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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  April 27, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> new revelations today tying president biden even closer to hunter biden's shady business deals. all that despite the president's repeated denial. this is "outnumbered," hello, i am kayleigh mcenany with harris faulkner and emily compagno, also joining us shannon bream and douglas murray on this wednesday. new emails and new records are painting a very different picture, president biden's involvement in hunter's business
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deals. it's very different than what the administration has been telling us. new visitor logs reveal eight more white house meetings between then vice president biden and hunters business partner that makes the total 27 times. and that's what we know, we are also learning the president reportedly agreed to pay more than $800,000 to cover part of which was hunter biden's legal bills. that was ahead of the 2020 election. and financial records reportedly show the president himself had $5.2 million in unexplained income. remember biden has repeatedly denied any knowledge of his son's business deals. >> how many times have you ever spoken to your son about his over business dealings question marks because i've never spoken to my son about us over so use a business dealings. >> i've never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else about the business, period.
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>> do you think it was wrong for him to take that position? knowing that it was really because that company wanted access to you? >> that's not true, you are saying things you do not know what you were talking about. no one said that, who said that? >> kayleigh: every single day the evidence mounts, justice murray, january 17, 2019, his then personal assistant wrote to an accountant, and here's what she wrote, hello vpn team, i spoke with hunter today regarding his bills, it is my understanding he will cover the bills in the short term as he transitions in his career. i have a list of the current bills and have attached the list. in that attachment is a $28,000 payment for legal bills for restructuring and bhr partners which is that a tiny equity firm that was the linchpin of that form deal as hunter did, so we are just to believe that president biden will then vice president biden as he left
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office never asked his son, hey, what is this about? >> we have to believe at the moment that whenever the biden family got together, vice president then biden just held a monologue if possible that he shot the breeze and just did whatever was on his mind, may be talked about his ex exploits, never said, hey, hunter, are you perhaps sitting on a board with a country you don't know when a business you know nothing about earning hundreds of thousands of year? maybe he never asked his son anything, maybe never his brother anything, maybe it was one big joe biden monologue. but you know what, i doubt it. i really doubt it. >> i doubt it too come he never asked, kathy milano dinner with some of the business individuals, he never asked during the outing, never asked, emily, then you look at the income situation and basically on his tax return then
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vice president joe biden disclosed $7 million more on his tax return with the daily mail than he did on his exposure form, some of that made up by jill biden's income, but a deficit about $5.000000. >> emily: first of all, the endless joe biden monologue sounds like a fresh layer of dante's inferno, but i'm sure as you know as well, look, i have seen our tax dollars used to prosecute $30,000 of alleged tax income evasion, i've seen personally as pairs of criminal division irs agents use our tax dollars to fly around the country interviewing family members to secure one count of tax evasion. believe me, there is no limit to the dollars that this government will spend of our money to call $1 back of the perceived income, and i'm sure people at home have an irs note discrepancy less than $1,000, so the allegation,
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the fact that our sitting president somehow had a discrepancy of $7 million between the tax return and the government transparency report points 2 million of which is unaccounted for and source of income is absolutely mind-boggling, and i hope that they spend our tax dollars may be just $1 towards ascertaining where it came from. >> kayleigh: that would be great, and meanwhile you have these meetings, these 27 meetings nowadays, the head of eight keeping close decision-making, and going to the left wing, why? >> harris: we have a lot of people that we can ask including the former chief of staff, which makes this really complicated, because he is in the current white house. right? and i saw him on the scroll, part of the problem too is that with those people in those meetings along with the joe bidens you have to justify the people with their time, you can't just get a meeting in the
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white house, you know, you have worked in it. so now i want to learn a little bit more if possible about the context of their role of all of this. are there notetakers in that meeting? and what do those people know about the business dealings? and when your child racked up $8,000 in legal bills and you don't ask, i agree, i mean, you don't ask where are you getting your income from? when i have to be responsible for nearly a million dollars in legal bills? remember the 158 or so transactions, banking transactions and investigators earlier on had already started to take a look at, was that part of it? the public deserves to know. but as a parent if i am going to pay your bills and you are an older dude all over youtube with -- well, we can even talk about what he is doing, but most of the time he is naked! if i'm going to pay her bills, i need to know where is your money going and coming from? i don't believe that they did not talk about it and some way, shape, or form even if it was just an admonishment from the
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parents. >> kayleigh: exactly, that brings us to the topic of a special counsel, merrick garland was asked about yesterday, and the finance are one way or another, but i would play the sound bite from the chief of staff. >> of course the president is confident that his son did not break the law, but most important lien as i said, that's the menace decided by the justice department and the legal process that someone at the white house has no involvement in. >> i think it's broadly and widely known that there was a broad range of misinformation in 2020. >> kayleigh: the executive branch has made their view clear on this, but shannon, it seems untenable that there would not be a special prosecutor. >> yes, the attorney general was asked about that yesterday and he points out to the fact that there is an investigation going on with an attorney who was obviously part of the previous administration, he has been allowed to continue on without any interference and is going to dig to the bottom. but the white house will have a
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hard time i think continuing with the exact denials they are making. jen psaki yesterday reporting to the visitor owes logs and saying that was more than ten years ago, the president stands by what he says, but them reporting as he said, eat new visits in 2016 is much more recent, and there will be people who can answer those questions, either privy to the meeting and have knowledge of what was going on, and we deserve an explanation. if the last name was trump, i think that all of this will be handled differently and we should ask for the same thing regardless of party, and using the government office at the highest potential for personal benefit was the last thing that biden and trump, we should get answers. >> harris: that is very fair. it >> kayleigh: a little bit of intrigue as pain by fox news digital, not a fan of the clintons at all. he said bill clinton, and can't repeat it on air, but said he looks like [bleep]! and he called doug greedy,
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ironic with hunter biden, calling them petty, greedy, and low rent for taking the private sector money when they were in government. >> douglas: the horrifying top market, at least we know that hunter does have some skills and can paint, remember? everything else is gone, he can paint and sell his paintings, for hundreds of thousands of dollars, despite not really being able to do that either. it >> kayleigh: that is a great point, a lot of technical issues there, it's just my point of view that he should not point fingers when there are a lot of things pointing back at you. freaking out over a twitter takeover, warning now that a kanban one parties set or even a candidate, we imagine that? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ now make another one and turn your equity into cash.
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i love you. i love you. i love you all. ♪ ♪ >> emily: if you haven't already seen it, the liberal media meltdown over elon musk twitter takeover has gotten even worse. not only are they bashing him, but now warning that twitter may now know their press political opinions and ban candidates, because you know, that never happened before on twitter, watch. >> elon musk calls himself a free state absolute or, first of all that's b.s. >> it is very little understanding of the complexities that go into content moderation and hate speech policies and the like. >> elon musk buying twitter says a lot about the priorities of people at the highest levels making decisions that could affect the feet of the planet.
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>> on twitter it is predominantly straight white men. so when elon musk says wow, this is about free speech, it seems to me that it is about free speech of streets wide to men. and so, let him have it. >> if you own all of twitter or facebook or what have you, you don't have to explain yourself. you don't even have to be transparent. you could secretly ban one party's candidate or all of its candidates. >> emily: l, shannon. i know that you spoke about it before. and to the gift that keeps on giving. >> shannon: making the conservative argument for them, how dare they have another viewpoint on here. at some of us are on scale, i think about when i was in the courtroom, what if you walk in, a dispute over evidence, that's what the judges there to do to overrule and grant things, whatever. what if the opposing counsel said, no, i just get to decide what you present to the jury. forget the judge, and if you don't like it, now i will leave. all of these people say they are
9:16 am
leaving twitter, okay, don't let the door hit you on the way out, if you can't handle free speech with an opposing viewpoint, these are things we don't want to hear and engage with people who see the world differently, that's what this country, one of the things that makes us the greatest country as this free-speech idea we should not launch the anecdote for bad speech to a less speech, it should be more. >> emily: i could've probably use that in the courtroom before i lost. douglas, your thoughts? >> douglas: this is an amazing meltdown. and i saw brian stelter on cnn said, if people are going to have to work out, they want a platform where there are no rules, and it's like a party, i mean, you can tone a party where there are no rules, but would you want to go? and he has not been invited to any parties, except your invitation to a party come i want to know what the rules of the party are. i don't know about that very much, but these people are having a meltdown because they are used to twitter being their toy. and to the left thinks that twitter is just one of its toys
9:17 am
like facebook, like an instagram and such. and they were right up till now. and now -- it does not even change, it's just that the possibility now that elon musk will make it a fair platform. you know, that's what they are complaining about. elon musk is not some right-wing maniac, he just has libertarian freethinking kind of guy, and what they are worried about is having a meltdown about is just someone who has an ideological lockstep with the left owning one of the biggest platforms in the country. they are like, i am leaving twitter and go into the safe haven of facebook, which is not owned by any billionaire ludicrous maniac? i'm going to one of the as other platforms. >> harris: about the maniac? everything you just said. >> emily: there are some hard evidence about the ideological lockstep, let's talk about the tech employees have made by
9:18 am
party, so twitter, look at that, 99.4% democrat, netflix 98.3, alphabet 97. the list goes on that you can see, so the point is that what's more evidence do you need of a slant? but somehow the greatest threats, the greatest cause of the hysteria is diversity of thought? it is freedom of thought, that fairness that douglas is sharing. >> harris: that's the kind of diversity they don't like it, and they are allowed on the left, that's why they describe people of color that we should all of the same mind-set. we are grouped in one box. i mean, you know who is intimately familiar with the subject is president biden, because if you are not voting for him coming you are not black. it's hard to forget that, that was said as he was a candidate with charlamagne tha god. so it's not a new concept that they don't want the diversity of thought. it's a new concept that they are trying to convince everybody that they are doing this for
9:19 am
everyone's good. they are going to walk away from twitter because, you know what, we have to protect democracy. they don't have us or anybody else in mind in america, they are doing this for themselves, because they have to come up with copious notes on how to debate and how to say this is why i believe what i believe in this is my point versus your point or as you like to say, my data point. she can make a data point trend. >> emily: and speaking personally as sort of the impact that this has on twitter account holders, so we have as well some numbers here that will help on the screen and the twitter accounts were lost and gains followers frankly overnight between the liberals and conservatives, don jr. adding 87,000, aoc negative 20,000, ron desantis gain 131,000 and former president obama decreased by over 5,000. >> kayleigh: this is a trend i noticed immediately as the deal
9:20 am
was announced, so i gain 150,000 followers and two days, which is enormous, this is way more than what these individuals specifically gained and it makes you ask a question 1 of 2 things, are people coming back to twitter? yes, in part. but two, are there some miscreants, bad actors on on twitter who have algorithms in place that are rolling them back before the new boss comes into town? that could be. and i will just say one thing, i guess it is chuck schumer, he want something called algorithmic justice. sounds like gymnastics. but it is a midterm. >> harris: we are on to a few of those myself. you and i were talking about looking at the area, and we were like okay, have there been people shadow banned and people that did not want to take part of a platform, or we were told that they can it, and they are coming back. you made the point that nothing has happened yet with twitter.
9:21 am
so this is the beginning, but no way liberals are throwing out their toys. it's because they are so mad, just one very quickly here. we all know that one of the most disgraceful things twitter is done is that it silenced "the new york post" before the last election. and silenced the older snoops paper. here's the idea, if they can do that, why did they never think of silencing "the new york times" when "the new york times" decided to completely rewrite the lie about the history of this country. it would seem to me that if you are going to be fair about that, here's a story that "the new york post" runs which is true, but they silenced that, here's a story "the new york times" does about the very foundation of america, and of course twitter does not mine. >> emily: it is about disinformation. coming up, a top hollywood actor and self-proclaimed climate activists calls the war in ukraine a "gift" for president biden's clean energy push. stick around for this one. ♪ ♪
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number one motorcycle insurer? approved. cool! hey, if bryan's not gonna be snake, can i be snake? -all: no. ♪ ♪ >> harris: it's almost friday! not really, but that song makes me feel like it. that could be a new low when it comes to some of the things we hear out of hollywood. actor and environmental justice warrior, should i put that in quotes, because they all fly, mark ruffalo says the war in ukraine that has resulted in the thousands of deaths and unspeakable war crimes we see daily has actually been a gift for president biden's clean energy effort. here it is. >> this is a moment for president biden to take this -- our momentum, people's fear,
9:27 am
their discuss at the war, there discuss with energy prices and use that to solidify a message to the american people that now is the time to transition. this is where the jobs are, this is where national security is and we are going to keep pushing him to do it. and this is a gift of the president as we see it. and we see him accepting and in such terms. >> harris: see i have no doubt why people hate hollywood. that is it right there, just do your job, just play your role! whatever it is. >> kayleigh: war is not something that is a gift, this is something you learn when you are five or maybe ten and it is elementary. but how discuss saying that the climate agenda mean so much to this man that he is delusional to the point of not having the empathy to talk about some of the images we have covered on this error, do you remember, harris, and emily, i know that we were on air together when the pregnant woman was bombed in that maternity hospital.
9:28 am
and the blanket over her, unfortunately she did not make it another did her child, those are the images of war and that's what we must bring to light as to what is happening in ukraine is certainly not a gift. >> harris: so mark ruffalo, if we see him on a plane or in a car, i sound like a dr. seuss, green eggs and ham, but if this guy is a participant of hollywood, he has a user of energy. he is not bowing down to the aoc green new deal. >> douglas: none of them are, but what he said is not that uncommon, think back to the coronavirus in the head of the world economic forum said this is a great opportunity for us to increase our drive to green energy. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau said the same, american politicians, democrats all said the same thing about the coronavirus, they say it about war come you know, because the thing is everything they
9:29 am
present is always a good opportunity for the thing that they already happen to be believing. it does not matter what comes along, you can have a pandemic or a war! >> harris: i don't even believe that they believed, i believe they believe they believe, but we can see by their actions they don't. >> douglas: leonardo dicaprio forever being caught to private jet to other places, this is a perennial thing, but there's a certain political activist including actors who just think everything in the world that happens that is bad can be used to further their pre-existing agenda. whether it is anti-shell, whatever it is. >> harris: so does bad acting count? what agenda does that further? spill when i heard about this, i thought about -- >> shannon: i heard about john kerry, we said first of all we should be worried because war has terrible omissions and bombs and all of those things have an impact on the environment.
9:30 am
and remember he said, i hope that this whole thing does not get putin off track of being a leader of climate change, if that is your focus while people are being tortured, raped, killed, women, children, all of it, i think you have to take a minute to hear what it sounds like coming out of your mouth. >> emily: get out of here, mark ruffalo, the largest food desert is right outside his house, he has private security, they call themselves activists, but they are just performance artists behind their resume talking to their millions of followers who did not care what they had to say and was more about fashion, the glam and the achievement of the golden dust about them, i don't want to be lectured by mark ruffalo. i don't even want to see him in movies anymore. he went on to talk about dark money in that interview, but dark money to the tuned of $1 billion that benefited democrats in 2020 and "the new york times" ran a headline that said just in january of this year that said democrats cry dark money, but
9:31 am
that's what helped defeat trump, so going back to this, he said what true slimy politicians do which is never let a good tragedy go to waste, but the fact that he is saying it straight-faced with his elitist condescending absolutely bloated wealthy environment and expecting average americans to get on board is just disgusting. >> harris: when you said read the room, one is the room going to change? the hypocrisy, the violence, all of it! >> douglas: it is changing already, look at netflix, the fallen viewers, look at disney, look at the fact that among the ten pictures at the oscars this year nominated for best picture, not one was among the ten top box office films in america last year. they are giving each other a war. and so that we the american public do not watch, so it is already happening. >> harris: wow, look at you just preaching, all right,
9:32 am
coming up, the debate over who can say what's when it comes to telling someone story. political correctness says that not everyone can weigh in. what the panel thinks next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ if you're a veteran homeowner and need money for your family, call newday usa. as a veteran, you've earned the powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt or just put money in the bank. it even lowers your paymentsby over $600 a month. we all know some of life's most important financial decisions are made right here at the kitchen table. so if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make.
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9:37 am
culture. dozens of academia, school curricula cumin dictators, and gen z storytellers and increasingly establishment gatekeepers in hollywood. while publishing in the arts. it's the ultimate litmus test, only those who "lived experience" matches the story are qualified to tell the tale. shannon, does not make a lot of sense to me. if you want to tell a story, tell the story. >> shannon: i think about when i was a local reporter starting out in tampa, florida, and i had the amazing chance to meet this elderly gentleman who had survived the holocaust and he had been able to escape the country because of a mix up on his birth certificate, but he had a story about fleeing as a child and the family he left behind and how he eventually made it to america. he loved this country for the people on the families that brought him here and took care of him, i was honored to have the privilege of sharing his story and i think i could not begin to understand what he lived through, but it was an honor to me to interview him and
9:38 am
to share the document and share his journey that it happened. i think that we all can do that, we don't have to have the experience to do the honor of telling the story. >> kayleigh: i think that makes a lot of sense, and harris, they make the point in the article that if only women were allowed to write about women, you not have tolstoy writing "anna karenina." >> harris: at such an odd conversation to be having one literally there are legal battles and political battles over what our children should learn about with their gender identity at a very tender age. i don't understand how these two concepts can live in a mind at the same time, i know that two things can be true, i don't know if these things can be side-by-side, because we are talking kindergarten to third grade, we are talking florida, we are talking new jersey and other states now grappling with that issue, but we want to say that only one gender can write about another gender. i don't -- i'm not sure where we are going here? but i can tell you as a person of color and someone who lives in a couple of diversity lanes,
9:39 am
it takes everybody to tell our story. our stories. my first story as an american. my american story takes everybody in the room to tell. my portion of it to that too may be because of the color of my skin or the texture of my hair, my family and i can tell that part of the story, but it's the whole thing that matters. and i don't think that gender or any other box you check makes you exclusive to say that you are the only person who can speak for all people with curly hair, that's ridiculous. >> kayleigh: it is totally ridiculous, this is what it boils down to come she writes here is the argument, the dominant culture, white male western street has been dictating the term effectively silencing or raising the authentic identities and voices of the people, who stories are being told, the time has come to center the other voices is the argument. >> douglas: it is such a balderdash. >> harris: fancy! >> kayleigh: bring it back!
9:40 am
>> douglas: it's a beautiful word when discussing the writer in "the new york times," my seventh book just happens to be out this week! "to the war on the west." if 70 said to me, douglas, you're only allowed to talk and write about your lived experience, there were two things i would say, first of all, lived experience is such a stupid phrase. what other type of experience do we have? we don't have unlived experience. as you said, literature, writing is not just about talking about yourself. most of us, it's boring. endless books about myself, i would not have a readership. >> harris: you would be president. >> douglas: not knowing about my family come about writing books and writing articles and things are about to writing about the world. that's how you approach people, that's how you speak to people. not just banging on about yourself all the time. there's a whole world out there beyond the yourself. that's what i would tell
9:41 am
"the new york times" writer. >> kayleigh: there is a scene change, of this op-ed, highly unusual, the florida bill looking at popularity and what happened in virginia, a kind of think that the tide is going in the other direction. >> harris: i hope so, this is on the heels of actors stepping down, talk about hollywood earlier, jenny slate and kristen bell from their cartoon roles because they wanted them to be given to african-american. and we had a lot of backlash, remember when javier barred and played debbie arnaz who is cuban and javier is spanish, there was a lot of backlash at the time, and was it russell davies who said he did not believe the show creator that any straight actor should play a gay role. and we saw scarlett johansson drop down who assist from playing a role, so there is a lot based on the thesis, and i
9:42 am
think about the lived experience, other than the undead experience, twilight, one of my favorite series, that really becomes a shared experience, and when you are cast into one box or lane and not holding empathy, that's when creativity is totally stymied and whatever the experience of wonderment of the human experience is totally stymied, and i also think that this is an oversimplification as always from people who just sort of our keyboard warriors, i have a lot of friends who are writers for shows that are the opposite gender or race of who they are writing and i think the majority of people frankly don't know, they don't know how the sausage is made. they just see the top layer and say it should be this, not knowing there is about 50 layers that goes into it that are probably not in congruence with what they feel. >> kayleigh: those are some added fantastic examples, i am learning from emily! coming up, seems that celeste
9:43 am
has a problem with chris pratt being so open about his christian faith, and calling him to be replaced in the next "guardians of the galaxy" film heard what the director has to say about that next. ♪ ♪ when it comes to pain medicine, less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for whatchya... line? need. liberty biberty— cut. liberty... are we married to mutual? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this is remington. he's a member of the family, for sure. we always fed him kibble it just seemed like the thing to do. but he was getting picky, and we started noticing some allergy symptoms.
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>> secretary alexandra mae orca's on fire on capitol hill, will the border crisis become a catastrophe, brandon judd handing by on that. or should american taxpayers be on the hook for student loan forgiveness? charles payne with those thoughts and why to joe biden and his chief of staff meet with hunter biden's business partner at the white house. john roberts, joined sandra smith and me at the top of the hour for "america reports."
9:48 am
♪ ♪ >> harris: i'm telling you it feels more and more like friday today with the music, chris pratt at the center right now, in "guardians of the galaxy" "jurassic park" he has all all over hollywood, the liberal fans of marvel movies are calling for chris pratt to be we are cast in the upcoming sequel. they are upset over his public display of christian faith. one critic tweeted this "marvel, hear me out, just replace him" director james gunn is defending chris pratt tweeting this "for what, because they are made up utterly false beliefs about him come up or something someone else told you about him that is not true, chris pratt will never be replaced as star lord, but if he ever was, we would all be going with him." shannon bream, just wrote a best seller again, faces of the
9:49 am
heart. >> harris: just about casting people, when you're going to have a character like doofus is in bad people, let a real evangelical, let's play that part, because it's about loving people and serving people, that's what your faith is about, and i think that this is such a good point that somebody who actually knows him as the one running his defense, we all are in danger if we prejudge someone about to their church or beliefs or where they go, we know the person is exceptionally dangerous, so to have them waste no time, and tells me he is a good guy, you would not do that for somebody who is a bigoted horrible person coming in i think we have to be careful if we judge people based on their belief especially if we don't know much about their belief. >> harris: i look at that slap across chris rock's face by will smith who has the anger issues and a whole lot going on and stuff i don't even want to know about and their personal lives that i found out about
9:50 am
because of what happened, because everybody was joking about their lives that night, do i want to know that about them? or do i want to know where their foundational success comes from? to be on a love that and totally agree, and just to sort of pile onto that a little bit, the criticism came from people of equating where they think he goes to church with a different church that they felt had or held on to homophobic views, so not even his display of faith ia fifth degree of kevin bacon trying to force them into a corner he had never been in. and everyone came to his defense, mark ruffalo too, the activist we were talking about earlier said, that exact same thing, he said he is full of gratitude and an exceptional person, zoe saldana, robert downey jr., a ton of people said that chris pratt is amazing. it's just unfortunate they have to do that, because it should be
9:51 am
the back of it should be the baseline that we assume someone as wonderful until they prove differently. but this is that war that they are trying to claw down christians from hollywood. trying to be a death by a thousand cuts, he is still getting parts and laughing all the way to the bank. >> douglas: this is what i have them writing about recently, you are not allowed to say anything about somebody if they are a patriot, you are allowed to say anything about somebody if they are republican or if they are christian, you know, if there was a muslim actor who somebody said, they are related to somehow a mosque that is not that great with gay marriage, which is pretty possible, and they said we are going to fire this person and they should be fired because of that, we would say that is really bigoted, we don't do that in america, why do we smear people because of their faith? so why is it that the one faith in america you can do this with his christian? >> harris: that's an interesting question, what are your thoughts?
9:52 am
>> kayleigh: there is a war on christianity, that is evident, all he did was go to church and say i believe in jesus christ, all coach kennedy did was silently kneel on the yard line and he was fired, there are organizations representing coach kennedy and you will see that. >> harris: i asked him today, he took that job even though you might not have had time. he loved those men on the field and wanted to make a difference. that's true, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hi, i'm william devane. did you know there's only been two times in american history - two - when the national debt was larger than gross domestic product? world war ii - and right now. that's a deep hole. and i don't know how we'll climb out of it. that's why i buy gold from rosland capital.
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9:57 am
are some new dating terms you guys need to know like the word quranisty, be honest about what they want from relationships and remember the person who ghosted you two weeks ago and now back in the d.m., you can call those people zombies, i guess because they refuse to die, refuse to go away, back in your d.m. >> great explanation. or stalkers. i mean, emily, i guess i'm -- i have not been in the dating world in a while, but these terms, these are groundhoging, fast forwarding, oystering, i have never heard of them until today. >> orbiting essentially shannon, someone like does not text you, reach out, and then like looking at your stories right awa or liking your posts, they are there for the social media. >> i would be terrible at all of this. if anything ever happens to my hubs, i will get more dogs and stay home. oystering, i think that's what it is. people happy to be by themselves. so put me down for that.
9:58 am
some of the other stuff, the pandemic, if you are trying to date, an up ending to any kind of relationship or that kind of stuff. thank you for keeping us up on the lingo. >> 100%, i'm here as the correspondent, only because i read the article, not because i know. apparently during the pandemic, romance was exploratory, and the world is your oyster and you do what makes you happy, don't worry about romance or social media or anything, just do what makes you happy. >> romance should be a bit of that, shouldn't it? >> i agree. >> sure, you have to get out, right, among other things for your life. and an easy one, don't pick up is the name i put in. i put in, don't pick up. >> hilarious. not even blocking, but alarm. don't pick up. >> complicated now. >> i have xes me crazy. i've been married 19 years, this is our month, and we always are
9:59 am
together, like my husband and i, we like to do the same things and when we are not with the girls, we are living our best lives. >> yeah. >> and that can be anything, you know. that can just be watching the grass grow on one of the many adventures. >> oystering together. >> douglas, we want to learn more about your book "the war on the west" and catch his special streaming now on fox nation. tell us all about it. >> it's quick, actually about some of the things you have talked about today. it's about the war that's going on about every, against everything in the west. it's the war on history, in america in particular, the tearing down of our heroes, the war on our religious history, the war even on our secular history, the whole -- every single person from our past has now been torn down, the war on our culture going on, everything is good as long as it's not from america. you know, people in america i think don't realize how deep and rabid this thing is that's been
10:00 am
coming at them. it's very deep, it's a generational phenomenon, like a cultural revolution and i think the american people need the tools to know how to fight back against it, and that's what i try to give them in this book. know what to say to your kids when they come back from college with lies. >> amazing, we cannot wait to read your book and watch your special on fox nation. thank you to all for watching and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily, thank you. fox news alert, growing concerns far left democratic lawmakers could target twitter after elon musk takes over. analysis shows nearly every twitter tech employee who gave money to candidates donated it to democrats in 2022. are we looking at another censorship fight on the horizon? >> sandra: charles payne is fired up on that one, and larry kudlow, katie pavlich and general david patareus and if you cannot catch


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