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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 25, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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visit >> we are out of time. fox news at night with the evil shannon bream is next. ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night time shannon bream in washington . breaking tonight, elon musk shaking up the twitter universe with a $44 billion deal. what many are healing as a victory for free speech while some on the left and indymedia our sounding the alarm. ohio congressman jim jordan has that message for them on hannity . >> the left is gone crossly, an
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they're going crazy over an electric car carmaker who supports free-speech. that shows you how ridiculous they are. >> shannon: temporary victory for summit states suing the biden administration to keep idol title 42 emplaced for the trump era pandemic policy allow the federal government to quickly expel illegal immigrants . standing by to debate. and the supreme court is now considering arguments over a case involving a high school football coach neulasta's job after playing with this player on the 50-yard line after games. with the decision could mean fo your freedom. we begin with twitter's new owner, the tech guy accepting the $44 billion takeover bid monday. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher i on the case. gate not only does elon musk have 83 billion twitter followers, he's about to own th whole platform for as you say roughly $44 billion. he called himself a free-speech absolutist.
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he believes that free-speech is a bedrock of a functioning democracy coating here twitter has put tremendous potential i look forward to working with th company in the community of users to unlock it. critics say elon musk hands up approach to twitter becoming a haven for misinformation and hate speech. democratic senator elizabeth warren tweeted this deal is dangerous for our democracy. billionaires like elon musk pla by a different set of rules tha everyone else accumulating powder for their own game. we need a wealth tax in strong rules to hold big tech accountable. when it comes to accountability conservatives believe they are the only ones big tech is policing citing the blatant and unfounded censorship of the wuhan lab leak theory in hunter biden's laptop. >> i think the left is terrifie in particular, but all of silicon valley is in general
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because it's not just a potential it's the richest man and the world. >> this is why we have to destroy what i think are the tw twin pillars of the democratic party right now. identity politics, and i cancel culture. the combination of those two coming elon musk is opposing them, i think we all need to be celebrating. >> the naacp leased a statement asking the elon musk not to allow former president trump back on twitterberry he said he plans to stick with his own social media platform quoting i'm not going on twitter, i'm going to stay untruth, i hope elon buys twitter because he will make improvements to it an he's a good man, but i am going to be staying on truth. in the list believe, but whatever elon musk does with twitter, there will definitely be a shakeup in the question becomes how things shake down and how much of the current twitter staff remains on board. former twitter ceo dorsey tweeted the goal of creating an
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platform that is trusted and broadly inclusive is the right one. this is also a new twitter ceo getting the company out of an impossible situation, this is the right path, i believe it with all my heart. meanwhile twitter says that transaction has been approved b its board of directors. ends, the approval of shareholders, the deal should close sometimes this year. >> thank you very much. let's talk simard tonight about the far-reaching impacts of the elon musk twitter take over. great to see you, steve. >> high commissioner and impaired. >> we're going to play a little bit of the media freak out or break down, here it is. >> when the richest guy in the world takes over the most important social media platform that's not a winning formula. it reminds me of the old bond
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movies we're done dr. evil and other guys were that were takin over the media. >> when he says open it up to free-speech, does that allow more misinformation on the platform? >> if you are no rules and ther is total freedom for everyone. you actually want to go to that party. some people would say send me a invite. >> don't know what kind of parties he goes to without thes rules not much fun i would say. every action itself makes his points for him. he saying that for too long thi is so fundamental, not everyone's on its end minority of americans are on it, but the people who are there are the people who tend to shape the public discourse and things tha affect the things and really important ways inseam a clear. those people really take it seriously. for too long he is saying, buy
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things like censoring things like speech, demoting content they don't approve of and so on part his approach to this is to say i'm not going to tell peopl what they think. he's not talking about changing the algorithms in the rules in order to push twitter and a particular direction. he's talking about making it al transparent. making it clear, open sourcing the whole process. so everyone can see clearly wha is being seen as misinformation in things that are truly dangerous and criminal and what is not. at the moment nobody has any idea, people suspect there's lots of, but it's ut it's all h from view parity wants to bring that out into the open that's
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incredibly important for such a important platform to our private conversation. >> they plied by a different se of rules than everybody else accumulating power for their ow game. they hold big tech accountable. there are billion as her own things like the washington post and i don't know. it seems like this particular billionaire at this particular moment. >> it's barely worth engaging with that elizabeth warren tweets, it's just a leftist key clichés put together to try to give the impression that she is pandering to the base was is what she is trying to do. actually, what they really mean is that the billionaires that support their course that the democrat supports, pushing thei
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ideological agenda, that's fine it's only a billionaire that threatened their control, and than suddenly it's dangerous. it so ridiculous. it is fundamental in this point that is the basis of everything that america stands for that we should have the ability to express different points of vie and debate them fairly without the powers that be imposing their spray that is so fundamental to america, everyon on all sides of the divide should support that. what it really tells you is these people on the left, peopl and the establishment what does that tell you about their confidence in their ideas, that they don't like it in the use o this reckless language when someone wants to threaten their ability to impose their point o view. they don't want challenge to their point of view. they will win and a free and open competition predicated the wall street journal said this tonight, they asked does he
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realize he's walking into a hornets nest? will his vision work? it will be fascinating to watch him try to break the silicon valley culture of progressive conformity. >> he's not just making their free speech points. he is saying generally as a business, this has been failing for a long time. we need to improve the product and make it easier to use, get rid of all the spam and make different revenue sources viable . it's not just about free speech. he got a good prep record. that people love not just like, but they love. i think that the patient has part of the overall commitment, you wouldn't bet against as he succeeded in so many different areas. i think this is something travi was saying as many others were saying. we should welcome. thank you very much, nice to se you tonight. >> they temporary win for the
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state suing the biden administration over its to end the fight title 40 of federal judge says he will grant at federal restraining order blocking the biden administration from lifting thi trump era pandemic policy which allows the federal government t quickly expel illegal immigrants . meeting with members of the caucus, bipartisan backlash ove the plan to drop title 42. the texas national guard soldie who while trying to rescue illegal immigrants and that has been found. against the backdrop of nonstop incursions. if covert related asylum roles and next month, corresponded from eagle pass, texas tonight. >> a somber scene and eagle pass , texas,. is recovered from the rio grand days after he disappeared.
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20 two-year-old specialist is leap to have drowned after jumping and the river on friday morning in an effort to save th lives of two illegal immigrants the texas rangers say were smuggling drugs. for discovery of his body came is house minority leader kevin m ccarthy and a delegation of house republicans visited eagle pass today. >> it's about those who live here and those who serve here, those that work here. it's about bishop evans. >> after specialist evans body was found here in eagle pass this morning, it makes him officially the first texas national guardsmen to die and a mission related incident as par of operation lone star. this border was secure. the administration changed, his executive orders changed. what we have now found is we have had 2 million people come across this border. >> today border patrol gave the a tour of the river not far fro where evans body was found. it's also where fox news captured dramatic video this
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morning showing mexican authorities trying to physicall stop migrants from getting into the rio grande. they were unsuccessful and the migrants ran right past them an jumped into the river, eventually crossing illegally into eagle pass. in the same location at different group of migrants ran down the riverbank evading mexican police and jumped into the water. some of them with toddlers, to u.s. border patrol boats later had to rescue them with one of the migrants refusing to hand agents a child while others swi away from the boat. all of this in one small at the boat. something leader mccarthy noted as we rode along with him during his visits visit spread. >> what are your thoughts on th fact that president biden ostensibly has never been at th border and his life? to get that is very telling he' been in office more than 40 years and has never been to the border? >> reporting in eagle pass, texas, fox news.
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>> the u.s. is reaffirming its commitment to help ukraine repe the russian invasion. following the highest level visits by american officials since the war began. russia, then unleashed a string of attacks against ukrainian rail and fuel facilities monday striking crucial infrastructure far from the front line of its eastern offensive. corresponded joins us from tonight or it is now morning there. what is the latest on the ground , matt? >> here in ukraine on monday there were missile strikes and the central and western part of the country including where we are right now. the national railway reports five train stations came under fire monday morning with one worker killed. this happened just hours after the u.s. secretary of state in secretary of and they use train during their visit. members of his cabinet in kyiv discussing the server support for ukraine engineering that qs
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the best of her to slovakia wit the latest and best of your to ukraine. >> we don't know how the rest o this war will unfold. but we do know that this sovereign independent ukraine will be a lot longer than vladimir putin is on the scene. our support of ukraine going forward will continue. it will continue until we see final success. >> ukrainian president lenski his unprecedented support. today secretary austin heads to germany for a meeting with nato defense ministers and other countries to do best long-term defense in europe and military gas caused by this war in ukraine. in ukraine, russia continues to bombard the easter cities and a effort to gain full control of the southeastern region. survivors say bombing is now happening morning in night.
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some video showed not a single structure spared. we want to show you the video o the young man from miami who traveled all the way here to pu up what he called while of hope. it pictures just some of the victims of war, he puts up his first wall and surfside border last year after the tragic condominium collapse there. >> a started by myself putting pictures of local ladies she said can i help and then before i knew it, people were just asking to help. obviously there is a language barrier. people see what was going on. it was at the point. >> the united states and now $700 million in new military ai for ukraine, they say that mone is hopefully going to allow ukraine to buy sophisticated ai defense systems used by nato di line by soviets.
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>> thank you very much. first off intimates crisis roundup. the new york post reporting who is accused of the gruesome murder of queens mom or solea gall, perdue used a youtube channel that shared violent crime news reports and video on how to attract women along more lurid offerings. he faces murder and related charges and the death. a record pace this year with 42 cars reported stalling by force already. a former philly official tells fox news digital the increase likely came from worldly and enforcement policies and the en of programs that used to keep kids off the streets. speaking of carjacking, essayed the ambulance stolen in chicago tonight taking police on the 70- mile chase down the highway until strips took out a rear tire. the driver eventually stopped, appeared to cooperate, but took off again.
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took off a out for cars going the other way. police and a k-9 unit finally tackled him. fortunately no one was actually in that stolen ambulance. >> and alarming percentage of the 73 law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty last year we're killed through thing like being ambushed or shot while out on patrol. they were killed because they were police officers. the director says the police officers were being killed at the rate of only one every five days last year. some of that time to the violen crime problem very that is come as a south carolina police department warrant officer roy andrew barr, who were shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance on sunday had reportedly survived another shooting in 2017. new reporting gifts citing visitor logs raising new questions about president biden
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's claim that he knew nothing of his son, hunter's business dealings. senior national because forint tells us tonight. >> hunter biden's business partner and was once the president of the now dissolved investment firm hunter cofounded . white house visitor logs show h had meant then vice president biden in november of 2010 in th wrestling. president biden has maintained he's kept out of the international business. for gavin never spoke to my son about his oversea business. >> obama white house logs show total of 20 meetings between in the white house officials. it's unclear if any of those ar a different person with the sam name. white house press asari secretary jen psaki said she ha no information on those meetings . republicans were jumping on this . >> we are seen increasingly tha the hunter biden transactions with joe biden and other people and the biden family, how
9:19 pm
prosecutorial discretion will b exercised in respect to all of these things. >> sources say the federal investigation into the foreign business and his taxes, they ar demanding information in democrats have a democrat on th house intelligence committee tells fox, hunter biden has never been in office and isn't seeking office. donald trump led a failed to against his government. the republicans are obsessed with investigating hunter biden and have no interest in guardin against another coup. if they seize control of at least one house of congress in novembers midterms. that would give them subpoena power. as this white house prepares to deal with the possibility everquest from republican-controlled conventional committees for the first time. >> thank you very much. by the way, we're going to dig deeper into these latest revelations about hunter biden
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and his laptop is later in the show. stick around for that. new information to form thousands of text messages tonight about what former president trump chief of staff knew and told others about january 6. many republican lawmakers in others appeared to frantically text mark meadows in an effort to get the president to do something to try to quash the capital riots. two nights, one of those lawmakers is revealing to text messages he sent to meadows and doubling down on the suggestion that the capital rioters were very members of the left-wing group antifa. of welcome, but very familiar plus, what would you do if this happened to you on the highway. at top speed. today's viral videos are next.
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♪ >> shannon: a, vermont, police officer-cam capturing this moment police chair sitting in the bed of a pickup truck flew out and smashed into the officers windshield. nobody was hurt. you should see the windshield, but the truck driver did get a ticket for an unsecured load. and s-10 from two skydiving pilots attempting the first midflight lane swipe. jumping out and trying to switc pilots. now one of them did successfull made it into the other's plane, but the second one was supposed uses parachute and he ended up crashing. both pilots mated to the ground successfully apparently the faa had denied a request for them t perform their stunts and now investigating. this is a typical story. this alligator making an unwanted.
9:27 pm
the flight in the conservation commission eventually got this guy back to his natural habitat. the truck barreled into a parke vehicle in the pull over as the officer was making a traffic stop. unfortunately no one was hurt, but the driver of that red truc was ticketed and we say this is it reason to slow down if you see emergency vehicles. >> this is body camera footage capturing the dramatic that the rescued little baby from a burning apartment building. one officer climbed up several balconies and then balanced on railing. >> her safely down from the third floor to the ground. bravo to all of our law enforcement heroes they do this kind of stuff every day. if you have viral videos you want to share, hit us up on social media.
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>> as johnny depp wrapped up a fourth day of testimony in his deformation trial against the amber heard. he appeared to be winning at least in the court of public opinion. good evening, laura. >> there has been no shortage o drama as week three of the tria gets underway. audio recordings of johnny depp and the explosive arguments we're played for jurors who als heard additional details about the severed finger that happene during one of their fights. he wrapped up what many called grueling fourth day on the stan and a $50 million bible suit against his ex-wife he elected his ex-falsely portrayed him is a domestic abuser in a 2018 washington post op-ed with naming depth acknowledging a history of drinking and drug use , he said he was never
9:29 pm
physically abusive with his ex-wife and recalled an argumen in which he brandished a weapon but not for use on her. >> i have a knife and my pocket and a knife out and i said here. cut me. that's what you want to do. ultimately everything. you want my blood, take it. >> during cross-examination, they listen to recordings of escalating tensions between the couple during their marriage. will just go out for a little while. it's just going to be a bloodbath. >> in the audio clip, the forme couple art name-calling and berating each other. depth explaining a little more about the fight that too had that led to a portion of his finger being cut off right he told jurors he tried to cover t protect his family and his film projects. >> when i went to the doctor th
9:30 pm
emergency room, i didn't think it wise to cause a ruckus. >> the trial has a huge following which has generated some several hashtags, many of them favoring depth with things like abuse has no gender. >> thank you very much. >> new video tonight of alec baldwin in costume on the rest you be set in new mexico accept practicing what appears to be the quickdraw maneuver with a gun before shooting and killing. he did not pull the trigger. another video shows investigators interviewing baldwin within hours of the incident part of a video released by law enforcement officials in new mexico as thei investigation into the fatal shooting continues. the latest on hunter biden and
9:31 pm
the latest on the investigation into his business dealings coul be getting to the president. that is next.
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>> does the white house feel an responsibility for the death given that others are reporting that he lost his life allegedly trying to save two migrants who were smuggling drugs? >> of course we are mourning th loss of his life and we are grateful for the work of every national guardsmen. i would note that the national guard work for the state so he is an employee of the texas national guard and his efforts and his operation we're directe by their, not by the federal government. >> we wouldn't have to have the national guard on the border if they bite no was enforcing the laws and securing our border. >> it looks like the finger-pointing has begin tonight about who bears responsibility for the events leading up to the tragic death of texas national guardsmen bishop emmett.
9:37 pm
honoring the fallen soldier monday after his body was recovered from the rio grande three days after he drowned while attempting to save two illegal immigrants he thought. lips talk about the state price on the southern border intervie other topics with new york stat senator democratic strategist i former does welcome to you both gentlemen. >> thank you for having a spirit . >> and want to play something from the democrat out of texas. >> he can't say we have a pandemic or a public health issue here, but then say everything is fine at the borde and then lift the title 42 whic is a health order. you can't have both. certainly right now the cartels are looking at title 42. the moment they lift that you'r going to see a lot more people coming across. >> that is a cautionary message we get from a lot of folks that our lawmakers and people who live along the border down ther in texas. we have now 37 house members wh
9:38 pm
our democrats and 11 democratic senators who our saying this is not a good time to get rid of title 42. will that influence the white house? >> i don't think so because wit the biden administration is doing is not just revealing title 42, but also pursued a la of failed policies from the obama administration refusing t carry out the immigration laws. he's just sending messages to people to try to enter the united states at a faster rate. the basic function of a nationstate is to control the borders and control your territory. leasee tens of thousands of ukrainians dying for that very principle. i think we do need to have immigration reform. id in favor of that, but you can't have that debate until yo do the job of securing the border spread. >> the numbers don't lie these
9:39 pm
are coming from nonpartisan government agencies that report the numbers and they have skyrocketed over last year or two. they say essentially along the border that the messages to these cartel and smugglers is that people put their lives and their hands and don't always make it, that under this administration things will be treated differently, you're going to be released, and we note that not everybody shows u for the court date, but the numbers are just that is just data, those are hard numbers. >> the data also shows that we have a record number of people being apprehended trying to cross the border under biden's leadership. title 40 to is a 1944 public health law that is meant to sto the spread of contagious disease . it's not an immigration policy. we can't be using it as bats. biden is going to have to repea title 42 because of multiple reasons, the first reason, it's the right thing, it's the human thing to do.
9:40 pm
people are desperate, and what they're doing is they are illegally crossing because there's not an option to file asylum status. if you're put in that position where you are fleeing your country, your home, you are doing whatever it takes to get out of there. and you come to the border and have no recourse, what are you going to do? that's what's happening. that's what we see record numbers. the other issue is just like th mask mandate that has been overturned and fauci is all upset about, the same thing wil happen with title 42 because yo can't continue to do this when the public health risk has diminished. it's unjust, it's inhumane, and i think biden is doing the righ thing by looking to repeal this. >> it's been responsible for turning away hundreds of thousands of people from the border in recent years, so we will have to see what happens i may if he goes ahead with the plan. in the meantime he has other things to worry about potentially because there's new on hunter biden the new york post and its headline says that joe biden met with hunter biden
9:41 pm
business partners at the white house and his closest business partner has made at least 19 visits to the white house and other official locations betwee 2019 and 2015 including a sit down with joe biden in the west wing. visitor logs from the white house reviewed by the post cast further doubt over the claims that he knew nothing of his son dealings. dave, i will let you take that one first. >> hunter biden is not running for office, he's never run for office, he's not elected and there's just this deep obsessio with the republicans on hunter biden. the reality is that these are meetings that happened right it's public information. now the posters made a big deal of it in the white house will respond and provide information or a little more information about what those meetings were to put it in context. obviously, your rights, it can look suspicious, it can look a little out of the ordinary abou these multiple meetings, but it's a public record.
9:42 pm
you have the ability to go in and meet with people, the president, the vice president and his team, meet with many different people. i think this is something being sensationalized, and you see that really the republicans are just bent on once they take the majority, to put subpoena power in place and do everything they can to just go after hunter biden. meanwhile, you have former president trump who is now in contempt in nobody is really talking about that because he's not upholding the request read. >> i want to make sure i get john in here. i can remember when the new yor post was up about accused of sensationalizing things that turned out to be not exactly sensational. >> there is nothing wrong with friend of the vice president's coming to visit the white house but for the fact that he works at a business that is receiving money from people linked to the chinese communist party and other foreign governments.
9:43 pm
the united states justice department has investigated and prosecuted not just officeholders, but family members when they receive money from businesses. i'm not saying that anything untoward happened, but we don't know yet. this is going to be more material for the u.s. attorney and if he won't investigate, yo may want to think about the special counsel and the justice department like durum his protected from removal in someway in interference by higher-ups or you can get an independent federal prosecution investigation of this. >> the white house may release information that would be helpful for us to understand, w will standby. thank you both. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: for supreme court justices hold arguments about whether a high school football coach at news his job over his commitment to pray at the 50- yard line after every game. i will take you inside that cas next.
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9:49 pm
coach joe kennedy finally lande at the u.s. supreme court. kennedy lost his job after refusing to stop praying on the 50-yard line after games. teutons often joined rate that fact prompting multiple justice to worry today about coercion. >> it is a form of pressure, a form of coercion. we are worried that the student will feel. he doesn't put me into a football game or not. he gets to give me an a in math class or not and this is a kind of coercion that is improper fo 16 -year-olds. >> what about the player who thinks if i don't participate i this, i won't start next week o the player who thinks if i do participate in this, i will start next week break to get a concern we asked kennedy about days ago and he told me over th years two players did come to him to say they were uncomfortable with the prayers.
9:50 pm
>> i gave both of them my team captain and. i want people with leadership and can stay in it for what the can say is right. he wants the right to play alon and silently on the field. the school district said kenned wants to pray aloud and with students present. sparking concerns that that could be viewed is a public school at iu the government endorsing a particular religiou viewpoint. kennedy says students asked him if they could join. the justice asked if they coach under the district school policies have a duty to turn them away? >> i just want to make sure i understand the school policy. it appears that teachers are forbidden from either encouraging or discouraging private student prayer, is that right? >> yes. >> so thick coach was forbidden from discouraging by the studen prayer. >> absolutely. >> how does the legal team thin it went today? let's listen to special counsel he's been on this case for year pray this has been going on.
9:51 pm
you guys represent the cuts, thank you for joining us. so let's talk about this, the aclu tweeted this today some players felt pressured to participate in the prayers. you heard that it was a theme that kept coming up today in th case pretty give the facts just don't bear that out redcoats kennedy when he was asked to stop praying with the kids our engaging in any religious activity he stopped, that was september 17 in 2015 and what h was actually fired for was goin to buy himself at the mentor of the field for 15-30 seconds in silent prayer. when he was asked to stop praying with the kids he did in the school district said on september 28 the 2015 there is indeed no evidence of any coercion by coach kennedy in this case. >> so one of the somebody not a party to the case, but has an interest in wants to file from the bremerton community members the team football team alumni parents in others they cite the
9:52 pm
story as sp, they're using the alias football player, that say was persecuted for mustering th courage not to conform, they sa he would take part but not bow his head per he said the coache were unfriendly towards him and only tolerated him because he was a good player and had the their respective esteem. this story he tells is feeling like he was marginalized in som way. >> that's disappointing, but no true as well. in every situation over the eight seasons that the coach wa a coach there in bremerton, it' only after the attorneys got involved that they started creating these stories for the media to be able to consume the whole way through the year. right before coach kennedy was suspended i found it interestin there was an e-mail from the superintendent the coaches righ to pay by himself at the 50-yar line. they knew at the time exactly what was happening. no one in this country should
9:53 pm
have to face the choice of choosing between the job that they love, and their faith. that site coach kennedy had to do. >> you're saying he just wants to pray solo. >> all by himself at the 50-yar line that's the only thing we'v ever asked in our complaint we' like to him to be a coach again and be able to take a knee in silent prayer at the 50-yard line for it. >> a lot of folks on the left are worried about the case ther they say if they were the freedom from religion foundatio set our chairs founding principle of separation between state in church is in jeopardy, religious extremist will take this as a signal to redouble their efforts to unravel more than 60 years of supreme court precedents protecting the right of students to be free from religious in public schools coming if you guys win and your response to her. >> i think we will and i hope w welcome at the justices seemed very engaged on this question right now to make sure the people of faith are not losing their jobs simply because they happen to be seen by students
9:54 pm
are the public. it seems they permit people to walk through them and hold thei faith when they do. of course the left is concerned about this case because what it would mean is that no longer ca the state control every speech that comes out of the mouth of every school teacher and coach and the nation. if this case is allowed to stand , the ninth circuit decision is allowed to stand here, the repercussions are hug if a teacher bows his head over his lunch and the cafeteria and his student can see him, he can be those are all outward demonstrative religious acts at the school district called them in this case here. no one should be fired from their jobs simply for engaging in the 15-30 seconds of private prayer. >> we have a few seconds. i would affect this to be one o the best last cases we get, the last week of june, the final term, do you think so?
9:55 pm
>> if people didn't listen to the argument today i would encourage them to go and listen to the argument. was into the facts themselves, think the justices got to the depth of the. >> just weeks away, this has been seven years in the fighting , so we will all stand by. jeremy, thank you for your time. that is it for us from washington. we will see you tomorrow from new york city. the time you spent on the docks, the banks, the boats. to fishermen and other liars time you spent on the docks, thanks boats lines you can these moments you share with people you love the fish m you never forget feels it gets a home and yourdv memories will the last a lifetime bass pro shops and antibalas. your adventure starts here.
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