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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: elon musk not backing down in his defense of free speech. critics push users to delete twitter because of the takeover. republican lawmakers seeing a boost in followers and democrats complain their numbers are going down. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: i'd todd piro. we are learning about a termination fee, marianne live from los angeles with the details. marianne. >> marianne: critics continue their meltdown, celebrities complaining of losing followers hashtags of rip twitter is
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trending. musk is doubling down on his promise to make the platform fair for everyone. the furious response from critics is telling, he says the anti-body reaction from those who fear free speech says it all. he is referencing the topic of hunter biden's laptop, saying suspending the twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a true story was inappropriate. musk supporters agree this is a step toward restoring free speech for all. >> i don't know his politics, i don't care. he wants this to be as free as possible as a platform and coming under criticism from the media because the american media is corrupt. >> and the social media giant is showing signs of change.
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"u.s.a. today" analysis of accounts of 529 congressional members show 72% gain in followers since monday's announcement that musk's $billion offer had been accepted. twitter says it is business as usual and fluctuations are normal. saying, we continue to take action on accounts that spam po fluctuations appear to be new account creation and deactivation. new details emerging about the sale in an sec filing. either side may have to pay $1 billion if the deal falls through. back to you guys. >> carley: thank you. todd, one of the people at twitter that is not taking elon musk's takeover well is twitter's top lawyer. her name is goda, she called a virtual meeting with staff and she cried in the meeting and
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offered twitter employees encouragement and tuesday was going to be okay. goda is one of the women response for cnnuring the "new york post" hunter biden story and responsible for the decision to kick trump off the platform. elon musk coming in and saying this is going to be a completely different ball game, we'll welcome more voices, not sitting well with twitter's top lawyer. >> todd: if you're the top lawyer, you have a duty to the organization to be resolute, to be strong. crying because you didn't get your way, does not give off a sense of strength or a sense of you are in the right. what it does, shows you are a member of the left that is very, very worried their ideas cannot withstand scrutiny. as a lawyer, you should be able to argue arndz that, not cry when you don't get your way.
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they controlled for so long on twitter, they were the refs on twitter. the playing field has been leveld and they can't cope. >> carley: pressing forward with this and fox news alert. russia suggests former soviet satellite could be its next target. >> todd: kremlin cutting off flow of natural gas to poland and bulgaria. live on the ground in lviv with the latest developments, matt finn. >> matt: russia continues to warn about a nuclear threat, butted the united states is not backing down in support for this country. the u.s. supplied $3.7 billion in arms and international support is strong. germany making major policy shift and announcing it will send heavy weaponry to ukraine. on tuesday lloyd austin hosted a
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meet nothing germany with 40 naegszs coming together, planned in under a week. fox's jennifer griffin asked him a wide range of questions including whether vladamir putin would have been deterred if ukraine was supplied with weapons sooner. >> are you worry third degree might turn into a proxy war between u.s. and russia? is this a proxy war? >> no, it's not. this is clearly ukraine's fight. iraq's neighbors and allys and partners are stepping up to make sure they have what they need to be successful. >> you don't believe this will end in nuclear war? >> i do not. having said that, ukraine has a right to protect itself and we will continue to support ukraine. >> matt: the united nations general met with vladamir putin yesterday as russia insists this
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war is special military operation and russia was forced to go to desperate measures to protect russian supporters in ukraine. the united nations views it as violation of un charter. >> it is my deep conviction that the sooner we end this war, the betters, for the people of ukraine, for the people of the russian federation and those far beyond. >> we recognize we face a crisis in mariupol. thousands of civilians are in need of assistance and many for evacuation, united nations is ready to fully mobilize. >> matt: russia continues to bombard mariupol and kharkiv. explosions rock an area in america aldova.
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ukraine blames russia and there are fears they could invade. they have cut off natural gas supply. poland calls it blackmail, but says they will be okay. 90% of it comes from russia and they are shopping elsewhere. >> todd: fox news alert. revolutionary guard poses ongoing threat can'ts current and former u.s. officials. blinken added attacks went up after former president trump terminated iran nuclear deal and dedicated the group a terrorist organization. white house press secretary jen psaki says the united states worry about iran having a nuclear weapon ready within weeks. >> todd: kamala harris tests
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positive for covid-19, she says she has not symptoms. the vp has not been in recent contact with the president or the first lady. >> carley: mission safely blasting off from cape canaveral. >> four, three, two, one ignition and lift off. >> carley: the four-member crew heading for the international space station and will dock later tonight and crew member jessica watkins will make history, first black woman to spend extended period of time onboard the space station, the mission is expected to last six months. elon musk making news throughout the news. supreme court reinstated controversial admission policy at top virginia high school.
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parents continuing is wokeness getting in the way of edoccasion, we'll talk to them next. and brewer -- sean duffy, all here on very busy wednesday morning. i did the math. ♪
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>> carley: welcome back. georgia governor brian kemp is expected to sign an education bill that could have national implication. the 2022 congressional candidate vernon jones joined us to discussion education reform. >> shouldn't take a republican governor to do something about this, first of all. we should be teaching kids, abc, 123 and not about 1800 different genders that are out there. >> carley: bill would require schools to address parent concerns about library books that have prohibitive book titles be posted online. todd. >> todd: temporarily reinstate racist policy at virginia school. it came in the wake of the george floyd killing as the school tried to boost equity.
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there is a fight to end the policy. great to see you, ezra. the court just reinstate today for the upcoming school year and the main case has yet to be decided. what is your overall reaction to the ruling? >> oh, we are just undeterred. we have been fighting for two years. when our school principal told us the mostly a sian parents we need to check our privileges and low and behold, they brought in woke policy when you get bonus point for experience factors. we heard this great idea, teach kids, 1, 2, 3, this school teaches machine learning and artificial intelligence and you need more than 1, 23 for that. we had a temporary setback with
2:15 am
the supreme court, buts we will fight because this is about america and about the american dream that so many families came here to enjoy and to appreciate and we're going to fight for all americans. >> todd: the numbers are striking, the class 2021-22, this year versus previous yea african american was 1%, now 7, hispanic american was 3, now 11%. why did the school bend over backward to inject race over achievement? >> it is happening all across america. there is woke indoctrination happening in the school system from superintendents to -- we are changing elections and school boards and pushing back, but it is a machine that we're facing, the woke industrial complex, i call it.
2:16 am
the really disturbing thing about this, the same racism that we're facing today is what black studentss faced in the 1950s when the southern democrats were into integration. what we are face nothing virginia with the school board is the new massive resistance to equal protection under the law. that is why this is one side that our parents have held up at school board meetings, racist, unfair facts. they have now redefined america, but we will not allow that to stand. we will continue to fight and i want everyone to rest assured, we will win, we will win for the country and for every student in america that deserves equal protection and the ones being failed are the kids. there are kids in the freshman class dropping out at record
2:17 am
number. we will stand up for those kids, too. >> todd: we will be watching, thank you for your time and insight. >> thank you. >> todd: elon musk used to be a liberal darling because of the green car company, but media turned on him for trying to restore free speech on twitter. >> elon musk calls himself a free speech, that is bs, it is about free speech of straight white men. >> carley: joe concha coming up next. ♪ (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for
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>> todd: a new fox new poll showing support for author doubled in the ohio republican primary race pushing him ahead of earlier front-runners. has backing of 23% of voters,
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leading former ohio treasurer josh mandel by 5%. 25% of ohio citizens are undecided. >> carley: president biden necessarybaum is saying goodbye to the white house following cedric richmond. >> todd: growing white house -- joe sein the flesh. >> joey: you're real. >> todd: we're real and spectacular. >> joey: well done. >> todd: thank you. is is this normal churn? >> joey: under trump administration, this would be normal churn. he liked to fire people and make you feel uncomfortable. during normal administration, this is troublesome, when you look at the vice president's office and all the people she's lost, right? in washington, you find out who
2:23 am
your real friends are when the chips are down. if barack obama lost 63 seat necessary his first term and he was polling higher, you could disagree with him, but he seemed all there, what is going to happen to joe biden 33% approval. they know the red tsunami coming. >> carley: there is a tsunami of reaction to elon musk buying twitter. people in the media are outraged watch this. >> elon musk calls himself free speech absolutist. that is bs. >> disinformation could be amplified. >> i don't trust elon musk to make twitter better for women at all. >> it is about free speech of straight, white men. >> carley: what is your reaction? that last one, my goodness. >> joey: boy, there are no words, you want to know why cnn
2:24 am
and "the view" are in quick sand from ratings perspective? they take hyperboly and everything is threat to democracy, everything is racism. you are going to read a book to your kids called "the boy who cried wolf," when you say things are a threat to democracy and everybody is a racist, people stop listening. there is no way you can defend the way twitter conducted itself overthe past couple years. suppression, censor, locking out of accounts. earnings come out tomorrow, it will be ugly and horrific, no way they couldn't take this deal. he is no longer elon musk, he is elon. like shaq, dave, madonna, shimkus -- >> carley: wow, up there with the greats. >> todd: is that reaction we just saw and lack of specificity
2:25 am
overreaction? you mentioned midterms, is this overreaction to the fact they don't control the message for the midterms, putting out there what they want the voters to hear or not hear to sway the voters? >> joey: it is like losing your playground when you are a kid. they lost the play ground. they know a level playing field is coming and maybe we'll have debates on the issues as it involves crime and education and the board sxer unstable world and parents increasingly upset about what their kids are being taught. maybe it will be even debate. censor, suppress, you are locked out. covid came out of a lab in wuhan, can't talk about that. >> carley: elon musk says he will make the algorithm public so people can see what has been going on.
2:26 am
joe concha, thank you for joining us. >> todd: great transition. janice dean, where physically are you? >> janice: in the back. that is where i used to do, we don't have enough cameras to show. hi, joe. current temperatures, cold air across the great lakes. 28 in fargo, we've been stuck in this trough that is continuing to bring this cold weather, record-setting low temperatures, frost and freeze alert across midwest toward mid-atlantic, potential record lows today. 18 in minnesota, 20 in parts of wisconsin. these are not spring-time temperatures at all. unfortunately, we will see that air continue to be cold across regions of the northern tier and toward the northeast. plane states, bump temperatures
2:27 am
up. northern tier is quite cold and we're seeing potential for snow flurries, as well, across great lakes toward interior northeast, measurable snow for lower great lakes, it is not fun, i apologize. here is forecast highs across the south, feeling like spring and summertime heat for el paso, 90. 77 in atlanta. 54 in new york and dealing with the fire danger across the plane states, keep that in mind. all right. do we have one name for everybody? >> todd: look at this. >> janice: look how nice that is, sweep of the camera. >> carley: we won the lottery with this studio. >> todd: nice camera move there. >> carley: thanks, janice. >> todd: hunter biden's business dealings and why hisness
2:28 am
business partner visited the white house so many time? sean duffy, former prosecutor, we are talking to him next. ♪ if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. feel unstoppable. ask your doctor how lasting remission can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. at adp, we use data-driven insights to design hr solutions
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>> todd: republicans going on offense and hammering attorney general merrick garland over the investigation into hunter biden's business dealings. >> carley: hunter's top associate visited the white
2:32 am
house six times when joe was vp. brooke singman has the latest. >> brooke: merrick garland taking questions on the federal investigation into hunter biden, he dismissed need to appoint a special counsel and said there will be no interference from the biden administration. >> i cannot talk about it, there will not be interference of improper kind. it is in the hands of a trump appointee, united states attorney for the district of delaware. >> brooke: daily mail reports e-mails agree the president agreed to pay hunter biden's legal dealings, the assistant telling biden aides, i spoke with hunter today regarding his bill and my understanding hunt's dad will cover the bills as
2:33 am
hunter transitions in his career. the bills total $737,000 including $28,000 in legal fees for restructuring of joint venture with the bank of china and long-term partner sherwin visited eight times during the obama and biden admines stragz. jen psaki not providing details on the visits chltz >> is the president maintain he never spoke with his son about his business dealings or his son's business dealings with the business dealings >> press sect. psaki: maintains same statements made in the past. you are referring to records released 10 years ago, i don't have more detail on them. >> brooke: the investigation into hunter biden pebegan in 2018 and focused on alleged tax
2:34 am
fraud, money laundering. >> carley: thank you. sean duffy is here, sean, what is your reaction to that, especially merrick garland saying no special counsel investigation is needed. do you agree with that? >> sean: this is above board, of course there is no foul play going on. listen. come on. to say there is not political influence of doj from the white house, go back a few months when the white house told doj to go after parents protesting crt and call them domestic terrorists, at a took direction from the white house. not to say the department of justice, merrick garland will not take directions from the white house, he already has. unbelievable. department of justice will find a small tack violation crime, that will be it, they will make sure nothing goes to hunter biden. did hunter biden use his
2:35 am
fathser's position as vice president to gain access to clients? yes. is that illegal? no. may not look good, it is not illegal. if joe biden was making money off access tow gave to his son, that is illegal. that is a huge problem that the bidens have and i don't think merrick garland for a second will look at this. >> todd: with that as the backdrop, mr. prosecutor, you stated case for why a special counsel should be appointed. there is too much in the way of undue influence on the doj here. doesn't there have to be a special counsel? >> sean: of course. i think america demands a special counsel. do i think the department of justices will protect joe biden? of course they will. you know this. prosecutors and investigators do forensic audits all the time of white collar crimes. it is easy to see
2:36 am
inter-connectivity between joe and hunter. he was paying for joe's bills and paying in payments outside of bills. this is easy to figure out and if the department put investigators on this case, they could expose it easily. they don't want to do that, they are here to protect joe biden. the real problem, if this relationship existed, which it appears that it did, and we don't know about it, but the chinese and russians do, they have leverage over joe biden and he is compromised. that is a real concern as an american. if you don't have our best interest in mind, that is a problem. >> carley: talk about inflation, something americans are feeling and a new report shows that americans are being forced to buy cheaper alternatives at the
2:37 am
grocery store, frozen meat instead of fresh meat because veal prices, beef prices up 20%, bacon up 18%, fish up 11%, it goes on and on and on. democrats are the party of the working people and the prices impact lower income families the most. >> sean: of course it does. i think every american family and if you have a few kids in your household, especially teenagers who eat a lot, you try to find different solutions to feed your family. instead of fresh vvegetables, they are buying frozen, buying less meat and adding more grain to make ends meet. they are buying different cars that use less gas or they are driving less, trying to cut a deal with employers to not drive into work if they have a job
2:38 am
that will allow them to do that. i think this has been hard to your point on lower income families, the people democrats say they are here to help. if you want to help kids and parents and low income families, best way is through education. if you are not going to educate children in math and science and english and history and instead on crt or transgenderism, democrats are failing everybody in america, especially low income americans the most here and it is tragic. >> todd: sean duffy, thanks for joining us on busy wednesday, we appreciate it. >> sean: you look so good this morning. good to see you. >> carley: where are you? your backdrop is difference? are you at a conference? >> sean: at the crypto-conference for ftx. i am getting cryptoed out. >> carley: in the bahamas. >> sean: it's a tough job,
2:39 am
someone has to do it. >> todd: psychology hired by johnny depp getting eyeroll from amber heard. she says the actress is exaggerating her ptsd. >> 19 of 20 is not typical even of somebody with the most disabling form of ptsd. >> todd: she believes heard suffers from borderline personality disorder. lapd officer who visited johnny depp's upon penthouse told the court heard was crying but saw no evidence of injury. disney telling investors florida governor ron desantis didn't devolve self-governing status
2:40 am
unless the bond debt is paid in full. disney says it will conduct business as usual as ron desantis signed law to scrap the agreement. new law in response to disney response with the governor over his parental rights and education bill. cake this video is unreal, students sent flying after street racer plows into their school bus. wait until you hear how fast that driver was going. my goodness. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> todd: the band is excited today. a lot of big dealings on fox business. >> carley: white house will comply blocking the end of title 42. >> todd: new plan to deal with expected migrant surge. >> carley: cheryl casone is here with fox business. >> cheryl: biden administration will comply with court order from louisiana judge leaving title 42 in place. trump era policy allowed border agents to stop the spread of covid. administration officials say, "if and when the court issues the tro, the department will comply with that order," facing bipartisan backlash, homeland
2:45 am
security secretary alejandro mayorkas issuing updated plan to deal with migrants, more resources, processing, targeting and disruptinglying criminal activity and deterrence. >> i read the plan from secretary mayorkas and the first statement says it all, we inherited a problem from the previous administration. when president trump was in office we saw manageable 400 migrants per month and now we're up to 8000 per month. >> cheryl: border crossings have surged under president biden. an sec filing giving investors deeper look of the conditions for elon musk to take over twitter. if the deal falses ark part, there is billion dollar break-up fee either side would have to
2:46 am
pay depending why this would end. the world's richest man will not close the deal for three to six upon months. don't expect this to happen quick lease, it will not be boring. >> you have news, as well. >> cheryl: yes, american dream home returns tonight 9 p.m. eastern time, brand-new slate of shows on fox business prime. i will be taking you to the island in north carolina, it is beautiful there and heading to florida. very exciting and new families we're featuring, some stories are just amazing, i'll be speaking later on "fox and friends first." >> carley: your show is good, such beautiful houses and i'm sure it is fun to go through this journey with the couples. >> cheryl: it is, they are the best, i'm excited to tell the stories. >> todd: that is why the band is
2:47 am
so excited today. >> carley: full circle with the band. cheryl casone, congratulations. twitter employees speaking out about elon musk's takeover and showing how outraged they are by tweeting about it. mecklenburg is former ceo and president of convention of states. mark, good morning, before we get to the outrage and there is so much, your reaction on elon musk buying twitter, how do you feel about it? >> mark: i feel fantastic, it is necessary strength for free speech and he's one guy who might have potential to fix twitter. >> carley: not everybody feels that way, including people inside twitter. this tweet is from an engineer named eric, i forgot i had covid. another employee says totally understand this is entertainment for some, this is not entertainment for me. how do you feel about this
2:48 am
backlash from inside twitter and what sort of advice do you give elon musk going forward now that these are people working for him? >> well, first it demonstrates clearly and confirms true bias inside twitter this is how folks feel about a guy who is only statement about taking over twitter is he's going to increase transparence and he free speech. they are freaking out, that demonstrates their bias, he has twitter inside of twitter, he'll have to do a good job of cleaning twitter of those kind of people. anybody tweeting like this, he should remove them from the company and heville to start again deeply inside with removing management and creating right management structure that promotes free speech and transparency. >> carley: you are right. this is all about evening the playing field and making sure everybody has the same voice and power to promote their message.
2:49 am
if elon musk does do this, takes over twitter, this will not be censorship of stories like the hunter biden story, do you think that could impact future elections? >> i continuing can. the question is pace of cultural change at twitter, this deal is not projected to close until the end of the year, limited amount of influence before end of '22, may not see full impact until the 2024 election. >> carley: thinking back to parlor, parlor was kicked off, apple, google play and amazon, most extreme example of coordinated censorship, if elon musk goes the route of free speech and angers people in the tech sphere, could that happen to twitter? >> i don't think so, twitter is far too large and musk has connections in the tech industry
2:50 am
to have a completely secure technological stack and i think twitter has most of that in place already. >> carley: good news there. mark, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: did you hear this? major controversy here, jack brewer says joy reid humiliated kids in his mentorship program after she called it child ark bus to let them stand next to ron desantis at a bill signing. >> todd: he is threatening to sue her and the news network. he will join us. hello, steve. >> steve: how are you on this wednesday? >> carley: very good. you? >> steve: fantastic. we are middle of the week. on "fox and friends first" in 9:38, nuclear weapons next in the war in ukraine? talk to vice chair marco rubio about the kremlin escalating rhetoric and another lawmaker is
2:51 am
calling out the biden administration, she says the president's border performances are to blame for the current drug crisis and the u.s. supreme court once expanded tribal authority across the state of oklahoma now the state wants to scale it back. governor says if the rule suggest not overturned he is only governor of half of the state. his argument ahead of today's ruling. and tim montana, lawrence jones and clay travis, all that at the top of the hour with "fox and friends first"s, the world's number one cable morning news show. "fox and friends first" with todd and carley back in a couple. we'll be right back. you are watching fox news chltz
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. .
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♪ >> carley: did you see this? newly released footage shows the terrifying moment 23 children go flying through the air after a mustang rams into the side of a
2:56 am
school bus going over 100 miles per hour. seven of those children were hospitalized and one had to undergo surgery. albuquerque police say the driver who hit the bus was racing with another sports car at the time but was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. authorities are still on the hunt for the other driver. >> todd: my god, look at that former nfl player and philanthropist vac brewer demanding an apology from msnbc host joy reid over her tweet. jack brewer joins us now. jack, here is a tweet that joy reid posted. she says this misuse of black boys is tantamount to child abuse. i would really like to hear the back story on who these kids were and how they wound up at a antioxidants event given how antiblack antioxidants is using
2:57 am
black children this way is extra sick. what would you like to say in response? >> man, every time, you know, first off, it's too much. every time i see this and hear, this it really is heart-breaking. she is talking about me. she is talking about my black kids that are in my program that come each and every day. many who don't even have the resources to have decent meals every day. they come there to eat. some of them don't have shoes, socks, underwear. we provide those. many are suffering from the true effects of crt. she wants to know what crt looks like. she can come to our facility, she can come to our after school program. and she can see boys and girls because they are black they are told if they get a 50 or a 60 on a test that it's okay because they are black. and they are pushed through school and not ever challenged or not ever taught about the hope that this country offers. we teach the kids all of that
2:58 am
we're a godly program. we teach the word of god straight from the bible. and we teach our kids to love god with all their heart and all their might and all their strength and to love their neighbor as themselves and to go out and serve the very community that they live whether it's picking up trash, whether it's feeding other folks, getting out and serving one another. those are the principles we are about. and joy reid completely disrespected and humiliated me and most importantly my children. i don't want her money, i don't want msnbc's money but i do want to hold them accountable because this is the same spirit that's piercing our nation from its core when it comes to our under served voiceless, fatherless black children. we have an epidemic in our country that i get on here and talk about a lot with 18. 6 million fatherless kids. i do have a problem with that
2:59 am
because she doesn't realize what her voice is doing. she is spewing darkness and someone needs to hold this woman accountable and as god has anointed me to do that, i will move forwarded toed to jack, do you think she will apologize. >> i don't know. i pray for her. i really do. i don't hate her. i'm a man of god. the bible tells us to forgive. i will forgive her. i will forgive msnbc, whatever is on their hearts but i hope she does because, you know, as a black woman that has this much power and this big of a voice to so many people i think she has the obligation to her people that she claims to love so much. this is a program we're touching them. each and every day. if she wants to come see our kids and see what we do, come on, joy, we are open for you, but do not bash us in public and don't take this away from our kids. they were excited to meet their governor. now all of a sudden they got to hear people harassing them and
3:00 am
talking about them call the police to get extra security to look over our center it's terrible. >> carley: you have so much love in your heart and we thank you so much for coming on and sharing your side of the story. i hope that joy reid listens to what you had to say because there is no way that you can dispute your message and what you are doing is absolutely right. got to leave it there. ♪ >> you have been briefed on the hunter biden investigation. >> i'm not at liberty to talk about. >> attorney general merrick garland is facing new pressure to appoint a special prosecutor. >> we are learning of 8 additional visits of president biden's then business partner. >> president biden has lied to the american public but the media ♪ calling him on it. >> it's extremely important. >> elon musk is not backing down on free speech. >> he says anti-action says it all. >> we have a movie star type of super hero. >> cutting off natural gas supply to bulgaria and to poland because


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