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tv   Unfiltered With Dan Bongino  FOX News  April 30, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but not all at the same time. follow us on instagram and facebook. just not on the streets. we don't like being harassed. [♪♪♪] dan: don't get too distracted by elon musk's twitter takeover. there is something happening behind the behind the scenes you don't know about. the only thing worse than joe biden's junk economy is his report card. don't miss my monologue. 1984 is here. and the biden administration announces its ministry of truth to
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fight disinformation. i'll go ahead with the democrat and the return by popular demand in rebuttal. some say lockdowns during covid caused it, but could it be something else. a diagnosis you won't hear never else. she is no stranger to standing up to her beliefs. a former member of housewives of judge jeanine is here. folks it was a good week for free speech. elon is getting ready to potentially take the reins at twitter. and the left kind of melted down about it. >> the thing is the enjoyment they get out of being in this town square is being able to harass people. elon musk, i guess he misses the old south africa in the as it. he wants that -- in the 80s. he wants that back. >> it's about free
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speech of straight white men. >> you can ban one of its candidates or all of its candidates. it could turn up the reach of their stuff and the rest of us might not even find out about it until after the election. dan: it will be another show about elon. actually it's not. it's nice to take a victory lap with elon potentially taking over at twitter. this is just one battle. when you hear the words big tech, what probably comes to mind are the major players. facebook, twitter. because they are in your face every day. you already know the censorship, and they do it in plain sight. they banned donald trump. what about the big tech
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power players and sub players that don't make front page news all the time. you may see these stories on page two or three, and that's where the real experience of censorship is happening. first, what about wikipedia. we don't hear of wikipedia much when it comes to the big tech censorship game. wikipedia is rewriting history and they are just as influential as social media is. everyone freaked out that twitter censored the hunter biden story. but they avoided the hunter biden story, scrubbing his connections to a big investment firm. rewriting history big time.
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you might say that doesn't influence public opinion? are you sure about that? why did a former clerk for judge jackson. in an attempt to advise scement scepticism. and ketanji brown jackson is confirmed with little more than a whisper from folks on the right. wikipedia is rewriting history in realtime. you know about apple. you know about the app store? well, one of the most powerful platforms online, they can ban anything they want. they banned for the fortnite.
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apple made the app disappear off the store. remember parler? i remember that well. they are live now, but they tried to kill it. it was number one at the time it was pulled offline overnight. i lived through it because apple, amazon and google said so. as an early investor, i had a front row seat to that. there is no evidence google is targeting conservatives either. you sure about that one. here are headlines from the hill. hundreds of meetings between the white house and google. google's tracking system target ads or hide them from you based on google's gives your
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political leaning. it won't tell you what it guesses your are politics to be. folks, it's happening all around us. app store, going the ad network. going the ads is one of the most powerful devastating tools the left has to censor conservative voices. let's check out which political party apple prefers. what about alphabet, google's parents company. you think these people don't have skin in the game? what about twitter? all you have to do is follow the money to see which political party. another power stunt. the fact checkers which is hilarious because they are really opinion
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checkers. >> let's look at the facts here. >> help us break down some of the biggest whoppers of the year. >> we are going to fact check the president live again. >> we look at what the actual facts. >> thanks for your fact check. dan: let me show you how this clown show works with the fact clerks. all they have to do is use a fact checked story. there is a picture at the back ends of the my page on facebook. independent fact clerks said it's missing context. you know what the context missing is in the lunatic check my page is a liberal. they lose their minds when a fact checking website has ties to a
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right-leaning outlet. freeing twitter from the left. but let's not lose focus on the real fight. this is just the beginning, elon and twitter. the big powerful tech threats coming from everywhere, and they want nothing more than to silence you. we can't back off this fight because the left are not going to back off either. >> our concerns are not new. we have talked about and the president has talked about his concerns of social media platforms twitter and others to spread misinformation. dan: folks, 15 months into the administration, joe biden couldn't be doing any worse unless he was trying to skew up the country on purpose. where have i heard that before? someone eesmed me who
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listened to my radio show. they said if joe biden was trying to destroy the united states, would he do anything different? really? that was a great question. if you were trying to destroy the country? no, come to think of it i wouldn't. other outlets are starting to take a good hard look at joe biden's apocalyptic performance as president. the economy? what about senate that's gone the worse. gdp dropped 1.4% in the first quarter of 2022. we are coming out of a pandemic. we should be high flying. inflation? that's not getting better either. heading in the wrong direction, joe. a big f on that one.
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how about immigration? joe didn't even turn in his work. by that i mean he hasn't even been to the border. still a big fat f on that one. what about all that international respect joe was going to bring back to the white house. a hard pass on that one, too. friends and foes around the world mike ka macron, kim jong-un, and others won't take his calls. it's easy to joke about this stuff but it's not funny. joe biden is mia when it comes to solving the crises in the country. and he and everyone else on the left don't seem to care. joining me to discuss, vivek ramswamy.
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apple has a monopoly over this app store. you don't exist 23u don't have an app in the apple app store. >> what is missing is how much these firms coordinate behind the scenes. this is idea fixing. this is more dangerous than price fixing. and lurking behind the veil is the increasingly visible fist of the government. the white house is coordinating behind the scenes on what these companies can and cannot allow on the internet. so that's actually the thing that reveals. what we are seeing with
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twitter is only the beginning. it may be the end of the beginning. but at the end of the day this is the tip of the iceberg for what we are going to see to restore a free marketplace of ideas. >> couldn't agree more. vivek, thanks for your time. coming up on "unfiltered." impeach. that's all the americans cried for years. are americans warming up to the idea of impeaching joe biden?
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dan: welcome back to "unfiltered." it's time for hot takes. some outrageous stories you may have missed this week but you need to hear about. joining me, pete hegseth. topic number one. a shocking poll, 67% of americans think joe biden should be impeached if hunter biden's corruption proves true. if president trump can be impeached over a phone call, surely. jon: can be impeached.
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>> that's with only fox news covering this story. just wait until one reporter, just one so-called non-conservative reporter doing 10 seconds of research because this is an open secret in washington. hunter biden is connected to joe biden. if they took one moment they would verify it. i don't think how the republicans can't pursue this. you can't leave your border open and call yourself commander-in-chief. dan: majorkas claims white he prum sifts is the number one threat. but he couldn't get give
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one example. >> i'm asking how many referrals have you made to doj for white you recommend i or domestic terrorism. >> i will provide that information. >> you don't know? can you name one case? dan: he can't even think of one. someone should have slipped him an index cards. >> you and i are both right wingers. we travel country and meet a lot of people. how many white nationalists or domestic terrorists have you met? he just can't get away from the talking point. of course, it's been a shell game from the beginning and something they want to use to distract from their border problems, and rampant crime. this is about targeting
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political opponents. this is what they want to do. it's sad, you pin them down. good on steube for doing that. dan: i'm excited about your new book, "corrupting the young children in our school. " "battle for the mayor canadian mind. " tell us about the book? >> it's about the 100-year progressive take over of k-12 education. this is how marxists look to government schools to remove the foundation of ourup so they could replace it with first what looks innocuous and mass now become complete indoctrination. the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.
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"battle for the american mind," it will shock you and scare. i worked with david good win on this. he runs christian schools in the united states. we give three chapters on the battlele plan of what parents and schools need to do. the pipeline has taken its over. and you need to know how bad the problem is. dan: i got a sneak peek at this book. it will open your eyes. this is definitely work your time. scary. pete, thanks for your time. i appreciate it. the rebuttal is back. i go head to made on the biden administration *
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min strife truth.
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[♪♪♪] molly: welcome to fox news live i'm jackie ibanez. naomi judge died at age 76.
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her daughters confirmed her death. saying she we lost our beautiful mother to the disease of minutial illness. ukraine civilians in mariupol who were trapped in a steel plant with soldiers were allowed to leave. the house committee investigating the january attack at the u.s. cap toll says it will present its final report. it will be holding 8 hearings in june. each focusing on a different theme. dan: the global push to create a government backed digital currency is gaining steam. the left me wastes a
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crisis to take your liberty and freedom. i watched your video this week on the government-sponsored digital currency. nobody understands the topic better than you. you mentioned the potential for surveillance, time restricting the currency and make it programmable. >> thank you. it will be programmable. which means the government has the ability to decide what you can and can't spend your money on. let's say you want to fill up your car with gas, and they won't allow you to do that. perhaps you bought too much meat that week and you reached your pollution allowance. and unvaccinated people
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weren't allowed to go into stores and were only allowed to buy essential items. you can just program the money and if you haven't done what the government told you to do, you can't spend the money the way you want. that becomes a lot more efficient. if you like something own zwitter the government doesn't agree with. maybe you like something having to do with freedom. the government says you can't buy a plane ticket to go protest. and that's concerning. you might have freedom of speech, the first amendment, the second amendment. but if you don't have the freedom of money, you don't have freedom. you can say you a the policies are unfair. but if nobody can hear you, then essentially you are going to have a problem. you won't be able to
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fight against the government if nobody can hear you. dan: this is something governments around the world are actually talking about. your thoughts on that. >> it's a real threat. the money can expire. governments like to print more money. i am sorry i have to cut in. fox news alert. joe biden arriving at the white house correspondent dinner otherwise known as the nerd prom. he's expected to deliver remarks soon. joe concha, are you there with us? >> i'm here. dan: joining me, media columnist for "the hill." you really are dressed
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for the event. they call it the nerd prom. donald trump had no time for this and i always appreciated this. but seriously, is this the best look for them right now? biden complaining about putting masks on people on planes, then showing up at this event taking a celebratory lap? >> he will leave during the dinner portion of the correspondents dinner because covid knows when you are eating, maybe it's time to attack. but until that point, it will stay at bay. it's utterly ridiculous. you saw pete buttigieg on with bret baier saying it's different to be in a ballroom than an airplane where you should be masked. but when there are 2,000 people at the washington hilton crammed together.
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it's probably 1 at a table yelling across speak to each other is okay. but this feels like a relic, this correspondents dinner. you have a president currently at 33% approval speaking to a press that is at an all-time low in terms of trust. you have an unpopular president speaking to an unpopular institution and apparently we are supposed to celebrate this moment, but i think americans are turning this off. dan: i wish we would get back to normal. i think people should go out. life is full of risks. be responsible, try not to get sick. wash your hands. do sensible stuff. but it's the media and primarily the democrats and some swampy
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americans have been telling us it's a five alarm fire all the time. they tell us to lock yourselves in the house and nail the doors shut. even fauci, he said he won't attend. hold on one second. >> war with russia. bad. >> cdc, good. >> economy? strong. iran, diplomacy good. >> what if i get asked around. >> we love, love around here. >> did you watch the kardashians on huh will you? he has not seen it. >> he hasn't seen it. he that's the problem. >> is that what you are going to wear?
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>> everybody loves brunch. if you are watching down on us, give us the strength to tell the truth, the heel truth, and nothing but the truth, unless we need to lie. okay? >> good morning, everybody. nice to see jen taking a well-earned break. anyone have any questions? >> what does the president plan to do to prevent a recession. >> i don't want to speak
6:33 pm
for the president on those issues. >> isn't that literally your job? next. yes. why does the president spend he weekend away from the white house? >> wouldn't you want to get away? what's the point of having a camp david if you can't walk down there he once in a while. >> he goes to delaware. the president has used the strategic petroleum reserve. >> i don't think it's for me or you, jenny, to talk about who or what the president is tackling. okay? >> when the president says one thing and white house staff say something else. who are we supposed to listen to, the president or white house staff? >> you know what, david -- >> that not my name.
6:34 pm
>> i say your name is david. and i am up here and you are down there. >> can you give us an update on the office agreement. >> the could you sing the question? >> ♪ could you give us an updient office agreement? >> ♪ no, i can't. >> what is the president's plan for office reduction? dan: that was hilarious. not really. you can see me not laughing. that their bag of donuts, not mine. fauci made this claim about the pandemic just days ago. >> we are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. we don't have 900,000 new infections a day and tens of
6:35 pm
thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. dan: but the next day fauci tells cbs you can't say the pandemic is over. which is it? is it over? is it not over? joining me now is chief ethics at the unity project, you heard this fauci flip-flop, one of many. unfortunately. what are americans supposed to think? a lot of damage has been done by this public health con news their messaging. >> a broken clock is occasionally right twice a day. fauci was right the first time. there is no longer a pandemic emergency. the virus has become endemic which mean there will be rises and falls in hospitalizations and death, just like influenza.
6:36 pm
when the flu season comes around, we don't talk about a scary variant and wave of influenza. we take it as a matter of course that people will get sick with this, and when they do, we'll intervene and help them with the best medical care possible. that's where we are what the covid. one reasons for the flip-flop. folks in power whether elected officials or public health bureaucrats. just to name one example, the president of the united states gains 13 additional power -- 136 additional emergency powers during a nationality emergency. people in power are usually reluctant to relinquish those powers. dan: there is an alarming surge
6:37 pm
in hepatitis in children worldwide. what's going on here in some people are blaming covid lockdowns for weakened immune systems. i'm not a doctor. but you are, and it sounds like a stretch. >> the covid lockdown my pot sissies implausible. what causes hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. those are acquired by sexual transmission, dirty needles or living in grossly unsanitary conditions. lockdowns produce health problems, but not a rise in hepatitis virus. autoimmune conditions can cause hepatitis, but the most plausible explanation that needs to be tests is the idea of vaccine side effects. we have studies showing
6:38 pm
inflammation of the liver caused by the covid vaccine. the last time i was on the show we talked about the mrna in liver cells in laboratory was inserted into the dna. i don't want to alarm folks and say it's proven to be the vaccine effect. but that the most likely hypothesis. let's strategize it by how many doses they have had and other factors. dan: is there any update on that study about the mrn parks vaccine producing -- the mrna vaccine produces longer term spike protein. it wasn't supposed to be prolonged. any update on that >> you can get speak protein
6:39 pm
production following these vaccines for at least 60 days, which is far longer than what we intended with this technology and intervention. so the results now that we are seeing in human studies are concerning, and confirming that these interventions probably were inadequately tests in terms of longterm effects, because the studies only lasted for three months. dan: doctor, thank you for your time. coming up, the left usinghe fear of cancel culture to keep conservatives silent. a former housewives of knowledge star with a big secret about reality tv. ghing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,...
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dab * folks, here is a tale of two narratives for you. remember when the dhs scandal about the whipping incidents at the border with the border patrol were allegedly whipping migrants. it was kind of weird because the whipping incidents didn't have chips and it wants an incident. but that was no longer on the
6:44 pm
front pages of the paper. the mainstream media loved that story because it has toaferg do with class, immigrants, the immigrants had to be black and it was an anti-law enforcement story so they were all over it. but it's strange you don't see the story this week when the dhs secretary when he was asked a simple question. you are the homeland security department. you are the seek terry of that. some terrorists snuck into the country. do you have any idea where they are? the guy is i really don't, we were too busy investigating a quhipping incidents with no whips and no incident. before i lose my mind on that one, we are living in week orwellian news. are you ready for the dhs
6:45 pm
disinformation governance board. we are going to call it the ministry of truth. let me just say one thing before i get to my guest. if this ministry of truth is allowed to continue and a law enforcement body of the united states government allowed to declare edicts about what is true and what isn't. the constitutional republic is dead as a doornail, this thing is over and done with. call your congressman tonight, email them and tell them this should be defund and hearings should commence immediately on this abomination to justice. joining me for the rebuttal. fox news contributor.
6:46 pm
was the story disinformation or was that actual factual information? >> well, dan, thank you for having me tonight. i put on a sequin top and diamond earrings because you are my date for the white house correspondents dinner. you have to be nice to me. when we think about and talk about this disinformation governance board, the trump administration did something right here. they are the ones who started this program. this is a continuation of the work done under the trump administration. it's clear to every one that foreign malicious across actors are targeting americans with a
6:47 pm
tsunami of information. there is an army from china trying to destroy our democracy. we know what russia is doing. this disinformation governance board is exactly what we want the federal government engaged in. dan: the disinformation governance board is a biden thing. you never answered my question. your answer to the question is key here. was the hunter laptop story which was genuine. was that story disinformation? it's simple. i'm not trying to trick you. your answer is going to be key. it's also clear i think to everyone who looked closely at the hunter biden story, there is a mix of disinformation all throughout this entire process. on the left and on the right. and we have to be able to
6:48 pm
acknowledge that to start the conversation how we address digital disinformation. dan: this is the receipt from hunter biden for his laptop billed to hunter biden with hunter biden's number, hunter biden's address, than is hunter biden's signature. is this real for did i make this up on photo shop. this is the receipt. i do this all the time. are you telling me this is fake? >> i'm not saying that, don dan. i'm not an i.t. expert. dan: come on. answer the question. >> we are coming under a tsunami of digs information. and we need to be able to counter and monitor and address this in the most effective way possible. it's important to note that this board is prioritizing how we
6:49 pm
protect civil liberties and civil rights. and dream of speech when we are fighting and countering disinformation. that has to come first. dan: if donald trump gets re-elected and appoints someone to the disinformation governance board i guarantee the liberals will have a different response. thanks for dressing up? dan: . this story shocked me. ziggy laker joins me. you say there is a crew of conservatives in hollywood? why don't they speak up?
6:50 pm
why are there more out there? >> i wish there were more. thank you for having me on, dan. the reason is quite simple. they don't want to lose their jobs. they have to feed their families. manyl will go as far as putting biden on their social media when they are voting for donald trump in 2020. the problem is, i was on housewives the first time i voted for donald john trump in 2016. that's when i knew they would start attacking me in the editing room. and i had someone tell me. the minute i student for myself win was shadow band, i was
6:51 pm
censored, and they tried to cancel me. but there is always that light at the end of the rainbow. but i have been doing incredible work standing for jews exiting the democrat party. and we are telling them, this democrat party is not the party of jfk. this is the new radical democrat party which no longer has our best interest. and we are work with tom homan, the former director of i.c.e. under donald trump, and he worked for six presidents. and he knows everything about the southern border it's our duty to stand up and speak out for the future generation of america. we are the home of the free because of the brave. i wish we had more siggy
6:52 pm
flickers out there. there are so many donald trump supporters. who would vote for a president who wants to send billions of dollars overseas but doesn't want to close the southern border. i'm a legal immigrant who came here through the front door. i have to be vetted and show my vaccinations. you can't open up your doors in your home to fentanyl and rapists and people you don't know what they want to do in this country. you have to be vetted. there has to be a law and order. when my mother went and took the test to become a citizen and she had to answer the question how many stars are on the american flag, and who is the current president of the united states. when she took the test and pledged her ashe jones to the united states of america, that
6:53 pm
was one of the best days of her life. now we have people coming in in the middle of a pandemic and they haven't been vetted. they are not for america. they are for every other country but america. we have to stand up right now. there is one thing standing between tyranny and the constitution. his name is donald john trump. dan: you are getting it done. i say on my show all the time, it's the do, not the talk that matters. i have got to run and i appreciate you standing up and doing, not just talking. we hope to have you back. this week we started our "unfiltered" group chat. i wanted to know the reasons you think democrats need to silence
6:54 pm
conservatives. the hottest take came from john who says dems wants to see you excellence conservatives because in the arena of public debate, lion light shines in the darkness. i have got a quick note here, my daughter, this is her last week in school. i have two daughters. i have a girl dad. my daughter went off to prom tonight, her last week of school. there she is right there. i love her so much. she is everything to me. so there is that picture. here is what she looked like on her first day at school. look at that. look at me right there. i was a lot thinner there. and the time goes by really
6:55 pm
fast. bringing in now joe con coma. are you back with us -- joe concha. are you back with us? >> i am. >> it's absolutely a clip-on. >> i wore this to program way back when. dan: i didn't go to my prom, i had a baseball game. i'm not a big fan of the nerd prom. i think with the media in general their popularity at an all-time low. just the look of them telling us we are in the middle of a pandemic, it seems a little gauche. >> if you hear one more person with a microphone in front of a camera telling you you should
6:56 pm
wear a mask anywhere, point to this event with 2,000 people at the washington hilton all on top of each other including the president of the united states, including the press secretary and kim kardashian and anybody you want to name here. if they can do that, you can't tell me what to do wherever i want to wear or not wear a mask. over on another network whose streaming service implode in 28 days. they have 8 people on a panel right now analyzing what is going on at this correspondents dinner and what joe biden may say to the press. it's utterly and profoundly ridiculous. dan: you are a very good media analyst. joe biden had a bad week. the border exploding, inflation, the gdp number.
6:57 pm
trying to be objective, this may be for him a little bit of a break if he can manage to pull off one funny joke and get to go nuclear on social media, it will be a distraction from how bad this guys president is, it sucks. >> it will be a distraction for five minutes. when you look at inflation and crime and police officers being killed at a rate we have never seen before. when you look at education, and the democratic party becoming the teachers union party and the anti-parent party, that's a problem. when you look at the u.s. southern border and we see 2 million people crossing in one year. that's lining tripling the population of denver or boston
6:58 pm
or washington, d.c. make a funny joke and go viral, then reality sets back in. you look at this presidency objectively and you can't find one good thing going right. it's the cherry on top with the president of the united states who was masked on beaches walk alone. now he's in a ballroom without a mask laughing after he lectured us not to do such a thing. there are no words. dan: joe biden isn't known for trying to be that funny. obama and trump could be funny. he's no rodney danger field, joe biden. >> he will get no respect. watch "caddie shack" again. i watched it again last night. it's tremendous.
6:59 pm
dan: before we go, remember you can catch the dan bongino show every day. here is a clip. me on safe space. soot world isn't a safe place it's a dangerous place. the best thing you can do is throw that garbage out the window and learning to adapt and toughening up. that's my psa for the day. toughen you have, kids. you want a safe space? it doesn't exist. there are no safe spaces. the world is a tough place. that was a long monologue on my radio show. i hope you get to check it out. you can stream it. and follow@unfiltered on fox. there is no safe spaces.
7:00 pm
zero. learn to adjust to a very dangerous world. risk is real. that does it for us. we'll see you back here next saturday night. >> fox news alert welcome to cross krnlgt thank you so much for joining us this inc. right now you're looking at the white house correspondent dinner at our nation's capitol next built of the program is about to get underway and then you'll hear from the president himself, joe biden, we've got a panel here to react and break it all down for you on the other side. i want to get you guys initial comment. you've got all of these people coming to this they look down on average day americans. but none of them have masks on. i mean, and some of them are putting them on taking them off.


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