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tv   The War on the West  FOX News  May 1, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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and right across the state great to see you. there's so much craziness in california we need to turn it around. thank you for watching the war on the west is up next. see you next sunday on "the next revolution" will be televised. douglas: hello i'm douglas murray, welcome to the fox nation special. there is a war going on at the moment, a war against all of the foundation and traditions of the west. >> there is a massive lie of omission about world history. most kids have no idea that the arable world and say 14 million africans paid them no idea about the history of slavery in china and korea. here the word slavery and associated only with the west. >> the war going on against the people of the west who were
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being attacked with the sins and crimes that they have no connection to. >> we have become so committed to this frenzied narrative of ubiquitous racism that we turn our eyes away from the breakdown in the inner-city and pretend it is the police. >> the war against everything in western history. even our greatest heroes are being torn down, sometimes quite literally. if you take winston churchill, then you basically take it down the british. >> if you take down a bramley getting thomas jefferson you basically taken down america. finally the war going on against the cultural inheritance to the west. some of the greatest achievements of humankind being looked at by a bias lens. >> all you need to do today is here the new york times or the washington post or cnn to
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discredit an individual or an institution put an adjective like. >> you have to ask yourself why, why is this happening. >> if your goal is to totally reform the morality of politics, how do you convince people to everything they believe is good is actually bad. >> today and going to be doing to discuss this by america's leading adventures. this is the war on the west. host of the podcast conversations with. and max, the enterprise institute and author of the forthcoming book schoolhouse
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rock's. max, let me start with you when you describe the world the west is a system of ideas, values, is seems to start from somewhere and goes through everything in her culture in america and the west. where this is start from. >> as such from the very beginning, one thing that you pointed out in your book which some intellectuals are a little timid to do cultural marxism which is something that is called a conspiracy theory sometimes, what are these ideas to into that to know what is marxism. the best definition i've ever heard from marxism is a guy named whittaker chambers that knew inside and out he was a communist agent turned american christian patriot and he defined marxism as the second oldest religions known to man founder when the circuit whispered to eve, you shall be as gods,
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profound human force and desire to believe that you no good and evil and to seek to define good and evil for others. >> one thing that's come up recently the ideas that comes from the academies and other things to the american schooling system, everybody here has written about this at some point. where this is coming to the schooling system in america? >> teachers union which has been a transmission belt of anti-american victim obligee for decades now, there dedicated to everything but knowledge. they say teaching is about community building or democracy or fighting aggression or racism. teachers come out not knowing anything, teaching in the lowest on the scale of sats, they don't no matter history but they know
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their racial victim obligee. that is now happening k-12 that has been dedicated now with an alternative narrative about the united states. it is most profound and ineradicable trait is white supremacy. there is a real parity of what's going on in the universities which max is right to point out and throughout the education system. students have been ignorant for a long time america has been completed about the failure for the schools in decades and rightly so. we documented in the 1980s a bunch of corporate ceos got together and had a risk report because students did not know american history, now they really do not know american
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history it is quite extraordinary but the one thing that they do no there was slavery and repressed locks that was absolutely true, they underestimate how much how gratuitously nasty white americans were for much after we can see that it was happening into the 70s and the north but there is much more to american history to that and that never gets taught. douglas: word is a critical race theory fit into this? >> everybody's talked about this in the last couple of years and it comes out incredibly fast. it originated in the universities but now k-12 a
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group of legal scholars like kimberly crenshaw, derek bell and others were dissatisfied with the rhetoric of the civil rights movement they did not like how martin luther king talked, they respected him but they did not like how martin luther king spoke his language of christian, and humidity in your race does not matter and they want to judge you as an individual. they thought he would go far enough that he made a self-conscious departure from what they called the civil rights establishment and basically came up with the academic face of what used to be the black power movement. what they want to say in essence, the entire value structure on which western society in american society is built, individualism,
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meritocracy and all the rest all of these are not actually objectively good values, what they are are white supremacist values in disguise, they are values that came from white european and meant to enshrine forever white dominance then you have to ask yourself why read why is this happening. if your goal is to totally reform morality, it's very hard thing to do how do you convince people the everything they believe is good is actually bad. you can tie it to the one thing that everybody says that the syllogism everything traditionally good is white, everything why is bad, therefore everything traditionally good is bad and i commended defined goodness for you and i do it with children in the wonderful
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language of cultural competence which is something the teachers are being trained in responsive education with colorblindness, education is another name for critical race theory but teachers don't know these things. >> what are the things that fascinates me i described the misperception of america as it is today. the stats are better than anything but they have been pulled in 2020 americans were pulled how many unarmed black americans they think are shot every year by the american police. the people who describe themselves as a liberal said the number was 1,010,000 every year. people said they were very liberal and people thought it was over 10000. the actual number is around ten. there seems to be a misperception by a new
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generation of americans about what the situation in america is today. >> it's quite extraordinary with regards to the policing this is obviously real off but i'm afraid if you do it again it is really true if the media covered police shootings of whites with as much intensity and fury as they do blocks the country with a living through an epidemic of racially biased police shootings of whites. the perception that people have is exclusively to the fact that the media will only cover police shootings of blocks, reported to be any shootings of any civilians, no, obviously, ideally there would be none but given the violent crime rate in this country which is magnitude higher than anything else in the
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modern west. the fact of the matter is police officers in this country much more frequently encounter armed suspects but yes and 2021 there were six allegedly unarmed blacks who were killed by the police. i say allegedly because that comes from the washington post database which is very liberal and how it defines unarmed. the fact of the matter is the media does not give a damn about black lives they will not cover the real way that blacks get killed by homicide in this country, the utterly insane drive-by shootings, over 10000 blacks killed in 2021 compared to 600 shot by the police, the 10000 blacks were not shot by whites or the cops they were shot overwhelmingly by other blacks. yet we become so committed to
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this frenzy narrative of ubiquitous racism that we turn our eyes away from the breakdown in the inner-city and pretend it is the police or white corporations that are at default, that is hurting the very people we care about because of lisa backed off, crime is up in the law-abiding good hard-working members of high crime neighborhoods are terrified because they cannot go out without fear of getting shot. douglas: don't go anywhere, the war on the west we'll be right back.
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>> this seems to have happen in no second plot. in 2020 in the aftermath of the killing of george floyd there is an outburst across america the kind that people from my country of origin would've recognized in the 16th century statues being smashed.
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i remember very early saying does anyone know where the breaks are on this because the first statue started to come down were confederate franchise very congested issue here. very few people want to stand up for the confederate statue then moves inwards and dozens of statues of columbus have been pulled down were in the process of being removed and sometimes it is not the crowd that when
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you hear the word war what comes to your mind? any particular nation? no, you understand what has happened on every continent that people have been going to war since the dawn of humidity. war does not seemed like a particularly western sin if you know anything about the history of war and conquest. when here about slavery in america and the west we think of one country essentially. or we think only of european and general. most kids have no idea that the arab world and say 14 million african starting around the eighth century, they have no idea about the history in russia or the history of slavery in china and korea and the aztec empire. in a most every other empire for the past 10000 years.
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they hear the word slavery and associated only with the west hasn't been the norm for the 10000 year. >> one of the most interesting things with "the war on the west" is the scholarship on the slave trade going east from africa. in an american city, not wanting a million people in america no first of all that there was a slave trade going east or secondly the reason why there are no descendents is because the arabs castrated all of the men in major there would be no defendants. >> nor do they know to this day the word for a black person in the arab world is ovid which is the same as the word for slaves. people have no understanding of what the ethics and the attitude towards historical injustice towards the rest of the world is like. >> one thing that was missed in
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the 1619 project. the architect the factual critique saying what you doing i'm denying objectivity, you are not engaging in my project. the deepest ambition of this project was to get what you americans to stop being white or to get them to recognize whiteness for what it is. it was intended supposedly to promote the sense of redemption that it's describe. >> you could make a great point in the book which is the reason people don't call the stuff that is bigotry or the way that folks talk this way defend their actions is not racist, i'm not denigrating white people per se i'm talking about whiteness which is an abstraction. obviously black people, we would not suffer anyone talking about
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blackness been horrible. we would understand any group would understand that as an attack on the individuals of the identity. many white people understand that that way. this relates to systemic racism. the point of systemic racism allegedly when you read these books such as racism without racist which is a big crt book a system can be racist without any person in the system being a racist, the resistance in the system is not the people. how comes it always ends up in a witch-hunt that targets and fires industries individual people it has nothing to do with people somehow all these abstractions ends up persecuting individuals. >> not individuals now but individuals from the past the greatest heroes of the west winston churchill is now the
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unbelievable attack his statue in london keeps getting attacked and has been boxed up for the lengthy periods of people could not pull it down. in the u.s. statue of abraham lincoln you see the tax on labor him lincoln and it seems this is the same thing that is going on in the honesty of it why are these attacks consistently happening effectively against the foundational heroes of the west. if you take them winston churchill you basically take on the british. if you take on abraham lincoln and thomas jefferson you basically take down america. am i right? >> all you need to do today is here the new york times or the washington post or cnn to discredit an individual or an institution is put the adjective white before that person's name or institution. every tradition in the west
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which by necessity demographic necessity is going to be predominantly white because that was her demographic that is all you need to say classify white, therefore bad. >> in addition to that the dead white male is now the worst thing to be, everyone focuses on the whiteness of being attacked in the mail this but this is supposed to be like an attack on people for being bad, who would do that on top of all the others. >> its hatred for civilization being too white into male and the desire to destroy his profound and you talk about in the book as well there is
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inebriation frenzy that comes over to destroy statue in the past literature and if you cannot build something up you can sure as hell tear it down that is what's going on. >> the were on the west will continue right after this.
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hurt. i'm jackie ibanez now back to the were on the west douglas: this attack on the west, the people that attacked western history it also attacked western ideas were the foundational ideas that we have. every single foundational thing has been assaulted with the dead white male and aristotle was a recently attacked to the washington post for being the grandfather of scientific and racism and also guilty by the author child by the famous philosopher, you can now d platform aristotle 4000 years later philosopher in the 21st century. the idea 12000 years ago not to share all of our views is used
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against and some of the thinkers who we credit in the west as being people they came up with the concept of rationalism and reason in france, david who in the united kingdom and many more what is it about this complete clearing away of the intellectual terrain. >> in my experience of people who attack all of the dead white male philosophers you would expect at the very least would've read all the prominent people of color authors but i find often that is not true for example have the read martin luther king's essay my pilgrimage to nonviolence where he lays out who he got his philosophy from and who does he name plato, aristotle, hobbes, bensalem, big section on marx
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and why it's wrong on some things in a big section on nietzsche he says i read all of these people and they were crucial to me forming my philosophies. i'd is almost as they go through all of martin luther king's influence one by one and taking them off as dead, white and male. >> also what they're doing there are two traditions and they cannot meet martin luther king has no right to be a part of the western tradition, he has no right to be in this cabin with to put them into another canon. >> it is certainly an idea that he was rejected very strongly. >> it also has a very racist idea, it suggests that we cannot read each other's or communicate across the racial line which used to be a claim made only by racist. >> there are two ways to deal with martin luther king one is to point out the hypocrisy that
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you are claiming them for one race that's how we would argue against it the argument from the other side he did not mean the words that he said you will see this in the critical race theory they will say yes he was making those arguments but it was a positional thing and he really was a marxist at heart he was making arguments for us to get to where we are. as you pointed out "the war on the west" there is a strand of philosophy that does not come under criticism that is a marxist strand. >> i'm so glad you bring this up. >> nobody points out marxist statements which i frankly cannot say on the air. >> the treatment that is given to every dead white male philosopher. >> if you apply it to mark's. >> we are against all white old deadman but we can pass all dead
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white marxists. >> one of the things that fascinates me about "the war on the west" the way that the system of thought that is discussed now runs across absolutely everything it's hard to imagine the realm of life today in which critical race theorist cultural marxist and much more don't have some presence. they have applied apply their ideology to literature, to music to all of the arts the visual arts. even in classical music were the fact that it was mainly written by dead white males is now to tear it apart and seems to be happening everywhere nowhere is safe. >> i cannot stress enough every institution is coming down if it comes out of the western tradition we do not say were not going to study chinese nature
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paintings any longer because there is no black chinese nature paintings from the 17th century. only the west is an obsession this is an untried experiment in human history what happens when you raise children and give them nothing to be proud of. the perversity i would argue and you talk about this as well and your final chapter. forget to talk about this let us have a provisional ledger of what western culture gave us. everything in this room all the materials and electricity the engineering is the western product became out of the beauty of the scientific revolution but classical music all gone beethoven because of the color of their skin a preposterous
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idea symphony orchestras are not 13% black it is got to be because the conductors who are obsessed with quality, the only thing they care about are you going to blow the horn swallow. >> the addition behind the screen. we're supposed to believe that somehow the screen is racist. >> there was a new york times op-ed saying we need to get rid of the screens. >> they went from blind auditions to a solution to blind auditions as part of the problem. >> if you look at the greatest jazz bands you get if i did overrepresentation of black people because it's culturally black art form there are reasons for all of these things is never to denigrated group it is to say our expectation of equal outcome is totally schizophrenic given the level in the world. >> i would say and what we are shying away from their cultural
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pathologies that should be denigrated. as longest we cannot talk about that, if we cannot talk about the fact that there were 50 black children gone down enjoyed by shootings last year in their beds jumping on trampolines in their front yards and backers and barbecues, if we cannot talk about that, we don't care about black lives, the reason the being gunned down by these black teenagers is because the inner city there is a breakdown of culture, white people are not the problem affecting blacks today, they are not, they were score jews. when you read richard wright or james baldwin you see the gratuitous cruelty, today there is not a single institution that is not discriminating in favor of black. >> it seems one of the things that we're doing with the
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solutions to this. one of the things that we're doing and what you're saying is correct there are problems that are very big which nobody wants to address. as a result we are addressing effectively non- problems none of the children that you describe being gunned down in their front yard are going to be safe if the new york orchestra suddenly changes the composition of the term bone session. >> to complement all of that, i dispute not of it. there is a human question of disposition towards the world there are two pools you can take as you look at the world, most good people will go between the pole rationally based on similes and those are gratitude and indignation gratitude is far more difficult to cultivate has free practice from a young age and is difficult because it requires recognition there is something greater you been given
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in the position is to be thing for four. if we teach students to critique the past that is how we grow we cultivate indignation everywhere we don't let the muscle gratitude be used because to acknowledge gratitude is proper means acknowledging there are others who are greater than us in various ways which is a very difficult thing to acknowledge if you start from an ideology that says i am people that think like me have the right to reshape the world according to her ideas and her wealth. >> we'll be right back with "the war on the west".
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douglas: i want to talk about what can be done, what were discussing, we're talking about an ideological view that goes everywhere from kindergarten right up to the biggest companies in the united states paying the rent and the money to various organizations, were targeted by an incredibly deep and comprehensive problem. what are the answers that i heard with the american debate, it'll be solved if we arrange a
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large cash transfer from one to another every democrat contender of the presidency in 2020 talks about seriously and says they were considering. is racial harmony or any other harmony going to occur if we arrange this cash transfer. >> my basic problem with reparation is thomas sowell spent 30 or 40 years study in the rise of ethnic groups from poverty to affluence all over the world and africa in southeast asia, europe, and america. to my knowledge he nor anyone else has found a single group anywhere ever that rose from poverty to affluence by means of demanding more from reparations
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for referential policies that have lowered the standards while keeping the bar high for others. the whole program has never worked anywhere for any group and we delude ourselves to think it's going to work here for black people. my basic problem is a total distraction from the real solution which involved basically and changeable leave, values and habits in the community parenting styles huge investment in tutoring and stricter parenting and more closely better family structures all of these obvious common sense ways in which groups have risen from poverty to affluent and other places. were obsessed with the idea that reparations is the way to go in lowering standards it's wrongheaded and it's not going to work.
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>> we had massive trillion dollar transfers and wealth, reparation is a different way of packaging it into has not worked. you did extraordinary work on the consumption habits blacks to explain why there is differences in household wealth again this is the cardinal rule you may not talk about behavioral differences, it all has to be the systemic problems in the depredation of white. >> i was at dinner with some nigerian friend of mine and we were discussing the history of slavery i was curious as they who grew up in west africa learned about slavery. the fact that you all know europeans did not go to africa and capture slaves, they were already slaves in africa and saved by other african tribes and sold by the african tribes for goods.
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those africans got wealthy and got goods off of selling other africans enslaved. i would ask them how did you learn about this growing up in nigeria did you learn about this with any sense that you were responsible for this at any emotional or psychological relationship to you and what they said to me, they looked at me like i was crazy, of course not we learned as a neutral fact. >> that is the default normal than acceptable human way to deal with horrible things were done by your ancestor hundreds of years ago and forget to deny that to white people uniquely we will have a very big problem on our hands. >> to go anywhere "the war on the west" we'll be right back.
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douglas: as we start to wrap up, two things very briefly the first how we turn around this resentment in the stream sacking to the and what i described in
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the book gratitude we have inherited political, freedom, personal liberties and the amazing cultural inheritance given to us by people in amazing array of background, instead of ransacking this how do we say maybe we should've gratitude towards this and secondly how do we do that on a practical level, schooling, parenting, how do we change around this war on the west against the depreciation. >> very briefly i think it starts by the recognition one card adamantly that is placed on a war on the west being waged by intellectuals do intellectuals have that much power and i would challenge you back any of this naturally what a parent would want for a child? and the answer is obviously no
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the practical solution should come from how do we get parents to rear their children the way that they think is good and true and beautiful and part of the answer comes from school choice there is a systemic capture of public-school institutions by the eye ideology given parents opportunity to exist and showing them a vision of the good education is a pursuit the good, the beautiful engaging in the greatest that has been said that is something the parents desperately want they want to recognize there are reasons why they are not getting it and policymakers need to give them the resources to pursue for themselves. >> i think the first step is always to model courage and having good conversation in your own life people feel powerless but you always feel power how you talk to the people around you i think that is always a
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place to begin, try to have these conversations go to your school board talk to people around you, start there. >> get beauty into your children's head early on so they have this were gonna rub your nose into ugliness and dysfunction but i would say don't be afraid of being called a racist, speak the truth and do not accept that white is an epithet and we have to be more honest about the reasons for racial disparity in this country. i do think that is the driver, take that out and a lot of this goes away. >> heather macdonald, thank you very much. this is war on the west.
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