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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  May 1, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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siblings of the parking lot of the auburn jail northwest of jail when it fell through paid staff member's quickly came to the rescue and named him a.j. short for auburn jail. while the staff is now fostering a.j. and bought a second duckling to keep them company. and that is how fox reports this sunday, may 1 of 2022. i am jon scott thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪ good evening and thank you for joining us, i am trey gaudi at sunday night in america. we begin with a fox news alert. house speaker nancy pelosi led a surprise congressional delegation to ukraine meeting with ukrainian president zelenskyy and promising unyielding support. for that country until it defeats russia. ukraine does not need visitors and nearly as much as it needs weapons. in fact one member of the
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visiting congressional delegation said he went to ukraine for three reasons, weapons, weapons, and weapons. the situation in ukraine is described as apocalyptic, hell on earth and morally dangerous but escape routes are big bombs and residents who do stay face constant showing and desperate living conditions. and if all of that were not bad enough the threat of nuclear war remains let's turn to trey yingst live in kyiv with the latest. >> good evening and major development tonight as ukrainian president zelenskyy says around 100 civilians have been evacuated from the steel plant in the southern besieges city of mariupol we do know that more people are expected to leave in the coming hours and days. what does follow a statement by russia's defense ministry indicated nearly 50 people from around this area were allowed to evacuate. there are an estimated 1000
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residents around the steel plant in 2000 ukrainian soldiers inside. now the united nations continues to push russia for this humanitarian corridor so some promising news today. it does come amid a high-profile visit by speaker of the house nancy pelosi who came to the capitol of kyiv to meet with ukrainian president zelenskyy. pelosi was joined by a group of house democrats who took a train to kyiv as the city does remit a target for russian forces but held meetings with ukrainian officials to discuss both military and humanitarian aid as the work continues. this after president biden announced 33 billion-dollar aid package for ukraine that will need congressional approval. with millions of ukrainians at risk, eight organizations around the world are doing what they can to help those like mission to create a nonprofit organization founded by two friends who met at cornell university, are working to deliver much-needed medical devices and other supplies to hard-hit areas of ukraine. >> being able to provide some level of normalcy to refugees in
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the european union and being able to provide meaningful medical supplies to people in cities under siege is overwhelming. >> so far mark and his friend dylan have raised nearly quarter million dollars to help those innocent ukrainians in need. >> trey yingst a thank you so much for risking your safety to bring us the information that we need, thank you have a good evening. >> pakistan is a world of the fifth country with the sixth largest military and nuclear weapons. pakistan has not proven to be a very reliable ally for the united states as you may recall osama bin laden was in pakistan when navy seals found him and killed him. currently, russia is being ostracized by most of the world because of this genocide ukraine. so why would pakistan even be thinking of establishing a partnership with russia? and what can or should the united states do about it? drowning is not international
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expert and fox news contributor doctor rebecca grant. before i get you to assess u.s. tacky relations your thoughts on the surprise congressional visit ukraine? >> and nancy pelosi is not my favorite but trey, i'm really quite she went. we need bipartisan support to get in weapons, weapons, weapons for the need to pass this money quickly. and then there's going to be more this is not the last request print so she is going as a symbol of bipartisan support, i am good with that. trey: me too lots of members of congress with the correspondents dinner i'm grateful for those who went to ukraine instead of going to the nerd prom last night. u.s./pakistan relations. what is going on with pakistan? what are they thinking? >> of pakistan is always a problem. they got caught trying to be
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neutral on ukraine. and cozy up to russia so they can get trade and energy deals. but then remember there is a new prime minister, right? the question now is a pakistan's got to make some choices and the head of pakistan's army came out and said go ukraine. now pakistan as a democracy but the army keeps really tight control politics. so let's see, this is not a good time for pakistan to try to be neutral. but try it you know the big problem air china inroads into pakistan. >> yes i was going to ask about that. our two most prevalent adversaries russia and china and pakistan with a big army and nuclear weapons and somewhat rocky past on the u.s., what is going on with china and pakistan? >> yes a lots of ups and downs especially as the u.s. gets closer to india, china and
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pakistan have been friends for decades. and now pakistan is really deeply in debt, monetary debt to china and xi jinping. and remember, pakistan is also the one who helped north korea build up the year were uranium processing of the 1990s pakistan is always a bit of a wildcard but back over to president biden though, to try and formulate a policy for pakistan and see how it goes bro there's a better chance i think with this new prime minister but again pakistan is got some big choices to make. do they went to both the good guys or do they want to be off on their own with russian trying to be neutral on ukraine? >> i do not want to be partisan i don't mean this to come across as partisan but joe biden, we were told was the most experienced person to ever run for the presidency. and yet the world seems to be on fire. let's elevate you to the president. you are the president bred what would you say to pakistan
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question but they've got nuclear weapons, they've got a big army for not real happy with them. what is our message to pakistan? >> yes pakistan needs to support ukraine, stop looking for deals with russia right now. limit their involvement with china and then also stop the anti- american policies that are part of the reason there prime minister got voted out of office a couple weeks ago. it's time to cool it on the anti- american, pro- russia policies and pakistan this is not the time. >> we are going to be watching closely. we hope you'll come back on another sunday night soon and help us unlock the mysteries of an ever-changing world, doctor rebecca grant thank you very much. >> thank you. trey: coming up the world's richest man just paid $44 billion for twitter. why? next on a sunday night in america.
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trey: what would you do if you had an extra save $40 billion lying around? elon musk was reportedly reportedly the world's richest person or through $240 billion decided to buy twitter, twitter, if you do not know is a social media platform or you can share your thoughts with the world. so long as your thoughts do not exceed a couple of sentences. some people think twitter is important others, like me would not notice it if it went away tomorrow but it probably won't go away tomorrow so we need to know something about it. what are the rules of twitter? is it a free-speech platform or you can say whatever you want? clearly not president trump and others have been banned from twitter.
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so if it's not free speech, what kind of speech is it? do you have your tweets? do they have to be accurate? do they have to be fair? who gets to decide who enforces the rules are the rules enforced equally? one thing is certain this is not a first amendment issue by the first amendment applies to government not to companies. the wall street journal does not have to print my letter to the editor fox does not have to let either of us host a tv program for the government cannot abridge your right to free speech but the private sector can. and it does. elon musk can set whatever rules he likes for twitter and we can follow those rules, find another platform or build their own platform. politicians on the left and right care very much about social media. what about you? is it a constructive force for our culture? is it the ultimate public square or is it a conduit for misinformation? jason is a wall street journal columnist and fox news contributor. he understands these issues a
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whole lot better that idea. okay jason, are we as a society or culture better off as a result of twitter? [laughter] i think it is too early to determine that, trey. we will see. i do think we are probably better off with elon musk buying twitter if only to provide some balance here. think it is interesting to listen to how crazy the left has gone it sort of reminds me of my old colleague critique of the media's a focus on fox he would say, liberals control abc, nbc, cbs, npr, msnbc the washington code post, the "new york times" and so forth. what do they spend half their time doing? complaining about fox. why is that? similarly here you have with the big tech and social media, even with elon musk buying twitter
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you are still going to have mark zuckerberg of facebook who spent hundreds of millions of dollars try to turn out democrats to vote in 2020. you are still going to have jeff basil's running amazon where they censor my conservative books and streaming of conservative movies and so forth but they are not satisfied with that the not satisfied unless they have total domination of every single thing. and you have to wonder is not only disturbing it's very telling i think. >> you can tell a lot by who is not happy with elon musk. let me ask you this he says it will not be tree fruit true free speech is going to follow the law i'm not much of a lawyer but i did it for a couple of decades. i don't know what he means by that because the law can change any time a judge or jury says it can change. so, take the wall street journal for instance i think the law allows you to print the name of assault victims or child victims but you don't do it. that is a policy.
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so what do you think the rules of the road will be for elon musk? >> he says he wants transparency. he wants the algorithms that twitter is using to be public. and that is important and i think that is worthwhile i think that will go a long way toward building public trust. these platforms pretend to be neutral but we all know they play favorites. they censor conservative content to the extent he wants to take a step away from that and toward more transparency. i think is a good thing so i'm all for this. rex okay i'm going to play devil's advocate i am like three generations older than you so just put up with my old fashion this. [laughter] i am fine with being equal i like equal, it is a good thing. so i want to equal the kind of at at out misinformation, disinformation. i do not know how our culture benefits from false information.
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i think you have an editor, you're really smart guy and an editor's misinformation fair game on twitter? >> well, he wants to take it private therefore it would be. and i think again that would be a good thing. he wants this to be a going business concern pretty wants to make money, he wants to keep advertisers happy and so forth to the extent this platform is putting out disinformation that is bad for business. it's an incentive when it takes this private to do just that. and frankly, trey i will take this over big tech industrial policy congress getting involved we sort of have divided ministration going down this with a truth minister out there i guess no one has read george orwell in the administration. in any case this is the free market private sector handling this the best way it can be
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handled will be perfect? no but like churchill said about democracy the best think we have got the worst thing we've got except for all of the other alternatives. i think this is playing out the way it should be. if elon musk blows it he'll be blowing a lot of money and someone else will pick up the ball and try to put it together. this is the way it should happen. cracks are right i'm going to have you back on at some point. i do not know what the wall street journal page you may have $40 billion laying around and do not. but i do wonder why he wanted to buy this. we will save that for next time per thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you. >> take care. trey: yes, sir up next in the eyes of the voters democrats used on the issue of education. what is that changing? doctor ben carson weighs in next on sunday night in america. comm. agreed... my patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours,
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for one goal, this one mission, life. i get to keep her. we get to have her and enjoy her. and she gets to grow up, which is the best gift
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anyone could ever give. spent and welcome back to sunday night in america permit comes a better education voters prefer democrats democrats and treated education as a national issue rather than a local or parental one democrats offer more money and more support for teachers unions. more federal control and that translated into more votes.
4:25 pm
among independent female voters but is that changing? is the debate over charter schools and vouchers and mask mandate and school closures and parental rights driving voters to the republican party? that was certainly the case in virginia and now public polling shows that democrats who once enjoyed double digit leads over republicans on the issue of education are just about tied and trending republican, joining is now former hud secretary retired neurosurgeon author of the upcoming book created equal, doctor ben carson. thank you for joining us at. it doesn't seem for years that voters kind of gave higher marks to democrats and republicans on the issue of education. why do you think that was? >> well, thanks for having me trey. i think it democrats in the past have been a little bit different than the party that we see today. today's party seems to believe that they are in charge.
4:26 pm
and previously i think both parties recognize they work for the people the people did not work for them. so now you have a party that is forcing things on people that they don't want. virginia was a very good example of that. it was a purple state even almost a blue state. and yet the voting was much more conservative in nature because people want to maintain control of something that's the most important thing when it comes to their children and that is their education. i was a terrible student at one point in my life. i thought i was stupid. my teachers and classmates agreed. and then my mother made me start reading books. and i got to the point i could not stand to be without a book i became a bookworm. i knew everything. and it completely change the trajectory of my life. as someone who started out in
4:27 pm
the lowest rungs of society economically to be able to ascend to the top 1%, you know that was not an accident. that was because of a solid education. that wasn't someone teaching me about what my gender was or what pronouns to use. it was about providing the appropriate type of education that allows you to function in our society. >> you know doctor carson, i wonder if the pandemic might have played a role. the children were home more and the parents had to be involved in education. i remember i. reporter: this is anecdotal but this video of a group of teachers which was cringe worthy, they could not go teach the kids but they had time to go make this video. do you think the pandemic is what got may be independent voters they may be the republicans are better on this issue than i thought they were?
4:28 pm
>> there is no question the pandemic played an important role in exposing what was going on. a lot of people think this is new breed this is not new it's been going on for decades. and implanting what the left has considered to be appropriate people in order to fundamentally change the way our children are educated. it's not really so much about education as it is indoctrination. it's exactly what had in mind when he told eisenhower your geek grandchildren's children will live under communism and we won't have to fire a shot if we can indoctrinate the kids and control the media and you have a tremendous advantage. i think people just now recognizing their waking up or a travel around the country a lot. i am very pleased to see so many people getting involved with the school board elections in the
4:29 pm
city council elections, making their presence known. not sitting around like wallflowers, tremendous explosion in the proliferation of private schools and home schooling. i don't think this is a passing trend i think this is something that's going to be with us for a while. it's very encouraging quite frankly. >> you know, doctor carson it is so important. tim scott and i talk about this all the time education is the closest thing to magic. i'm not sure i believe you ever had bad grades, i know i did. even if you did have bad grades to wind up being a neurosurgeon and a cabinet level secretary and a prolific author and a presidential candidate, that really does speak to the power of education. thank you for a living what i have said. it is the closest thing to magic that we have and you prove that. >> thank you for being a patriot we appreciate you very much.
4:30 pm
>> yes are you to doctor carson were coming up there's election day in november even matter anymore? is what our founding fathers feared the most coming to fruition on our walks? we will explain it next on sunday night in america.
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>> welcome back sunday night in america. our founding fathers warned us about the dangers of political parties and factions. but they also understood human nature. people tend to vote in their self-interest and associate and agreed, and about with those who share their views or station in life. while you cannot change human nature you certainly can try to tame it. some of our founders up the size of the country reduce the likelihood of factions the bigger the country, the more diverse the people, the less likely it would be for factions to dominate. others believed having a republic rather than a pure democracy would limit factions creating a buffer between the people and the decisions might lead to more consensus. if only they could see us now. we have become exactly what they have feared we are in fact polling indicates that,
4:36 pm
elections prove that, elections right after the elections confirm that. the question is how do you get to center right? you can do what we do is have the left and the right pull as hard as they can because we are 50/50 country that pushing and pulling results in a stalemate for the other way to get to center right is to simply start there. no pushing, no polling to start slightly to the right of center and stay there. there is no constituency left to center right people look at congress. the 2020 election is only 17% of the congressional races are decided by less than 10% stated differently over 80% of the congressional race in this country were a landslide victories, ten points is a landslide in politics. we have become a nation of primary districts. meaning if you in the primary election you're going to win the general election.
4:37 pm
the general election has become irrelevant. the real race is a republican or democrat primary which is what redistricting has done congress to big factions elected by smaller factions read my district in south carolina republican is going to win in november no matter what. that is with the district is drawn. jim clyburn also from south carolina is going to win in november no matter what. the primary is what matters in the way to win the primary is to be the most progressive are the most conservative candidate in that primary. on election night south carolina will have let six republicans and one democrat. i can tell you that right now. i cannot tell you those republicans will be some r and contested primaries and the issue as you will have guessed by now is who is the most conservative candidate in that primary? sa mr. on the other other side the squad it started with four
4:38 pm
members and has already grown. and that will grow more. moderate democrats will be challenged by more progressive democrats for the more progressive democrat will win the primary. we will have a congress full of the most conservative and most progressive members possible. congress will consist of the squad and the freedom caucus. some of you may think that is good. others will not. it's not how we get here. human nature explain some of it. but not all of it. what drives the division now is a fundamental disagreement on the role of government. his government supposed to be large and be the answer to every question and take over every aspect of our lives eventually making the need for stater in the other subdivision obsolete? or are we, as i believe, nation with the federal government of limited and discrete powers,
4:39 pm
enumerated powers? are we a nation where personal responsibility plays a role? is the federal government really responsible for our education and our healthcare, and our retirement? are we cradle to grave award of the state? are we a nation of the states are free to experiment in california and south carolina it can do things very differently. what is the role of the federal government? what is the role of the state government? and my favorite question of all, what is the role of the individual? and that is the debate. whoever wins that debate will have the bigger faction. and then it will be called a faction anymore. he will be called the ruling party. joining is now a fox news contributor in washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. charlie, i hate to tell me if i'm wrong i know you will there's a chance i am. doesn't seemed like more and
4:40 pm
more districts are what i call primary districts for there are fewer and fewer general election districts. is it good or better do you have an opinion on that? >> of course you're right and of course the founders worried about this. they were shocked even with on their own lifetimes by the rise of faction and by the rise of parties which they lamented. but as you point out they were students of human nature and we have proven them very wise to worry about everything. if it is breakable, we will break it. move find a way to screw it up we have 215 whatever it is, i don't do math, to earn 20 years of screwing it up. but i still believe the system we built to do a pretty good job over the centuries. to keep us somewhere within the
4:41 pm
ditches. i'm hopelessly predisposed to being hopeful about these things. or we have the rise of the squad and surely the squad was in the democratic party is going to become a whole lot more powerful than the democratic party. especially because they will lose power in the house. that smaller, louder more insane faction has become all that much more powerful. why democrats lose control the house. in the way the situation goes now it's fighting with meat axes as opposed to scalpels. what you and i want is 535 trade counties who can walk in there and say okay, let's come up with a reason. i think if you picked five or 35 people for my home town they would within about two weeks
4:42 pm
solve 90% of the problems to 95% of the section of 90% of the people in america then you and i would not have jobs because there would be no value in covering all this stuff except from sort of an academic standpoint. x you know, charlie i've always liked to pray serve with your brother whom i found your brother to be conservative by any definition. although i would not be surprised in the current environment if somebody did not run against to the right too. if we are a center right country, it seems like we could get there by doing what we are doing now which is pulling as hard as we can or we could just elect center right people or am i just too naïve? one thing we are missing here that is the role of the media and all of this. that somebody in the media i tend to hate them media before hate anybody else because i realize the degree to it they lie about things and distort
4:43 pm
things. we talk about the crazy radicals on the left, they are talked about free healthcare for illegals. their talk about a bile abolishing ice for the time but defunding the police this is really nuts stuff. democrats do not support this stuff appeared on the right, that is world extremism is according to most people in the media, when you talk about a conservative i mean a radical on the right or an extremist, they want to enforce the laws to enforce the border. they want to stop printing money. these are hardly radical ideas for these are the most sensible ideas on the planet yet they are the ones that get betrayed by the media as these crazy radicals. and yet their ideas are far more popular and far more winnable than the lunatic fringe ideas of the squad on the left. >> you know, charlie if you can win the debate over at language, you can win the debate.
4:44 pm
i think that is the point you are making. you can be ultraconservative but you cannot be altered progressive. look, thank you for joining me on a sunday night pray know you want to be watching sports brand going to have you back and we are going to keep following these politics, okay? >> amen brother. trey: thank you for it up next i'm going to help the mainstream media understand something they are struggling with. and then dana perino is going to help us all next on sunday night in america (vo) for me, one of the best things about life is that we keep moving forward. we discover exciting new technologies. redefine who we are and how we want to lead our lives. basically, choose what we want our future to look like. so what's yours going to be?
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"new york times" got the league and they played the audit right on cue other media outlets began expressing their outrage. and they could barely control their euphoria they wrote obituaries for kevin mccarthy. but no one came to the funeral. no it outside of their own media echo chamber cared and they cannot figure out why. so, let me help. number one, kevin mccarthy's
4:50 pm
likable pretty is not perfect nor have i ever heard him claim to be. he is the leader of a fractious political group in politics does require you to be nimble from time to time. and, like the rest of us he phrases things differently in private than he does in public. he, by the way is not alone in doing that. but he is in a line of work or even your a legend of friends fictitiously record you and then only get paid there is more, many of us have watched in amazement as you and the d.c. media pop-up democrats on cutdown republicans. we cannot recall a single negative story about democrat leaders or committee chairs and we cannot recall a single positive story about republican leaders. you, and the d.c. media did not like john weiner paul ryan i do not want to spoil the ending but you are not going to like the next republican speaker either.
4:51 pm
or the one after that. you do however like nancy pelosi. she is a genius to you. even though she lost control of the house once and she is about to do it again, she is a genius when she sends over articles of impeachment without a single republican vote. she is a genius when she holds those articles of impeachment for weeks, while also claiming the president is an immediate threat to the country. she is a genius when the house cannot pass the biden agenda, when they squad it drags her party to the left she is a genius. in the freedom carcass took to the right, john and paul were just weak. we watched you cover for adam shift for years. you loved adam shift. shift promised evidence he never produced. but you did not care. heat made up facts come he did not tell the truth about meeting with the whistleblower has a pfizer memo was false but you
4:52 pm
did not care. he kept information from the public he blamed russia disinformation he mistreated witnesses but you did not care. you love justice jackson but not justice baratz. you want the local police to be reformed, but not the fbi. to you, kamala harris is historic but not be a love or will hurd or tim scott's. do you joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are threats to democracy. but when rep republicans at break ranks, they are mavericks. speaking of mavericks, the only republicans you like are those republicans who are dead, who lose or vote with the democrats. you claim to like john mccain except when he ran for president for your claim for like it meant lame but now he ran for president but you never met a republican investigation that should have started or democrat investigation that should have
4:53 pm
ended. you accuse republicans of running political investigations meanwhile democrats hire creative writers and schedule their prime time hearings a. you are biased against republicans. you are biased in favor of democrats. so, if you are wondering why no one cares about the leaks you aired in print and on television, it is for these reasons. you never liked it kevin mccarthy you did not want him to be the speaker in 2015, you don't and now either and you're on fairness and breeds a lack of objectivity. your bias leads to relativism. your unfairness causes others to recalibrate what it means to be fair. so, as you sit around and look at each other wondering how we got here, the good news is you are looking in the right place and looking at the right people. it was you. hopefully this helps some.
4:54 pm
spent entering cell former white house press secretary the cohost on the five coanchor of america's newsroom one of the busiest people in the world one of my favorite people in the world, dana perino. i want to chew on because i know that you will tell me if i am a wrong if i have missed something. i think we share a desire for an objective, fair media. but i don't think that is what we have. but i am willing to hear you out. >> i'm going to make three quick points i agree with everything you said. do you remember when nancy pelosi had i think some sort of thousands of dollars with of ice cream sent to her 20000-dollar freezer in the middle of the lockdown. the press thought that was so cute too. and yet when somebody like mitt romney runs for president and is wealthy but does not flaunted, and certainly is a very generous and a philanthropist, they don't
4:55 pm
cover that. member his big a binders full of women and the unfortunate incident of taking his dog on the road trip on top of the car. the other one is, can you imagine if someone like elise the phonic the congresswoman from upstate new york had gone to hertz along, her hair salon during the lockdown and got the lady in trouble that owned it? but then never called to her? never think you're never stood up for her? and the press just let it go for the only people reason about the stories is because of conservative news outlets. the other point i wanted to make the one thing you did not point out is when it comes to the january 6 investigation in particular, this thing is so full of leaks. it's a basically a terrible way to run an investigation but you know how to run an investigation, not congress. they have not been able to keep the public's interest there very frustrated by it. now they are trying the leaks the last time that happened it turned out to be a disaster for them.
4:56 pm
so, in addition to all the things you said i would add this couple of points. trey: you know day and i told folks when i was in congress, if you leak you are gone. i don't think serious investigations leak but there is the symbiotic relationship between house of democrats and the mainstream media where they'd trade it leaks an exchange that they get favorable coverage. adam schiff has been the for how long? you would think at some point there might be may be just a slightly negative sentence written about him but i swear for the life of me i cannot remember the "new york times", "washington post" or politico ever writing a negative word about adam schiff, ever. >> they don't. even when he repeatedly lied to them, right as you said he said he had all these goods he never had it he was never called to account for that. the other thing is, last week secretary mayorkas was on the
4:57 pm
helper that's one way to look at it. but it is the only way the "new york times" looks at it. i just have become less and less surprised by any of this. think conservative communicators work around this as they can. try to be as fair as possible. like to listen to both sides. we know politics is the game where you're never going to see hypocrisy, you will. but that media only likes it covered on one side then they get so mad and frustrated if you don't think the way they do. here's the thing, just tell us what you learned and let us decide what we think about it. >> i can tell you, you are fair and you are perceived as fair which is why i think you are one of the most beloved people and all of media. i do want to ask you this, is there a market for fairness anymore? i do spend a lot of time blaming the suppliers of important nation but also need to evaluate myself is there a market or what you and i call right down the
4:58 pm
middle, i'm going to criticize both sides kind of that fairness. >> i do think sabrina think about twitter for a second period 92% of the content on their is a generated by 10% of the users. that is not real life. that is where you find some good stuff, some great dog pictures by the way at dana perino if you want some pictures. the great middle, i would say all the way this far to the left in this far to the rights, i think they are looking for information. what they really want to do is be able to make up their own minds. spade i think you have kind of maybe answered my next question write my next question to you is whether or not as a people we can survive with that mediate we do not trust or respect we sorely can survive with when we don't like. but can we survive with when we don't respect? i think what you have said is we
4:59 pm
have redefined media media is not the traditional outlets anymore. it also includes social media. >> i think that is why you see some growth in certain places like sub sack i'm going to say for example is a place for people have their opinions for the following calls and news items by john ellis it's obsolete fantastic it brings together all different sources in one place where you can read as quickly as you what it is not science, scott politics is cap foreign policy, everything you possibly want for me especially for my job it is right there. now he will link to things like the "new york times" but there might also be a different point of view from the wall street journal. part of this means as consumers of media you have to be a participant for you have to raise at the all-you-can-eat buffets so that you can get as much information as you can. no trusted new sources really make a difference. but again where these reports upset when the hunter bided laptop was suppressed? and now they are all writing about it it's aggressively in the mainstream as a story?
5:00 pm
they are not upset the right can say weyrich upset about that and we go back and forth. but yes of course we are going to survive, always. trey: i'm going to keep watching it that's going to be my dose of fairness thank you for joining us on a sunday night, can't wait to have you on again. and thank you for spending part of your sunday with us. life, liberty and live in is up next


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