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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  April 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

11:00 pm or watch him joe biden on gutfeld also abby on park fox nation and available may 23rd thanks so much for watching we'll be live here next saturday 10 p.m. eastern time and lawrence b. jones set your dvr so you never brian: welcome to "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. it's the rise of the reasonable. some of the most powerful voices in america today are popular not for what they were known for in the past, but for their reasonable takes in my view. and they are labeled reasonable -- labeled radical because they are reasonable. they haven't changed over the years, the media has.
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but people are sick of it, i believe. joe rogan is insanely popular even with the left trying to cancel him. >> when i say something stupid, i'm not thinking about what i'm saying before i say it. i am a cage fighting comedian. i am not a respected source much information even for me. i try to be honest about what i'm saying. >> bill maher is a liberal and today everyone kind of likes him, especially on the right. >> i'm still the unmarried, childless, pot smoking libber teen i always was. you can't acues me of maturing. it's not me who changed. it's the left.
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i will call them out. brian are's honest he has even come out against the liberal outcry over florida's education bill. >> as always with this stuff it's not like there is no kernel of truth that maybe kids that young shouldn't be thinking about sex at all. brian: people respect that, and the average american is responding to these reasonable people, even if you don't agree. joe manchin's approval rating has skyrocketed 17% the last year. he's reasonable. and he stood in the way of joe biden's agenda because it hasn't been reasonable. >> i haven't changed. i look for the moderate middle. the common sense that comes with the moderate middle is who i am. that's what people expect.
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brian: elon musk getting hammers by the left for his takeover of twitter. it's not because he's conservatives. he has never been. he just tells it like it is. he tweeted i supported obama for president but today's democratic party has been taken over my extremists. look at this. >> elon m called himself a free speech absolutist. that's b.s. it seems like it's about free speech of straight white men. >> if you own all of twitter or fn *, you don't or facebook, you don't have to explain yourself. >> people at the highest levels are making decisions that could affect the fate of the planet. brian: the libertarian shows he's more sane than squad.
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the left should love him. remember tesla? that's the greenest vehicle in the world. maybe the best. as unorthodoxed as his antics are, he's proposing true freedom of speech for the future of social media. they haven't changed over the years, their parties have. but their rising popularity show me the country has not. are we finally snapping out of our political polarization with the rise of the radical reasonable? let's find out. joining me harvard professor dr. todd rose and fox news contributor and author of "the war on the west," douglas murray. you don't have to agree. but todd do you believe the country is being more reasonable and turning off the radical. >> we are entering a moment
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where this is possible. the think tank i run, we have private opinion data on the american penal more than anyone else. we see a-shift to fundamental values including respecting one another. the challenge is while we all privately agree on this, we are convinced most everyone else doesn't agree. brian: did you say 2/3 of the people in your study said they keep silent in the presence of people they don't agree with. >> yes, 2/3. if 2/3 of people aren't being honest about what they believe, then the fringe on both sides is all anybody hears. and the result is a collective illusion. >> i know you wrote about this. would you agree america is reasonable, they just haven't said it? >> absolutely.
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that's a terrifying statistic. when i find myself in a room with people i don't agree, i speak up more. there is nothing worse than the private space and the public space being dominated by people saying deranging things. when you consider the combination of completely unbelievable things being forced into the public square, plus social media doing it, just think of the number of things this year we are being told, high school swimmers, college swimmers, the person can be a man to compete in swimming. the social media platforms push that, then you debt deplatformed if you disagree. this is when crazy things get pushed on you with incredible speed. not only do you have to agree with it. if you don't, you are basically
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silenced. it's also with things we used to agree on. we used to agree on when america was found. not anymore. even those things that used he unite us, now they are saying 1619 and that's pushed through social media. brian: when i am in a public setting our at work i don't say a word. so i guess i agree. what's the result of that, todd? >> as humidity beings we care about being with our groups. we have a con formity bias. but -- we have a conformity bias. when we are confronted by a fringe we go silent or lie about our views. and it becomes self-fulfilling. brian: you say it's up to leaders and pastors to change that.
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>> when we look at how you break these collective illusions and get back to a place of truth. our moral authorities, like our pastors, have an enormous role to play and hold us accountable for our own values. brian: we used to debate if people should have a pathway to citizenship as so posed to now should we leave the border wide open and let them run rampant and give them cell phones. the fact that we are debating it seems to be other planet-like. >> the response to that which you just highlighted, the rise of the reasonable. all these reasonable people are all called the most unreasonable names. elon musk, a libertarian, incredibly successful guy. but what happened this week? the radical left says he wants
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to bring apartheid south africa back. brian * he group there with a divorced parent and leaves at 17^. >> they did the same thing with man chin. with -- the same with manchin *. they call limb an extremist. >> bill maher has not changed. he hasn't changed the. >> in our research on people who are self-silencing is decency. they don't want to cause conflict. the illusion they are under is americans are too fragile. but in private we find out it's not true. if the american public realizes just like elon has a role to
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play, so do each one of us. telling the truth about what we believe and who we are. >> we have come to this position where the people making crazy claims about our society are not actually willing to contest them. what i write in "the war on the west" the race hucksters, people say they are public intellectuals, butter in not. if you are a public figure, contest your ideas in the public square. the authors of the 1619 project are wrong. and they won't debate. they say it will give a platform to racists and extremists. they say crazy things and don't allow it to be contested. brian: it's the rise of the rational and the reasonable. let's hope this is the beginning
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by pointing it out. "the war on the quest" airing on fox news channel. krorn conservatism as up know it. the history we know of conservatives, where did it start? coming up, out of control parents changed the landscape of youth sports and it's not for the better. can we get back some hugh pull e humility, please?
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brian: in 1921 our 29th president of the united states warren harding sparked the era of the conservative government. harding campaigned on
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the slogan of america first. he wanted government to get out of the way, cut spending, cut taxes, and reduce the speed of regulations. in 1929, herbert hoofer's initial you toughs didn't fix america and it slid to a recession. the response was titanic. it launched the rise of the modern conservative movement. >> the way to balance the budget is to stop spending government imloin. tear up this budget. brian: robert taft, son of william taft, his commitment to individual freedom, free end prize earned him the title,
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mr. republican. william buckley, jr. created "the national review." the political force talked barry goldwater to run for president. he was crushed by lbj in the general. but he sparked the conservative movement in the 1960s, which laid the ground work for ronald reagan. >> we are going to put america back to work again. brian: fast forward to 2017. donald trump's campaign mirrored that of the 20s. but conservatism at that time was stronger than now. though trump did win one election and amassed more votes than any
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other president in history, he lost his reelection. with democrats controlling the white house and congress, will conservatism merge again. will they show the american people the conservative path is the right one? the author of "the right, the 100 year war for conservatism." you say today reminds you more of the 1920s conservative movement than the 1980s with reagan. why? >> when you look at the republican party of today it resembles the republican party of president harding on a few issues. the opposition to immigration, especially illegal immigration. and also a view toward
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trade, want to go protect american industry shared by president harding and president trump. and on america's role in the world. the republican party in the 1920s was reluctant to become involved overseas. i see the same thing happening today on today the republican right. brian: saying let's stay out of ukraine. nato probably should have expanded. was everyone on the harding point of view or was he part of the majority of their party. >> there is always dissent and debate in america's great political parties. in the 20s they were more unified against interventions specially in europe. we can see that with the
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voices on the right wary of becoming too involved in ukraine. they are more interested in shoring up our develops and taiwan's defenses in the pacific. i think the real difference is the history of the cold war. what the conservative movement learned from our cold war experience fighting the soviet union, that you have to stay prepared to defend america against threats, even if they are threats against little countries like ukraine far away. brian: crib that and disseminate from populism. we hear sarah palin, a populist. >> there is a long history of populism stretching back before the founding of our country. it arises when the people feel those in
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charge the elites aren't recognizing important public policy problems. or if they recognize the problems, they aren't doing the right thing to solve them. so you get a populist upsurge. the current upsurge ban late in george w. bush's administration over illegal immigration. it was surging understood president george w. bush. instead of trying to secure the border bush was emphasizing legalizing immigrants in the use the. that created a fissure. brian: he did want to secure the border, he wanted to do it all at once. great book, great perspective. exciting book. the down side to having nine wives. carley shimkus will
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reveal it in our "news duel." the swedish ambassador to the united states joins us. resume.
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i'm molly line.
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brian: vladimir putin's big jest nightmare nato. finland's ambassador told "one nation" they are thinking about joining nato even without sweden doing it. >> it will take an independent position. we have to have our own act together. we have to designed our own. we hope sweden will be having the same kind of conclusion, whatever the conclusion is. brian: where does sweden standing at this moment. the ambassador to the united states joins us now. how close is your country to making the decision you avoided for 50 years.
11:28 pm
what about your decision now? how close are you to making it whether to join or not? >> we are very close to that decision. we have a report coming out the 13th of may. that's what the finnish ambassador said. we have constant dialogue and our situation in the region is closely linked to each other. this is something we are taking into consideration. brian: in march 51% of your population said let's join. now it's up to 7%. but your prime minister is from a party that initially did not want to join nato. >> that's the debate. and the report is for them to make up their mind on how they see the future. swedish security.
11:29 pm
brian: they will put a hypersonic weapon on their border if they join way in to. >> threatening other nations is something they shouldn't do. we have seen what happened in ukraine, an illegal attack own and sovereign country unprovoked. this is disturbing. 24th of february was a watershed moment in our history. it turned out, russia, a huge power in our vicinity acted on their threats. we must take this seriously. that's why we have the debate on whether we should join nato or not. he what do you bring'alliance? >> first of all, we have military force to reckon with. we have been working with the united states and nato for over 30 years. we have decide go for 2%
11:30 pm
military spending on our defense. we have a large military industrial complex. we build our own fighter jets and submarines we have been incorp wraight united states for a long time. we have been in all nato operations the last 30 years. we have shown our solidarity to the organization and to the region ton our friends. i think we are a great contribution if we should join. we also have a stable democracy and fight for human rights wherever we can. so we bring a lot to the table. brian: they are considering the application to provide a defense while they process it. then you will be under article 5 meaning if one is attacked, they all respond. border mess, inflation,
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hunter biden. a few of the things the white house should be dealing with. but instead we have a new disinformation czar. karl rove is just around the bend. and it's easier than ever to■ get your projects done right. inside, outside, big or small,
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[♪♪♪] brian: meet president biden's new information czar. she is quite talented. nina jankowicz singing about disinformation mary poppins style. she suggested that the hunter biden laptop saga
11:36 pm
was russian disinformation. joining me to react to this and so much more. karl, what is new, a would-be hire that sings about it or somebody who will be the czar of information with the presidency. >> she has been at this job for two months. we just found out about it yesterday when secretary majorkas gave miss testimony to congress. what the heck were they thinking. the homeland security department ought to be look for foreign attempts at misinformation or disinformation. but instead they apoint somebody to the job who is a partisan political hack. she attacked the hunter biden laptop story by saying it was a trump
11:37 pm
campaign diversion. this is a woman who promoted the steele dossier, talk about being taken in by disinformation. she was suckered into it. she says the first amendment to the constitution of america. brian: what is going to be the penalty? i am not allowed to read it? i have to unlearn it. >> you are missing the story. it has no statutory authority to step in and do something against somebody. they may be able to come out and publicly condemn them or say this is happening. but the credibility of this board is shot by the fact they appointed this woman. and they knew it. they appointed her two months ago and we find out about it yesterday.
11:38 pm
it has authority to distribute money. and majorkas made it clear they will put a priority on minority communities who are being mislead by disinformation with a special emphasis on hispanics. what is the group the democrats are shaking their hands over in the hispanic community. this sounds like a political gambit being led by somebody who has no credibility in leading such a board concerning disinformation. brian: lastly, we know oil and gas is being cut off amongst our allies. they are finally listening and finding another place to get it. the industry is saying hold on. i want some guarantees. you are in texas. you know the oil and gas
11:39 pm
community. give me their perspective. >> you don't go out into the oil patch and turn a knob or push a button and put maictally production ramps up. it takes a lot of dealing with government rules and regulations. what the industry is looking at is don't expect us to solve this problem overnight. and we need some certainty the rules aren't going to change again. last january of 2021 the administration stepped in and said we are not going to her allow any more lesion on federal lands and federal waters. the administration said we'll put up for at least 20% of what would normally be put up for lease, crippling your ability to produce oil and gas. and the regulatory burden will make it difficult for you to get
11:40 pm
the approval so you can get to market at a low price. now they are suddenly in a place where we need to sell energy, the europeans. it can't be done quickly, and the government has to step back from the anti-oil and gas initiatives for the last year and a half. brian: the industry doesn't want to be stabbed in the back. karl rove, great to see you. brian: meanwhile, how about this? youth sports in shambles with refer ease and umpires quitting at a record pace thinking they are in danger. how parents and some players are to blame.
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>> i don't think you should be butting in when i'm took you my team. purchase my assistant. you are suppose to back me up and go get juice boxes when i til. go get me a juice box.
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brian: it's funny on the big screen. but what about when it happens in real life. out of control parents and coaches ruining it for 40 million kids that are playing and will play youth sports this year. crazy. attacks on umpires and refer ease on the rise nationwide. it's causing a huge shortage of officials.
11:46 pm
over the last three years 20% of all high school officials have flat out quit. and it pays well. in mississippi, the umpire suffered a black eye from a raging mom who didn't like the call. joining me to discuss this, rick wolf, and former nfl pro and high school wrestling coach scott wells. rick, this does not surprise you. but does it surprise you coming back from the pandemic, it seems like it has gotten worse? >> it has been around for a long time but it's getting out of control. we are losing so many official and up pierts who just quitting.
11:47 pm
imagine going to somebody and saying would you like to officiate a kids game, and you might have profanity showered on you and you may get beat up after the game. brian: they didn't like the call. the mom wouldn't shut up. he through the mom out. he met her in the parking lot and punched her out and broke her eye socket. when you see the parents, what are you noticing. >> sometimes it's like they are living through their child. they are trying to accomplish everything they didn't with their child. last as a parent of athletes, and as a coach of athletes, i can see why they get so amped up about the game. but what keeps the game
11:48 pm
safe is the officials. without the officials therein won't be any games. brian: 62% of the officials said they were verbally abused during their match. >> i'm surprised the percentage isn't higher. the officials know that they are human they are going to make some mistakes and certain calls. for the parents in the stands, parents have a sense of entitlement. they feel i paid for my kid to be here and quite frankly if a referee makes a call that doesn't go in my kid's favor, it could cost my kid getting a college scholarship. >> when you go to club ball you pay for the coaches and trainers. you almost treat your kid like a free agent. and that raises the
11:49 pm
stakes, doesn't it? >> absolutely. i have a daughter who pays travel volleyball. you pay a lot of money to keep them these clubs. you are talks tens of thousands of dollars a year. in your mind you are saying you are pursuing your child's dream of playing with collegiate sports. oftentimes the shortage has led to kids having to officiate the tournaments. we were at a tournament in chicago and there might have been 10 actual officials there. there were high school kids. >> you have to set a serious tone. tell the parents month attend these games. if you do something that is out of control. you will be prosecuted. you will face real jail time.
11:50 pm
we have got to get serious. this has become a national epidemic. brian: don't take it out on the referee. they are going to be quitting by 9th grade. 6 out of 10 quit by 9th grade. you had a year of sitting at home watching your kids not play. scott, great to hear from you. it's good to see you giving back to the next generation. straight ahead. any chance you are looking for a house and a husband? we have the perfect real estate offer for you. carley shimkus is here for another "news duel." have you
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to have her. brian: next. >> only in florida. a woman in selling her home. 3 bedroom, a bath patio pool ballroom, and her ex-husband. she is selling the husband and him. he agreed to cook and clean if he can stay and get a buyer. they say this is serious but the pictures would say otherwise. clearly having something to do with animal print. maybe a possible fetish there, i don't know. they are apparently on good terms with the housing market. there may be somebody who would be willing to do this. brian: next, who would
11:57 pm
think having 9 wives would be bad? there is only one problem with having 9 wives. well, the good news is about having 9 wives. the sexual rotation works. it flows naturally. this guys name is arthur. he says the only problem is gift giving. it's hard to get the right gift. >> he's married to 9 people? i wonder how the conversation is at work? brian: how do you stop working with 9 wives that need to be supported. he says his wives don't mind how often the others have sexual relations with him. he says the jealousy only pops up when it comes to gift giving. he has followers on social media for how to keep 9 wives happy.
11:58 pm
>> i don't know how you can find 9 women on the planet to agree with that. but that took place in brazil. latin america. brian: yes. >> i know you are a fitness guy. brian: like to work out. >> a new study says the best exercise you can do for your body is squatting. it's the key to make you stronger and live longer to boost your strength, balance flexibility. plus you can squat anywhere, any time. and no equipment. brian: something as basic as squatting with or without weights they say is the best to build up your core. >> sometimes the old ways are the best. brian: white house correspondents dinner is tonight. everybody has to get tested and be vaccinated
11:59 pm
except the wait staff. they have to wear masks. the press should have covered this, about it was unmasked at the last minute. anthony fauci is not going. the president is, by's not going to eat. thanks for dueling, carley. that it for tonight. please catch my special, "who is elon musk?" amongst our guests booked this week upon my radio show, michael goodwin. senator haggerty. it launches on myrtle beach this week. finally "fox and friends," mike rowe, and john tapper.
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