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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 24, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arthel: antony blinken and defense secretary in kyiv this comes as zelenskyy zelenskyy continues to press world leaders for more weapons and aid and says he's opening the u.s. officials don't come, quote, empty handed. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live, i'm arthel neville. hello, eric. eric: thank you for joining us. i'm we are unsean. the visit by secretary blinken and austin, first type top member of the president's
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cabinet have journeyed to ukrainians capital since the russian invasion started. that began exactly by the way two months ago. some european leaders have been there. among them prime minister boris johnson of britain. today marking orthodox easter, the holiest day on the orthodox christian calendar but the russians ignoring that continuing relentless bombing, more casualties despite the holy days, pound cities and towns in southern and eastern part of ukraine trying to grab the slice of the country for vladimir putin. we have live team fox news coverage, military analyst, we will look at the putin strategy on that in a moment and taylor on the high-level visit of secretary of defense to kyiv. let's give with matt finn live in lviv with the very latest on
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the potential meeting and what's happening with the russian forces, hi, matt. matt: eric the u.s. secretary of state and defense making ukraine, highest-ranking officials since visiting the country since the world began. >> you can't come to us empty handed today and we are expecting not just presents or some kind of cakes, we are expecting specific things and specific weapons. matt: in the port city of odesa russian missile striking a neighborhood killing at least 8 people. mother and her 3-month-old child reportedly among the dead. also an saturday ukrainian military destroyed a russian command post killing two generals zelenskyy claiming 50
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senior officers. to day is orthodox easter, lots of people got their easter baskets blessed. we spoke to one speak at a 16th century orthodox church. they have their glass windows boarded up and we spoke to the priest and this is what he had to say. >> you have to celebrate because in the meaning of easter before cries rose there was suffering, he was betrayed and then he took the sins of all humanity on himself. suffering and self-sacrifice are something that people in the east are doing now. our heroes on the front line who is are protecting our skies. matt: secretary of defense and secretary of state expected to be here in ukraine today but president zelenskyy's chief of staff tells fox news he expects president biden will hopefully visit this country as well. back to you. eric: we will talk about that in just a minute, a potential visit by the president. clearly hope and faith will prevail, matt, thank you. arthel. arthel: all right, eric,
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meanwhile british intelligence says russia's ramped up attacks are being met with fierce resistance by ukraine forces tweeting this, quote, despite russia making some territorial gains, ukrainian resistance has been strong across all axis and inflicting significant cost on russian forces, poor russian morale and limited time to reconstitute, re-equip and reorganize forces from prior offenses are hindering russia's effectiveness. let's bring david perkins, commander of u.s. army training and also fox contributor. as russia's war of ukraine movers into the next phase, if you would, assess ukraine's and russia's strategy and which side is more likely to achieve its desired outcome? >> well, good day and thanks for
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having me on. there's really a couple of things going on. one obviously the russian strategy has changed dramatically. the original plan to have the multiaccess attack in kyiv and put in place a puppet government that supports russia pretty dramatically failed for a number of reasons and now they have sort of withdrawn from that strategy and are focusing on controlling the black sea area and cutting ukraine off from that. the russians, however, have a couple of challenges that they are having to deal with. one is the ukrainians have been effective at using a smaller force and creating very large casualties and large damage to the russian forces. there's two reports out recently one from the british minister of defense and from the pentagon outlining hundreds of tanks the russians have lost, thousands of armored personnel carriers and the pentagon while actually
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being conservative estimates the total losses of the russians at about 25%. that is significant because in the american doctrine once you lose a third of your force you become combat in effective. we don't say you're desupplied but you were no longer accomplished to mission that you were designed to do. they are not reconstituting a force because reconstituting is you're getting back to the capability that you had before. i don't think they have the capability to get back to even sort of the low-performing units they had. they are replacing with conscripts, people that have been trained together. the ukrainians do have a moment here where they can take advantage of their superiorability to learn and keep the pressure on the russians who are really having a tough time trying to put back the units that were really destroyed piecemeal. arthel: i want to share new
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reporting from the key independ, russia's losses include 21,800 troops, 2200 armored personnel carriers, 873 tanks, 179 planes and the list goes on. this, of course, does not include russia's battle chip and, of course, it does not account for all of the innocent ukrainian civilians killed by putin's assault. general, can this war be won on the battlefield? >> i think very definitely the ukrainians are going to be -- they will have the capability but this will not be easy, it will not be quick to continue to -- those numbers are staggering losses when you put it in the context or even russian experience. russia was in afghanistan for 20 years and they've lost as many soldiers in 20 days as they lost there. so the impact on morale of the
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russian forces, everything from those staggering losses to losing their flagship in the black sea cannot be discounted. when you take a look at upcoming battles like the steel complex there, those are very trying on individual soldiers because it's very tough urban fighting and if you have low morale, low cohesion and poor commander control, that is not going to be an easy fight for the russians. arthel: i want to end by asking you this, once the war ends, what lessons would have been learned and how should the west restructure or restrategyize, should nato reorganize? >> well, i think a couple of lessons actually have already been learned. one is you know, the best time to prepare your defenses is before you are attacked. so trying to build capability in the middle of a war is a big
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challenge and so preparation and being prepared to defend yourself ahead of time has always been a very big advantage although sometimes difficult to come to grips with when everything is going well. the second thing is, you cannot underestimate although we love to measure tanks and army personnel and jets, it literally comes down to leadership, cohesion, morale of the units that are out there really become the secret sauce. arthel: absolutely. we have to, you know, praise president zelenskyy for his outstanding leadership. he stayed there. he is continuing to stay there and not the mention the civilians who took up arms and, of course, the ukrainian troops. general david perkins, we have to leave it there, we do thank you for joining us, we will see you again, sir, thank you very much. >> have a great day, thanks. eric: well, the expected visit by secretaries of state antony blinken and lloyd austin, public display of american support for
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ukraine and for president zelenskyy. a steady stream of european leaders have gone to kyiv over the past several weeks. there's prime minister boris johnson walking the streets of kyiv with the ukrainian president. also the european union officials, poland, slovakia and president zelenskyy hopes president biden will make the trip and the walk soon too. >> tomorrow we have people from the u.s. visiting. there will be meetings with the secretary of defense and secretary of state with the united states, mr. blinken, they will be here. we will be waiting for the time for the president of the united states to come here and support the ukrainian people as well. eric: former u.s. ambassador to ukraine. ambassador, the anticipated visit by blinken and austin, is it merely symbolic, dog and pony show or is it much much substantial or punch in the nose
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to vladimir putin? >> it is a punch in the nose. it does symbolize the u.s. support for ukraine and that's support but it also demonstrates that the united states is not just there in economic support or in rhetorical support, no, it's there and they will have a good conversation about the military support. the 3 and a half billion dollars worth of equipment since the russians invaded on the 24th of february is a number but it now is translating into real capacity. we are talking about howitzers long-range artillery and new drones and serious capacity that allows the ukrainian military to actually defeat the russian military and that can happen. so it's more than just symbolic, it is a good indication of our support, but the military support, the military equipment, that's what's key to this fight. eric: you just said defeat the russian military, that can happen, do you think that
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ukraine will win this war? >> i absolutely do, eric. i absolutely do. it might be quick, it might be as general perkins said, the russian military is not in good shape and when it goes up against the ukrainian military that is high morale as he indicated that's a real advantage. the morale advantage is -- is hard to quantify but it is very real. we saw it around kyiv. we saw it when the ukrainians defeated the russian attempt to get into kyiv and that will continue and as the new military assistance gets there, the ukrainians can definitely -- they can defeat the russian military. that could happen if the russian military crumbles, however, general perkins is also right, it could go wrong and even in that case if it goes wrong, in the end, ukrainians will win because, again, they've got the will and if they continue to get the resources from the west, from nato, then they will defeat the russians.
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eric: apparently they are getting the resources as you mentioned the howartzer and donbas, tanks, poland may be sending 72 soviet-style planes. do you think they are getting artillery to stop the russians in the east and stop the russians in odesa and stop from moving to moldova that putin wants to grab? >> i do, i do, eric. i think the russian military is not capable of doing that. they are not capable of going all the way to moldova. are probably not capable of getting to odesa, the ukraine military is stopping the russians in mykoliav which is east to odesa, a bridge too far to the russians and won't be able to get there. you ask the right question, is the equipment, are the howartzers, the equipment from nato, is that sufficient, we
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won't know for sure the answer to the question until we see ukrainians win. when the ukrainians win the answer to your question is yes. eric: i asked kara reddick brave member of the ukrainian parliament seen by the viewers a lot, i asked her about that just a few weeks ago, here she is. would you like to see president biden visit kyiv and walk the streets just as the prime minister did? >> of course. that would be really a sign of solidarity. that would be a really bold move. eric: a bold move. do you think the president will eventually visit? we remember when president bush visited in 2003, that was a surprised. >> it was a surprise and element of surprise is actually important for security as we all know. security of the president of the united states as well as other
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all americans is important and so the time will be right at some point for president biden to show up. the last sitting president to visit kyiv was in 2008 and i know this because i was the ambassador there and i remember when president bush showed up in 2008 and it was a big boost. it was an attempt to get ukraine into nato. had we succeeded then then we wouldn't be here fighting today if ukraine were in nato. that didn't happen. so president biden showing up in kyiv when the security is right and president zelenskyy is right to say that the security -- environment needs to be right for president biden to show up and when he does, that's a very strong signal of support. eric: that visit likely at some point but not yet, former ambassador to ukraine william taylor, ambassador taylor, good to see you. fox news channel, towns along the southern border they are sounding alarm of the influx that is only expected to get worse. border patrol says they'll be a
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surge of migrants this summer when the biden administration lifts title 42. the covid health restrictions. local officials are worried we will talk with the texas border town mayor about that. plus coming up, a fox news exclusive, the war in ukraine came right to the russian ambassador's doorstep this week. protestors projecting the ukrainian flag and slogans in the townhouse that's the official residence of putin united nations' ambassador and after projecting the phrase putin is a war criminal, they also showed zelenskyy is a hero right on the russian ambassador's townhouse and protestors gathered across the street singing the ukrainian national anthem. we will show you astounding protest straight at putin's man in manhattan coming up.
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arthel: texas military department says it will keep searching for a missing national
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guardsman until they have exhausted all available resources. the 22-year-old soldier went missing after he jumped into the rio grande river to saver two drowning migrants. authorities say those two were smuggling drugs and they are now in custody. bill melugin live in eagle pass, texas near the site of that search with the very latest, bill. bill: arthel, unfortunately, it's now been over 48 hours since the soldier went into the water. they still have not found his body so he's presumed to have drowned in the river. his family has been notified and as you've mentioned the new information being texas rangers say the two illegal immigrants he was trying to rescue were, in fact, both drug smugglers and in the meantime illegal crossings here are nonstop, take a look at video a short time ago in eagle pass, 3 miles away from where the soldier disappeared under the water and never resurfaced. we saw all morning long the
9:22 am
crossings, group of mostly venezuelans walking across the river in single-filing line. it's much easier to cross and when they reach the u.s. shorelines several were celebrating and cheering, smiling and waving at the cameras, these are the ones willing to turn themselves in because they hope they will be release into the country and they weren't the only ones. take a look at second piece of video, a couple of hundred yards up the river from the spot more groups were crossing in broad dow light, they do this in front of the texas national guard and border patrol as well. the water running low so it's easy for them to cross and they continue coming in from all around the world in del rio sector here, a lot of cubans and venezuelans, we will see africans and haitians and they continue to come from everywhere. take a look at the third piece of video. we mentioned the missing national guard soldier. this is video from the scene we shot yesterday as border patrol
9:23 am
bodes resources looking for any sign of the soldier. he jumped into the water friday morning around 8:30 a.m. and has not been seen since the two drug something hers ended up surviving but the soldier has never been recovered. all they have found body armored, walkie-talkie and his cell phone but the state says they will continue looking for him until they find him. take a listen to what former u.s. border patrol rodney scott had to say about the situation here in the border. >> we keep talking about this wave of migration when title 42 goes away. the wave is already here, there's criminals and terrorists mixed in. our nation is at risk and nothing stays at the border, it's going to the down where your viewers live in. they go everywhere and the biden administration just ignores it and doesn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge the death of the soldier.
9:24 am
bill: if and when the soldier's body is found second line of duty death associated with operation lone star back in the winter, january or february a trooper died in a car accident while assisting border patrol in apprehension of illegal immigrants. arthel: so tragic, bill melugin, live in eagle pass, texas, thank you, bill. in washington both sides of the aisle sounding the alarm on the biden administration's plans to lift title 42, pandemic restrictions at the southern border next month, alexandria, a hoff. alex: 47 democratic members of congress are pushing for a delay in ending title 42 but the biden administration is standing by its decision to drop trump-era health measure and the u.s. has been able to quickly expel migrants to home countries. concern by lifting title 42 a surge in illegal countries is eminent.
9:25 am
texas congressman michael mccaul said on fox news sunday that homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas is frustrated by the situation. >> we've got 2.5 million people cross into this border illegally since the president's been inaugurated. title 42 being lifted means 500,000 over the next 5 weeks. >> and those numbers are not lost in the american people, a recent quinnipiac poll showed that 9% of americans see immigration as the most urgent issue facing the country and democrats currently in tight midterm races do not want the biden administration's policies working against them. here is democratic congressman henry cuellar. >> we do have some headwinds as you know and, again, we have to make sure that we are all working together and right now some of the actions by the administration is not helping democrats, certainly in south texas when it comes to oil and gas and when it comes to immigration policies.
9:26 am
alex: support lifting title 42 like senator elizabeth warren was never consistent with the party's values. >> title 42 is not consistent with our values and it doesn't keep us safer. the biden administration is putting plans in place to deal with people who are asking for amnesty and humanitarian relief at the border, but keep in mind, we need comprehensive immigration reform and that's something all the democrats are on board for. alex: on tuesday the supreme court will hear arguments on the remain in mexico policy, arthel. arthel: all right, alexandria hoff, thank you very much. eric. eric: arthel with border encounters in two decade high and expected to go up next month border communities while they are voicing concern over safety. mayor of uvaldi, texas, welcome,
9:27 am
uval different, you're not right on the border, what do you fear, what's do you expect when title 42 goes away? >> a couple of weeks ago the border patrol got overwhelmed at the border and so they brought migrants in our community to local convenient store. when title 42 they are going to be so overwhelmed and see massive influx again and we are not equipped to handle. >> you said they were released to local convenient store? >> we were able to convene there. eric: no real processing and they could do whatever. what did you guys do? >> well, we -- we immediately worked to get buses and we bussed them onto san antonio where they had more options for them to take care of. we don't have the resources. eric: is that part of uvaldi,
9:28 am
your municipal duties to try and protect your americans from this? >> i take the job seriously, i took oath to uptake the laws of the state of texas, no health screening or anything puts my citizens at risk. eric: what would you tell the biden administration, what should president biden do? >> he should enforce the laws on the book. you could shut the border quickly. they have broken the law. they are supposed to go through a port of entry. we ought to taking them people and back to the bridge and cross the bridge and come in the right way. eric: 66% of the migrants are expelled but 44% who are not. >> well, that's what we see on there. i mean, just in the last week in 6 and a half days we intercepted
9:29 am
18 smuggling operations, human smuggling operations and 7 ended in pursuits and other in bail-outs. one last night that went 105 miles an hour. it's just crazy. eric: you're looking live right now. we are following mayor, what we are told title 42 drop-off, dropping migrants in the bridge, that's in eagle pass, texas right down on the border. so they do expel some people but -- but as you said, mayor, the border patrol van showed up at your convenient store at the gas station finally mayor, are you guys taking that out, you have the local police department waiting for the vans if more show up? >> well, right now hopefully we have an agreement with border patrol and if they plan to bring in here, they will make sure they have buses, thank goodness that governor abbott had buses available but we haven't had any more relief here lately.
9:30 am
>> uvaldie, texas who has to -- municipal charter to deal with these type of issues, we thank you, mayor, and we will follow up and see what happens especially with title 42, mayor, thank you. >> thank you and i appreciate it. eric: arthel. arthel: closely-watched election in france. president emanuel macron, well, he's in a tight race as he seeks second term. could we see a major upset and what does that mean for france's relationship with the u.s., we will report. ♪ ♪ ♪
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. arthel: high-stakes election underway in france this weekend, voters are deciding whether to reelect incumbent centrist president emanuel macron or unseat him with far-right challenger marine la pen, polls close in less than 2 hours, christina coleman with more on
9:35 am
this. christina. christina: millions of voters headed to the polls today in tense presidential run-off election between macron and la pen. centrist macron won first round with nearly 28% of the vote leading over le pen but this time they are the only two on the ballot. the two faced off in the election. both candidates are condemning putin's war on ukraine although la pen has been sympathetic to putin in the past and cast doubt on sanctions against russia that she believes could hurt the people of france. la pen says bringing down the cost of living would be her top priority as president and that macron has left the country divided over his economic policies, meantime macron is reiterating to voters his environmental and climate change agenda. he has also been criticizing la pen for saying that she thinks the muslim head scarf is a uniform imposed by islamists.
9:36 am
she opposed from being worn in public spaces leading to strict criticism. >> after the debate from yesterday and the position of the banning of the islamic veil the voters will have temptation to vote for la pen because of the social would not go for working for la pen. christina: if macron wins the election he would be the first french president to win two terms. arthel. eric: war in ukraine hitting home for vladimir putin's ambassador of the united nations. he lives in a fancy manhattan upper east side townhouse and get this, that home was once owned by descendant of signer of declaration independence and john adams treasury secretary.
9:37 am
this past week the mansion became a shining symbol of democracy and human rights thanks to a brass move by a new york ukrainian activist group. defiance against the war in ukraine. ukrainian protestors lid up the townhouse with the ukrainian flag. the mansion bathed in yellow and blue colors, new york-base nonprofit charity. protestors not only projected the flag but also antiputin slogans, #put kin is a war criminal and #zelenskyy is a hero. >> the message would be to stop lying. you lie too much and too many things have happened because of your lies. be the man and speak out. eric: the russians bought the mansion in 2008 for $35 million
9:38 am
but there's no sign of it, no russian flag, no brass plaque and the parking sign simply says no standing, not the diplomatic zone you would expect. the reasons say observers to hide who lives here. he blames ukraine for the war and the bucha massacre as staged and used russian veto in the security council to protect putin and propaganda. >> criminal -- war criminal. it's probably something very close to hitler, to nazi regime. somebody who weighs a genocide against completely innocent ukrainian nation, democratic free peaceful nation. eric: the group of more than a dozen supporters broke the silence of the night by softly singing the ukrainian national
9:39 am
anthem. shouted of glory to ukraine. eric: similar in several embassies elsewhere. putin is a war criminal and new level of insult to the russians. promises to hold more protests as long as putin keeps killing ukrainians, one to have members will be joining us in the 4:00 p.m. hour in fox news live. as for ambassador by the way he stayed behind his closed doors even though he was home in the third floor library, arthel. arthel: washington lawmakers honoring the life and legacy of former utah senator orin hatch, longest senator in u.s. history
9:40 am
died yesterday at the age of 88. senator hatch was crusader for conservative causes who became known as the political force during a career that spanned 7 terms. he had a hand in shaping thousands of pieces of legislation, hatch was also the former president protemp of the senate, second most powerful position in the chamber most notably senator hatch helped build conservative majority in the supreme court and served under 7 presidents during 42-tenure before retiring in 2019. the foundation says he died surrounded by family in salt sat lake city. leaves behind a wife and 6 children. orin hatch, longest serving republican senator in u.s. history dead at the age of 88.
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>> it's important to function of democracy, it's important to function of the united states as a free country and on many other countries and help -- actually to help freedom in the world. twitter is a public platform and so i do think this will be somewhat painful. i'm not sure that i will actually be sort of acquire it. arthel: tesla and spacex ceo elon musk acknowledging the opposition of to his bid to acquire twitter and what he says would be a true public square for free speech. he's made $43 billion in offer to buy the social media form and turn it private. steve forbes is chairman and editor-in-chief of forbes media, he joins us now. good to have you. so in the name of -- >> steve: good to be here. arthel: if you agree in the name of capitalism it's okay for elon musk to take twitter should he
9:46 am
be held accountable for is posted on the platform and i don't mean killing free speech but monitoring and controlling language that incite violence should it be regulated like other companies conducting business out of the u.s.? steve: these companies under section 230 under federal law have wide discretion, they are not subject to same liable laws as we in the print business or media business are. so what elon musk is trying to do is break the group think that dominates the other companies by opening up a twitter and having transparency, what are their policies on what gets promoted and what gets suppressed and what are the algorithms and opens it up as you mentioned, free speech, open debate, that's not what's happening in many of these others. the media research center found between 2018 and 2022, 3,700
9:47 am
censorships on platforms and over half of them came to twitter and almost all of them directed at conservatives and what elon musk wants a true open square and you obey the law and cannot incite violence and you cannot promote pornography or any junk like that. that's what made his bid so popular. arthel: let's take a listen to former president obama on social media moderation and censorship, let's listen. >> social media companies already make choices on what is allowed in platforms and how the content appears and both explicitly through moderation and implicitly through algorithms. the problem is we often don't know what principles govern those decisions. arthel: what is your reaction to president obama because he mentioned the word algorithms and to your point earlier you feel that twitter run the right
9:48 am
way would prevent -- prevent people from being in these little microcosms of socialism or social experiences i should say but yet the algorithms is what draws people and directs them where they want to hear and end up with myopic viewpoints. steve: what elon musk wants to do is what is behind the algorithms and how they actually work. a man who can send rocket ships will not be intimidated by people whether say it's too complicated for you to understand. that's what i think is what people fear inside twitter that he's going to expose while the thing operates and i think you're going to see that it's not been done in a fair public square way in terms of free-open -- free and open debate. in terms of what president obama said about we don't neglect what these algorithms are, elon musk wants to put out what the algorithms exactly are, transparency, who can be against
9:49 am
that? arthel: all right, let's listen to late night host jimmy kimmel and one person controlling twitter. >> i think it's so dangerous to have one person in charge of that in the same it's so dangerous to have one person in charge of nuclear weapons. arthel: does jimmy kimmel make a point? steve: no. in terms of the problem with the reason elon musk is, i think, gotten such a positive public response is precisely that the other platforms have been group think, may not be one person but they all seem to think the same way and do the same thing. again with what happened with hunter biden's laptop suppressed by facebook and twitter, 17 months later the new york times wake up, oh, there was a story there after suppressing it for 17 months. that's what elon musk wants to avoid. so what he may control the company but what he's doing is allowing a diversity of opinion open debate that you don't see
9:50 am
on a scale with these other platforms. arthel: fox news covered the hunter biden story. let me jump in if i -- i will toss out this question if i can ask for a quick answer from you because what value can elon musk contribute to society by buying twitter and most importantly is money enough, steve, to qualify for the job or like most people who run multiple or multimillion dollar companies, should musk present qualifications other than deep pockets? steve: well, he got the deep pockets by being one of the most extraordinary successful entrepreneurs of modern times. he started tesla launch which imagine a company, start-upbeat the american auto industry, the german auto industry, the chinese, koreans and japanese of electric vehicles. he opened up the company in
9:51 am
germany. thankfully better of nasa and china and other entity in the world. the man demonstrated creativity, success and in terms of -- >> arthel: steve forbes, i'm going get caught off. we will be right back.
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eric: man, oh man, the bronx can really be a tough place. see what happened at the yankee game yesterday? new york fans threw garbage at the cleveland team at yankee stadium. wow, may fourth, play by play. >> quite a spectacle and the reaction is not good today. confrontation raising concerns about player safety. let's show you how we got to the point as you just saw. ties the game with this double off the wall but guardian left fielder steven runs hard into the wall. he had to be evaluated for injuries, possible concussion, that's when quan's teammate yankees fans crossed the line making fun of the injured player. you see he climbed the fence and had words of his own with the fence. >> making, flicking me off and can say stuff about my family i really don't care about that, when someone is hurt, you don't prey on that. >> that was precursor to this. torres hits a walk-off single
9:56 am
that you see right here actually that's the wrong play but torres hits a walk-off, it should be a celebration but fans start throwing garbage. if we can pull the video at the beginning of the story. fans throwing beer bottles, whatever they can throw. yankee players had to stop celebrating to calm the fans down. yankee fans are the worst fan base in the planet. here is manager. >> that's never going to be okay. >> bringing violence and throwing stuff on the field and cheering when someone gets hurt is not okay. that's where i draw the line. >> the two teams play at 1:35 today. we will send it back again today. eric: unsportsmanlike conduct by the fans. unacceptable. unacceptable. we will be back at eastern.
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mike: orthodox christians celebrate easter at the church of the intersession of the mother of god on the opposite side of the river from the church smoke is seen rising from the besiege steel mill where hundreds of civilians are being bombed by the russians. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. meanwhile president zelenskyy says he will be meeting with secretary of state antony blinken and secretary of defense lloyd austin today. let's go to trey yingst on the ground. hello, trey. trey: mike, good afternoon, today marks two months since russia launched its i


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