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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  April 29, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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sports psychologist. karl rove will preview the -- you have to tune in to find out. >> have fun in washington buy, everyone. >> bill: there is a crisis in just about every corner. the white house reeling from another chaotic week and the president's cabinet caught in the headlights. good morning, i'm bill hemmer. almost made it. >> dana: good morning i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." i remember at the end of every week during the bush administration the last year as the financial crisis was in play i would say next week has to be better. and it rarely is because you are dealing with crises all the time. >> bill: that's why god made tomorrow because we have another chance. >> dana: the white house will be glad to have another week next week. a series of foreign and
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domestic catastrophes threatening to overw*em the president's team. there is a crisis everywhere. critics calling their performance as a national face plant. >> bill: 30 minutes ago prices are rising at the fastest rate we've seen in four decades. that after a gdp report that shocked analysts. showed the economy actually shrinking for the first time since before the pandemic. >> dana: the border crisis looming large. federal judge ruling against the president on his plan to repeal 42. that set back comes as republicans threaten to dhs secretary mayorkas. >> bill: the president is bracing for a long way in ukraine asking congress for $33 billion additional, $20 billion of that in military aid. moments later russia bombarded kyiv with missiles. the first major attack oon the capital in weeks. live to the white house we
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begin with alexandria hoff, big job there today. >> good morning. plenty of issues at home, too. if americans are traig to gauge how concerned they should be about a possible recession, the president has not offered a whole lot of clear guidance. what he first said yesterday afternoon. listen. >> president biden: i'm not concerned about a recession. >> he is not concerned. one minute later the president added he is concerned not about a recession right now instead one that could take place in the next year. >> president biden: predicting recession now, they are predicting -- some are predicting there may be a session in 2023. i'm concerned about it. >> he is concerned about the impact of gas prices. obsessed is what jennifer granholm used pointing the finger at covid-19 and increase in global demand due to russia's invasion of ukraine. >> the president understands
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it's an acute moment. we have to increase supply and increase supply at home. >> at home there were issues at well namly the border. mayorkas was grilled by house republicans on the grip on the border crisis. things got personal with the name of a notorious traitor. >> my constituents want you emotion peefpd believing you are a traitor. they compare you to benedict arnold. >> he believes the administration has operational control over the border and the question about suspected terrorists encountered at the border. >> have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list and no fly listen countered on our southwest border been released into the united states? >> i don't know the answer. >> you don't know whether they've been released or not into the country. >> domestically grown crime is another crisis.
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attorney again rald merrick garland was pressed by rising violence and he expressed his feelings it is best addressed locally. >> bill: nice to see you on the north lawn. let's bring in james freeman assistant editor for the "wall street journal" for your take. top issue among republicans inflation at 31% the highest. immigration at 10% and you see the rest election laws and ukraine in the single digits. is the administration understanding what they are up against here? >> i think those issues are big across the parties. independents as well. democrats as well. i hope the president understands it. i agree with him that we aren't doomed to a recession. but i think he needs to listen. we heard one of his cabinet secretaries say we need more supply. it's not just oil and gas, it's across the economy. too many dollars chasing too few goods. what the president needs to do is stop discouraging supply.
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stop trying to raise taxes on job creators and on people. stop regulating. i don't know if he gets it. >> bill: in that poll. immigration doesn't crack the top five and explain the lack of urgency with the others today. biden approval rating on the issues across the board. according to the polling he doesn't crack 50% on anything, right? covid, ukraine, foreign policy, economy, southern border, james. >> i would say that lawlessness at the border is not popular and you are right. obviously more popular, more tolerated by democrats than republicans but i think you are seeing it. we talked recently about senator running for reelection in new hampshire trying to show she is opposed to lawlessness at the border.
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democrats in swing districts in texas, they understand this is an issue. they are not embracing the president here. they are moving toward saying let's have an end to the lawlessness and law enforcement. >> dana: listen -- do we have a montage we were looking for with the cabinet members on worsening economy? they're all saying it. let's take a look. >> i can't make a prediction we'll go into recession or not. >> are you preparing for -- it is a very real likelihood? >> down turns are likely to continue to challenge the economy. >> i wasn't surprised. we all knew, i talked to many ceos last quarter and bulking up on inventory last quarter. we all expected this quarter would be a bit slower. >> dana: in some ways it is refreshing to hear the realism. the president comes out yesterday it isn't what he said. >> the background in investing
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maybe has more realistic take than the president. but all of this really so unnecessary. you go back to the moment joe biden took office. the economy was roaring. it was roaring since the middle of 2020. and he has unfortunately been under the impression or has claimed that the economy was a shambles and it needed a lot of intervention an that's been the story of the last year. i would hope one big takeaway from this he moves the build back better plan off the table. he moves the tax increases off the table. this is not a prediction. not a prediction. >> dana: he was sending all the cabinet secretaries to the hill this week to ask build back better to be passed. so they want to put more money into the economy. the president at some level forgive student loan debt. an inflationary aspect to what he is trying to do. >> if you believe the democrats from a year or two ago, the point of the debt forgiveness
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was to boost demand. what we see is inflation. we have enough demand. it's the good side. consumers are spending. demand is there. what's missing is supply. you see shortages across the economy. talked about energy, semi conductors, people make electric vehicles saying they're worried about getting enough batteries. that's where his focus has to be. stop discouraging supply. the way you discourage supply is taxes and regulations. >> bill: they need new ideas. the one we're going to talk about isn't going over well. >> bill: a new dhs disinformation governance board designed to tackle issues related to covid and elections. big sister is watching you raising questions about who is leading it. nina jankovic previously calling hunter's laptop saying it was a russian influence
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operation. she has pulled the comments back. >> dana: i live tweet the nfl draft but i won't be on their board any time soon. >> license to this. >> if you don't agree with them you aren't allowed to speak. if you try they will call you a racist and try to cancel you. >> what are the disinformation and misinformation. the people lying about ron desantis's bill in florida? >> the agency they've decided to put this ministry of information into is the largest, most militarized domestic agency we have in this government. >> this is the kind of thing you see in dictatorships. >> bill: you will start to hear a lot about this. what is not clear is what it is. it appears to be vague at the moment. maybe they have more details they haven't told us yet and it was rushed as well. i think that's the observation. >> dana: you talk about the
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partisan breakdown in the poll what republicans and democrats care about. one of the things democrats care about is election security, election law, things like that. i believe that you will see a partisan breakdown on this as well in terms of what is disinformation, what is miss information? it is pretty interesting they decided to roll it out when musk buys twitter. we learn a u.s. marine veteran was killed in week fighting alongside ukrainian forces. he was 22 years old. matt finn is live in lviv, ukraine as we woke up to the story this morning. >> that marine veteran is believed to be the first u.s. citizen to die while assisting ukrainian forces here leaving behind a wife and 7-month-old son. the veteran's wife said he was a hero and all she wants for him is to come home and given a proper burial. the marine veteran was working
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for a private military contracting company on top of his full-time job as a corrections officer in kentucky. russia launched a widespread wave of missile attacks across the country explosions in and outside of kyiv, to the north along the border of belarus and in the city of odessa. it's worth noting earlier this week on monday ukraine's national railway reported five missile strikes near train tracks after the u.s. secretary of state and secretary of defense used trains while visiting ukraine. now another series of missile attacks last night after the u.n. secretary general toured destruction around kyiv yesterday. he called out the u.n. security council saying it failed to prevent and end this war which he called a great source of disappointment and anger. >> it is an absurd tee in the
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21st century. the war is evil. there is no way a war can be acceptable in the 21st century. look at that. >> in the u.s. president biden is asking congress for an additional $33 billion in aid for ukraine. ukrainian president zelenskyy acknowledged it is a major expense but is thankful for the united states for unprecedented support and that cost will protect worldwide democracy. president zelenskyy's office say they have plans to evacuate those people sheltering and suffering in the steel plant in mariupol. the office did not give details but said evacuations would happen today. previous attempts to get innocent people and the military out of that stand-off have been unsuccessful. we'll keep our eye on today's operation. dana and bill. >> dana: stay safe today. thank you. >> bill: the march to the mid-terms is on in ohio. this is primary race number one, folks. pay attention. voters will choose who runs for
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rob portman's senate seat. he is retiring. what we see coming up in the early numbers so far in the buckeye state. >> dana: we showed you a brazen new york city carjacking where the drive was viciously attacked. one of the suspect is already free from jail. >> bill: homeland security secretary mayorkas was getting it from all sides. congressman tom mcclintock was in the room and will tell us whether or not there was any progress made. >> aggravated felonies. i would call homicide that. you are defining terms that don't actually exist. for theiry and home. there's a powerful va benefit that veterans have earned, but many don't even know about. it's the va home loan benefit. as a veteran, you're eligible to apply for a refinance loan for up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like other loans. the newday 100 va loan
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>> dana: only four days left until the ohio senate primaries. seven republicans in a full-court press vying for the
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open seat left by retiring senator ron portman. mark meredith is live in columbus, ohio with the latest. you are in the thick of it as it comes to a close. >> i sure am. good morning. former president trump is not running to be ohio's next senator but dominating the bait going into next week's primary and endorsed author j.d. vance. it has sent shock waves through the race. fox news polling vanz leading among the seven republicans. he was trailing not long ago behind mandel. we've seen mandel continue to do well in the polls as well as businessman gibbons and dolan polling in double digits. vance was an outspoken critic of trump and embracing him and trying to sell himself as an outsider. he is not tied to traditional ohio republicans. mandel is selling himself as a
6:20 am
true conservative. ads all over the place where he is pro-god, gun and trump. he will be campaigning the ted cruz across ohio. cruz offered his endorsement to mandel earlier in the month. he said as a u.s. marine josh is a proven fighter for our american way of life. champion for the unborn and stalwart advocate for religious liberties. what is fascinating about this race not this week but going forward seeing if the endorsements made any difference in the race and whether it will have an impact on upcoming contests. no matter who wins next week it is not a done deal. democrats vying for the seat as well and tim ryan will be the democrat on the ballot in november. >> dana: we'll send you back to ohio for the general. >> you've deliberately released into the united states 836,000 illegal immigrants who crossed our border in violation of our
6:21 am
laws and sovereignty. how does this benefit america? >> congressman, if i can explain how the legal system works when encountering individuals at our southern border. >> first of all that's not my question. >> when an individual is encountered at the southern border they're placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and under the law. >> you don't have an answer for how any of this benefits americans. >> bill: on and on it went. mayorkas homeland security secretary on the questions about the border. biden administration say they're managing the border. tom mcclintock knows the issue well and was in the room. good morning to you. any headway or progress? a couple days back and forth and not a lot of answers. >> there won't be a lot of progress as long as the people remain in office. this is a deliberate policy of this administration to flood our nation with illegal
6:22 am
immigrants. the 836,000 they've deliberately released into the country is larger than the population of the state of north dakota. while the border patrol has been preoccupied with that 600,000 gotaways have evaded and entered our country illegally. that's the population -- larger than the population of the state of wyoming with title 42 in place. when that goes away they expect 18,000 illegal crossings every day. that's like adding a new state of alaska to our population every 40 days. the simple question i asked was how is it that the flooding our hospital emergency rooms with illegals demanding care, packing our classrooms with non-english speaking students, making it harder to deport criminal illegal aliens, flooding the labor market with cheap, illegal labor, how does that benefit americans? he has no answer because it doesn't. >> bill: there were no answers on the 42 who were in the country apparently on the no
6:23 am
fly list and the terror watch list as well. when he said they have effectively managed the border, i think what he is talking about is effectively managing the process meaning when title 42 does go away and you have 18,000 migrants showing up at the border every day, that they will get them in the country faster. i think if you look at his report that is essentially how they are explaining it. agree or disagree? >> that's exactly right. i talked to a number of border patrol agents that their instructions process as many people into the country as quickly as they can. >> bill: the disinformation board. jacqui heinrich asked the questions. i don't think there is a lot of detail we know. the other side of the comment here i'll ask you. >> give us any idea what this board is going to be doing, what their authority would look like, how -- >> i really haven't dug into this exactly. we support this effort. >> there has been criticism of
6:24 am
the person chosen to oversee this board. >> objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. i'm not sure who opposes that effort and i don't know who this individual is. >> bill: can you explain to us how you understand it? what is it, who is on it, how do they work? >> administrative truth, a hallmark of any dictatorship and antithetical to american principles of freedom of speech. our entire democracy is based on the free exchange of ideas. a free society like ours you are allowed to express your opinion whatever it is. hateful, stupid, inaccurate, safe in the knowledge that as long as there is a free exchange of ideas, better ideas, sounder opinions, kinder sentiments, more accurate data will always prevail. but when you have a government institution telling you what can and cannot say, you no longer have a functioning
6:25 am
democracy. and that's where the left is taking us. that's where the left always takes a society because they can't win a debate in an open forum so they have to suppress the opposition. you tell me one place where the left has seized control where they haven't tried to do that. >> bill: thank you for your time. thomas mandel republican from california. be sure this sunday check out secretary mayorkas will be bret's guest on "fox news sunday" and see if he is more successful getting answers out of him. >> dana: one state attorney general is asking blm for financial documents and now taking the fight to court. with the economy shrinking last quarter could a recession be on the horizon? our money panel weighs in next. >> president biden: i'm not concerned about a recession. i mean, you're always concerned about recession.
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>> bill: from indiana the attorney general in the hoosier state suing black lives matter to turn over financial documents and tax information. the a.g. reportedly requesting that about two months ago but never heard back. william la jeunesse looking for an answer on that live today with us. good morning, william. what did you find out? >> the attorney general is trying to find out if blm squandered a lot of money with the millions of dollars it raised during the protests converting public money for private gain. how do you know? every nonprofit is required to file annual financial documents in any state it raises money. for years, blm has failed to do that in every state despite raising at least $90 million in 2020 alone. so in february, indiana asked for those documents saying where did the money come from? the people and corporations and how it was spent. salaries and services. they have zero response.
6:32 am
so tuesday the attorney general filed a lawsuit to compel blm to produce their documents saying whether the actions of blm global network foundation constitute a violation of indiana's deceptive consumer sales act. whether blm committed unfair, deceptive or abusive acts in connection with fundraising and consumer actions and misapplying corporate assets. >> but we're not seeing how the money that was given to them was spent on anything that relates to their mission. we only see that the directors of this organization bought million dollar mansions. >> so he wants the address of blm offices. why is that important? the only address on record for the foundation is not a building, but a mail drop in oakland. this mansion in l.a. was allegedly bought with foundation money by the father
6:33 am
of a co-founder's child using a shell company but there is no record of its purchase by blm. the court will set a hearing date. irony is the indiana chapters of blm support the call for transparency by the indiana democratic party calls it a partisan attack. >> bill: nice to see you up early in l.a. >> dana: a key metric on inflation up more than 6 1/2 percent from last year fueling more concerns about a possible recession. let's bring in the friday money team. steve moore and austan goolsbee. two sound bites first from the president about a possibility of a recession. listen here. >> president biden: i'm not concerned about a recession. what you are seeing is enormous growth in the country that is affected by everything from covid and the covid blockages that occurred along the way. no one is predicting a recession now. >> dana: this from larry
6:34 am
summers, the treasury secretary under bill clinton. this is what he said. >> we have this serious problem of inflation, which is well above the goals that we have and causing a great deal of economic distress to the public. and experience suggests that inflation rarely, if ever, comes down without some kind of economic downturn. >> dana: setting the stage that way, austan, what do you see as the scope of the problem and do you think the president had it right yesterday or was underplaying it? >> it felt a little like the president was underplaying the risks. the whole back drop of this thing that we found out in the last week that this war in ukraine is likely going to be quite extended, the u.s. is getting further involved, russia cut off gas to europe. i do think there are some substantial geopolitical risks that could usher us toward
6:35 am
recession. let's keep an eye on that. i think we got information that the gdp actually shrank in the first quarter. and that should make people nervous. we've been saying for months oh, the economy was growing too fast. it was too hot. that was generating inflation. now we're in a circumstance where the stimulus is rolling off and so we better keep an eye on the ball. >> dana: and i would actually say my esteemed colleague, bill hemmer who loves this so much, one of the things he pointed out as the "wall street journal" editorial said today the number caught everybody by surprise. what lies under the surface that we also might not know about? >> i'm not surprised by this number. i've been saying for nine or 10 months on show with austan i'm very concerned about inflation and it has gotten worse. let's be very clear about this, bill and dana, the reason these numbers were so bad is when you
6:36 am
have an 8 1/2 inflation rate, that means the rest of the economy has to grow by more than 8 1/2 just to stay even. and that's the curse of this inflation problem we have. so now we have real growth that is falling, real wages are falling, real savings rates are falling. it is a really distressing situation. and i don't buy for one minute this idea we have all these other problems with the economy and why we're slowing down. covid is basically -- we have some problems with covid but it's basically in retreat right now. i actually think with the right economic policies like trump put in place we would be booming now if it weren't for the biden policies. >> dana: austan, when you think about the american rescue plan and people looking back and saying it was way too big and the president said he would go back on a campaign promise and likely to forgive significant portion of student loan debt. is that just the wrong policy at the wrong time? >> well, look, i haven't been a
6:37 am
big fan for sure of blanket waiving of all debt. if you look at the numbers, the biggest debts are people with relatively high incomes. so i don't think in terms of relief that that's the right approach to have blanket debt waiver. i don't think that that's on the magnitude of the cares act under trump or the rescue plan under biden. it is not the same level of money. and as i say, the people that have been saying that they think that this wasn't a supply shock driving the inflation, that it was instead excess demand coming from stimulus, the stimulus is over. the stimulus is now rolling off and it becomes a big negative in the gdp accounting so by their logic inflation should go away now. >> dana: steve. >> the problem is that massive
6:38 am
stimulus, that 1.9 trillion plus the 1.1 trillion, $3 trillion. >> if it caused it, it should be going away because the negative. >> but you still have this money flowing into the system. the other point is, dana, you make a good point. here we are with this huge budget deficit now and huge inflation problem and the president is running around saying let's relieve 1.6 trillion in debt and spend more on ukraine and no offsetting spending cuts. it is a big problem. we have to stop the spending. >> dana: i have to run. when you say i ask a good question that's a big compliment. take care. the first round of the nfl draft kicking off last night in las vegas. watch here. >> in the 2022 nfl the jaguars
6:39 am
select trevon walker. >> dana: trevon walker from the university of georgia sparking an epic night for the school. the first pick and the first of five defensive players taken from the university of georgia, which set a record for most defensive players drafted in the first round from one school ever in the nfl draft history. we can't talk football without mentioning the bengals. 31st pick in the draft. they took jackson hill from the university of michigan. their colors are yellow and blue. that's what i know about michigan. mitch rochelle went there. >> bill: anything else? >> dana: those are the things i know about the university of michigan. >> bill: we had a dinner last night. got home late and turned it on and i hope -- >> dana: are you happy with
6:40 am
your -- >> bill: the draft, everybody knows the story line there is no great player that everybody was pining for. wonderful receivers in that draft class and good defensive guys, too. >> dana: do you think one of our staff members is so happy for the university of georgia? >> absolutely. >> dana: good job, coach. >> bill: keep coaching. school in illinois moving math and reading aside to make way for a several years long lgbtq course and some parents are not happy. that's coming up. this is koli. my foster fail (laughs). when i first started fostering koli i had been giving him kibble. it never looked or felt like real food. but with the farmer's dog you can see the pieces of turkey. it smells like actual food. i saw a difference almost overnight. healthy poops, healthy dog, right? as he's aged, he's still quite energetic and youthful. i really attribute that to diet. you know, he's my buddy. my job is to keep my buddy safe and happy. ♪♪
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>> dana: an illinois school districts had a lesson in lbgtq. i imagine some parents are
6:46 am
upset, mike? >> dana, this curriculum is part of a program that was signed into law by the illinois governor in 2019. as you mentioned, as it is implemented it does have subjects of sexuality reaching all the way into the pre-school classes. the implementation we examined is part of the district 65, evanston school district north of chicago. the website explains details of the program. some examples. in pre-school they learn about the pride flag and sometimes boy loves boys and girls love girls. in kindergarten, fourth graders learn about cross dressing gay men in mexico. fifth grade starts with a video about gender identity. we reached out to the school district for comment but did not hear anything back. in a letter to parents online the district superintendent said we look to expose all students to more accurate and
6:47 am
affirming historical context that elevates marginalized people and includes the interrogation of events from multiple perspectives. online the district says beginning next year it won't be restricted to a month but part of the year long curriculum and parents have the option of pulling kids out of these classes. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: word from tehran, iran is looking to china for military support while stalling talks with the u.s. about a renewed nuclear deal. where it does leave everything going forward? michael singh is part of president bush's national security council. this seems to be along a similar line with beijing moving in. >> we've seen china increase military and diplomatic involvement in the middle east. the chinese defense minister in iran now was in saudi arabia in january. we saw the secret military
6:48 am
construction in the united arab emirates, a bilateral irritant between the u.s. and uae. there is no doubt the chinese iran as their most important strategic partner in the region. china needs energy and oil imports. they worry about u.s. control of the strait of hormuz and military presence in the region. iran is the only country on the strait of hormuz. there is no doubt that iran looks at china not necessarily as a friend but as a country that shares the desire to take the u.s. down a peg. >> bill: a business partner. >> for sure. >> dana: americans see china as a super power and a threat. if you see here, 67% think that and that their influence is getting stronger at 66%. i think that does reflect reality. it is interesting because we see china trying to do a lot of things but this huge story about them locking down major
6:49 am
cities. people can't get out. they don't have a lot of information. the stories are getting out there. china is a problem but are they also weak? >> look, those numbers you cited dana. one thing so remarkable and how fast they've changed. if you look at american's opinions of china, the negative views of china have rapidly increased over the last four or five years. it shows you how rapidly the u.s./china confrontation is moving. there is no doubt china does have these big internal challenges. covid has been one of them. it has other economic challenges. it is facing more resistance from neighbors like india, japan, and south korea and the question is well, is that going to help the united states or does it make china more dangerous? as the domestic problems mount, will it look to stoke foreign crises as a way to take attention away from those things? i think that's a worry inside the government. >> bill: is it possible within a few days or week's time what decision they make an bay jaing.
6:50 am
50 million people on the lockdown. shanghai 23 million. double it with beijing. see what they do. later in this year world leaders will still talk to each other. in indonesia is a summit planned. indonesia sent a clear indication to vladimir putin that he is welcome to come there. john kirby said this about that invitation. >> he shouldn't be. he has isolated russia by his own actions and continue to be isolated by the international community. it is inappropriate for them to treat russia as if it's normal because it's not. >> bill: as you move the chess pieces how does it work out in your mind? >> the reality is a lot of countries partners of the united states are also partners of russia and they don't want to take sides even though we look and say we say which side is right.
6:51 am
a lot of countries are going into the non-aligned mind sets. they don't want to take sides. they want to preserve good ties with the likes of russia and china. for the united states what we'll need to do is acknowledge that and be tailored in our requests of indonesia, uae and so forth and focus on what are the practical steps that we can quietly work with them on to make life more difficult for vladimir putin and focus less maybe on some of these sort of more showy things like votes in the u.n. or attendance at g-20 summits. i think that's the reality. >> dana: if putin will go to that conference in jakarta, do you think president biden should not go? >> i think it will be very difficult for president biden to go and stand in a photo with putin. i think you'll see western leaders overall be reluctant. >> dana: the g-20 could be over. >> or over for the time being. >> bill: regardless it could be a dramatic moment. michael, nice to see you.
6:52 am
>> dana: have a good weekend. >> the person in charge of the disinformation governance board is the same individual who told us the dossier was real and the hunter laptop story was false. that's the person in charge. that's frightening. >> dana: biden administration under fire for its disinformation governance board propose all. what the woman they want to put in charge of it said about the hunter biden laptop investigation. that's coming up. them get back up the step financially, that is very rewarding for me. we want to help you, and if we possibly can, you're going to get that loan from newday usa. call newday usa. if you've been living with heart disease,
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see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? >> dana: difficult story out of chicago where a family is fighting for justice following their son's suicide. nate bronstein was being remembered as a smart and fundy 15-year-old. parents say he was relentlessly cyber bullied by his classrooms and the private school he attended refused to do anything about it. joining us now are nate's parents. it is meaningful for us to have you here today.
6:58 am
we're so sorry for your loss. i know that he was the middle child. you have an older daughter and a younger daughter and i'm sure they're feeling the pain of this as well. the cyberbullying was kept from you, rob? >> absolutely. it was kept from us while he was a student there and even more -- what upsets us even more is after his death the school knew about it and kept it from us for weeks. the reason we found out is the mother of another boy went to the school and demanded that they investigate what went on and after she had seen the school didn't do anything for at least 10 days it was someone we didn't know asked if he could come to our house and showed it to us. i have to say aside from the day that he died, the second worst day was finding out how they had kept this information from us and just planned to never tell us. >> bill: i'm really sorry for the loss of nathan. two things that come to mind. you reached out to the school
6:59 am
30 times and one of the responses they told you this is a family issue. i think that's significant. i would like to know how that happened. and also i just think the importance of social media in the lives of young kids and how they are able to process or deal or not deal in this case what's happening with their peers. what do parents need to understand from your experience? >> parents need to understand that number one, we need to, as parents, be more mindful of what kids are doing on line. cyberbullying is essentially an epidemic in our country. there have been so many suicides of teenagers from being cyber bullied. kids send messages from their bedrooms to other kids telling them to go kill themselves and they essentially do. they feel so threatened and
7:00 am
helpless they don't know how to handle it. our son, we found out also after the fact about three weeks after his passing, that he received a message over snapchat telling him to go kill himself. that was very hard to take when we had found out about that. the student who had sent him that message is still in school today. >> no punishment. >> he was never suspended or expelled. he walks through the halls of that school every single day. >> the lat-in school of chicago has a statement they gave to us. with respect to the lawsuit roving to you, the allegations of wrong doing by the school officials are inaccurate and misplaced. schools staff put students' interest first. that's the statement we have. >> dana: your lawsuit is one we'll pay attention to. you are not suing them for money for yourself and rob i thought we could end on that.
7:01 am
why do you want to win this lawsuit and what you intend to do if you win? >> absolutely. we want accountability for what happened and for where there was wrongdoing. we need transparency into what went wrong. if it doesn't happen, it will happen again. at this school and happen at other schools. we literally had no idea how common this is. we had no idea that our state has some of the strongest anti-bullying laws in the country but in this case the school didn't follow them. if other schools don't follow them, then the laws aren't going to do anything. so what we need there to be is accountability everywhere that people -- parents know how dangerous this is. school administrators know what the requirement is. we've committed to the extent there is any monetary award, we plan to give every penny of that to anti-cyberbullying and anti-bullying initiatives because it has to change.
7:02 am
>> bill: it is a thick and sensitive topic and i apologize for the shortness of time. thank you for yours today. >> dana: your best to you and your daughters as well. >> bill: rob and rose, thank you. >> dana: free speech and the first amendment on the line. the biden administration's creation of a quote, disinformation governance board raising alarms about your rights. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm dana perino >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. friday feels good. the white house defending the move from the department of homeland security to crack down on what it considers disinformation. how do you define that, we ask? the person heading it is rich the irony. nina jankowicz suggested that the hunter biden laptop was part of a trump campaign product in 2020. the board is straight from the playbook of big brother. >> it is contrary to the mission of the united states
7:03 am
government, which is to defend our liberties. it is anti-constitutional. the biden administration has decided that censorship is a governing policy for them. >> dana: david spunt is live at the justice department with more on this for us. >> good morning. this board is only a few days old really in its infancy. it is being run under the department of homeland security. the effort of it from what we understand is to try to combat misinformation or disinformation, same thing, ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections. but many people have a problem with the executive director of the board. newly installed executive director of the new board. nina jankowicz is leading this. she was a global fellow and disinformation expert at , a no think-tank in washington, d.c. she has an extensive foreign policy background. critics look at her stance on the laptop that once belonged
7:04 am
to the president's son hunter biden who is under investigation. the original story of the laptop picked up speed during the presidential debates of 2020 right before the election. that story was censored by several social media sites, including twitter. jankowicz in an october 2020 interview with the associated press said, quoted as saying we should view it as a trump campaign product. >> the person in charge of the disinformation governance board is the same individual who told us the dossier was real and the hunter laptop story was false. that is the person in charge. that is frightening. >> white house officials are defending the purpose of the board as a whole. >> sounds like the objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. i'm not sure who opposes that
7:05 am
effort. >> if you look at the timing of the board, it comes days after tesla ceo elon musk to buy twitter. we played a sound bite a few minutes ago and ironically he tweeted about this. elon musk sub tweeted him about this governance board and said quote, this is messed up. i do want to point out we've reached out multiple times, i say multiple times to the department of homeland security to find out a little bit more about what this board entails. we haven't heard back and reached out to ms. jankowicz but have not gotten back with us. >> dana: you have the job for a reason. you call back reporters that have questions. that is my public service announcement for the day. we'll have much more on this with steve hilton on whether the white house is forming its own ministry of truth.
7:06 am
and this. >> we have never seen the amount of people coming through as we are now. it is ridiculous the amount of people coming through. >> they think that a fence and national guard coming here is stopping them and making an impact? it is not. >> bill: they would know. texas business owners on the border voicing concerns about the crisis fed up with the administration's policies or lack there of and bryan llenas is back on the southern border with more. good morning. what do you have? >> bill, good morning. eagle pass, texas, is 95% latino. maverick county voted for president biden. the people here have deep economic and family ties to the people right across the rio grande river. but i spoke to the mayor, she is a democrat herself and she says the people here feel unsafe during this record surge of illegal migration. she had this to say over the biden administration's claim that the crisis is being
7:07 am
effectively managed. >> well, i'll tell you one thing. i respect president biden very much. he is our president, you know, as americans that's what we do we respect our president. but as far as being managed the way it should be, i can tell you he is welcome to come and vice -- visit and i can tell you this is not effective management. i don't care what anybody says. >> yesterday we witnessed more than a dozen immigrants crossing the river, adult men. picked up by the national guard and border patrol. four migrants from africa crossed illegally including a mother with a toddler. locals here say they see groups of 50 or more migrants crossing daily. the illegal crossings along the river happen just a few short hours after a first of its kind joint exercise took place at the same location between the mexican state and texas dps and border patrol. mexican security forces have stepped up their presence ever
7:08 am
since texas governor greg abbott two weeks ago relaxed vehicle inspections and restrictions that he put in place that slowed down border trade between the two nations. you look live at the fox news drone. the national guard. we do not have the drone but right now what we do have here i can tell you, bill, is that they are now excavating along the river bed here so they can get a clear line of sight of migrants crossing at this hour and throughout the day. they have the wire up and doing all they can ultimately the show of force you see by the mexicans, once they leave the people keep coming. we'll see if it has a greater effect moving down the road. >> bill: nice to see you back on the border today. >> dana: president biden going from the rose garden to the campaign trail. a senior advisor telling fox news the president is ramping up for the mid-term elections in a push to help democrats
7:09 am
hold on to their majorities as his approval rating is 42%. josh craw shaw and it's interesting how many democrats will want him to come and campaign for them? >> good luck with trying to get president biden on the campaign trail when your job approval rating is at 42%. a whole lot of democrats in competitive races will say no thanks, we don't need to nationalize our races when the democratic party's brand and president biden's approval is so low. even sometimes presidents with low approval ratings can excite the base. president obama did quite a few campaign appearances even though the numbers were low in his first mid-term but he had enthusiastic support from the democratic base. biden is taking it from all sides. very low overall approval ratings but not exciting the democratic progressive base that much, either.
7:10 am
i don't expect, dana, that a lot of democrats will want him on the campaign trail unless the numbers turn around in a short period of time. >> bill: poll from yesterday inflation issue number one. among republicans and democrats at 31%. and combined among all that they surveyed immigration was number two at 10%. the numbers differed greatly between republicans and democrats what they thought about immigration. we're coming into a period, primary season, and dana and i were talking yesterday. i don't remember a time ever where there was this much focus on primary races all across the country. ohio is on tuesday, big senate race there. looking at the early voting thus far, it looks like republicans usually vote on voting day, right? the early voting suggests republicans are well engaged. now, it could be because trump is involved in that race. could be because there is a popular republican senator who
7:11 am
is retiring. may be other factors involved here or do you see it strictly as a more interested and energized party on its face based on those numbers? >> you are seeing republican enthusiasm hit records across the board. you are seeing it in ohio, pennsylvania, a lot of the early states. you have a republican electorate that's much more engaged. bill, you mentioned the quinnipiac poll. biden is underwater on every issue that they tested. that is what is emboldening and making a lot of republicans excited to vote. they are voting against democratic candidates. i will say the one thing the biden white house is looking to do if he does get out on the campaign trail is to try to portray the republican party as too far outside of the mainstream. maybe attack some of the candidates that are a little bit too far to the right. and that's an issue in ohio where they have a bunch of candidates and frankly the
7:12 am
democratic candidate in ohio is a pretty down the middle type candidate who may be consistent with the biden message they're trying to articulate. >> dana: what would you pay attention to in the next couple of weeks. our viewers are very engaged as well. if they are paying attention to one thing that will tell them what might happen in the mid-term election a few months from now, what's that? >> the biggest test for republicans is can you get mainstream broadly popular candidates to the finish line in these primaries? the ohio race has gotten really heated between j.d. vance and josh mandel and a bunch of other candidates. the big test for republicans do some of the candidates that end up winning the primaries get support from swing voters and can they unite the party and be acceptable to moderates. the last big test for republicans to get electable candidates across the finish line. >> bill: nice to get your analysis today. talk next week. the u.s. marine veteran killed
7:13 am
by fighting alongside ukrainian forces. he lost his life in ukraine. >> dana: you might think a suspect arrested in a brutal carjacking would be behind bars. the slap on the wrist he is getting. >> bill: drugs, crimes and homelessness in san francisco sparking a max exodus from the democratic-left city. >> we are fighting for this city and why we're here and not going to move. we're fighting. ran homeowners- a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- you deserve more. more cash, more savings, and more financial peace of mind. newday can help you get it with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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>> dana: u.s. marine veteran killed fighting alongside ukrainians. willie cancel is being hailed as a hero. griff jenkins joins us live from kyiv with more on his
7:19 am
story and the latest on the ground. good morning, griff. >> hey, dana. he appears to be the first u.s. citizen known to be killed while fighting alongside the ukrainians in ukraine. the marine veteran was an orange county, new york native. correction officers and was recently working for a parra military contracting company. he crossed into ukraine in march. unclear how he died fighting. his widow calling him a quote hero. she wants to bring home and given a proper burial. meanwhile missiles rocked the capital here yesterday. we got a firsthand look at it. watch. we can see the officials coming out of this apartment building in central kyiv where two missiles struck yesterday not far, a kilometer or two away from president zelenskyy was meeting with the u.n. secretary general. look at the damage to the building. it is not fully occupied.
7:20 am
across the street you can see the military weapons factory that was the target. but, of course, it is the constant targeting of the civilian areas like this apartment building that frustrates so many here in ukraine now after 65 days of this war. >> this was supposed to be a local hospital and sad to see the destruction. the world knows what is happening in ukraine. putin is targeting apartment buildings and killing civilians. >> we have learned that at least one person has died in that attack. a female journalist working for radio free europe. >> dana: thank you, stay safe. >> bill: a bronx man seen in a violent carjacking video is now back on the street. we showed you this graphic video yesterday. attacker seen pulling the driver out and punching several
7:21 am
times. report he was wearing brass knuckles fracturing the victim's eye socket. he was eventually caught and later released on a misdemeanor charge. so it continues the resolving door. >> dana: drug house and crime and homeless th*es in san francisco has driven away more than 100,000 residents since 2020. things have gotten so bad in san francisco that drivers have resorted to leaving notes inside their vehicles letting would be bug lars know there is nothing of value inside. many people there including our next guest are blaming far left district attorney and his soft on crime policies for the crime in the city. the committee to recall the district attorney and you are highly engaged. this is your city. i think it was one of the best cities i had ever been to. i loved it. it is a tragedy what is happening there. if you look quickly and i'll get your comment. look at the board.
7:22 am
homicide up 36%. assault up 11%, larceny up 26%. and from the hoover institution now on san francisco crime, san franciscoians face a 1 in 16 chance being a victim. it is more dangerous than 98% of other u.s. cities. not the records you want to be breaking there i'm assuming. >> that's correct. first, thank you for having me this morning. you know, bodine and his radical ideology is to blame. here in san francisco us, our visitors, tourists and small business owners and large alike, we are all potential victims. there is no safety here. it doesn't matter where you are from. it doesn't matter your age or young or old, your political lienings, everyone is a potential victim. over the past couple of years even before covid as we were
7:23 am
coming into 2020 and the regime, administration of bodine things have only spiraled down there to really, really bad. >> dana: we see the statistics and the people that are journalists in the city would see the same. yet the san francisco chronicle editorial board has just endorsed him in the recall effort saying bodine is many things. incompetent isn't one of them. vote no on the recall. do they not think there are better choices there, ritchie? >> well, you know, there are many people here that work in the government and are part of the city hall or bodine's office that have infiltrated into the media and elsewhere. they deny the statistics that you just put up here. they deny that crime is up. they constantly contradict what we are saying. we're here. we see with our own eyes. there are numerous stories from
7:24 am
victims, visitors, tourists have that cars smashed and don't forget people have actually died that have been paroled people who have gone out and gotten in trouble again. they've gotten drunk, high, they steal cars, they kill innocent people here on the street and this is all because bodine has come up with this non--- this non-incarceration, decarceration, let's not hold them accountable at all. >> dana: let me mention this from the same hoover piece. there are now more drug users in the city than high school students and the permissiveness that people are allowed to do drugs there and that leads then to the homelessness, the mental illness and the crime. that is a problem that is not being dealt with, ritchie. >> of course.
7:25 am
you know, there is also -- the city government. city hall, mayor, most of them are in denial and don't want to publicly say it is a mental illness and drug addiction problem. many of them just say it's a housing issue and they want to say we need to have more housing and they say it's a housing issue, when it is not. it is clearly they are doing drugs in tents. the dealers are making a fortune preying on drug addicts. we have 24 hour open market not very far from city hall. that's what is being perpetuated and keeping people from wanting to come and visit here and what is keeping businesses from wanting to open and relocate here. they are closing instead of opening. there is no incentive for business to come back. a we see it every day. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. have a good weekend. >> thank you very much for having me. >> bill: from the hearing this
7:26 am
week secretary mayorkas not able to answer the question as to whether or not terrorists on the watch list were able to enter the country. newt gingrich has questions on that. president biden making it clear he is considering wiping away student debt. >> you took out the loan. pay it back. ♪♪♪
7:27 am
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when my genetic reports told me about my heart health, i was able to take action. and i got a kit for my mom, too, so she can get her own meaningful health info. this mother's day, start a new health journey together with mom with $50 off every kit.
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no one deserves the american dream of together with mom homeownership more than veterans. with the newday zero down home purchase loan, you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still low. already own a home and need cash? the newday100 loan can get you up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa. >> president biden: i am considering dealing with some debt reduction. i am not considering $50,000 debt reduction. >> dana: president biden looking to throw a political
7:32 am
lifeline to struggling democrats and canceling student debt for less than $50,000. the big question whether or not it will satisfy the far left. i know the answer to that. aishah hosni is on capitol hill. >> good morning, dana and bill. for months and months and months the white house has been telling congress put together a legislative piece of action, send it to the president's debt and we'll do something about it. that didn't happen. now the president it sounds like could be ready to take executive action on his own. as you mentioned the amount of debt he is willing to cancel may not be as high as progressives hoped for. he told reporters he is not considering $50,000 per person in debt cancellation. even cancelling $10,000 per person means writing off $321 billion in loans. the committee for responsible federal budget claims canceling student debt of this size would
7:33 am
only worsen inflation. so democrats aren't really talking about that part of the pie. in fact, they can't hold back their glee over how this could help them in the mid-terms. >> would that help him do you think going into the mid-terms? >> sure it will. a lot of people whose lives are tied up in this debt. if we can liberate them and give them a chance for the future. >> if they can liberate them. it is setting off republicans left and right. desperate polls calls for desperate measures. dems considering forgiving trillions in student loans. other bribe suggestions? forgive auto loan, credit card debt, mortgages? remember, when you cancel that student debt it doesn't just disappear, dana, someone has to pay for it. can you guess who? >> dana: yeah, i feel like everybody who doesn't have a medical or law degree. thank you. >> bill: we don't need a, b, c or d on that. if april showers bring may
7:34 am
flowers what do may flowers bring, pilgrims. what is the endowment at harvard today? >> bill: $53 billion. >> dana: the taxpayers shouldn't pay a single bit of this. jamal bowman is a congressman in new york had this to say when asked about student loan debt. >> president biden is struggling with younger voters. is this something that could push those voters toward democrats when it comes to the mid-terms? >> yes, it's not just them. we have grandmothers in our district paying back student loans and not making a debt in the principle, just the interest because of unemployment, under employment and the predator practices of high interest rates. >> bill: there is an election coming up, right? >> dana: remember the eviction moratorium and the left thought it would be popular to continue it? some people did need debt and rent relief but it went on for so long and we were able to
7:35 am
show you right out in the open there were many people taking advantage of the situation not paying rent but using that money to pay for other things. when you see a wealth transfer proposal where the money will be given to the wealthy it will make a lot of people rethink this. >> bill: $53 billion and harvard. >> dana: a nice, corny joke. also this. senate democrats are considering talking to elon musk and call upon him to testify. all about his $44 billion deal to buy out twitter. musk has come under serious criticism for the purchase and his stance on free speech. the deal is expected to close later this year. i said please call him to testify. i want to watch. >> bill: white house defending a decision by homeland security to create a board for disinformation. today's cover of the "new york post" sums up the controversy with the woman in charge and a picture and title that says big
7:36 am
sister is watching you. steve hilton, nice to see you back here on a friday. good morning. dana and i are trying to figure out what this is all about. how many people are part of it? what do they watch and do? do you have any answers on that? >> well, first of all, bill, we need to add to the regime slogans in or well's 1984. freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. now we need to ask censorship is democracy. that seems to be the argument here. we need to save democracy by censorship and protecting people from disinformation, the point is who gets to decide what is the disinformation? it's the people whose opinions and arg ooments and ideology they want to impose on everyone else. that's what we've seen time after time. the real point here is if you look at the evolution of this idea, it shows you just how far left things go and how far in a
7:37 am
authoritarian direction things go when you can't believe it's happening. a few months ago this idea was advocated by "the new york times." we all looked at it and said that's crazy. they can't possibly mean something like that. that won't happen. here it is. the actual person as you just noted who is going to be put in charge of this is someone who herself has pushed disinformation during the election by branding the hunter biden laptop as russian disinformation. the whole thing is an example of how once you try to start to impose rules about what is fair and accurate and not misinformation and what is real, none of that can be done by some centralized authority. that's the whole point of the first amendment. let the people decide. put the information out there. argue it out and that's the way you get to the right decision. not by imposing it from the top town.
7:38 am
>> bill: nina jankowicz is the woman and she considered the hunter laptop to be a trump product. we got the story where a lot of blue states took a lot of the covid money and putting it into the education system where they can teach crt and others. did we know this was going to happen? >> yes, basically. when you give unlimited amounts of money unconstrained and remember, this money was in exchange for shutting down the lockdowns and school closures. they were totally unjustified that didn't happen in states like florida who ended up with the seem or even better outcomes. no justification in the first place and as so often happens with this white house and this administration, what it really is, the school money, that was driven by their donors. remember, they talk about big money in politics and corruption and so on. the biggest money in politics
7:39 am
on the democrat side come from the public sector unions. they wanted the money to get it and push their ideological agenda in schools. that's what is happening. i'm afraid it was totally predictable and we see it play out. >> bill: this bill was passed more than a year ago in march of 2021 and what i found was a comment in february of 2021 so a month prior to fox business where the white house said they will have the resources they need to safely reopen. remember it was about windows and ventilation and making the classroom safe. and fully serve their students. so i don't know if that's how you define it. on screen california 1.5 billion for training resources on topics like implicit bias training. here in new york $9 billion for dei, diversity, equity and inclusion. illinois an emphasis on equity and diversity. there you have your blue states, steve. last comment there.
7:40 am
>> also, bill, i want to relate it back to the conversation you were having with dana. why is there so much cost in higher education and universities? because all the extra money, a lot of it has gone into universities has gone on this stuff as well. hasn't gone on teaching. gone on administrators and bureaucrats and pushed the far left woke agenda. that's what's been going on throughout our education system driven by activitys and unions and why we have to clamp down on it and bring some choice and competition into all aspects of education. otherwise it will keep getting worse. >> bill: there is sunlight on it now. steve hilton, thank you. dana. >> dana: house hearing as lawmakers hold the feet of secretary mayorkas to the fire. several questions are left unanswered. >> aggravated felonies, what is that? i call homicide aggravated felony. you are defining terms that don't actually exist.
7:41 am
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>> have any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terrorist watch list or no fly listen countered at the southwest border been released into the united states >> as i mentioned before i will
7:46 am
provide that data to you with respect to the disposition of each one. i do not know the answer to your question. >> the secretary of homeland security does not know the answer to the status of 42 individuals who came to our southern border illegally on the no fly list and terrorist watch list and you do not know whether they have been released or not into the country? that's your testimony. >> ranking member jordan, as i said before i will provide you the data. >> bill: that was a stunning exchange rather telling. jim jordan from ohio grilling the homeland security secretary mayorkas unable to give basic information during a house hearing. newt gingrich former speaker of the house. good morning to you. he either did not know or did not want to answer. what would be your answer on that? >> well, look, this administration has followed a policy of secrecy and dishonesty on the border. they don't tell us where they are sending now over a million
7:47 am
people. they fly them in late at night. they put them on trains and buses and they literally refuse to tell people where they are going. they are talking seriously about dropping the public health requirements, which would mean 19,000 illegal immigrants a day is the current estimate. that's the city of atlanta every month. 12 atlantas a year in illegal immigrants. mayorkas is a combination of incompetent and implementing the policies of joe biden. biden has decided that he wants an open border, that he is willing to accept anybody whether they are diseased, carrying fentanyl or whether they have a criminal record. they are just not paying any attention. the border patrol is now so drowning in the sheer number of people they can't compete with the cartels. so what you've seen is the cartels gradually taking control of the american southern border.
7:48 am
the flood of fentanyl alone. i was just in cobb county, georgia, where six people have died in the previous two weeks from fentanyl. and this is madness. at a minimum kevin mccarthy is right. mayorkas ought to be impeached. but i think also the whole department has to be overhauled and the idea that they aren't going to appoint some left wing zealot to become the censorship czar for the united states clearly unconstitutional. clearly a violation of the first amendment and maybe a tribute to joe biden's friends in the chinese communist party or moscow. but certainly a very unamerican. this tells you how out of control they are. >> dana: we have the statistics about the migrant encounters so far this year. numbers are staggering and out there for everyone to see. earlier today as we were reporting on the new poll, bill pointed out that if you look at the breakdown of republicans and democrats, republicans think of immigration as their
7:49 am
number two concern after inflation and the economy. but for democrats it is way down the list like number five or six. what do you make of that? >> well, i think historically republicans have been much more committed to american patriotism, to the idea of the nation. i think on the left you have a large block of people who don't want to stand for the national anthem. they don't want to recognize the american flag as our primary symbol. they don't want to teach american history accurately. and they frankly think it is just fine to be drowned in people who don't understand america, haven't learned about our country, haven't assimilated. so i think there is a huge difference there. interestingly among latinos who used to be democrat the flood of illegal immigrants is driving them into the republican party and as i think profoundly changing the politics of the united states. >> bill: tom mcclintock is a republican from california
7:50 am
doing a lot of the questioning. last point on this. he told us there will be no progress on the border as long as the current administration is in power. now, he might be right or a month from now if you see 18,000 people a day cross the border, that may have an impact, the visual that many will see. what do you think about that? >> first of all the republicans will win the house and senate. i think one of the first things they should do is send up a bill requiring the completion of the wall and control of the border. it will be wildly popular with the country. 70% plus support. and put it to biden and put it to the house and senate democrats. you want to vote against controlling the border? you want to vote to continue to allow millions of illegal immigrants to come in? this is all going to keep growing. the fact is when you have the governor of california promising free healthcare to anybody illegal who comes into the u.s. we send a signal.
7:51 am
150 countries now that have sent illegal immigrants to the united states. 150 countries. this is just going to get steadily worse and i think it could be in january one of the first really big fights between the new republican congress and the president. and i think he will have a hard time sustaining a veto. >> dana: interesting. thank you, mr. speaker. good to see you. have a great weekend. a very mysterious outbreak of hepatitis among children causing its first fatality and health officials are sounding the alarm. >> normal liver numbers are 35. these patients have levels over 3,000. powerful va home loan benefit that lets you refinance up to 100% of your home's value. and with home values rising, that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. a newday va home loan lets you refinance your home to pay credit card debt
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7:57 am
republican lawmakers revealed a painfully up close look at the boss at the border. it wasn't pretty for dhs secretary mayorkas who voters are now calling benedict arnold. friday isn't a good one for hunter biden. the latest development to rock the biden world. congressman michael mccaul, joey jones, jimmy failla, "the faulkner focus" top of the hour. >> dana: the state of wisconsin investigating whether a mysterious hepatitis outbreak is responsible for the death of a child. we have the story and following this in the new york city newsroom. >> a lot of parents are concerned about this. if confirmed by health officials this would be the first hepatitis related child death reported in the united states. this case still under investigation. take a look at the map now cases slowly climbing in the united states. seven states are currently looking into occurrences of hepatitis that may be connected to this mysterious strain.
7:58 am
no known cause for these cases at this time. nine kids out in alabama tested positive for the adenovirus. they want parents to be on the lookout but not scared. >> vomiting, diarrhea happen commonly in young children for a range of reasons and other bugs. but i think what is different here is that more sub group that then go on to develop the jaundice, imflamed liver and liver enzymes. >> doctors tell us about 170 kids around the world have been diagnosed with acute hepatitis that causes the liver to become inflamed. it stretches across 16 different countries, most of the cases coming from the u.k. doctors say the kids there in
7:59 am
those cases were otherwise healthy. so far 17 kids had to get liver transplants. >> it is not to panic. as we heard, this is unusual. >> something a lot of patients are wondering is there any link to covid lockdowns, vaccine? doctors tell us there is no link to covid or vaccine at this time. some of the kids had covid but the majority were too young to be vaccinated. a lot more to find out on this. >> dana: stay on top of it. >> bill: before we go, i got a pet cat. my pet cat is stupid. and there is proof. >> dana: an arby's container. do you like the potato cakes? >> bill: i don't remember them. the beef and cheddar was 99
8:00 am
cents. >> dana: did you like the ash arby's sauce? >> bill: no. >> dana: the last time i had arby's is the day we picked up percy. they have salads now. harris faulkner is next. >> harris: this did not take long. the biden disinformation governance board has a disinformation problem of its own. it's all about the facts on the woman chosen to tell americans who and what to believe. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". critics are pointing to the irony over the hiring of nina jankowicz as the board's executive director. she repeatedly dismissed hunter biden's laptop as nothing more than a product of the trump campaign. and that in itself is


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