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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  April 30, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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[laughter] remember if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us that's it for this week show, thanks to my panel, and thanks to all of you for watching. i am paul gigot. hope to see you right here next week. the white house dealing with another week packed with major troubling issues. the new numbers yesterday show inflation increasing from a year ago the fastest rate and for decades. it helped the stock market yesterday, the dow plunging 900 points, fears are growing of a possible recession on the horizon. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am eric shawn. >> i am alicia acuna. two other stories, the countdown
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continues to the end of trump area 22 title 42 of the border. a temperate hold on lifting the major at the administration facing pressure from all sides. powerful tornado tearing for the heartland, officials are assessing the damage, fox news team coverage ryan yannis at the border, but first alexandria hoff. >> president biden said he's not concerned about the possibility of recession right now but quickly followed up saying he is concerned about the possibility of one next year. gdp data shows the economy is shrinking for the first time since the pandemic began. first quarter of 2022, white house press secretary jen psaki pointed to job creation and unemployment. >> a very low unemployment rate
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and costs are high and inflation is not where we want it to be, federal reserve continues to reject that and will come down by the end of the year. >> a trying week for the white house overall, cabinet members were world on capitol hill on gas prices, crime and the southern border. only security alejandro mayorkas was questioned on the plan to end title 42 revealed the department created this information governance board but the woman, republicans including florida, wrong to say this quickly raised concerns on the. >> we know, they appointed somebody to lead it who herself has been an advocate for covid lockdowns herself has put out disinformation about the hundred biden case, who supported russia collusion conspiracy theories so this is not acceptable. >> desantis referring to online posts and musically inclined videos, she made her political position very clear. objectivity over what is
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disinformation and what is not is a major issue. the white house defendant this but said it was up to the department of homeland security, they say the objective really is to stop this disinformation from traveling around the country especially as it pertains to human rights and smuggling. alicia: thank you. eric. eric: remembering a followed hero, texas national guardsmen. a 22-year-old died while trying to save two migrants from drowning. they crossed the rio grande river last week and it turns out migrants officials said they were actually drug smugglers. president biden met with mexico's president yesterday as concerns continue to mount, terminating title 42. the board policy that lists agents sent migrants back to mexico because of the covid
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protocols, brian pianist is live on the border at eagle pass texas with the latest from the. >> the people in people pass texas are connected economically as well as when it comes their families in both communities right now are suffering because of lack of help they are receiving by the federal government. earlier across the border to get a look for ourselves. we met up with the president of the city's industrial chain, they said the city does not have the resources to take care of the almost 300 migrants a day arriving, many who sleep on the streets, migrant are hearing how the u.s. is letting people go with notices to appear with cell phones and encouraging more gratian and misinformation. >> it's the wrong message they are receiving. they think it's easy to enter into the united states. they kids easy to have your
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documentations and it's not the truth. the border is different, they are not allowed to be in the u.s. >> we visited the migrant center, every morning people from africa, hades, central america and cuba lineup in the hopes of food, a shower and telephone call. we met two separate families who arrived in the city last year, they've heard when title 42 and may 23, could mean a chance for them to be accepted into the country. the last two weeks we've seen for mexican border states especially the state of cohiba across from eagle pass, security along the rio grande river, a deal with governor greg abbott in texas to ease up on inspections at the border in exchange for tighter enforcement by mexico.
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a sad day, funeral services held in arlington texas, the 22-year-old national guard, a hero drowned trying to save two migrants in the rio grande river, almost a daily occurrence here migrants going into the water is national guardsmen forced at times to go inside. there are 10000 national guardsmen on the border as part of operation lone star by the governor last march. an additional $500 million, most of that for the national guard, they already 4 billion to be the security. eric: his death such a tragic, horrendous situation on the border. alicia: as the clock ticks down to the end of title 42, biden administration still has not
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shared details on how it plans to come back expected migrant search, texas department of hope public safety lieutenant, thank you so much lieutenant for being here. my first question is about these predicted 18000 encounters expected if title 42 goes away, that's an estimate from dhs. can we talk about what it would mean from managerial standpoint for those across but then also what does it mean to americans who live in the community across the border? >> good afternoon, great to be with you. we know with title 42, if it is completely canceled, immigrants already waiting will cross into the united states what title 42 is lifted so we talk about the humanitarian crisis, it will escalate the crisis. the immigrants waiting because of that messaging and organizations know that. they use the message to their advantage and it encourages them to make the dangerous journey into the united states.
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the smaller border communities, they do not have the resources to sustain the influx especially 18000 that they. right now we are 8000 a day, so we would double the numbers. we are not prepared for that influx. alicia: listen to the homeland security secretary l.a. hunter mayorkas said thursday about the crisis. >> we inherited and dismantled system already under strain. it's not built to manage the current levels and migratory flows, only congress can fix this. we've effectively managed unprecedented number of non- citizens seeking to enter the united states and more drugs and disrupt more smuggling operations than ever before. the significant increase in
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migrant encounters will strain systems even further and we will address this challenge successfully. >> we heard from brian janice reporting that there is inspiration for these people to come because they hear they will get a cell phone and a court date. then you hear the secretary say this, your thoughts? >> that's the issue, the messaging from day one from the federal government was united states will release pretty much whoever they want and we seen it firsthand because they have friends and family who have made the journey and we talk about the cell phones, the transportation, flights and buses. they know it's reality, they will be released into the united states because there's such an influx, u.s. border patrol is unable to sustain and we talk about the numbers, leno the prior leadership we have the
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lowest number of illegal entries, highest number of deportations. when 2021 kim around, now we see historic numbers, right after the first six months, 22 million encounters and getaways. you have to look at it as a border security issue especially with terrorists apprehended because of this. alicia: exactly. the president having conversations with the mexican president friday, jen psaki called the call constructive but wouldn't say whether or not president biden asked the mexican president if he will take troops at the mexican border. what is mexico's responsibility here? >> they have a responsibly, the immigrants are coming through mexico and not only that but the cartel are profiting off these immigrants coming across.
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the need to crack down on the organizations. that's why were governor greg abbott stepped in. in eagle pass we are seeing the numbers of crossings because in mexico we put the pressure on mexico to step in. now we have more security but the responsibly of the state, this should have been done from day one and if it was, we wouldn't have these numbers and also fentanyl, the number one killer. we would not be in this situation if this was taking place, the policies prior, it would still be in place. alicia: tenant, thank you for your time today, we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. eric: the weather slamming the west this week, a number of tornadoes hitting nebraska and kansas, damaging dozens of buildings and high wind and
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severe thunderstorms and large hail, hitting parts of the midwest. details and one of the tornadoes that tossed cars into a ymca. >> we are about 15 or 20 miles outside of wichita kansas, an area absolutely hit hard by a massive tornado. this was about 8:30 p.m. last night, the warnings started to sound here and communities took shelter because amazingly out of everything we are seeing, only for injuries reported according to the fire department and no fatalities. perfectly formed tornado, it ripped through this community assuming like a vacuum cleaner, massive commercial buildings, homes and cars. i'm standing close to ymca heavily damaged by this, the concrete and fortified building for about 60 people were taking shelter at the time, the tornado took. there were vehicles flung against the building and pushed
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like they were toys. amazingly even though the vehicles ended up inside the ymca, everyone was able to walk out okay. there's just a flurry of activity here this evening as crews try to restore power, utility crews on the scene, they are trying to shut down a lot of the water pipelines, crucial work that has to happen in the first few hours after a massive storm like this one. we expect to see a rating from the national weather service, waiting for a complete survey for the damage and power that took place here. eric: from the midwest, the al-assad airport, no casualties reported. other international forces. we'll reports say rocket launchers were used for the attack. you see a rocket launcher there,
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the airbase was targeted with four rockets. no word on who is responsible but militias have been blamed for previous attacks. alicia: it's a final they this week, coming up on fox news live, who's looking out for the victims? crime continues to spiral out of control in many major american cities. stay with us. ♪♪
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or visit your xfinity store and talk to our switch squad today. we are getting sad news from the world of music and entertainment. naomi judd, mother of actress ashley judd and singer wynonna judd, a grammy-winning country duo reportedly passed away. fourteen number one it in a career that spanned nearly three decades. inducted into the country music hall of fame tomorrow. they just announced it to begin in the fall, six years ago naomi announced she'd been battling what she called life-threatening depression. her daughters announced her death today in a statement saying we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental health. naomi was 76 and we'll have more later in the hour.
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eric: today marks the last day of national crime victims rights week. crime levels have spiked in major cities. look at those directly affected by crime, the victims and their families. sometimes you think they are forgotten. progressive prosecutors moving to reduce and seek alternatives to incarceration. one of the outspoken voices for crime victims across the country joins us now. the victims rights new york and host of the show between the lines. jennifer. welcome as always. i think on this week, the question is, does society put more emphasis and attention and in some cases, more efficacy on the criminals or the victims of crime? >> thank you for having me and unfortunately, society has put the emphasis and struggle on the criminals and not the victims
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and we saw that firsthand here in new york state went on the first day of national crime victims week, new york state legislators in albany decided to push forward the clean slate act out of committee, the post committee which would wipe clean the records of murderers, pretty expediently. we don't get to wipe our slate clean, my boyfriend was murdered in 2005 as you know, it's been over 17 years. i don't get him back, i don't get to pick him up after certain amount of times, parents have buried their children who don't get them back so i don't understand why any government or elected official would allow a murderer to pretend they never murdered somebody when we don't have that luxury. eric: your boyfriend, the fact that you have a move in new york and across the country, expunge
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or remove the crimes from their record and there's one case where they would make it illegal to find someone's criminal record if you apply for housing. and employer potential landlord wouldn't know if they have a criminal record. why do they do this? how come they are bending over to help those who have inflicted the worst on our society? >> i wish i had an accurate answer for that but only the elected officials pushing for this insanity can really tell you that. i can tell you there are the various actors who say we are fighting against organizations like releasing from prison, it was founded by cop killer kathy -- i don't know if these elected officials paid puppets, if they think they are doing was right and they are ill-informed.
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i don't have an answer but we need to make changes and make them quickly because there's a lot of bloodshed going on. eric: organizations say everyone gets a second chance. this is a way to rehabilitate people and give them another opportunity and be compassionate. what you say about that? >> we all want the system more fair and just and there are people who are deserving of second chances and can be rehabilitated, people domestic violence victims that have gotten out of a life-threatening situation, people who have made mistakes in life and those situations should be evaluated but why not include disqualifying horrific crimes like the abuse of children, any crime committed against a child and murder? there are some crimes that have final and very serious consequences and the burden of
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bearing the consequences, final consequences, a lifelong sentence should not be only on the victims and survivors rather than the criminal who knowingly inflicted this kind of pain? eric: we are looking at footage in san francisco where they have the recall. let's look at the country, you've got to fix the spike and crime. atlanta has 60% change in homicide, it's unbelievable. new york down 13%. we look further at new york's crime, murder is down, rate is up what he percent but robbery up almost by half. felony, burglary, personal crimes, some on the streets, what would you suggest? what is needed to be done? what type of laws should be changed to hold criminals more responsible? >> when you remove deterrent,
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that's what we see across the country, a depraved indifference sweeping across our nation on behalf of elected officials and we need to start enforcing the laws. he mentioned a couple of progressive reforms, bail reform, elderly parole, not jail or treatment and woke prosecutors improperly charging people is a huge problem as well but we need to enforce laws and police officers and implement, reinstate deterrent for those who commit violent crime. sadly, maybe murder murder rates are down this week but one increase homicide is one too many. unfortunately we will see the numbers rise at the weather gets warmer as we see every year. eric: thank you for speaking out, we are so sorry for your loss and the loss of all of those were victims of crime into organizations called -- you can
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find online if you want to know more. we thank you and crime victims across the country. >> thank you, eric. eric: we'll be right back. ♪♪
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more now on sad news we brought you a few moments ago, naomi judd, mother of actress ashley judd and singer wynonna judge, she performed the country dual, the judge must he's reportedly passed away. here's more on the breaking news. >> naomi judd was the said to be inducted into the country music hall of fame tomorrow. the country music legend has passed away at the age of 76. in a statement on twitter about 30 minutes ago, actress ashley judd, one of naomi's daughters said both today we secure, we've
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experienced a tragedy. we lost our mother to the disease of mental illness, we are navigating profound grief and know that as we left her, she was loved by the public. we are in unknown territory. naomi was half of the country music powerhouse duo. the news comes one day before they were going to be inducted into the country music hall of fame. they were set to for the fall, a stream of shows starting in grand rapids, michigan september 30, it was going to be there first joint core in over a decade. naomi previously retired the music scene in 1990 after doctors diagnosed her with hepatitis c. no word on the exact cause of death, obviously this is a shock to the entire music community. eric: ms. judd, very public for
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years about her battles with depression. she wrote rivers of crime, how i emerged with hope. she was advocate who suffered with depression. our hearts go out to the family and friends of this sad loss. we will have more throughout the hour as we get on the passing of ms. judd. thank you. alicia: lots of backlash the white house just announced disinformation governance, critics call "big brother" anti- free speech move out of the novel 1984. the person heading it drawing scrutiny. repeatedly cast doubt on the new york post reporting about hundred biden's laptop which in 2020 she called a trump campaign product. the white house saying the board continues work begun in the department of homeland security under president trump in issuing this defense.
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>> there's no question of bipartisan support for that to address this information that's helping smugglers, helping people migrate or providing information of prompting people to migrate. this is also work helping to address unauthorized terrorism of their threats and see how disinformation and misinformation is pushed to increase those. >> let's bring in doctor lauren, princeton university political scientist, doctor wright, thank you for being here. you heard press secretary saying misinformation, no question is a problem. is this the solution for this problem and is this the right person? >> we have no idea because we have limited information about what the board will even be
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doing to tackle this information and how it will do it. frankly, if there is a big problem on the part of the biden administration, the mistake is not laying out in a detailed manner what the plan is. it's a serious issue and part of the reason is there's so much mistrust across the political aisle, everyone assuming things. it's a little too soon to call this "big brother" until we even know what's going to be happening. alicia: we have critics out there definitely calling this "big brother" and equating it to the 1984 ministry of truth in that novel. let me put up the tweet in response to the creation of this board. first from senator tom cotton, republican. the federal government creating a ministry of truth, department of common security disinformation board is unconstitutional and un-american.
1:34 pm
i'll be introducing a bill to be funded. then senator ron johnson, another dhs disinformation governance board also known as ministry of truth should frighten any american who values liberty and free speech. this will only serve the administration's disastrous policies or failure to secure the border. you are saying it's too soon to know but you have people with a powerful voice attaching this label of ministry of truth to this board. how are americans supposed to trust it? >> they know well better, johnson and cotton what the environment is right now, so much short trust with everyone assuming their side of the political aisle is right and the other side is wrong so one thing you might expect senator cotton to say this sounds strange and i
1:35 pm
have serious concerns. what is this, what is it doing and what are potential problems? instead, we jump to we are in this dystopian society. i think we need to get some questions under our belt and i have doubts whether dhs could be effective at this combating this huge problem, we do need to know what it's doing. alicia: coming to the administration's defense, you have a democrat out of ohio, lauren underwood who said a newer trend we saw in 2020 election already the 2022 midterms, a disinformation is heavily targeted, spanish-speaking voters sparking and fueling conspiracy theories. she's saying there is a reason behind it, that's what the white house is saying that i'm curious about the timing because the biden administration has put on
1:36 pm
tremendous pressure, a terrible week on the heels of another terrible week, the timing might be discomfort for folks who don't trust this administration. >> right and i think there's a lot of agreement on both sides of the political spectrum, the biden administration has fallen short of the goals, it fell for itself and dhs to anticipate and flow of migrants and influx at many points, the administration and we are waiting to see how it will play out next month but to get back to the congresswoman, this department of comment security failed to anticipate january 6, that was after so much misinformation saying the election was stolen, circulating online and they did not anticipate one of the biggest
1:37 pm
breaches of homeland security in the last couple hundred years. if you top that with what dhs is doing at the border and how they get things under control and concerns of many different americans, i would say to people worried about this from a this agency might not be able to crack the case. i think it's probably guess when we talk about one of the biggest problems that faces our democracy disinformation is. alicia: you bring up something interesting. what you think about personal responsibility? what's the role of the everyday person watching this, what is their responsibility to seek out information on their own? >> that's a great question, i think people need to be skeptical and careful about what they read. one of the biggest challenges is that researchers day in and day out, a close colleague found
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exposure to misinformation and election fraud in 2020 decreased trust in our election system and mainstream source fact checked on the information does not mitigate those effects so is true even these simple tools we think are the best way to combat this fact checking, there is mixed evidence so you are right, there does have to be bonus on individuals to second-guess what they are reading goes to legitimate news sources, reputable news sources and people have to unfortunately do more homework to wade through the fake news and misinformation. alicia: thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. alicia: eric. eric: more now on the funeral,
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naomi judd died, she was 76 years old. missus judd, mother of actress ashley judd and singer wynonna judd. she formed the grammy-winning country duo legend, a sad day. nashville and elsewhere, the oak ridge boys on this. joe, your reaction to the passing of naomi judd today? >> i heard about it just in the last few minutes, i'm on our tour bus in oklahoma. i'm in the back of the bus eating a little bit of jambalaya and my director came and told me and it's devastating news. we go way back, when they first started, we probably did hundreds of shows together over the years and decades. we knew her well and the whole family and they are to be
1:40 pm
inducted into the hall of fame tomorrow. naomi dies today, i don't know how it could be any sadder. eric: that is so ironic and striking and so stunning they are due to be inducted into the hall of fame tomorrow and this happens. you obviously knew her very well. >> i think they were one of the greatest ever in country music. they were to be inducted into the hall tomorrow, that proves it. in the 1990s, nobody sounded like that, i mean nobody and the story goes, they got in front of the record label in office in front of a producer and started singing and the guy signed them right away. then they started and they have had classic -- there's no greater voice in wynonna. the harmony she added, she did a lot of this, the harmonies
1:41 pm
underneath wynonna. eric: what does that mean? why were they so special in terms of what you're talking about? >> it was a duet, a two-part harmony and they are one of the greatest singers of all time but naomi, the harmony parts she laid in their were so special and he gave them a special sound. she just knew how to weave it in their and i'll tell you, this is terrible, i know a lot of country music people, we are just so devastated today, it doesn't seem to make any sense but over the last year or so, we've lost kenny rogers and charles daniels and max davis thomas, the list goes on and on and on and now naomi, i think it's pretty devastating for country music and i hope kids
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singing country music today realize what a foundation has been laid by people like naomi. eric: they have. in their statement, the daughters said they've suffered a tragedy. we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. she was very public about depression, she wrote a book called river of time, my descendents of depression and how i emerged. she talked about how paralyzing depression can be. was there indications of that? how do you wrap your brain around, so public and joyful and creative and so beautiful in singing and also those who suffer from depression and mental illness could be so sad? >> depression is as sick of the disease and it anything else. many suffer in private and
1:43 pm
barely do they go public, i think naomi tried to help a lot of people by going public in her book and things she's said over the years and another great thing, she was a patriot. she loves this country, a great conservative voice in this country, wasn't afraid to stick up for what she believes was right for america and we ran into her at a big event after another over the years even after they were off the road for a while. george walker bush, she would always be there. he loved her and left us. a great event like that, we've had many events with them singing together and their personality and their love for this country. their incredible talent. she will be really missed and the timing is killing me. there's nothing being inducted into the country music hall of
1:44 pm
fame, we have the owner in 2015 and i only believe they would come in and i was so happy for them. tomorrow is the big day in nashville, i don't know how they are going to do this now, if they will postpone it or have it, i just don't know what they will do and it's devastating. eric: very bittersweet for tomorrow, we'll see how they handle this. tragic loss of naomi judd 76 years old, 14 number one songs. never silent, she and her songs live on as we honor and remember her and her legacy. the oak ridge boys. thank you. say a prayer tonight when you hit the stage. >> we will and we'll talk about her on stage tonight and i want to thank you for the opportunity to speak with you on fox news, it's great to come on here in this sad time but of course
1:45 pm
there's a lot to be said for naomi judd and thank you for giving me the opportunity. eric: of course. we remember naomi judd. we'll be right back.
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as president biden continues to be hit by criticism over his administration's handling of the border crisis, he and fellow democrats are losing support among hispanic voters. we talk to voters around the country to get their take on immigration. >> from florida -- >> we need a president who will take care of our borders so we can keep our country more safe. >> to california. >> certain parties allow the immigrants to come in hopes we get votes in return. >> immigration remains a top issue for hispanic voters but once the electric, now may be waning and supportive democrats. a recent poll finds president biden's approval among hispanic voters, 26%, florida senator
1:50 pm
rick scott chair of the national republican senate committee is charged with turning democrat misfortune into gop gains in the midterm. >> less than 2% of the vote so if you have 70% of your votes are hispanic and republicans when, we will win the state right votes. >> appointed officials projects at least 11.6 million latinos will cast ballots in 2022, a 71.4% increase in 2014. >> immigration will be the issue for latino voters, it's important but not the priority and right now this election cycle, economic issues are top. alicia: reflecting the on the economy but immigration is not far behind. >> i have a daughter, this is close to my heart. >> it's like the title 42,
1:51 pm
opening the borders. >> in 2020 half of hispanic voters, a significant increase over 2016 for electing democrats attribute the parties push to the left.
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sad news from the world of music and entertainment, naomi judd, mother of actress ashley judd and singer wynonna judd with whom she performed a grammy, has passed away. fourteen number one hits in her career that nearly three decades and set to be into the country music hall of fame tomorrow. they just announced an arena toward the end of fall. naomi judd announced six years ago she'd been battling what she called life-threatening depression. her daughters announced her death today and a statement saying we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of mental illness. naomi judd was 76. eric: we'll have a lot more later today on the fox news and also tomorrow, they are expected to be inducted into country music hall of fame.
1:56 pm
tonight, the white house correspondents dinner. it was on hiatus because of covid-19 and tonight fox nation we will get to you live as it happened, joe biden scheduled to crack some jokes and you can stream the whole thing starting 7:00 p.m. here on fox news. they call it the -- but when you go, in news and show business, it's over the top but i'm glad it's back. alicia: it's so much fun, i've been a couple of times. eric: the president will make fun of everybody. we'll see you on fox nation. the see you tomorrow. ♪♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we begin with a fox news alert. country music legend naomi judd has died at the age of 76. thank you for joining us for the bigg


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