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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  April 29, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. >> todd: fox news alert. u.s. marine veteran killed on the battlefield fighting along the ukrainian army. the widow is describing her husband as a hero who traveled overseas as a hero. >> carley: and america mournings the loss, russia is carrying out attacks across ukraine, including in kyiv, as the head
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of the united nations walked the capital with zelenskyy. >> todd: ukraine is epicenter of heartache and pain. matt finn has breaking news from lviv. >> matt: russia launched widespread wave of attacks across this country late yesterday in kyiv to the west of kyiv and north at belarus. we were under an air raid siren alert for an hour last night. earlier this week on monday, five missile strikes near train tracks shortly after the u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense used trains while visiting ukraine. now another series after the un secretary general toured the destruction around kyiv yesterday. >> ukraine is epicenter of
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unbearable heartache and pain. i witnessed death very vividly today around kyiv. the senseless loss of life, the mess of destruction, violations of human rights and the laws of war. >> matt: spoke with ukrainian president zelenskyy and he called out the un security council saying it failed to prevent and end this war. president biden is asking congress for 33 billion for a crackdown on putin's oligarch and an american is among the dead in ukraine. marine veteran willie joseph cancel died fighting along side ukrainian forces. he lives behind his wife and a son. his wife says he is a hero and she wants him to come home and be given a proper burial.
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he appears to be the first u.s. citizen to die in this conflict. >> carley: matt finn, thank you. president biden is set to meet virtually with the president of mexio today at the chaos at thes border intensifies. >> todd: tear intoing alejandro mayorkas as he insists the u.s. has control at the border. alexandria hoff has more. >> alexandria: at one points, the name benedict arnold was called to mind and things got personal. the secretaries there is control over the border. >> do we have operational control, yes or no? >> yes, we do. >> it means prevention of unlawful entry into the united states, including entry by terrorists, narcotics and other contraband, how about the dead bodies found by migrants?
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>> alex: secretary mayorkas -- allows migrantss to be quickly expelled. bipartisan concern has been raised that the president is being pushed by progressives. >> this is not just xenoshgfobic, it is hypocritical. this trump era policy was in effect for too long. it did nothing. >> a federal judge barred administration from ending title 42. without it additional surge is expected at the border. the question of known or suspected terrorists were raised. >> has any of the 42 migrants on the terrorist list been released into the united states? >> i do not know the answer to your question. >> you do not know whether they have been released or not into the country, that is your testimony? >> 14 states have filed additional lawsuits, this time
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over the biden administration ability to approve or deny asylum claims. carl and he todd. >> carley: live in washington, thank you. let's bring in south carolina congressman ralph norman, had a chance to question the secretary this week. congressman, good morning to you. two days of questioning, he sat through them, you listened to it and participated, as well. what are your takeaways? >> secretary mayorkas is a liar who has contempt for the constitution and the rule of law and total contempt for the american people. how he can appear and lie like hiez -- he's doing is amazing to me f. we control the southwest border, how do we define uncontrol? ed he's an elected
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bureaucrat doing harm to the country. >> todd: he blamed trump for it. take a listen. >> we inherited a broken and dismantled system that is under strain, not built to manage the current levels and migratory flow, only congress can fix this. >> todd: is there any evidence congressman norman, that this is trump's fault? >> you know, this follows pattern of this administration. under the last 12 months of the trump administration, 513,000 were apprehended. under biden administration 2.3 million, five times as much. he's lying and has no -- such disregard for the truth. facts don't lie, the easiest thing to do is continue to blame the previous administration. it is simple, build a wall.
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>> carley: that is something he's not going to do and actively fighting against. it is now in the texas national guard's hands to try to build border fencing and i believe some is getting done now. what is the end goal for democrats? we're talking 18,000 illegal imgrantss trying to get in everyday, which would over border patrol. what is the end goal? >> for them to maintain power and get registration of all illegals and hope and pray they vote for the democrats. again, total disregard and you look at such numbers as we've never seen. this is a travesty for the country and once they are in this country, how do you get them out? you don't. end game is to control power and we'll continue to highlight it and make him come before the camera and try to explain, but it is more laws.
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>> carley: congressman norman, it appears to be political. thank you, we appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> carley: did you hear this? apparently president biden thinks someone who pedalled misinformation is worthy of heading his disinformation board. >> the person in charge of the board is the same individual who told us the dossier was real and the hunter biden laptop story was false, that person is in charge, that is frightening. >> carley: elon musk is not a fan, either, what he's saying about the move. >> todd: gdp declining first quarter, experts say we are staring down a recession. brian brenberg telling us what this means for you, that is next. ♪ insights to design hr solutions to provide flexible pay options and greater workforce visibility today, so you can have more success tomorrow.
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>> carley: president biden says he will not forgive the full amount of student debt, but willing to wipe out some debt. watch this. >> president biden: i'm considering dealing with some debt reduction, i am not considering $50,000 debt reduction, i am taking hard look at whether there will be
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additional debt forgiveness and i'll have an answer on the next couple weeks. >> carley: democrats are urging biden to cancel up to $50,000 in federal student loan debt per borrower. tom cotton asked, why should those who didn't go to college or paid, be responsible for $13,000 in new debt. great question. >> todd: it is a great question, the president makes promises to use your tack payer dollars to wipe out student death. on shaky ground with gdp falling in the first quarter. but joe biden says things are going great. >> president biden: i'm not concerned about recession, you are always concerned about a recession, what you are seeing is enormous growth in the country is affected by everything from covid and the covid blockages that occurred along the way.
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now you always have to take a look and no one is predicting recession now. >> todd: with me is brian brenberg, from king's college in manhattan. despite what that was, that spin or attempted spin, how bad, how worried are you about this gdp reports? >> brian: he said nobody is predicting recession is coming like he said last year,y nobody is predicting run away inflation and that is what we got. how can you say you are not worried about recession when we just got negative gdp report, that is part one of what a recession is, if we get one more quarter of that. huge flashing red signal, president of the united states should focus on this and be honest about it and talking about what he's going to do to get the economy on track. he's dismissing and doing nothing to solve the underlying
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problem. this is because the president's response, not taking this seriously and that could mean serious consequences for us. >> todd: so much of recession is mood, how do people feel? if they feel worryd and dial back just one little bit that inevitably leads to recession, right? >> brian: we have so much weight sitting on the shoulders of the american consumer, they are keeping the economy afloat, while facing inflation that is 8% and perhaps growing. it is very dangerous to be talking about us being okay when you have consumer bearing that kind of weight, the president has to talk about how to juice the economy and pull back regulation, stop talking about tax increases. he's talking about the wrong things right now that are stressing the economy. >> todd: he continues to blame
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covid-19. >> brian: looking for excuses, mr. president, this is your economy, whether you like it or not. these are your citizens, whether you like it or not, have you to work on their behalf, stop looking for excuses and passing this off. americans want to see the president get serious. >> todd: talk about twitter, maybe the company's final earnings report before it goes private. reporting operating loss for q1, how do you interpret this new? >> brian: these are not great results, this is why twitter is for sale, the company has been managed poorly. elon musk saw that and sees potential and wants to buy it, the reason the twitter board agreed to a deal is because they knew it wasn't going to be great and wanted to lock him in. people were not enthuzed about using it, it is not making money, two things elon musk can
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solve. we'll see how he does it, he is the kind of guy you need. >> todd: you can't invest in it, so this doesn't matter, but if we could invests, are you bullish or bearish on it? >> brian: i'm it's00 how do people feel, are they excited? when you have elon musk at the helm and he's making a product everyone can afford. you can't afford a tesla, you can afford twitter. it is exciting and he will open up on free speech in way we are not see nothing social media, it is a bedrock american principle. he's at guy at the helm, you can get on the platform and say what you want to say about it, it is exciteing and we'll see how this goes over the coming year, big things are coming. >> todd: more people are jumping on the platform, 16% jump from last year. brian brenberg is one of them.
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carley. >> carley: florida governor ron desantis invited police officers to come to work in his state and two new york officers took him up on it, hear what they think about serveing and protecting the sunshine state. and big night in las vegas for the nfl draft, major moments and we will tell you who issed to's giants 'pick coming up next. your mission: stand up to moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and take. it. on... ...with rinvoq. rinvoq a once-daily pill can dramatically improve symptoms... rinvoq helps tame pain, stiffness, swelling. and for some...rinvoq can even significantly reduce ra fatigue. that's rinvoq relief. with ra, your overactive immune system attacks your joints. rinvoq regulates it to help stop the attack. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections,
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>> carley: the white house is now defending the new online disinformation board in the face of fierce criticism from republicans concerned the board. >> todd: the verified hunter biden laptop story, marianne has the latest.
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>> marianne: on the heels of elon musk's promise to even the field for all, republicans are not pleased, the board will fall under homeland security and will run by the person who dismissed the hunter biden lapsz laptop story and questioned musk's twitter takeover. >> there has been criticism of the person chosen to oversee this board, she previously called the laptop a trump campaign product. >> press sect. psaki: it sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent misinformation from traveling around the communities, i'm not sure who opposes that effort. >> marianne: republicans appointing someone clearly partisan to lead a government board in charge whaf we can and cannot say. >> the person in charge of the
2:24 am
disinformation governance board is same individual who told us the dossier was real and the hunter biden laptop story was false, that person is in charge, that is frightening and scary. this is the left, they want to control the message. god bless elon musk and what he's doing, we can begin to fight back. >> marianne: elon musk calling idea of disinformation governance board discomforts. democrats calling to make rules for unregulated social media. >> we need rules of the road. there are going to be rules. the only question is will elon musk decide all the rules by himself in a dark room or is it going to be the case we'll decide this as a country? >> senate dems are considering making musk testify about his deal to buy the social media platform. back to you. >> carley: thank you, marianne.
2:25 am
let's bring in joe concha on this disinformation board. joe, we're learning more and more about the head of the board. here are her thoughts on freedom of speech. >> i shutter to think about if free speech absolutists were taking over more platforms what that would look like for the marginalized communities is which are shouldering so much of this abuse. >> carley: as head of the disinformation board is criticizing someone who wants free speech, what does that say about what we're going to be allowed to say? >> joey: well, carley, answer your question with a question, a government aigence secreating a ministry of truth to combat misinformation and fall under leadership of alejandro mayorkas? this is the guy currently presiding over the worst border
2:26 am
crisis of our time and he blames the trump administration for it. last check, that is a lie. what could go wrong if he is in charge thf? we've seen what he's done when charge of other things and nina jankowicz, she is praised christopher steele, laughable steele dossier, which was complete and total disinformation that tried to impact presidential election. you could go on and on with the person in charge thf and she thinks elon and not elon musk, only one person, elon now owns twitter, that is scary. alejandro mayorkas and jankowizs shouldn't be running this chltz this will be weaponized just like everything else, carley and todd. >> todd: joe, i find the timing of this so curious issue the
2:27 am
government lost private censorship twitter when elon musk threatend and looks like he'll be able to buy it, they are creating public censorship board leading to elon call thanksgiving information board "discomforting," that is what he tweeted out. don't you think musk is liberated to take on this fight for free speech? >> joey: if you want great weekend entertainment, look what elon musk has been tweeting lately. he put up a graph, illustration, i should say and he puts himself left of center in a stick figure and then liberals are not far from him and conservatives over here. he shows how liberals have gone all the way over here and they are calling him a bigot and conservatives are on the right laughing. i wish i told your producers -- >> carley: we have it up there. >> joey: great.
2:28 am
excellent. great jobs, producing team. there it is. that is setting off, it is a nuclear reaction as far as liberals on this one. here it is and i will leave it here. biden administration says it wants to battle disinformation, the best place is start by purchasing a large mirror, when you blame putin invasion of russia on inflation that has been rising for a year, that is disinformation. when you blame trump for the state of the u.s. borders, disinformation. when you say democracy is in peril, maybe you shouldn't be arbiter of truth. >> carley: joe, we've lived through the fact that something deemed disinformation on social media by people who used to run twitter is now truths, the lab leak theory, hunter biden lap and that just raises questions on what the future of free
2:29 am
speech will be with this new board under the department of homeland security. is this even legal? so many questions. >> joey: it will have a net negative, save the tape. >> carley: joe, you are not positive, especially on friday. thank you for joining us. >> joey: good pivot. >> todd: conjugate me, draft pick, nfl draft underway. giants pick nuamerica ero uno. >> select trayvon walker. >> the georgia linebacker receiving the call surrounded by family and friends, crediting his father. a marine veteran, for making him the man he is today.
2:30 am
kickoff with fans booing commissioner roger goodell. but a lot of shockers, including this one, in this big draft night shocker stand out wide receiver aj brown traded from the titanss to the philadelphia eagles. titans received a third wide out to boost to impressive eagles receiving core, nobody cares about that, they care about this. giants selecting our guy with the fifth overall pick. >> with the fifth pick in the 2022 envelope draft, the new york football giants select kayvon thibodeaux, defensive end. >> make a wish guy delivering the pick. most debated player in this year's gift, joe's bears gave me
2:31 am
seventh with evan neal, todd is happy this morning. >> carley: todd is happy. this video is shocking, helpless driver attacked in the middle of the street during a violent car jacking, here is what isn't shocking. new york city led one of the attackers walk free. >> todd: unreal, dr. bhattacharya, cheryl casone next. stay here. let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at
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2:35 am
soft on crime policy. two former nypd officer joined the governor on stage last night in town hall hosted by the "the ingraham angle." >> it was a dangerous job becoming more dangerous for us and it was scary. we didn't see each other for days and it was just you are there to basically protect the people that were shouting harm to law enforce sxment it was scary. >> florida is a great place to work, you have a great governor. fantastic, cares about everybody in the state. come to florida. >> carley: got to feel good for desantis, who has been recruiting since october 2021. a man released from jail after brutally beating a helpless man
2:36 am
in the bronx. group of carjacking suspects ramming a lexus into another vehicle and bashing the other driver before stealing his van. the victim was treated for a broken eye socket, but is expected to recover. the suspect who remained on scene was arrestd and released a short time later. despite video showing the brutal attack. police are looking for five other suspects, it is not clear why the first suspect was released. >> todd: thank you very much. there is a bombshell report from a government watchdog investigation suggesting the cdc and fda may have altered covid guidance and suppressed findings due to political interference. here is this bombshell excerpt, it reads as follows. cdc and fda stated they felt potential political interference they observed resulted in the alteration or suppression of
2:37 am
scientific findings, some respondents believe this political interference may have resulted in politically motivated alteration of public health guidance or delayed publication of covid-19 related scientific findings. that is a shocker. dr. bhattacharya, exactly as we suspected, but how chilling is it to see that in a report that spells out what we thought all along? >> it is amazing to see what there is gao findings of political pressure. we have kind of known all along, even during the trump era and certainly during the biden era, cdc and nih, health agencies have been acting contrary to science on mask advice and acknowledging natural immunity
2:38 am
protection, it is quite shocking and the american public should demand answers. the report is short on specifics, i would like to know what happend and how we can prevent it in the future. >> todd: can we trust these health agencies to be nonpartisan ever again? >> we have to, we have to make fundamental decision, it should not be republican or democratic thing, the agencies should be above reproach, if they don't have the trust of republicans and democrats ark like, they are not doing their job. we have to figure out some way to do that, american peep shell demand answers. >> todd: moderna -- is it necessary to vaccinate babies? what do you think, is it really necessary? >> well, i just tell you, i look at evidence they put, like 6000
2:39 am
kids, very little kids, they are looking at weather the vaccine produces immune antibody response. that is not good enough to me. they need to show clinical benefit to children, so the clinical benefit would be prevention of severe disease, hospitalization, death, something clinically meaningful. showing antibody response doesn't give fda approving this. there hasn't been evidence of clinical benefit. i hope the fda makes moderna go back to the drawing board and give better evidence before we say to american parents this is right to do. >> todd: child in wisconsin died of suspect hepatitis infection.
2:40 am
how worried should parents be about this? >> i don't think parents should wor tow death about this, it is more important children live their normal lives, we have taken away too much from them. we should look carefully and pay attention to. some people think it mighting a virus, kind of common cold virus, kids have not been exposed to that and are not used to it and in rare cases it is causing this. parents shouldn't be overly concerned, scientists should be looking at this. >> todd: thank you for joining us, great insight. carley. >> carley: inflation is most urgent issue facing americans, next we'll hear from parents who say it is impacting their everyday lives. >> todd: and president trump is back on social media, look at the post that has people talking next.
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meetsrologist janice dean. only you know, enlighten us. >> janice: let me check my fox weather app and i'll tell you. it is cold. northeast and great lakes the coldest today. 30 in syracuse, cold enough for snow in some areas, including maine, they received close to a foot in northern maine. this will move offshore and we will be talking about this next storm system that will bring cold air and snow on the backside for the mountains, rockies and could see risk for severe storms today with the risk of hail and damaging wind and tornados and heavy rainfall. this is the bull's eye in the afternoon and evening and saturday and sunday also risk of severe storms, keep that app on your phone, fox it is warm for the south and cold across the northern tier.
2:46 am
60 in seattle and active fires across the country, 34 large fires over 35 -- 30,000 acres burned. weather out wests, gusty winds and fire danger will remain high. it is a lot of fire danger, keep that in mind. it is friday. >> todd: all day. janice, thank you. >> carley: love you, janice. >> todd: americans say record inflation is number one concern according to a new poll. >> carley: not all of us, that is another topic. it is about to get worse, companies are saying it is time to raise prices to match cost. cheryl casone has more. >> cheryl: i am holding off on putting weather complaints into janice's weather complaint envelope.
2:47 am
inflation worked 40-year highs, americans are feeling it everywhere and companies are reporting first quarter earnings and many, whether mcdonald's, american airlines, coca-cola, telling investors we are and have to raise prices. new poll shows inflation is number one concern for americans. despite economic crisis, president biden shifting to classrooms, say whenning kids are in school, kids don't belong to parents, defending teachers instead. parents reacting last hour. >> need president to understand families need to put food on the table and fill up the car. >> the president came in on platform of bringing the country together, he did sort of succeed, unified the country around oshg posing his policy. >> cheryl: billions allocated to safely open schools during the pandemic, covid money is going
2:48 am
to teach crt and other progressive idea necessary school. >> todd: governor desantis pulling no punches in the town hall. >> cheryl: gdp, two quarters of that, it is recession, guys and the president is to blame. >> he is going to plunge this country into recession, that is bottom line. he comes into office and they spend trillions of dollars and trint trillions, he was warned, you are going to spark inflation >> he said the state is thriving because they ignored covid hysteria. >> all you did was listen to fauci or some people on cnn, you would think you could never open. look at the dat ait is clear, people needed to work and have business open and kids needed to be in school, that was clear and
2:49 am
we did it. >> cheryl: yeah, not pull anything punches. >> carley: we've been talking about social media and twitter, there is another development on another app. >> cheryl: president trump is back joining true social and said just that, i am back. it is first time he posted in a year, that is the picture he posted, he was referencing infamous 2017 typo. president trump says he will not return to twitter. he's got a financial interest in truth social along with equity investors. >> carley: i can't believe covfefe was 2017. >> todd: our baby. policing disinformation here in america, why does this feel like it might be politically
2:50 am
motivate? ed lara trump live on that. >> carley: check in with steve doocy, what is coming up on "fox and friends"? happy friday. >> steve: thank you, everybody. coming up on "fox and friends" on friday, congressman brian mass will square off with the secretary of state blinken on the negotiations with russia, he says biden administration failed to hold putin accountable and texas land commissioner george p. bush is pushing to protect his state. we will ask him for his call of declaration of invasion at the southern border and president biden reignites blame game for gdp shrinking. charles payne, will weigh in on the latest policies and fears of recession. it is friday, we have general jack keane and rachel campos-duffy, geraldo and will cain starting at the top of the
2:51 am
hour. nine upon minutes away from "fox and friends". "fox and friends first" back with todd and carley. (music) who said you have to starve yourself to lose weight? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. .
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>> carley: the biden administration taking a lot of heat for its decision to set up disinformation governance board which will be headed by a so-called russia expert who pedals, you guessed it, disinformation. >> todd: lara trump joins us now. we have been talking about this query me this. what would have happened if one donald j. trump decided to start a disinformation board? >> >> i can't even imagine the number of heads that would have exploded simultaneously, todd, if something like that would have happened. obviously, this whole thing is very concerning. if you care about the united states of america and our first amendment rights, our freedoms of speech, this is -- such
2:56 am
concerning spot to find ourselves n america. i actually remember reading 1984 george orwell's book and thinking to myself about the ministry of truth. what an awful thing that would be to have happen to any society and, yet, we now see we are one step closer yet again under the leadership of joe biden and the democrat party to, you know, 1984 basically coming to fruition in so many ways. it is not surprising that this woman, who they have tapped to head the disinformation board thinks that the hunter biden laptop was disinformation pushed by the trump campaign. obviously that was true. she pushed the russia is collusion hoax. we all know how well the social media fact checkers in the past have traditionally worked. so when you take something to a government level, it always works better, right i mean, it's all soloffable.
2:57 am
it's all so outrageous. but it is incredibly frightening, i think, in america to see this happening. i think, todd, you pointed this out earlier. excuse me, i will double down on it. the fact that this is happening right before the midterm elections. that's everything that has to do with it is all about the democrats trying to retain power because they know the only way they can do it is by lying to the american people. >> carley: the other thing we want to talk about is president biden, he recently spoke to teachers who are winning an award at the white house. and he suggested that children don't belong to parents, they belong to teachers. and then you have oklahoma governor kevin stitt streets about it god gave children to parents not the government. outspoken critic of wokeness in the classroom had this to say about ongoing debated about who children really belong to. watch this. >> what's happening is that these ideologies are going down to the youngest ages because
2:58 am
they believe if you can start kids normalizing pronouns like z, zim these neo pronounce. they can shape them from the very beginning. take them away from parents and force their ideology. >> carley: that's the real fear here, lara. there are teachers out there trying to turn kids into activists. >> yeah. that's right. carley. unfortunately for joe biden, he-as usual said the quiet part i couldn't tell loud. he told us what is actually happening out there in so many respects. the democrats have been very clear they want to fundamentally transform america. how do you do that. you don't do it by starting with the people who are adults who have full formed brains harder to influence this way. you start in the school system. start at the bottom before the kids. start teaching them things very hard to teach adults like the fact that are dozens of genders.
2:59 am
men can get pregnant. pushing things like crt. obviously that is what we have seen happening. we know it's happening. joe biden told you in his speech there that they are not our kids. of course, they are the -- the only people in charge of children are their parents. it is not joe biden. not the government. not the teacher they are your children. i would tell people to get out and make sure you vote in the midterm elections this year it is this reason right here. it for our kids. we cannot allow this sort of thing to happen. there are a lot of parents out there that have been paying attention and man are they mad about it. >> it is so worrisome that that concept of these kids are the government's would even be something that we are discussing but we have to because it appears that the biden administration and others on the left think this is appropriate. it is certainly not. lara trump, have a great weekend. we appreciate your insight as always. >> carley: thank you, lara. >> thanks, guys. great to see you.
3:00 am
>> carley: other thing we learned the covid money that was going not to covid but to critical race theory in classrooms. >> todd: it's ridiculous. because they were supposed to use that money to get back to school faster so they could learn. instead they lost two years of their life. let's end on a positive happy weekend. >> carley: it is into i day. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> u.s. marine veteran is killed on the battlefield fighting alongside the ukrainian army. >> 22-year-old willie joseph leaves behind his wife and 7-month-old son. >> new effort from the biden administration to police online content. >> this will be called the disinformation governance board. >> these people are not fit to be guardians and the point is nobody should be. >> what you are seeing is enormous growth. >> the g.d.p. report shows the u.s. economy shank for the first time in two years.


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