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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 25, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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to hug up your time, but i don't think he realizes how much pain cream no, i guess i get the kids to myself today thanks to my secret my secret to living a pain free life with no smell. thanks. i'll stay and drink. well, it couldn't hurt to share it. so in way australian find out what your favorite retailer. >> good evening and welcome. tucker carlson said a good news show. don't get those two off. and it's april twenty fifth 2020 two. elon musk bought twitter today . that means that twitter henceforth will be privately held. elon will determine what is allowed on the platform now whys is this significant? not because it singles the sudden arrival of oligarchy as you're hearinghy, it's too
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late for that oligarchy's already here. every major tech company is t already controlled by billionaires. that's been the case for a long time. so this is nothinga tim new . the reason today's sale ofal twitter is big news. the reason it could turn out to be a pivot point in our historyk is that elon musk does not agree with the rest ofth the billionaires in the tech business, unlike the leaders of facebook, google, apple, amazon, elon musk believes in free speech. he thinkscl everyone should be allowed to talk, including people who disagree with him. i hope that even my worst critics remain on twitter. ttmy wrote today on histh new platform because that is what free speech meansat. now that sounds like an entirely american sentiment, but in this atmosphere that is a revolutionary posture of the five companies that control the flow of virtually all informationn is consumed by ther citizens of this country. twitter is te by far the smallet of the group, but it doesn't't matter. one platform going e rogue is
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enough to break the monopoly. that means you t now have real options for expressing yourself . irg forward if you disagree with the administration's latest directive, you get to say so outt loud to an audience. so they're up there every day from the podium. the biggest megaphone in the world commanding you to hate this or that group lecturing you about who's good and who's evil is if you're a child and have no right to decide for yourself these things, the basic things. but before today you didn't have a right to expressss your disagreement in public if you had an opposing opinion or even more dangerous and that if you had countervailing facts that undermined their storyline ,the tech companies would shut you down immediately. it happened to us . it happened to a lot of people,f most of whom you've never heard of, never hearing about those people with the whole point of shutting them down. afte but that's over .r after today you'll be able to post your dissent in a place where other people might have a reasonable chance of seeing it in other words, you will have a chance to change other
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people's minds just like d the white house does every day. so you just became a little more powerful. the people already in chargein just became a little less powerful. it's that simple and it'sim that profoundple as that. of course it could change. it's possible that at some point elon musk willt decide he doesn't really want dissenting views on twitter that could happen. elon musk can do whatever he wants just as jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg can do whatever they want and often do . this is the cost to the rest ofl us of living under a political system that is so d dysfunctionl it cannot even guarantee g the coreua freedoms it promises its ownns citizens and free is the first on that list. why? because i democracy depends upon free speech. and the irony is if you'd like to save democracy, you are t forced to look outside the democratic system in order to do it ats po this point you e no choice but to put your hopes in the good intentionsce of an eccentric billionaire. there's no other option because no
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one else is coming to the rescue. so in the case of elonsk musk, r will see how this turns out. but for now, musk's's purchase f twitter is the single biggestop political development since donald trump's election in 2016. it is certainly the most threatening challenge to the corrupt and incompetent leadership of this country. now that may not be obvious toe everyone yet, but the people in charge certainly understand it. he was the scene inside twitter headquarters in san francisco when. the must deal was announced. >> sorry, wrong tape. but the very same idea what you just saw was the collective grief of people who thought they were going to be fully in charge, who totally believed they'd be able to rulele withoun
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limit. you're watching those people learn that actually other people get to talk to and that realization is crushing to t them. it's the one thinghe thi they fr and that tells you everything about why those people should never be in your power. people who want a monopoly on speech and thought hate elon musk not because he's a racistca he's not but because they can't control him. they hate him becauseli he persists in saying things likeke this . >> why make that offer so? well, i think it's very important for there to be anve inclusive arena for a free speech. i made my strong intuitiveee sense is that having a public platform that is maximally trusted and and broadly inclusive is extremely
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important to the future of civilization. but you i don't care about the economics at all. so free speech is extremely important to civilization triggered by that it's often hard to know who's's on what sil so muchyi lying, who are the god guys and who the bad guys.very well, here's a very clear, simple and uncaring test. who are the tyrants there? anyone who is bothered by the idea that other people might get to talk, that is an unfailing testt. it's 100% accurate. would you allow people who disagree with you to talk if you wouldn't you were a tyrant t. and tonight the tyrants areng grieving in congress.. democrats made a last ditch bido to use their power to intimidate elon musk into backing off congresswoman katherine clark wrote this quote if they can afford f to buy twitter, they can afford to pay their fair share in taxes. read tweet if t you're ready top support joe biden's billionaireo
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minimum income taxax exclamation point. ua that'sl what he did in national review. write a bunch of pieces the other day saying was wrong for ron desantis to use his power in florida to punish a company or if there's an upset about this all of a sudden democrats are callingin for anyd kind of higher taxes on the big companies that fund their campaigns. why? because here's one that may c cu fund their campaign, congressman bonnie watson coleman wrote this if you thi can buy a major social media platform, you can pay your fairn share in taxes, tax the rich haven't heard that from the left in a while. why are they so mad ? because their monopoly on speech and information, the ability to control what you believe has been broken. to so once again they're resorting to force too get you to shut upm this is not an attack on elon musk. they're not going to tax him a into povertyty. the world's richest man. there's an attack on you and your right to speak freelyy
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to express your conscience in public. but for once it's not working and the media are infuriated. od they're profoundly threatened by a free internet. and so are panicked. >> watch. elon musk is a new power in the social media giant and he is foaming the runways for the return of the troll. this is happeningis h in the background of elonn musk saying basically i want to buy twitter so i can open it up and turn it into gab and let donald trumprel back so there are real consequences to allowing anybody to run internet sites and say whatever it is they want. and elon musk is the fox coming into the henhouse and it is shameful that twitter, which has a fiduciary obligation i would thinknk, to protectt. people who actually use it, the millions of peoplesi who actually use itng do they ak a single woman, a single woman with a single woman consulted and this is with a single person of color who just uses twitter made the mistake of using twitter and needs it for their job. lo
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son elon musk is a threat to the wink say the most privileged and powerful peoplenu in our society. really?we areek they really standing up fn the week? no,o the week or the peopleh who aren't allowed to say a what they really think those the week and what you just saw m are the strong demanding the silanehe of the everyone's kindyo of figuredis this out except people demanding it. they're so up their own. if you just heard them say that twitter's a fiduciary duty to ignore its shareholders, block the deal and continue twitter's decline in thear market, it doesn'tke even makeny any sense. and because it doesn't, you can be certain you are watching a meltdown. and of course, at the bottom of the meltdown is always the same charge racist wait for the newll york times piece telling you elon muskin racists chanting the fake black activist on twitter wrote this quote at its root, elon musk wantingts to purchase twitter is not about
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left versus right. wh. about white power the mann was raised in a park by a white nationalist. th he's upset that twitter won't allow white nationalist to target harass peoplee natpeop. that's his definition of free speech. they think black guy attacking elon musk because of his parents. >> right. so musk hasn't responded point p by point to all this . and again, there's something a little bit pathetic if you care about democracy and pinning their hopes on one guy. but again, what are aga your options at this point? sosofa farr elon musk has saidl the right things in a statement this afternoon announcing his purchase of twitter. he said this quote, freefree sph is the bedrock of a functioning democracy and twitter is a digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated. i also t want to make twitter better than ever by enhancing the product. en new features make s the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spambots and authenticating all humans. twitter has tremendous potential. i look forward to workingel with the company in the community of usersrs
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users to unlock it and quote now if that's's even half true , how is it not an improvement over whata we currently have where peoplere are arbitrarily banned dependingrbit upon the whims of politicians in charge or the powerful crush the weak to maintain their power? tter than if youth think the status quo iu better than that , then you're a tyrant. douglas murray is the author of a brand new and fantastic book this pertinence tonight is called the war on the west. very much worth reading. i have a copy on the desk hereth .much for douglas murray joins us tonight. douglas, thanks so much for coming on as a historian. so this is the overview here. what do you y make of musk's purchase of the social media platform? it's very important indeed w because as he said the other t week recognizes that twitter isa effectively a public square. it's become the public squarewi in america. we may not liketh that , but that's what it's become. and when the public squaree suddenly jus has not juste superintendents who can police it but also people who pretend not to be policing it but actually are huband people to
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take them away without anyone knowing that they've been taken away or bannedthey. s thenom there's something rotten. the platform needed to be reformed desperately needse to be reformed. and here's the thing as far as i can see to date twitterli took on this responsibility ofty being the public square and was totally unfit for the task. you know, they they they silenced and effectively banned for a period of paper. i wrote for the new york post i because it was running information at this great storyn ahead of an election. it just didn't want to get out t there. meantime,, other papers were allowed to say things that are actually untrue. you know, the new york timest in recent years is probably the most famous story is a 16ist 19 project which as i say in the wall in the west, youou know, total fabrication of at american history. nobody nobody at twitter thought why don't we mute the new york times account until it actually has a reasonablele a account of american history on its website and doesn't make stuff uped abo every founding father of america and every hero of the american republicco o. ho they didn't thinkug that at all.
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no. they just thought they'd shut down the new york postt for running something that wasn't in favor of their particular partisan hackeryhack that day. what's so interesting, one ofve the points you make in the book which i was reading todayrt i love is that sos many of the experts and historians who frame our view of the pastly and hence our expectations of the future are basically literate who have no don't even read . they have no groundingl in actual h history like they're the most mediocre semi literate ever. and yet on twitter bubbles up occasionally these sort of self-styled historians are pretty good like suddenlyood.rai encouraging that . t exactly. that's why i'm really keenha foh an actual debateyy k. by the way, the people i criticized in the book, all of the race hucksters, robin d'angelo, max kennedy, r they're not really public figures because they refuse to debate in public. they won't ever debate their ideas because their ideas would fall apart. somy my belief is the more we can actually have the debate out, the better it's likely to be . you see, for instance, the people i critique in the book who attacked theta everyone in american history, who tried to tear american historyar apart and the american present apart, those people have been able to t
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do that largely unopposedha. they get wafted up from twittert into positions that american universitieshaersi wafted up ino pulitzer prizes and much more . these people have had m hav such a run, an easy run for such a long time and i want to help on the american public to know how to fight back and get thesew people on the backhi, which is where they should be . douglas brinkley, thank you . appreciate it. thank you . so elon h musk has bitten off a lot here. f he's famously smart.amab he probably understands that .ly but what is it like to run a digital media property that may tha be out of step with the hurt? portnoy has been doing that for a long time. he funded virtual sports . we thought we were asking him why so important that you don't run a political site butdo you don't want to be controlled? they've gone after your personal life. they really like actually tried to destroy you for what do youk think elon musk is in for? well, he has one big advantage over me. tw he controls now twitter and he's the ultimate say, you know,, elon said something tru
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that rang true to me. he said if you're running this correctly, the 10% on each side are goingng to and that's the thing about this whole elon musk buying twitter. and i even want to come on the show, you know, talktu tf say people thinkro i'm politica, but all the complaining is from one side. it's's all from rightsized, not from the other. you just want an even playingng field. if somebody says something about you, you want the ability to respond. what i find happened, you know, there's people i'll make up a name julia hack j. ot there's peoples like this . w they'll throw shots at youhe and when you respond in twittera ,they have annd army of bots, people who say harassment, harassment, harassment and they get you banned. so they throw allll the arrows and if you respond in kind once or defend yourself, youen get banned or you get in trouble. i think that is essentially what spurred this on for elon because he got muted and he's just saying, hey, let's open the playing field exchange of ideas. i don't think anybody saying somebody sinki should run aroune like i want to kill your mom. i want to kill your mom, i killu
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your mom. no, but if you have an idea, a thought, you criticize the other side is allowed to respond. but the good news n is he's the ultimate guy. he's the ultimate gangster. timesiidd a million i wish i could be him. if you don't like me, you don't like what's going on . i'm just going to buy you up and let it run. very and he said something very key in a piece you played earlier. it's not about economics. so i mean, how much of that is true ? i'm not sure because everything he touches is gold. but the major thing whenever you look why is one side alld complainingth and the other side isn't that to me tells everything every people a leveln playing field. that's allit anybody wantsyac the ability tok speak back andp debate points. butoi why is that ? b i mean, what you've said is the definition of fairness. it's how we conduct sports and business at its why is that such a threat when it takes place in the media? yeah, and i don't i don't think there's there's an illusion of fairness, but there iss no a fairness going around it.
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you know, there's that account defiant ls businessess after they had a tweet that said, youi know how great it was that jeff bezos is buying the washington post, you know, now they had a tweetto and saide this is the end of civilization because elon musk is buying twitter. it just depends what you're looking for. but the key thing is there is no fairness. anybody is paying attention. . were trthing fairre there's the illusion of fairness and woe is me. we're trying to be fair, but anybody who has paid an ounce of attention knows each platform specificas lean certain ways. and you know t what the craziest thing is? i like instagram or the facebook zuckerberg. i feel like they censorzuck 10xi what twitter does. they all do it and they all lean certain ways. but there's nothing wrong with fairness. but you're an idiot if you think these are neutral platforms any more so than newspapers in certain ways or even fox news or cnn. if you think those who are looking at every subject down the middle well, your head is in the sand and it's the samer: with twitter, right? >> all a you can ask for is
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clarity and giving other people the opportunity to respond and that'ssw he's trying to literally listen to anything he wanted said. t. i don't know why anybody on either side would have a problem with it. he's literally saying he wants to play dead down the middle and wants 10% on both sides to be like this is wrong. that's how he knows it's been doright. ever heard anything political about elon? i think it boils down youusk kn what as simple as it is, as stupid as it is he's going to bring back trump. >> i think that's a lot of what people are freaking out about. no,,>>ucker: i thi i think you'r absolutely right. they put a great decision. thank you so much t for that . thank you . >> so there's been an invasionil . a sovereign country hasli beenuc invaded by millions of foreigners. . , it's our country it's not ukraine. n department of homeland security says nearly 20 fous d and migrants who come each dayay into our country. twenty thousand once the administration and something called title forty toysport have a live repot on what is happening on our
10:19 pm
border. plus, one congressman who came back from there shocked by it. it's awesome that what everybody's been asking myself ,what the hell is going on in 2020 we'll save this county voters this and be the county prosecutor if you want to really see what i look like no farther than georgia deliberately unreleasable the most commented on this los angeles in two weeks or so my neighborhood is turned against the guy who was so about what's going on when he said he's not going to prosecute the key to legalizing gang members committing murders . they'll be released by december twenty five no matter what this is los angeles underfloor film. you do the crime to break
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let's work together and stop weight bias and so the administration is proposing ending something called title forty two . that's the federal regulation that allows the government to
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keep illegal aliens out of the country on public health grounds like if there's a pandemic, well, they plan to do that next month. missouri and several other states have just obtainedde a temporary restraining order preventing the administration from doing that . so this is a very, very big development because we couldec have seen a wave coming over the borderauy of bigger evn the wave currently coming over the border migration isight continuing tonight . fox's bill mugen has beenen f that story for u probably a year now.sthe bo he's seen it firsthand. he joins us tonight fromrd the border. hey, bill .er a. >> i took a good evening tucker . good evening to you. that's right. that ruling from a federal judge came downe do tonight andc what it essentially means is divided administration can't take any action on title forty two until there is a hearing next month on mayy 13 . in the meantime, it has been a very somber day out hereeo in eagle pass o. take a look at this video from earlier this morning. the body of a missing texased national guard soldier wasio pulled from the rio grande after he had gone missingad g ft three days.he body of
10:25 pm
this is the flag draped body ofa army specialist bishop evans. he jumped into the rio grande early friday morning in an effort to save two illegal immigrants who later turned out to be drug smugglers. according to the texas rangers, he was never seen again untilin this morning when his body was pulled from the river. he is now the first texas guardsman to die in a missionelt related incident as part of operation lone star. then take a look at this dramatic video we shot earlier today here in eagle pass. first time we've seen t this mexican authorities actually trying to physically stopo illegal immigrants from going into the rio grande, reaching out to grabb them, ug trying to tackle them.h they were unsuccessful though you'll see some of themuall actually running right past the running right pastthe the mexican authorities jumping into the river. ultimately they were these unsuccessful because all of a those illegal immigrants ended up just walking acrossigra the o grande crossing into texas and were later processed by border patrol and yesterday exact same thing. take a look. s saw more of these illegal immigrants running down r the mexican riverbank right past mexican police who were
10:26 pm
trying to chase them.h they jump into the water, some of them with little kids. idsgthey immediately start struggling in the river and twop u.s. border patrol boats have t to be called out to rescue these people. well, the agents were getting frustrated. they kept yelling los ninos k lilo's niños give us the give us the kidse wa and the pee in the water refused to do so eventually a woman did. but one of the men in the water never handed the kid over and then you'll see one of the guysu just swims awaye from the rescue boat. so very frustrating for border agents. io the r that kind of situation up their resources and back out here live press secretary jen psaki was asked about that deceased texas nationalt guard soldier earlier today and whether or not the whitete house shares any responsibility in his death. she said no, they don't becauset he was a texas employee working on behalf of texas on the texas mission. we'll send it back to you in just a matter of time. a crushing story, though, move force on the border. thank you . so this has beenoing o goingn f on for close to a year and a half now. two million foreign nationals, a full blown invasion. it's amazing if you think about
10:27 pm
it how few of the people commenting on this who are making the laws that might restrain o this have actually bothered to go see what's happening? well, mainly. because of arizona actually went to the border. he just got back . b it sounds likeack he wass shocked by . so we're happy to have him join us tonight. congressman, thanks so much for coming on and thank you for going with you. what did you see? well, in this particularcu instance we saw multiple groups being stopped so when we rollede up the first night you see a group of forty six with t one border patrol agenthe m covering them and then you go and down another mile and a half to anotherilher gap in the fence and there's another 50 60o with again one border patrolaned agent. they just cleaned upou two grous of over one hundred and theea reality is weli just have people even to process these. so you're seeing one border patrol agent with it with 50 people having to stand by andpe wait forop three hours for more transport to come. we saw eight thousand as a
10:28 pm
society facility that holds eight hundred a little over 800 people with more than three thousand people in it. the next morning wee went out. same thing again. yuma and this is in the sec yumato sr in san diego. they're processing 800 ukrainians a day and 500 more encounters. three hundred in calexico, over a thousand in yuma. so this it's just it's overwhelming what you see and this iss that's that's not even getting into the environmental degradationto yes. not getting into the, the the finial that we've seen that's been seized and the other drugs it is absolutely the worst i've ever seen and i get down about once a month. tucker , good for you for doing that and thank you for mentioning the effect on the physical landscape on the land where the sierra club you. is our country is being trampled. yes. fronts they're frauds andt and i hope they go out of business soon. congressman, any off coth thank you for doing that and for telling us about it. you bet. thanks.
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10:35 pm
the goal here again is not tod point fingers at anyone because we have found no evidence of these incidents aredent either intentional or connected. but there is a fascinating common denominator which is that all of these dangerous episodes happened at plants or facilities that process or store foode and of course with inflation, food shortages, supply chain problems and the war in ukraine, the timing herel could not be worse. we should note that over the past several years major incidents at food plants haveas happened on a fairly regular basis. but itisis is the recent and dramatic increase in frequency that really caught our for example, in twenty seventeen we found documented cases of eight food plants around the country that had destructive mishaps in twenty eighteen there were six and in twenty nineteen it was back up to eight. we skipped 2020 because of covid but in twenty twenty one there were eleven incidents. the combination of fires, explosions a but already in the first four months of 2020 two there have been seventeen major
10:36 pm
incidents. we're talking fires maj, chemicl leaks, explosions and in the span of just one week during the safest pointnt in aviation history we also had two planes that crashed into food plants one in georgia, one in idaho. the faa and ntsbb are investigating those because they investigate every plane crash pla. teresting but it's interesting that despite the bad timing and a huge uptick in destruction of food plants so far, there doesfa not appear to be a public and wide scale by either the fdart or the department ofme agriculture. we'll keep you posted.mazi tugger, amazing story when we should care about. that. soank for that . so again, a we'regain not saying anyone group is responsible for these fires. we don't really know what this is about, but we do know it's happening during what is turning out to be a disastrousvy year for food production in the united states. we've got an avian flu got the ongoing tragedy of ethanol which is hyped farm prices toor
10:37 pm
a point where it's c not even worth it to farm for crops that you might eat. ll and so e what's the overall effect of this ? stephanie nash is a fourth generation farmer. she's a dairy farmer. nash familyur creamery and she joins us tonight to tell us what she and other farmersrs are facingon. duffy, thanks so much for coming on tonight. it is not a farmer, but this does seem like the toughest environment for producing food than in our lifetimes. do you think that it is? yeah, i believe that the support of everyday americans and education across our country is a problem. you know, we are pro facing higr farm inputs.ts, were f we are facingacin opinions from the public. we were facing are facing regul. we are facing drought. california new some has a a law that we can't drill any water right now. agriculture california has the largest agriculture county in the united states. i think we are distracted from the problem and that is relying on a family farmer and rancher around this country to feedd everyday americans. it well, that's exactly it.t. o
10:38 pm
i mean and it's not in any way a to minimize the tragedy ofai what's going on inne ukraine because this is a tragedy. the ukrainians are sufferinghem every decent person feels for them. but how could you ignore your own country's food, water and energy supplies like i mean ,that's the basis of everything or am i missing something? no, i don't think you'res missing anything at all. i think this administration has made it very clear that the green deal and climate change and billions of dollars running through washington, d.c. is their agenda and they could care less about the american people. oufood supply an supply and ourd security. i've always said no farmers, no no, no future.efin well, that's exactly what i mean by definition. it's a biologic fact. maybe that's why they're ignoring it. they don't like biological fact. are you worried as a dairy a farmer? i am. we'vesr seen forty five thousand dairy farms go out sinceed twenty three . i'm worried f where my beef farmers are processing plants, how four major packers are depending on the price. ut i'm worried about pretty much all of agriculture agr. h what isow our future looking lie and how are americans going tos
10:39 pm
rally around our agricultural communities? we must support our local and we cannot let regulations kill off our foodd supply. private well, that's right. orit private equity deals with the ethanol thing is really shafted. i think a lot of farmers it hurt us more than we know. that's another topic. , i appreciate t your firsthand account of that . hathank you . so it's hard to remember, amaia, more intentionally destructivetive, reckless than i lightfoot of chicago once great american city in decline. so at least one reporter in that city has pointed it out and chao is term particularlyri on her policies on crime and that enraged lori lightfootu st so we thought we'draight talk to that reporter who joins us straight ahead. all of this humanitarian aidfu that 5% from israel directlyge into ukraine. this will feed the people inside of ukraine and the refugees from the border food,
10:40 pm
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one else will to learn about money, go to project lindborg. so for a couple of decades ways the city of chicago is getting b better and that's a blessing because it's a great city. and then in the past several years it's really been in decline. if you don't knoww peopleicag who fled chicago, you'll meet them. and the main cause of that decline and the reason cri people running away from chicago is violent crimeson and there's a reason for that .
10:45 pm
it's obvious and it's the mayor, lori lightfoot, she a did that and she's refused to take any responsibility for doing it. sheof a won't even answer quests about it. but one journalist in the cityoe so there aren't many left radio show hosts called william kelly was not deterred. so we asked a couple of simple questions of lori lightfoot here he was last week across the street we had a police officer on duty, the victim of a hit and run. we have michigan avenue, the magnificent mile is now t referred to as the mile of feare . the water towerr pl place has thrown the keys back to the lender. they say they don't want to be in chicago anymore. how real chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly y even consider running for reelection as mayor of the city of chicago after all the harm you've caused? i disagree with you fundamentally and i don't think i need to address and dignify your comments. one second further next question, not one second further right.
10:46 pm
last month, kelly confronted lightfoot on the increasing carjackings in chicago. she had essentially the same response then she attacked him. speaks for itself and on all of the all of the measures that you just talked about homicides, shootings, carjackings,ides down this year, sir, sorry to disappoint you, but 178 percent increase in carjackings, violent carjackings and or carjackings in our city millennium's you were even the worst people i've ever seeny really are. i know you are, sir. s i would think the carjackers would be the rudest.ud well, you're rude in this room ,by the way. a very lightfoot at one point saidid he wasn't going to talk o any white journalist because he's an open racist in addition to everything else. but william kelly, as we said, is not attorneys radio host in chicago, one of the very few journalists left there. he joins us . thanks so much for coming on . you are not you are not intimidated.
10:47 pm
it's great to be with you, tucker . thank you . and i thinkhank. mayor lightfoon hoping to change some of those answers tonight . now. well, so it's your response was the most telling of all. she said you're one of the first people ever met and you said, well, i think the carjackers are ruder thanju i am. n butth i got the feeling she dislikes you more than the carjackers. i think you'd be right about that , tucker , for the lastlo two years, mayor lawrence-lightfoot could just say crime is down,'s the economy's fine. just close your businesses, shut down the church and don't't go to school and everything's m going to be fine. obey me. and the chicago media justd accepted us . and then i started going to her press conferences and asking actually questions and all broke loose. but. i don't want to standnews in chicago. it's the home of mike royko and city news service. you had run the most robust media markets it's own ecosystem for like over one hundred years. where did it go? well, that's the chicago i grew up in . that's ch i was born and raised in chicago.
10:48 pm
i love chicago with all of my heart. yeah, i take lf my personally, tucker and you know,w, i have to say that when i you know, when i was growing up, i was raised to believe that chicago waswo the greatest city in the history of the world and that se mayor was the most m important job in the so if somebody had told me when i was a kid that i'd taking on the mayor of chicago, i would have thought that something had gone horribly wrong. you know, it's not the typical career path forr irish catholic. from the south side. but you know, i take this personally and i hear politicians on the national level saying that we needl sa to worry about the city of kyiv.e o i was raised to t believe that e need to take care of our ownwh house before we worry about kyiv or moscow or anywhere else. so, you know, i you know, justut last week, tucker , okay, i'm not even talking about, you know, the weekend the typical forty plus shootings, a dozen plus fatalities last weekend for women's bodies were pulled out of the chicago river. en's
10:49 pm
okay, if four women's bodies were pulled out of the kyiv river, i guarantee you that was the worldwide news. okay, yeah. okain chicago it's not even a e day story. if i were the citywoulof of chicago, i would want to know why we're four women's bodies pulled the chicago river. how did itn th get in the river? who are these people? i would get in my car and i would drive to their houses. i'd knock on the door. i'd say what was your sister or your girlfriends or your you know, your daughter's body during the chicago riverch riv. so anything i can do to help it's a problem. what can i do to help you? e the mayor of the city of chicago doesn't seem to care at all, tucker .d well, she doesn't care and it'ss obvious with every word that she utters it just bless you for what you're doing. i think your persistenceersi, your journalism highlights the evil that's that's overtaken. anyway, i appreciate your coming on tonight for what you do when kelly. thanks.y i'llco be on the city council meeting on wednesday if there is any question that you'd like
10:50 pm
me to ask the mayor tucker isr: like what the hell would be a good place to start? i think. thank you . i'll do it. they met so we went to chicago,e which really is a great cityat o cover what was happening there. we did documentary the episodeic is called chicago in crisis. on you can find it on fox station if you like. on be made f two weeks ago the satire webun site babylon be made fun of rachel levine. that's joe biden's transgenderae fake admiral who's actually aok biological so for telling that joke because no humor is allowed twitteree banned the babylon b that elon musk reached out to babylon and saidr he might need to s buy twitter. so we thought for brand new episode tucker carlson did we speak toth the ceo ofe babyl, the seth dillon about how he started running a humor site and wound up as a champion forof free speech? >> and we were glad we did because it was a great conversation. here's part of it. imp why do you think it's important that comedy exists?
10:51 pm
well, i think for the reason that you gave speaking truth. right. one of the things that , you know, we get factnd checked all the time and our h jokes are rated false r. e and the funny thing is like ourt jokes are some of the few jokes out there right now that still contain a hint of truth to them. yeah. so rooted in reality. r well, that's why they're funny, right?ea that's why they're funny. you hit a you know, the saying there's a grain of truth in every joke ore it's funnyason because it's true . yeah. there's a reason that those are sayings and the reason iso because your joke has toth be tethered to the real world. it has to be rooted in realityy or it's not going to be funny. it's not going to land. and i thinknk we're doing that . i think we're making jokes that are based in reality rather than a narrative. we're not promoting a narrativer . we are trying to tell the truth with our jokes and hold people in power accountabl. ac and it'stl exactly the opposite. of what they're saying. you know, they say that we're trying to punch down and you know, putting down on right.own take shots at the marginalized and the oppressed. but i think we're punching up. i think we're punching back if>> anything else. well, t can iessi ask you so if you're oppressing the alreadye o oppressed, how come the oppressed have the power toe kick you off the internett for
10:52 pm
so oppressed they wouldn't haveo that power? right question that's what i say. you know, if you have the will and the power to punish anybody who makes a joke about you, o h that's that's the way of determining who's got the power. i who can't you criticize? who can't you joke about? thoseab areou the people that hi the power. and so i mean in this case r where we got kicked off on twitter recently and i'mwi sure, you know,th we'll get to this at some length but you know, we're making somebodye a white male high ranking government official was the target of the joke kind of i mean that was the subject of the joke anyway. yeah,he t and the target of the joke was this idea that ,ay" you know, usa today had named a male person, woman of the year, you know, and we're joking about this . this is not punching down. this is a white male highia ranking government official who's the subject of this jokelu . and it's and it's an idea that's being pushed on people from the top down. a so, you know, we the truth in our joke is that men areyo actually men and womenu are b women and you can't switchethem back and forth between them. and that's why the joke actually works because it's rooted in reality only you
10:53 pm
know, i always think, you know, if you've got citibank and disney and facebookst and twitter in the us state department and the white houseat on your sidee , whether you're some oppressed group or ukraine or whatever your cause may be right or wrong, but you're not the underdog, right? is that fair toay say? yeah, if everyone with power is. on your side, you're not the underdog. right. and we're fighting potentially getting these platformed every step of the way. you know, there's there's w headpieces in new york timesar the far right misinformation site, the traffic, the misinformation under the guisermat of satire. so we're t dealing with all of these obstacles to even telling jokes. so yeah, i mean, it'sep definitely a fight. i think i think we'reha wer pung up and punching back . interesting conversation, septillion babylon and watch the entire thing t streaming to morrow morning. tucker carlson today fox nation0 7:00 a.m. more news after the break.
10:54 pm
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be any time just traffic. no recharge and in field cover grid has a noby 100% real late . you need i guess silversmithing until weeknights at eleven on fox news channel fox news alert. there has been movement in twitterverse but first the overview. the mosttpriced it's powerful and privileged people in our study who are the most fragile? you never talk to an ac guy starts crying because you hurt his feelings because he's got a job to do but you read he went to harvard and has a low rated tv show on msnbc. she's highly distressede that elon musk might restorefr free speech. she says she's leaving tw. howard dean, former governor of vermont, says he's leavingg tooi . the question iss and we hope they stay forever because wea believe a diversity of views. but could this be like when
11:00 pm
they said they were fleeing tol canada if trump was elected and you wake up the next day h and they're still hereer. so we're going to see if joy reid stays on twitter, if she uses it to continue to attack gay people. she has so h often in the past and we'll let you know for the meantime we wish you the best possible night with the ones you love. be back tomorrow. you know, and welcome to hannity. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. big breaking news on multiplele fronts tonight . democrats, they are in as much disarray as ever, includingor another batch of really bad polls for the imploding joe biden. and we'll sit down with fox nation host our friend piersg morgan. we're goingmo torn ask about hi walking off good morning, britain last year we'll get more reaction to his recent interview with theith 40 presid donald trump. butara a lotma of drama in his lately. >> here's a small sample.e. take a look at the most explosive


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