world war ii. reagan was able to stare down communism and wined the cold war. the president of the united states has been anything but great so far in almost two years of office. but we found something that he perfected. it's called the unforced error. back to the track. a home run! he reaches up, it's over the top. brian: i don't in they were going to show the replay. joe has been missing fly ball after fly ball. instead of taking credit for the bipartisan infrastructure bill
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he struck out by going with the all or nothing approach. >> if they don't come, i'm not signing it. >> i can not vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i tried everything humanly possible and i couldn't get there. brian: he didn't get billed back better but he did the infrastructure bill. what about inflation? president thinks it's just transitory. >> most of the price increases we have seen were expected, and expected to be temporary. remember his botched afghanistan withdrawal when he thought the afghan army was one of the strongest in the world? >> we trained and equipped an afghan military force with some 300,000 strong, incredibly well equipped.
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brian: someone give this guy a yellow card. two means you are out of here. how about missing the wave on the covid variants. >> the president said he didn't see oam chron and delta coming. how did you get it wrong? >> i didn't get it wrong. nobody saw it coming. >> let's not forget his biggest unforced error ever. >> space is exciting. >> president biden, no one is perfect. but when it comes to the self-inflicted wounds as the great tina turner would say ... ♪ simply the best ♪ brian: you are simplied the best. right. joining me now to discuss this
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and where we go from here. tom evans, for under and president of real clear politics and debra kearn who is doing a great job but in a wave election it didn't give her an opportunity to be successful. thanks for being here. if 2 were a democrat look pat mid-terms months away, how do you separate yourself pore make the president better? >> the democratic party goes the wayed the democratic president goes. if i was on the down ballot this year i would be very worried. there seems to be a sense with this administration that they are in a maze and they don't know how to get their way out of it. whether it's rinsing to twitter or the polls, no offense, tom. or the progressive activists which make up about 8% of the
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population. what is the right thing and how do we implement it strategically. there seems the to be no overarching vision that unites democrats. if you ask, what does the democratic party stand for right now i would be hard pressed to tell you what that is. one thing the republican party has cornered the market on is patriotism. the democratic party could embrace patriotism that isn't pandering. they could talk about american exceptionalism where everyone can succeed and do well, with prosperity towards everyone. brian: what do the american people open to patriotism on the left? especially when you have a president with 33% approval
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rating according to the latest quinnipiac poll? >> the democrats are kind of stuck. democrats control the house, the senate and the white house. as they look around and see 8.5% inflation. $5 gas, prices up at the grocery store, they are not feeling good about things. the problem biden and the democrats have is they think it's a communication problem. they don't understand. and that's not a winning message to insulted voters and say if you just weren't dumb and you can see all the good we have done for you, that's not a message that win people to the polls. there is no indication things are going to be turned around. the best things for democrats is the election is months away. there is time to claw back on his approval rating but they don't seem to have a plan on how to do that.
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brian: debra there are a number of democrat senators and congressmen who want title 42 to remain in place. now democrats are breaking away. is it a calculated decision to save themselves? >> i would say find your inner core and ways right for your state or district, and do it. i don't think the problem is just communication. i think there is a lack of that inner core, this is the right thing to do. what do i believe is the right thing? people have elected me or hopefully will elect me to do that thing. have the background to do the difficult thing if it's the right thing. >> if you look at crime in america and inflation, those are the two most important things
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going on right now to get yourself in office or out of office. republicans seem to be struggling on both those, don't you agree? >> i do. the latest polling shows it's inflation by 2 1/2 times is more of an urgent concern for americans than any other issue. immigration is an issue that an mates republicans and independents as well. the political landscape is pretty doom and gloom for democrats. there isn't anything they have they can hang their hat on other than saying republic caption are bad and donald trump is bad. but they need to win over their districts in swing states around the country. brian: republicans are likely to get the house. the senate will be a tougher
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road. tom bevin, always great. tent nil flooding into our country at a record pace. ever think about your second act in life? arthur brooks joins us. fox hosts shared their tips for happiness later in life. >> i think the kind of love people don't talk about is self-love.
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brian: welcome back. glad you are here. china may be america's most formidable foe ever. they are winning an undeclared war as well. all about fentanyl. here is a quick history lesson. 150 years ago the west led by the british was flooding china with opium. the opium trade opened the door to alarming drug abuse. the world's first drug cartel kept china, a nation of 450 million people compliant and feeble. fast forward to 1949, post world
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war ii. the communist party, slowly china transformed into an economic and military super power it is today. china prides itself on their extensive long-term planning. still look to pay back japan for their occupation. we weren't even part of the opium wars but they seem to be targeting america. getting payback by flooding our nation with this generation's each yum, fentanyl. so powerful, one dose can kill. china is sending in the opioid to u.s. soil using mexican drug cartels to bring across our wide-open borders. just this week an arizona canine sniffed out enough fentanyl to
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kill 3 million people. we have become the unwitting best customers resulting too often in instant death addiction. 150 americans die every day from overdoses from these synthetic opioids. what's especially i china's tent nil is hit -- fentanyl is hitting america's youth hard. opioid deaths increases 29% in kids 14-18. the number rising 0% the following year. is china targeting america in an modern day opium war? how long until we acknowledge this and stop it at its source and block it at our border? let's expand on this.
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let's bring in michael pillsbury, senior fellow the. is this a redux of the opium war? >> there is a certain parallel. one thing strengthens your case that you didn't mention. on chinese television when they show the opium war they don't just show the british, they show american merchants hanging around or being on the ships and being around. the chinese are not portraying the message that way. they are saying we are involved in this. therefore the idea of punishment or revenge makes more sense in china. brian: i watched them lock down 24 million people because of a variant that give them no symptoms sat all. if they wanted to stop fentanyl, don't they know where it is,
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where it's made? >> i think they could stop it in one week. they know where the gangs operate from. we know this because the chinese made a kind of seductive appeal to government officials, if you just treat china more nicely, don't sell weapons to taiwan and don't complain about the about uighurs, then we'll help you with the mexican games. they are involved also in the money laundering part of it. a small package of 2 or 3 pounds of tent nil, they have to be financed. and the chinese have allowed their international financial system to pay for this. they are saying you have to be nicer to china or we won't help you with fentanyl. brian: the secretary of defense austin and his counterpart in
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china had a meeting. in that meeting they warned us to not be part of warming relations with taiwan and do not arm taiwan. no idea what we said back. but should we? should we be arming die juan at a dizzying rate when we were supposed to arm them and what happened? >> we are required by law. by the taiwan relations act of 1979 to maintain taiwan's ability to defend itself. there has been a debate how to do that. you have on the dove side, give tie want minimum to defend them received. the other side said taiwan needs to be a porcupine and instill fear? beijing that if they invade taiwan, the americans will will come and help. they have needs that are not
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being met. brian: you can't think about russia and not think about what's next and that would be china and taiwan. they say their relations with russia have never been stronger. straight ahead. finland may be giving nato a boost. but is it worst vladimir putin's wrath? the american dream can still and reality. dave ramsay is here and tells you how to fight inflation and rising interest rates.
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brian kilmeade. [♪♪♪] brian: vladimir putin is worried about nato for good reason. the military alliance of nations directly borders russia. when vladimir putin got word of ukraine want to go join years ago he said absolutely no. he attacked and invaded to make sure that never happened. the invasion called a mistake. russia's missiles and mortars unified nato more than ever. it's also looking to grow as it
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weighs two established economic powers, sweden and finland. their membership applications are imminent. here to tell us more is fin -8d's ambassador to the united states. the finnish ambassador to the united states is h.e. mikko hautala. thank you for joining us. ambassador, i understand debate is going on in finland about joining nato. why now? purely over the ukrainian war? >> we have been integrating nato for the last 30 years. it's operationally compatible with nato. wire as close as we can be to nato without being members. we have been integrating alliance for a long time. the latest discussion we have in
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the parliament on which way to go in the future reflects the situation that started to weaken the structures. so we have to think how do we respond and make sure nothing like that will happen to finland or any countries in northern europe. brian: you believe in rule 5, if you attack one, nato will respond as one? >> my own experience from ambassador to moscow before this. russia has got respect to article 5 and nato's resilience. they never tried to test it. i believe nato is a strong alliance and russia respects that. brian: will you join without sweden? >> find has to decide on our own. we hope that sweden will be
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having the same kind of conclusion, whatever the conclusion is as finland. given the historical ties and high degree of cooperation we have with sweden, i think it would be i will logical to arrive at different conclusion. but sweden has to take this on their own. brian: russia is warning you not to do this. here is a quote from dmitry medvedev. there will no longer be talk of a non-nuclear status of the baltic. what does that mean to you as you speed between the lines? >> it's the same as we have been hearing for the last many years. so far in russian reactions we haven't seen anything that would go beyond the frame of our
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expectations. russia always said they are against nato enlargement. and they said nato's enlargement to find and sweden wouldn't be existential for them. brian: the next meeting in nato is the ends of june. are you afraid russia may attack you if you put your snriks between that period? >> no. the military situation along our border is peaceful and quiet. we are make our preparations and contingency plants as needed. -- plans as need. we expect finland will take it the end of may well before any summits. brian: what do you bring to the table. every nation has something they bring to the table. what do you bring to the
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alliance? >> we bring one of the best and strongest armies in europe. and we make the numbers as we spend more than 2% for the defense. we are increasing our investments. i think you don't even have to take my word, you can ask 234eu any real expert, they know finnish armed forces are capable. we would bring a lot of more capability and a lot of stability in europe. brian: this war with ukraine. you said the brutality does not surprise you. and you don't see vladimir putin giving up even though he should be embarrassed and humiliated about the trouble he's having and the performance of his troops. >> so far i haven't seen anything that indicates russia is reconsidering its basic goals in this war.
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they will stop this war. i think it many a long-term effort for them and we have to be ready for that. brian: when do you think you will have a vote on this? >> in the course of may. brian: a "news duel" next. sean duffy will be here. how can you beat biden's inflation nation and still have inflation nation and still have the american
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brian: the american dream is more expensive than ever before. if you are in the market for a new home you already know that. the interest rate surged to a 12-year high. for those paying cash, the median price exceeds $500,000. if you want to buy a car, you
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will spend $970 above sticker price. for a luxury car $2,00 above sticker. the rising cost of food and other essentials means you actually lost money last month. how can you make sure the american dream is still possible? i can't answer that question but dave ramsay can. dave, welcome. i painted a bleak picture. especially for somebody with a little bit of debt and a goal of buying a home. >> there is not a lot to feel good about. the inflation is real, it's scary, interest rates have gown, house prices went up with it. if you want to buy a home, both those things are working against you. so what can we do in this
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situation? the first thing to do when you are in a crisis back off and say facts are my friends, not emotions. i will control the can thing i can control. we'll do the old rigid budget. there is labor wars and the cost of hiring someone in almost every position has gone up. maybe you need to reassess that. maybe there is a raise on the horizon to offset inflationary numbers. but they are real and they are very scary. brian: interest rates are going up because some feel that is the way to control inflation. if i wait a month or two will it get worse? >> you buy a home when you are ready to buy a home. the dumbest thing to do is buy a home when you are broke. you don't want to rush into something and wreck the car
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because you were panicking. slow down. we don't need to race interest rates to slow inflation. we need to turn back on the gas spigot. the biden administration caused much of this, it's primarily energy based. if we turn on the gas spigot, that translates into a loaf of bread. so interest rates don't slow it down. we didn't have an inflationary problem with interest rates before, and we do now with post pandemic and post energy policy. brian: i hear about student loans and student loan forgiveness. let's just call it -- let's forget we ever did one. what do you think about the student loan forgiveness helping maybe the 18-28-year-olds.
11:38 pm
>> it would be wonderful fit was really happening. but what's been announced this week is 40,000 student loans forgiven. there are 43 million people. that's one tenth of one percent. to sigh say we are forgiving student loans is called mathematically dishonest. the other thing they are doing instead of 20-25 years for the forgiveness, they are sliding it forward so it will be 15. that doesn't solve anybody's problems. it's a polite tl cal maneuver trying to save the mid-terms. i would love for people to get real relief. we teach people how to get their loans paid off. but this is a political farce. >> do you worry about not going
11:39 pm
to lower the rules like breaking capitalism? i give you money, you promise to pay it back. wait a minute, i don't have to. >> from a spiritual and reality sense, it's a contract, a handshake giving my word has always been what our economy was built on. to the point i can't trust that transaction anymore because if it gets really bad or sad, the government won't intervene and fix it for me in the name socialism or in the name of politics, it's a problem. because if i promise you to do something and i don't have to do it anymore that's a problem. brian: you are a problem solver. that's why talker magazine says you are the biggest radio show on the air behind sean hannity.
11:40 pm
arthur brooks joins "one nation" on how to find happiness and success in the second half of your life. >> anderson gave me great advice one day. he said i don't care if you make mistakes. just can't make the same mistake just can't make the same mistake twice.
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brian: a second act in lives a transition in a career that no thronger serves you into one that energizes you. we asked some stars here at fox about their second and even third acts. watch. >> i was an assistant d.a. for 15 years. after that i ran for judge and i was the first woman county judge in my county. i was a d.a. in a county of a million people and re-elected and re-elected again. then i had a syndicated television show for which i got an semi. >> i was at the white house and
11:45 pm
i would have stayed there forever but there is an ending. >> body guarding, wrestling. i was in the air force right out of high school. then started work on squall street. then i started my own business. >> it's right to say when you are older you have wisdom. now i look back and every closed door god closed for a reason. i was on a path that ended on that podium. i wouldn't have if some of those other doors hadn't opened. >> now that i have the opportunity to mentor younger people, i feel super niergsed. >> you are a hard working ball of fire when you are young and you get a lot of wisdom when you look back at life. >> you have more wisdom and don't jump off the handle as quickly. >> i believe in jesus christ as a christian and believe god had
11:46 pm
a plan for my life. >> i think the key to my happiness is 7 years ago i did kateed myself to gratitude. too knowing what you want and having a passion for it. everyone of us who is older and had several careers before this one. i have seen this thing before. and i know not to include many things. brian: my next guest knows quite a bit about finding true happiness. arthur brooks. finding success and happiness and deep purpose in the second half of your life. welcome. i only now on the political side, deep thinker. but you had a first chapter that led to writing this book. you were a french horn player. >> i went into decline much
11:47 pm
earlier than i thought i would. i was in my 20s and i started to decline. city was like an athlete and i started to have to look for something else. that got me interested in how people change in their careers. now i teach happiness at harvard business school. one of the things i tell them is you are going to change, be ready to jump on the next curve. brian: when they get there the happiness isn't necessarily waiting for them. why? >> your expectations on how you are going to feel are never right. people think when you finally meet your dreams you will be satisfied forever. the world won't let you it's kind of a treadmill. you have to expect that will disfate. brian: charles darwin peaked
11:48 pm
early 20-30. he felt like a loser but he was considered the world's greatest scientist. bach, -- mozart learned from him. >> one of the things we mare from friends at fox is a lot of them talk about their wisdom as they get older. the retirement plan for happiness is not about retirement, it means about getting older and happier, using your knowledge, and your teaching ability more and more. each one of us should become more like instructeddors as we get older. brian: what do we get better at when we get older? what do we get? >> we get ability to understand how things hang together.
11:49 pm
early on you work hard, you are able to focus in an unbelievable way. it's kind of your mark zuckerberg intelligence you have early. ' you answer any questions people posed to you. but later on you know the right questions to answer. you might be a startup entrepreneur. later on, convenient tiewsh capital. we should go to mentors and instructors as we age. brian: are you happy? >> i am getting happier. i was the president of the ceo institute. but i'm an instructor, i'm back to teaching and writing and i'm talking to you. and that makes me happy too. brian: arthur brooks, thanks for
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joining me. the "news duel" for the ages. sean duffy and i will tell you all you need to know about the
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brian: it's time for "news duel." joining me is fox news contributor sean duffy. this is a story i can't wait to talk about. mike tie signs on a jet blue flight, and this guy is going crazy behind him. he those a bought at him. and here is what tyson does. hey hey hey. mike. brian: why are you bothering
11:55 pm
people like that? why are you hitting him with a water bottle. >> he was sitting there and he was taking it. finally enough, an started going to town. leave the passengers alone. >> he's not going to be charged. i don't think this guy is going to the cops. he has a couple scrapes. brian: because he pulled back. your story. >> i have texas football looks like college baseball. you have the batter hits a home run. pitcher is ticked off. the run -- runner blind sides him. this is a little bit out of
11:56 pm
control. >> we rarely show junior college baseball. i have never seen it like that. it looks like you have got a football background. >> the team suspended him. kicked him off the team. you are gone. brian: not a day goes by where joe rogan is not in the news. he's taken on stephen colbert. stephen colbert has given up comedy. on a vaccine song, here is joe rogan talking about what he seize on late night television. i used to think stephen colbert was funny. now i see him and it's cringe. the vaccine song was strange. i want to be in the meeting when they pitched that. brian: he's become a democratic
11:57 pm
pundit because he wants to be accepted by the left wing. >> i want to tune into late night tv to laugh. it's a political show, not a comedy show. gutfeld is beating him week after week. >> let's talk about something that can help me. >> put your phone down for one hour a day, and you will find yourself less angst, more satisfied with life and more likely to work out. you don't night, but you would probably work out even more. brian: you climb a tree to stay fit in upper and lower body. you will see your family and engage with the world. brian where can't we do a study on our own. >> put your phone down and talk to people and you will be a
11:58 pm
happier guy. brian: during a third career. you were a politician, you were a reality show star. is sean happier in the beginning of his career or happier now. when you were an emerging reality star before you got married. let's look. >> rachel is a cool girl. she was very bubbly. i like her. she rubbed me the right way. >> i am not sure how i feel about him. he's nice. he flirts with me all the time. brian: you looked so happy. are you happier now? >> 23 years of marriage, happier now. she handed me her bag off the
11:59 pm
train and i have been carrying her bag for 23 years. to talk to you, brian, does it get better than this? brian: i think meeting your wife on a reality show then having 9 kids might be better than "one nation." >> rachel is pretty great as well. brian: i like the glasses. >> sorry about that. rachel gave me a makeover after that. gave me a haircut and new glasses. she said you look hah like garbage. brian are's multi a credit and he's happy. mike rowe, michael goodwin, and a guy named bret baier knowed the news. starting monday. oklahoma's talk radio, we begin there in oklahoma city and we'll
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be there at night. on "fox and friends" amongst our guests, piers morgan, and newt gingrich. follow foxnation on instagram, facebook and twitter, especially if elon musk buys it. dan: the images of people running for safety during the new york city subway shooting. it shows their desperation for power and control over us. a murder mystery unravels. a new york mother stabbed over 50 times. how did investigators piece it all together. we have a former fbi profiler with us. the key pieces of information
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