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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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state and we will keep an eye on it, brian dahle, great to see if this evening. i tell you what, they are so much craziness in california, we need to turn it around. thank you for watching. the war on the west is up next. "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert come a dire warning for democrats ahead of the midterm election. 68% of respondents in a new "washington post" abc poll disapproved of biden's of inflation. "fox & friends first." currently shimkus. >> pushing even more money, one thing both parties getting behind is sending more aid to ukraine and a proud visit to kyiv walking side-by-side for
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president sewall and bill mike president zelenskyy. matt, good morning. carley, good morning to you. there is some good news out of ukraine, innocent civilians the dire standoff in mariupol or finally starting to be released and for weeks we have brought you the heartbreaking images and hundreds of ukrainian marines with innocent elderly people, women and children hiding out in the dark tunnels in a steel plant. some were running out of medicine, food and water. ukrainian president zelenskyy and humanitarian core door set up by the u.n. and red cross to release the civilians are finally working. >> zelenskyy said 100 civilians have been released although estimated hundreds more need rescue to peer they are hundreds of ukrainian marines and we will keep you updated on the status. house speaker nancy pelosi became the highest ranking american officials to visit
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ukraine and an unannounced trip over the weekend. pelosi but the delegation of lawmakers met with ukrainian president zelenskyy and kyiv. >> [indistinct] >> this weekend, it was just announced that first lady jill biden will visit slovakia and romania this weekend to meet with refugees and what will be our mother's day, she will be meeting with refugee mothers. back to you. >> carley: very good. matt, we understand you cut up with a couple of americans in ukraine. what did they have to say? >> we were in the village outside of lviv and happened to run into tonya and merrill traveling around the country on their own dime which is a large tote of medical supplies with
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medicine. they are giving people treatment and restocking peoples medication. >> carley: no mike >> people are telling us there were bombs at all they could do was grab their passports and leave. people with heart problems or without their medication or stroke without their medication that they need. >> and i just text with those two ladies and they are headed to a village 40 miles south of here to treat more refugees right now, back to you guys in new york. >> carley: for sure, brave ladies, matt, thank you so much. >> joey: let's bring back come back bedroom for donald trump and cory mills, good morning. >> good morning, brother. >> joey: you saw the report by matt here and some of those images showed smiles which is not what we are used to seeing in ukraine. there's a lot going on there. what do you make of this speaker pelosi first of all? >> i tell you it is very interesting that speaker pelosi
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goes to ukraine and tries to model herself after what u.k. prime minister did. i don't think there is anything that they will actually provide a value of service but it is more for just may be trying to show the president they are in alliance or show the american people the democrats are actually trying to respond. but it's a lot of rhetoric and a lot of talk without action. it has been the u.k. the strongest sanctions against russia. it is actually the u.k. who provided the most aid. so again, i just think it is a useless and frivolous thing and i would much rather see nancy pelosi at the southern border then ukraine trying to protect another nation's border. >> carley: there is, corey, footage of vladimir putin not looking well, looking puffy, kind of shaky, clinging onto things to stabilize himself. you have to wonder if he is sick and feel the walls closing in on him because of significant
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report for ukraine and not meet military objective. how likely is it that he will move to deploy a nuclear weapon in ukraine? >> well, you know, it is really hard to say whether or not he has the result for this war and attrition warfare to try to utilize such a thing that will bring him more international community. i think the utilization of nuclear targeting and expansion of the nato-based countries i think is a thing he is necessarily involved in. as far as his appearance and his health, we understand in the world leader who is involved in warfare is constantly on their toes were constantly being called with updates. i heard recently the ground commanders that was injured and the attacks by ukrainian troops. so he's under immense amount of pressure and not getting the support he thought he was going to with this russia/china/iran
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alignment. >> joey: cory, it looks like the government administration is scraping the bottomless barrel of funding going into ukraine. we are wanting that more than we did the less governments were years of the afghan war. russia recently said this is in their perspective a proxy war between them and us. how do you feel about the amount of funding going there and as congress what would your opinion be on how to spend that money? >> i think i will tell you, joey to spend billions of dollars to protect the border of ukraine but not the southern border being invaded. you put it in perspective roughly 3 million ukrainians have led the country looking for safety. we have probably got square 8 million to 10 million who have crossed the borders and doing nothing about this. i would say, look, i'm all for legal aid and international coalition but i'm not for the
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ideas of putting boots on the ground with a no-fly zone that will lead us to war. but look, here is the bottom line for me. we want to hurt russia, we want to hurt china, iran with this activism of evil. we need to hurt them and economic resource warfare. that is not through kinetics but actually building less dependence upon our nation by having things like energy independence, by having domestic production. by ensuring food security equals national security. these are the real focuses america needs to get on if we want to delete the initiative that chairman she is working on. >> carley: switching gears secretary department of homeland security ella handrolled may orca's when bret baier was on yesterday, he was asked about concerns over listing title 42. here is what he had to say about that. listen. >> when it is removed, you will
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see more numbers. >> we very well could an estimate that we will, which is why precisely why, brett we've been planning since september 2021 for the eventual end of title 42. >> carley: i understand that you were just at the southern border, what did you see and what is your response to mayorkas but there? >> again the same individual and they want to create this government of misinformation. and mayorkas was thinking of that. i was down at the southern border and i can tell you, it is so easily permissible i could have walked across to mexico and back without anything whatsoever. our borders are wide open and not just people to seek asylum but just opportunist. you want to talk about title 42. when i met congress i would make title 42 a hermit piece of legislation. they talk about the reason for the and hi. we a health crisis a human
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rights crisis and national security crisis on our borders today. just in the month of december we had 2,000 russians, and 23 people on the watch list crossing last month. we had for you monday males on the terrorist watch list captured on our borders. our borders are open and we need to defend sanctuary cities and implementing tech and observation to look at 230 miles out. we need to finish the welcome that returned to remain in mexico with president trump and what he had in place and take action to secure the border. we have 100,000 americans a year dying from the functional overdoses screening across the border and they are bringing people all over this border area in red states. every single state in america is a border state because the biden administration. >> joey: cory mills, americans war hero, thank you for spending
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time with us. >> carley: thank you corey. >> joey: thank you for your service. >> thank you, joey. we went record lows. >> carley: brand-new pole spelling bad news for the president and his party as americans put their trust in the g.o.p. to tackle the country's problems. doug lose later is live, good morning. >> we will start with the numbers from abc news and "the washington post"'s two of the biggest issues and the economy and inflation especially ahead of the midterm election and on inflation specifically, the president's handling of it 68% of voters this approve and lead to awkward acknowledgment by trevor know it at the white house correspondents' dinner as he addressed president biden. >> i will be honest, if you did not come, these people have been so hard on you, which i don't get. i really don't. ever since you have come into office, things are looking up. gas is up, rent is up, food is
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up, everything. >> in the meantime immigration continues to be a big concern for the white house. especially with the expected influx of illegal immigrants later this month when we expect covid restrictions are going to be lifted at the border and republican see an opportunity here. >> we want to start on day one trying to correct a lot of the policies that joe biden has enacted legislatively. joe biden enacted these policies with the democrat majority or executive order. we need to get inflation under control. we need to get our borders secure and that will be the first two priorities. >> oco know mike okay another poll shows 52% of latinos plan to vote for republicans in the midterm elections, carley and jy come back to you guys. >> carley: douy:g doug thank yoo much and the president poll numbers close to midterms, watch this. >> the performance problems go
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to the gas pump, go to the grocery store, the average americans, they feel every day the failure of government to perform and he has a policy problem, which elon musk captured perfectly this week that they have now moved so far to the left that they are doing things so nobody let people both reject how they are performing but also reject what they believe. creating a censorship office is crazy. opening the border totally is crazy. you just go through item after item like that, you have to think this is a party and a president that have totally lost their way. >> carley: joey, you have to imagine when these big poll numbers come out, the biden administration and the people in administration turn on their tv monday morning and they want to immediately roll over and go back to bed because they are never good. 68% of people disapprove biden
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handling of inflation and you think with the president has been doing, one of the big things talking about last week is for giving more student loan debt. what is that going to do? another government handout and that will increase inflation even more. why? to appease elizabeth warren and the progressive party. now only have they lost their way but they can't get out of their own way either. >> joey: the real irony here is they push policies that are big swaths of voters like student loan debt. there is no nuance to that. so when you get to the nuance of how to do it correctly, millions of voters that you want to. but maybe 40% of americans to immigration. you talk about immigration reform and a member of congress. that is an issue to divide on campaign on what side you are on. but the tragedy at the border and americans don't care who is
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in charge but they's things getting fixed. president biden is someone who can fix these things but americans are losing patients. >> carley: that is a good point. you talk about the order and doug mentioned these numbers latino voters towards the republican party. 62% plan to vote for republicans midterm votes. and the democrats, that is a huge switch. and you have to wonder why. and a lot of it has to do with the border policy and a lot of hispanics living in texas to see what is going on they absolutely think it is a crisis. you drill down further and look what's going on in schools. a lot of latino voters are religious and carrot about the moral issues and disagree with the abortion issue. hispanic voters are leaning towards the democratic party all along because really they are values do align more towards republicans. and republicans are making great headway into the hispanic
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community. >> joey: it is the truth across the country in minority communities. many minority communities have strong religious insight in their home and conservative -- christianity is a big part of these communities. and that speaks for the hispanic community as well. the democratic party has done a good job with this notion, hey, look at economics, we are the best one for you but when the democratic party and social politics, that will turn people away and the last election. >> carley: social politics in socialism when it comes to hispanics. a lot of people venezuela, cuba via gnomic who don't like you but they see the what the government handouts do. >> joey: multimillion dollar business and build up, and that's not what they're coming for. speed to that's a good point. >> joey: using the global to push for green energy. >> we are looking to the farmers
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to increase production so you have more supply on market, fertilizer source shortages are real now and working with countries to think about natural solutions like compost. so never let a crisis go to waste. we need the financial support from congress to meet emergency food needs. >> joey: and also the shortages could press farmers to transition to green solutions even faster. last week president biden as congress for $3 billion for food security funding as part of another ukraine request. >> carley: uncovered 2015 emails with hunter biden with obama's chief strategist for telling thin vice president biden not to run for president in 2016. the exchange obtained by fox news digital with hunter calling david axelrod a joint expert this with a tweet about hillary clinton's for bowling here at the email exchange
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occurred a little over a month before biden announced the window for printhead sentential campaign announcement had to closed. also this, assistant secretary of health rachel claims pediatricians agree on gender affirming medical treatments for teenagers. the transgender person in government telling there is no argument among medical professionals, pediatricians, at, adolescent innocence psychologist about the importance of gender affirming care. according to definitions laid out by the department of health and human services, that gender affirming care includes puberty blockers, hormone therapy and even some cases of irreversible surgery for minors. we will be diving into that a little bit more later this hour. a rally to refund police and crime are average portland is attacked by a mass antifa mob who showed up with smoke bombs
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and demonstrators. stan pulliam is a republican running for governor in oregon and he organized the rally. the far left attempt to squash free speech. >> joey: plus, mike huckabee, rachel campos-duffy, all coming up on "fox & friends first." don't miss it. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ speed to listen to this. a tennessee family visiting disney world is shocked when they discovered apple air pad tracking their 17-year-old daughter. the device was monitoring the girls movements four hours before the iphone notified her she was being tracked. the horrified family immediately shook out their clothes and called the police. >> and she literally watched it in real time follow us from everywhere we were at that point from the tram all the way back to her vehicle. >> carley: terrifying. the family still doesn't know who the tag belongs to. the portland police forced to shut down its cold case division
1:24 am
asked the city homicide rate soars. the chief is reportedly moving to texas from cold cases to the active homicide division in an email the chief told them that the current number of detective is not sustainable to handle the cases they are responding to. portland has seen 33 homicides this year alone, joey. >> joey: a mom alleged antifa members attacking a peaceful rally in portland and race board of republican candidate for governor. that man gubernatorial candidate in oregon, stan pulliam joins me now. good morning, mayor. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> joey: absolutely. tell me your experience. this is a rally you put together. a fund the police rally and tell us what happened here. >> it is unbelievable. you know, the city of portland from roses to riots, a state white candidate for governor purity we should be able to go o
1:25 am
the largest metropolitan area of our state to have a peaceful campaign rally. of course, less than 15 minutes and we are greeted by antifa showing up with firecrackers that they are throwing at us, all over our campaign, our campaign bus completely destroyed appear that is the city of portland for 2022 pair that is why we are running for governor. the republicans are looking for a fire, and we will take this fight all the way to the governor's office. >> joey: real quickly, president biden said antifa does not exist. and they called themselves anti-fastest and trying to squash free speech is ironic. you are up there and i guess antifa does exist. >> it is unbelievable. we have footage evidence on twitter come all over social media and the local news has picked it up. just like you say, you are claiming it didn't even happen. it doesn't even exist.
1:26 am
the critical race theory and gender identity in their schools. the extreme left says it is not happening even when it's right in their face. so you know what -- go ahead. >> joey: you are running -- i will get to your stage, you are running for the governor of oregon. portland was a city absolutely ravaged by the protest over the last few years. let's look at portland crime. it is searching robbery 56.4%, soul 56.2%, homicide, homicide 49%. we look at the grand total for portland year to date plus 30%, up 30% with total crimes this year. what does the city need, and what does the state need to get back on track? >> you know, you look at the crime numbers. here is the deal. in the 1970s we have 30 officers per 100,000 people. that number today is eight. we wonder why we have all the
1:27 am
crime and devastation going on. we have proposals to the state police. you want to put on the front lines. additionally we will deputize the police as u.s. marshals because when arrested by a u.s. marshal, you go into federal court, into the federal judiciary. these criminals will go to jail under the administration. >> joey: you probably have had a chance to talk to the voters. a little bit partisan and two party system going on. what do the voters in general the independence and the democrats that live in portland, how do they feel about this? is there a chance they will vote for you because they are fed up as well? >> absolutely. they are so sick and tired of it. we talk all these days about being woke, right? how about the people awoken throughout portland and the people throughout the state sick and tired of the homeless crisis going to every corner of the state. the crime that we have been talking about this morning.
1:28 am
people are ready for a change. they are ready to get their communities back. that is exactly how we are going to lead as the next governor. i hope the viewers check us out and go to stan we need campaign contributions. we need to get on air. we are sick and tired of antifa and we will put these folks into jail. we will take our state back. >> joey: real quickly to people were injured in the rally. i don't think it was life-threatening. do you feel safe continuing the campaign, and do you feel like you are properly supported to secure these rallies and to have that safety provided to you? >> you know, absolutely we do not feel safe in the city of portland. but we are not going to back down. you better believe our campaign will be making an appearance here shortly and the city of portland. we are not backing down. we will take our state back. it took over 20 minutes to get an operator on the line when we called 911. the police never responded. of course, it is not their fault.
1:29 am
they don't have the resources. but under a stan pulliam administration they absolutely will. when we make these arrests we will lock them up and we have multnomah county d.a. legalized by the prime with catch and release policies of these violent criminals, we will find ways to sidestep the d.a. and get these folks into jail. >> joey: mayor stan pulliam, republican candidate for governor and survivor of the latest antifa attack, thank you for coming home with us. >> thank you for having me. >> carley: great stuff there. the place in colorado say jonbenet ramsey investigation is a top priority despite a new potential against them from her father. john ramsey is pushing for independent dna testing well criticizing the department for their "arrogance and inexperience handling the case." the police chief saying in a statement, our investigation and federal, state, local partners has never stopped. every time the dna technology
1:30 am
changes we make sure the evidence could be tested." jonbenet ramsey was discovered dead in 1986 and the governor said he will review the petition to transfer to the boulder police. heartbroken wynonna and ashley judd breaking doubt that naomi abducted into country music hall of fame just one day after her death. >> my mama loves you so much and she appreciated your love for her. and i'm sorry that she couldn't hang on until today. >> i didn't prepare anything tonight because i knew mama probably talked the most. >> carley: naomi died at the age of 76 on saturday. the official cause of death has not been released. throughout the years naomi open with her struggles with mental illness and depression. jack brewer isn't letting up on msnbc for comments she made
1:31 am
about the boys in mentorship program. she just took a major new step and says he wants an apology today. >> joey: plus the biden administration diff in a rubber style disinformation board appeared a former dhs official is here to respond to that in the controversial figure leading the effort. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: dhs secretary alejandro mayorkas is defending the white houses new disinformation board but this is like something out of dystopian novel. >> joey: jackie ibanez with the latest on the information power struggle, jackie. >> truly unbelievable but unfortunately, good morning, carley and joey, homeland security alejandro mayorkas is defending the biden administration's new disinformation board. the white house said it will aim to come back to my combat russian and the rollout left much to be desired.
1:37 am
because there is no question that we could have done a better job in communicating what it does. we address disinformation that presents a security threat to the homeland. our work does not infringe on free speech. does not infringe on civil rights, civil liberties. >> carley: alejandro mayorkas doubled down on the claims they will not monitor but critics on both sides of the aisle are slamming the board appeared the biden administration's attempt to stifle free speech ahead of this year's midterm election with the nutter ron johnson to sit on the homeland security committee and insist the board is unconstitutional. speak with the first amendment to the constitution states that congress will pass no law with freedom of speech. the president is to execute and he has no authority to do this. this is orwellian. administrative truth. >> democrats to gather and
1:38 am
suggest the effort is part of larger campaign to suppress information. she tweets "biden is a front man. obama said social media centers don't go far enough. six days later homeland security ruled out the mystery of truth, a.k.a. disinformation government board." the white house hired gina and nina janco wicks in the interest of the biden administration with more information. trump media as technology group devin nunes taking shot at nina janco wicks career and on social media and tiktok. the fact that they would use some derated tiktok star that is the queen of disinformation herself on the russia hoax and the laptop from to have had this up is the height of hypocrisy. >> mayorkas is defending and
1:39 am
saying she is eminently qualified but are we even surprised? >> carley: we are not surprised, jackie ibanez thank you so much. let's bring in former ice director and prosecutor. justin, good morning to you so you just heard what dhs secretory mayorkas said and what they will do. he said it started under the trumpet miniature to administration so how do you feel about it? >> i think talked about it believable even though it is unbelievable. in his way of walking it back doesn't give a whole lot of comfort. this whole idea that all of these issues, all of their problems, they want to blame on disinformation are not getting the message out. but this is really creepy here this just shows what this administration wants to do. you have seen it and other forms where the cdc or social media shut down joe rogan. things like that. they really do believe they have
1:40 am
the right to shut down speech if they don't agree with it. and this walk back was actually probably just as bad as the rollout. it is not believable in the least. this idea they have been doing it all along. they brought this person in who has advocated for censorship and the social media forum. so again, this really is unbelievable. it should scare americans because it does show what their intent is. >> joey: you know, this czar of truth has a history of tweeting in support of president biden and more importantly, in support of disinformation. does this tweak intelligence community with the kremlin use proxies to push narratives including misleading claims about president biden a hunter laptop. and listen to this last night, chris steele, yes, that chris steele, great historical context about the evolution of
1:41 am
disinformation. so my question is how can they be qualified for this if they are pushing disinformation themselves? >> that is really a great point. i mean, sort of the one big point that this is crazy to be doing this to begin with. then you get someone that is crazy running it and we will get somebody that push this information on things politically beneficial to the democrats, by the way. and the other stuff they were talking about disinformation, i think secretary mayorkas one of the things considered disinformation are the cartels putting out information that the border is open and suggesting of course the borders are closed and under control and all that stuff. he said it is ironic because the border is open. so i would guess what i'm saying today would be considered disinformation under their new policy. and the other thing that he said about this, they are not going to monitor individuals.
1:42 am
it seems to me the idea is to declare certain narratives, misinformation, and get big tech to censor, shut people down. so, they technically won't go after americans but they will declare certain narratives off-limits. and they will be shut down on big tech. we see how they were when twitter was taken over recently because they are losing the vehicle shut down speech. >> carley: certainly passionate so much so that she rode a song about what considered disinformation. listen to this. ♪ ♪ >> carley: there you have it to a very happy moment there. one of the big questions is is this board legal and does dhs
1:43 am
have the authority to establish this disinformation board? one of the per views is cybersecurity. so maybe? what do you think? >> it seems like the way the secretary described it yesterday, which i don't think the attention it was and ultimately they walk this back because so much low back that he described it as people sitting around split bowling ideas. but what i think they will run into legal problems is and they are going -- they will have narratives they declare off-limits and encourage the private sector, big tech to shut down those narratives. i think that is where they will run into the legal problems. you know, when trying to think this through, that seems to be the attention. when you look at other areas through the cdc, the white house from a press secretary they encourage big tech to censor people already. they will continue to do so here that is where they will run into the biggest legal challenge. >> carley: this is why free speech is so important and
1:44 am
americans don't see something they like and makes them uncomfortable, they speak out. the government needs to respond to it whether disinformation board or other items as well. jonathan, thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> carley: listen to this, elon musk twitter takeover continues. of course, it does. when cnn media analyst making it clear how dangerous he thinks it is. >> we gave over our amongst our airwaves or internet waves to mark zuckerberg and elon musk. and we are in so much trouble because those guys believe in making money. i'm serious. we don't have people in congress who can make regulations and can make it work. you need regulation. you cannot let these guys control discourse in this country, or we are headed to. we are there. >> carley: liberal outrage over elon musk with purchasing twitter and the billionaire said he will fight for free speech.
1:45 am
>> joey: canceling the children's cartoon series. budget cuts as the company's subscribers count plummets. the series known as pearl was supposed to focus on a 12-year-old girl that was on a journey of self-discovery inspired by famous women from history. >> carley: all right, we talked about it before and we will talk about it again hispanics support for democrats and woke policies over key issues like immigration, crime and the economy. is this a signal left and much bigger problem for biden even be on midterms? we'll take a closer look at the numbers next. >> joey: parents and one school district protesting against a satan club. >> carley: wow! ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: hispanic voters are turning away from the democratic party and president biden with a new poll revealing only 40% of latino adults approve of the president. daniel garza is the president of -- he joins us now. daniel good morning to you. democrats will not like this pull number of, but why is this
1:51 am
happening? >> well, carley, if you think about it, we have less freedom, less value for our dollar, less respect from foreign powers. we have less law and order in the urban area and no control the southern border and of course, illegal immigration. and the worst of it is inflation because of lack of productivity, carley we are paying people not to work and a war on energy. too much spending going on in washington so this means too many dollars chasing few products and services. this is impacting a lot of latinos. so, you start to see these numbers reflect badly on the democrats across the board. >> carley: another thing that i'm thinking about one of the democrats go to rules to promise handouts but that doesn't work with the hispanic community because they know what government and a lot of people from venezuela, cuba and they know what government promising
1:52 am
to give the world means in real life. >> government should be there to help out those truly dependent. but if you are helping out able-bodied people and paying people not to work. this is not a good plan. latinos understand it. right now latinos say 39% will vote for democrats. 52% are going to vote for republicans with 8% undecided. currently, this is unprecedented and if these numbers hold this is significant inflation point. aunt rejection of the democrats attack towards the extreme left in matters of race, war, energy and federated government spending and relate to urban crime with latinos. the crisis at the border, this is an opportunity for republicans. a validation of the republican pro-energy, the agenda that i feel is an opportunity. >> carley: it is an opportunity but are they doing a
1:53 am
good enough job with the hispanic voter? >> they are doing much better job of investing in outreach and engagement in recruiting latinos to mobilize latinos. i think the latinos exit from the democrat party could prove to be the number one party democrats can learn their lesson and will snap back to the middle. right now latinos and fellow americans are paying $6200 more per household on inflation. $1400 more on gas. this is a true cost of washington, and it's hurting everybody. i think the democrats should reflect on what they are doing because it has laid waste to the strategies coming together with minority majorities. and -- >> carley: thank you so much for your perspective. we appreciate it. thank you. >> joey: satan's club, parents at a local north carolina high school holding a prayer session to protest the
1:54 am
after-school group. and the club flyers were handed out for the after-school satan club and the group meets at places where of the religious clubs meet. the club is operated by the temple but also they have no interest in converting children to satanism. >> carley: i can't believe that came out of your mouth. what is happening? retired nfl player jack brewer officially filing a lease report against nbc host joy reid. he says she put children in his mentorship program in danger. it started with this tweet from joy reid "this misuse of black boys can amount to child abuse. i would like to hear the backstory with these kids were and how they wound up at this event given how antiblack he is." joining "fox & friends first" last to speak directly to the host.
1:55 am
>> joy reid completely disrespected and humiliated me and most importantly my children. i don't want her money. i don't want msnbc's money but i do want to hold them accountable. >> carley: jack brewer demanding a public apology by joy reid. he will join "fox & friends first" later this morning with his latest message. >> joey: mother nature's tricks again at the monster mile and delaware. and many nascar races rained out this year. it is not terrible but yesterday's nascar series at the speedway has been postponed after 78 laps because of rain. defending champion kyla larson is currently in the lead. this is the first nascar race with the weather this season. the monster mile will conclude 12:00 p.m. eastern fox sports 1. the price of all-time high, diesel, that's not fun as gas prices up across the board. rachel campos-duffy got an inside look at drilling rig to
1:56 am
see one side of the fight for americans energy independence. >> this is really high-tech. the pay is really good. if you are working on a rig or servicing the industry but it generates billions of dollars of revenue. >> really insightful and you will not want to miss that. she will be here live to show us plus mike huckabee and brett velicovich. don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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