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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 28, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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repeated at 11:00 and back to the u.s. we will find out if sweden will join nato. violence to sort this out of control, he is the expert and karl rove is coming back on the conservative movement. tucker carlson's nextn to the snare drum, it will be fun, see you. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: a good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." when elon musk announced he was buying twitter, it was pretty office is the democratic party would become unhinged, not just angry or annoyed but instead to commit legitimately terrified and hysterical. imagine how you would feel if an armed intruder broke into your home 3:00 in the morning. you could know where things were going but you would be dead certain everything is at stake
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here that how democrats feel fel right now because everything is at stake. joe biden cannot continue to control this country if you have free access to information. that simple. if bin is not improving your life and is not even trying to improve your life. so the best he can do is lie to you and demand that you believe it. but to do that, he needs to make sure nobody else can talk because if he were to hear the truth, you might not obey. how is biden going to pull that off? it is not easy. one option would be to get men with guns to tell you to shut up. most americans haven't thought of that because this is in africa or eastern europe. this is america and we don't do things like that here and never have. more precisely, we have and until now. but now joe biden as president, everything is different. so today, the herald coming of the new soviet union, the administration announced its own streak of truth. this will be the disinformation governance
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board. laugh if you want but just to show you they are not kidding around here, this port is not part of the state department or any other agency on foreign threats from abroad. no, the disinformation governance board is part of the department of homeland security dhs is a law enforcement agency designed to police the united states and by the way a famous stockpile of ammunition. so, it is not a joke at all. dh secretary alejandro mayorkas. >> we have just established misinformation governance and the department of homeland security to more effectively combat this threat, not only to election security but to homeland security. >> tucker: oh, so one of america's top law enforcement officers but actually, we will be policing what you say, totally normal. but here is what he didn't say. disinformation affects homeland security and ahead of homeland
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security so presumably he would know since assessing threats to homeland security is his job. but what he didn't tell us is hs defining this information here and so we have this new and terrifying thing. the biden administration is so concerned and create a new agency to fight it but mayorkas never hinted to what it might be. so the man in charge of disinformation governing board never define disinformation. it is almost unbelievable when you think about it. would you declare war on a country you couldn't name? would you sentence someone to death for a crime you couldn't describe? of course you wouldn't if you were a decent person. you can't have justice without prec that is why we have very large books of law that defines what is allowed and what is not. but they are not defining the core concept at the heart of what is effectively new a law enforcement agencies. maybe that is because mayorkas doesn't
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want justice and neither does the president who serves. they want power and to get power they plan to control what you think. watch mayorkas' point. >> we have so many efforts underway to equip local communities and identify individuals who very well could be descending into violence by reason of ideologies of hate, pulse narratives, or other disinformation and misinformation propagated on social media and other platforms. >> tucker: oh, did you know that? so one of the biggest law enforcement agencies said in with guns around the country doing so many things top disinformation and polson narratives. those are not even lies. just deviation from improve script. and again men with guns "plan to identify individuals who could be descending into violence, could be descending." not people who
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commit a violent or accused of a crime at all. dhs is instead giving law enforcement power to punish people who think the wrong things. that would be opponents of the biden administration. is this dystopian fiction? know this is happening in front of us. that means joe biden's enemies or officials of the state. how was this happening in america? good question, but it is happening. and biden's has been real, 33-year-old highly self-confident woman and she comes from a place called the wilson center. a nonprofit named for america's other mentally incapacitated warmonger bigot president. ironically because everything is an irony. center in itself disinformation but that neocon variety and for that reason heavily funded by the biden administration. also because everything is connected to a former advisor to the neoliberal government of ukraine
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and tens of billions of tax dollars to the economy that swirls down the drain. so you can't make any of this up. it is too grotesque and do you believe it is a novel? no you wouldn't. that is the bad news. the good news is everyone involved in joe biden's new ministry information is a buffoon. they may be evil, but they are also ridiculous. the most ridiculous of all. so you're right about her appointment and "the washington post" immediately thought of kb because wav could nuke k in v, at this height of the purchase never did karaoke and too dignified for that. but she happily does. here she is. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: for since the point of the show that we are making this up and it's not happening in the country but it is happening. that is no law enforcement official. it is also the person yourself an individual who brags a masters degree from georgetown university. in case you are wondering the entire academic credential machine with the ruling class is in fact a joke spoiler, yes, it is a joke. this is somebody so you useful skills that she describes herself in the first words of her own bio as a "internationally recognized expert on disinformation." as if that is a drop of some sort. imagine if one of your kids grew up to be internationally recognized expert information. the shame you would feel, the pain of knowing that unequivocally you had failed as
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a parent. after all those years of advanced education, she became an expert on disinformation. not only that, she can't even rhyme very well.e skill the purpose for which she was hired with partisan attacksn the other side and that is her real job. you may have noticed if you listen carefully that every example of disinformation with karaoke performance came from people who oppose joe biden's policies. is that a coincidence? probably not! in fact we know it's not because she is telling all the disinformation is on the other side of the political divide, listen. >> this of the disinformation we have seen is highly manipulative content is coming from the right. top ten most engaged post on twitter any given day usually
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post coming from the right and just deal with highly emotional rhetoric. [laughter] >> tucker: you would have to live in a self-awareness vacuum you might even have to go to georgetown university. the right field and highly emotional rhetoric. [laughter] says anita janco bits. it is hard to know that this same wrote an entire book about how women can't use the internet because it's too upsetting for them, they are too fragile and it makes you faint. here is a direct quote, "to be a woman ony dangerous act. [laughter] keep in mind if you are a lady and you are to i don't know porter huber eats, you are exposing yourself to danger. this is the same woman anita jankowitz is telling you the right for emotional rhetoric!
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now to be fair, anita jankowitz expects a lot of people to read that in her book because i read her book and a total of two interviews on amazon. we did read it and i will get to what we found and what we can expect from new administrative truth under anita jankowitz. but first, it is necessary to know a little bit more about this person and just not simply a hypocrite and she obviously is, she would be too dense to understand but what she has is for the democratic party and she's done that job flawlessly,e disinformation hunter once called the hunter biden laptop story which entirely true, trump campaign product and in october 2020, voters to context and not a fairy tale about a laptop shop. now, did she give us the context or facts? did she deliver of the truth no, of course not she just read a bunch of wise people he handed to her
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on a card and she's an idiot. now she's law enforcement. nina jankowicz is repeating a will lie widespread on the eve of the presidential election and when she repeated it and made it possible for joe biden to repeat it onto the presidential debate and in case you forgot, here it is. >> they are a 50 former national folks that said what she is accusing me of is a russian plan. they have said that this has all four or five former heads of the cia. both parties to what he is saying is a bunch of garbage. nobody believes and except those in his good friend rudy giuliani. you mean the laptop is down? the russia russia russia hopes? >> says is exactly... >> tucker: just to be clear, this is a nightmare unfolding in slow motion, but this is the point where we have to draw the line. no, joe biden you can't
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have a federally funded administrative truth and no, nina jankowicz doesn't want it, period. it is not your country and you're not even going to do this to a free people, period. this can't happen. and what is this? if you want to know what is going to happen look what did happen. so nina jankowicz made it possible for presidential candidates to live from the debate stage about a story that may have changed the outcome of elections here at our election, presidential election, speaking of disinformation and never apologize for that. that is because her role has nothing to do with the truth or stopping disinformation. her job is to restrict any speech that challenges joe biden on the democratic party. now, you would think that would be illegal in this country as a federal employee because we do have a first amendment, but b3 doesn't believe in the first amendment. as she wrote recently "the free speech with censorship framing is a false dichotomy."
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here is a pro tipped anyone who uses false dichotomy is a moron one of the academic phrases to e dichotomy means they will never have to explain why their position is correct and yours is wrong. it is a pulsed economy come again that is an empty phrase used by low iq people but for some people all of the sudden, false dichotomy. here is what not his fault's gnomic false at all, the bill of rights. this will competent in that country is predicated on that. but the joe biden administrative truth, the first amendment no longer applies in this country because russia and systemic racism, wat >> it is clear actors like russia are using those internal pictures and systemic racist and things like economic inequality to amplify these issues and really make us distrust the
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system. >> tucker: so we reached out to dhs law enforcement agency with speech about her plan to censor you from what is true. and they assured us that folks like human smuggling and rush of on ukraine. and suddenly you learn about the border for russia or ukraine. it is your job. you are an adult and can read it whenever you want. but of course it's not about that anyway, if you read nina jankowicz's book she was hired to police domestic use. i have hoped we could change the norms by which online ecosystem is governed, she wrote and typically, this is those tht cannot write english. later in the book she encourages women in law enforcement if they see something they don't like on twitter, she called that an important step in the denormalization of women's treatment. it is hard to believe our system produces people like this. she is an illiterate fascist. in another book, she made it clear she is not in
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favor of social media when it allows conservatives to speak freely. through the mic so she devotes an entire chapter to poland with digital affairs. polish officials say it was a way to deal with but online censorship on social networks. but she is against that. she is against the anticensorship program and for censorship. she wrote that polin is making a big mistake in pulling back censorship and we are quoting. polin's nearsightedness is living us extremely vulnerable, she wrote and the solution she wrote back as for the u.s. government to "lead oversight of people who disagree with the democratic party on twitter." so the truth was never the goal. and we are quoting again "we are not sure effects can prevail over disinformation, nina jankowicz wrote but we must address social media." we should be totally clear, the means of the distribution of information are the key to her they are role. it is all they have peer they have nothing but that. if you knew what was actually going on, you wouldn't put up with
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this for a second. and they know that. and the biden administration knew that nina jankowicz wrote all of that spear that is why they hired her. what you are seeing is a full-scale attack on free speech in a country that has been free for nearly 250 years and is happening at the direction of the u.s. government and law enforcement agency. we do feel that biden's pentagon from another group of guns awarded $750,000 contract for news guard. that contract is for misinformation fingerprints. the organization claims to fight misinformation but in practice, it is a censorship organization that targets and he went that challenges power. and currently preparing a blacklist of sites that contradict national security state talking points in russia. this week news store wrote a threatening email informing grace on teilhard are spent writing disinformation because they are not reading script. so the max blumenthal
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responded. do you seriously expect us to grovel for approval from the same national security state and financial oligarchs with rated cnn as highly credible news source and board of advisors as grotesque gallery of propagandists, spooks, documented liars, were criminals who never face accountability for their actions. kind of overheated language, is it true? yeah, every word of it. so when joe biden sensors comp, that is the way you respond, hey, pal, up yours. you went disinformation? here you go. you are a free person in a free country and no law enforcement agency can ever tell you what to think or say, period. charlie hurt's the opinion editor of "the washington times" and he joins us tonight. why are we putting up with this charlie hurt? >> i have no idea. it is a great question. there was a time in this country when you would have had republicans in congress and democrats in congress who would literally shut down a department
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over something like this. this was the power of the purse that congress has and they should absolutely do it. the most important thing here. there is so much of this ridiculous and hilarious and absurd, but the most important thing here is the thing that you started out with, which is the agency that they have decided to put this ministry of information into is the largest, the most militarized, domestic agency that we have in this government the dhs has more guns, has more bullets, has more material than any other federal department other than the department of defense. they buy bullets by the millions. the fact they are putting this truth in that department tells you all you need to know. if democrats as well as republicans but also democrats in congress are not terrified by this and doing everything they can to stop it, then we are done, finished. >> tucker: this has got to be the red line we cannot put up
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with this. we can't have this. if there is anything unconstitutional, it is here and we should stop it immediately, for real. charlie hurt come appreciate it, thank you. >> you bet. >> tucker: the biden administration also have done everything and first biden tried to appoint a lunatic david ahead of the atf and cracking down coast guns and so, who knows what the ira is doing at this point. donald trump jr. has stepped into the breach. he is a new second amendment organization designed to protect your right to defend yourself and your family. we are happy to have donald trump here joining us now. thank you so much, don. thank you for telling this group. it seems important. >> welcome at the second amendment task force from the david chipman incident. when joe biden was going to appoint radical antigun wacko of waco ahead of the atf to decide how
5:20 pm
you get to live your second amendment commit is very much what you are talking about in the first amendment. the ministry of truth that would be the attack on american's first amendment, joe biden's atf nominees were going to be for the second amendment or the new nominee is another ar-15 grabbig done hating, someone who wants to infringe on your rights. you have got to remember, this is somebody appointed by the biden administration. the same administration who doesn't want you to have an ar-15, but 100% fine leaving something like 70,000 fully automatic m-4 machine guns to the taliban and who left apache helicopters and helicopters to the taliban. so the attack on the second amendment is just as real as the first. since we have the ability to mobilize, to put pressure on the red state democrats in states where people still believe in that second amendment to make sure that these radical nominees can't get confirmed. so, your
5:21 pm
second amendment rights and your ability to protect yourself and your family shall not be infringed. friends and i heard of what we call the second amendment for the atf to make sure that we can get in those markets rapidly. we are not competing with big organizations. it is not a mass mailer commit is me, some friends going into those market, putting pressure on the senators and those markets where they can't fly it under the rug where they can't let the media cover for them pretending they are defending people second amendment rights when they are actually trampling on it. it has to be done so it is a rapid response network that we are going to do to protect the second amendment at all cost. >> tucker: much needed, desperately needed. so we are sending advanced weapons systems and swastika tattoos to ease off the battalion but you can't defend your family and your own home. i appreciated, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: at "the new york times" calling us names and you can guess what name they are calling us.
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[laughter] we have that next. ♪ ♪
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hotels and pay for it. and you did pay for the biden administration funded it. now the chronicle is finally admitting these efforts have been disastrous and people are g in hotel rooms and the homeless problem in san francisco is worse because if you pay for something you get more of it. the san francisco say this is happening. jason rantz the west coast response was looking into this in seattls tonight, hey, jason. >> i would argue that disaster is an understatement. so the department of homelessness and supportive housing put $160 million in a program to prevent stomach with these hotels into supportive housing d by various nonprofits and putting a total of 166 fatal drg overdoses between 2020-2021 at these hotels. the homeless have been violent there. we are talking about assaults, stabbings, threats to kill staff. on top of that some of
5:28 pm
the hotel total shambles. bathrooms and elevators don't work. serious rat infestation, roaches everywhere. one homeless woman pitched the tent inside of her room to keep the rats and the bugs out. the goal for these hotels is to get homeless people into independent housing but they checked over 500 people that left the program peer they found a quarter of them died, 20% return to homelessness and 27% left the area and couldn't be tracked at all. only a quarter of them got into housing again appear those are living with family or going into other subsidized housing programs. now, thanks to mayor london breed against an oversight commission, the problems have only gotten worse. since the city created the department of homelessness, homelessness increased to 56% according to the chronicle. now, despite that earlier this month, we got mayor breed purchasing another hotel. as you point out from a
5:29 pm
different versions basically of stratosphere happening around the country. so last month and los angeles homeless people in encampment moved to four-star hotel and here, in seattle, they are spending tens of millions of dollars to buy hotels for low barrier permit housing. the most recent one is just feet away from a school. and in new york they pushed $100 million in two hotel conversion program and stalled because of zoning so the democrats, let's push a bill to make it easy to create these homeless hotel. they are failing everywhere they go and it's not just local dollars to your point, the biden administration is putting a lot of dollars through covid funds. >> tucker: it is also cruel and results in people dying. jason rantz, as always such a detailed and precise accounting appreciate it, thank you. >> thanks tucker can appreciate it. >> tucker: here's a news flash from another story at because we support national borders. but that sounds like a
5:30 pm
familiar attack, it is. this has got to be 27th and just like this, "the new york times" and all pretty much identical, racist, racist my racist! a kid called nick compass or a and a little more self important and he's the same as the last guy in the car before him and all all e guys are the same peer they are obedient little establishment defenders and do anything to please their boss, suck ups, not people you want to have dinner with. "the new york times" is calling this racist on the air which is how it works. but you have got to wonder why do we keep doing this? if you want to criticize the show there are plenty of things you can say. we have a ton of supposedly controversial opinions on a million different topics. we talk about them every night. big finances wrecking a america, russia gate is totally idiotic and so is the war is causing. feminism is a corporate like my
5:31 pm
marriage makes you happy and so was raising their own children and so wanted. even ufo israel. so this to new york time pretty far out. they didn't mention any of that. the funny thing is the one thing we do not have exotic opinions on is race number really simple. we believe that martin luther king and we don't think your skin color is the most important thing about you here and we think all people were created by god and therefore should be judged by what they do, not by how they look. we say that a lot and we mean it. most americans strongly agree with that. we, in fact assume people in "new york times" agree with that. only think -- we don't leave a ton of people in the country, even the left that believe something that evil. so why do they keep calling us racist? to make you shut up, obviously. they tried the same thing with trump for years. they are doing it right now to elon musk, of course. if you
5:32 pm
don't obey them they denounce you as a racist? why did they do this? because it works. it only works if you play along with it. and we don't plan to. so as we told you at the top of the show, the secretary of homeland security alejandro mayorkas a administer of truth and with guns telling you to shut up. he's not doing his job which preventing the country from being invaded. one member of congress just unloaded on mayorkas about his failures and he joins us. >> faces of americas across the country die because of fentanyl pouring into the country. >> the time for the gentleman has expired appear at the time for the gentleman has expired. >> coming here harming texans and this country. >> your time is expired! ♪ ♪ rolling hills meets low bills.
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>> tucker: well, in a development that doesn't sound real and you couldn't imagine
5:38 pm
what might happen in the united states of america. we told you earlier in the show. the homeland security law enforcement agency has decided to censor americans according to joe biden. that is not their job, it turns out. the first amendment to threaten you to get you to shut it up. their job is among other things, millions of illegal migrants have crossed and gang affiliations, some on a tear will watch list. so congressman chip represents a state of texas where this is happening and questioned the secretary of dhs alejandra may work us about what the heck is going on. here is part of it. >> will you testify under oath right now do we have operational control yes or no? >> yes, we do with. >> we have operational control at the borders? what operational control and the term means the prevention of all unlawful entries into the united states including entries by terrorist, unlawful instruments of terrorism of narcotics and
5:39 pm
contraband. how about the dead bodies by migrants? >> tucker: chip roy of texas, thank you so much for coming on if you have seen a lot of kabuki in these and you seemed genuinely upset. >> i am upset, tucker. i represent texas and i spend a lot of time at the border. i was at dell rio a month ago. i was at eagle pass this monday. i talked to ranchers and i watched the 65-year-old rancher, tough texan break down in tears because of what is happening to his ranch finding dead bodies and migrants on the ranch. i talk to people who have lost their kids to fentanyl and the cartels are having on the border. if your blood is not clouded because of dr. fauci then it is based on what you saw from the secretary of asylum and amnesty. callahan drove mallorca's because that is what he is. he is allowing asylum to become the exception that
5:40 pm
swallows the rule of border security and jamming through millions of people to flood ourd overwhelmed border patrol and y, your kids are the ones getting hit by it. the fentanyl that is killing people in your schools, the ranches with livestock that is dying. the fact that cartels are making tens of millions of dollars. you know what, he's doing it in the full name of passion. pat yourself on the back as a good liberal, compassionate liberalism. i showed him pictures of body trails, and brooks county, texas where 100 bodies found. he didn't even blink. he didn't bat an eye. don't apologize for mayorkas. he knows what he's doing. he's a former federal prosecutor and head of cia as deputy dhs secretary. he knows what he's doing. it is purposeful. they are trying to override our border and overwhelm border patrol in the name of asylum and the american people have had it >> tucker: you are spending
5:41 pm
$30 million to protect ukraine's border. and obviously we are foreign patients if they happen here. did mayorkas say anything in response? how did he answer your question? all he said he was for amnesty and that tells you a lot. in fact, more than amnesty come he is for citizenship here that is a real tell. he didn't give a rip when i said "look mr. secretary, i talked to border patrol, you know what 1 million people released last year. if i double your border, triple, quadruple it, with echo up or down?" it will go up, why because you are attracting more people to go home and order agents walked arm to arm all the way to el paso come if your policies allow you to release 1 million people, you will release more. he knows it. he doesn't care that that is empowering cartels. that is the actual fact of what is going on the american people need to know that. secretary mayorkas doesn't
5:42 pm
care about you. he cares about flooding the zone in the united states and endangering america. >> tucker: at the time we have food shortages. it tells you how they feel about the country. congressman chip roy thank you. >> god bless, tucker. >> tucker: so much going on right now that you may not have noticed we are fully out war with russia and ukraine. there is no other way to put it. the biden administration with congress is taking a major step towards escalation. you should know matter what you think about it you should know this and we will tell you what you think about it next.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: the biden administration has sent so many weapons to the zelenskyy government in ukraine and the swastika and a piece in "the wall street journal" today, we don't have enough for ourselves. if we were to have a conflicts where the united states security were threatened, we would not have enough weapons to defend ourselves. that is a huge concern. we are not stopping there the senate majority leader announced we are sending another
5:48 pm
$33 billion to ukraine. >> mr. president, this morning president biden for $33 billion in emergency funding to support the ukrainian people here this is a big but critically necessary package. i will make sure to prioritize this funding package so we can get help to the ukrainian people fast, asap >> tucker: yeah come another $33 million. that is far more tn donald trump asked for for the border wall peer that is more than half of what we spend on education in the country. it was announced the same day we learned our economy is speeding towards recession at a time of record high inflation while facing food and energy shortages. but another $33 billion for a foreign government to fund a war in which we have no vital national security interest. maybe there is a good reason we are doing this and maybe we should ask the president. here is the residence
5:49 pm
explanation. remember as you are watching this, this guy is actually the president. >> i'm also sending to congress a comprehensive package that will enhance our underlying effort to accommodate the russian oligarchs and make sure we take their ill begotten gains. we will accommodate them we will seize the odds and ill begotten -- yeah -- the guys. [laughter] >> tucker: 25th amendment, anyone? this is not sustainable we are right at the edge of a nuclear conflict with a company, country that is threatening against us. that is the guy with the fine motor skills necessary to keep us all from dying. very dangerous times. and saying this out loud. you can strongly
5:50 pm
support the government of ukraine and recognize we are in a moment with maximum apparel and the people acting on our behalf to protect us are reckless or intact case deranged. michael tracy is saying this. he joins us tonight. michael tracy, how is it and even if you support this, we can escalate full speed foot on the accelerator towards power and nobody notices? >> well, joe biden struggling in that clip, if you recall, in front of a large audience and declared his intention was to see to it there was regime change in russia. biden was actually elusive and coherent in making that statement. so, he should probably be taken at his word when he says that is the intent of the u.s. at the moment. and all of these decisions are geared towards that end. so a good maximum
5:51 pm
going fight is there has hardly been a day on which the u.s. has not sought to decisively escalate the war rather than de-escalate it. you will notice that you hardly ever hear anyone speak of a cease-fire or diplomatic resolution of some kind. no, we hear about more weapons and higher and higher grade weaponry so helicopters and heavy artillery last week or whatever the latest batch of $33 billion sent to ukraine. and now, germany has been cajoled into militarizing more aggressively. so the german chancellor with pressure within germany and entice itself into ukraine. and quickly a positive historical moment. and so
5:52 pm
actually the initial debate around the impatient when it first started was whether the u.s. would impose a no-fly zone that would be dramatic escalation. and joe biden said he didn't want to start world war iii. he got a lot of credit for being sane and soberr minded. and the american public recognizing these implements of lesser escalation could mount and create something cataclysmic. >> tucker: i think you are right. where is this going? what is the point of it? how do we know if we have won? what are we paying for and who are we supporting? if i go to your house and feel morally smug we can feed the pivot point in history. people should be asking what you are asking, those questions but you are attacked for it but you continue anyway. michael tracy, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: biden was trying to tell you we are sanctioning oligarchs to punish wedemeyer put in. there is one oligarch
5:53 pm
that evaded pensions and that oligarch has ties to the present sun. tracy gallagher has more. >> tucker it is interesting the biden administration sent out comprehensive proposal to hold russian oligarchs accountable. a seven-point plan and the administration and its foreign partners are seizing and freezing oligarch wealth. it turns out only some oligarchs are targeted. for example this month a reporter said since the war in ukraine began, only 14 russian billionaires have been sanctioned. about 45 others who are key to vladimir putin's ability have not been sanctioned by the u.s. and forbes does not know why. but the list includest defense contractors, author and investigative journal is reporting that she has scheduled to attend a breakfast meeting at
5:54 pm
the ritz-carlton in new york with hunter biden. it is unclear if the meeting happened but before you have them left from new york, and he told colleagues that he had been introduced to hunter biden by his sister-in-law, and if you don't recall, another unsanctioned russian oligarch who was married to the former mayor of moscow. and in 2027, republican report indicates in 2014, $3.5 million to a consultant company founded by hunter biden and devon archer. devon archer has been sentenced to a year in jail for bond fraud and u.s. attorneys as we know currently investigating hunter biden's foreign business dealings, which all makes you wonder, why have three times russian billionaires gone unsanctioned by the u.s. then sanctions? tucker. >> tucker: amazing. and sub
5:55 pm
stack, worth reading, chris dimmick tracy gallagher thank you so much. we have more news on fox. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: that is it for a spirit tomorrow an hour long look at the collapse of neoliberalism in this country. that can't go way fast enough. have a good time with the ones you love and we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." bad news for economy officially shrinking. we are from a looming inflation forty-year high. the prices at the southern border totally, completely and utterly out of control. take a look at this exchange between congressman chip roy and dh secretory mayorkas and by the way, mayorkas should be impeached. we will explain. >> how about the lost voices for people dying from fentanyl? hundreds of tens of thousands of people


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