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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 27, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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to be and pretty full command o it very tomorrow night we had t orlando to host a live town hall , florida and the american comeback. the governor will be there with us for the entire hour in will be joined by current disney employees outraged by the company companies activist turn to an end tomorrow, gutfeld is next. >> happy hump day, america very summer is just around the corner . smell the lotion in the fear. at twitter headquarters, casualties are mounting, there' painting, and that was just a janitor unclogging the men's room toilet it was a deserved jab directed at twitter's legal teeth, i hope i got that right it is fun to say though. that right after he bought the
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company he got called a virtual meeting or if you're jeffrey toobin, that would be cream. i swore i wouldn't do more of those jokes, but i lied right sometimes she is seen as the company's moral authority like am here at fox. now, he is scared because muskets called for twitter to embrace free-speech come up advocating twitter's algorithm while suggesting only content and required by law. only when certain voices to be heard and labels others as heat speech permits information very cheesy sensor and one with her thumb on the scale or introduce case, or two left feet. according to political cover an the meeting she cried under the uncertainty get come. is that really why she cried? i'm not sure sure. i'm an expert on making women cry.
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it's just a reaction they have help when they see me in person. >> the new of late-night talk, greg gutfeld. cake eight they never have me. he has made over $70 million as the sensor including 7 million in 2020, that's more than i mad last year working here and run moonlighting as a. her salary doubled, 2021. the media acts like she is a vulnerable underling bullied by maniacal tyrants. she's crying because she knows her loss of power means or loss of future millions. the media continues to go bonkers, cue the freak spread get the right has already seize as this ground that they are undecided free-speech grade therefore the.
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>> elon musk, he misses the old self advocate and the 80s going to want that back. he get there he is great when you have no argument, called people are racist. and anybody who tries to defend the charge. it explains the msnbc refusal t can this not brag come of the great work, they fired her she will fire them for racism but with the ratings, that suit would be thrown out like it was worn by, but as musk is showing come of this mirror is crumblin over its own hysteria. when i was growing up all he heard about was mccarthyism. he was an evil senator who lost a witch hunt for undercover communist who had infiltrated the government spread this is the mid- 1950s when it clear might not of been true. ultimately this mere tactics le to his downfall. he also harmed the anti- communism movements. bernie sanders for short. now whenever hollywood or the media tries to play hero or
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victim they play the mccarthyis card, how brave they were to stand up to the fear mongering. today it's all different. the actual oppression today is almost entirely done by left-wingers using a campaign that spreads fear of alleged racist or homophobic influence on american institutions. the use motion and dealings to manipulate you. it's part of the big flip, the freeze features are no longer o the left, but on the right, the pro- women's movement is no longer on the left foot on the right. these days the only people who want to save women sports are talk about strange bedfellows,
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the big flip is also happening in entertainment peered back in the 80s it was the right who said rock music turns kids into satanists or worse democrats, now it's the right fighting for comedians to say what they want and it's the left acting as sensors claiming that words are weapons. pretty soon the tsa won't let you board without the right pronouns. the left has turned everything they claim to hate and then some . yes, they are joe mccarthy. it's like they had a freeway an produced keith olbermann. the other side, elon musk is no our thomas jefferson, the fathe of free-speech grade the babylo bees are new new york times, joan rogan is our cnn, and tyrus , he is our walter cronkite with more tattoos than an ms 13 gang member. i am sharing the fun and the risk with you, but whatever i a you can be sure and probably going to be called a racist trans phobic exist which things to the left doesn't mean sleep. >> she has handled more scoops
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than an octopus at baskin-robbins, olivia moynahan. his stylist has a seeing-eye dog . fox across america host. her pediatrician once said it was full of life before he slipped out the lifeboat. fox news contributor kat timpf. last doctor who text is. the nwa world television champion, tyrus. >> still number one? >> still number one. there was lots of maserati taka radke when i say maserati you didn't hear me and say that's code for snowcone and you guys we're talking over that. >> that was in the room, you specifically said in the room.
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agi would stake my life on it, tyrus. you know what snowcone is for? i can't tell you. i can't wait for snowcone day either. welcome to the cell. >> that makes one of us. that was such an ad wasn't phrase. >> you delivered it very well great. >> you get a lot of business groups, tell us something we might not know about what's going on behind the scenes. all of these people trashing elon musk on their internal e-mails for it what's it called/ ? >> 's lack. >> that shows how much i know. >> think that's going to be coming out in the coming days. i just want to say this whole overreaction to elon musk buyin twitter. it would think that way people are shocked was that twitter wa shangri-la where there was elevated discussions about huma
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flourishing the reality that twitter is a toxic cesspool where people tel you that you look like your fac got hit by a shovel and they hope you die. >> i was kidding. >> for you the one who asked to start cocaine up there. at all makes sense now. >> i don't snort coke often. >> a humble break. i don't know how it can get worse than it already has. just put the algorithm online and there is transparency. i would love to know why donald trump is not allowed on twin speak to twitter but the ayatollah khomeini is. it can't get worse than it is. elon musk have a lot of ideas a a visionary.
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>> well, jimmy, why are they so scared. why are they so scared of the first amendment. it is like your jacket to a quarter. >> i thought you would like my shoes. they are a tribute to the yello brick road and you tell dorothy to follow when the wizard of oz. this is a shout out to you king of late-night. for a bunch of people who swore that twitter didn't favor them, they are concerned with the change of management. >> sent to the brilliant point about, oh, this site that's going to change. twitter is a fight club for people who don't want to get hit . you go on and as a confrontatio waiting for you and he's not going to censor anything for th most part. it would defeat the whole point of twitter. it is incentivized conflict but everybody is telling you do i read and it's elon musk and tha the worst kind of free speech.
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he's the most homophobic things we've ever heard we were told the fbi is looking into this. this is a really long investigation since 2017. what the right sees, he has not saying no one can do what they want on the left. mask mandates are ending but yo can't wear a mask. you can do with epic you want. i'm passionate about this but the truth is this is why they are over protesting is because they lost that key censorship. it always went their way. >> i don't know if there's any worse disinformation than weapons of mass distraction. let's go to war and killed tens of thousands of people and spen millions of dollars because we know they have weapons of mass destruction. >> tyrus, i feel like we've got a fun, i set this on the five, fun pre-election. we won something this week and
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kind of fun to watch the people who like it so much breakdown i public. >> it is kind of like the guy who was assistant to the assistant. he's reminded that they do not exist. so we basically have dwight having a temper tantrum over twitter and we are all jammed. that is the office representing -- spee-03 part of that show? suspects the office. >> it's never on. >> no one the more elon musk says less, because he hasn't said anything yet. he hasn't come out of the pulpi and started saying the followin people are dancing twitter and welcome back and knees having a evil award anklet dinner for anyone, like welcome back and w are having all kinds of fake refills on twitter's and all
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these geniuses that are back. what a great idea. changed to a confederate flag. it's coming out. and it brings out the absolute worst in people. her comment about apartheid, he for 17 years old when he left south africa. i don't know much of a politica mover and shaker he was. i get is an overt shaper but i don't think he was doing a lot and he left, which is a good sign when you leave the country that you're not really dealing with what is going on. that's one of the worst thing that i've heard that was perverse in any way. if you would've said that about anybody else, i would not be here anymore. i've tried to say things. and if there's ever a reason to cancel somebody, apartheid was horrible moment in history, in the world. and you are excusing -- you are accusing somebody of that spee-03 it makes no sense at all, kat.
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what is in your brain right now that you would like to express publicly in front of millions. i always forget about the secon part. i think it is great because i'v gotten so many more new polymers . you think that fake thing it's making me look better is something below me? look at me. i'm in the process of getting ready for a foursome that's identical to that of a drag queen. they care and pay clashes where the exact same kind of brought so as long as i'm looking good, i'm going to say it is a plan. so you look almost like it's cosmetic. expects it it's cosmetic kid that is exactly what it is. >> i gave thousands of followers . they are all real and they are young beautiful. >> what does that mean. we've got to move on.
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well truckers foot the bills of losers for thorough skills. biden wants to cancel student debt but the plan is all wet. they're considering an executiv action to erase student loan debt on a large scale. not unusual executive action. that is two jokes. he didn't reveal his exact plan but responded positively when lawmakers pushed him to forgive tim granted student loan debt and he responded thursday when asked if he knew what year was.
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but forgiving alone they agreed to pay, if that democratic brib for election day part after a bribery works the business beneficiaries of 10-foot beef white americans under 40 graduate degrees who live in high income, majority white neighborhoods appear throwing a blm sign on the line and a bmw in the driveway and you've got the perfect biden voter. is this even constitutional. who pays that that? responsible americans who paid up their loans and blue-collar workers and anyone who got a jo after spending for years parkin study critical theology. senator tom cotton s wash electric review didn't go to college have to pay off a lawyer 's student loan debt. that's a good question. is like the king of late-night asking and entered for a loan, which i always pay off, by the way. with hugs. i think it is appropriate that lot of people at hr don't.
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you drove taxis once upon a tim and we never seem to stop hearing about it. should taxi drivers be paying for a white preppy lawyers law school? i want everybody to understand that he hits me as a cabdriver because i refuse to pick him up because we get to have a child seat like how dare you. nicely done. i love you so much. i'm glad you volunteer. the truth is exactly what cotte said was correct. the aoc's of the world are making more money than people that are asking to accept the burden of their debt here at student loan forgiveness would be the people who are expecting payment on the debt to say we don't want the money. they are getting the money. nobody is being forgiven we are just passing the buck on to
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other people there still making money in the prices are still going up and are not doing anything to attack the issue, juxtaposed with some that don't exist for some of these degrees. you are majoring in gender studies. use all have a job out there i disagree i think that every company -- that's going to change since th corporations are being shut dow by the world people if you're asking about getting ahead in school, do what i did. i didn't have to write in the missions. i had to give a guy a bag of weed. how is spider? he's alive. were actually having a reunion next month at rikers island. the spider, you know, just because you have a spider web tattoo over your forehead, you can be a great guy. you are not supposed to judge them. or you could be a superhero. it is 50 it's superpower press
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magician. you don't have any student loan that, do you. how did you manage that and hav a successful career after working here. because i got into graduate school at columbia and i looked at the loan and i'm like i'm no going to be able to pay this back so i didn't go. like not having these huge loan is a problem. i don't see how it is my proble because now i'm going to have t pay for graduate school without going to graduate school becaus i had to waitress and i had tha the internships to learn skills for scree and it was some reall rough stuff that i went through. the government gave yet dollar on my tax refund even i didn't have a home. i don't think i should have to pay for someone else who had th same exact paperwork in front o
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them. it's not like they don't tell you you have to pay it back the word loan is aware that most people know. why is this loan held in higher esteem for something like a carlo. a car loan is actually more valuable. not when you're trying to get your own stuff paid off your ao was furious because she owed $17,000. and she owns a tesla. if he does this hopefully he bought forget, but if he does this, it could happen. it could happen. he could literally sign the sof kennebec pair if this happens, you have sealed the fate of the democratic party. one reese, who is really suffering it is parents. it is the mom and dad to sacrifice going on vacations, who put everything aside didn't buy the new car, didn't buy the new house and they put money away to put their kids through
8:24 pm
school they sacrificed on the debt right so that their kids could go get them education and now you're telling them that al of that doesn't matter. you don't matter because somebody doesn't want to pay their loan back. reported do we do in my community, just don't pay it. i have a fulbright scholarship. so i got lucky in that aspect when they call complete on have to answer the phone. i've got some stuff coming in. or one of the greatest pieces o advice that i was ever given, i am extremely wealthy man, he pu talk dirty to them on the phone and they hung up. as none they don't call anymore. so all those things are horribl things and you shouldn't do the here but the point is you can pay the village he can find a way but no one else should have to pay. and surprise all of them aren't getting jobs. and the thing is they were
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you're asking a legitimate question. you have any student loans. it is funny think that millennial's, i think we are taught that we are special and have a liberal arts degree and indeed average level -- liberal arts graphics $30,000 after collagen but but i got a liberal arts degree making $30,000 after college, i was very surprised by that. so out of malcolm i am a little more sympathetic to people who take on these loans at 17 because at 17 i was crying because appointed ness me to prom. up was not in the position to b making a decision that would forever impact my pretense between my financial architecture appeared. >> shannon: that's -- us before that's good point. when i found out up at student loans, i was in college. and somebody was -- i would be like what? you can apply for a loan and immediately thought of spring break and i started applying fo
8:26 pm
low not for school, but just so i could have money. i had no idea there are really life consequences for that. i was too late for those that did that, the consequence is -- >> i think there's so much pressure on college seniors earlier asking them what you doing in there so much pressure to be impressing your. and your appearance and your. parents and i think it's a toug situation to put people in the mission be allowed to take on the quality -- ache quarter million dollars when they can't drink. imagine how unfair it is who does it have to paper it. you did a great job. i was driving a cab. there you go. yes, we know. we should get out of this segment be at the rest of is on
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was papa joe dishing out the dough and for the dirty dealing with the chinese bring the five member gene to their knees. straight from hunter's hard drive, and e-mails from the laptop, covered his legal fees. according to the daily mail the site devoted to arrive text stamp collecting, joe's financial records showed next o 5.2 million and unexplained income that likely came from a
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10% stake in hunter's chinese deal he paid his bill but never talked about business and it's weird that hunter had with his sister-in-law. and her sister allegedly. the sister-in-law and sister appeared joe has denied any knowledge of his son's business dealings but the e-mails say otherwise. when joe denies knowledge of anything, no compelling argumen visitor laws are not the ones left by the do his best partner visiting the white house 27 times when joe was vp finally another e-mail, hunter called eights of the clint reedy for taking government salaries are getting paid in the private sector. wonder what joe has to say abou all this. come on. that is fake. hunter put never has sent that e-mail. me had hunter looked up the clintons. they showed us how to do it the
8:33 pm
way that they turn their connections from the white hous into business opportunities, an that bill and hillary went galloping around the globe usin their own cash machine here it was inspirational to itself via hunter thought we would follow suit and before the got a play with the default work for you meddling kids. >> i just think about the previous fenestration. this would be bigger than watergate. dare i say it. i dare this is ugly on all for corners that we have to understand that it is not a given to beat the president of the united states and that's a reason by you are supposed to disclose and he clearly has bee disabled by his son's issues an he wasn't willing participant which oftentimes parents were
8:34 pm
dealing with children with fictions tend to overcompensate and try to help them it's going to help them. so i'm not surprised at all tha he was involved in everything that his son had been doing because his it's his son had a tough issues so now we are seeing that. for him to come out and say i have this said that whatever, where is the impeachment i have a feeling it is coming in november -ish. there is more evidence to this than there ever was with russia stop or with any oppressive trumps kids or any of the activations against the clinton stuff as well. >> i'm confused how do you pay someone's legal fees without talking to them about it i don' get it pit to my family for the deed that for me with an offer seals business deal, we were more decamping. that just tells you everything you need to know. you don't pay for something
8:35 pm
without knowing about it think about that. if any dad in this country lend you the car, he wants to know where you are going to this guy could go to china on air force to audio plans for the night. it's air force to i know your business reporter so i don't want to get political with you but is joe biden the postcard propped press event? >> i think today before joe was saying i don't know anything about it. clearly knows about it and now it is a question of how much or how little did he know about it. unlike tyra said, probably republicans are going to take congress if we will be hearing about this every day and everyone will be investigating this and i just think fact watergate commit is always the cover up. you think politicians learn by now be at here is what happened. i think people would be willing
8:36 pm
to accept that because he has denied and deflected and refuse to book knowledge it, i think going to pay for it the good news is that the new york post tweets out the story and will not be censored that is for sure . that is what swung the election. you would think about this, if it wasn't for twitter suppressing that story, trump wins and elon musk would've never thought twitter and i think that was the thing that h tweeted about yesterday they ar very emotional. that operate from a standpoint where their emotions are facts, they don't play the long game and they overreached in that immediate moment of january whe they banned trump from twitter. it was the worst thing that happened that because now instead of focusing on what saturday night live actor was called a fat pig, it's kelly
8:37 pm
biden were talking about inflation and everything in between but it's true that this their election of duty by the immediately goes on for so long biden is so historically unpopular, i do think that they will show interest in this once they lose everything in the midterm cup with a full point t be on the right side of the spirit bill clinton made a lot of fun it. what he doesn't mention is he asked for it. i was waiting for a joke after that long exposé. i kind of to doubt. he talks to himself. coming up, why website websites so persistent and overlooking jesse watters assistant. you're going to love this. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection
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what's a few lots of decency. hello, greg. look who showed up. you are early. specter actually late. this is what you're going to wear. i got a lot of work for you to do. all right. don't worry about that. don't worry about it. you are here to work. come on ian you little freak. life is over. this is another normal day at m house i'm going to have to do some light housework come up perhaps any kind of needs that my guests have. he doesn't speak. and you have a seat right there please.
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my helmet is there. you are not eating on the job. do you know what's in your file. i won you for the day. on jesse watters shot after beating dana perino pierce you know what else? nothing. there are no restrictions to bu can have. expects maybe we should call jesse and see if there is anything. >> it is just you and me and my desires. i think my kayak needs cleaning. that's not a euphemism. johnny, you've been sitting her for a couple months now that beets and cleaning unfortunatel all i could find was this toothbrush. there you go pick up looks like
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it's going to get dark soon. so i should probably get started . good luck with that. i will be upstairs. don't disturb me if it looks like i'm being disturbed. team like you'd like it. >> i was thinking that it was really hard because i am so smart but i'm also so pretty. since i'm so smart, people don' realize how pretty i am. >> final you're doing some real work. while you're down there, can as you to do something for me? ♪♪ oh, yes, baby.
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what are you doing down there? >> back in a second, guys. i've got to hit the john. that is a lot of hostage. >> jesse, we are going to have to change this game show prize. this has been really crazy. i don't know what else you are going to make me do. i should ask you, tyrus. >> don't talk to me. i've got nothing to say. nothing to say. wow, man. wow. i did fulfill the obligation. you did. where is he. is he okay. >> he never came back.
8:47 pm
do you think you did a full day 's work? >> i thought he did a great job. that they got weirder. >> that got very weird. >> the cattle about weirder. >> none of that up the cameras left. we had some great kami -- cameo self walter kern and keith . keith was there he was eating a lot of hot dogs. >> sure appears. >> while. >> think we are treated the flick fica sketch enough actual documentary. that was a sketch. that has got billed. specter we have an extra helmet like that. you know the feeding boogie nights, that has got filled. that was the scrimmage. >> it really was. >> your honor, i was in the shorty roll but i couldn't find a young man to throw
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we are short on time so here's my story in five words. hologram, hologram i should explain it. some japanese guys married a cartoon character but he can't bond with her because technolog has been discontinued. do you have time for him? >> no. >> fair enough. >> sheets not real but a lot of relationships with other humans are not real either. >> it's a really good point the they sat note. you are in business. kitty do something now that technology has been discontinued . >> we live in america. there's always a lot to be filed .
8:53 pm
>> this is a japanese man. i don't know, there's got to be something that he could do. >> may be it's just like my mom used to say, great, when you ge dumped, there is just another fish of the sea. i'm sure there is another hologram out there waiting to b hooked up to some pervert. >> when you look at the adult sites, there are a lot of them out there and this is a big thing they have an animated category in the cartoon character -- category pick the idea that he married her is one of those stories that comes around every few years. expects you know what, tyrus, you just heard jimmy call the guy a weirdo which means that i obama did that, it would be okay . >> matching brings invest because he is a guy. dysart disgusting. the first thing yes what is he doing with a doll. he has a hologram and a doll.
8:54 pm
i don't get their free normal t marry an inanimate object. >> i'm just saying hold on here. >> he was saying he had sad too. i just think that somebody just needed to get him a new cartoon. >> you know what i would do if could marry a cartoon character and i never thought about this, i would marry richie rich because he is rich i could kill him. >> everyone tries to kill him and they always fail. >> what about the roadrunner. he's really good in the sack. >> uncles car from the lion king . >> uncle start from the buyer and king. >> how is he not hot. >> she goes all out. she would make me a spiked dragon. i didn't think about that. that was sleeping beauty.
8:55 pm
any cartoon character that you would marry? >> it could be any fictional character and i picked james bond. >> that not a cartoon. >> you call yourself a business reporter. >> i don't know, one of the disney princesses. >> oh, come on. >> aladdin. >> i was confused by the question because i was thinking like elizabeth warren i would merely wonder woman. >> gsa aladdin, that guy, not the genie. >> who is the genie. i thought he was the genie. >> step was the genie in the live-action one. are we going to have to cancel him? >> let's hope that it likes all
8:56 pm
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