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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 27, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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politically motivatedcogn taxes, a strong security team. so she exposes the founder of libsoftiktok of violence.en but when you say her name, you're a terrorist. in other words, stoporis hurtine me, she says, and she punches you in the face. these people are all. awe'll be back tomorrow night. can't wait to see that . and welcome to hannityoc tonight democrats, they are in a state of panic. they're far leftt. f ideologyar is unpopular. their policies are a disaster. their president well, most americans agree is mentally unfit. they're vice is president isin incompetent. they're poll numbers are worse than everhe and noww their precious twitter is under new ownership. now the days of arbitrarily banning or censoring speech appears tope be over. free speech, according to elon musk is coming to twitter and high in their ivory tower. america's ever so fragile left liberals. they can't seem to handle it
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emotionally. notoriou getting funny now. notorious fraud. elizabeth warren called a quotey dangerous for our democracy and then threatened to take elon wealth by force. let's just take all his money will steal it now. socialist senator ed markey, he was openly worried about e ellen's dangerous influence over the social media platform . the congenital liar adam schiff tweeted quote i am concerned ellen's personal views, your views will stop the fightom against disinformation on social media is the biggest liared in the country. make no mistake, no one in america has pushed more disinformation than him. now he frequently claimed that there was directt and amplf evidence of russian collusion a that turned out to be a lie and a hoax and a conspiracy theory theory that he sold toye america for years. schiff, ay, adamar he continues to cast doubts on the legitimacy of the twenty sixteen election. adam schiff isn't worried that americans i will be exposes
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to disinformation. no, he's worried they'llededhi actually be exposed to something called the truth, something he's not really familiarom r with , like for example, hunter biden's very real laptop from now in twenty twenty twitter completely censoredom new york post and their bombshell report on the laptop just weekshe befoe the presidential election. they even banned private linking to the storyd and they locked twitter accounts of america's oldest t daily newspaper at the time, twitter claimed the post violated their hacked materialst policy, but the materials wereer not hacked. theree was no evidence that the material was hacked in any way, shape orap form. now in reality, twitter blocked the report for one reason or one reason only to protect joe biden periodd. right, what did i call it? that's the candidate protection program nowamtt yesterday twitts new owner tweeted, quote, suspending the twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate. and nowly something else
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inappropriate appears to be going on a twitter shortlyce after ellen unsuccessful bidss o buy the social media giant. wow conservatives on the platform all of a sudden out of nowhere enjoyed a massive bump in followers and interactionsn. for example, in just two days, donald trump jr. oh , magically he got two hundred thousand new followers that roughly 20% increase dailyt . wow. aer it's almost as if twitter employees lifted a broad anti conservative anti trump shado ban which we all knew was taking place anyway in an effort to cover their tracks before the new boss t takesak over . now twitter claims that there's nothing nefarious at play here, but they said that all before now we know the current t executives at twitter are far left political hacksks. we have witnessedre their dishonest and deeply biased gatekeepingia over and over again. but hopefully that's going to changeha. and stories about a the biden
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family's very real corruption might be allowed to trend at some times now like this very interesting development. according to newly uncovered emails, hunter biden trashed bill clinton and everyone around him. he referred to clinton as an who looks like adam schiffo and he also referred to r clintn aides as petty, greedy, venal r and low rent for getting paid by the clinton foundation. te and apparently, according tor, hunter, the only classy way to make moneys is to sell out your father's office to let's see the communist chinese, russian and russian oligarchs ukraine avoid paying taxes and then spend millions on crack cocaine,, low mileage leases on exotic cars all while saving 10% for the big guy. that's right. president joey will have a lot more of my monologue in just a minute. but first here nowac with reaction is louisiana senator john kennedyti. senator , i don'ton know. k i do four hours on a day
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and from what i understood is u all these conservatives likes, president trump, they were canceleded on platforms like twitter and instagram and facebook, et cetera. we know shadow banking isas taking place on many of these platforms and now all of a sudden the left is fearful that information might w be flowing freely. it sounds like what they really fear is the free flow of information. >> your thoughts welsh on the the twitter executives or they're very upset this week. i think i think mr. must madeou a couple of them cry. i'm sure that more than a couple have gone out to and already bought an emotional support pony. butt here's what's going o on twitter, twitter is run by wokers. wokers represents crank wing of the democratic party wokers. e
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as i'veas said before, easy to recognize most of them eat food only fit for rabbits. they almost always enter a swimming pool by the stairs. they alsoo believe in free speech. which which means mea i respect the rt of the wokers to have their opinion. but i have an opinion and here's my experience showsho that the wokers who run twitter are intolerant, they're intemperate, they're foolish, t they're unthoughtful. experience shows that the woker. executives who run twitter, they they don't respect any opinion but their own and they censor all others. they're also not normal americans. they believe for n example, that the kids should be able too change their gender recess. they believe that cops are more of a problem thann
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criminals. they they believe that government employeesel and florida haveht a constitutional right to talk to five year olds about sexuality. now again, that's all okay. a this is american. you can believe what you want, but they can't and shouldn't censor those on twitter who disagree with mr. musk hast bought it. and here's what i thinknd he should do. i think he should call me and all the woker twitter executives and say, folks, we're going to start respecting free speechstar. i promise you at least one will say mr.r. musk, we can't do that and i won't do that . that's the one mr. musk should fire . i take it a step further.rt i think you should clean out the whole organization. e i don't know if you heard about the one lawyer apparently broke down crying over the fact t that elon musk tookha over . elon musk said something that really struck me, senator . he saidhaal that for all my criy out there, i hope you staywi
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on twitter so you can learn where free speech is all aboutti basically inviting them to criticize him. now what's amazing is you have all of these left wing news people and all these left wing politicians saying, well, hang on , a candidate or a politician might get banned or throttledan back . and i'm thinking do you not know what has been happening over the last number of years? how how do they bifurcate their brains into thinking it's okay to do to a conservative but only the threat of it happening to them finally wakes them up to the importance of freedom of speech? well, the irony is rich look, what musk is proposing is nothing extraordinary. he just believe in free speechno and what is free speech means it means that you're not freee unless you have the right to express yourself. it means you're not free unless
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you can say what you think. t he is not telling the wokers that they can't express their opinion on twitter. what he is saying s to the woken the ones who run twitter. you can't censor points of view that you disagree with . t that'she the way america works that has not been the way that twitter has worked. and i w think it's very refreshing. let me ask you, should therere>s be obviously you've got to have a limit. nobody should be able to make a physical threat against somebody. of course, no speech.h. youf can't make a physical righ, . tha that's illegal anyway. the question ist what do you do if you really want to have a freedom of speech platform? sr i mean, any reasonableso person with a conscience that a soul deplores real racism and applause real anti semitism, do you let those people say what they want and assume that the free market willll just kind of weed them on
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and people won't pay attention to them or should t they be some standards that gets a little more complicated? well, youou shouldn't allow hate speech, but you've got to trust american. t you'veo got to trust people to t be able to think for themselves . i'll give you an example. the wokers probably the wokerut executives who run twitter, they believe that all white people are racist now i thinknk they want to t is certainly is that is they should be able to say that on their own platform . but people who disagree with them should be able to disagree and say no.t that in i and of itself is a higher form of racism. and here's why that's called the free exchange c of ideas and that has not been the case on twitter. and everybody knows, including the woker executives who run this stuff and that's why they're so upset. and i don't i hope i don'tr. think mr. musk is going to back down my advice to my my friends at twitter who are
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running the place is look, there's a new sheriff in towngo go fill out of her family'sre report, but things are going to be different. a total set of her family. i don't know why every time you say the word woker it just cracks me up, makes me laugh. crac but they're really outks there. senator , we're watching your race.ou you're sor popular louisiana. i don't think there are evene many wokers that live e in louisiana. we have some we have some wokers. but but look, they're entitled to their opinion a e. t how canhi i put this ? i have i have the right to remain silent. i just don't have the ability t i say what i think and i have that right as an american and if you disagreend with me, you're entitled to disagree with me. that's what makes america work. i love what twitter has been i missing. e i have t the right but i choose not to have the right to remain . but i don't have the ability i don't have that abilityy either. senator ketanji, we love having,
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you on . thank you for being with us right now. it's no secret that biden's poll numbers are historic bad. quinnipiac had him at 33% approval rating even in deep blue states like oregon, new mexico, biden is underwater and today four new polls haver biden down by doublene digits nationwide, including a 17 point deficit in rasmussen, a 13 point deficit of politico and according to gallup, record setting inflation is contributing to these numbersoll now. still, joe is not attempting to pump an additional one point six trillion dollars into the economy in order to pay offy all student loans. s in other words, biden getswa his way.y, his new plan forget aboutnf the 40 year high ofla inflation, record high gas prices, everything costing more . and every store you go to, every american family will now be forced to shoulder a thirteen thousand dollar burden. d now it doesn't seem to matter if you didn't even go to college if or if you've already paid off your loans.
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i've paid off my loan. $5 fifty eight dollars and five cents. it tookea mee ten years to pay it off. i paid every maybed you worked your wayll through college like i was my way through college at the time toit mitigate the cost everyone will have to pay soo biden can appeasean his radical new green deal socialist base. by the way, what does this have to do with anything green ? it doesn't. the whole green new deal is p only about higher energy prices, which makes america less competitive and it's resulted in the highest gas prices we've ever had a forty one year high in inflation and everything we buy in every store costing more . w how is that working out here with reaction. arkansasgu gubernatorial candidate sarah sanders along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus is with us. sarah huckabee sanders.un this is simple, basic, fundamental economics hereid and joe biden from day one declared war on the energy sector. he even doubled down on it again yesterday by reducingy
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the lease of lease land accessibility of energy companies and somehow i guess they think it's better if i we import the oil from iran, venezuela or one ofve the opec nations then create our own energy wealth here at home, which makes no sense to me and i don't see them ever turning back to you. ou >> i don't and not only has s joe biden declared war onec the energy sector frankly, sean, he's declared war on the american family. every single thing this man and his administration touch, they absolutely destroy t. it's noo surprise that his b numbers are in the tank because american familieser are hurtingp they'reum hurting when they go o the gas pump, when they go to the grocery store and now he wants to kick them in the teeth with another huge bailout by the government. it's simple. it's absolute socialism, plain and simple. this idea that we are going to
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forgive all student loan debt and put that on the backs of hard working americans is absolutely crazy. thirteen thousand dollars more of debt to every single american family. that is crazy and they continue to hurt american families atan every single turn. and it's's no surprise his numbers are tanking and i think that america is ready for a huge red wave that is going to come in november and frankly it can't fra get here fast enouo because something has tome be done to stop the craziness that is going on inngto washingn right now. all right. so let me justn:w, add a few more statistics here. gasoline inventories f in new england fall to the lowest level since 19911. yesterday the bidenye administration reversed a trump era policy that massively expanded the area available for fossil fuel leasing. and he did this as gas is at record prices, as you know, he said it back to levels fromro
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2013 80% of americans now according to gallup rate, the biden economy is only fair or poor b. ap his approval ratingpr is underwater in 40 states. he now i think greg jarrett is right. he doesn't have the authority to spend money or canceleyel student debt without the approval of congress, but he's doing it apparently anyway . and chuck schumer is advocating as the best way to get the economy rolling is to have a massive tax increase which we played last night on this show. is any of that going to work? it's not going to work, but it reminds me of the great margaret thatcher quote that we've all heard many times that the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out people'speop moneyha and that's what's happening here. and the reason by biden's numbers are in the tank is that , you know, everyonee in politics that runs f for office, they all have their sales pitch. you know, sarah's got her sales
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pitch. donald trump had his sales pitch. it wasashi drains the swamp bida sales pitch was that he wase going to be competent and bring peace. and then everyry one of o these issues, just like sarah said, and what you laidga out on gas prices and inflation, you know, inflation alone already this year, six thousand dollars more per family. but the piece on the student debt issue, which is so insaneo is that the problem with inflation as the obama economist warned biden, is that when you pump too muchto money into the system, you're going to create inflation. so now what do we have one point nine trillion dollars, one point six trillion excuse me dollars of student debt is going to be wiped out. well, 90% that one pointli six trillion is federalon government. it's federalt government money that needs to be repaid. soso there's going to be two problems. no one who's going to pay for it, we all know it's k going too be higher taxes but no to when you take one point six trillion dollars and you force it rightts back into the pockets of what a majority of those people areom
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high income earners. these are note poorrthese peopi the majority of these peopleke are high income workers. and what's going tog happen, it's like another one point1. six trillion dollars right into the economy.. inflation is going to get even worse. they're not going to first of all, they're not going to do this anyway. they're doing it for a campaign shtick. they're trying a cam topa figurt how to save their rear ends and they're not going to do it. let me let me read this. l ifas you go back to the last year, we have numbers fromau the census bureau, median family income sarro in twenty twenty was sixty seven thousand five hundred dollars, which means with the current inflation rate of eight point.5 five percent a year% , robbing the average family off five thousand seven hundred dollars a year, deutsche bank is now forecasting a deep u.s. recession within the next year. i mean, who are we hurting here? we're hurtingng h the poor and e middle class the most. the democrats claimim that they have a monopoly on compassion for all of them. gl
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>>e i don't see a single policyn that they're even talking about that would be a hedge against inflation. just they keep doubling downro and think they have a problem with messaging. that's what they keepp saying. we have a messaging problem. what's the message they want to send to us ? >> i think they have a mathhi problem. nk i don't think they understand how basic economics work because every single thing that they are doing is making it harder for the american family day after day after day again, whether it's at the gas pump, the grocery store inflation skyrocketing is killing american families and it is all at the hands ofle this terrible policies coming out of the biden administration. it's one of the reasons that we have to focus on taking control back of congress in november, making sure we electct governor. i hope i'm one of them and focusing on things we can do at the state level tong relieve some of that pressure like phasing out the state income tax, which i hope wehe
11:20 pm
can do here in arkansas. by the, way, there there's somebody that i think has the best record as governor in arkansas that would be your father. and i think that record ise about to be shattered. we look forward. i hope so. i hope so. >> sean: you know i you know, i'm a strong, stronger supporter. well. you'll do very - i agree. all right.nk thank you both. ythank you .is open bord coming up, bidener doubling down on his open borders agenda as the crisis is spiraling way out of control once again, our own sara carterof has an exclusive report. veoiwe just have breaking news the dorm probe. lindsey graham will joinn us with reaction that's cominga up straight ahead as we continue. if something happened to you, what would happen to them? their home, their education, their future? you need life insurance and chances are selectquote can help you get it for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found jacob 40 a 500 thousand dollar policy for
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been reached to evacuate civilians from the besieged steel plant in mariupol. the consensus at came at the end of a nearly two hour meeting between russian president vladimir putin and u.n. secretary general antonio guterres. it's not known when the evacuations will start. meantime, a marine veteran, trevor reed is on his way home to texas. reed is swapped wednesday for a russian pilot held in the u.s. on drug smuggling charges . reed has been in a russian prison since 2019 and a 14 year old wisconsin boy is being held on one million dollars bond in connection with the murder of a 10 year old girl. he is also charged with assault and could face life in prison. is convicted on the murder charge. the suspect has been charged as an adult. i'm marion rafferty. now back to hannitized now joe biden's water crisis has gone from badk to worse tonight as water encounters are
11:26 pm
now at a 20si year high and there's been a whopping one million migrants in justho the last six months. but according to dhs secretary mayorkas, the crisis beingan effectively managed really. takeag look, we inherited a broken and dismantled w system that is already under it is not built to manage the current levels and types ofd migratory flows. only congress can fix this yet we have effectively managed an unprecedented number of non-citizens seeking to enter statested and interdicted more drugs and disrupted more smuggling operationer than ever before. a significant increase in migrant encounters will strain our system even furtherge and we will address this challenge successfully inherit are you kidding? if they caused all of this what they inherited was the most secure border with the least amount of illegalal bor immigran in a long time. and get this , the biden administration will be forced
11:27 pm
to comply with a temporary restraining b order granted by a louisiana judge which blocks the lifting ofic title. forty two senate democrats, you know, border states, arizona, nevada, texas are in yetre another election year conversion on the border as the biden open borders catastrophe is destroying american sovereignty, threateningno us national security and unleashing nothing but chaosth on border states. our very own sarah carter back down at the border this week with more exclusiveep reporting. she joinsoror us now with our investigation. think, you know, just when you think, sarah, it can't get any worse here it is. we'ree now headed for another record of illegal immigrants in the countryry. ne we already set one yes on andea it's getting far worse. you know, this isn't just about the numbers of people that are comingmbin across the border but about the numbers of lives lost and alejandro mayorkas was being grilled by congress. weled had an opportunity to have
11:28 pm
an exclusive interview actually with border patrol chief raul ortiz who was down on the front lines of eaglees pass with his agents watching the situation devolvear and warning that it's going to get far worse beforere it can ever get better. listen to this .es if yousa have a message for t the people that are attempting to cross, you never know. they could be watching this and they do and they you what would your message be to the people that are being smuggled across this river to them? what can they i mean, is there anything that could get them to stop? yes. and don't put>>'t your hands on the lives of the smugglers. they look athe these migrantsa as a commodity. they're not taking into consideration that this is a human lifede and they're goini to putti them in dangerous c conditions with the back of a tractor trailer where there's crossingande river at night with small children or whether t rainfall take them out to the desert, leaving them in a van and so, ah, you just have to go out there and rescue someone. you know, there's a legal process to seek asylum and we
11:29 pm
hope that the mortgage does take that process undernt advisement to consideration. and sean, on that day that we spoke to chief ortiz, o they recovered the body texas recovered the body of specialist bishop evansrl with the national guard from arlington, texas, who selflessly gavein his life attempting to save the lives of two migrants who are now being held in federal custody pending an investigation by the texas rangers. this is a very dangerous situation and a warning from chief ortiz goes out to everyone stay outev of the rio grande. don't crosscr that rio. it's deadly and deadly forea people on both sidesn: of the border. sean and marcus also added the biggest threat in america's domestic terrorism. >> it's incredible.t and i can tell you, sean, ge that a lot ofnt agents have been stunned by his statements. i've been on the phoneeeby withe officers as well as border patrol agents who really cannotr
11:30 pm
believe what all of my audiencea is saying and many of them have called for his resignation. sos c this is certainly not goig to end here and lawmakers are certainly going to continue to challenge him and the biden administration in the upcoming months t and had liar to the lit of adjectives for mayorkas because he inherited the most secure border of any president in the modern era. sara carter, thank .n and now we also turn to more big breaking developmentsse tonight . the dorham probe as thel special counsel now revealed. remember the company fusion gps employees were sending journalists hundreds of emails pushing the bogus steel dossier lies in an effort to trigger negative press against donald trump orst the 2016 campaign. here we go now. the revelation has completelyde undercut claims from clinton operatives like mark ileus that their communications are protected under attorney client privilege as they falsely claim the fusion was engaging in legal work here
11:31 pm
with reaction, south carolina senator lindsey graham. tor, got senator , good to see you.e let me read this very specifically is we dorm's teamro now is arguing a strongng intersection betweenen christopher steele, michael sussmann and their allegations, against donald trumpd and prosecutors on durham's teamos argued in federal court today about this strongio intersection. and what's interesting is sussmann defense attorneys, they're saying, well, no, christopher steele is a lightning rod and argue that introducing anything about him or his work would be prejudicial towards their client. nowejow that hillary clinton did she not buy that dirty russian disinformation dossier? was that unverifiable dossier used as the basis for fisa warrants on carter page, a back door to donald trump? well, d the whole narrativeia that trump colluded with russia is being replaced by clinton's campaign spread disinformation about trump's relationship
11:32 pm
with russia. fusion gpsruss was not advising the clinton campaign about libel laws. a they were actually spreading articles claiming trump was colluding with russia and it wash r all manufactured and made up. so when sussmann goes to the fbi and says i've got information that apple bankss in russia has a backdoor connection to the trump campaign, which was all b.s. they ask him why are you doing this or you connected to c the clinton campaign? he said no.cand and that's why he's in the wringer. soso how did mueller miss this ? how did the fbi miss this ? t wehe need a refund on the muellr investigation. how could horowitz findat that the dossier was a bunch of garbage? how could durham find d that there was collusion between fusion gpsus and theit clinton campaign with the mediah to smear trump and mueller, miss all of this ? well, it goes a little deeper,
11:33 pm
though. remember horowitz maded referrals and nobody followed up on them for the very same things other people had, you know, early morning raids on their home with guns drawn and even fake news. cnnew cameras and some cases. but the question here is if you have hillary clinton and her t influence over the dnc, they funnel money to a law firm. perkins coie hires fusion gps oppo research firm that hired christopher steele. oft creates a series documents now known as the dossier and the dossier is used. now the question is, is daum getting to the raw nerve or the intersection that matters here? and that is this was alld drummed upup by hillary and all spread out by her supportersow knowing none ofin it was verifid or verifiable. in other words, was it a lie, from the beginning? who knewne what when?id what did they know?ey when did they know it?
11:34 pm
that's the ultimate question. campaign lawyer for clinton, mr. sussmann went to the fbi with a story that the trump campaign was connected to a russian bank. they ask him, are you involved with the clinton campaign? he said no. so what do we know now that fusion gps was spreading disinformation about trump russia? we know that a lawyer for the clinton campaign went to the fbi to tell a lie to them t about a connection between trump and a bank in russia. ru and we now know that the carter page warrant was legally obtained because the steele dossier was a bunch ofta. soer here's the question how could the person whosestiogn campaign was being run not knowing any of this ? did hillarydi clinton know that her team was spreading lies throughout the media and to the fbi to make trump l look bad regarding russia? was she in on it? durham keeps asking those questions. me yes my gut tells and that a lot of people knew
11:35 pm
and a lot of people had nohe problem because they felt the ends justify the meansy and they didn't like d donald a trump that much. and look what they put the country through over nothing but a debunked conspiracy theoryed hoax and a i lie. it'ss all true . all s right, senator , thank you . when we come back , the flip flop fallacy contradicted himself yet again today. we'll explain. and we know what medication vice president kamala harris has taken to help i her covid. the problem is if you're anre american citizen, you'd like to get the same medication. good luck to you. it's not really available. senator rand paul reacts next as we continue our
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the white house correspondents dinner over covid fears. but at the same timeouen saying that we're out of the pandemic phase. reconcilehe these remarks. how close arere we to the end of this pandemic? well, that's an unanswerable question for the following u reason and i don't want to be evasive about it, but let meb tell you i why i'm giving j that answer, judy.we we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase, namely we don't have nine hundred thousand new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands a of deaths. a we are at a low level right now . so if you say are we out ofha the pandemic phase in this countryy?, we are he's gotten pretty much everything wrong. >> meanwhile, vice president harris is recovering after testing positive isider taking the new antiviral pill paxlovid. soso she continues to recover. here with reaction, kentucky senator rand paul. senator , i spend more hours
11:41 pm
than i would than anyone would probably believe helping people find the eli lilly monoclonal antibody for omicronlo, a two dy one very specific monoclonalrk antibody that they say workss the best on it and paxlovid isea nearly impossible to get a dose of. now i've been able to successfully help a couple of people, but most people that i say doctor speak very favorably of it. talk to your doctor. you might want to try this . they can't't find it anywhere. it's's nice that the vice president got it. why didn't they warp speed production of all these things? well, here's a here'sof question dok you think it's a good ideaoo for everybody in the country has no symptoms and as a positive text to take paxlovid when there's nothi enough of itnk to go around, dot you think we might want to designate that you takeou treatment when you're sick? so for example, if there's a shortage of this drugug, whicu is inexcusable, but if there is a shortage of the drug, why would we not ou give it to people
11:42 pm
at high risk who are symptomatic, someone who has no symptoms, has no business being given a medication that is. let me ask you a question about hard to get . you know, i know a lot of states, for example, in new york was notorious for this . okay, you test positive.e, they tell you go home if you get a fever, takee two tylenol,t reduce the fever and monitor your oxygen levels. and if they go to 90 or below, you probably should go to the emergency room usually if covid goes to one's lungs. correct me you're the medicalca doctor . i'm correct me if i'm wrong. that usually happens on day seven and by the time your oxygen levels start dropping is a lot of the damage covid long covid pneumonia c isn't the damageov done? should we be practicing w more proactive medicine in other words, more antivirals, more monoclonal antibody infusions? antibody i do agree with you that early treatment is essential, but i don't think treatment with those symptoms is early
11:43 pm
treatment. i think that is treating something that may not even really be a disease. so for example, we don't know as the vice president had this before, she'd been vaccinated for time. so vacci she has a decent amounn immunity if she's not going to have any symptoms. i don't think givinges a three hundred dollar treatment is a good idea. idea. i agree with you. the monoclonal antibodies are lifesaving and they've taken them off the market becauseng the bio demonstration owns them all and you can't buy them. it's f very difficult to find them now if you actually getan lily, but you have to searche high and low and in most casesas you'll only get ites from a concierge's service that does it. butt unless you're incredibly high risk or you're symptomatic, i don't think treating everybody before they get any symptomss is a good idea. i do think though that falsies sort of nonsense over whether h the pandemics ended or not when you see him come out and he basically has said that the courts shouldn't be involved with limiting his power, what he is saying basically is that he's against individual choice. he's against american freedomsso
11:44 pm
to choose their own medicine,me to choose when their treatment. so this is a man that iss against everything that america stands for. he thinks that his edicts shoud stand. no court or constitution should and nohis edicts individual person shouldd get the choice to make it.he but if youou at the airport i was in the airport this week . smilesdy is allll and ninety seven percent of the people at least are not a wearing masks because they have made the judgment that they are not at risk for. ea well, it's pretty amazing and also they've been wrong the whole way. if republicans take over the senate, i would imagine you're going to lead the charge looking into fauci, the nih, the cdc all how did they get pretty much everything wrong? every step of the way?th is that not a good assumption on my part? if we take over , i will subpoena dr. falchi. ofill subpoena all his records and he will be made to answer for funding going to function research on we will get to the bottom of whether or not this came from the lab
11:45 pm
and we will put forward laws and regulations that says we're going to try to preventes a pandemic like this from ever escaping from a lab again. but he's going to be made to answer under oath. outne he sent the observation letter or else we might have more bleach. but in the future lt . , senator , good to have you. thank you . when wek, come back , the left continues to smearar elon musk. wait until you hear why msnbc is joy reid thinks he's buying twitter. you won't believe it w. it's's true . leo 2.0. pete hegseth is straight ahead . doesn't care that i have to work on testing. i'm not ready. it's not like they're going to move it. i need a school. they can work around all this might be okay and that's okay. a lot is asked of me to answer
11:46 pm
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what's it like having xfinity internet? it's beyond gig-speed fast. so gaming with your niece, has never felt more intense. hey what does this button do? no, don't! we're talking supersonic wi-fi. three times the bandwidth and the power to connect hundreds of devices at once. that's powerful. couldn't said it better myself. you just did. unbeatable internet from xfinity. made to do anything so you can do anything. whoa. your power graders are now on sale and free shipping is in a hurry. this also won't last stability mom. >> there's still a meltdownov mode tonight over elon musk's purchase of twitter as msnbc story claims he's buying the platform because
11:50 pm
he misses a apartheid a lot. >> take look, there is no free speech problem. >> twitter is notee the government. twitter is a private company that can say no, you're not allowed to be a on twitter. it's always been trashed, but they don't just want to come in . they want too come in and be able to punch people f in thl face and walk aroundau and laugh about it and not have anyone t be able to stop them. the thing is, the only enjoymenb they get out of being in this town square is being able to harass people. elon musk,k, i guess he's you know, he missespe the old south africa in the eighties. >> he wants he wants that back . he wants to bring the old crew back togetherr. all right. so ask yourself, do you think that maybe peoplepe on the left like elon musk,k, he makes, lets see, electric cars or so many on the left in a full blown panic?l- why are they lashing out with the most vitriolic language so bent on trying toli censor their political opponents? and now joy readsand finished
11:51 pm
april with the smallest monthly audience in the program's nearly two year history. how's that working for you herer with reaction foxea friends weekend co-host pete hegseth. and they all look at this . he's got a new hat tonight . wait a minute. you got i want to i don't even want to cut put it up on your some pankey every time i'm hannitized fauci hannitized for you man two of two of my good friendsds. all right. so the funny thing is i can't get over this part of it and leave. i'll start with you. i can't y get over the fact that they think, oh , my gosh, they made silence politicians and throttle back whatci they have to say. t i'm like, hello, what universe you people have been livingy in . that's what they at twitter have been doingr at facebook have been doing to conservatives for a long time and now only now they notice when all elon musk is pledging a free speech platform. well, that's the problem.
11:52 pm
he pledged a free speech platform, an open town squarey and the democrats only want their opinions at the town square. here's the thing that's sohe amazing. you heard joy go on a tirade on apartheid racist not any elon mus support it. elon musk not going to cancel her . she's going to be allowed tost say those racist statementsat that have no basis. b in fact, she's going tosh be allowed becausee his platfom allows open debate. joy reidllow will be killed by r see forat low ratings before she gets canceled by elon muskan and twitter because he wants that debate. they love the fact that donald trump can't go on twitter ortt social mediaer because they want to control the narrative. all elon musk has done is tone open the marriage up to everyone. i'll tell you right now i've got over a hundred thousandwe new followers, people who are happy, ecstatic that they're allowed to express himself on a
11:53 pm
new version of twitterer that truly allows everyone to t debate. you know, she actually claim not only that you make the apartheid comment, which is i guess he misses the old south africa in the eighties.e i'm nothe sure where that came from, but they don't want to just come in . b they want to come in and be at the table, punch people in the face fac and then they want to k around and then they want tout laugh about it. and i'm thinking who is she talking about? because the people who are taxed the most that i seeck the last time i actually had a access to twitter, my staffwa took it away from me. it'sa lo a long story in and of itself. so the best thing that ever happened to me but last time i've been on is conservatives that get the kicked out of them because it's been taken over by the far left conservatives. i've been shadow band.d, they've been silenced. they've been canceled. pete yeah. and most conservatives don't have a chance to get the a kicked out of them because they're the not even able to be there. i mean, i got banned fromhy
11:54 pm
twitter. you know why? because you think yeah. a no. one and number two, because i posted the quote of a terrorist who is saying why he committed a terrorist act like this . it that was it was his quote, not mine simply understanding the source of what was going on . these are these are elites who revel in and crave control and there are autocratsut and what they've seen is that big business which has gone nrcc is is a government extension or a non governmental extensionen the power that theyd like to have. you see the first amendment and free speech is exceedingly rare. goos across the globe and expect to have the kind of protectionst you have in america and you will not find that . so fragile.t'she corporations are doing what far left politicians wouldat love tt do, which is censor h their opponents and elon musk has showed upwe and said all i want to do is level the playing field. as far as joy read , i mean, leo's right. i don't know that anyone espouses more racism on a nightly basis than she does. you h can't disagree with her without being told you're
11:55 pm
a racist. i did a quick check of what elon musk has said on twitter. he's , you know, politicallys incorrect and likes to speakpo . ramind, but he's not racist there's nothing racist in there the way liberals love this guy ,he makes their precious electric cars. a friend of mine owns one and loves it. i would think they'd be happy.yu no, that's not enough. ot enoug. that's not you have to be a hundred and fifty thousand percent woker if you're off by a 5% they don't want you. you get kienzl and that's whyk elon musk is an outsider as far as the left isco concerned. last twenty seconds pete. t yeah he doesn't want to play their gender pronoun game. he doesn't gam he said as much and they don't like him foric that and rich people who don'th think their way very very dangerous wrong kind of rich people. all right. d we appreciate both you. i love the new hat leo sell it. make a lot of money and keep it put it in your pocket more . what too this why hide your if you picked it as your moderate to severe eczema or a topic
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12:00 am
the time we have left for tonight . as always, thank you for being with us.ll the thank you for making this show possible. we hope you'll save me. we arereor notonigig that hard . so you never miss an episode and you can tell your friends aboutus us . in the meantime, let nothe your hearts be troubled. stayarar or ingram . the rim angle is next and weng hope you have a great night. i'm laura ingraham and this is ingraham angle from washington tonight . the comprehensive con that'se the focus of tonight's angle. not to give you a sense of how serious the democrats are this crush going on at our southern border. listen to the first question that was posed by the ranking member at today's homelessness committee hearing. >> the homeland threat has dramatically fromam foreign terrorists to domestic terrorists fro in particular racially motivated violent