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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 28, 2022 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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and store it away immediately right here into the laptop, no matter where i am. with this exclusive tv offer, you'll get a mobile or desktop epson rapidreceipt smart organizer, and over $300 in added value. act now and save up to $100 for a limited time. go online or call to get an epson rapidreceipt smart organizer delivered right to your door. i came, i scanned, i conquered. epson rapidreceipt - visit or call. piece of cake baby! >> todd: fox news alert, russian president vladamir putin threatening lightning fast retaliation against any nation that stand necessary moscow's way in ukraine. you are watching "fox and friends first," i'm todd piro. >> carley: i'm carley shimkus. scrambling to get relief to mariupol.
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matt finn is live with more. >> matt: good morning and here in ukraine, president zelenskyy gave a speech and made a call for global control of russia nuclear weapons. one former defense intelligence agent says the call may have been reckless and provocative and will anger vladamir putin, who yesterday gave a concerning warning to any country that assists ukraine. >> if someone intends to intervene in the ongoing events, they should know our retaliatory strikes will be lightning fast. we have things no one else can boast of having. >> matt: lloyd austin, u.s. secretary of defense, visited ukraine this week and called out russia saying the rhetoric is dangerous, but doesn't feel it
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will lead to a world war. the ukrainian marine commander who has been sheltering underground released a video saying there are people still in the standoff and pleading for some type of rescue. >> in just a few words, there are more than 600 wounded in the unit, they need medical attention in here. no condition, no medication or personnel that can help them. there are wounded civilians we've tried to help as much as we can. >> matt: new video from the city, ukraine say russian troops used -- first major city to fall when the war began and russia is seeking to tighten control there. president biden is set to address the issues here in ukraine and the ongoing crisis at 10:40 a.m. eastern time
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today. carley and todd. >> carley: the former marine trevor reid was released from a russian prison, what do you know about that? >> matt: timing of this exchange with russia is interesting because the country is at war and we know the former new mexico governor and u.s. ambassador traveled to moscow just one day before russia invaded ukraine. he made some negotiations resulting in the prisoner exchange yesterday. trevor reid was in prison for allegedly assaulting an officer, in exchange for a russian pilot locked up in the u.s. here is trevor reid's mother. >> we got a second phone call, he must have eaten and had fluids in him and he was his normal self. he still looks terrible, he sounded better and more like himself. we're excited. he's on a plane. it will hit us when we get to
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put our arms around him. >> matt: that family celebrating, worth noting wn.b.a. star britney gre glt inner and paul wheelan still remain jailed. >> carley: we interviewed trevor's parents a few months ago and they were afraid he was going to die in jail, what an incredible moment for that family and america, as well. thank you. >> todd: dan hofman, we spoke to putin's latest threat. >> he is reigning down hell on ukrainian civilians. it is important for president biden to get on the bully pulpit and emphasize this can stop and we can get back to a relatively normal relationship with russia if the russian military stops taking orders from the guy in
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the kremlin to launch barbaric attacks against ukraine citizens and cities. >> carley: the united states listen to this, losing $7 billion worth of military gear behind to the taliban as result of president biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal. the pentagon breakdown mandated by congress showed the u.s. abandoned 78 aircraft valued at $1 billion and 40,000 vehicles including humvees and air to ground ammunition, bombs, missiles and rockets issue the list goes on and on. much of the gear is in the hands of the taliban. there are no plans to return to afghanistan to retrieve or destroy it. >> todd: president biden claiming kids belong to teachers while they are in class. he took the opportunity to rip the republican toefrt empower moms and dads to have a say in
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what their children are exposed to in class. >> president biden: there are too many politicians trying to ban books, stop making the target of culture war. you recognize that. they are not somebody else's children, they are like yours when they are in the classroom. >> todd: those remarks follow iran's banning classroom discussion of sexual orientation and gender identification from kindergarten to third great. a journalist threatening legal war against teachers boss randy wein garten for misquotation of his remarks. she claimed she was quoting ruffo to get to school choice, operate from premise of distrust to sow and grow, have you to create your own narrative and be brutal and ruth unless pursuing it. ruffo says that is not what he says, she added two lines, we
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will follow this. >> carley: house republicans want receiptss as they dig into biden business ties, we have a live report coming up next. >> todd: and president biden putting together a team, say about hunter biden's laptop. ♪ ou have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more.
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switch today. >> carley: house republicans are pushing for answers in documents from hunter biden business partner who visited the white house during the biden era. >> todd: there are eshg-mails related. brooke singman is live with the latest developments. brooke. >> brooke: house republicans are calling for hunter biden business partner to share records related to president biden. reports reveal schwerin visited the white house 27 times during the obama administration while joe biden was president. 15 house republicans write, to the extent president biden was indebted to hunter, his livelihood depended on foreign
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nations. it is paira mount the committee investigate national security vmcasion to hunter biden funding his father. the letter comes as daily mail reportss e-mails from 2019 to indicate president biden agreed to pay his son's business dealings with a chinese-controlled company. the white house maintains the president is and was in the dark. >> he's never spoken to his son about his business dealings, has he spoken to his son's business partners about his son's business dealings? >> press sect. psaki: nothing has changed, the president does not get involved in the business dealings of his son? >> even with his business partners? >> press sect. psaki: nothing changed from what i said yesterday. >> brooke: account face a subpoena next year. >> carley: how worried do you think joe biden is behind closed doors?
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he can't run forever. >> todd: that is a loaded question, that calls into question his ability to wor bethings. to yore overall points, he should be nervous. despite the white house saying today is not thursday, it is thursday. the evidence is so aparent, you have e-mails. this individual eric schwerin wasn't going to the white house for tours, he was there for a purpose, multiple times throughout the intervening years and in 2016, he was there a boatload. >> carley: eight times. >> todd: joe biden cannot say i have no idea why this was happening. >> carley: one big concern by republicans isn't fact joe biden could have made money from foreign entities after he was
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out of office, it is the fact if his son was making business deals with china, our adversary, could that affect decisions he's making today? that is one main concern about this whole thing. we call this the hunter biden scandal, it could be the joe biden scandal and i think it is wild that the biden administration is runing from this, everybody knows of course he had conversations not only did he have conversations with his son about his business dealings, he appears to have been heavily involved. when you hear about joe biden paying for legal fees when hunter was trying to strike a business deal with a company tied to the chinese communist party and going on air force two to china and ukraine and joe biden was paying for hunter biden chinese business partners or wrote a letter for a business partner's son to get into
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college, it semiconductorss like it is family business and people are worry today is pay for play. >> todd: there is a line that says they are worried joe biden was indebted to countries not aligned with u.s. interest. that is chilling. obviously the country is china, call it what it is. they are not our friend. they are our adversary and the fact the president of the united states could be indebted in some way, shape or form to them is worrisome. they figured out what they need to do to overtake us, doesn't help to have the commander-in-chief in their pocket to the extent that is what is happening. >> carley: republicans retake it is house. >> todd: a lot of hearings. with that, elon musk says he will make sure twitter is politically neutral platform. we just found out 99% of employee donations at twitter went to democrats. >> carley: joe skwloe -- joe
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>> carley: elon musk is taking twitter executives to task over bias and censorship on the platform. >> todd: marianne live from california to be specific with the details. marianne. >> marianne: elon musk says in order for twitter to restore public confidence, the platform has to allow free speech for all. he says for twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which means upsetting the far right and far left equally. there is a meme, tweeted by musk targeting twitter's top lawyer who defended banning tweets
2:21 am
deemed to spread misinformation. it is revealed 99% of political donations from twitter employees go to democrats, according to federal records, that leads republicans to form conclusions about left-wing bias. >> the wokers who run twitter are intol erant and believe kids should be able to change gender at recess. this is america, can you believe what you want, but they can't and shouldn't censor those on twitter who disagree with them. >> martha: republican politicians urging musk to do what he's done with other companies, move twitter out of california to a more tax-friendly state with lower cost of living. jacksonville, florida says the invitation is open, come on
2:22 am
elon. texas governor greg abbott says bring twitter to texas. acclaimed by the left leaning organization that the fcc can block musk's deal because of conflict with ownership in star link has been rejected by the agency's commissioner calling the idea absurd. >> todd: they will try everything to stop this. marianne, thank you. let us bring in joe concha. fox news contributor, joe, i love a good pie chart. this is less of a chart and more of a pie. 99% of twitter employee donations went to democrats, a whopping 505 went to republicans, i wonder why so many twitter employees were so dramatic when they learned twitter might welcome conservative crews following the news of musk's purchase?
2:23 am
>> this is surprising as my nets getting bounced from the playoffs again. silicon valley is liberal, look where it is, california. overwhelmingly young. this is not terribly surprising, but what it shows is the why. the why in this case is why are so many liberals getting upset that elon musk is taking over the free speech absolutists and levelling the playing field. why are we sey reaction like this? this is why, of course. now suddenly conservatives will have an eshg kwal voice as opposed to getting suppressed and censored and having accounts locked out and the play ground has gone away at twitter. if you look at donations from employees at google or facebook, you will see similar numbers like this, big tech over whelmingly unbiasd and that is why elon musk is a threat to
2:24 am
that. and elon musk is not like a conservative, right, who is he? he brought us the electric car, is suddenly the biggest threat to everybody. >> carley: speaking of threats, this story is unique, department of homeland security is setting up a disinformation board and what it will do, tackle misinformation within minority communities and the person in charge of it is ninajunkowitz. she said about elon musk, i shutter to think is free speech absolutists take over, we should view hunter biden's laptop as a trump campaign product. she was obviously wrong about that second one. a disinformation board? that is as distaupian as it sounds. >> yeah, biden disinformation
2:25 am
board is an oxymoron, that this exists, this is type of stuff north korean would invents. who is the ashtorof something like this when they represent one ideology and one political organization? that disinformation board should look do dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas, yesterday he testified he thinks administration is doing good job at the border or when jen psaki says it is the trump administration's fault because this is what we inherited, that is disinformation. if this administration is in charge of it, no one will take it seriously. no one trusts this administration anymore, if you look at the polls, carley and todd. >> todd: vice president harris has done 31 times as many interviews as president biden has since start of the year, hazard to guess as to why. >> 31 times?
2:26 am
that is a fascinating number, when you consider that i can't remember one notable interview kamala harris has done since january 1. that time she talked to 60 minutes, i don't remember that, she took questions from fox news, i don't remember that. if she is doing 31 times the interview and you can barely remember any interview this person has done, that tells you a lot. the bottom line, joe biden has not done an interview in terms of broadcast news for two months, in an election year when he is polling 33%. if he wants to sell his agenda going into november, you might want to get yourself out here more. that is the problem, it is a lose/lose situation, it is always clean up on aisle five and he didn't do interviews, wow, this is absency president, why isn't he selling his agenda? they will not win, i would think he would try and he's not at
2:27 am
this point. >> carley: joe, see you tomorrow. >> see you tomorrow, friday. >> carley: senior meteorologist janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. >> janice: i will put a box outside my office, a lot of people don't like it is cold out. >> todd: it is cold. >> janice: i'm taking complaintss, i understand. i got pictures yesterday of snow in upstate new york. >> todd: i don't blame you. >> janice: thank you so much. yes, it is cold and temperatures below freezing, there is wind chill and it feels colder. frees advisories are in effect sweeping across the northeast and we'll remain cold over the next couple days, really not going anywhere and see potential for snow, area of low pressure off the coast. so main, especially higher elevations, get several inches more snow, it is crazy. not that crazy, but it is
2:28 am
annoying. next big storm system, area of low pressure moves into the plane states, we could see snow for higher elevations and ahead of that front, we'll see risk for severe storm, there is your risk today from the big bend of texas toward the plane states and parts of the rockies and on friday, we will see the ingredientss come together and potential for severe weather outbreak. watching fire danger across good chunk of the country, we'll see wildfire danger for parts of the southwest into texas as that storm system brings gusty winds and dry conditions. i'm sorry. >> carley: janice, no one blames you. who are you going to blame? >> janice: when it is nice out -- >> carley: there you go. exactly. janice, we always thank you. turn to this now. an idea has little to do with
2:29 am
getting handle on shocking 42% rise in crime in new york city, how he's pinning the public against police. >> todd: turns out your hard-earned money went to teaching critical race theory. cheryl casone has breaking news this morning. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer;
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>> carley: a 14-year-old is being charged as an adult and held at $1 million bond in killing of a wisconsin 10 year old lily peters. the teen appeared in court yesterday. he is charged with homicide and sexual assault and faces possibility of life in prison. peters body was found monday after her father reported her missing the day before. >> todd: the husband of hutchins is furious video was released of his wife's final moments. this was inadequate amount of time and failed to give the hutchins family dignity and he privacy new mexico constitution affords them, including the right to redact sensitive material. the family fears the footage
2:34 am
could be used to cause damage to their child. elon musk and actor james franco no longer on the list to testify in the johnny depp case. the tesla ceo confirms to fox digital musk will not take the stand despite a doorman testifying he saw the billionaire at johnny depp's penthouse a few times a week. franco won't testify either even though johnny depp accused him of having an ark -- affair with her. -- carley. >> carley: new york city mayor eric adams is cracking down on his city cops for using cell phones, take a listen to the mayor. >> we are going to start taking very aggressive actions to make sure police are patrolling our subway system and not patrolling
2:35 am
their iphone. new yorkers, you so that, send me a feato and i'll be at that station. >> carley: paul digiacomo is here to react. paul, good morning, what is going on with the cell phones? >> good morning, the reality is this, that is a ridiculous statement, that phone is used as a lifeline for that police officer or that detective. there are dozens of alerts that come over their phone, missing persons, wanted people, accidents, fires. we are forced to look into that phone, part of our job today. >> carley: the mayor was a police officer, why would he make that comment? >> back when he was a police officer, they didn't have cell phones, it is intricate part of policing, the cell phones and we are getting information from them and it is something needed.
2:36 am
>> carley: hope somebody relays that information to him. overall crime has spiked 43% in new york city and the mayor did run on a platform of making streets safer. this is obviously something that takes time, i think a lot of people didn't expect crime to get worse with him as mayor, should he be doing something more? >> concentrating more on criminals than cops looking into their phones, as they should be. what needs to be done issue the police are doing their job. we've made over 2000 arrestss since the mayor has been in office with guns and made over 10,000 arrests regarding illegal firearms, what is fail suggest our justice system. there needs to be mandatory minimum of time spent in jail if you are caught with illegal firearm. that will cut down on violence in new york city. >> carley: without a doubts. you said police are doing their jobs, which they are, and they
2:37 am
are being targeted. christopher christopher wray talked about this over the week end about violence against police and police are dying one every five days. what is it like to be a police officer right now? >> it is a very, very difficult, difficult job. we've seen this before in the late '80's and early '90's. our justice system must work and right now it is not working. >> carley: paul digiacomo, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you very much. >> carley: you're welcome. covid relief money being used to pay for critical race theory programs. you heard that right. complete student loan forgiveness back on the table. how much will this cost you? >> todd: cheryl casone is here income.
2:38 am
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this phone? more concert tickets. and not just for my shows. switch to xfinity mobile for half the price of verizon. new and existing customers get amazing value with our everyday pricing. switch today. when it comes to tech, everyone wants the next best thing. now with xfi complete from xfinity, you can get updated wifi technology with the new tech upgrade program. plus, protection from cyber threats at home and now on the go. so staying up to date is easier than ever. you look great by the way. right? unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. >> todd: blue states using tens of millions in covid-19 relief fund to push critical race theory in the classroom.
2:42 am
>> carley: cheryl casone from our sister network fox business, has the numbers. cheryl. >> cheryl: several blue statess, california, new york and illinois used covid relief funds to push crt in schools. california awarded money for schools to reopen, including implicit bias training. founder of parents defending education joined us earlier to react. >> it is appalling and unsurprising, social and emotional learning sounds great. but look at what the programs are, these are trojan horses for critical race theory. >> cheryl: 46 billion of the money was spent on ethnic studies, lgbt competeny and training. no republican support.
2:43 am
democrats -- the bill they said it had to pass, it was matter of life and death, not sure this curriculum is for that. >> carley: and trying to pass another covid relief bill now with billions of dollars. >> cheryl: this is government waste gone wrong, to your points, we've seen all this money going to other things that have nothing to do with covid and that is your tack payer money. >> todd: waste and money for schools, liberal fired up about making you pay for their poor college choicesment >> cheryl: forgiving $1.6 trillion in student debts amid record high inflation and worry about recession, that is what the president wants to do and many republicans have been vocal, it is a bad idea. canceling student loan debt is stupid. sarah sanders going after the president, in particular. >> every single thing this man
2:44 am
and his administration touch, they absolutely destroy. it is no surprise his numbers are in the tank because american families are hurting, they are hurting when they go to the gas pump issue the grocery store and now kick them in the teeth with another huge bailout by the government. it is absolute socialism plain and simple, the idea we're going to forgive all student loan debt and put that on the backs of hard-working americans is absolutely crazy. >> cheryl: to be clear, after the president said he would cancel a large amount of student debts, many liberals celebrated by attacking republicans on twitter. that was erupted last night. >> carley: as it always does with a day understanding in y. and hypocrisy from pete buttigieg. >> cheryl: questions about attending an event with no mask
2:45 am
mandate, watch. >> most of us understand the difference between a hotel ball room and an airplane as practical matter and i know this is confusing. fu are getting on an airplane, it is your call, up to you. most important right now, everybody is treated with respect. >> cheryl: to quote todd piro, that makes no sense. the doj lawsuit is about getting clarity on the legalities. the double speak is ridiculous coming out, not just pete buttigieg, fauci, as well. >> carley: at least he didn't talk about passage of time. >> todd: going a step further to help our community. random act of kindness project from the police department hoping to combat sky rocketing grocery prices by handing out $100 to shoppers. public information officer at
2:46 am
the oceanside police department joins us now. this is awesome, how did this come about? >> we are fortunate, we've been given the greatest gift. we had a family come to us, excited about the community outreach and wanted to help us further that and donated $twenty,000 to do random acts of kindness all year around. >> todd: are people shocked when you come up to them with $100, we will pay for your food? >> there is immediate reaction, confusion initially and just a whole lot of gratitude. there is some emotional reaction that has been rewarding to be a part of and being able to meet people and help them get through financial hardship and brighten their day, it has been rewarding for us, i think we get more out of it than those we are
2:47 am
surprising. >> todd: how far do programs like this go to show the public, us cops, are on your side, there to help you, we are not the enemy. >> i think it is the most awesome opportunity to engage with our community outside of moments of crisis and to be able to connect with them in a unique way and serve in a different capacity than normal day-to-day activity. there is community outreach we do on a daily basis, right now times are hard for people and being able to meet resident needs and help them get through challenges and bring light and brightness to difficult times has been fantastic for us. coming out of trying times with law enforcement, this is just deepening our connections we have in our community. >> todd: this is a pattern from you guys, how will you top this one, this is pretty awesome. $100 for food during inflationary period, that is
2:48 am
cool. thank you. fox news alert now, secretary mayorkas back in the hot seat after getting hammered by republicans yesterday over his lack of action on the border crisis. we're talking to carlos gimenez who was in the hearing yesterday. >> carley: let's talk with brian kilmeade about "fox and friends first." brian. >> brian: i know all decisions come through your desk, i appreciate it. what we have cued up. high school football coach is fighting to pray on the field and take the case to the supreme koufrt, -- courts, he will join us live. >> david beckham wants to build a new soccer stadium for miami fc in miami, it will not cost the city a dime, he will share the plan and utah sanitation worker finds an american flag in the trash can and what he did next will restore your faith in
2:49 am
humanity and the country. and a congressman will talk about the border. hegseth was just here fill nothing for me and lara trump will bring insight into this new thing called twitter run by elon musk, which is giving other people new hope in social media and lack of bias and maybe a level playing field, don't miss "fox and friends first" in a minutes, if is your choice now to get dressed.
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dressed. .
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♪ >> carley: a fox news alert. homeland security secretary hall an degree mayorkas gearing up to face a second day of tough questions on capitol hill after a brutal hearing yesterday where he claimed the border crisis is quote under control. >> todd: many say mayorkas should resign or get impeached if the republicans take back over in november. doug? >> effectively managed those are
2:54 am
the two words that stuck from yesterday's hearing on capitol hill with dhs secretary allen degree mayorkas. alalejandro mayorkas. >> we inherited a broken system. it is not built to handle the types offing my i can't tore flows. only congress can. we. >> later this morning round 2 for mayorkas and his explanations for the current state of affairs for the southern border. among other things he is being called ton explain a decision by the biden administration to lift title 42 pandemic restrictions at the border next month. now, that's now on hold by a federal judge but mayorkas admits it will create a new surge of illegal immigration. >> my god, man, own the moment. you have been called upon to resign by myself and others.
2:55 am
next year, if we have the majority in this committee, which we shall, you are still in office, you will face impeachment. >> deportations plummeted while illegal immigration skyrocketed. and that's only possible because secretary mayorkas decided not to enforce the law. i vow to you we will use our oversight power to investigate secretary mayorkas' disregard for federal law. >> mayorkas meantime is talking about a surge of his own, sending a slew of additional federal workers to the border to deal with the crisis. he was also asked to explain the president's decision to end border wall construction of cost taxpayer some $72 million. todd and carley? >> todd: doug la varied, thank you. jems was at the hearing jed.
2:56 am
you heard him use that phrase effectively managed. in what bizarre world have they effectively managed our border? i don't think in bizarre world they have managed the board. complete disaster. people we know trying to cross the border in march. one of the largest numbers in history. then there are those that we know have escaped and then the ones we don't even know about. so, they are expecting an even greater surge to come after the end of title 42 probably closer than 5 million people. bigger than the population of wisconsin. you need to take a look at that that's more than over 30 states, the population of over 30 states are going to be rushing into the united states. it's all due to the incompetence of secretary mayorkas and the
2:57 am
policies of president biden. >> carley: are you going to take congressional reaction on this? there are about 50 republicans want to keep title 42 in place. why not take a vote on it? >> yeah. we would love to. but that's up to the democrat majority to put it on and get it to a vote i know there has been a number of democrats that have asked for the extension of title 42. as far as i know we are not taking a vote on it. that's up to the speaker of the house, you know, nancy pelosi. today we are going to take a vote. i believe on enhancing aid to ukraine. i haven't heard us taking a vote on cittle 42. >> todd: this argument that congress needs to fix immigration. i think it's a valid argument in general. self-imposed by the biden administration. as we pointed out multiple times this wasn't happening prior to joe biden taking the oath of office in january of 2021.
2:58 am
how disingenuous is it for mayorkas and the biden administration to say well, this is on congress. they need to fix it? >> i think first of all he said that it's actually he inherited a mess down at the border. well, we had right now we are experiencing five times the number of encounters at the border than when mayorkas took office in march of 2021. and so, you know, to say that, you know with a straight face, i mean, it's totally disingenuous. all of it is due to the complete and -- it's not incompetence. they actually know what they're doing. they want this to happen. you can't be this dumb and we know what works. everybody to the border three times. the customs and border protection agents all say the same thing. they want more personnel. they want the border wall to be completed. they need additional technology. and the policies. it's the policies that are causing this. it's the policies that are
2:59 am
inviting these hundreds of thousands of migrants to come to the border because they know very well that this border is open. and they know very well once they cross the border, they are going to be successful in staying in the united states. if you revert back to the trump era policies where did you go back to mexico, which is the remain in mexico policy, institute that, complete the wall, we can have this border under control. and then once we have the border control and only when we have the border under control we can talk about comprehensive immigration reform. if you don't get the border under control we can't even have that conversation. >> congressman carlos journalist thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> i keep on thinking back other guardsmen was heart breaking. you think an image like that
3:00 am
would move the needle for the administration yet it hasn't. >> todd: response from the white house that is under the outside businesses of the national guard. this is a young man lost his life in service of our great nation he should be honored. >> carley: mayorkas will be speaking in front of the judiciary today. more on this front. and with that "fox & friends" starts right now. >> todd: bye-bye. >> we inherited a broken system. >> my god, man. >> bret: fiery day on capitol hill. >> own the moment. >> we have effectively managed unprecedented numbers of non-citizens. >> we need you to resign. >> vladimir putin issues another chilling nuclear warning. >> retaliatory strikes will be lightning fast. >> putin is seeking to deter the united states providing the military assistance that ukraine depends on. >> money which would included in president biden's covid relief package now beingse


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