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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  May 1, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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i think of the american people and the american experiment congratulations to you god bless you. i will see you next time on life liberty in the van. - - "life, liberty & levin". >> breaking tonight denial and dereliction of duty and disinformation from the very man in charge of the disinformation police. >> the border is not open because the borders not open. the borders not open. the border is not open. >> good evening welcome to "the next revolution". unbelievably marks from dhs secretary on the border crisis he helped create. >> we are not talking about
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relief of individuals into the united states as they are not successful they are promptly removed from the country. we have been doing so for months that if in fact we reach the number, that will be an extraordinary strain on. we will be vaccinating noncitizens at the border. talking to individuals who are feeling fear of persecution economic despair and violence and corruption and extreme weather events. we need countries to apply their lives and those to the south to manage their borders. >> that is not satire but actual homeland security secretary speaking this morning hard to believe that senior official could put any performance so incoherent and completely delusional that the
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border is not open. yes it is. we are not releasing people into the us. yes you are. we have been prepared for this moment. this is what being prepared it looks like? we are not prepared we have to be under extraordinary constraint don't worry now they will vaccinate at the border maybe if you convince them to stick a needle and there are mighty let them in? but the pandemic is over anyway which is why your listing title 42 but is not over why you try to keep the federal mask mandate. >> migrants are fleeing very real see of persecution this is a silent system is supposed to be for bad weather economic disparity. we need other countries to enforce the. not ours. you kidding? just like countries to the south to manage the borders
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because we cannot do that. what a total joke why can't these people just do their job? speaking of here is the story i spotted sometimes little things help to illustrate the big things and axios the january 6 committee were worrying about media leaks from the proceedings because they are building their plans to build drama and mystery head of those televised hearings that's what they are worried about? building drama and mystery with texas guardsmen drowning in the rio grande or the inflation crisis and the economy literally shrinking the s&p 500 with the worst since 193983 years ago. and ed democratic chairman with cheney and adam schiff
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worried about building drama and mystery. what is this james patterson writing a bestseller? they are supposed to solve our problems not carrying on like netflix. how to solve problems they've given up on any actual reform or any attempt to improve the systems they are responsible for immigration or welfare or healthcare the only thing they are able to do is spend money. trillions last year. now five.trillion dollar budget even as they say the pandemic is over. all they do is take on any putting into bureaucratic schemes that failed to solve the underlying problems. and then it makes everything worse. it is reckless spending that causes inflation. the biden economy is a total disaster the worst labor
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market for 45 years. and now we have the specter of stagflation with low or zero growth because the gdp shows incentive of 1 percent growth as predicted minus one.4 percent yes the biden economy is shrinking still considering we're bouncing back from the pandemic. no we are not actually we are sinking lower but that's okay. don't worry about reality. the biden propaganda are here to tell you it is fine us economy shrinks that the underlying measures are solid i'm sorry "the new york times" and then how much it cost because they literally our state media and how they presented the news the economy
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shrank and has a lot going for it but you may not know that from the gdp number coming out with today's reports card you may think it had fallen into a ditch but it's not as worrisome as it might sound certainly there are challenges but the overall picture is pretty good. >> economy has a lot going for it. but then to be subsidized by taxpayers the overall picture is pretty dead answer right crisis over npr says it's pretty good. this case for the new information czar. solving problems is hard with the implementation of policy to understand what actually happens in the bowels of bureaucracy and attention to detail and determination whether mallorca's - -
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secretary mallorca's that the ruling class seems to be doing everything except the one thing they are supposed to be doing, their job. tell us what you think and share this message when we post it. provider political problem and i'm excited to welcome to the show for the first time a member of congress who is actually impressive and focus on the right things from florida but first let's get reaction to the remarks on the border what did you make of what he was saying today that he says the border is closed and then the crisis at the border. no one.7 million encounters last year at albany already the share we are closing and 3 million after that 700,000
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got a ways. those that were not arrested. how is that controlling the border or managing crisis 700,000 is the most concerning to me because they arrested 42 people from the terrorist database helmet that 700,000 are on the database helmet got into the country to do us harm and were not arrested? we don't know how many those that sponsor terrorism if anybody thinks not a single one of 700,000 comes into the country and they are ignorant and then to say that was the case are probably removed. no no no. that number is pretty much
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close to zero oh encounters? half of those removals one —- removable's were during the trump administration he is lying. he's lying to the american people the first cabinet member that lies under oath. >> it is unbelievable everybody can see it is just ridiculous everyone can see it is ridiculous and then when he has the nerve to say that other countries should enforce the law and countries in the south should control their borders, it is astonishing. >> so he is on record telling i.c.e. officers that being in the country illegally is not enough to make an arrest. is telling sworn immigration officers if you find someone
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in the country illegally you cannot arrest them. talks about enforcing the law? he has tell you to come up with a law enforcement strategy at the border and i have said this with a one this administration still has not done a single thing to secure the border everything they have done up now is how quickly you can process people and released people he talks about the release it's all about spending $1 billion on facilities to put in the ngo to process to release quicker. when you do that it shows that we get into the united states cable half past year. time the secretary opens his mouth you cannot arrest an illegal alien for god sakes so then i say one thing one day
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on a strategy to secure the border of enforcing law and about saving lives they can see what they want about president trump immigration was at a four-year low so when the borders closed at that level how many children did not die how many billions of dollars to the cartel not make? under joe biden meant to be on us soil more than any time in my memory over 100,000 doses of fentanyl and number three the cartels are making millions of dollars the first time in my lifetime the united states of america has lost operational control over the southern border is now controlled by the criminal cartels in the administration gave it to them. steve: exactly right.
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everything they have done serves as a magnet. we know the facts to see the guy responsible speak like that is just beyond and is astonishing. in 70 not surprising. >> now. >> and when i saw this story building genre and mystery is that way people thank you to congress what about something that we talked about returning power to the states are communities to solve their own problems? and then to reveal something rotten within a political system particularly in congress where you are. >> i know something that was revealed to you that was
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messed up but on capitol hill republicans knew this was the entire goal the whole time. and nancy pelosi had the january 6 committee slowly leak information on members of congress, slowly leak information about donald trump so they can lead up to creating a report right before the midterm elections and lo and behold what are they doing? they just announced a whole slew of committee hearings coming up in june and how their final committee hearing in september just in time for the reports to be released republicans knew it was a way to show the circus the reason why is the democrats desperately something to run on because they mess up the entire country and everybody knows it. >> and a deeper point so what
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exactly congress does. there is some evidence of any actual problem solving some more money for this or that and the healthcare system, everything is broken they just want to spend more money. >> exactly right. the problem with washington is that there is no urgency for anything unless it is driven by media or polling or politics. other than that you don't has members actually working on policy because so much power has been invested in the speaker's office especially under nancy pelosi where nothing moves unless she wanted to move. people need to understand how the members need to be working on these issues. spending 33 billion on ukraine let's look at the data but
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while you are doing that, how about you also $33 billion from the federal budget so the american taxpayer doesn't have to shell out more money than they already do? washington does not do that. it's one of the worst things going on in capitol hill and will for quite some time where the republicans or democrats. unfortunately our problem is so much of leadership does not want to be engaged to solve problems they want to be engaged in where the polling is at that particular point in time. >> . steve: no sense of humility or maybe we shouldn't do this i get this back to communities to make these decisions. >> number one trade i look for is restraint. dean of the limits of your power? just because you can pass a bill doesn't mean that you should. will you respect state governments and give them
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their responsibilities under the constitution and not take everything up to washington dc to score political points and then to look good in the middle of the news cycle. focused on doing your job then the country would be in a far better place. steve: deep thoughts. i appreciate it. great to see you congressman. here is another unbelievable story a republican member of congress from southern california. her parents came here from korea a wonderful example of the american dream with an inspiring story. guess how her democratic opponent chose to attack her? >> she had another townhall and it is tough. we transcribed it we need an interpreter to figure out what
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she says. steve: he attacked her accent. i spoke to her about in the podcast. >> my accent is my story. english is my second language. and then to put all first-generation who doesn't speak english as a first language you put everybody down. as a republican if i speak perfect english without accent then i can't run quick. >> exactly. if they have anything like that and then they will demand that they stepped down. leading up to the daily can you on —- daily california. we will be right back. hello, kevin hart!
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steve: i know it has become a cliché to point out the hypocrisy of the left, but this is a vintage week with this snarky response when challenged to lift title 42 with the border crisis even
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worse spent the former president invested billions of dollars in a border wall that would never work or be effective. steve: never going to work or be effective? except it did work and was effective. and actual democratic senator calling for it. >> and with those physical barriers. and those that are posing a challenge. >> to address certain gaps in physical barriers like build a wall? and then the reaction from the left from ron desantis. i thought democrats for for that? >> let's make corporations and americans pay their fair share. >> everybody should pay their
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fair share on taxes. >> pay their fair share. >> pay their fair share. >> unless it is a republican governor and then in which case, what is happening with disney world and the attack on disney the most antibusiness assault i have seen by a florida governor ever. >> now making major corporations pay their fair share that they even listen to themselves of course the biggest story. >> if you own all of twitter or facebook you don't have to explain yourself. you have to be transparent we can secretly band one parties candidates or all candidates or all nominees or secretly turned down the reach of their stuff for the reach of something else and then we don't find out until after the election.
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steve: it would be terrible. censorship. can you imagine? the billionaires are a menace. >> what a billionaire and masses this much power. >> and then to turn it up upside down. >> billionaires in the zuckerberg and then the far left to impose in places all of that is completely unacceptable they are all noting down over the mask i'm sure they made a big deal but he must have missed it but whatever they are upset about elon musk and twitter now going back to being owned by wall street in saudi arabia because they are such big supporters of working people
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in human rights. also that disinformation they are against it. and also to help spread it also the hunter biden laptop. just like biden did over the vaccine and the origins of the pandemic pretty much anything so battling misinformation fox news contributor tammy bruce is help us to understand. >> it sounds like you are being a little sarcastic. so many things to talk about. what we are seeing is the ideological equivalent of driving drunk they have no idea if they are on the road. they don't know in the curb comes they overcorrected and go off the cliff and go into the ditch. and then to throw noodles onto
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the fridge. there is another metaphor. but this affects policy and quality of life. if they were not empowered to put a 72 hour hold. with all americans no matter your party or gay or straight or man or woman, you are sitting there thinking what the hell is going on? it goes beyond the all roads lead to rome. but they all have the same destination. that's not the case. when you have democrats , clearly there is chaos there's no communication and those that want to get fired in november and then to get back on the right road but it's too late. because when character matters
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is when you have to have these answers to think about the american people from the start. not just when you get fired. the same thing for any business are all employees. do your job from the start. not just suddenly do it when they have noticed that you are a thief or you do not care. americans know this. i really do hope there is a message that will resonate for generations in november. because there's so much at stake so this argument about americans who are successful have many that are demonizing billionaires the nation has been made and the freedom allows the remarkable individuals to make everything better whether ford or lindberg or kreisler or carver
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or elon musk or howard hughes. whatever it is, tens of thousands of employees all the taxes they pay and employment taxes. the dreams that are built are made for those ranging from the worst car this is who we are as a country in every american benefits. steve: while said. they don't care about that unless it helps them politically. they love it when the leaders like soros have a political agenda or they don't care less. i don't know if this was a slip that former senator claire mccaskill who blurted out everybody knows that biden
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is clearly not going to run or assume he will not. and no one things that kamala harris will just inherit the nomination because she is the vice president. >> there is no guarantee she is the nominee of the party in 2024. it could be a free-for-all. steve: five minutes ago they said biden would definitely run. it is a joke. >> they say that you control the field. they know they will not let either one of them run. now they're trying to figure out who is the next in line. the democrats have to decide if that will happen they will not let sleepy joe and kamala harris is not have the political chops to navigate. what claire mccaskill did as a message as it was here again and again.
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steve: house speaker nancy
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pelosi just returning from a surprise trip where she had a completely pointless photo op as russian forces renew attacks to maintain and take capture of the southeastern parts of the country. and masquerading of the defense secretary blurts out of nowhere america's same is now not just to help ukraine but to degrade russia's ability to ever do anything like this again. now found the state department spokesperson, i said this last week when boris johnson, he was under threat, walking in the street, something really inspiring. now operate of us politicians each time there are diminishing returns. >> that is a good point.
6:37 pm
it's like the hottest new restaurant now everyone has to go get their selfie taken. on a serious note, it is a good thing when members of congress or the speaker is prioritizing to visit a country where we are giving billions of dollars in aid. we gave 16 billion last month. what is unusual is it was not a bipartisan delegation. normally for a very sensitive country especially war-torn or even timeline, you routinely have bipartisan delegations going to visit so it is a signal to china about both parties no matter who is in power to respect the sovereignty of taiwan. i do think it's where she did not bring bipartisan. it matters because they are trying to make political moves in the house. so in one week president biden
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requested one.$3 billion in aid for ukraine. and in one week went up at $33 billion. that is over half of what the state department and usaid budget. half of what the russian military budget. this is a significant amount of money. they have not come out forcefully to say here is our goal, objective, why congress should authorize. that's why it's important to have bipartisan delegation going so the republican lawmaker can see what they are voting on. this is political to attach the money to a covid relief bill to bring them together if republicans but against it they will score political points. i could be wrong. steve: i thank you are right to be cynical.
6:39 pm
that again, he seemed to blurted out. and then to say that is to degrade russia's ability to do that again. that is a real extension of what this is supposed to be all about. >> that's what putin and russians fear the most and unintentionally antagonize putin when they said that. this is why it's really important for the american people to understand the true goals and objectives so we can have a debate if it is worth 33 billion in addition to the 16 billion last month. this is a end up in long wars that you don't need. i don't think this will go away quickly. but i have always said i want
6:40 pm
to support the ukrainians. but this administration for tens of billions of dollars need to hear the military objective and then here is where we are spending billions of taxpayer dollars. steve: very well. great sarah on —- summary. that's how i feel and the skepticism is based on the recent history that hasn't been done properly that's why the administration owes us. great to see you. thank you. we will be back after this break.
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steve: welcome back. march 2019 lapd officer saved a suicidal man at half freeway
6:46 pm
interchange downtown l.a. and hailed a hero by the police department. he's out on the streets of america including skid row protecting the community putting himself at risk to keep a safe. now he is not. instead he is spending his time on legal action against the lapd because this man the chief of lapd has suspended him and one that was held as a hero for the crime of not getting vaccinated. totally and high justified and disgusting out of felt she says the us is out of the pandemic so he get his job back will all of those americans who were unjustly fired or suspended get their jobs back? joining me now is lapd officer now on paid leave and
6:47 pm
michael, when did they do this to you? and what have they said to you to justify this? >> good evening steve. thank you for having me on. it's an honor to share screen time with the doctor. i have been suspended since november 3rd, 2021. the reason is i refuse to acquiesce to the vaccine mandate set forth by the city. steve: what is going on now? how are the handling this or what have you done in response? >> since the implementation of the covid ordinance, i and two other officers and one of their wives formed and anti- mandate coalition called roll call for freedom made up of
6:48 pm
lapd officers and the city of los angeles civilian employees. we have been actively rallying against the city ordinance and we filed a lawsuit in march and the federal court over it. steve: so what is the medical or the scientific justification quick. >> there is none. the vaccine does not stop transmission. the idea that somehow people who interact with the public have to be vaccinated so they don't pass on the disease but the vaccine does not do that. many people who have been vaccinated still get could one —- covid. so what is the scientific reason? there isn't any. and i agree with your introduction. given no scientific
6:49 pm
justification, lapd should we hire every single person they have fired. every employer that should fired with backpay should be rehired. it's only fair. steve: exactly. it is so outrageous. they've done this to you and your family. it makes me so angry. what do you see happening next? square on —- where is your court case going? >> we are hoping to set precedent with this case. we are suing on several issues and most notably the unconstitutionality itself of the religious exemptions they are forcing employees and also the members to fill out which is an eight page document. what they are trying to do is
6:50 pm
get each employee to give up their own religious beliefs in order to maintain their employment with the city and we see that is completely unconstitutional in response to her own medical sovereignty these are gifts from god we shouldn't have to explain our belief system to anyone. >> completely right die and so please and we are here to share your story. thank you for what you are doing i would love to have you way in on another story that i thought was unbelievable that modern applies for emergency use authorization were talking about the pandemic is over by the way to vaccinate tiny babies? >> the study studies 6000
6:51 pm
kids. they did not even look to see if it causes disease does it produce antibodies the reason why is because it doesn't they would have to test every single child to test whether the vaccine prevents disease in kids this is not a basis for accruing a vaccine in children you can just say produces antibodies we would have to mandate every kid the way we're going to think the fda will reject the application. >> there seems to be a massive campaign to that relief to vaccinate the babies. >> the republicans have been scared by public health officials panic parents over
6:52 pm
the risk to children those that have died from the pandemic over the two-year period is on par with a bad flu season. so people are panicking over something that does not make sense. steve: as you have said from the beginning and we are proud to host you to make that point. great to see you again. stay with us. uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. discover a simple way to use colors in managing diabetes! inspired by nature, onetouch verio reflect® meter shows instantly if you're below, within or above your range. it cheers you on and provides guidance. connected to your health and your phone. visit today. ♪ ♪
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education was a huge issue as it is here in california my home state but safer next case can pull a glenn youngkin. joining is now gone but editorial candidate state senator brian, great to see you. are you going to turn things around in california? >> for the next what he five years democrats have control of california and for the last ten years they had a super majority and in california the highest taxes in the highest poverty rate in the nation and the highest crime our schools are failing our children. california doesn't matter for independent, republican or democrat if you're the fixed income in california or an hourly wage you're getting destroyed by gavin newsom and the policies of the democrat california, you have a great
6:58 pm
opportunity to flip the state. >> people look at that they think he is right you're making all the right points. but it's such an uphill struggle, what is your plan to turn it around? high hopes, larry elder avella under very well known candidate in the end and very big gap. how are you going to make that up. >> in california the recall 87 people on the ballot, they sure once i get to the primary gavin newsom and myself. we cannot have a better contrast between somebody who runs a small business in the trenches and then the capital for the last ten years versus a but his bed from the outside. he doesn't even resonate with his own party i think you will see the opportunities come. californians are struggling right now the cost of gas is $2 a gallon higher wall he is on vacation under a state of emergency we've been a state of emergency for two years, the governor about.
6:59 pm
six people died in sacramento because his parole board is releasing criminals early. he shut down criminals lose on our street. i think californians are ready for change and i'll be the person to give them the change if they want in california. the future is on the line in california for sure. >> what about the education issue, i mentioned that at the top a big part is run from the state, do you see that for parents were sick of the shutdown and indoctrination as a political opportunity for you? >> absolutely. >> 27000 students at the l.a. unified school district last year. gavin newsom is owned by the teachers union. this is the year of the parent they are going to turn out in droves. the woke craziness is happening in california we saw a schoolboard turnover in california we want them to learn 123 and abcs, not the birds and the bees at age through four. >> exactly, that schoolboard
7:00 pm
suggested this can happen there and right across the state great to see you. there's so much craziness in california we need to turn it around. thank you for watching the war on the west is up next. see you next sunday on "the next revolution" will be televised. douglas: hello i'm douglas murray, welcome to the fox nation special. there is a war going on at the moment, a war against all of the foundation and traditions of the west. >> there is a massive lie of omission about world history. most kids have no idea that the arable world and say 14 million africans paid them no idea about the history of slavery in china and korea. here the word slavery and associated only with the west. >> the war going on against the peop


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