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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  April 28, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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believe and writes in the state of florida. we will absolutely. >> remember everyone america now and forever the laura ingraham show it's a great charity go to, all are free to matters gear it's made in the usa. >> greg: happy thursday my wonder partners in life. great news a sand castle on the beach inflation sores and crime runs rampant. it was the department of homeland security consume with? i'll give you hints. it ain't homeland security. it's what you have to say about them to their failures, apparently they're thin-skinned as nancy pelosi's eyelids. [laughs] and a hearing on immigration that bald fellow with the adorable ears announced the disinformation government board in order to combat online
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misinformation. you know because the real problems we face apparently are our opinions, not our incompetent actions. it's like blaming fires on the fire department. they always seem to be around right after i start one. [laughs] >> we just recently constituted misinformation, disinformation governance board. so we are bringing come of the goal is to bring the reef sources of the department together to address this threat. >> greg: fun fact he had hair like bobbio before he worked with kamala harris. what is he remind me of this guy? i just want to squeeze his head like a pastry bag full of whipped cream. that would just be the beginning. well i hope that they found a good person ahead of the board, someone who can tell the difference between real and fake who can objectively judge evidence and refrain from making snap decisions without any proof. oh, it's nina janke weights, she is directing the board. i wouldn't trust her to direct a
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pauly shore movie. she does share her government portrait on her social media profile. cats out of the bag she said. but really who picture had to be having in the bag, she's further to the left and the queen monster at fenway. that's a baseball reference cat. i know my sports. in case you were unaware she had questions of validity of the hunter biden laptops early on. which raises some questions one, how was she an expert, and to you have to be kidding me. how could she even qualify for this job if she got that wrong. why forgot were talked about the joe biden administration job at it can do next? put kamala harris in charge of the southern border? you have to wonder how does this expert base or opinions on the laptop with their own appearing opinions or was it handed to her like joe biden was handed the presidency? it's the biggest disinformation story of the past two years aside from whoever convinced cnn to start a streaming service. that was me. was she aware that when she spotted her disinformation she would affect an election?
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maybe that was the whole point, and later when it's abundantly clear that it's wrong why is that she up to it? i admit when i'm wrong, or at least unprepared to if it ever happens. but she knew that she lied to get donald trump out and joe biden in. and she is running this thing. number as much as they say that they hate disinformation, the real doozies come from them. because alejandro, that was disinformation joe biden amplified it demonizing the dhs, border dude about whipping haitian migrants. it didn't have to be a long-standing of the few clubs located right here in midtown manhattan to know those weren't whips. i mean it's nothing like a leather flog her. [laughs] but they conducted an investigation on it and once they realize their information turned out to be as legit as fake eyelashes they said nothing, and that should pick you off. they're creating a ministry of information of the gods of
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protection views. where they're targeting you instead. you can't trust these people to monitor to disinformation, that's like having him to guard your doughnuts. asking joy bay hard to keep an eye on your broomstick. it's like begging hunter to keep an eye on your eight ball, that was my mistake. [laughs] is like trusting norman bates to recommend a good bed-and-breakfast. she is also a lefty clone liberal reaction to mystifying twitter. she came up with the thought of her own she would die of loneliness. she told mpr that she shudders and things more free speech after musk bosc twitter and wonder if the first amended is a good thing to marginalized communities. by marginalized communities she needs people who think jokes or acts of violence while acts of violence are free speech. >> i shudder to think about it free speech absolutist or taken over more platforms, what that would look like for marginalized communities all around the world which are already shouldering so
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much of this abuse, disproportionate amounts of this abuse. >> greg: so much, she also recommended the government spend your money on a robust public media. imagine that, all of the boredom of mpr with the efficiency of the department of motor vehicles. and as unbiased as will smith revealing a jada pinkett smith movie. she also plotted twitter's effort that users during the 2,020 election sign at the platform moved in the right direction, which really means that moving so far left, now they would say let's think this over. i wonder when this will come to the workplace. >> hi, everyone welcome to the got felled disinformation board does anyone have any questions? >> yes alas we can all strapped in that elevator and you told greg that i was in cancun is not disinformation? you could see me on elevator security camera. >> kat: i'm so sorry that you feel that way. but we all know that unlike time
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travel elevators haven't been invented yet right? >> last time i was on panel you promised that i can get into hair and makeup and you were in there for six hours having your hair extensions done. >> kat: wait my hair is real. look i think we can all agree that greg is the guilty one here right? remember when he said we couldn't have bathroom breaks because covid lives in your p? >> hi, everyone we can start the disinformation meeting now. [laughs] >> greg: all day ago, so it appears [laughs] [laughs] it appears that this white house is trying to create a new shiny arm of government to crack down on stuff they don't want to hear the goal is to police your opinions, to hide the bad news, or magically turn into good news. a inflation is good for the economy, the crime rate is actually going down, carjacking
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is really assertive carpooling. i wonder what their motto will be coming here's my suggestion. if you like your opinion you can keep your opinion. let's welcome tonight's guests. we call her the georgia peach because she was born in atlanta and keeps throwing food at my head. the falconer focus and cohorts of outnumbered, harris faulkner. his show starts so early it should be called fox & friends and naps. [laughs] 's cohost of & friends first talk, todd piro. they told him to quit his day job in the hopes, actor writer and comedian jamie lissow. and finally she never gets phased either while being tased, fox news contributor kat timpf [applause]
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>> greg: harris, harris, harris, harris. >> harris: stop, i'm not the vice president. i want my name back. >> greg: this whole week has been about speech, freedom of speech receiving lines being drawn would you make of this this information? >> harris: we got to see what that was to look like today. a lot of it is good we can you watch the signing shiny object over there? it's been rolled out today. and he had representatives are really getting into it. he said of all the terrorists set up and release other any going about the country down south? below are the boater? well i can provide that, that's not a no and he got really, really heated and was right about the time that we were learning a lot new information. it's convenient day two and the timing of this. not believe in coincidences.
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>> kat: that's what i was gonna say. >> greg: must be some part of a bigger plan. jamie, how you doing over there? >> jamie: i'm great. >> greg: your far away. [laughs] >> jamie: i wish there were wills on this thing. i smacked >> greg: when you make of this misinformation, what is it called? it's a board. a government. >> jamie: i was so excited by elon musk that i thought everyone would be excited and which is so disappointing and is remind me at the hunter biden laptop thing is insane and i will say that it did give me a little bit paranoid dismembering that story like i get so paranoid about my laptop on if you do this, i was put a little piece of black tape to cover my. [laughs] [laughs]
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[laughs] >> harris: 's in real life are projected on the screen? it is at the same? >> jamie: just so everybody knows it's me. i'm legitimately excited about elon musk on twitter. the hardest part of the contractors. down to 280 characters. >> greg: ou. went from a beautiful joke. >> jamie: can i try to recover with one more? >> greg: yes. >> jamie: i feel like a rich guy doing big things ready to watch. because elon musk he's got a few money, someday i just hope that i respectfully disagree money. [laughs] >> greg: no it's not bad. we'll get into the judges later. todd how you doing? >> todd: i'm doing great, doing great. >> greg: you want to go see the yankees today. >> todd: greg called me but i came fully dressed. >> greg: he's one of those
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people who wears the jersey of the player he likes which is not all obsessive in exchange. when you make of this? how could they have picked someone this obviously biased to run this thing? >> todd: obviously i want to focus on the russian expert part of her portfolio. she is probably in russian expert the fact that she dismissed the hunter biden like i'm an expert in dance. i'm not an expert in dance just look at me. but one of the key things that i found in no one's really talk about is the focus on this disinformation group is going to be the hispanic community, because there's concern about misinformation and a radicalization and election misinformation with regard to this community, could this have anything to do with on a no polling showing that hispanics are flocking to the g.o.p. in record numbers. flocking and potentially voting republican is disinformation clearly in the eyes of the joe biden demonstration.
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>> greg: crazy, crazy. what is your thought on paying for disinformation board that will likely target you? >> kat: i'm against taxes. i just don't understand who would trust that someone's sure just because the government says it's true because nobody has the ability to be able to lie like the government because they have power over all of us. and i don't feel anyone could want this. i go okay yeah you can't say that that's not true because we say it's not true. if like this a donald trump thing i think it be like a massive meltdown over there. a massive meltdown over there. i would be melting down the matter who the president was. because that's the whole point is that you're allowed to think and say whatever you want to this is government sanctioned speech in a way. it is exactly what it is. >> harris: they have lost and you brought this point that they have lost what they thought was
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gonna be the gatekeeper on that. they lost twitter. and so now, what we do? by the way this is based on senator that is already exists within the administration. they don't have the power of any prudent punitive damage all they can do is watch you. mike you that's enough to make me feel unnerved. >> greg: used like being watched as i got older i prefer to be the watcher. >> harris: okay that's not what i meant. [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: sometimes i don't understand you. [laughs] we should start testing that. we should start finding out what the little tripwires are by saying things on the show that could be considered as disinformation just to see, just to drive them crazy. >> harris: i've got one, wuhan, probably will be covid-19. and i'll get you stickered and suspended i'm just saying. >> greg: exactly exactly.
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i think some more during the break. [laughs] all right before we go this is so exciting or welcoming back our studio audience in a brand-new studio for suitable your mind, that this monday may 2nd and we have a show that's insane like real guest not like jamie. [laughs] free tickets are available right now go to felled for info. of next, if it's can be free tickets at photos and be my show. >> greg: president joe biden trashes numbers and moms. by the way you sold a ton of tickets. ♪ ♪ ["only wanna be with you" by hootie & the blowfish]
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>> president abuses parents.
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while addressing educators of the teacher of the year ceremony at the white house president joe biden took an obvious shot of republicans who think parents should have a say in their kids education. >> this too many politicians trying to ban books, even math books. all because it doesn't fit someone's political agenda. american teachers have dedicated their lives to teaching our children and lifting them up. with the star making them the target of a culture war. >> greg: if you don't want to see a culture war target don't brag about your proclivities? whatever. her consisting two plus two equals white people suck. there's plenty of time for kids to hear that when they go to college. of course there's some amazing teachers but it wouldn't be so bad if visible examples weren't angry activists who mock any parental concern. so was them who started a culture war using kids as their cannon fodder. now florida department of
8:20 pm
education did reject not band some math textbooks because they have stuff like racial bias graphs, not rachel and algebra books unless we could governor stopping the woke bill but the administration can't get behind it because her kids aren't yours they belong to the teachers right joe? >> heard me say many times about our children it's true. they're all her children. and the reason you're the teacher of the year because you recognize that. i'm not somebody else's children are like yours when they're in the classroom. >> greg: i'm sure that comment won't test off any parents not a single one. but maybe we shouldn't be so hard on the president. considering he still try to get his years straight. >> were competition from it may be the 21st century not a joke. that's where we are right now.
8:21 pm
parenthetically if you think about it only reason why with the world going around. [laughs] [laughs] >> harris: parenthetically? [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] >> greg: that's either the winning lottery number for the combo to the safer they keep his medicine. you've a 17-month-old, but i mean that as a baby. [laughs] could have a cactus. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] do you fear for your child with this kind of education system? of course would you consider leaving your children in the woods to better survive.
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>> todd: greg, i know if you're familiar there's advice out there it's called a knows freda if the device by which a parent usually sucks this not add to the child's nose. let me explain something. if i'm sick and the mucus out of my child's nose their mind you'll come with the not the teachers their mind. i own them. i'm doing that not the teacher, not you and to the thing. just take me off. he was the worst "sesame street" character ever you want to count and i coming thinking i would take the count as president and set a joe biden because i think the count would be tougher. >> greg: interesting point, jimmy or one my favorite single dads. [laughs] [laughs] >> harris: all your single dad? >> jamie: yeah. [laughs] that's what happens when you get divorced your divorce. how would i have gotten the
8:23 pm
choice? >> greg: when you're not as the voice is most depressed dads. you know how to pretend you're not on the verge of killing yourself. and i admire that. [laughs] what your thoughts? do you agree that they are children belong to them and the classroom customer >> jamie: no the children belong to us there my kids. we do what we want analysis and obvious shot at one side. there's a whole part of him talking were he didn't put any spaces in. >> greg: no he didn't. >> jamie: is a space bar broken? what is going on? i was thinking when i was watching this there's no books being banned. i think i heard books in florida got rejected an outside source one to verify was only 35 books. [laughs]
8:24 pm
[laughs] the only book that i would not mind burning really against burning books, a semi went to a quis cuomo book signing i had him sign it with a match. >> greg: that's funny. >> harris: because it would go on fire. i got it. yet we got it. >> greg: kat you must emphasize because you don't agree with numbers either. >> kat: i'm better than the president is with numbers. [laughs] >> greg: yes you are. >> kat: look i came up with this new phrase which i think is really in a caps on. when it comes to joe biden saying you can attack the teachers make them target of culture wars. it's called actions speak louder than words. >> greg: that's pretty good. >> kat: like you said he's the one saying that teachers should focus all this culture stuff and
8:25 pm
also he's the one saying that parents shouldn't have options of sunman schools with a don't do that. so the forcing parents to have these fights because there's one side fits all for education even though families, communities and individual kids are in a different things. >> greg: you're absolutely right if you had allowed competition in the school system and if you wanted the woke is them in your school you can go to that school. i think that's what the issues here just another environment and you brought this up a long time ago where localism has turned summing that we used to love, we used to have teachers that cereals and i was gonna back in the 90s i love my teachers. some say i love them too much. >> this is assuming that all the teachers are incredible. i know for some kind of crazy ideas that we don't agree with the parents. or kids. >> greg: what you think? >> harris: i think it changes when we had a mole in our houses to observe. because we are on lockdown
8:26 pm
forever. i mean school by zoom, i was working from home with a whole household on digital and every now again during the fulcher focus she would hear my voice because there was an ex-science ask burma going on in the second floor and it was knock out some of our bandwidth. i do think that we got to see something behind the scenes of weren't happy with. this problem isn't that he spoke us out not awake. i know how much more the nation can take that. we carried a news conference today where he coughed and sniffled and physically blew his nose, it's like he's forgotten that is with us. he's left his basement of the white house announced david to be cruel to some not so certain that he would even know what's in the curriculum. that is talking about. he doesn't see us as parents he sees us as the political opposition that continues to keep him from flexing for the progressive left. >> greg: reminding me of my age myself.
8:27 pm
like a cheese. >> harris: i keep your you're older than that? >> greg: a member will beget chain letters and a b photocopy of a photocopy, of a photocopy. that's kind how the decades biden. using a photocopy of a photocopy, of a photocopy. so we are seeing assuming that's not really all there. >> harris: but we need all of them to be president when it comes to our children because parents are to be like that. >> greg: i'm not a parent so i can talk all about this. screw those kids. i don't mean that literally. up next dr. fauci keeps flip-flopping all covert cases are dropping. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: us covid infections decline dr. fauci can't make up his mind. he just can't control it like he couldn't control viruses. and they made in a lab. earlier this week chief medical advisor to the president and
8:32 pm
renegade keebler elf anthony fauci appeared on a network called pbs. and when asked how close we are to the end of this pandemic answered thusly. we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic stage. mainly we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens, and tens, and tens of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. >> greg: got that where the pandemic phase what a relief. now we only need to wear masks from looting costco. that was tuesday that's two days ago in his world that's more than enough time to change his tune. telling cbs news quote we certainly cannot say the pandemic is over it is not over. will the simplest explanation dr. fauci has multiple personalities. which is better than none jamie. but may be, it's our fault we
8:33 pm
got this crazy idea that we were at a pandemic when dr. fauci said we were out of the pandemic phase. this guidance can handle good news. i know bats were the more positive outlook. however according to the cdc at least 50% of the u.s. population national anybody's from previous per co-infection or even higher among children. and dr. fauci set infections and hospitalizations are all down. now if i was a suspicious man i think that he just trying to stay on the news and gratify his ego. but if i was suspicious man i would call the cops. pretty sure he's been living in my attic. >> laura: i think you had covid and you are vaccinated ten times. so i think you're a textbook example who's been treated poorly by fauci. >> kat: he doesn't care about me. >> greg: a member when he would call you at night? it's so weird. it is 80 something.
8:34 pm
you shouldn't have given him your number. >> kat: i know but i always do. mike sure you know my number and i don't give a fake one. the answer and like you want to get dinner and i'm like okay yeah. and then it's like oh you're married. [laughs] >> greg: one oh his wife is so angry. or are we? >> kat: i don't know all the time but i don't get why anybody doesn't want this to be over. except for him. with him because when it's over he's over. so he's the guy who holds onto his ex-girlfriend's crunchy is member shall need a back when you get back together. but when he throws away it's really over. i think he did that on purpose he said that it's over it's just so we can go back and say it's not over his people don't call him as much anymore. >> greg: but the problem here is is that maybe it's not his fault because all he's doing. he never says no. he even did jesse show. >> harris: i don't think he
8:35 pm
wanted to be over. >> greg: interesting. >> harris: at the ins and be really hard for him not being forced to look at some of the receipts that are out there in terms of what was really going on in the wuhan lab. who knew what when. i do think that there is a reason why journalists like myself got stickered this were simply asking questions. and i took it as a badge of honor but i realize now that was more than that. i was being shut down will look. when he's done the investigations i predict. and that's can be tough for him. i do think the white house wants us to end either. because if the keep up the unknown may be president joe biden thinks he can shut down the virus because he broke that promise to the american people, maybe he can do it someday. i was like two days after he came up with a vaccine. no kidding. >> greg: you know you are way ahead of everyone in the social distancing realm by moving to alaska. i don't think you're a doctor but can you say if were out of
8:36 pm
pandemic or not? >> jamie: i freaking hope so man. just enough already. here's the thing. we take lockdowns and then after the lockdowns research said it barely help to lock down. and then other research said it helps so much as always this agreement feeling someone said to me hey i do say some this is crazy. but if i hate you and the balls with a hammer, give and love a year longer. but on these other people are saying like levay to the bald with a hammer in a diet year sooner. i be like you know what i'm have you guys not in the balls. [laughs] >> kat: get this man in front of congress. [laughs] [laughs] >> jamie: about the times between the 180s are getting shorter, and shorter. he sings not going to the store i'm curious to see what he think about the correspondents' dinner. i smacked [laughs]
8:37 pm
>> greg: is the generating go to why can't todd get the lico. is there to be a thing that may be covid created summing at summit's lives which would now feel like avoid if we let it go? >> todd: why the white house seems to not be celebrating the end of covid which could ultimately help them in the midterms the reason i'm not doing that is because of those zero covert people who want see covert abolished or is medically that cannot happen. these are the people that use you won't wear a mask for fear into perpetuity. these people don't let go of the white house and their minority. they're not appealing to the masses want this thing done i don't understand the mentality of the people who are holding on. i wanted done you she wanted done too. it makes no sense the white house is missing a tremendous opportunity here to get a win over just a few months away from november. >> harris: is that why they have it with super spreaders? seriously look the gridiron.
8:38 pm
we actually had to a scroll of all the members that covid in any of the vice president and then you had speaker of the house is the president. the cap testing him she got covid. it is mind-boggling how it's not over for them. and i wish them all well. especially the octogenarians. you know want them to get it. >> greg: is that the people who have eight arms? >> harris: is the people who are 80 or more. no it is not a babies. >> greg: is where men fight? >> harris: they keep getting it and i keep having super spreader events are having another one this weekend and the president is going. >> greg: of course but you can skip dinner. >> harris: for the food is not good anyway. >> harris: oh preached.
8:39 pm
>> greg: that's enough should be perturbed at how olivia wilde was served? ♪ ♪ ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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>> greg: did the star of ted lasso teach treat his wife like in a hole. i know i just did harris. on your own beeswax. or was that a process server with a lot of nerve for her. olivia wilde was served custody papers by her ex jason sudeikis while she was on stage at, not to be confused with cinema krohn of erotic films starring the french president. but apparently at this forum security allowed people to approach celebrity despite will smith stooping on the loose. she was handed a manila envelope possibly from the philippines. read it and then calmly went to the trailer of a new movie don't worry darling boy got some to worry about now.
8:44 pm
but lisa got some publicity for the flick source told page six that jason sudeikis had no idea that the papers will be delivered at this time saying he was never condoned or being served such an inappropriate manner. which is fall by a second statement wink-wink. meanwhile sources for olivia wilde said i like to remind you all that olivia wilde is now dating harry styles which she could potentially change her last name to wild styles. which is also what they called me in high school. wilde styles. you're an expert in this. [laughs] [laughs] this ever happen you? you'd papers served while you're on stage doing comedy >> jamie: this story is insane. how could this possibly happen? ever someone give me papers on stage i think you're saying please stop. [laughs] it was meant for somebody else.
8:45 pm
the whole thing feels like a publicity thing because it's so crazy i know jason i know him by i've seen the show he seems like such a nice guy. i think he would look at me very well. she's gorgeous by the way. i would not kick her out of bed for eating crackers even the crackers was the name of my cat. [laughs] >> harris: oh, my god, i want to get out. >> greg: when you have about two more segments please bear with us. tell me to my mom biz max. i think he handled it remarkably well. she didn't change her facial expressions that's a true pro. >> harris: i don't like the vegas walk to stage after what i will chris walk i don't like it. >> greg: is such an antiquated process, process serving somebody has to walk up there
8:46 pm
and give it to you. i guess you've to have a receipt right? we have to see it. take a picture of her getting the check. i don't know. it seems in a idea to have people as people on stage it will not convince me that he didn't know about that. >> greg: it's the thing about. no matter what goes on a relationship when the legal stuff gets involved but he did it anyway. your thoughts on this very sensitive matter? >> kat: i think she's gonna be okay. she's dating harry styles, i hope that my can serve me papers for a child while i'm talk about my movie like on a stage. that's amazing.
8:47 pm
most people are just like at applebee's and they find you. not that there's anything wrong with applebee's i love applebee's. >> greg: with their apps to die for. >> kat: imagine i think is the best way could happen. but then you get all that attention. >> harris: -- >> kat: i'm so happy what happened harry styles. >> harris: about otis and daisy? >> kat: i can't feel bad for people who have these problems. >> harris: their children are involved. >> kat: but their children with very rich parents. [laughs] 's before i literally just went through this. >> kat: he was in applebee's. >> jamie: how do you guys not settle this in a coffee shop or something without lawyers? it just i don't know. >> kat: you can do this electronically. you can put on your gmail we can tell feel a person opens it or
8:48 pm
not. >> jamie: a really i should get that. >> todd: as a lawyer here to play the notice process serving game is very antiquated but this is comedy limits tell you. there are very, very specific requirements for notice. but not get a change because of the tech era. these are things that been in place since like common law began in the 1800s. it's real serious is not changing anytime soon and imitate jamie that's comedy. [laughs] [laughs] >> harris: piece but that number out like president biden. [laughs] >> greg: it's interesting up whenever it served, well. ... are these celebs unique, or are they bloodsucking freaks? yeah there you go. within or above your range. it cheers you on and provides guidance. connected to your health and your phone. visit today.
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>> greg: were short on time would you drink megan's blood? megan fox told glamour that she and her fiance machine gun kelly which is not his real name drink a few drops of their own blood but it's for ritual purposes only kat is in this beautiful? >> kat: i think it's fine but it's little bit too soon to be
8:53 pm
doing stuff like that. not even married yet. like you've to save some stuff for later. >> greg: that's interesting. >> harris: i just want to cry right now. speak to their marriage the drainage of his blood wedding and into an tenures? designed to be a tenure. spooning what you will be drinking? oh, boy. >> greg: must be honest. if this was a megan fox if it a different megan i don't know which one i'm not in a name or be like this is gross but i would drink her blood. >> eating my kids cheerios off the floor americans can relate to that because that's what we do. i can appetizer. drinking blood really hard to relate to that. i'm the hottest crazy scale she was on the hottest i think she went fully amber heard.
8:54 pm
>> kat: a ghost with hot and crazy. >> todd: but how much crazy can you tolerate for hot? [laughs] >> greg: you know i have to ask you which marriage have survived if you have been drinking each other's blood beforehand? >> jamie: me tell you this this is true love my ex-wife would even drink my smoothie i made. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs] >> harris: wilde. [laughs] [laughs] we got to go, by everybody. >> greg: i was very funny. no he's in the stuffed animals too. >> harris: have never seen a lovebird. bats may be. spew morgan essay? >> jamie: housing to say i wish i had drawn attention to it. [laughs] [laughs] [laughs]
8:55 pm
i just think that they have a lot in common to both disgusting. gladys said that again. >> greg: >> harris: crazy, he can't with the territory. >> greg: here's the crazy part is what if you develop a taste for blood? go wild is the best thing ever had. spew 100 with the taste of blood is i've no idea. the five you never heard of yourself? on. spew when i don't drink it. five come on. spew when i have to go oh delicious blood. bill get his hair. [laughs] oh, you don't want to know. don't go away will be right back. delicious. the fake bill fight?
8:56 pm
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we have got tight braid plug, jv. we are on.
9:00 pm
>> oh, my gosh. this weekend they will have the improv friday at saturday night. lb their. affect excellent. you are selling out. he's a star. >> thanks to harris todd, tyrus i'm greg gutfeld here i love you , america. >> welcome to fox news that night pure lime bream in washington. >> new efforts from the byman speed you from the bite in the ministration. backlash from conservatives fighting for your free speech. president biden tried to put a positive spin on a challenging weekend. the us economy's shrinking for the firstti


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