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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we believe in parent's rights in the state of florida. [cheers and applause] >> laura: are we going to do this next year? >> we will. >> this is habit-forming, the laura ingraham show, freedom matters, go to all of freedom matters here. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, a marine veteran killed on the battlefield fighting alongside ukrainian army. 22-year-old billy joseph campbell describing her husband who traveled overseas to fight for freedom. now all she wants is to get it to rain back home for a proper burial. >> todd: the loss of one of the finest, russia is carrying out attacks across ukraine including a series of strikes in kyiv after the u.n. walk the streets with capital zelenskyy.
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first here on a friday morning, todd piro. >> carley: secretary general describing ukraine as epicenter of unbearable heartache and pain. matt finn has the breaking news, matt. >> good morning, carley, todd, ukraine with a widespread missile attacks across the country late wednesday night, explosions heard around key event to the west. also on the border of belarus in the south. here in lviv an air raid alert for at least one hour last night as well. it is worth noting that earlier this week on monday ukraine's national railway with five missile strikes near train tracks shortly after u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense visited ukraine in a visit. the missile attacks after the u.n. secretary general antonio with the destruction around kyiv yesterday.
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>> this is observed at the end the 26 entry. there is no way it can be acceptable in the 21st century. look at that. spoke with president lou jasinski dome accident next to linsky with an endless war which he calls a great source of disa. meanwhile president biden asking congress for $33 billion for a crackdown on putin's all a guard and americans among the dead, 22 marine died fighting along ukrainian forces. he leaves behind his wife and 7-month-old son, the marines wife said he came to ukraine, wanting to help people and he had always felt that was his main mission in life. "my husband was very brave and a hero. and here the prosecutor general said ten soldiers torture people
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in the town of bucha and appealing for more evidence a case against them. back to you guys. >> carley: matt finn live in lviv, thank you. there the white house with disinformation from republicans and the portable target. >> todd: first, labeling stories harmful to democrats as disinformation including of course verified hunter biden laptop stories, marianne rafferty has the latest, marianne. >> good morning todd and carley, on the hills of elon musk even the playing field for all the white house announcing a new board to fight this information. and republicans are not pleased. the board will fall into the department of home and security ayn rand by nina jankowicz who dismiss hunter biden laptop story and question elon musk takeover. the white house pledging full support. >> there's been criticism of the
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person to oversee this board. she basically called the hunter biden laptop a trump campaign product. i don't have any comments on the laptop but what i can tell you sounds like the objective is the board to project misinformation from traveling around the country. i'm not sure who opposes that effort. >> but republicans come out swinging when he out someone so clearly partisan to lead a government board in charge of deciding what we can and can't say. speak with a person in charge of the disinformation governance board is the same information that told us the dossier was real and factor laptop story was false. that is the person in charge. that is frightening. that is scary, but this is the left. they want to control the message, god bless elon musk for what he's doing. this is the way we can begin to fight back. elon musk calling the idea of disinformation governance board
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is comforting in a tweet yesterday. democrats calling to make rules for unregulated social media. >> we need rules of the road. look, they are going to be rules. like i said, the only question is who elon musk despite all the rules by himself in a dark room, or is it going to be the case that we will decide this and country? >> senate dems are considering making musk testify for his deals on a social media platform, todd and carley back to you. >> todd: marianne, thank you. let's bring in president of judicial watch, tom fitton. one thing that hasn't been talked about enough, remember when dhs was formed? it was formed to prevent people from flying planes into buildings. how does this new censorship board fit into that mission? >> it is contrary to the united states government which is to defend the liberties.
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it is anti-constitutional. jen psaki essentially admitted that their goal is to encourage censorship either directly or indirectly. so, it doesn't matter who is running it. nina jankowicz is obviously an extremist. look, if you are an american citizen and you don't want your fellow citizens to have the right to share their views whether they be wrong or right about public policy issues, who are necessarily an extremist and should not be anywhere near the leverage of government. and the biden administration has decided that censorship is a governing policy for them. they called them big tech companies a few months ago to encourage them to engage in more censorship. it is no coincidence that after elon musk, the purchase of twitter by musk announced, you have the biden administration and biden administration nuc elizabeth warren talking about
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the need to press censorship through dhs. now, it will be harassing musk. these are dangerous times for a republican form of government. >> carley: nina jankowicz does not like elon musk. she made that clear during a recent interview. take a look at what she said. >> i shudder to think of free speech are taking over more platforms and what that would like for the marginalized communities around the world who are's shouldering so much disproportionate amounts of this abuse. >> tom will this board be a problem for elon musk as he tries to make it a platform fair for everybody to speak freely on? >> well, she will be the executive director and shuddering at the prospect of more free speech on twitter. this person is a promoter of government mandates on speech.
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you know, when the government said masks weren't needed to, she was happy that platforms are trying to take down ads against or for masks. when masks became mandatory and promoted, she wanted questioning of that censored. so commit she also talked about donald trump and talked about him being a tree weed that was lopped off when he was removed from the big tech platforms. this person has no business being in government. and judicial watch is launched freedom of information act already asking the department of homeland security, what is this governance for? what is this ministry of truth and what is the censorship board, what is it going to be doing? >> that is a good question. the timing of it all, they lose the referee in twitter presumably. now they have to create a new
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referee to get censorship they want. one thing come another thing that is not being talked about a lot, this board according to dhs mother focuses going to be in hispanic communities. i find it quite curious as well, tom to hear about this after recent polling shows hispanics are gravitating towards the g.o.p. in record numbers because quite frankly they don't like democrat policies that left behind. >> this is also part that you have democrats that are concerned twitter will censor their opponents appear they want to be able to restrict inroads by their political opponents into demographic routes as you highlight is been minority groups that they think should hear from us, whether they be republican or conservative. and when she talks about free speech, damaging minority groups, that is the critical way
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the right to free speech. the speech defends the left or offends the leftist perception of what minority groups should be agreed by and should be censored. i can't believe i'm on national television debating the idea of the federal government censoring speech with political activist. >> carley: before you go, i thought you brought up a great question. what authority does this information board to have if they find something deemed disinformation, what do they do about it? >> exactly and the senate, the house is not going to do much because nancy pelosi runs things, but the senate is closely divided institution and nothing should go forward for the biden administration until this operation is shut down and we figure out who was behind this attack on the civil
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liberties of u.s. citizens. because the idea that someone will be watching what you are doing, already a chilling speech and a dangerous time. >> todd: we will be watching, tom fitton thank you for your insight this morning. we appreciated. >> carley: thanks, tom. >> todd: speaking of elon musk, he shifted to the right politically but not because of a change in his own beliefs. most leading his graphic interesting the political left moving further away from him since 2008 leaving him much closer to today's conservatives. twitter has seen a woe and his $44 billion takeover of the company. progressive figures such as michelle obama, aoc, hillary clinton losing tens of thousands of followers in the past four days. >> carley: former president donald trump launching an account on his new platform truth social writing "i'm back." poking fun at his viral typo, of course in 2017.
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trump social media alternative quickly rising to the top of the app store the 40 president telling fox news he has no plans to return to twitter even if it elon musk reinstated his account. fox news alert, meet virtually with the mexican president today as the chaos at the southern border intensifies. >> todd: dhs secretary mayorkas, alexandria half live. >> as secretary mayorkas at the border, the republicans push back on the notion one point calling the name of notorious trader. listen. >> mike pence constituents want you impeached. they it is so -- it is so profoundly offensive.
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i will ask you for an apology. i'm proud of my surface to this country. the meeting -- he's been drilled onto biden administration twin title 42p that allows migrants to be quickly expelled pure this week a federal judge for the administration from ending it. here is what progressive talked about policy. >> i have to point out that title 42 is not xenophobic but hypocritical. it is unconscionable, racist and trump era policy was in effect for too long. it did nothing. >> carley: well, without title 42, it is estimated 18,000 migrants a day could pass over the southern border. the nation is already dealing with record influx. during the hearing yesterday the question known or suspected terrorist was raised. >> any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list for the southwest border released him to the united states. i do not know the answer to your
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question. you do not know whether they have been released or not into the country, that is your testimony? >> 14 states have filed lawsuits and this time over the biden administration to grant asylum to approve or deny settling claims which historically have been a power matured to immigration judges. texas is one of the state's filing suit later this hour we will hear from the attorney general and ken paxton. >> todd: florida governor ron desantis says he will not make part of the victim of president biden's immigration policies. he said last night at a town hall hosted by "the ingraham angle." >> when i had people down at the border last summer, the people, a lot of people were wanting to come to florida. you are not a border states away are you doing this? it affects everybody. all coming across the border is affecting every state in this union appear that is why the number one cause of death 18-45 is for internal. if biden's caravan and people
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into florida. >> they obviously are. >> no, i think what you are seeing there is people getting here on their own which is harder to do. if there is a big movement, you can stop at the interstate and reroute. we want to reroute to delaware. we think that is appropriate to do that? >> todd: desantis to hire illegal workers and would desantis does hope beautiful hypocrisy from the biden administration. if it is okay to have the individuals on the contrary, why can't we bus them to your stay, joe biden questioned if there is no way out of it and no argument if you are joe biden here that is why applause at the end of the line. >> carley: i guess the only argument would be the illegal immigrant would have to agree to go to delaware or washington, d.c. and we learned that when governor greg abbott was trying to bus migrants to washington, d.c., and then it had to be -- it couldn't be kidnapping but it is a good idea. if you want to take the illegal
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immigrants to d.c. or delaware and they are willing to go, i then yeah. it could be a really strong political point. i don't think it will solve this problem at all. but it is definitely something to watch. sometimes hearings get criticized because it is short on substance and long on scoring political points and name-calling. every now and again you learn something critical. that happened when jim jordan asked mayorkas are they are known terrorist in the united states? we know 42 trying to cross the border. and it was a simple yes or no question. and mayorkas' answer is simply i will let you know. completely, completely unacceptable. like his head, todd, when we were talking to tom fitton's and department of homeland security after 9/11, antiterrorism and border security. they are feeling at that. there are hundreds and hundreds of miles of the southern border that are going completely on patrol now. so, you look at these immigrants and you have a heart for them
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and you understand where they are trying to come over here for economic reasons. when you see these videos when they get to the united states, everybody understands where they are coming from, but the security issues are the things that are so critical to americans. it is one of the reasons aside from the internal crisis why this is something that affects all parts of the country. >> todd: mayorkas not may not have the answer to the terrorist questions but individuals, tom homan, brandon judd said they were bad people in the country because of these policies. and those are in the trenches why trust what they are saying. >> carley: turning to president biden the blame game once again after gdp falls 1.4%. watch this. >> am not concerned about recession. i mean, you are always concerned about recession, but the gdp, you know, 1.4%, i think what you are seeing is enormous growth in
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the country that was affected from everything from covid and covid blockages that occurred along the way. >> carley: the negative rate coming as a shock to wall street experts who are predicting a positive peer of the gdp dropped them it's the worst inflation since the early '80s. >> todd: larry kudlow said the u.s. is heading right into a recession. >> the big problem and you saw it in the numbers today is although jobs are rising, wages are rising but inflation is rising faster. so, real wages after tax, it is called real disposable income, it keeps falling. this is the biggest problem because of the inflation. and incidentally, the federal reserve is going to have to take away the punch bowl. that is why i fear there will not be a soft landing. there will be a hard landing. we are in the front end of a inflation, stagnation first.
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>> todd: to kudlow's point if every american just dials back there purchasing slightly, that has major macroeconomic ramifications, that will ultimately lead to recession. let's face it, we are all kind of dialing it back a little bit. >> carley: i wouldn't bet on larry kudlow's predictions on the economy. the covid relay funds to push crt in the classroom. and a parent reacts to the stunning review of the taxpayer dollar. >> todd: that is part of the big show we have lined up. texas attorney general ken paxton, brian brenberg in the studio. and larry as well. don't miss it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2. with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials.
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♪ ♪ >> todd: welcome back. johnny depp's bodyguard taking a stand testify he saw scratches and swelling on the actors face during his honeymoon with ex-wife amber heard. the bodyguard said he never saw the couple physically fight but johnny depp became a pattern with several injuries. listen. >> what i noticed was most of these marks, most of these
1:25 am
things, if you look at the picture, like i said, on the left, under his eye is a swelling. >> todd: the bodyguard said he watch the marriage and revel over time sagging johnny depp increasingly reserved as amber heard became vice thing to my feisty and demanding. 10-year-old lilly peter suffered during elation and blunt force trauma to her death. the police chief credited the arrest of 14-year-old suspect two tips from the public. officials declaring her death a homicide, carley. >> carley: oregon, governor kate brown granted clemency to a cold-blooded killer convicted in the 1994 execution-style killing of the teenage girl. kyle had a quest was 17 years old at the time. governor brown deepening her decision "teenagers even those with terrible crimes have a unique capacity for growth and change and many young people who have been raised and in
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challenging environments given the right to court could turn their lives around and become contributing members of society. joining me now a sheriff john hanlin of oregon, sheriff, good morning to you. if you could tell us more about this case, what happened in 1994? >> good morning, thank you for having me. kyle is a cold-blooded killer. he carried out a very calculated cold-blooded execution-style murder after realizing his victim nikki thrasher a 19-year-old might have accidentally learned that he was involved in a rash of burglaries in the area. under his own admission, he said he killed ms. thrasher to eliminate the possibility of her turning him into the police. in then, he dumped her body alongside remote location west
1:27 am
of town. >> carley: how do you feel about the governor granting him clemency? >> i'm absolutely disgusted and appalled that the governor's decision to grant clemency to kyle. he is a cold-blooded killer. and i would like to note that there is been several reports that kia will at the time of this murder was only 17 years old. in fact, he was 18. he was 105 days past his 18th birthday went this crime was committed to. >> carley: which makes him an adult. so, the argument that he was a child when he committed this crime then wouldn't be valid. you, he is from dublin county, york county, and now that he is out of jail he is not allowed to live in dublin county anymore. why is that? >> that was a decision that was made by the department of
1:28 am
probation. they didn't have a place that they could safely place him when they felt they could protect the community by allowing him to move back here. >> carley: at the governor base has a lot of criticism for being tough on crime. do you think this is an example of that? >> absolutely. she has granted clemency to my understanding over a thousand people since she has been an term for a variety of reasons. but to me, this is the most shocking of all of those clemency cases that she has granted. and it causes me great concern. what is she capable of doing and who is she capable of releasing between now and the end of the term? >> carley: that is a good point and the other element of this nikki thrasher, his victim's family. have you spoken to nikki thrasher's mom? i know she said the governor
1:29 am
didn't even tell her that she was going to be granting her daughter's killer clemency. >> i have spoke to the district attorney about that and i personally haven't spoke to her. i know the district attorney attempted to reach out to her at some point, you know, within a couple of days of him being released from prison. so, i can understand her frustration as well. you are absolutely right. there probation nor the governor reached out and informed her that the prisoner was going to be released. very frustrating. >> carley: very frustrating and very troubling situation. it seems to be a pattern. we did reach out to governor kate brown's office. at the did not hear back from them for further comment. thank you, sheriff, for joining me. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: dr. deborah birx of
1:30 am
the hype and political push to get every american vaccinated may have actually helped the spread. >> we really made americans feel like they were invincible. i think that resulted in a lot of american spreading the virus. >> todd: and bad news for biden calling that shows inflation by far the most pressing issue voters minds. so are the president's policies to blame? we have a panel on deck to discuss. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: did you hear this? former white house covid response coordinator deborah birx is saying 2021 vaccine hype could have spread the virus. >> instead of wanting the american public that there is protection against reinfection and reinfection specifically
1:36 am
would decline, we really made americans feel like they were invincible. i think that resulted in a lot of american spreading the virus to others unknowingly. >> carley: she went on to clarify the vaccine will protect against the disease and not infection and warns vulnerable people should still take extra precautions, todd appeared to. >> todd: billions of your taxpayer dollars being used to push critical race theory and other far left policies in the classroom. president biden sparking outrage among parents with this comment... >> they are all our children. the reason is because you recognize that. >> todd: nope, here to react, new york city mother of four, maud maron, those children are yours and not the teacher despite what joe biden says. i want to start with the money, covid money used for crt and lester east to move west.
1:37 am
new york, ridiculous, $9 billion taken away from trying to keep your kids safe and move into crt. in a surprise the abuse of our kids during the pandemic was actually worse than we thought? >> you know, it is unfortunately not surprising, todd to learn that the funds have been misspent but it is disheartening because the need is so great. we know at this point the full lock downs school closures have created both tremendous warning loss for so many of our kids, particularly the most vulnerable. it has created a real mental health crisis. so we have very real needs for children in new york city and across the country we should be addressing with those funds. instead, we see again relentless focus and push in on ideology that doesn't help their children learn and doesn't keep them safe. >> todd: doctor, congrats. you are the winner.
1:38 am
$15.1 billion allocated to crt instead of being used to make classrooms "safer from covid" allowing the kids to learn. core subjects that gnomic math, science, english one of these things in person. what happened? >> what happened to school districts who received this kind of money realized that they could have all this money and they didn't know what to do with it. they have no plan to use that money for covid. infiltration systems but they didn't do anything to address that when a loss like we talked about. they did not address mental health and on top of that, they did nothing to really find the safety measures that they were forcing on parents. my school district in los angeles county st. monica school district every kid with her symptomatic or not, totally healthy kids to do forced weekly pcr testing and guess who is
1:39 am
getting the bill? we are to the tune $110,000 per kid billed to the insurance directly. that is money that should have been paid to those funds if they were truly going to have those mandates. what is happening? the insurance rates go up in everyone's insurance rates go up rather than having use those funds and part for that sort of medical protection. that is not necessary anymore. they are still doing it. that is a separate issue but if they are going to do it why don't they spend their money? >> todd: understood. the department of education to fox news digital impart "the department is not encouraging the use of american rescue plan funds to teach crt and any claims or to the contrary. it is foals, they may not be encouraging but it is clearly happening." the president's approval rating at 38% from quinnipiac university poll and that is not all 31% of adults say inflation is the most urging issue with whopping 48% said biden's policies are to blame for that.
1:40 am
you know, the president said yesterday, our economy, i believe, is thriving. do you know anybody that is thriving right now? >> you know my think what we see in the economy and people's frustration with inflation right now is the bigger picture of what we see with parents and schools, which is parents want and people generally want a president to focus on the nuts and bolts of the core issue and step away from ideology. we really need a president to understand that families need to be able to put food on the table and to be able to fill up the car with gas. and focusing on ideology and focusing on, you know who children are in the classroom as if that is a real classroom will not serve the actual problems that families have. >> todd: if there is a theme from maud maron's answer and joe biden's disconnect what is happening right now in towns and
1:41 am
cities and everybody's household across the country. why is joe biden so disconnected from what every american is experiencing right now? >> i think it is a problem that is hanging onto ideology. he's hanging on stubbornly to some ideas that he came into office with that clearly haven't worked and clearly don't resonate with the american people. when we have issues such as the educational problem, such as inflation. when the president is unfortunately sticking stubbornly to this build back better platform that nobody seems to want to anymore including within his own party, despite the fact that he has the majority in both the house and senate, that says something. but when he ignores the house of congress and tries to push through something which nobody wants, which we all know is going to make inflation far worse and make on the ground economic conditions dramatically worse for regular families throughout the country, that is a problem here are the president came in on a platform of bringing the country together, unifying the country.
1:42 am
he did sort of succeed in that way and around disposing such a high disapproval rating that he managed to bring people on both sides together in unity. so, i credit him for that but i don't think that is what he intended when he came end. >> todd: those numbers show the american people get it. it would be great if the president got it but so far no sign that he will. maud maron, we appreciate it, carley. >> carley: thank you. president biden says he is not looking to forgive the full amount of the democrat proposed student debt cancellation plan. but he says he's willing to wipe out some debt. >> i am considering feeling for some debt reduction. i am not considering $50,000 debt reduction, but i meant the process of taking a hard look at whether or not there will be additional debt forgiveness, and
1:43 am
i will have an answer on that and for the next couple of weeks. >> carley: last month 100 democrats wrote a letter urging biden to cancel $50,000 in federal student loan debt per borrower. republican senator tom cotton says "why should those who didn't go to college who responsibly pay their lawns be responsible for $13,000 in new debt?" great question there >> todd: hey, carley for the first time in decades i'm on not crying. we will get to that in a moment the nfl debt in the jaguars. >> trey von walker, linebacker. >> todd: georgia linebacker receiving the call and surrounded by family and friends. walker crediting his father a marine veteran for making him the man he is today. the night kicking off of fans booing and it happens every
1:44 am
year. [boos] >> we are good. let's go las vegas. >> todd: the late steelers quarterback and the nfl honoring with a moment of silence, dying earlier this month and horrible scene. hit by a dump truck on a florida highway. let's get back to the text. i said i was happy this morning. for a decade my entrance would do the most thing like joe biden but during draft night, the stupid stuff that made no sense. >> carley: are you happy question marks we went they followed the plan and they got one who is good and they got this massive humanity at the neo out of the university of alabama an amazing athlete. he will block for daniel jones this year. but he will create offense that could score some points this year. >> carley: straight to the
1:45 am
super bowl for the giants? no but i have a long way to go. but i am happy come america come i'm very happy. >> carley: we have to get to this important 31 illegal immigrants trapped in him all packed into a trailer texas. and just the latest example of an out-of-control border crisis. republicans are pressing the white house on the serious threat this poses to the national security. >> homeland security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally on the no-fly list and the terrorist watch list. >> todd: that is highly concerning. texas attorney general ken paxton fighting to reestablish the rule of law. he is up next. ♪ ♪
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1:51 am
saying earlier this month "i promised oklahomans i would say to mike sign every pro-life bill that hits my desk and that is what we are doing." carley. >> carley: texas pushing back against biden administration new relaxed asylum policy. the state attorney general filed a lawsuit to block biden's dhs rule to allow more asylum-seekers remain in the u.s. ag ken paxton joins us now to discuss. good morning attorney general. tell us about this new rule that gets rid of immigration judges. what is going on here? >> good morning, looked the southern laws with religiously and politically and the biden administration is now using the law to try to change those with congressional approval to open the door for even more illegal immigration at a time we already have record levels of people crossing the border. and the consequences of this will be dramatic for our country. >> carley: about this new rule
1:52 am
specifically, it gets rid of immigration. usually when you claim asylum you go to immigration judge and there is a process that takes place. dhs has removed that. so now illegal immigrants who claim asylum will be dhs agents. there is concern that this would expedite the process and more people in the country. am i understanding that correctly? >> exactly right. the design theory to send a message to the cartel. get more people here because we will not process those people a lot faster and we will be a lot more thorough with a great opportunity to expand the network, make more money and get people in the country illegally. that is what they are telling the world and telling the cartel. >> carley: . >> carley: attorney general dhs secretary mayorkas testifying in front of congress this week. there was this notable exchange between him and congressman jim jordan about whether or not there are terrorist in the
1:53 am
country right now. watch this. speak with the sexes homeland security does not know the answer to the status of 42 indis who came to our southern border illegally on the no-fly list and the terrorist watch list. you don't know whether they have been released or not into the country? >> ranking member of georgia as i said before i will provide the data. >> carley: that is a simple yes or no. he said i will get back to you. >> yeah, not surprised. this was my concern since the beginning of the administration. by opening the borders up and taking away to actually defend the border, they are -- there is no doubt, we don't know all of the terrorist coming across the border. because look, if they decide to come and they want to sneak over the border, there is a not a lot to prevent them from doing that. >> carley: that is a terrifying prospect and the biggest fear when you talk about illegal immigration.
1:54 am
you also filed a lawsuit to stop the listing lifting of title 42. a judge is temporarily allowing that to be blocked. political had a piece that said the biden administration was actually hoping that happened so they didn't have to move either way on that. lift it or keep it in place so that it sort of works for them politically. what is your reaction to that? >> look, i know that they are is some that are for it or against it but i know everything they have found so far has encourage more illegal immigration. title 42, we have record numbers of people crossing the border with what this administration has done. if you remove that, the numbers will go up more. i don't know who is making these decisions, but we certainly need to stop them from moving at this time until we can get border under control. >> carley: you are trying to do that with these lawsuits. it seems like a lot of paper work but better you than me attorney general. thank you for joining us.
1:55 am
we appreciated. >> thank you. spill and there are plenty of fiery moments when secretary mayorkas like this one. >> i call for your removal. what you are doing to this country with your actions are intolerable. spill and congressman ralph norman all part of the star line up morning. kicking off the weekend with "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ make way for the first-ever chevy silverado zr2.
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with multimatic shocks, rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. >> todd: fox news alert. u.s. marine veteran killed on the battlefield fighting along the ukrainian army. the widow is describing her husband as a hero who traveled overseas as a hero. >> carley: and america mournings the loss, russia is carrying out attacks across ukraine, including in kyiv,


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