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tv   The Big Sunday Show  FOX News  May 1, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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through maine. we are going to wait for two years? member the last one, don't look up, that's one thing don't do. >> people of people trying not to look and look at the same time. eric: two years will go forward. great to have you. the big sunday show is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ hello everybody i am at daggett mcdowell along with anita vogel, caldwell and jimmy fail. welcome to the big sunday show here is on tap tonight,. >> three days ago the homeland security secretary did not want to answer the questions about suspected terrorists who were caught crossing the border illegally. apparently today. crux of the white house correspondents that are there jokes about biden's approval
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ratings, trumps and even a guy name brandon. but is the joke really on joe? >> and jimmy. >> paris take back the of the kids education a documentary or the actors making a bold statement about what is happening in public schools today. >> but first, a former democratic congresswoman as raising questions about who is really behind biden's new ministry of truth kelsey said it's biden's old boss former president barack obama. she tweeted this, quote biden is just a front man obama april 21, social media quote don't go far enough unquote. so the government needs to step into do the job. six days later homeland security rolls out the ministry of truth. also known as disinformation governance board. in fact it was just a week and a half ago that obama said this information is killing people.
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>> people are dying because of misinformation. we see our new information ecosystem is turbocharging some of humanity's worst impulses but regulation has to be part of the answer. while content moderation can limit the description of clearly dangerous content, that does not go far enough. >> sources close to president obama say there is a reason he is talking about censorship. one, telling the hill these biggest speeches are rare he has not done a ton of these in his post- presidency. he is really trying to move the needle on it. jimmy, does he know that what is happening inside the government is a violation of the first amendment? >> i think it would just figured out is that it was obama inside the easter bunny costume. [laughter] two weeks ago, every time biden opens his mouth he lies a lot so obama was probably trying to
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deep six the conversation. i don't doubt there's someone running biden here. but my frustration again, and again, and again as all of these discussions around the dangers of disinformation are being controlled by the people spreading disinformation. you could never bring this up without me saying it's like hitting somebody in the knee with a hammer is my reflective reaction. but i cannot stand this because the whole scam of what they are doing over, and over, and over get his make and it's like the other side of the threat. there's clearly a political motivation here is my take aside from that i just want to say hello, you are the first three sober people i've seen a 48 hours it's very nice to be around you. >> we cannot say you were sober, jim avery. >> it is hard to tell sobriety from intoxication no offense, jimmy. in that speech that president obama gave he gave i am pretty
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close to a first amendment absolutist. this is something jonathan wrote about democrats and liberals they always say, talk about the first amendment. therefore the first amendment but they never talk about being for free speech. because the first amendment does not apply to all of these private businesses that so actively do sensors speech and expression on behalf of the liberals and i am talking about the social media companies, how do you see it? >> i believe democrats are all gastineau breaks his one bad idea to the next of joe biden is taking his lead from obama he should change his slogan from build it back better to no hope, count your spare change especially with inflation going on. it's a tough. but i think about obama when he famously gave that speech before college students and said we shouldn't be trying to cancel
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each other. we should hear other points of view. conservatives applauded him for that. now he's changing his tone because he realized that the 2020 election, whoever controlled the information controls the narrative. the narrative is how they want and 2020 is how they intend to went in 2024. this is going to be really tough road for them to win it much of anything in 2024 or coming up here in the midterms. >> i want to get your reaction to this is secretary alejandro mayorkas. defending the creation of the disinformation board. >> our work does not infringe on free speech. it does not infringe on civil rights, civil liberties individual has the free-speech right to spew anti-semitic rhetoric print what they don't have the right to do is take hostages in a synagogue.
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>> i like harry checked his notes, anita. >> he may been checking the wrong notes for different question on that. anyway i which go back to president obama for just a minute these speeches he is giving on censorship. maybe gianno answer my question they want to control the narrative why is he making speeches on censorship and talk about free speech being dangerous? i think talking about censorship is dangerous and will think it's a good look for the president, former president i think it makes him look small. we did see stirrings of this when he was president. he might run for the former cbs reporter sharyl attkisson, excellent reporter but she wrote a book on how her phone was tapped, her computer is tapped because she was pursuing courageous stories on the fast and furious a gunrunning scandal on benghazi. the admission ration did not like that. this is a documented that her
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phone and computer were tapped because she was doing some courageous and fearless reporting on this and the administration didn't like it. >> our former colleagues too. james rosen, correct? so again i don't think this looks good for president obama. i think he ought to change the narrative. >> eric holder seven he was the attorney general he regretted, he knew about this warrant that was used to essentially spy on a reporter. he knew about it, he signed off on it said is one of his biggest regrets. again, you want talk about correct on the free press that's exactly they're trying to do. but jimmy, to this point, this is a desperation is the worlds worst cologne which you should know. [laughter] rex i don't know do think it's worse than the heineken i smell like right now?
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[laughter] anakin and lobbyist money. >> the floor of a frat house. >> please get him some hand sanitizer. but they are desperate because these social media platforms have been acting as censorship surrogates for politicians. you're starting to see cracks in it. especially with elon musk stepping up to buy twitter and cracks in standing up for the censorship of the "new york post" and all of the covid lies that they tried to peddle to the american people. the left is most angriest and most vocal when they are losing control and power to this kind of speaks to that. >> this is what is really going on i will oversimplify for you per the left is gone really lazy in the last five years because they did not have to work. they did not have to engage in the free exchange of ideas for they were able to say anything that contradicted their narrative was either hate speech
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or disinformation in nine times out of ten the debate would go away and they would get their way by default because they were on the side of the virtuous ones. we are not spreading the hate speech we are not spreading the disinformation when in fact they were. if you look back at things that were labeled disinformation, hunter biden's laptop was disinformation you can't tweet it pretty can't say vaccinate people get and spread covid they threw off twitter for that. we come to find out both of us in search of not saying that is it anti- backed as you know i got the johnson & johnson they didn't tell me was magic johnson and keyshawn johnson i can't catch covid but may man can catch a pass. [laughter] i got the j&j two and it got me nothing about projectile vomiting for about 24 hours. >> at the j&j to it's called jj fishers in chicago. >> before we go from this, and seven i'll point out hillary
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clinton's gone a step of the present obama she called on the european union to pass the digital services act which is widely been denounced by free-speech advocates because it is a massive censorship legislation, a massive censorship campaign so she literally calling on europe to do what is against the law and against the constitution of the united states. >> see it you don't go it hillary is doing is she setting up a platform to run and the uk so she can keep losing for president in the u.s. that is the reason for that. hillary clinton is trying to stay and she wants to get attention or want to be a power player in the democratic party but of course everyone wants her to run away, not run for president. that's probably where that comes from in my view. >> hurt desperation even outshines jimmy's. [laughter] rex i didn't realize this was a hazing ritual today.
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we know you are hung over that is when you get hazed. [laughter] also may come in for the kill. >> hung over would imply have gone to bed. >> and next up fox news alert, nancy pelosi speaker of the house made a surprise visit to ukraine and met with zelenskyy. we will take you to kyiv next. n. you can't prevent what's going on outside that's why qulipta™ helps what's going on inside. qulipta™ is a pill. gets right to work to prevent migraine attacks and keeps them away over time. qulipta™ blocks cgrp, a protein believed to be a cause of migraine attacks. qulipta™ is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie can help you save on qulipta™.
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>> bareback of the fox news alert. house speaker nancy pelosi in a congressional delegation making a surprise visit to ukraine meeting with ukraine's president zelenskyy and bowing the united states support for the rest of the war. our trey yingst is live and kyiv with more. >> a good afternoon we have more on that but first a breaking development ukrainian president zelenskyy says around 100 civilians are being evacuated from the southern port city of mariupol there's a steel plant here and in the coming hours and days, more people who are trapped inside are expected to make their way to safety. this does come up to russia's defense ministry said over the weekend that at least 46 civilians were allowed to leave the area that is known to have more than 1000 ukrainian
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residents in 2000 ukrainian soldiers inside. the united nations has been pushing russia to evacuate the steel plant since they moved forces into this critical port city per the news does come amid a high-profile visit to the capitol paired speaker of the house nancy pelosi came to visit ukrainian president zelenskyy. pelosi was joined by a group of house democrats who took a train to kyiv as a city does remain a target for russian forces. that delegation helpings with ukrainian officials to discuss the military and humanitarian aid as the war does continue and remember it comes just a week after president biden announced that 33 billion-dollar package to help ukraine, will need congressional approval, anita. >> trey that is good news about by evacuation from mariupol those people who have been suffering there were so long now. i want to ask you quickly about this high level visit today by nancy pelosi and the congressional delegation. we have a little bit of sound i would like you to take a listen to it and react on the other
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side. >> we are here to say to you that we are with you until this fight is over. >> thank you very much it is very important and you have to know we will win. and we will win together. >> oh trey, went to ask you because i know you spent a lot of time on the ground you've gotten to know the people of ukraine quite well. how do you think this visit was a morale boost not only for the president but for the people of ukraine when they see this high level group coming from the united states? >> you heard the words and from nancy pelosi we are with you until the fight is over for this war is not about republican or democrat, left or right it is about human rights is about democracy. it's about the sovereignty of ukraine. so when any high-level official comes here to ukraine and meets with ukrainian leadership it really does send a message to the russians that they will have the support of the western world
2:18 pm
until this conflict is over and it is critical because we do know in the coming days russian forces are expected to announce even more troops even more mobilization to this war in ukraine and it will send that message to president putin in moscow that the ukrainian people and president zelenskyy himself will continue to receive that support. >> thank you for that but. >> i had idea nancy pelosi's broomstick could fly so far but i digress. [laughter] trey yingst to ask you great to be with you my friend, what is being done to ensure the safety and security of the u.s. officials that are continuing to take the surprise of trips over into ukraine? obviously something happens to them the u.s. can be brought into a direct conflict over there. >> it is a really great question. because it is something on the minds of ukrainian people and others who do make that journey to the capitol of kyiv. there are many western officials in the city of lviv the western part of ukraine but to take that train here to kyiv you are
2:19 pm
talking a six -- eight hour journey. once you are here in the center part of the country, it is very difficult to get out. there are no helicopters, there are no airplane so when pelosi comes through the delegation from washington, it is a risk this is a city that took russian missile fire over the past week. any official it comes to your house to make that calculation about whether or not they're willing to risk coming to the capitol of ukraine. >> trey, it is dagen. zelenskyy told brett bear when he interviewed and that is important to keep the attention and the u.s. and around the globe on russia's war against ukraine. this visit does that. he was talking about, he needs people around the globe to be reminded constantly about what the ukrainian people are enduring and going through. nancy pelosi's visit kind of shines a light on ukraine once again. >> is a great point to because
2:20 pm
we have seen in recent reports ukrainian president zelenskyy is concerned about two things he is concerned about the russian fire on his country and targeting of civilians is also concerned about the world simply forgetting about this conflict. and moving forward as we see the escalation in the eastern part of the country, there is a massive understanding that the world could look away because there aren't journalists as much on the front lines are not as many images coming out of these innocent people who are trapped as a russian forces push forward with this invasion. >> trey, we thank you for being there to bring us the stories and show us the pictures. we appreciate your reporting there so much. trey yingst alive on the ground. >> be safe trey. >> absolutely. all right, coming up on the big sunday show, dozens of terrorists almost got into the united states illegally. so where are they now? accept any of the 42 illegal migrants on the terror watch list the no-fly list encountered on the southwest border been
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to the big sunday show. dozens of possible terrorist tried to get into the country illegally since biden took office. that information came from our own government. so naturally republicans what to know more about them. >> are any of them still in our country this is an important question for this committee congressman brad. >> i will deliver to you a response with respect request have any of the 42 illegal migrant on the terrorist watch list, no-fly list encountered our southwest border been released into the united states? >> i do not know the answer to your question.
2:26 pm
>> you do not know whether they have been released or not into the country? that is your testimony that is amazing. >> over and over again how unsecured he secretary mayorkas avoid the question how he is finally answering it on fox news sunday. >> i did not want to misspeak in response to ranking member jordan's question because we know where this 42 individuals our comedy terrorist screening database i did not want to speak with respect to the disposition of each and every one of them it. we know where they are. and we have got our hands on it. >> you know, i want to go to anita here because there's been a lot of migrants obviously came into our country some estimates show 2 million since joe biden has taken office. a lot of migrants have been interviewed on the records of joe biden has encouraged them to come in reducing drug support and, obviously people are on terrorist watch list. there has been to impeach the
2:27 pm
secretary of the homeland security secretary. i am interested in knowing from your point of view, is that something that is possible at this particular time has it been so much of a disaster he can really and truly be impeached? >> if you cannot answer a question like have these 42 terrorist crossed into the country question what do we know their whereabouts and he says i don't know? maybe he should be fired. i mean isn't that his job as homeland security secretary to know where these people are? i know he's clean up his answer bit for bret baier but it seems to me he should have a better handle on that information. you know gianno it's the same policy they had under the obama administration. basically someone crosses into the country illegally, they are cocked, they are processed, documented, given a court date and release into the united states. just hoping the border officials
2:28 pm
are hoping they will come back to that court date. now i guess they're getting cell phones to get phone calls. of course they don't have to answer the phone. the policy is kind of ridiculous it really doesn't work, right? enter the numbers you talked about i just took some notes earlier for the month of march alone there are 221,000 migrant encounters in the month of march alone. that's 250,000 people in one month trying to come into the country illegally. so, i don't know i think it's a good question about whether he should be impeached or fired. but see what happens there but i would say he is not doing an a+ job. >> i would agree with that. dagen, the homeland security anticipating title 42 is actually lifted that the daily migrant numbers going to increase up to 18000 in a day that is to start. progressives and we know have been pushing for this as well as activists. why do you think that is
2:29 pm
especially knowing the impact according to our country? >> a more illegal migrants coming over the board of the better. again this is not a strategy problem, this is what they want. the democrats want the border wide open. they are doing nothing for the actually putting border agents in the national guard and even people who live in border communities, shoot, people living across the country than putting them in harm's way but how many more people have to die in this country from fentanyl poisoning? i am sorry from mayorkas to the tens of thousands of people who have died from fentanyl poisoning and the families who are left grieving. the only thing the biden initiation is upset about as you can see these pictures. mayorkas said last week they are effectively managing the border.
2:30 pm
so, you have got a million people who have been released into this country or more including unaccompanied children and that is effective management? this is a challenge. member jen psaki said that it is not chaos at the border, this is what they want the only problem they see as there are pictures of it. just real quick, arc for this in your post he said the biden administration opposed to all measures that might address this problem including at the gaps remain in mexico i went to the supreme court to prevent that from staying in place. it is against keeping illegal immigrants into tension, against supporting this illegal immigrants. it is against using ankle monitors to track them. so, on that note one additional thing i will shut up, jimmy. [laughter] mayorkas said during his bret baier interview, he gave a shout
2:31 pm
out to the border patrol agents for doing their jobs. and i will say this he can stick that where the sun does not shine because he is one who went after and castigated those border agents on horseback and lied about them and said were going to add to the bottom of this in days not weeks and months. that was horse manure that he has a put people burned he has been the shepherd of putting all of these border agents in harm's way. and he should quit he should quit. >> a while, want to go to full screen and i'm coming to you next jimmy, governor abbott of texas put up this tweet said we approve $495 million to continue funding operation lone star in additional border security operations. texas will not sit on the sidelines as president biden continues turning a blind eye to the crisis of the southern border. now, jimmy we know this is all
2:32 pm
on a lot of folks minds especially those who are in those particular states that are truly impacted by this. how do you think the impact will be on the midterm elections considering what's going on? >> it is going to be profound. the only silver lining to the border problem is it's about to become someone else's problem. they biden is governing everyone will be running into mexico it's enough of the sadness ration i can't take it. people came here legally starting to remember what they fled. the difference to the suffering being caused by the wide open border. dagen alluded to the fentanyl overdose poisoning set is something that affects everybody that's not a republican issue are vocal about the border. the carnage caused by the board is not confined to republicans as the whole country, why? the border is the front door of
2:33 pm
the house. and right now the front door of the house is open and we are not really keeping tabs on what is getting in. i will say this about secretary mayorkas he was pretty active on the party scene in d.c. this weekend. i happen to be at a party with mayorkas i had a show as vaccinated just passed a covetous impression of the may bp and a cup or so security in the border we have on the d.c. party circuit? i like to see people coming into our country illegally subjected to the real scrutiny as opposed to the people who came in or hear the right way. that is my biggest issue with mayorkas they really don't prioritize america. again, and again, and again we are the ones taking a backseat so i do think it's going to catch up with them gianno very quickly don't prioritize anybody, jimmy they've intentionally the foundation for human traffickers and drug cartels to profit from human suffering. the only reason they are mad is because it's hurting them politically. that is help craven and
2:34 pm
discussing these people are. listen well i can do it yourself project but border security is not supposed to be diy and got on texas were stepping up but they should not have too. >> thank you, thank you guys think a great panel. thank you jimmy. after it left side's white house correspondents dinner, is a joke on biden? that is next. ♪ ♪ aleve x. its revolutionary rollerball design delivers fast, powerful, long-lasting pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible. helen knew exercise could help her diabetes.
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it is 38 minutes after the hour. walk back to big sunday show. left lights white house correspondents dinner included jokes about everything from biden's approval rating, to trump coming to own peter doocy. here's a biden attempt at comedy. >> special thanks to the 42% of
2:39 pm
you who actually applauded. [laughter] i am really excited to be your child the only group of americans with a lower approval rating than i have. this is the first time preston attended this dinner in six years. [cheering] [applause] it is understandable we had a horrible plague, followed by two years of coded. [laughter] [laughter] republicans seem to support one felt some guy named brandon. is having a really good year. i am kind of happy for him. >> are right it is good to see the president poking fun at himself we all like to see that. and it jimmy, we know is you have reminded us throughout the show, you or they are paid we had a good time. so as a fellow comedian go ahead and grade the president how did he do with his jokes? what's in all honesty i would give biden a b+ from the
2:40 pm
standpoints every time joe biden opens his mouth we are all horrified because we don't know where it's going to go, he doesn't know where it's going to go there's the nerve reducing moment of is he going to finish the sentence? that's a real powerful thing when he speaks. i'm not trying to minimize that but he did deliver his jokes. my big issue with biden as he was really catering to the sensibility of the room from the standpoint of the white house correspondents dinner is the best dressed group therapy session in the world. they are all there to remind themselves how great they are, they are the good guys, we are the bad guys he told the joke about how the republican party is gone from mr. gorbachev tear down this wall to we need to tear down mickey mouse's house over the florida bill which is idiotic because it was a strawman argument republicans in florida are anti- disney because they are anti-gay. we are just getting in the way of the stupid attack on ron desantis and the bill because
2:41 pm
the gods honest truth is republicans are right about disney. no it was a flight out of florida go on a ride called snow white and these seven genders. we are not waiting in line two hours to write peter pan's actual leaders were just going to disney this must be the happiest place on earth. but biden that sensibility like republicans are evil so i give him credit for getting through it pretty give credit to whoever shot them up with a bunch of b12 so he could stand there and hang out on stage for an hour. but all things considered, be truck b+. trevor noah a lot of cheap strawman jokes. that again were there at the self contract laboratory vibe within the group. i'm sorry i'm hogging the ball here, but the truth is the media and celebrate in the first on them but that's the banner hanging over the stage, nobody had played a bigger role in stifling our first amendment rights than the people in that room who did not let anyone report the hunter biden story who wrote at length about how
2:42 pm
they were killing the hunter biden story and why. so the farce of this whole thing is they are all standing there in the room like if you're putting this in football terms they are dumping the gatorade on themselves after losing the game. it is bizarre. >> and pushing the russia collusion hoax. that was a lie is spun by the hillary clinton campaign. fed it right from the press right into government it was like watching a toilet bowl. >> is deafly who's who they are present saw the video president nixon was steven spielberg at the palladium a lot of celebs there were even some jokes about some of our fox colleagues. let's take a look at this little skit from the stage last night. >> on the president says one thing and white house staff say something else, who are we supposed to listen to?
2:43 pm
the president or white house staff? >> you know davis. >> that's not my name. you say your dave is not david i say your name is david and i am appear you are stuck down there. [laughter] [laughter] james gordon lost it leaving his late-night show all lead that is getting crushed like a little bug by grade that felt. i did not watch inhibit last night. i was busy squeezing my dogs but glands and does it take that's all i have got. [laughter] let me ask you about trevor noah's joke he made a funny joke about everything cost them or do we have that can we play that joke? >> ever since you've come into office things are really looking up, gas is up, rent is up, food is up, everything. okay, biden laughed at that but i mean gosh, it is true, right?
2:44 pm
gianno how about you? >> first i a gym and you're not hogging the ball i caught doing the dagen she goes on and on and on. [laughter] i love dagen i love dagen. [laughter] we all do. [laughter] let me tell you one thing gianno i never forget might carry a grudge forever. [laughter] >> don't smoke my goat please. [laughter] hands up don't shoot. i will tell you i didn't want to today wanted to see what biden was talking about and it got to tell you, i saw the jokes the your mama jokes that my cousin david tells were better than biden's. i did not appreciate some of the humor i thought it was dry and stale. but it isn't biden who is dry and stale so here we are. >> alright, for more on this we can all check out jimmy's twitter feed i'm sure you had a
2:45 pm
lot to tweet about this, right? [laughter] [laughter] >> you can check out my fine fashion too, anita. half the people they are canceled by an fox news talent aris sell drugs to fox news itself that's the beauty of my wardrobe. it was a big get you up to check me out on twitter at jimmy fellow. >> were going to move on from this right now. public enemy number one. laughter takes on public schools in a new documentary, that is up next. ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that? timber... [ sighs heavily ] when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you've built with affordable coverage.
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>> welcome back to the big sunday show. doctor kirk cameron out the new documentary the homeschool awakening. taken on a broken public education system and calling to restore the power of parenting where it rightfully belongs. >> my opinion the public school system has become public enemy number one. i mean man, gianno i'll start with you pretty you are a guy who is not allowed within 500 feet of a school. [laughter] from where you stand, can you
2:50 pm
see why people like kirk cameron are pushing back as aggressively as they are against these dramatic shifts in school curriculum? >> jimmy i would call you sir but i'm not a biologist. i will tell you, public schools i think he has a point i think homeschool should be something for people they should consider what about the socializing part of it kids need to be able to deal with other students and build confidence, integrity and all that kind of stuff but i'll tell you personally, me going to a public school was not all that bad i learned how to say no to drugs by being at a school on the south side of chicago because the teachers that are sold at bad weed therefore i never purchased them i always said no. [laughter] >> just to be clear you said no because the weed was bad? there's a follow-up no time for follow-up. [laughter] >> they get a lot of the back lash is the end result of zoom
2:51 pm
learning children got more involved in their curriculum and got to see exactly what's going on since the moment all that day drinking in their pajamas has finally caught up to the teachers? >> yes it has. i will note in all seriousness, so a lot of parents realized when they got to see the education they were getting via zoom in public schools, realized their children would be much better educated if the parent or parents did that education on their own. but because inflation is running at a 40 year high and you have near record high gasoline prices, the parents are also making the decision it doesn't make financial sense for both parents to work. it will be better off if one parent stays at home it helps educate the children. but i will point out the public schools are not the problem, it is the teachers unions. this is the desperate move that
2:52 pm
say randi weingarten is using singha conservatives are trying to end public education as we know it. no, we are trying to get your sorry out of it. apologies to gianno pastor i think is watching. [laughter] now you're miming to straighten up and buttoned up. [laughter] >> i'm still hung up on the weed but i need a really quick and got 30 seconds of the democrats hand the republicans a gift heading into the midterms by drawing this line as it pertains to parent involvement in education? >> and think one of many but i think i want to say have talked to any parent who can do homeschooling. i got a taste of it during the covid lockdown spread we had to do the zoom school at home. it is so hard to educate your own child. i was pulling my hair out so hats off to those folks. and caps off to kirk cameron for highlighting the issue. i did covid sum these rocket school board meetings in loudoun county, virginia which was the
2:53 pm
epicenter of all of these debates and fights. if you are a parent and you don't like what's going on your school, go to the school board and complain, right? >> go to the school board complaint get labeled a domestic terrorist. >> when you want to be called a terrace for. >> you are one 100% right in the big four is next. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. time for ache and burn! over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those'll probably pass by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is approved to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. got any room in your eye?
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♪ >> welcome back to "the big sunday show." it's time now for the big four, our picks of the biggest stories everyone will be talking about this week. my pick, apple employees writing a letter to their ceo about what they call negative effects of returning to work for three days a week saying, quote: it will make apple younger, whiter, more male-dominated, more able-bodied. in short, it will lead to privileges deciding who can work for apple, not who will be the best fit. this really stood out to me because it reminded me of what elon musk recently tweeted out when he said progressives hate everyone including themselves. how can you as a white person say, hey, we don't want to come into the office because we're white, and we believe it is going to be more male, white-dominated if we come? [laughter] are they just trying to get out of work? you know what? i don't understand the point of this. >> here's the thing, that word salad was the fanciest way of
2:58 pm
saying we want to continue to day drink and watch porn. [laughter] and we don't know if we can do that in the office. give me a break. [laughter] >> dagen? >> i'll note though silicon valley, as liberal as they are, those companies, the biggest of the biggest, they employ very few black americans, very few. >> that's true. in executive roles. >> very few and very few women. they ought to walk what they talk. so i'll bring you what i'm calling the big gator getdown. alligators are mating in florida, and they're going to be probably out in the roads, warmer temperatures, they might beat on your porch if you happen to live down in florida. this comes to us from fox weather. so there are 1.3 million alligators in florida, and they're going to be, welk humping each other -- well, humping each other for the next several weeks in public. >> well, i didn't see that
2:59 pm
dating app. [laughter] plenty of teeth? i don't know where to go on that. i'm desperately trying not to make a crocodile sex joke and get myself fired. [laughter] i'm a minute away if landing this plane. a couple, a couple, speaking of planes, traveling to las vegas to get married got delayed, but love was in the air and they tied the knot mid flight with the help of the flight crew and other passengers. is so this was a couple heading to vegas to get married, they wound up getting married on the plane. if anybody wants to send a gift, they're registered at bed, bath and baggage claim. anita, as i toss to you, this would not have been possible if the mask mandate was till in effect -- still in effective. >> you know what? i love that, because look at all the violence on airplanes over the last couple of years, now we have love. i don't have time for my live
3:00 pm
story except that billionaire warren buffett is comparing wall street to gamblers. we're going to be talking about that story next week. that does it for us, folks. we'll see you next weekend. "the fox report" with jon scott starts right now. ♪ muck. jon: house speaker nancy pelosi making a surprise visit to ukraine's capital to meet with president volodymyr zelenskyy. good evening, i'm jon scott, and this is "the fox report." ♪ ♪ jon: speaker pelosi made the up announced trip to kyiv yesterda- along with a congressional delegation. she is now the highest ranking u.s. official to visit ukraine's capital since vladimir putin's war on ukraine began 68 days ago. also in ukraine u.n. officials say evacuations are under


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