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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 29, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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the money go? we'll be looking into that .ng what you know what we find that's about it for us tonight. tune in every night 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn and sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink have the best weekend with the ones you love. we'll monday s and welcome to hannity. ple and tonight we are covering multiple developing stories in just a moment, we'll check in with lj lawrence jones j who is at the universityus ofes houston where he asked college students what they thoughte a about elon musknd and his plan o restore free speech at twitter . alsoe we have tonight exclusive project veritas undercover i video of twittern employees and a complete meltdown mode. plus, we're going to bring you
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an important update on biden's new ministry of disinformation. in other words, a truth ministry. now, by the way, apparently future nbc host and current unethical press secretary jen psakire has no idea who the administration actually tapped to run this program. she also doesn't seem to know why anyone would d be opposed. the department of homeland security regulating free speech . how does that keep us safe and secure at homee anyway?l take a look. what i i can tell you is that it sounds like the objective of is to preventmi disinformation and misinformation from around the country and a range of w communities.pps i'm not sure who opposeses that effort and i don't know who this individual is, so i have no comment on it specifically nina jenko as she m just recently made some polarizing twitter, twitter, her purchase. it's justt gettingit some pushbn from critics who are saying this person may not be the right choice for a boardse
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that is run by thecu departmentt of homeland security. can you speak to that at all?i i don't have any information about this individual. > i can check on more information about the board>> will circle back on that . apparently jen psaki doesn't know a thing about nina s or biden's no disinformation . vernance board jen psaki is reportedly too busy negotiating her contract with nbc p and preparing for her new role with the network. she'll fit in perfectly. all they do is peddle lies and conspiracy theories nonstop ..eding kind of to like big news cnn. but according to jen psaki, the biden administration would w never lie to you. be so why wouldn't they be in charge of policing this information and why would anyone be opposed to that ? now forget biden's outright lie about his involvement in hunter's foreign international business schemes oris his lies about inflation being transitory or the lies about blaming putin for higher gas prices when they were higher long before vladimir putin invaded ukraine or
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his lies surrounding gun companies falsely claiming that they can't be sued or b lot lies about record job creation in a great economy or is lies about inheriting a broken border or the lie about mass migration being seasonal or the lie about border patrol p officials whipping migrants that never happened and a fullpe investigation to prove that . now, of course, the disinformation governance board will not be policing any of that disinformation. going to back and figure out way i'm sure they're not going to go back and figure out whyhoth they lied about russia collusionmp h in that with trum. that never happened. i'm sure they'll never go back and look at the lies they themselves have been involved in . e i don't think they'll fact check themselves either. instead, the realst threat, thro according to the white house, is disinformation from all of the dangerous keyboard warriorso ,a lot of them in the basement, their underwear on twitter that will now be able to tweet whatever the heck they want thanks to elon musk.
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oh , freedom of speech. what a concept is nowis the disinformation czar this is this gets interesting. nina jankovics told nprh that she shudders to think about free speech absolutist taking over social media new memberme as a of the dhs department ofnt g homeland securityoi, she's going to do what she can to restore0 order. but get this in 2012 when donald trump was president, she said the executive branch had no business policing information. she actually called the anti-democratic. >> take a look. imagine that you know, with president trump right now calling all of these news organizations that havees inconvenient for him stories that they that they're getting out there that he's calling fake news and now lashing platform. i would never want to see our executive branch have that sort of power. i think where we're seeing cooperation ramp up on a numbern of levels.d so i will be completely honest and say that my program,
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the wilson center is partially funded by facebook noterbo admission at the end of that little speech. now her prior w job at the wilsn center was funded in part by the zuckerberg facebook and in 2020 zuckerberg we know spent hundreds and hundreds of d millions of dollarsem to help turn out democratic voters and apparently some of zuckerberg funds also help in a jankovics battle disinformation like this . >> take a look information me countering is really quite she could qunol to take some high stakes in some cities, putting them on remains female. but there is information, for example, atrocious. it's how you handle a lie to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. when rudy giuliani said i didn't come from ukraine when concludes because of his campaign during during dicenzo we really should take note and not support the lies with our whataboutism so we're supposed to trust that purveyor
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that'snformation and going to be the person that polices our thoughts now jenk which is obviously a far left radical democratel who believes her opinions are facts and your opinions are disinformationon. hunter that's why she spread total b.s. about the hunter biden laptop and praised hillary clinton's dirty misinformation dossier. author christopher steele, by the way, that whole thing is debunked and guess what ? none of it was true . i guess she believed the storyw about in in moscow in the ritzar carltonlt all untrue. ultimately the bigger scandalge here is not brancowitz and a far left politics. it's the existence in a free country of a government disinformation board. our government does not get to w decide what opinions are permissible and that is simply not the american way. i i don't know. i would think maybe somebody over there read the first amendment, read the . nstitution it's up to we the people to
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fact check the government, not the other way around. now government has always been and will always be the biggest offender of misinformation and disinformation. and of course, for the past few years big tech has played a massive role. twitter has been arbitrarily banning conservatives throttling accounts. of course we have ban shadow banning blocking negativeem stories about democrats. they've been protecting democrats for years. but now elon musk, he's taken it over and he's really just promising freedom of speech. and we have twitters, twitterersrs, liberal board. they'ree in a total freak out meltdown mode. they'remo all worried that all their important moderation will soon come to an end and theiran platform will be scary and dangerous and a placey filled with opinions that they can't take and they disagree with james o'keefe project veritas obtained audio from an internal call among twitter employees. i got to be honest, this islw priceless. >> as always, you decide you
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made it clear to the public and a large part of the reasonn he bought the platform because of our moderation policies w and disagreements in how weit deal with it. s put twitter service and trust in bp as well as anybodyy who cares about how to perform in a very difficult position prayer service, all of policiesn and capabilities in moderation are fundamental to keeping twitter safe and growing. i believe that there is a lot of work we have to do ton continue making that better. now we contacted twitter but they declined to comment but is anyone surprised now four yearsi under donald trump big techwo the mob, the mediark, the democratic party , they all worked in conjunction togetherei they're going toic moderate the speech of their political opponents a and silence themp whenever possible and now they're losing grip and they're hoping for a lifeline from america's brand new disinformation czar who spreads disinformation
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herself. here now with reaction from the hit show the five, our friend judge jeanine pirro along with our other friend, fox news contributoror lara trump. good to see you both. judge, let me start with you. how ironic t. one offo the great purveyors of disinformation herself is going to, you know, head the ministry of truth. maybe we will call that orea their version of the truth.. of tonshehile she spreadd of misinformation. well, the irony and the i hypocrisy is justypocrisy typicf everything that we've been seeing since joe biden got into officee. let me just start with the t fundamental issue and that ishe the first amendment to the constitution. freedom of speech is something that is essential to any democracy. the united states supreme courtr has affirmed that andim reaffirmed that time and time again hate speech, any kind of speech in order for there to be a democracycy, there needs ti be a free exchange of ideas that these people are act actually thinking and trying to promote as as barack obama did
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a week ago when he came out o and said, you know, we need to kind of moderate this stuff. it's close to big brother. it's frightening to anyone who understandscy what democracy about.. but this woman in particular and all her sweetners singing mary poppins i mean, i don't know this nina yankovic's is she she jankovics is she related to weird al yankovic? i mean, i don't know what's going on there, but this is this is a group of people who realize those numbers are in the tanks. c they can't complain about the messaging. they can't complain about y the media. so they're going to tell youou what's the lie. here'shest my question. s if they decide that something is disinformationt, what is the sanction? what is the consequence? who polices w in who is in charf it? and in the end, what is what what will they do to you and why is this the department of justice where a crime they're talking about we don'te have a crime that they say thato is happening across america.
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mahow about health and humanov services where they say there's so much covert disinformationn they want to put this in in menorca, caesarea so they can lie about what's happening at the border? let me make this real clear is. this is the attempt by the democrats to dumb down everything to call people on the right liars t and to tryt to convince people that they are the truth tellers when they are just the opposite of that and you lived through all of this . this woman is o on recordr praising christopher steele, which we now know the dossierow of rush disinformation praising that going along with theor entire russia hoaxt, part of this effort this unified effort tag and media mob big the democratic party to say, oh, no, no, the hunter biden laptop story is false. it's russian disinformation. it turns out to all be true. so you're picking the biggest
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purveyor of disinformation to run the ministry of truth now are you kidding me? yeah. you can't make it up. she seems super trustworthy, sean right. go back to the foundation of america, people founded this country because they believe that no one had the rightt to tell you how to live your life, what religion to practice or say what you cous say or could not say.nt the founders ofry our countrye believed that more ideaset and competing ideas were better than homogenous thought. but i think that'sca the key hee because the democrats have realized that the biggest disasterdi for them would be if americans could freely think could freely discuss ideas with one another and could restoreh and come up with their own conclusions because they would most certainly conclude that they are all a bunch of frauds and phoniesin over on the democrat side, a lot of peopled wouldou find that out very, very quickly. t
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but my question is this system has been working in america for roughly two hundred and fiftyy years. t so what changed all of a sudden? why the needgh to silence roughy half the country all of a sudden? is it shawn and janine that perhaps they're nervousou that donald trump might take another run at the white housese in twenty twenty four and is k t worth well, you know, just completely dissolving one of our fundamental rights as americans o citizens not a single word about the people that were suspended on twitter and canceled on twitter starting y with your father in law, starting with former president now the ayatollahs in iran, a judge, they were allowed to stay. canc donald trump isel the one that got canceled. it was conservatives suspendedp and canceled and not a peep from anybody on the left l at all. they didn't care at all what happened to conservative health care. what happens.on't career wh to m and they're building something
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up in their mind that likelym doesn't sound like it's going to happen under elon musk at all. well,. the sad part and the most frightening part of this , sean, is the fact that if they succeed and i think the twenty twenty two electionse are going to be extremely important in this regard as it relates to free speech. every american understands that this is this is part of the leftist progressive thought. process that they have to tell us what to think t they have to tell us because we're too stupid to figure things out and as soon as that happens, as soon as they start policing this thought, america ceasesi' o be america. and i'm telling you w 2020 to will be a revolution. it t will be a revolution. people who are tired of paying too much money because two years ago we were doing just fine financially. now all of a sudden every thing has gone to in a handbasket and they want to stop us from speaking. no way this is america.ot americans are not going to stand for it. to tanned for it.
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>> laura, we laura , we got 30 seconds. you're going to get the last word in this segment. >>ec well, you would expect to see something like this , no doubt in china. in north korea. that's where you expect to have a thought police of sorts to have this ministry of truth. it is absolutely outrageous that in 2020 two in the t united states of america we see this happening. a we are supposed to be getting better as a country and ay society a and unfortunately with democrats in control, they have taken us theirect, opposite direction. it's rather terrifying. it is. j all right, george , to me, thank you , lord trump, as always. e thank you . and we turn our house p attentis back to white house press secretary, future nbc employeeta and star jen psaki no longer seems too interested in actually answering anyir questions. she doesn't even circle back anymore. how disappointing. today she took the question about the disinformation board she avoids questions about the border crisis and it is a crisis and of course she
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refuses to answer questions about joe biden'st ties to some shady business deals. we're also learning tonight at hunter biden and hisin business associate. they visited the obama biden white house seven times afterin becoming head of the company with a company with ties to the communist chinese party . .p wow.en but don't s expectaki jen psako field any questions about that . in fact, many reporters nowportk reportedly i guess are s afraids to ask tough questions because she's a bully who quote makesle you look like. a whole. anyway, here with reaction is fox news contributor joe concha counsel counselor to president trump kellyanne conway. he good toy' see you both. kellyanne, seriously, they're afraid as peter does. he's not afraid to ask anyai question and he's notd afraid to spar with jen psaki. soso why would these same i'm sorry there's a delay that same article said how boring it h is now to be a white house press corps reporter under president
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biden. but i take objection with that.j they want th to pretend everybody is bored. i think everybody's just routinely lied to inflation or transitory. the border surge is seasonal. afghanistans out offtr control. no americans will be stranded there. we're going to kill the virus this guy inherited three vaccines ready to go into the arm from president trump and instead is phase three variants and we're stillea dealing with covid. so c these aren't gaffes, john.e this is not missing.s this is not disinformation. these are lies. and i think what we really need is not someone with a russiane title for disinformation, which is pretty funny, calling her the disinformation czar. what we really need is credible and complete information from cabinet secretaries like alejandro mayorkasreta who every time he goes to testify in front of the congress evadesa senators have saidn what do you mean you don't know how many people crossed over ? isn't it your job to know don't you have tens of thousands of employees to help? you know,w, goi so but there's a there's something going on here. president obama the week before
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this gave a speech on disinformation. now you've got dhs digging into this and saying they needed this information czar . that's because they know they've got a lemon in the white house and the democrats have no message. they're alreadype moving on tons 2020 four. and when that happens, they're telling us very one simple thing don't d america don't believe what you see, believe what we say. and soso far, according to every poll that is not working, you those are really good points. it's amazing to me. joe concha, i go out of my way to explain what my job is because a lot of people in the media mob do not understand what we do. yes,f the i'm a member of the po i have six hundred and seventy five radio affiliates. i'm on the fox news channel, which is a news channel but i don't claim to a be a journalist. i claimcclaim to to be a talk s. but i can produce thousands of hours of straight news, thousands of hours of investigative reporting up front about who i am. i am a registered conservative
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. yes, a i voted for donald trump. i make i make no apologies. i give my opinion straightforward. we even do culture. we do sports . we do like the whole newspaper. these other networks, they claim to be journalists.wse their talkr show hosts just like me except they're not honest about it now they were part ofhe the big lie over the hunter b biden lap top story birthday and the huge difference right between talk show hosts who primarily provide perspective and opinion and those who claim to be correspondance or reporters.k just a quick note as far as asking tough questions, not just peter doocy. i thought jackie heinrich hadha a very good weekar as far as showing what the kind of questions should be asked press these these briefings and no doubt while while peter wasn't there, right. yeah,, jen saki can jen psaki ce back , by the way,pp because she has one foot out the door and apparently is starting at msnbc probably in may and we're
11:20 pm
in may as far as next month is concerned. yet still she is there at the white house taking questions while there's a clear conflict of interest, it'ss a joke to get to the whole ministry of truth thing. this is like a mel brooks movie except mel's movies were intentionally hilarious. this is downright scary and the fact is going to fall under dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas. this guy is t currently presidid over the worst border crisis of our lifetime and he blames the trump administration forg giving him a broken border system, which is a lie. right. syste som. we should give him more responsibility because he's doing such a good job already. i mean, as you what could possibly go wrong? and as you said, nina jankovics, as you noted, christopher steele dossier fan, not a fan of elon musk, hunterte biden this is what she said about it. quote we should view it as a trump campaign product unquote. nope. you get the point my orcas and jankovic and soki or actually basically three of the last people who should we we should be going to as far as anything regarding truth in the u.s. government shouldn't even be consideringnsd something like this because partizans obviously with political agendas are
11:21 pm
going to be running it.nd this will be weaponizes just like everything else and everyone knows that my guess is supposed to distract from inflation cri, crime, borda what'snd going on as far n as inflationo, and gas prices. but no, you know, this isep what we're talking about now. it'st an absolute joke shorts. except i think it's supposed to be serious by the way, i think both of you very soon are coming out with your books. kellyanne, your book is coming out when? may 24th. and joe, i know your schedule. t i'm looking forward to it. fall, it's going to be it's going to be in the fall. yeah, but it should be noted, that not onlyown do you host a radio show on a tv show, but now you're running capecchi, which i think is verya impressive to juggle all those has and the longest, longest running primetime show host. sean, i haven't been on your y show able to congratulate you. i want to use my last couple of seconds saying that you really have withstood so muchh and just shine. thank you so much. i haven't been away from so many all of you as great people
11:22 pm
like you that come on the show and our audience loves you and to the audience that makes it all happen. butt thank you for being with us. thanks also to your books.'s bae and coming up, is biden's face now turning on him? we've got polling that certainly suggests they are in a major way. we'll we'll explain and we'll talk to georgia senate candidate herschel walker. he's next with reaction a as we continue. nail fungus is next . upd now starts improving the appearance of fungus damage toenails in just two days. it's clinically proven formula penetrates the nail for results you can see quickly now give fungus damage, toenails makeover. >> if something happened to you, what would happen to them ? their home, their education, their future. you need life insurance and chances are selectquote can help you get it for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found jacob forty of five hundred thousand dollar policy for only $19
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when it comes to tech, everyone wants the next best thing. now with xfi complete from xfinity, you can get updated wifi technology with the new tech upgrade program. plus, protection from cyber threats at home and now on the go. so staying up to date is easier than ever. you look great by the way. right? unbeatable internet. made to do anything so you can do anything. only xfinity will upgrade your tech after 3 years for a more reliable connection. get that and more with xfi complete. upgrade today. disembodied british a hint of water with a touch of true fruit flavor. welcome to fox news live. i'm jackie aubenas in new york. u.s. intelligence suggesting russia's offensive in eastern ukraine is going much slower than expected while russia remains in control of the port city of mariupol, its forces have stalled. a u.s. official says they're having trouble moving out of the besieged port city to counter ukrainian troops advancing south.
11:27 pm
nearly three thousand ukrainian troops and civilians inside a steel plant on the outskirts of mariupol are desperately waiting to be rescued. well, thousands of firefighters are battling destructive wildfires across the southwest. strong winds and dry conditions making their job very difficult. one fire northeast of santa fe has destroyed at least one hundred and sixty six homes . reinforcements are expected to join the nearly 1000 firefighters already on the front lines. i'm jacki. ivana's now back to "hannity" now. tonight , more warning signs flashing for democrats ahead of2 the twenty twenty two midterms as a new fake news. cnn poll finds democrats are seeing that african-american support for democrats declining and joe biden declininge as the bidenit presidency clearly is imploding. inflationng surging 40 year high record high gas prices.
11:28 pm
we pay more for everything we buy at every store we go to and even democrat van jones sees exactly what's happening and says the quality of life for manyoc democratic voters jut has not gotten better under joe biden, an honest moment for him. good for him. takeim, a look.e the day to day reality of black folk hasn't improved in fact, because of inflation and other things gotten worsert. l cha and so you're starting tong see that disappointment factor set in . do you think it will change the voting pattern? >> well, i think i think that it may well, i chose biden's poll numbers aresh crashing his approval crumbles and it's self-inflicted. crises mount. now are in real danger of losing support from very key groups. they're losing support from african-americans. joe has o lost a lot of ground, especially with youngme americans, with young hispanic americans, with hispanicri, et with suburban moms pretty much all across the board as the party continues to go further and further to the radical leftt
11:29 pm
and spew endless excuseshe instead of real solutions to the problems facing everyday americans, it will explain more . george senate candidate herschel walker herschelle, great to have you looking good. the one thing i would say and we've been friends a long wu time and when we spoke before you jumped in to the water here and ran for senate, i'm proud to support you. i y we've been friends a long time.u i think you'll make a great senator is you want to make itpr very clear you want to represent all of georgia k and there's a part of you that i just know means every word of that . and you told me i'm going into areas that are knownwn to be vey democratic . i'm going to go to republican areas. i'm going to go north west,, so east, west and every placean in between and tell peoplet that i want too go to washington to serve them. that's a word you use to remember.
11:30 pm
i do remember that . and you see right now i'm thehe first ever rodeo pbr in perry, georgia because i represent the people that rodeos as well . right nowow you're 100% correct. the government right now and this administration let it brown people down, black people down. they let all americans down right now. a right now they're not putting america first. that's the first t and they should be thinking about is that what is best for your state then what is best for this country and they're know, thenn it t doubled down on some of the things they are doing is the same and they continue to do it over and over and over . so we need people in all of this going to put america first . we got to think about the people we represent their 1% us in washington to represent them, not represent yourself. let's talk about the issues that you think will be most impactful. i mean, obviously we've got a crisis of law and order. obviously our schools are failing our kids. obviously a disaster at the border obviously
11:31 pm
with record high gas prices. forty year high of inflation. o these are all of these problems it's frustrating to me are all preventable and they're also something we can easily solve. joe biden's never going t to go back to the trump policies. t so as youo get to washington, how do you work with, with a party that has turned so radical left that they don't seem to mind high gas prices and doing deals with iran, s russia and venezuela? i can't understand that logic. well, first of all, you've gott to sit down and talk to people. i think right now we're soyo volatile toward each other because you're a democrat this gotlican because b to me since we've got to make sense that this is very solvableol. you're talking about this economy first thing you got to do a thing about beingomn energy independent again when s i say that because it is so, important that we get energy
11:32 pm
independence again because we'ree now dependent on countries that don't like us . and then you talk about thingsng ,they talk about removing regulations so we can do thingsi in this country if people thinko about it right now we're goingad outside this country, get things made and they don't y have the regulation but we bring them back in,e this countt where we get all the regulation and getting things made. we got to get people to work, get people where small businesses get back together w. and ith said that's what's goint to get this country back on track. o that .o they know that . but t they continue to dumb it down because they are so upsetru with theat administration. they just want to remove everything. but i hate to say the last administration had a lot of great things that were great forbo this country right now whn you start talking about the border with things that racism a m at the border wt a minute. you know what the border we have toee protect this border. ille we have to keepga people that's not coming in this country illegally. we've got to keep them out and not saying that we're not generals, we're not open to people coming into w this country. but you got toha come in legally
11:33 pm
and that's what we got to do because right now we're not there and the people right who w in this country, we don't know o who's coming in . drugs are coming in like crazy and then we have to support our people, men and women in blue. guys , right now our crime is going up. you know, whether you're black, brown , whatever crime and crime is going up.p. but it's hurting the black brown community even worse. so you talk about the democrats letting us down. don't let t us down a lot. that's the reason i decided i was going to run because i said the buck stops here and so i encourage everyone support herschel walker. we get on team herschel and let's go to washington. let's change this stuff. all right. herschel walker , looking forward, this is a big pickup for republicans and i think he'll do a great job for the people of georgia and the country. hope you win. thank you for being with us. straight ahead, despite it hurting the midterm prospects, democrats continue to push their radical agenda when we comeme back , governor sarahy palin now running for congress. as the very down latest as we continue this friday night.
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you can watch any time on fox now and hulu when you can watch it get the latest news business news headlines on sirius xm anytime, anywhere fox news out of your own them america is listening now from coast to coast. >> the destructiveer democratic agenda is losing the confidence of so many american voters nows,ilin it's failing at the border, failing f inside our schools, failing at the gas pump p pretty muchin everywhere in between. i can't point to a a single successful thing the democratic socialists are doing, but d they continue to double down on stupid and all of this far tt left lunacy. for example, this week biden suggesting children belong to teachers not jus just parents. they all belong to everyone. >> no, they don't. son, take a look. we have an obligation, criminalization, help teach to reach their potential. you heard merd say many times about our children, but it's true for all our children
11:39 pm
and the reason you'ree the teachers of r the years because you recognize that is somebody else's children. they're doers when they're in the classroom. >> they'reeo not someone else's children. i couldn't disagree more .ts these people they're not potted plants are actually called parents or maybe the children call them mommy and daddy anyway. and far left democrats, they're going all in on open borders demanding biden lift title forty two claiming the policy is racist. >>n take a look.ub shame on anyone republican or frankly democrat who uses or buys into the use of immigrants as a political football at the same time that they as do all of us benefit from the labor and the contribute o tons of undocumented and documented immigrants. wetera reiterate our support for president biden's repeal ofll this fundamentally racist, u unjust and cruel title forthenj
11:40 pm
to order. >> that would be because of the pandemic thing that has taken almost a million lives in this country. ofis course all of this insanity is just one of the many reasons midterm hopes they are dwindling. one of the many reasons why o americans are rejecting the far left agenda. but like i always say, never take any election for granted. republicans need to put in writing their promises and their priorities and fight to make america great, to put america first to save this country. the conservative agenda,a, the trump agenda. anyway, here with reaction, alaska congressional candidategs sarah palin as well as governor. great to havepo you back . and i have not spoken to you since you jumped into this congressional race and i know there arere fifty one peope in this thing and unless you don't want it, i want to give my full endorsement and support. s i'd loveee to see you back inam the gamee in washington.
11:41 pm
we need fighters like you and i wish i the best in your candidacy. >> thank you and i appreciate you a that you've said positive things about our senate candidate who's running against lisa murkowski, one of the biggest rhinos that intellivision. yes, i was at a fundraiser with her last night and she is impressive and yet she's a fighter. another mom of five , you know, a hometown girl and she's just going to kick butt back there and i'm so glad. but sean, you know, you're talking about the democrats chances coming up here and you know how i've always said polls are for skiers and strippers, but i think there are some really legitimate polls lately that we're getting wind of that show that yeah, it's the momentum continues like this . yes. we will take over the house and these midterms and then great shot, of course, a couple of years after that to have a new administration, which we must do because biden is fulfilling obama's promise to
11:42 pm
fundamentally transform america. >> i think the biggestrarm, most drastic, most horrible step yet has been just this recent ministry of truth czar thing that they're trying to pull u on us is orwellianan 1984 that police basically is what it's going to be . so they're on the road to fundamentally to transform america and you only for transf something for which you have disdain, you know, what i hear joe biden say they're not someone else's children. what does he saying? the parents arete potted plants. by thee way, the video we're showing and joe tripping three times going up to air force one . he claims to claim the wind blew him over . i don't w knowin as far as the tripping of the wind blowing him over . but what do you mean what are parashar and potted plants or the idea that we're going to send law enforcement into meetings?
11:43 pm
school boards to what ? look look into parents as domestic terrorists. mi now we're going to have a ministry of truth. you know, led by one of the biggest purveyors of disinformation. what has happening here? >> you know, i was going to call my dad real quick before this interview. i didn't have time. he's retired school teacher, my brother my sister in the special ed department. and i know exactly what they would say though. and they would think to that extent fortunate that any aid that the teachers union is supporting this kind of rhetoric and actions that will lead us to parents really being disallowed to be engaged in our child's education. so i did want to point out that there are some good teachers out there who don't believe in this and a lot of retired teachers too who are disgusted with what's going on . so, you know, that gives them some hope that there's those with that just the teaching credentials there. you know, they're on the right side. but yeah, no any mother who has
11:44 pm
given birth or adopted a child is just love. the kid should be up in arms when joe biden suggests that our baby our kids are . no, i think if that doesn't just make you crank or make you want to get out there, don't just shoot your tv and preach to your neighbors about how mad you are about how weird this stuff is. but take action, run for office, put your money where w your mouth is and support thosew who are willing to run for office. we've all got i mean it's our neverson that people really exercise their activismin and strengthen one another spine. i think y you and kelly tobacco make a good one to team and in washington you're battle tested, governor. you've been through all all the battles. you walk in there with a smile and i'm pretty sure the democratic party willl bubble in at the very same to t you and not knowha how to handle the fact that there's other opinions they're going to needvi some i don't know, maybe maybe
11:45 pm
service dogs to calm them down. maybe we'll have a specialhe pet petting sessions with animals just just to lower their blood pressure when they see'r in washington. anyway, glad you're running. i wishngnd you the best and we'e going to follow your campaign closely. governor, thank you for. beingh. with us. >> thank you so much. all right. coming up, the left's meltdown m over elon musk's purchase of o twitter continues. j l.j. lawrence jones will join us . he has the tape . he'll be here with tammy bruce. that straight ahead. if something happened to you, what would happen to them? their home, their education, their future? you need life insurance and chances are selectquote can help you get it for less than a dollar a day. selectquote found jacob forty of five hundred thousand dollar policy for only $19 a month and select coach found his wife wendy of five hundred thousand dollar policy for only seventeen dollars a month. our secret that select quote we
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so the connection is a president is finally
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11:50 pm
over by extremists. he's absolutely right. he followed that up with a post reading quote the far left hates everyone themselves included which immediately, immediately p prompted left wing twitter scorn. for example, one msnbctw commentator radio host tweeted quote it's now it' 100% clear that musk is part of the gop propaganda apparatus. but anyway, our very own lawrence jones, he went down to the university of houston to ask students their reaction to musk's twitter takeover. take a look. million and not absolutely not. not no elon or not see me long ago>> i always kind of root for the guy. i'm not going to lie. himself i think he's hilarious. he doesn't take himself t too seriously. i don't think i agree.. he's a>> smart guy. canadians really. idiot? really i wasn't a rocket but- he didn't build the rocket forhi i think elon is funny. t i'm already on twitter as much
11:51 pm
and hey, i'm buying twitter has just made my feet even more funnier or all right, here he is man himself l host country lawrence jones. you don't want to miss it. and that's tomorrow, 10:00 p.m.. also joining us is fox news contributor, also dear friend tammy bruce is with us. i loveve the fact you go down to texas and you get such different opinions than you get new york when you do it like in times square. and i have no idea why you'reh going out there with a fox mike anywhere in this atmosphereanos and especially some people know that we might be friendly. that's that's not exactly a safe circumstance for you. well, you know, sounds crazy because it is actually a college campus. university of houstoncasi. and as you can see, the opinion was mixed. you e had a lot of elon supporters because he's not the old crusty republican that liberals like to normally paint as racist. he he's ase green guy. so he has these young people. et he's hip.
11:52 pm
he's savvy, by the way. he's just a libertarian likemy mission. yeah. you, know, tammy, i look at this at elon muskts first he's off the charts. brilliant. doubt about it. smart a businessman since the time he was a kid. his biography is a great innovator. you would lef think the left wod love this guy. he's making their precious youir electric cars and a friend ofov mine owns one loves it. you know what i'm open to an electric car is really good. sa and hereys he buys twitter. he says i hope my critics stay so you'll learn what freedom of about in othern words, inviting the criticism against him and it's stillf upset about this . i don't get it. well, there'snc a lot of cognitive dissonance going on right. as lauren said, he doesn't fit the mold and it ruins their messaging. it ruins the habit. . 's a programing it'sht like a robot that could pop something into it. ithi just spews it out no matter what's in front of them.
11:53 pm
but this is important because it reminds even the left, especially the left, that things are not necessarilyy as they thought that a libertarian, someone like elon musk, whomho they respect could also think something was wrong with twitter could also believe that there needs to be more freedom of expression that in fact, when you've classical liberals like myself and so many others watching this devolution of the democratic party into totality, arianism, there is a benefit to thinking wait a minute, maybern they've got something to say. these people who understand and whatralism what the democratic party used to be , which was hey, telling the government how is it they miss trump was canceled all for twitter and all these other platforms did they miss conservatives kicked off these suspendedoff, shadow band becaue apparently they must have missed that because not one of them spoke out in favor of freedom of speech for s everybody, not one . but see, that's that's the other issue about
11:54 pm
the singular messaging that comes out of media, which is what with especially with the new ministry of truth, what they're desperate to maintain is the conditioning of people and what they think of assigning danger asness to something that is simply a political opposition or if a different kind of an opinion.e they've been used to being able to manipulate a and condition people into believing the falsen thingd. and this is what i think we are seeing with the ministry of truth once again, like how antifa is antifascist. well, yeah, this ministry of truth will be a ministry of lies and this is what they need to maintain. this iss a lesson for conservatives as well. t so often we believe in the free market that we needed to create something different. buy elon musk said just buy it, just buy it and make it better. and i think that is the message for conservative that you don't have to go out thereen and reinvent the wheel, take over the company. by the way, tamme, i don't knowr
11:55 pm
why i did this . i actually agreed to w work saturday night at o'clock toe be on alj show. i am going to be a guestll on the show tomorrow night because that's how much we all love each other. we're all family heree and i'm proud of both of you. i'm proud to call you bothlj friends and forgive lj forha his comment the last time he was on the showtlkin he knowt what i'm talking about, the old man. i mean what's the old man comment? o yeah, that one that'ss the asng the one congratulations. twenty five years ago. yeah, right. okay. keep dreaming, tammy. t thank you , laura . so see you tomorrow. h avnight on the show. >> well more "hannity" right after this for you face me. i'm like certain like won't make me drowsy. i like starts working two times faster than claritin citris you won't take me when allergy to take a alegra before direct
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12:00 am
never thought i'd hear about that or a ministry of truth led by one of the biggest purveyor of disinformation misinformation. he never thought it could happen t biggestor and have a gt weekend. thank you for making this show possible. set your dvr so you never miss an episode. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham angle is next . have a great weekend. see you monday. everybody. thanks for being with usa tonight . i'm laura ingraham. this is the ingram anglein fearing your own people. that's the focus of tonight's angle an hour long. ♪ hi. you want to do want to try me? all right.