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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  April 29, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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arby's sauce? >> bill: no. >> dana: the last time i had arby's is the day we picked up percy. they have salads now. harris faulkner is next. >> harris: this did not take long. the biden disinformation governance board has a disinformation problem of its own. it's all about the facts on the woman chosen to tell americans who and what to believe. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". critics are pointing to the irony over the hiring of nina jankowicz as the board's executive director. she repeatedly dismissed hunter biden's laptop as nothing more than a product of the trump campaign. and that in itself is
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disinformation. house judiciary ranking member jim jordan getting after it. >> i was just wondering when the head of the cdc said the vaccinated can't get the virus does that undermine trust in government? when the highest paid official in our government dr. fauci, when he said the virus didn't come from a lab did that undermine trust in government? how about this one. how about when 51 former intel officials told us that the hunter biden story was -- had all the earmarks of russian misinformation? would that be something this governance board that you just formed, will you be looking into that? >> harris: note the timing. elon musk just bought twitter this week. in fewer than 48 hours president biden's secretary of homeland security went after free speech like never before. musk says he wants to form a free speech utopia. the biden administration apparently wants us to follow the thought police blindly.
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the idea the feds will watch what we believe. discomforting according to elon musk. david spunt is live at the department of justice. >> this new board that is technically under the department of homeland security has only been in existence a few days and critics are already slamming it based on the executive director. nina jankowicz. she was a global fellow and disinformation expert at the wilson center, nonpartisan think-tank. extensive foreign policy background but her critics specifically point to an interview that she did about the president's son, hunter biden. he is under federal investigation for his overseas business dealings. story of his laptop in f.b.i. possession picked up speed during the presidential debates of 2020 but censored by several social media sites including
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twitter. in october 2020 nina jankowicz told the associated press we should view it as a trump campaign product. the new disinformation board falls under homeland security and yesterday the head of that agency mayorkas was pressed on the new hire for the board. >> is this the same individual who said the dossier was real and the hunter biden laptop story is false? is that the information running the board? >> i'm not familiar with those statements. >> elon musk announced he was buying twitter cheered by conservatives. a tweet from yesterday. he also weighed into a response about a tweet about this new disinformation governance board. musk tweeted today this is messed up. that is coming from elon musk. white house officials are defending the purpose of this board as a whole, though. >> it sounds like the objective
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of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country in a range of communities. i'm not sure who opposes that effort. >> and we want to point out we have reached out multiple times to the department of homeland security for just the basic questions about this board, how many people are on the board, what exactly it is going to do. doesn't appear they have a website. we reached out to ms. jankowicz and haven't heard back. we reached out to homeland security. still waiting on a response, harris. >> harris: standard because she is a government employee but we pay her to do what she is doing. she is on our payroll as americans. that's rich. you know, i'm really curious what they will do if they deem you or i, david spunt, if they say what you are putting out is disinformation and we can prove that it's factual. do we get a public apology?
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joey jones fox news contributor, retired bomb technician in "focus" now. a man who has fought for the freedom of americans. what is your take on this punch at free speech? >> listen, if we take the most objective line we can take, any administration is fully partisan. that's how they got there and how they stay there. anything they say that's the spin towards their party and what they are doing. that's american politics. if this were president trump putting together a board to somehow censor disinformation i think i would be just as skeptical. the idea an administration entity is what will tell us what is or isn't correct information about things like hunter biden's laptop is a little bit laughable. it shows you where democrats are and how afraid they are of where voters will turn out in the mid-terms. >> harris: you think it is about fear. i want to mix in greed. it is that same kind of greed that wants us to live under
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perennial mandates and when the experts can't agree on where we are inside of a pandemic, inside or out. it's about power. >> there are different motivations of the same personality, really at the end of the day. fear in the sense of fear of losing what they have, which is where the greed comes in. the idea is they are in power right now and they are the administration in power and trying to make big institutional fundamental changes in our countries. entities like disney on board but not every voter and they don't have everyone on twitter or facebook on board. listen, i don't think elon musk is a big savior. risk to have one person control the space but i like what he has to say so far compared to what twitter has shown us they're willing to do. specifically censor conservative viewpoints or viewpoints that are free speech that they consider to be harmful because you said something they don't like or agree with. at the end of the day this is america. we have free enterprise and
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free speech and one administration doesn't get to decide which one is the right type of free enterprise or the right type of free speech. >> harris: in this america every voice -- more voices, not fewer. after elon musk's twitter purchase elizabeth warren is calling for new rules to govern speech on social media. let's watch together. >> we need rules of the road for big tech. who is going to have the power in our country? are we going to make these decisions as a democracy or elon musk all by himself off in a room a bazillion air who plays by his own set of rules. right now it is unregulated and that's why it is we need to step in and say platforms like this need rules. >> harris: joey, i get what you said about the fear part now. she looks scared there. that is fear, right? we do have the choice not to be
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on twitter. she doesn't even consider that. >> democrat-controlled government has had the opportunity to revoke some of the rules like section 260 that governs this platform and what they are exempt from being governed over but haven't pulled the plug or pushed the legislature -- legislation on this. now when elon musk, a free speech absoluteist that says we have the big boy and girl pants on and can take hateful tweets if that's what it takes to see what somebody is. it scares them to death. their ability to control the narrative goes away with someone like him. he obviously isn't on the side of republicans. but if they lose him being on their side because he was a big obama supporter it scares them more and they are trying to sell ideas, viewpoints and
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policies that are radical and it scares them they don't get to spin the radical things for men and women all over the country like school board moms and dads trying to go to work and have a place to work that they can speak their mind. >> harris: you tidal -- tied all that together about the free speech. thank you for your military service and reminding us of why this morning. good to see you. day 65 in putin's brutal invasion of a sovereign nation. russia yesterday with its boldest set of attacks yet pounding targets across ukraine. missiles hitting kyiv, the capital city as the united nations secretary general was inside the city visiting the capital. new rescue efforts are underway to evacuate ukrainian troops and civilians sheltering in that port city of mariupol. they are all inside huddled that one steel plant. the world knows it. they need to be protected.
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the ruined southern port city has been a major target for putin and his army of terrorists throughout the invasion. this as we have learned that an american citizen was killed this week fighting alongside ukrainian forces, 22-year-old willie cancel, a former marine, was working for a private military contracting company according to family members. he leaves behind a wife and 7-month-old son. his widow calls him a hero who was fighting for a cause he believed in. his body yet has not been found and the u.s. state department says they are monitoring the situation. joey, i think of you every time we come across someone who makes that ultimate decision to fight for what's right. and sacrifices so much. >> you know, it's sad to see this. i'm torn on this because i know
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my brothers and sisters that came home from the 20 year world. i don't want them to go into a war that isn't our fight to fight. at the same time i understand why some are going and in an effort to support some of them. the duality of it all is the duality of war in general. we never want to be at war but understand the warrior class in this country is strong, brave and courageous and help those who can't defend themselves. there are no former marines, only marines formerly on active duty. this marine was doing. i have buddies in poland now helping with human intelligence and friends in ukraine. for any veteran looking to go over there you have to ask questions. this man left a 7-month-old son behind. you have to find that for yourself. what we can do here at home is honor those that are making that sacrifice even when they aren't doing it in their own service and there are ways to
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help their efforts. and we're about to send some eod support over there. so many bombs have been rigged to blow. we want innocent people to stay alive and want the war to be over this. i question why the actions of this administration took so long. >> harris: everybody questions them. even with the president talking about sending more money yesterday, you know, when you press in for details, you don't get a lot. joey, it is interesting. this is the first time to my knowledge that you have talked publicly, maybe i'm wrong, publicly how you can help and you have a certain expertise with those bomb materials and they are blessed to get that expertise from you, my friend. >> the group is called save our allies. we have had them on the network. they've worked with fox under different umbrellas, independence fund. i'm connected with them and there is a big need for eod
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support. this is to go in and remove the bombs and make it safe for everybody and that's where i come from. i have guys that want to go and add expertise, perhaps not in country but in the region and help the ukrainians fight their war. >> harris: news on what we're doing. always good to have you in "focus." thank you. >> absolutely. thank you. >> harris: president biden appears to have no answers for raging inflation, none, nothing. voters don't seem to be buying any of his excuses that he is putting out, either, like he claims putin. and we have this. >> what we're hearing we have border is closed and secure. the man is lying to members of congress and the american people. >> harris: republicans on the hill holding the biden administration accountable over the handling of the border crisis. homeland security secretary mayorkas tries to shift blame. it got shifty. he was not successful. more coming up on that.
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8:20 am
i'm speaking of a broken system before the prior administration. >> do you think that maybe, just maybe, your actions and your policies are encouraging migrants to come to the border? >> congressman, the increase at the border is the result of a number of factors. >> i'm asking about those specific factors, your actions and policies. >> i do not. >> you don't? >> harris: house republicans going after the homeland security crisis and the border crisis and ending title 42. the covid restriction that allows immediate deportation of any illegal immigrants at the border based on covid. we're still in a pandemic so the white house and dr. fauci argue about. anyway, a federal judge put a temporary hold on 42. and eventually it will expire but for right now we are in a holding pattern. progressive democrats are keeping up the pressure on the
8:21 am
president and dhs. >> title 42 by the trump administration was a cruel, racist, and counterproductive use of health policy. >> 2 1/2 years of title 42. has migration been deterred, mitigated? has it ended? no. so the republicans' strategy is a failure. >> the racist and xenophobic trump era policy was in effect for too long. it did nothing but inflict harm and hurt on migrants. >> harris: protecting us from covid at the border is considered racist. wow. republican congressman michael mccaul of texas, ranking member on the house foreign affairs committee and member of the house homeland security committee great to have you in "focus" today. let's start there. let's start with the difficult nasty part. the part that says we're in the middle of covid but it doesn't count if you are at the border
8:22 am
and if it's not working to shut down title 42 we'll call you a racist. >> we are debating a $10 billion covid relief package in congress right now. the idea that we will lift title 42 and let all these people in we don't know anything about them. some are on the terrorist watch list, secretary couldn't even tell us where those people are. and many of them could be infected with covid. what kind of covid relief package is this? harris, this is insanity. absolute insanity. i have worked on the border as a federal prosecutor since 9/11, as chairman of the homeland security committee and now position on foreign affairs. i have never seen it this bad. i'm a pretty nice guy but i have to say i took it to the
8:23 am
secretary yesterday. his own policy director for immigration and border security said that the records are now going to skyrocket. that it will be the highest ever recorded because what they were sent to the migrant protection protocol program. self-inflicted wound and hurting a loot of people. i have a texas national guardsman dead rescuing two narco traffickers for god sakes and he is complicit. and this administration is complicit. with that and also the fentanyl coming in that can kill the entire american population seven times over. enough is enough. >> harris: you know, when you talk about being a nice guy, you saw mayorkas garnering tough talk from republican leadership. he wanted an apology.
8:24 am
how rich is that? >> very. i think he should give an apology to the family of bishop evans who died at the border. he should give an apology to -- my daughter has been to four funerals of high school friends who died from fentanyl. he should give an apology to the criminals and the drug cartels coming into this country. he is creating a very dangerous situation at the border. he doesn't deserve an apology. he should give an apology to the american people. i told him point blank when you went down to the border, the border patrol turned their backs on you because in their words, sir, mr. secretary, you turned your backs on them. >> harris: the terms benedict arnold quickly, your thoughts on that from some of the constituents of congressmen like yourself.
8:25 am
>> well look, i've known this guy for -- when i chaired homeland security secretary jay johnson under obama, at least he was respected and honest. this guy quite frankly he is not a leader. he doesn't -- he doesn't really tell the truth. and you know, i think what he is doing to this country -- he is just following orders, right, but it is ripping this country. how are we going to absorb 2.5 million people into this country? >> harris: how? >> we've talked about this before. when title 42 is lifted 500,000 people in five weeks. i don't know -- they will have no legal status, by the way. biggest human trafficking event of our lifetime. what will we do with these people? they will be underground, right? they will be exploited. they are the victims, too. they are complicit with this
8:26 am
entire human trafficking, smuggling operation. >> harris: and that's an interesting point about it. for all the woke folk who say they want to do so much for the downtrodden and disadvantaged, you make an excellent point there. they aren't advocating for the people they say they care about. let me move on. senator tim scott calling out the biden administration with his response for his ask for information to stem raging inflation. he said this administration either doesn't understand or denying the reality of our economy. the biden blame game is an insult to the intelligence of every american. that's a quote. it comes as president biden again yesterday attempted to downplay our nation's economic problems. let's watch together, congressman. >> how concerned are you about a recession? >> president biden: well, i'm not concerned about a recession. >> harris: wow, okay. the "new york post" with this
8:27 am
op-ed. stagflation is staring biden in the face but he refuses to change course. why do you think he is not concerned about inflation or a recession? we just downgraded a quarter 1.4% in the gdp. if we do that again doesn't that equal a recession? >> look, i think this guy just wants to put his head in the sand and ignore the nation's problems. the thing is, inflation is real, gas prices are real. it reminds me so much of when i was growing up under jimmy carter in 1979, the parallels are extraordinary. and the country taken over by terrorists, by the way. and then he wants to blame it all on russia, right? it's russia's fault with ukraine. all this started happening well before the invasion of russia into ukraine. he owns this. he can't walk away from it.
8:28 am
he can't wish it away. you know what, harris, it will have a major, profound impact in the mid-term elections. >> harris: we know they are worried about that on the left. they are having disinformation governance panels put together because they're worried people will hear the words you just said about accountability and who owns this. we'll move to this. senator lindsey graham went after house speaker nancy pelosi's claim that voters won't blame biden for high gas prices. watch. >> i think the american people have had it with the biden administration's policy on oil and gas. they ran a campaign based on the idea if you put us in charge, we're going to destroy american fossil fuels. they have done it. they've shut down the keystone pipeline, made it harder for refineries to operate. begging other countries around the world to produce more oil and gas because they can't do it here at home because they run into the squad. he is to blame, not putin. >> harris: i want to go back to
8:29 am
the congressman on this. what is your response to what senator graham is saying? >> lindsey is always spot on. one of the first acts the president does is shuts down the keystone pipeline. and then what does he do? he waves -- waves our sanctions on nord stream 2. how is that to allow europe to be dependent on putin? now buyer's remorse. germany is like wow, maybe we shouldn't have done that. they created that situation where europe is depended on russian energy which is a lot dirtier than our natural gas. we should have had lng port terminals in europe. we are the number one exporter under the prior administration. now we're not. now the permits are not being approved. the russians attacked colonial
8:30 am
pipeline through a cyberattack. why do you think putin is shutting off the black sea choking ukraine? it is all about energy. he wanted the nord stream 2 pipeline and from iran into the mediterranean. people have to wake up. this idea that we will transition off of fossil fuels overnight is just absolutely fantasy world. >> harris: you know who even understands that is elon musk. an early tweet a few weeks ago it may hurt his company but look, tesla, electric car company, look, we can't do this. we may have to produce our own. we'll have to do some things to get through this moment. that was shortly after we stopped buying russian oil, which still took more days than it probably should have. >> should have. >> harris: always great to have you in "focus." thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: it just never stops. records showing hunter biden
8:31 am
business buddy made frequent trips to the obama white house. after having worked for then vice president joe biden. it just doesn't stop. it's a drip, drip. now it's a faster flowing faucet. president biden's approve all rating tanking to all time lows as primary season kicks off next week. democratic voters are really sad, they say. they are even comparing democratic lawmakers to skitering mice and slow-moving bears. ♪♪♪
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8:37 am
the state of the union was a great opportunity to do that. he doubled down on the build back broke program. he doubled down on failed policies and i think that's going to lead to an amazing election in november. >> harris: it certainly leading to some amazingly bad numbers. failure after failure is costing the president at this point. his approval rating hitting all-time lows to 41% in the latest real clear politics average. it looks like the president's fellow democrats will be the ones heavily paying the price for his dismal numbers now all the way through november. recent polling shows voters prefer republican candidates over democrats if elections were held today. politics are all local so they are looking at the landscape and saying how is my life? i'll choose a republican over a democrat. i don't know if biden can turn that around? does he have that kind of mojo? leading many to predict a
8:38 am
mid-term election wipe-out for the president's political party and the top democratic strategist spoke with biden voters and compared democratic politicians to weak animals and expressed concern over biden's age and his frequent verbal gaffes. power panel, cassie smedly executive director american rising pack. laura fink democratic campaign consultant. great to see you both. first, cassie, i will come to you and talk to you about the politics of watching what is happening from the other side of the aisle looking for opportunities so on and so forth. >> yeah. great to be with you. i want to just note in that same focus group were talking about one of the biden supporters said we have to get used to the fact there ising to be sucky things out there all the time. voters are just resigned that everything is wrong, everything is going bad right now. from the republican side it is
8:39 am
offense. under democrat control that things are not going well. here is an opportunity to say give us this chance to empower you to have a better life. empower you to have a say in your child's education and insure safe communities and empower you to have a america first supply chain is what we're offering as republicans. this can't just be vote out democrats. it has to be let's usher in a style of leadership that will work for us and empower us. that's the balance and the challenge for republicans and i think they are rising to that challenge as we plow towards november. >> harris: you pulled out the word go on the offensive and you know what's interesting, laura, about that. the white house has already been for quite some time on the defensive. what would their going on oh the offensive look like? >> i think, harris, it is no secret voters are grumpy. a global pandemic. >> harris: what does that mean? is it how you categorize their
8:40 am
suffering? >> grumpy, angry, upset and tired no matter who is in power. you have putin coming in and starting a global genocide biden has to deal with. i understand that and democratic politicians do, too. before republicans start doing a victory lap look at what is coming up on the calendar. republican fight club and primaries where they will determine who they are putting up and what that vision is. i haven't heard cassie ace vision coming out of any republican leadership. i hear people fighting over who is going to be on the ballot in november. people like dr. oz, the hawker of red palm oil. if republicans send candidates like that, look at the senate to be close and look for democrats to hold it. the alternative, raising taxes on the middle class. >> harris: i will stop you there. >> things republicans are running on. >> harris: you came up with
8:41 am
something i want cassie to respond to. it is an interesting question. you called it a republican fight club. others would call it pom at -- competition. what is your response? >> competition. that happens every two years in the primary season. they are talking about the issues. democrats are talking about gender identity and your children's school and kindergarten class. that's not a top issue. the economy. the problem with democrats now every time they say let's try to get build back better in there americans are saying that's trillions more of my taxpayer money addressing the issues that i don't see at the grocery store and the gas pump. those are all things that democrats are not paying attention to right now and that's why the polls are reflecting that so poorly for democrats. i would say, too, the added frustration is every day the
8:42 am
white house, jen psaki and president are saying nothing to see here, everything is fine. voters are saying you are not telling us the truth. >> harris: when you talked over cassie again i heard your question. laura, you asked what republicans are doing. we can take a look at florida and see what they are doing and look at the state of virginia who decided it is democrat candidate for governor decided not to listen to parents until it was too late. where all of this will get talked about potentially on a new space that elon musk just bought, twitter. he is saying through a meme he is tweeting out the polarization in american politics the center right remains stationary and political left moves farther away from the center and. he tweeted today's democratic party has been hijacked by
8:43 am
extremist. why would it be you might be leaning more to the left and what does it mean for the politics in your party? >> i think the democratic party elected joe biden who is a centrist who did things like pass legislation to rebuild our roads and our infrastructure, we are centrist party. >> harris: why the flex over student loans. that's a left thing. that's a total far left thing. why the flex over i'll do something about student loans. i don't know what i'm going to do. he has to do that or he will lose the progressives. >> i don't think he is owned by anyone except himself. student loan debt relief is something a lot of american families could use in the tough times. >> harris: what about with people who paid theirs? do they get a rebate? >> i don't think we need to pit americans against one another. that's not what this is about. >> harris: if you go to the store and your neighbor gets a
8:44 am
free bucket of food and you have to pay twice as much for you. you're good with that. i don't even believe it's true. cassie, take 10 words. >> i think she is saying they are trying to pit each other against each other. the problem is they're saying let me give you a bail-out we know in washington never goes away while the rest of us are saying wait a minute, that's not fair. this unfairness is at the heart of why people are turning away from the democratic parties. they pick winners and losers and the average american is on the losing side of almost every policy issue. >> harris: i'll bring you back. thank you. another day, another gaffe unfortunately for the president of the united states because the world is watching this. what he tried to say about russian dictator vladimir putin that had him actually giggling by the end of the sentence. it is creepy. stop it. more on the massive backlash to that new disinformation governance board set to tell us what to think, who to believe.
8:45 am
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>> george or welwarned the dangers of government addicted to power where the narrative was controlled by the state and
8:50 am
people forced to bend a knee. truth filling -- it was all guided by what he termed a ministry of truth. looks like a biden administration is taking that work not as a warning, but as their own manual. >> harris: that's what you get when you talk with brian kilmeade about this topic and saw the big brother. let's talk about the big sister who will be watching us. that's who they picked, a certain woman to watch the governance board. opinion headline now, which useful idiot thought such a clearly partisan hack should be biden's disinformation czar? that in reference to the person named to the board leading it, nina jankowicz. her old tweets resurfacing. repeatedly paints hunter biden's laptop as disinformation. we know the exact thing she is charged with tweeting out is
8:51 am
disinformation because the laptop was very real. fox across america host jimmy failla is in "focus" now. top line thoughts. >> queen of daytime. this is crazy. top line thoughts putting nina jankowicz in charge of disinformation pablo escobar. misinformation and disinformation according to the white house is anything that doesn't look good for them. anything that doesn't look good for the narrative. let's be very clear for our viewers, when they say disinformation, that's how they spread disinformation. like hunter biden, you can't report on that storying it's disinformation. we're looking out for you said the people spreading the disinformation. ist -- it is a scam. what's crazy about the whole thing. i've never seen an administration with worse self-awareness than this one.
8:52 am
the truth is you and i can sit here and say this is crazy and it shouldn't be a thing but their real problem is everybody thinks it's insane. when you look how they are polling with independent voters they continue to do things with no regard for what sane, rational observers think of them. >> harris: they don't value them. they want to tell everybody what to think especially the people they don't value or believe. >> true. >> harris: fox news has learned hunter biden associate, another one visited the obama/biden white house seven times before becoming head of the company with the chinese communist party ties. it gets thicker, the thing this new woman, the head of the governance board for disinformation. the thing she said wasn't true has 95 legs of truth. >> it is insane. where is the media on this? this is a serious dereliction of duty to know we have this much corroborating evidence to claim hunter biden was selling
8:53 am
influence in our government. make no mistake about it. hunter biden doesn't get any of this money if his dad isn't joe biden. no one was sitting at a power company -- >> harris: you know who tried to tell the president that savannah guthrie and shut her done rudely. >> joe biden, if you follow the lineage of this story has lied at every junction. it started ut other he russian disinformation. that was a lie. well, i never met with my son's business partners. we know that's a lie. so the only thing left is did you make money? of course he insists he didn't. have a hard time believing that he is telling the truth about the third. >> harris: how do you pick when you lie and tell the truth? all that artwork, we still need to follow the cash. i don't know if you saw the president, but watch. >> president biden: putin's cep
8:54 am
-- yeah, klep tok -- the guys in the kleptocracy. >> harris: the reactions weren't kind. biden's brain broke again. tom cotton said alarming. so many people with so much to say. none of them claiming to be doctors. all of them americans very concerned. >> if you've lived with a relative that was in the same state cognitive state that joe biden seems to be in it sets off so many alarm bells. what is fascinating. trump walked down a ramp at west point and the entire media was he lost it, take a test. joe biden is shaking hands with invisible people and interrupted by the easter bunny and we don't get a word out of it. the lack of concern is not so much a commentary on biden but what the media thinks of kamala harris. the truth is joe biden can be out there telling people he is batman and they still won't go
8:55 am
make rob-in the president. they are not. so i think as long as kamala is in place, that's the deal, we'll keep watching more of this. it is sad, harris, it is sad to watch. our enemies are watching this. >> harris: everybody sees it. jimmy failla, thank you. have fun this weekend. you're in d.c. be safe my friend. "outnumbered" after the break. you can buy a home with no down payment. and rates are still low. already own a home and need cash? the newday100 loan can get you up to $60,000 or more and lower your payments by $615 a month. take ten minutes right now and make the call. because no one knows veterans like newday usa.
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you're never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. >> harris: fierce perspective that the biden administration published new governance board, which critics are blasting. and a moves closer to out right safe censorship. this is "outnumbered." hello. i am emily compagno but here is harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany and joining us, tomi lahren and jason. serious questions are being raised today about how the board will determine what is


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