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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 27, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> geraldo: show my puppy walking himself? he. >> jesse: geraldo, it's not your turn. >> geraldo: show my puppy not me. my dog is so smart it walks itself. >> jesse: get off the screen geraldo. scott sanders my best friend ran a half marathon we are very proud. john oliver the iii my friend honored by the pennsylvania game commission for his lifetime achievement for preserving more than 200,000 acres. i'm eating up bret's time and i love it also watch "jesse watters primetime" 7:00. we have a lady who married her cat. >> bret: jesse, do you have any other friends? >> jesse: do you have any other friends you want to talk about? [laughter] >> bret: congratulations to them all. >> jesse: take it back from me when you hand off later. >> bret: sounds good. it's in the bank. good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baier a
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little late but breaking tonight fiery day on capitol hill. the issue the crisis at the southern border now and what's likely to come. biden administration officials are beginning to acknowledge the surge at the southern border could significantly escalate without additional resources. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas says increase in migrants will strain already stretched capacities there. capabilities, he faced questions in a pair of house committee hearings on capitol hill today. and detailed the administration's new immigration plan. not surprisingly, republican lawmakers seemed unimpressed but some democrats are become being more vocal in their criticism of the administration. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich starts us off live tonight on the north lawn, good evening, jackie. >> evening to you, bret. the white house says new dhs border plan has been in the works for six months. homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas just briefed lawmakers on it for the first time today. he struggled to sell it in the hot seat. >> my god, man, on own the
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moment, you have been called upon to resign by myself and others. next year if we have the majority in committee, which we shall, you are still in office, you will face impeachment. >> homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas grilled by lawmakers on capitol hill wednesday unconvinced his 6 point 20 page plan to address the migrant surge once title 22 is lifted will suffice. >> there is no question that if we encounter 18,000 people in a single day that will seriously strain our capabilities. >> one piece of that plan sending 600 law enforcement personnel from other government agencies to help customs and border protection. a force already 23,000 strong and struggling to contain the current levels of illegal crossings, averaging 7,000 a day. another piece of the dhs proposal would send doctors and nurses from the v.a. to help at the border. >> is it appropriate to be taking resources away from the
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v.a. to help with a surge at the border? >> clearly, having support and resources for our nation's veterans is a top priority to the president. but we also want to take steps we can at the border even as we anticipate an increase in migrants coming to the border to keep the american people safe. >> democrats are loudly breaking with the administration. arizona senator mark kelly telling fox he still has questions about when and how resource also hit the ground after mayorkas privately briefed senate democratic leadership. border democrats and key committee chairs yesterday. writing: i can tell that you folks on the ground don't feel prepared for this policy change and still see a lack of communication and coordination. we are less than 30 days from the biden administration's self-imposed deadline and they still have a lot of work to do. even house speaker nancy pelosi is concerned over how many house democrats are siding with republicans against the white house on this issue fearing that the senate could send over a bill for ukraine aid or covid relief funding and it could have
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a title 42 extension included. in that case, she wouldn't have the votes to strip it out. bret? >> bret: jacqui heinrich live on the north lawn. thank you. now overseas as russia continues ground offensive in ukraine, tensions with the west escalate. moscow has cut access to a vital resource for two european countries. and perhaps more to come. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live in lviv tonight, explains why the kremlin's latest move could be just the beginning. >> brutal war in ukraine got wider and nastier today. russia using its most dangerous economic weapon energy against its opponents. cutting off natural gas to poland to bulgaria. to important support threat other countries could be cut off as well. >> it comes as no surprise that the kremlin uses fossil fuels to try to blackmail us. >> early today ammunition dump in russia just across the border from ukraine was set on fire. one of several recent incidents
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at russian military support facilities. ukrainian spokesperson would not confirm or deny. a few russians decided to attack another country in its entirety to kill everyone there indiscriminately he wrote. then sooner or later you will have to pay the debt there were more mysterious explosions in a russian backed break away region in mull dove. have a suspected a surprise attack. depot in the center of ukraine from weapons u.s. and the west. many infrastructure targets hit by the russians in recent days. russian president vladimir putin ominously declaring today nothing and no one was off limits? if someone intends to intervene from the outside and create strategic threats from russia that are unacceptable to us, they should know that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning fast. we have all the fools for us. things no one else can bofs having now. we will not boast. we will use them if necessary. >> this as the russians continue
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brutal attacks south and east of the country strategic goal. almost destroyed the city of mariupol. officials in the city of lviv waves the refugees dead. pitch in and hope. >> we believe we will win. we don't have another country or territory. we have only one way what to do. >> another front in this war intensifying tonight, microsoft saying that cyberattacks by state backed russian hackers have destroyed data across dozens of organizations in ukraine. producing what it calls a day 00 particular information environment. nowhere to run. bret? >> bret: greg palkot live in lviv. greg, thank you. let's bring in energy market expert phil flynn a senior analyst with the price futures group and fox news contributor. phil, good evening. how does this sit like with the markets, with the economy, what russia is doing and may do in coming days? >> this is a major shot across the bough and i think he picked
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the low hanging fruit, initially by targeting poland and bulgaria because they are not going to impacted the entire pipeline system under europe. the bigger concern now is that they cut off a larger country that, if they cut off germany, for example, the entire continent is going to see reduced gas flows. and, because of that they are going to have to use other fuels to keep the lights on. and that means diesel fuel. that means oil. and right now the world doesn't have enough of it. and we have already seen a major impact here in the united states because of vladimir putin's action. we have seen natural gas prices surge. but really where we saw it hit hardest was a record breaking rally in diesel fuel. in new york harbor where we price most of our diesel for the country, we hit an all-time record high because of this at $4.75. that is the equivalent in the
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real world of about $200 a barrel croyle. and that means truckers across america are going to see record high diesel prices and it could get worse if putin decides to go any further. >> bret: looking on the screen crude oil prices year to year and obviously the increase here. as this effects the market there are other external factors as well around the world. do you see this continuing to rise? >> i think it does. right now significant risk in the economy right now. and vladimir putin is using his energy weapon to send a signal. either you give in to my ways and do what i tell you to do, or i am going to create havoc for the global economy we will put up a brave face and supply europe with inventories but vladimir putin knows that it won't come without a lot of economic pain and just this
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warning shot of these two small countries are already causing pain on both sides of the pond. >> bret: well, to your point point, the energy secretary talked about what the administration is doing or trying to do. take a listen. >> the president has obviously said that he wants to increase supply by the end of the year to europe. so that is happening. sing molecule of gas lick phi there is a terminal is being lick find and sent. we are doing everything we can to supply our allies ultimately we want to move in the direction of clean fuels. >> bret: so at the end there was really the message that critics of the administration take away
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what we are learning from the situation in russia is that energy is a vital national security interest. and i think that we're starting to learn that and i think it's very interesting that the energy secretary is promising more fossil fuels from america to send to europe, you know, why aren't we sending them more green fuels. i think that answers the question of where we are at in this green energy transition. i think. not only have we left the global economy at risk. we have left our national security at risk and we are seeing that play out on russia. vladimir putin has been planning this for decades. he has seen his energy dom naps and is he taking advantage of it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> bret: the s&p 500 gained 9. the nasdaq dropped 2. russia and the u.s. have carried out an unexpected prisoner exchange in a time of high
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tensions. moscow released marine veteran trevor reid who was imprisoned for nearly three years over allegations he assaulted a russian police officer. the u.s. traded a drug trafficker serving a 20 year federal prison sentence. the exchange took place in turkey meantime here at home the trial involving hillary clinton's former campaign attorney will soon be underway. remember this is part of the john durham investigation into the origin of the trump-russia probe. michael sussmann appeared in federal court this afternoon for a federal hearing. correspondent david spunt has details on what to expect from next month's trial. good evening, david. >> it's coming up quickly may 16th. michael sussmann's case is about efforts to try and tie presidential candidate donald trump to russia. tonight the steele dossier a collection of information that tried to discredit donald trump is back in the spotlight michael sussmann appeared with his legal team at a federal court in washington, d.c. this afternoon
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to defend himself a few weeks ahead of his may 16th trial. last fall he pleaded not guilty to lying to the fbi, specifically to then fbi general counsel james baker during a september 2016 meeting. sussmann brought the fbi with special counsel john durham claims was false information about donald trump's campaign communicating with a russian bank. durham claims that sussmann told the fbi he was not working for a client when he delivered the information but, instead, billed the clinton campaign soon after that meeting. according to judge christopher cooper the trial will zero in on if sussmann lied. in court today, bret, durham's team argued that the jury should be able to hear about british spy christopher steele and his opposition research on trump. sussmann's defense called steele a lightning rod. they do not want him discussed. also the judge ruled today that a hillary clinton tweet from october 2016 alleging that covert communications tie between donald trump and russia
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will not be admitted as evidence despite durham's request. several sources briefed tell fox news there is no indication that hillary clinton herself will be criminally charged in this probe but legal experts say her name may show up elsewhere. when the time comes durham writes his narrative report i don't think he will hesitate if he believes that the entire russian collusion narrative was a concoction of the hillary clinton campaign i don't think he will shy away from that and naming names about it. >> john durham began his probe in may 2019. next year will mark three years and he has charged three people so far. bret? >> bret: david, we are also learning more about another investigation. this one into the president's son hunter biden. >> yes. correct. we are. hunter biden is under investigation. federal investigation for his business dealings overseas in both ukraine and china. president biden has said multiple times that he has not
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spoken to his son about his son's business dealings but a new email shows that joe biden may have paid thousands of dollars to cover had hunt's personal bills. in an email obtained by "the new york post." hunter's assistant at the time wrote that it was her understanding hunter's dad, she says hunt's dad in the email would take care of the bills. in total they added up to approximately $800,000. when asked about this today again by jacqui heinrich at the white house press secretary jen psaki says she stands by what the president has said that he is not involved in his son's business dealings. bret? >> bret: we will follow both investigations. david, thank you. you were next, the capitol riot committee, january 6th committee wants to question house minority leader kevin mccarthy over his private investigations concerning the attack. we will bring you that first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering aren't the country tonight. fox 24 in charleston. shots are fired at youth baseball game forcing children as you see here rushing off the field. trying to take cover.
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police say a group of teenagers began shooting at each other before eventually fleeing that area. no injuries were reported thankfully and police have not made any arrests. fox 5 in atlanta where police are investigating a series of violent crimes involving teenagers using hacked street scooters. investigators are trying to figure out how to the minors are accessing the vehicles without paying. several police reports from last weekend noted suspects using those scooters. this is a live look at boston from wfxt. one of the stories there tonight crews break ground on a new memorial to honor martin luther king jr. and cringe, the embrace is based off a famous photo of the pair, the 22-foot high monument is expected to be unveiled next year on martin luther king day. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report," we will be right back ♪
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that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa. ♪ >> bret: u.s. supreme court justice stephen breyer participated in his final oral argument session today. chief justice john roberts
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offered affectionate tribute deep appreciation sharing the bench with breyer. the 82-year-old justice is retiring after 28 terms on the high court. the highest court in new york is rejecting new congressional districts for the state that were widely viewed to favor democrats. the state's court of appeals sided with a group of republican voters challenging the maps saying the boundaries were unconstitutionally gerrymandered and that the legislature had not followed proper procedures. the court added it will likely be necessary to delay new york primary elections from june until august. meantime house republicans are rallying around house minority leader kevin mccarthy tonight despite leaked audiotapes where he disparaged former president donald trump after the january 6th riot. congressional correspondent chad pergram reports from capitol hill. >> kevin mccarthy saying one thing in public and another thing in private about the riot but caught on tape. mccarthy worrying about inflammatory language that some
3:22 pm
republicans were using both before and after january 6th. >> tension is too high. the country is too crazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or we missed something and someone got hurt. >> on the same recording mccarthy called out by name g.o.p. alabama representative mo brooks for his incendiary rhetoric just before the riots. >> today is the day american patriots start taking down names and kicking as. >> mccarthy also targeted florida representative matt gaetz. >> this is serious -- is he putting people in jeopardy he doesn't need to be doing this. >> gaetz said mccarthy represented the behavior of weak men not leaders after g.o.p. congress meeting today republicans aren't ditching mccarthy. >> stand ovation he will be speaking. >> most republicans ignoring the brouhaha. >> congressman did mccarthy talk about the tapes in the meeting. >> g.o.p. members instead chiding reporters. >> no, what you guys really need to do is focus on the issues
3:23 pm
that america cares about. >> democrats say republicans are white washing the riot. it's all about the acquisition of power. and, of course, bendings the knee to the twice-impeached former so-called president of the united states. >> more leaks are come and 1/6 committee plans public hearings in june. >> this is just the beginning. any knife that's out there will be thrown in the direction of kevin mccarthy. >> mccarthy refused to cooperate with the 1/6 committee. it's possible the panel could ask him again or try to get former chief of staff mark meadows for what would be a blockbuster hearing. bret? >> bret: chad pergram on capitol hill. chad, thanks. the justice department has charged a former u.s. ambassador who served in the obama administration for his involvement in illegal foreign lobbying case. richard olson, former u.s. ambassador to pakistan and united arab emirates is accused of violating laws that restrict foreign lonnieing by former federal officials. this is done with qatar
3:24 pm
according to officials. olson has agreed to plead guilty. up next, transportation secretary pete buttigieg joins us to discuss the supply chain crisis and other issues. first, beyond our borders tonight, iran announces it wants to expand military cooperation with china. china's defense minister was in tehran today. top officials from the two nations say closer cooperation would provide security and confront u.s. unilateralism. this is a live look at paris. the city of lights. one of the big stories there tonight, french president emmanuel macron makes his first public appearance since his re-election. he met with shoppers at a market northwest of paris as a crowd cheered and celebrated his victory. macron defeated marianne le pen in a runoff election sunday. significant. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back ♪ i'm still standing ♪ yeah, yeah, yeah ♪ i'm still standing
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♪ seemingly never ending roller coaster hits highs and lows as dr. anthony fauci says the country is out of the pandemic phase. seemingly or sort of reverses course. jonathan serrie reports from atlanta. >> dr. anthony fauci told response transitioned to control phase. no way is it over. >> no question we are in a different moment in our fight against covid. >> but we also know covid isn't over and the pandemic isn't over. >> it's a walk back from comments fauci made on pbs news hour one day earlier. >> we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic
3:31 pm
phase. namely, we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. >> president biden will attend this year's white house correspondent's dinner but skip the meal portion. however, dr. fauci appears personally cautious of large indoor gatherings, telling the "new york times" he will not attend saturday's gala because of my individual assessment of my personal risk. even with stringent safety protocols the white house is not immune to covid. a spokesperson says vice president kamala harris is taking the antiviral pill paxlovid after testing positive tuesday. she became infected despite being fully vaccinated and twice boosted. >> it is going to be hard to ensure that no one gets covid in america. that's not even a policy goal. the goal of our policy should be, obviously minimize infections whenever possible; but to make sure people don't get seriously ill. >> and according to cdc data,
3:32 pm
more than 77% of americans have received at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine and nearly 60% have had prior infection. those factors may be keeping hospitalizations down even as cases rise. bret? >> bret: jonathan, thank you. meanwhile the justice department is appealing that federal ruling to reinstate a mask mandate for travel. let's bring in transportation secretary pete buttigieg. mr. secretary, thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me on. >> >> bret: i want to talk to you about supply chain and what you are working on but i do want to ask you about this covid thing are you going to that white house correspondence dinner this weekend. >> i think i will, yeah. >> the fact that dr. fauci is not going, does that send a signal? does it say something? what should people interpret from that. >> i think as he said that's his personal assessment of his personal risk and i think we are moving into a phase where that's where a lot of the decision-making is going to lie, right? we are seeing of course there are ups and downs and maybe there will be more, but generally we have seen a move
3:33 pm
where you have got fewer and fewer general requirements for everybody and more and more it's on you as an individual, as a shopper, as a traveler. >> bret: i got it when i introduced you i was talking about the justice department appealing that ruling to keep the mask mandate for public transportation. right up your alley. >> yeah. >> bret: don't you think voters will look at that and hold the biden administration or democrats kind of responsible for something that they really don't want? >> well, the main consideration there isn't the politics of it. it's making sure there's clarity on the public health authority that the cdc has. in other words, that would be important to pursue even if they are not going to use it, right? even if they determine talking about planes, trains, buses that the mandate is no longer needed and as you recall actually set to expire within a few days right now anyway. >> bret: i know. if you are sitting at home you just told me you are going to the white house correspondents dinner. the president is going to the white house correspondence dinner. not mandated to wear mask there.
3:34 pm
the administration at the same time is fighting a lawsuit to mandate people to planes and buses to wear masks. so like if you are sitting at home there is a disconnect here. >> well, i think most of us understand the difference between a hotel ballroom and an airplane and, again, a lot of this is about what authority does the cdc have? even if they don't think we don't need it at all, they would still want to make sure we get clarity in court on the legalities of it. look as a practical matter and i know this is confusing if you are getting on an airplane it's your call, it's up to you. the most important thing right now is that everybody is treated with respect. those who choose to wear a mask and those who choose not to. >> bret: it's up to you if the administration loses the appeal. >> it could be either way. because, if it expires then even if the cdc has the authority, they might not want to use it the legal side is about clarifying the public health law in this country the practical side travelers want to know what to expect when they are getting on a plane, bus or subway.
3:35 pm
>> bret: moving on. what has, in your mind, the administration done to fight inflation. >> well, a whole lot. and i will mention a few areas. one, what i work on a lot, of course around supply chains. one of many, many things that is pushing prices upward is shipping costs. anything we can do to slow down any inefficiencies in the system is going to help. that's why we have been working on both long-term infrastructure investments and short-term improvements that are going to make a difference. but, let's also acknowledge that there are a lot of things that can happen on the policy side that would reduce costs for americans in addition to what we are working on the supply chain or other pies of it. for example, the president has supported a move to lower the cost of insulin. house passed a bill. a few republicans even crossed over to vote with democrats on this. to cap the cost of insulin at $35. and that's something i think most americans would agree, at least for those families that are counting on insulin is the sort of thing that takes the pressure off when you are seeing high prices putting pressure on other parts of the family budget.
3:36 pm
look, there are some parts of the economy that are more responsive than others. to policy choices. right? we know right now we could lower the cost of prescription drugs, lower the cost of things like insulin. lower the cost of child care that's a longstanding policy of outside. and i'm working on lowering the cost of shipping. >> bret: with federal shipping though fedex owner, founder, ceo fred smith recently said if i'm getting a government check less incentive to go into the warehouse. had we passed build back better that bill biden wanted my guest we would be car march germany 25% inflation rather than 9% or 10%. i asked about that this week take a listen. >> secretary summers basically forewarned of this in february of 2021. instant reduction of demand and then the stimulus third stimulus
3:37 pm
payment about a year ago created a significant labor shortage. all of those went together to create the situation we have today. >> bret: his point is that the solution by spending more money and now there is this talk about wiping out student loan debt doesn't really affect inflation. >> look, the decisions that were made to rescue the american economy, i think are rightly credited with why we have low unemployment today and why more americans have more money in our pockets. and, yes, that means americans are buying a lot. that creates a lot of demand and when supply can't keep up, that is an inflationary pressure. but it's interesting that germany was mentioned, right? so, in modern day germany, in modern day europe, you are seeing the same inflationary pressures that we're seeing in the united states. this is largely a global phenomenon. we are seeing the same thing with food prices. and, you know, nobel prize winning economist who's valuated the president's fiscal policies believe they would actually serve to ease inflationary pressures. everybody is entitled to their
3:38 pm
opinion. but the bottom line is we are working against inflation with everything that we have got. >> bret: i want to ask you quickly this isn't up your alley but dhs secretary mayorkas said today that the biden administration has, quote: effectively managed the border crisis. do you believe that? >> i think the men and women of the department of homeland security and across the administration have done remarkable work under extremely challenging circumstances. but also recognize that those challenges continue. they may change. they may grow, especially as you see pandemic-related restrictions shift like the conversation around title 42. i'm not up on all of the specifics. >> bret: i don't want to go down that road. he said in private in august that he told the border patrol agents that the situation was unsustainable. and you have to watch as a transportation issue what's coming across the border and where those folks are going. >> no question. that's why we have been calling for immigration reform for years. look, we have got a broken system. and truth is only congress can fix it for good. i as a transportation secretary
3:39 pm
and as an american citizen would love to see that happen. >> bret: we really appreciate you coming on. and i do want to ask you about this: did you see this "the washington post" thing with the top 10 democratic presidential candidates for 2024? >> last thing on my mind right now is presidential election. >> bret: all right, but you are number two ahead of vice president harris. it says transportation secretary moves ahead of harris and would enter 2024 with more heft as a cabinet secretary to the extent people don't want biden and harris he is next in line just in terms of shear plausibility. thinking about it at all? >> no. what i'm thinking about is how to make sure that we deliver half a trillion dollars worth of value out of the funding that has been entrusted to us by congress and that the president has asked me to ensure we get the transportation part of this right. that is more than enough to occupy more than 100 percent of my attention and capacity and that's where my energy is going. >> bret: family is good. >> they are real good. thanks for asking. 8 months and counting. we are not sleeping much but more than we used.
3:40 pm
to say. >> bret: have a great weekend. appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> bret: panel reacts to congressional testimony from homeland security secretary mayorkas we just referenced that as more biden officials more resources may actually be needed at the southern border. ♪ ♪ ncer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread, tests positive for pd-l1, and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. together, opdivo plus yervoy helps your immune system launch a response that fights cancer in two different ways. opdivo plus yervoy equals a chance for more time together. more family time. more time to remember. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness;
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♪ >> you are an idealogue that thinks letting anybody in under any circumstance is okay and this country will pay a price as has never before. >> congressman, you have so grotesquely mischaracterized my position on issues and my service to this country for more than 20 years. >> your actions prove different, mr. secretary. your actions prove different. >> bret: it was fiery today multiple times in two different hearings for secretary mayorkas. secretary of department of homeland security talking about the border issue and i referenced it earlier with secretary buttigieg but here's the part where he talks about how the administration is doing. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is already under strain. it ♪ built to manage the current levels and types of migratory flows. only congress can fix this.
3:46 pm
yet, we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of non-citizens seeking to enter the united states. >> bret: effectively managed, that's the quote that's getting picked up. and, remember, last month had the most encounters along the southern border in the history of dhs. let's bring in our panel, fox news senior political analyst brit hume, amy walter publisher and editor of chief of the cook political reporter and harold ford jr. former tennessee congressman and co-host of "the five." brit, we have covered a lot of hearings, you and i. listen, they go after them. they have their five minutes and they try to get the soundbite. this was a tough one to listen to the argument for the policy and defending a effectively managed along the border with what we are seeing. >> brit: well, i think that's right, bret. administration prepared to accept the political consequences of what amounts to
3:47 pm
real lawlessness on our border. what we have now is a catch and release program which ising the previous president did everything he could to stop. and, you know, these immigrants are flowing in illegally. they are being processed but not sent back in large numbers and released into the interior of this country. and this is not something that commands majority support in this country to put it mildly, the administration apparently wants it to happen this way. they want the migrants here for various reasons, i think. they are prepared to accept the political consequences which i think could be quite severe. >> bret: there are several democrats that know the political consequences they are talking about it a lot. here are just a few of them. >> 42 should not be done away with until we get an immigration policy or until the cdc basically says we don't have a health crisis. >> and i'm going to keep pushing to delay lifting of title 42 until that plan -- >> this message of lifting title
3:48 pm
42 is going to go straight to the criminal organization. >> this is really about public health, we need to restore order at the border. >> bret: just to be clear that was new hampshire maggie hassan on the border in jeans talking about title 42 amy walter? >> yeah, that's the one i was going to point to as well. she is running for re-election this year in a state that is very, very far from the border. so it's clear that these issues are resonating all over the country. the real question is what it is going to look like over the next few months if this order ultimately does get lifted if the courts don't get involved or if there is not an amendment that is passed that does keep it in place. there is talk about that right now as well going through congress, so this order may not be lifted. but, it's also true that this is an issue that animates republicans much more than democrats, which is why you did
3:49 pm
see the fiery back and forthcoming from republican members of congress. if you watch republican ads around the country as i do, this is the number one issue that folks are talking about. it is not as an mating on the democratic side though the challenge for democrats is that coalition is divided on this issue of immigration. they want to move past the what the trump administration did, would like to see more what they would say more humane processing of people who are crossing the border illegally or coming here to seek asylum. but, doing so is a real challenge and it means that whatever happens, the left isn't going to be very happy and the right is going to be pretty incensed as well. >> bret: harold, i guess for the person sitting at home listening to this back and forth when it comes to covid, remember, title
3:50 pm
42 deals with emergency authorization under covid, so they are going to wipe that away. fauci is saying the pandemic face is over. and, yet, the administration is fighting the mask mandate to hear secretary pete talk about it because they want the authority to be able to mandate masks in the future but then they are going to the white house correspondents dinner according to the president. fauci is not. it's just a bunch of confusing policy issues and decisions that people at home are trying to sort through. >> first off, thanks for having me. a bunch of words by bunch of people speaking to the american people and i think everything that's been said by amy and by brit is absolutely correct. i think more democrats are going to begin to talk about this and probably be in opposition to the white house as we get closer to election time. remember, there are two legal issues here. one is title 42, and the other is this remain in mexico policy
3:51 pm
where there has been a ruling on that as well. you know, i listened to secretary buttigieg earlier and i listened even to senator ossoff on your show just yesterday. the senator talked about celebrating and beginning to deal with immigration at the border and a path to citizenship. i think a lot of americans as sane and as racial as the senator was yesterday, i think a lookout of americans are going to focus more so on the border. the senator from new hampshire making it a feature of her campaign to amy's point democrats have to understand we won't get to another issue in this 2022 midterm that we have been successful on if we don't deal with this border situation in a very serious and austere way. >> bret: i wish we had more time on. that was something tells me we will be talking about it again. the probe into the capitol riot as the house committee investigating those events wants to questioned house minority leader kevin mccarthy.
3:52 pm
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directv stream. about dupuytren's contracture. i thought i couldn't get treatment yet? well, people may think that their contracture has to be severe to be treated, but it doesn't. if you can't lay your hand flat on the table, talk to a hand specialist. but what if i don't want surgery? well, then you should find a hand specialist certified to offer nonsurgical treatments. what's the next step? visit today to get started. >> does the fact that this audio was leaked in the first place mean that there are some republicans out there who have some knives out for you? >> i think it's probably a little more the democrat side. i don't think it has any impact at all. what has impact what we are doing today. >> he was right almost everything he said privately to his members. he had put america first to a couple of hours and days after january 6th. but now he is putting kevin
3:57 pm
first. >> >> bret: house minority leader kevin mccarthy dealing with audiotapes another one coming out about a conversation he had after january 6th. this from the "new york times," take a listen. >> the tension is too high. the country is too crazy. i do not want to look back and think we caused something or remised something and someone got hurt. i don't want to play politics with any of that. we saw what people were doing to the capitol, you know. at least [inaudible] >> bret: back with the panel, brit, a lot of people seem to be putting hope politically on january 6th hearings, talking about this a lot. obviously what he said then is different than what he is saying now. the hill writes house republicans give mccarthy standing ovation brurve off tapes. clearest symbol left that the revelation may not hurt his chances taking the speaker's gavel if republicans win the
3:58 pm
house. what do you think? >> brit: i think he remains probably in a pretty strong position within his caucus. i think the worst problem here is having said some of these things that we have heard him say on tape he denied says them. so that's a problem. and that's one that he is going to hear about for a while. the january 6th investigation, as i think the democrats in congress something they feel is their best hope to score a big point or a big series of points against the republicans and to further hang trump around the republican's neck as we go into this midterm. i'm not sure the issue is that big in voters' minds. republicans don't seem to think it is. democrats hope it is. we will see. i have my doubts. >> bret: harold? >> those were the speaker -- those were the house minority leader's words on that day. he siped the up the seriousness of that threat i thought rightly so. i served in that body. and i still try live my political life by placing the constitution and our democracy and our principles.
3:59 pm
i allow that to trumpet always be more important than politics in our political party. i views applause he got during that room, bret, a little differently. maybe that means also a lot of republicans are ready to move past president trump and try to advance a new future for their party. that i hope more than anything. >> bret: we may see some of that when we are looking at at primaries maybe, amy. >> that's right. in a place like georgia in the governor's race. we are seeing poll after poll where voters are -- republican voters are saying they support trump. they don't believe that the election was done in a way that they believe in, but, they're going to show up in this election and they're going to vote and in some cases for candidates that donald trump, especially in georgia, doesn't like. >> bret: yeah. panel, as always, thank you. sorry for the shortened panel. ♪ ♪ >> bret: all right. finally tonight, a special report salute. have you seen this?
4:00 pm
foul ball barrels towards a father in the stands feeding his baby at last night's game between cincinnati reds and san diego padres. check this out. he makes the catch while feeding the baby. holding the bottle no, spillage. dad of the year. way to go. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it from this "special report," fair, balanced unafraid on time, i really hit my marks. jesse watters is up next. okay, five seconds. >> jesse: you get 10 more. thanks, bret. >> bret: see you. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: for generations, americans have been known for their thick skin, their toughness, their grit, land of the free, home of the brave, but we aren't born tough. we have earned it. we face our challenges, head on and we accept them. or even better,