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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  April 25, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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covering the ukraine war each and every day is going to be fascinating to watch as a social experiment. >> sandra: it will be indeed, and we'll dig into this at 4:00, i'm in for neil. thank you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts, good to be back with you again as we begin a new week, a lot of news ahead with martha maccallum as "the story" starts right now. >> martha: good afternoon, everybody. breaking now, very big news from this man, the new leadership at twitter which as john roberts was just saying is a social upheaval as much as it is an enormous business transaction which is going to be felt in many ways. we'll have more on that in a moment. unique perspective from victor davis hanson what he thinks it says about social media and the conversation in america. also breaking right now, republican house members live at the border about to speak out.
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that after stunning news as the body of 22-year-old texas army national guard specialist bishop evans was carried out of the rio grande after he drown there. his colleagues saluting him, a horrific, terrible story that unfolded over the weekend. he lost his life working at the rio grande on the southern border, he was trying to save two migrants on the river on friday, he jumped in to do just that. the texas military says the migrants were involved in drug trafficking and you see the hearse there in texas, it's a sad story, this young man's life lost and no reaction at all so far from the white house, but we expect there will be a question about this. we would anticipate at the white house moments away, so listen to
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that as well. they are getting ready to lift title 42 and as you know, the projection is that could send as many as 18,000 more people across that border on a daily basis, according to the numbers that come to us from the department of homeland security. so -- a tough situation politically for the white house and now you have this young man losing his life, trying to protect people crossing the border illegally. congressman michael mccall from texas, all of this close to him and his own experience in his home state. he's standing by. begin with bill who joins us live at the border in eagle pass, texas. he covered the story and gave us the first pictures of bishop evans over the weekend. bill, good afternoon to you. >> martha, good afternoon to you. keep in mind, about 8:30 a.m. friday morning when specialist bishop evans first went into the water and was not seen again. he was found a couple hundred yards from where we are right
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now upriver earlier this morning. his body finally found and can finally confirm he did indeed die presumably in a drowning. a flag draped over him as he was saluted by texas national guardsmen and troopers as his body was removed from the river. he is now the first texas national guardsman to die in the rio grande river since operation lone star was first launched in march of last year. take a listen to what texas congressman tony gonzalez had to say. >> eagle pass is not an easy place to get so, but it's important. it's the epicenter of everything, it's about those that live here, about those that serve here, about those that work here, it's about bishop evans who was found today, it's about his family, it's about po
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that were working, suspending the construction of the wall and now we have the death of a texas guardsman. it's a dangerous river. we've seen drownings before. but it didn't have to happen. it's self-inflicted. shame on this administration and
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senator mayorkas will be testifying before homeland security wednesday. he will have tough questions. >> you know, you were on "fox news sunday" over the weekend. there's a "washington post" editorial, very critical of what you had to say there. it said that you said that you were -- your state gets invaded daily. you made a comparison to putin invading ukraine. they were negative about what you had to say, basically saying how can you compare innocent asylum speakers to putting invading. you want to respond? >> i want to say while we're paying attention to ukraine and i have done that, we also have to pay attention to the southern border. it's not as innocent as they make it out to be. these are sophisticated drug cartels that know how to make a lot of money. when the biden administration rescinded these policies, they
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left the border wide open to their manipulation, the biggest human tracking exercise that we've seen -- i dealt with this since 9-11, for over 20 years. i've never seen it this bad before. it's the drug cartels making money off of children, human trafficking, getting fentanyl in this country, enough to kill seven times the population over. yeah, it's an invasion in my state when you now have -- you list title 42, we could have up to 18,000 per day, they're saying 500,000 for the next five weeks. that's 100,000 per week. jay johnson said if it's over 1,000, that's a bad day. jay johnson called out the former secretary of homeland security who i used to work with saying you cannot lift title 42 during this surge in the summer months. this is what they're going to do. >> you have a little bipartisan support here. you have maggie hason that won
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her last race be a slim margin in new hampshire and now she's up against another tough race. she standing in front of the border cutting an add saying that the gap has to be closed. isn't this a moment and can you galvanize support on both sides of the aisle? most of us are watching this battle as long as we can remember. when is enough enough and finish building the wall, finish doing something technologically or physical and get the border secure. >> we're debating a $10 billion covid relieve par -- package. what is this? these people could have infection diseases, possible criminals, direct cartels, fentanyls. you name it. it's a reckless, dangerous policy. the obligation of to homeland security, secure all ports, land and sea. the land border is wide open, this is highly irresponsible.
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i will be -- if they go forward with this, i will have a resolution, the mccaul resolution, that will hopefully be brought to the floor to disapprove of what the administration is doing here. i think -- again, it's extremely reckless and irresponsible and playing on the politics at the border, too. the hispanic population is fed up with this open border system. they don't like socialism. they like energy jobs. they have conservative family values. they're catholic like myself and starting to return to the republican party. they don't see the answers in the democratic party. >> martha: people are waiting for solutions and politics gets in the way of this. nobody wants to give the other side a win when there's another election coming down the pipe. we'll see what happens. we'll watch for the reaction from the white house. i want to play this. we talked about this just a moment ago. remember when the mounted border guards were accused of whipping
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people, which is not what happened. a photographer that took the image said it wasn't happened. this is what was said at the white house back then. >> we just saw this footage. it's horrible to watch. i have to get more information on it. >> i was outraged by it. it was horrible. and deeply troubling. >> that didn't happen. we never heard an apology and now we're rating for a response on this young man. bishop evans who lost his own life trying to protect people that are trying to get here illegally. thanks, congressman mccaul. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: victor davis hanson. huge story. billionaire elon musk will win his battle to acquire twitter. also, he's the high school football coach that knelt and prayed on the 50 yard line. students would often join him. the school said he had to stop. they offered him a janitor's closet to pray in the he wanted
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to. now the supreme court is hearing this case this morning or this afternoon at this point. whether the constitution protects former coach joe kennedy's first amendment right to freedom of speech and religion. coach kennedy joins me exclusively on this monumental day for his case being heard at the highest court in the land. seven years in the making. that's next. like that. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®. no one deserves the american dream of homeownership more than veterans. ask your dermatologist at newday, you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still low.
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>> martha: we're about to hear from the man taking his battle for religious freedom all the way to the supreme court. the justices today hearing the arguments in this case. it's been seven years in the making. the story is, the former high school football coach who fought for his right to kneel in prayer on the field.
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first, to fox news at night shannon bream covering this live at the supreme court. hi, shannon. >> hi, martha. based on the arguments we heard today, make an educated guess that the coach has a good chance of winning. the justices seem to be leaning in his favor. the question is how big of a victory or partial victory that this may be. he says this is about wanting to go to the 50 yard line and pray silently. the school direct says it's more than that. he wanted students involved and he wanted to pray aloud. the justices spent time probing the school district attorneys about what would have happened if he went on the field with a ukrainian flag. what if he kneeled during the national anthem and he wanted to make a protest about social justice. kennedy said he never invited students to join but many did. so the question is did he have a duty to tell them they didn't
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have to participate. the justices noted the school's own policies. >> i want to make sure i understand the school policy. it appears that teachers are forbidden from either encouraging or discouraging private student prayer. is that right? >> yes, justice. >> so the coach was forbidden from discouraging private student prayer? >> absolutely. >> so a very interesting line of questioning as we now await to see whether this will be parsed along narrow lines or an outright win for the coach to say he was discriminated against on the basis of his religion. i know you'll ask him whether or not he would take it if it's offered to him. but meantime, we wait till lane june for a decision. >> martha: thanks very much. such an interesting case. joseph kennedy joins us and his counsel. good to have you with us today. so let me ask you that first.
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shannon wanted to know, would you take the job back if offered? i think you would, right, coach kennedy? >> in a heartbeat. i would be there within 24 hours. >> you know, if your story -- your story is an interesting one, a long-time marine. you went into coaching. you describe an experience with your wife of going back to church and deciding that you wanted to make this the center of your life. you took it to the center of the football field and now you're in the middle of this landmark case over religious liberty. this is what shannon laid out very clearly. so you heard from justice gorsuch. he said you can't discourage people from praying or not. this is justy kagan. >> that puts a kind of undue pressure, a kind of coercion on
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students to participate in religious activities when they may not wish to, when their religion is different or they have no religion. >> martha: i've been around a fair amount of football. everybody wants to please the coach. she's saying that when you went out there and prayed and other players joined you, that it may even though you're not insisting on anything, it may have made the other players feel that they're not in your good graces if they chose not to join you, coach. >> you know, that was a concern at the very beginning. when the school district said hey, we can eliminate all of this what if i only stopped praying with the kids. that's what i did. i never prayed with another one of my students again after the school district told me not to. >> martha: so when you listen to this and you hear the arguments
12:21 pm
going back and forth in the supreme court, how do you feel this is going for your client? >> well, look, i think no american should be having to face the choice of choosing between their faith and the job they love. this is what coach kennedy had to do. what you heard the justices saying today, maybe the case law that has developed over the years has been having too much people make that choice. that won't hold true for very much longer. so whether it's coach kennedy or others, people have the right to be coaches on our football field and have a faith. as the court said in 1969, it can be argued that either students or teachers have to shed their constitutional rights. that's what the argument is, he has to shed every right that he fought for in the marine corps when he goes through the school house gates. the resounding answer by the justs should be that no american has to shed their rights when
12:22 pm
they walk through the school house gates. >> martha: it's very interesting. i got to go but i heard you wrote in your piece, joe kennedy, that you don't want to see a teacher that wants to pray over their lunch and not have the right to do that. you used the analogy because she would be seen by other students. thank you both very much for being here. coach kennedy, thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> martha: a lot of breaking news right now. we'll get to as much as we can. elon musk is set to take over twitter. this has been like watching a movie play out. this is a really incredible story. the deal is worth $44 billion. wrap your brain around that number. one of the biggest acquisitions and will impact how millions use social media in this country. kelly o'grady breaks it down for us live as the story is unfolding.
12:23 pm
hi, kelly. >> i love that you mentioned the movie because i'm wondering who will play him. elon musk owns twitter. he said 54.20 was his final offer and he stuck to it. this comes after weekend of developments. elon negotiated with the board until late last night. twitter stockholders will receive $54.20 in cash for each share. the purchase price represented a 38% premium to twitter's closing price. the day before musk disclosed his 9% stake at the beginning of april. that represents a single digit premium note where the stock was news because there was such excitement from shareholders. musk said free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.
12:24 pm
twitter has the potential. i work forward to unlocking it. musk says he wishes to add new futures, get rid of spam bots. he says he looks forward to working with the company and the community of users that is so important to him. there's an all-hands meeting this afternoon. many twitter employees have been extremely vocal during this saga and threatening to walk. raises questions about the future. he owns twitter. now he has to deliver on the execution. that could be tough given the opposition that he will face for employees and maybe the government. we'll follow this. it's an exciting story. >> it is. it's fascinating. thanks very much, kelly o'grady. victor davis hanson, a senior fellow from the hoover institution and author of "the dying citizen, how progressive elites are destroying america."
12:25 pm
the idea of america is one of the things that elon musk is trying to hang on to here when it comes to the constitution and free speech. i think back to victor to what happened during the 2020 election and the hunter biden story which is taken as a legitimate story across platforms of all kinds in the news business right now. at that point, it was shunned and blocked so that voters and readers could not read the story or a link on twitter before the election. so what is the impact of what's going on here? >> i think the left is terrified in particular, but all of silicon valley is in general. it's not just a potential buyer. it's the richest man in the world. it's not just back to the climate of 2020. people have seen the last 15 months of this administration. they know all about the stories that you just referenced. they're angry. so the public is receptive to it
12:26 pm
and they have the mid-terms looming if the republicans take the house and senate and they may well, there's going to be legislation looking at these monopolies. he looks at this, scans the horizon and thinks this is a good time. silicon valley and the left think, we've got to be careful about this guy. he took tesla and everybody thought he was a nut. he's the largest auto company world on the basis of market capitalization. it's worth over a trillion dollars. he did that himself. maybe he has expansive plans. maybe he wants to have twitter as a platform and go on to what facebook does or google does or snap chat or instagram. just revolutionize the whole silicon valley. he might have the money and the wherewithal a and the public support and political support behind him. so you're starting to see the left, martha, say things like oh, it's just an elite medium. it's for lib -- mostly liberals, mostly white people.
12:27 pm
it's not that important. they understand that they're losing this very important avenue to people's expression. i think the monopoly days are over. >> martha: the naacp president is speaking out. he's very upset that there's a possibility -- he says do not allow 45, which refers to former president trump to return to the platform. do not allow twitter to be a petri dish for false democracy. my first question to you, a lot of people see the suppression of the hunter biden story as just that. what do you make of that? the former president of the united states is not allowed to send out a tweet, victor. >> i make of who is allowed. if he's not, the taliban? yes. the iranian theocrats? yes. the russian oligarchs? yes. elon musk's slogan, his message
12:28 pm
is, let's open it up to everybody. but their message by needs or definition, but they want to centaur people. let's continue to deny ex-president-elects even to the former president of the united states. it's not a winning message is. obama and biden going to say let's stop elon musk because we don't want free expression. that's what it boils down to. they can say what they want. in the end, if it's successful and it will be if he wants to, they're just going to say well, this was an irrelevant medium anyway. it wasn't worth that much. i think it's a start of a revolution that could expand beyond twitter. >> martha: it's a fascinating transaction. i keep thinking about jack dorsey that created this twitter universe of communication. now he's watched it be taken away from him. the board said look, our bottom line is that we want to -- this to be a money-making
12:29 pm
entrepreneurship. it is a fascinating moment to watch. >> it is. he's even ambiguous. he knows deep down what twitter has done. i'm not sure he's 100% behind what it's become. so his attitude is let him have it. i'll be rich and the people that i had to deal with will be gone. >> martha: yeah. victor, thank you. interesting to get your thoughts on this. it is a really interesting story for all of us to watch unfold here who care about the public square and people not being shut down if they don't like what you're saying. thank you. victor davis hanson. jen psaki is at the podium taking questions. she's responded to this and now they're talking title 42. let's watch. >> this is not an immigration
12:30 pm
policy. we need to have a conversation about immigration reform. that's vital. maybe this is a reminder of that. >> you said the president introduced a bill in his first week in office. there's not much more than that. is this han opportunity for the administration to move something forward to or -- >> we welcome that opportunity. i'd remind you that we were supportive of efforts to include some components of immigration reform in the reconciliation packages and we've been looking for avenuing to move it forward in supportive of efforts by democratic senators to do that. >> is there a specific act of congress related to title 42? this is not a decision for the president to make but for congress to make. what is this decision that congress should be make something. >> that is a discussion we'll have with members of congress. we're continuing to implement the listing of title 42 a decision made by the cdc. i would note that there's a range of views on title 42.
12:31 pm
there's some that are very vocal and how they would like to see it extended. some would not like to see it happen. that's an important discussion happening over the coming days and weeks. >> thank you. the white house has not commented on the death of bishop evans, the 22-year-old national guard that drowned trying to save two illegal migrants. >> thank you for that, jacqui. the numbers of the confirmation was confirmed a couple hours ago. i would note of course our heart goes out to his family and to his loved ones. to confirm all the specific details, he went missing friday following a selfless effort to rescue two migrants that were drawning, tried to cross a river in mexico that went into the u.s. we know that national guard personnel including him risk their lives every day to serve and protect others. again, our hearts go out to his
12:32 pm
family. in case you asked, i don't have any updates in terms of the president's upreach. >> does the white house feel any responsibility for his death given that there's reporting that he lost his life allegedly trying to save two migrants that were smuggling drugs. this is a problem the administration has been facing for some time and obviously they're getting criticism on. does the white house feel at all responsible and what more can you offer to people that, you know, are on the border and border communities that are experiencing loss like this? >> obvious we're mourning the loss of his wife. we're grateful for the work of every national guards mile an hour. i would note the national guard works for the state. so he's an employee of the texas national guard. his efforts and operations were directed by there, not by the federal government.
12:33 pm
and this effort and this apparatus, we've long stated that our immigration system is broken. there needs to be more done to invest in smarter security, and we welcome any effort for any elected official to work with us on that. >> and the states are requesting more manpower to help manage this issue. is that being looked at? is that being -- can you give me a more specific question or person or -- >> you mentioned this specialist was a national guard. the states are in change of that. but there's been requests from the texas governor to send more, to help people who are now trying to deal with the influx of migrants a they know only is
12:34 pm
going to increase when title 42 is lifted. you talked about having a humanitarian system in place to increase vaccinations and that kind of thing. in terms of law enforcement at the border -- >> i would say if we dial it back a few years to what we inherited here. the former president invested billions in a border wall that was never going to work or be effective instead of working towards comprehensive immigration reform. he proposed investing in smarter security at the border. something that he would be happy to work with governors on and certainly we're having that conversation whenever they're ready to do that. >> more broadly on the ukrainian aid -- >> martha: we heard the first reaction from the white house to the death of specialist bishop evans that lost his life in the rio grande river over the weekend when he was trying to rescue two migrants that were
12:35 pm
crossing. there's been some reporting that they were drug smugglers. we're still waiting for the confirmation on the circumstances surrounding it. nonetheless, this young man jumped into the water to deal with a situation which has become untenable and which may be far more untenable if title 42 is lifted in a month. it's interesting that jen psaki said there's people on both sides of the issue whether it should be extended or ended and that debate continues. so may be that we end up with an extension of title for 2 given that jay johnson, the former head of homeland security, that it's unsustainable in its current form and would be even more so if title 42 is lifted without adequate security. we'll continue to stay on that as it progresses. meantime, wounded combat veteran sergeant robert bartlett who has
12:36 pm
joined us many times over the years now speaks out to president biden about why he believes that iran must remain classified as a state sponsor of terror or american lives will be put at risk. that as putin ramped up new attacks today in the kherson region and other areas to systematically destroy ukraine's railway infrastructure hours after u.s. officials paid a visit to the capitol by train when they met with president zelensky just 48 hours ago. we'll be back with more on that after this. she's my sister and we depend on each other a lot. she's the rock of the family. she's the person who holds everything together. it's a battle, you know. i'm going to be there. keytruda and chemotherapy meant treating my cancer with two different types of medicine.
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>> martha: once again, the ukraine president speaking out, trying to rally his people and continue this pushback against russia from and underground train station. five stations have been attacked by russian forces in what ukraine calls an attempt to destroy the railway infrastructure of the country. the retired lieutenant general ben hodges as more. but first, griff jenkins on the ground. hi, griff. >> good afternoon. russia did strike type in the ukraine today. no doubt they were targeting the railway system. why is that? likely because uses it to move weapons to the eastern front.
12:42 pm
they started in the west in a town not far from lviv and then strikes in central ukraine in other towns. these are hubses in the southwestern connecting system. five dead after the attacks. this comes after secretary blinkens and austin traveled here to come for that meeting. there were strikes over the weekend in the southern city of odesa. that killed eight people ib including a mother and her 3-month-old baby. that is consistent with russia's stated objectives of controlling the donbas and certain ukraine. ukraine borne victoria sparks was here today in kyiv with tim wahlburg. i asked her about zelensky's call to designate russia as a state sponsor of terror. >> we have to look into that.
12:43 pm
there's legal implications that we need to get through. speaker pelosi is interested in that and there's a bipartisan concern what russia is doing. it's not a war. they're slaughtering people, torturing people, raping women and children. >> this as the u.n. secretary general will travel to moscow to meet with vladimir putin. ukrainian officials are skeptical of that meeting because the u.n. secretary general does not speak on behalf of ukraine. however, they are somewhat hopeful that perhaps that meeting would leads to a humanitarian corridor. putin allowing one out of mariupol, the southern port city that has been pounded and hanging by a threat. >> martha: desperate situation there. we keep hearing the corridors are open there but they're not. thanks, griff. with that, we bring in retired lieutenant general ben hodges, former commander of the u.s.
12:44 pm
army europe and now at the center for european policy analysis. very good to have you with us today. you know, a quick thought on that as we begin here. the u.n. secretary general going to moscow to meet with putin at this stage of this battle. what do you think about that? >> well, i think that the united nations has been totally awol the last many months. they have done zero to hold russia accountable. russia is in the security council. so if the secretary general of nato -- of the united nations is going to moscow, i hope he's going with a very strong message. >> martha: let's hope. i want to ask you about the stage of battle right now. we know about the railway stations that have been hit. there's reports that the ukrainian military may have hit a fuel depot that goes into russia. that would be the second time that they've hit something defensively in russia. how do you think that is going
12:45 pm
at this point as lloyd austin, the defense secretary says that the goal here is to weaken the russian military. >> first of all, i was very pleased that secretary blinken and secretary austin made it to kyiv yesterday. their arrival was important. the announcement that we're going to start getting our diplomats back in ukraine is important. secretary austin said that we want to help ukraine win was extremely important. lots of good messages there. i think we're getting -- finally getting the right weapon systems in there to really help ukraine. right now is the time that they need long range fires. we need to see them increase their air force capability, because that's what can hit these troop build-ups and make it impossible for russia forces to launch this next set of attacks that they're planning to do. i'm not surprised that fuel depots inside russia are beginning to mysteriously burst
12:46 pm
into flames. ukrainians are tech savvy as well as innovative. i don't know that that is who is doing this, but i hope that are. >> general hodges, thanks very much. good to have you with us, sir. see you soon. >> thank you. >> martha: you bet. so iraq war veteran, staff sergeant robert bartlett was wounded by an iranian-made bomb. now he's warning president biden of "grave concerns" as the administration considers delisting iran as a foreign terrorist organization. like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ ancestry's helped me really understand my family's immigration experience and what life must have been like for them. and as i pass it on to my daughter, it's an important part of understanding who we are.
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>> martha: as the biden administration looks to revive the iran nuclear deal president trump with drew from, a key demand from tehran seems to be holding it up.
12:51 pm
they want the united states to stop referring to their islamic revolutionary guard core as a foreign terrorist organization. the irgc backed fighters are responsible for 603 american deaths in iraq alone according to the department of defense. retired staff sergeant robert bartlett was wounded in iraq in 2005. he along with hundreds of others just wrote a letter to the president urging him not to give in on this. he's an adviser to united against nuclear iran. thanks nor being here. if i'd may, i'd like to start with this statement from ned price on this issue. >> do you have anything in mind that iran must do to return the designation of the revolutionary guard lifted? >> what we will say is that the
12:52 pm
iranians know that there is an opportunity to reach a mutual return to compliance with the gcpoa in a quick manner if they're willing to do so. >> martha: all part of the negotiation, sergeant. what do you say? >> i say if you take -- i look at it like this. you have to find out where the money is coming from. money -- bombs cost money. terrorist cost money. the irgc has -- runs oil, the major oil wells and the oil profits out of iran. outside of the major construction companies there. that's their funding. that funding is coming in and they can fund this terrorist organizations across the world that are killing people all over. they've been killing us since 1983. so to take them off there would be detrimental. >> martha: i see your point, this is from the letter that you wrote.
12:53 pm
in our view, removing the irgc standing would empower a terrorist organization that continues to sponsor attacks against americans in the middle east. what would you tell the president about your own experience and so many of your colleagues that were killed but i rainian bombs and living with that every day, sergeant? >> what do i tell him? you wake up in pain every day. there's not a day that goes but i don't think about it. i think about my buddy that was killed next to me and his two daughters that grew up without a father. that's why i do this, so he has a voice. he's no longer here. i think about those buddies that i left at walter reed that were injured by these bombs and their sons committed suicide because they couldn't take it anymore. those are this things i think about. so you're siding with americans that are willing to die for you or siding with the iranians. >> martha: i notice you thought
12:54 pm
it was the right move for the trump administration to take out soleimani. >> yes. that send a message. are we going to kill your generals or stop you from doing terrorism or give you the money to do so. that's the reality. >> martha: thanks for your service and thanks for talking with us today and for telling how you feel so strongly that they must be kept on the terror watch list. >> thank you. sergeant bartlett. breaking news on a civil suit against former president trump after this. stay with us. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $60,000.
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12:59 pm
president's business dealings. president trump calls the case a "witch hunt". and just a few moments ago, mitch mcconnell paying tribute to his long-time friend, former utah senator orrin hatch who passed away this weekend. >> when senator hatched retired three years ago, this body longed its longest serving republican and president pro tem. we also lost one of the kindest and best humored colleagues any of us had ever served with. for that matter, the senate's only former band manager of a mormon folks music group. orrin hatch had an interesting and accomplished life. >> martha: that is so true. senator hatch was a friend to this program. he had a brilliant sense of humor and a brilliant sense of history and he loved the
1:00 pm
institution where he served. he died in his beloved home state, salt lake city, utah. that is "the story" of this monday, april 25. "the story" goes on and it is jam packed these days. we'll see you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" starts right now. >> sandra: elon musk buying twitter, taking the social media company private and taking the free speech debate to a new level. welcome. i'm sandra smith in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we've got the market and political fall-out from this deal coming right up. first, let's get right to kelly o'grady. she's live in our los angeles newsroom. she's got the latest. kelly, big deal. >> it is, sandra. yeah, elon musk now owns twitter. he said 54.20 was his


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