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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  April 29, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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you can catch me every day on the five, on -- dot com slash judge jeanene and on my fox nation show, castles usa, they're the best. i'll be going home now because i have three babies waiting for me. here they are. red, ted, and stella. tucker is next. [music] >> speaker 1: : good evening and well. >> speaker 1: : good evening and welcome to a special edition of tucker carlson. joe biden promise to transform this country. he was going to create a new economy to what he calls, know, a once in a generation investment in america, unlike anything we've seen or done since we built the interstate highway system. that's big, what would it cost? more than 4 trillion-dollars. mao much is that exactly? it's more than twice the gross
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domestic product of the entire nation of canada, and most other countries too. at the washington post, they suggested joe biden's promise marks, quote, the waning of the neoliberal era. they describe neoliberalism as centrist liberalism friendly to wall street. it's not exactly that. neoliberalism is looting with a smoke screen of race and gender politics so you won't notice that it happens. the post told us, relax. joe biden's going to give us something even better. better than we've ever had. think fdr in the new deal but with no down side. april 2021, fast forward a year, and it's clear the post got it just about half right. neoliberalism has indeed waned under joe biden. it will not survive the biden administration. that's not because joe biden has rejected neoliberalism, or found an alternative, something to
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revolutionize america. it's because joe biden embraced neoliberalism. and in so doing reminded the rest of us, tens of millions of americans, that it's horrible. that neoliberalism serves the interest of virtually no one. it's a cover for the distribution of wealth. a distribution that has become more lop sided in our age than any ever. it is a shocking disagreedth to capitalism. it's not actually market capitalism, it's something controlled and grotesque. anyone who thinks about this for about 302nds gets the point immediately. they don't want you to think about it, and that's why biden did what they always do. tried to divide the country along racial lines. make you hate your neighbor, so you won't think about where the money's going. it's awhat barack obama did, but much less artful y. here's joe biden warning us the biggest threat to america is not
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the fact you can't afford groceries or a tiny number of people is richer than anyone in human history, no. the real threat to you is white supremacy. >> domestic terrorists from white supremacists is the most lethal terrorist threat in the homeland. >> we know now we must confront and defeat political extremism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism. don't dare call them protesters. they were a riotous mob, insurrectionests, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat. >> white supremacy. the media outlets began ranting about race talkingly it can't
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work forever because it's not true. if you read the news you know that's probably not true. we've seen a lots of mass killings recently, and none of them have been motivated by so-called white supremacy. it's a little bit more complicated than that. all of a sussedden you see people attack in race-based crimes but it's not the storyline that they have approved. looks exactly the opposite of what they've been telling you. of course, a black nationalist mowed down an entire parade full of christmas celebrators in wisconsin; right? another killed the capitol police officer just after joe biden took office. and then recently on the new york city subway, another black nationalist opened fire in a crowded car. activist tried to assassinate a
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guy running for mayor in kentucky. it doesn't mean that the country has an epidemic of black supremacy. but it does mean that the constant harping on race dividing us by skin color, telling some people that they are hated by the country itself has consequences. democratic party has embraced a wall street approved theme, a talking point, about white supremacy. to this day, neoliberals are trying to salvage that to convince you no, it's really true. that's why merrick garland has never announced a probe in anything other than white supremacy. why general mark mille isn't reading books abo anything other than white supremacy. the talking point may be fake, but they're continuing to throw it at you. at thus pin, joe biden is not just inventing racial crimes and attributing them to millions of people who did nothing wrong, he's also inventing an entire new genders too.
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this is another smoke screen. 1st it was people should hate each other based on their skin color, now it's left the entire population wondering what a woman is. here's joe biden defending something called trans senior citizens. >> we're maid committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom, on the playing field, in work, in our milter, in healthcare systems, everywhere. to end the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color and girls of color. to insure transgender seniors can age with dignity, to parents of transgender children affirming your child's identity is one of the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy. >> ensuring that trans seniors live with dignity. who's against that? nobody is against it. everybody is for it. preenal watching it wonder what about every other kind of seen senior?
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and higher than ever chances of retiring in poverty. yeah. that's not even addressed. they're pushing the story on you so you don't even have time to think about it. we now have a trans admiral. the good news is people are rejecting this because it serves no one. it does not uplift anybody. it makes the population hate each other. so our leaders don't understand that. they don't understand their ideas have been rejected by the population, crooked media which carries the ideas forward into the living rooms of america doesn't understand it either, but the reality may wake them up. you're seeing it happen again and again. the rejection of neoliberal ideas the collapse is seen. according to axio s, the executive -- with various mals of overlap. 29 million cnn super fans people
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won't pay more for anything, and 36 million global news consumers. take a look at those numbers for a 2nd. cnn convinced itself it had 29 million super fans. that's even less plausible than 81 million votes in a presidential election. in the end, cnn + got about 10 thousand viewers. why? because people don't really want to pay to watch that crap, to be called biggots or learn about transsenior citizens. it's nothing to do with their lives. they know for a fact it won't improve them. what are they listening to. those are the people like joe rogan, why? not because of his political ajane, but because he's interesting and he's curious and he notices the world changing around him and wants to know what the hell's going on. so does everyone else. that's why rogan gained millions of subscribers and cnn tried to have him fired a few months ago. the company that employs joe rogan, the streaming service
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spotify, you may not have seen this story, off-load the obamas to whom they had paid millions and millions of dollars. why? because nobody wanted to watch the obamas, either. because they had nothing to say. they're not interesting in any way. so what are we watching here? we're watching the end of neoliberalism. and its core plank, the thing it depends on to survive, which is corporate control over media and hence your brain. they need to control what you think or you will reject them. increasingly they're not able to because sensorship, thank god, is dying. and we can credit to some great ec tent elon musk for that. he recently bought twitter. polls made it very clear that americans support this. why? because they understand that twitter was a force for
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censorship. most people since the live in this country and they're citizens would like some say in how they're governed so they want to give their opinions outloud without being punished for it. they're glad elon musk is promising to end the censorship of twitter. why are people rejecting this? part of the reason is while joe biden was making a fool of himself, going on about trans seniors, americans are getting poorer, and they feel it. there's no hiding it. many americans can barely afford to live in their own country. >> year to year, meat, fish, poultry and eggs jumped almost 14 percent. used cars and trucks up 35 percent. gas, up 48 percent. supply chain issues, trucks waiting p to 30 hours to cross from mexico into texas. labor shortfalls. >> oh, a food shortage. how many revolutions have been spurred by food shortages?
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most of them. the food that is available is becoming hard to afford for people. the biden administration barely acknowledges this. their solution? flood the country with 2 million new people. they might all be good people. it doesn't matter. the volume is what matters. more people, fewer resources. what does that look like. more shortenages. here's bill. >> in eagle pass texas it's a scene that plays out every morning. just after sun rise migrants make their move, wading across the rio grand entering the u.s. illegally and they continue to come from all around the world. they come in historic numbers. cvp reporting more than 221 thousand migrant encounters, that's the highest number in more than two decades. the river can be deadly. talk news this week witnessedded the bodies of multiple drowned migrants being pulled from the water. on the international bridge in eagle pass, groups of migrants
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are back to mexico every 30 minutes. >> right. so it's just apply supply and demand. if you're having a dinner party you have just enough food for 12 people but you invited 1200 people not everyone would get to eat. competition for scarce resources like food and gasoline is a huge, huge problem. there are other effects, by the way. most people coming over the border looking for a better life, they're good people, they want to work. some of them aren't good people, they want to sell fentanyl, and they are. that means a lot more overdoses. >> georgia health officials say fentanyl has infiltrated street drugs. >> the gwinette county sheriff's office made a major bust. among the drugs? are a quarter kilo of fentanyl. >> six men were rushed to the hospital thursday. investigators say they overdosed on a cocaine cocktail laced with fentanyl. >> the seattle field office of
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the dea has confiscated 1.1 million fentonen awl pills, 2 hundred guns from cartel drug traffics i just in the last four months. >> fentanyl is too affordable and too available. >> it's just specific here because people can come here all over and get it dirt cheap and not get no consequences here. >> so it's just awful, people are dying, and not just in san francisco. life expectancy, average life expectancy for american's born citizens is down. if there's any measure failure is bad. it doesn't matter what biden says or any of our political leaders say. you can say whatever you want. but people still live and they still have eyes to see. if their lives are getting worse, they know that you're lying and the beliefs you are selling are hollow. and the core belief is neoliberalism. that's been completely discredited and killd by joe biden. if he's achieved anything as president, it's that.
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so we're going to spend the next hour covering and celebrate celebrating the total collapse of neoliberalism. one reason the censorship is the hallmark of that style of government is that they don't really have a choice. nobody wants what they're selling, so they have to keep you from complaining about it. our media is built on that model and that's why they are terrified that elon musk might be single handedly blowing it up. the end of censorship means the end of neoliberalism. watch as people succumb to that terrifying realization. >> is there any danger in a twitter owned by elon musk. >> misinformation and disinformation could be amplified considerably. >> i don't think anyone agrees it should be a free and open platform, but should it be affiant for misinformation? >> liberals are concerned this will further open the flood gates the hate speech and
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disinformation. >> i don't think we actually want an anything goes twitter because we've seen that white supremacists and con serras theorists are willing to use the platform to spread lies and disinformation. >> are you concerned that what musk is trying to do is to open up the platform for more misinformation about topics such as covid-19 and the 2020 election? >> the best is this woman from a group called free press, spent her cable news hit arguing against a free press. no irony alarms went off. those have been disabled. every person you saw in that montage touted misinformation. people will talk and tell you the wrong things about covid covid-19. we spent the last years taking a look at covid-19 and our response to it and the media's coverage of it, the bodies of others, she joins us tonight to
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assess the claims of misinformation. thank you so much for coming on. so they're fretting about the idea that our social media platforms or media itself could be flooded with misinformation about, say, covid. are you concerned about that? >> i'm concerned that we're having this conversation in thedown of america. >> right. >> exactly. >> it used to be that we all understood that we had a 1st amendment. it came 1st because everything else depends on it. and you're not supposed to create restrictions or chill speech. the news media used to be the people who understood best that you're supposed to allow for even an unpopular discussion, even crown v discussions. i remember that in america we used to talk about true or untrue. something was either a fact or it was not a fact. what's so orwellian about this discourse about misinformation and disinformation and i think even came up with
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malinformation, is that it's not whether it's true or untrue, it's whether it's naughty-thinking or wrong-think. that is unamerican. that's much more like a cct style socialist environment in which you can't go against those in power, you can't go against the state. that's a catastrophic situation. >> it's such an insightful point you just made. what you're saying is the truth is no longer a defense. >> exactly. these people aren't saying god forbid someone might say something factually inaccurate, in which case in america we shine light on that. so the factual accuracy can prevail. that's not what they're saying. and lis hundred there's -- listen to the slippery slope they created. they all mention hate speech. speech we may not like or people like us think is, you know,
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sexist or, or wrong-headed or homophobic, that's been turned into hate speech, and then hate speech has become a slippery slope into whites supremacist discourse and violence and a threat to democracy. that's all been clapped intentionally so that people will be scared to have open robust, you know, american conversation where people who disagree with each other respectfully or disrespectfully disagree. if you want to see real open debate, all you need to do is go back to the way our founding fathers newspapers used to cover events or the way newspapers covered y haven't into the 1st half of the 19th century in our country. there was so much, you know, open debate, name-calling, um, kind of discourse that wouldn't even be allowed today. but jefferson and others understood that was vitally important order to keep our democracy safe. it's a very totalitarian thing
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to say that speech is violence and the left is doing it, and i'm ashamed of that. >> yeah, i mean, it's fascinating if you compare the debate over the iraq war and i'll admit right out loud i was on the zone of that debate. brunt for was a debate. two sides went up against each other and one prevailed. you don't see any debate whatsoever about the current war we're involved in. you saw no debate about covid-19. you don't see any real debate about the biggest issues our country. >> and that's partly the real danger of these tech companies being the town square, and also i would say lockdown intensified that because we were forbidden to gather in town halls or churches, or synagogs, or in the street or our homes and talk to each other, so we were all driven on to these tech platforms. i run a tech company. the kind of censorship you engage in on a platform is very insidious because it can be
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invisible. you can censor people by shadow banning or algorithms or google thinking certain results are racist. it's not as visible as a pile of books being burned in a german square in the 1930s. so we don't even know what we don't know on these tech platforms. super scary. >> you've become such an important voice on this. i appreciate it we will thank you. >> thank you. >> so it used to be political debate was about things that might actually improve yor life. it was not about gender ideology and defunding the police. before neoliberalism, liberals were kind of liberal. that wasn't a bad thing. we've got the tape to prove it, straight ahead.
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with rewards of all shapes and sizes. [ cheers ] are we actually going? yes!! and once in a lifetime moments. two tickets to nascar! yes! find rewards like these and so many more in the xfinity app. >> tucker: we're in the middle of the worst drug epidemic in american history. it's lowered life expectancy across the country. it's the perfect time for joe biden to commute the sentences of dozens of drug criminals. this is the equity agenda in action. biden was not always a believer in equity, the early 1990s he helped author a zero tolerance law against the possession of crack cocaine which at that point was destroying american cities, and then he bragged about it.
5:26 pm
>> if you have a piece of crack cocaine no bigger than this quarter that i'm holding in my hand, one quarter of 1 dollar, we passed a law the leadership myself and others, a law that says you're caught with that, you go to jail for five years. you get no probation, you get nothing others than five years in jail. judge doesn't have a choice. >> that was joe biden, 31 years ago. he of course has always been a low-iq dem i god but he was making a semi fair point. en crack was a huge problem. it it hurt a lot of people in the 19 80s. en who denies that wasn't here then. killery clinton is also now a believer in something called criminal justice reform. here he is in 19en 96 calling for more cops to ward off super predators.
5:27 pm
>> if we have more police interacting with people, having them on the streets, we can prevent crime turning into something worse. we need to take these people on they're often connected to big drug cartels, they are not just gangs of kids anymore. they are often the kinds of kids that are call super predatory. >> those kids are super predators. her husband was the one who executed a guy who was so mentally defect f he asked to save his last meal for later. now they're on the other side. special thanks so much for coming on. this is an about face. it's not because, tucker, they found a new agenda, this new socialist agenda that was so popular. i think what happened the 1st thing the democratic party became wealthy, that bicoastal elite through globalization got these global markets and you have a whole professional class that's not subject to any
5:28 pm
ramifications of these utopian ideas whether it's climate change or defund the police. they said we don't have the people gut we have the institutions. we can influence opinion without having a majority of opinion. and then of course they changed the demography. we had about 40 million people come in the last 40 years. we have 50 million residents that were not born in the united states and they feel the majority of them will be loyal to the democratic party that invited them in. and still, it's not enough. still, they're looking at a disaster in november so now they're saying in reeducate young people. they're trying to do that and they want to change the system. they're saying we can't indoctrinate them maybe we can get rid of the fill buster, the
5:29 pm
electoral college, but all of this has a common denominator, and that is they are, the party of the elite now, they're the party of the wety, the party that despises the middle class and they seek power for an agenda that nobody wants and they have to have these crisis to do a january 6 or the ukrainianen war, whatever the thing is, they use these leverages of influence and power. i don't think it's going to be enough. i think they're looking at a landslide of rejection in november and where think elon musk is a precursor, so is the c-span implosion, so is the disney implosion, so is the netflix implosion, so is the virginia election implosion. a lot of indicators, a lot of symptoms they have a reckoning to terrifying them. >> just in three sentences, do you believe that the coming miss-terms will dish credit not just the players but their ideas as well? >> yeah, i think it is because you see it's not just political.
5:30 pm
people, as you say, they're not real interested just in the issues, it's existential. they can't find who -- they can't fill up their car. they don't feel safe when they go into a big city. they don't feel their kids are being educated or they're being propagandized. it's a 36024-seven phenomenon. it's a totalitarian effort. you can see the pushback in social media. you can see it with grass roots school board. they feel their very lives are at stake. it's not going to be sustainable if these people are in control any longer because they don't care. joe biden doesn't care about the price of gas. elizabeth warren doesn't care if people can't afford mriwood at plywood at the lumber store. >> i think you're right. i think that's a really insightful conservation.
5:31 pm
a thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so when cortez 1st she's not just a political super model. she is going to speak truth to power on behalf of the working class. she's not going to suck up to power like the rest of us. well, here's the end of the story, the people she supposely represents, blah collar workers, have turned against her. not surprisingly. that's next on this special edition of tucker carlson tonight.
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>> welcome to fox news live in new york. an isis member sentenced to life in prison in the killing of four americans. a british national was part of an isis cell dubbed the beetles because of their accent. he pleaded guilty to several charges. family members of james foley, steven, and came kayla muler,
5:37 pm
read statements during the sentencing. a sinking feeling on wall street, the dow tumbling more than 9 hundred points and the nasdaq fell 13 percent in april, its worst monthly performance since the great recession. traders are concerned about poor performance by apple and amazon and news this week the u.s. economy shrinks during the 1st quarter. i'm jackie, now back to tucker carlson tonights. >> so if. >> tucker: if you recall cortez was a revolutionary, restores power to the working people. hear her roar. and yet the 2nd she took office she started talking like this. >> the world is going to end in 12 years if we don't address climate change. this is our world war two. >> it's time to consensus the lives of children are going to
5:38 pm
be very difficult and it does lead, i think, young people to have a legitimate question, you know, should, is it okay to still have children? >> i don't know if he is familiar with a menstruating purr person's body. in fact, i do know he's not familiar with a woman, a female or a menstruating person's body. >> having a conversation about what it means to be work working class women of color at the met. >> as the youngest woman in congress, and as a woman on color, it is so hard to be taken seriously. people already try to diminish me, diminish my voice as young, frivolous, and unintelligible haven't. >> she's a woman of color, really how? she's a narcissist of color. when she's not shilling for donors in the green energy.
5:39 pm
chadwick.em. how do you assess the lady from westchester? >> the didn't sengenal liberal today in america. if you took the scientists, put them in a lab and said make us the quintessential liberal, the essence of liberal, they would put some ingredients together . >> the economic marxist, into this wacky, academic very self-centered privileged cultural marxist. the maoest marxist.
5:40 pm
the lean people she knows who are working off their student loan debts are people working the welfare system. thrown are her people and of course our extremely rich donors. >> that's exactly it. here she is talking abouts working women of color, standing there in a 30,000-dollar dress at the met. she is just the perfect distillation of neoliberalism. talk about yourself, help yourself to the spoils, help nobody else. >> and good feelings. it feels good to tuck about it. to live in a fantasy to pretend you're che gueevara whoever she thinks she is. another thing her whole behavior criticize kill her and she can run pretend she's the victim
5:41 pm
here when she's just a privileged white uterus haver from west chester. >> she's a pretty good performer. she could run a day spa in santa fe. i think she would do well. great to see you. thank you. >> so joe biden isn't well, that's not being cruel, he's the president of the united statessen and it's impossible to ignore. biden's not able to answer basic questions. it's sad as hell but it's a tragedy for america. if biden chooses to run again, what will that look like? we'll talk to positions and watch him very closely next on this special edition. we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: everybody sees it's embarrassing to talk about, you feel bad noting it, it's true, biden is getting increase leg out of it. here's some recent examples in case you haven't seen them. [applause] [music] [no audible dialogue]
5:47 pm
>> on title 42, sir, are you consider delaying? >> no. we're not considering it's contingent to hear from my, uh, my, uh -- 1st of all, there's going to be an appeal by the justice department. because there's matter of principle we want to be in the position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we'd be able to do that. >> okay, so it's not just that he's wandering around not knowing where he is, it's that he doesn't remember basic facts about core american policies. the tape you just saw was the biden confusing title 42 which is immigration policy which could allow millions more people in the country,, confusing that with the airline mask mandate. the reason i'm bringing this up is because joe biden says he plans to run again in 2024. what's would that look like for the rest of us?
5:48 pm
thanks for coming on. >> tucker, listen back in 2008, when john mccain was running for president, hey was over 70 and i established the mccain protocol because naturally everyone on the left was pouring over his health records looking for a reason hey shouldn't run. i said okay. you're going to da that to john mccain, we're going to do that going forward for everyone. the public has the right to know. now we have the oldest living american president talking about running again, he'll be over 80 years old. i've never examined him, but what do i know? in 1988 he had two brain aneurysms repaired the old method, one of them leaked they had a bleed in the brain, this can cause long-term cognitive problems. he also has atrial afibrillation which is irregular heart break. last year or at the end of the yore he has a physical released worse than dramatically over a year and then called in the
5:49 pm
neurologist and orthopedist. tucker, we never learned what the mri showed if there was an mri. we never learned what the neurologist had to say. we never heard about a cognitive exam, we never heard about a mental status exam. all we heard was about the -- which could have been a smoking gun. thennen you showed all these clips and this disorientation and if there is cognitive decline it tends to get worse when you have less cognitive reserve. here's what i know about title 42, tucker. if you see the president down at the border on election day 2024, and he's not sure which side the voting booths are on, we won't know if that's a political statement or a more disorientation, tucker. >> that's exactly right. if there's anyone else your heart could go out. our heart does go out to him and his family but the guy runs our country and he's really radical. dr. siegel, thank you. >> going up against vladimir putin he's got to be at his top
5:50 pm
game, no question. >> of course. >> the democratic party is terrified of joe biden running for president again because they think he will lose. they're undermining him, obviously. if not biden, who would it be? who are the other potential candidates. one of the best people in the world is cohost of the five, a friend of ours, probably lot of other things, a dog owner. thanks for coming on. >> glad to be here. >> let's just stipulate there are a lot of democrats that don't want biden to run again. so, if it's not biden, who would it be, do you think? >> a few months ago i came on my program and i suggested that everybody keep a watch on hillary rodham clinton because she was making noise about how the election was taken from her, and that she would be somebody who can save the party, really.
5:51 pm
there are three people saying this on the record. one is hillary clinton, the other is bane sanders, and now your friend liz warren. they all three on the record are saying if biden chooses newt run again, i will run. then there's all of these people that are on background and all the mainstream media, have you noticed this? it's like joe biden is leading us to a terrible place. the question becomes would it be comma law harris kamala harris. would be the wednesday before thanksgiving or the wednesday after. immediately the question is, will you endorse kamala harris? i think that is really the question and unlikely. i think sees a lot of his son, bow, in mayor pete. i also think that stacey abrams, if she were to somehow win the governorship in georgia, she's an automatic entry into this race. jared polis is the governor of
5:52 pm
colorado, people are interested in him, he would be a way out of the box choice, but a governor would be probably a better bet for the democrats. i think they are in for not only a bad 2022, but to me it looks really hard for me to understand how they would turn it around by 2024. >> it feels, it sure feels that way, doesn't it? barack obama already serviced his two terms, but he's emerged to weigh in on some of the biggest policy issues at the moem, which former presidents don't normally do. do you see any significance in that? >> i think part of the thing we're dealing with now is we've never had so many former presidents still living. jimmy carter hasn't been president since niangy and he is still with us. although he doesn't comment on foreign policy as much as he used to, he'll weigh in once in a while. president obama is a young man. he's got this netflix deal, a spotify deal, and he takes um bring at the idea that jo biden says he's the most progressive
5:53 pm
president because barack obama wants that's title. i think president barack obama truly believes in 2016 if he were to be the one to run against donald trump, he would have won. in some ways he is thinking he is the king-maker and that joe biden in 2024 is not going to be in that position. that position i think is still held by barack obama. >> i think you're exactly right about that. thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> bye bye. >> we'll be right back.
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and for everyone that you can see there are hundreds and thousands more. lives abruptly changed. we're called to step into this crisis. this inhumanity. the international fellowship of christians and jews needs your $45 gift now to help rush food, blankets and shelter to jewish refugees fleeing for lives in ukraine. call or go online now and the impact of your life-saving donation will be automatically doubled to help save more lives. right now, we can bring planeloads of humanitarian aid to these jewish refugees, but we don't know how much time we have. clothing that's warm. medicine like insulin. and food; canned goods. this is one plane, praise god! but we need 5 planes. we need 10 planes. we need 100 planes!
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an emergency gift of $45 helps rush food, blankets and shelter. call or go online now and the impact of your life-saving donation will be automatically doubled to help save more lives. who are you going to be now? who are we going to be? we're talking about saving jewish lives and time is running out. time is running out. please call or go online now. this mother's day, show mom that you worship the ground she walks on. or in this case, stands on. the new anti-fatigue comfortmat from weathertech is a gift she'll appreciate all year round. it makes standing comfortable in the home or office and comes in a variety of colors and finishes. and for mom's vehicle, there's cupfone, floorliner, cargoliner, and seat protector. show mom that she deserves the best with an american made gift from weathertech. mom's gonna love this! happy mother's day from weathertech.
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>> tucker: in 2020, los angeles county voters elect ad lunatic to the the county's top prosecutor. he deliberately unleashed the most violent criminals in our midst. turned los angeles into a 3rd world war zone. this is los angeles under george gastone, people who break the law are celebrated.
5:59 pm
joe biden is commanding you to pay more for gasoline in the name of democracy because suddenly ukraine is a democracy. the whole conversation made us wonder how much of the biden family sacrificing? how much are they giving to clarity, for example? last year the biden -- 610,000-dollars in income and of that they donated less than three percent to charitable causes. learn much is three percent? americans who make less than 50 grand year on average spent more than eight percent of income on charitable donations. that means that joe biden is not only out of it, but mean in chief. the bidens are giving, it's not going very far. last year, biden's largest donation was a 5,000-dollar check to the bo biden foundation. his own family. the new york post reports of that foundation's money goes to its charitable mission. so where does the rest of the
6:00 pm
money go? we'll be looking into that. we'll let you know. what we find. that's about it for us. tune in every night. we'll see you monday. welcome to hanty and tonight we are covering multiple developing in just a moment we'll check in with lawrence jones where he asked college students what they thought about elon musk and his plan to restore free speech on twitter. also we have tonight exclusive undercover video of twitter employees in a complete meltdown mode. we'll bring you an important update on bid


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