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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  May 2, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> carley: the biden
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administration is working overtime to quell outrage over president biden's new disinformation board by the lady who pedalled disinformation herself. i'm carley shimkus. >> joey: and i'm joey jones in for todd piro. biden administration could run into serious issues with this. >> they will have narratives they will declare off limits and encourage big tech to shut down the narratives and i think they will run into the legal problem there. >> joey: jackie ibanez has details, jackie. >> jackie: mayorkas is defending the biden administration's new disinformation board. he concede says the rollout left much to be desired. listen. >> no question, bret, we could
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have done a better job address whatting it does. we address disinformation that presents security issue to our homeland, does not infringe on free speech or civil rights, civil liberties. >> jackie: and doubled down on claims the board will not monitor u.s. citizens, critics are slamming the board saying they are threatening to stifle free speech ahead of the elections. they insist it is unconstitutional. >> congress shall pass no law. execute the law, he has no authority to do this, this is orwelian, a ministry of truth. >> jackie: and tulsi gabbard suggests this is suppressing information, she says biden is a
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front man. obama says social media censors don't go far enough and now a disinformation governance board. they hired jankowicz for the board. they claim this is not in the interest of the biden administration and could fuel more disinformation. nunes is taking shots at jankowicz. >> the fact they would use some d rated tik-tok star to head this up is the height of hypocrisy. >> carley: alejandro mayorkas insists jankowicz is imminently qualified. >> carley: thank you. secretary mayorkas is answering questions on disinformation,
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refusing to give clear answers on the end of title 42. >> when removed, you will see more numbers. >> we very well could and estimate that we will, precisely why we've been planning since september of 2021 for the eventual end of title 42. >> carley: biden administration struggles to establish a plan to replace title 42, foreign minister of honduras is warning the policy end could lead to a migrant surge in the united states. 100,000 migrants have been encounts erred from honduras since the beginning of the year. issues plummeting biden approval to the latest lows. bad news for democrats as americans put their faith and trust in the gop to tackle america's problems.
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>> joey: doug luzader is live in washington. >> doug: big issues for voters right now and the latest poll is troubling. from abc news and "washington post," 68% of voters disapprove of president biden's handling of the economy. americans are reminded of rising prices everyday. saturday was the white house correspondence dinner. >> the people have been so hard on you, which i don't get. since you came into office, things are looking up, gas is up, rent is up, food is up other everything. >> and a lot of uncertainty on the border. title 42 could end this month. it is another vulnerability for democrats in the elections and
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n.p.r. poll shows latino voters plan to vote for republicans in the midterm. >> we want to start on day one correcting policies joe biden enacted. joe biden enacted these with executive order and we need inflation under control and border secured, first two priorities. >> we will see, republicans sense opportunity knowing the party loses seats during midterm elections and both houses could be up for grabs this year. back to you guys. >> carley: doug, thank you. >> joey: house speaker nancy pelosi makes surprise visit to kyiv walking side by side with president zelenskyy while here at home, president biden's approval ratings are plummeting. >> carley: training on lethal
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weapons, bret says this could be a game changer, he will be coming up next.
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steel plant by the russian military. >> carley: matt finn is live in lviv with more. mat >> matt: we have good news today, innocent civilians in mariupol are finally starting to be bussed out. we've been updating the horrific conditions in mariupol for weeks. hundreds of ukrainian marines have been sheltering in the dark tunnels beneath the steel plant, some injured, running out of food, medicine, water, torture for the people. president zelenskyy says the corridors set up by un is finally working. president zelenskyy said so far 100 civilians have been released, but there are hundreds more, including injured marines in the tunnel. house speaker nancy pelosi became the highest ranking
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american official to visit ukraine over the weekend. nancy pelosi met with ukrainian president zelenskyy in kyiv. >> do not be bullied by bullies. if they are making threats, you cannot back down, that is my view of it. you were there for the fight and you cannot fold to a bully. >> matt: first lady jill biden will yesterday neighboring countrys to visit are refugees on the american mother's day, meeting with mothers who are refugees, as well. back to you guys in new york. >> joey: thanks for the update. stay safe. all right. let's bring in brett velicovich, fox news contributor and special operations intel analyst. good morning. >> good morning.
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>> joey: talking about weapons we're providing, the javelin missiles, anti-armor missiles portable and solar fireed with range of 2-1/2 to four kilometers. give us an idea what these are and how effective they can be on the battle field? >> they are highly effective when put in the hands of people trained properly. this is one reason the russian have not been able to gain tactically. i hope when president biden visits lockheed martin, someone asks him who is keeping them from going into ukraine there is a jam somewhere for the flow of train devices and it is making them less effective. they need this in ukraine and someone is blocking the release.
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javelins are such an important tool, thousands sent to the front line, one reason russia has been unable to bully pit the country. some javelins are starting to fail on the front line, this is coming from guys stationed on the front line. you have cpu's failing at random or misfireing and no one in the field to if i can them. they are pulling ukrainian fighters off the front line to get them repaird and there is no one there to help out and another major issue, in some cases, these are put in the hands of ukrainians who are not properly trained, relaying information from guys in the field. many are civilians who just a few months ago were not military soldiers and being handed javelin missiles to points at russians and being told to just go. it is hard to figure out if you
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don't have the right sequence for firing or how to prepare them for launch. it is important the administration sends training simulators to make the javelins more effective. >> joey: switchblade anti-tank drones are another weapon the u.s. is providing ukrainian forces. what is a switchblade drone and how will it be used on the battlefield? >> yeah, the switchblades are incredible drone technology that is out there, essentially like if missile was to orbit and you are able to look at the target before strike. it makes it more surgical, in that regard. the switchblades have taken a while to get in the country and there are not many. the administration talked about sending another drone, the ghost drone, low cost suicide drone that behaves like the switchblade.
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it is flying around air space before it ramps a target. ghost range is better than switchblade and more effective in the field. it can fly for 24 hours and loiture in the air for 40 minutes 6789 the switchblade flies for six to eight kilometers and can loiter for 15 minutes. imagine ghost drones are more effective. it is quicker to get into the country and ukrainians need them to stop the russian troops and it is such an effective tool the guys needed immediately. >> joey: hot take switchblades are more common javelins, none is effective, even in thousands if they can't operate them in ukraine. thank you for bring thanksgiving concern you have. >> thanks. >> joey: brett velicovich. a rally to refund police in port langd is attacked by a masked
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antifa mob who showed up and hurled bombs. >> carley: a florida mom says her 13 year old was encouraged to start a gender transition at school and given a gender support plan, but no one at the school contacted her about it, she will be sharing her story coming up next. lf to lose weigh? who said you can't do dinner? who said only this is good? and this is bad? i'm doing it my way. meet plenity. an fda -cleared clinically proven weight management aid for adults with a bmi of 25-40 when combined with diet and exercise. plenity is not a drug - it's made from naturally derived building blocks and helps you feel fuller and eat less. it is a prescription only treatment and is not for pregnant women or people allergic to its ingredients. talk to your doctor or visit to learn more.
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>> joey: assistant secretary of health rachel levine raising eyebrows over gendy reark firming care for teens. telling npr there is no argument among medical professionals, pediatricians, etcetera about the value and importance of gendy reark firming care. according to definition laid out
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by health and human services, gendy reark firming care includes hormone blocker and in some cases irreversible surgery for minors. >> carley: florida mother argues what is best for children and she knows better than anyone after her transgender teen transitioned at school without her knowledge. the florida mom is a mental health professional and her attorney are here to react. good morning to you both. give us the back story here, what happened to your daughter at school? >> sure. thank you for having us. my daughter at the height of the pandemic expressed confusion over her sex after three friends in her peer group had suddenly started identifying as transgender. this is become a common occurrence among teen girls
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especially, and what school started about three weeks into school, my daughter got into the car and said, mom, we had a meeting and they asked me which restroom i wanted to use. after going back and forth with the district because when i asked what happened at the meeting, they told me they cannot tell me anything about the meeting because my daughter was protected by nondiscrimination law. we did see the transgender plan, they completeed with my daughter at the time, who is 13, when they asked her questions that would impact her safety, such as which restroom she preferred to use and which sex she wanted to room with on overnight trips. >> carley: this plan you were not privy to, but teachers said stha would give your daughter
2:24 am
the choice, name, pronoun, restroom, what locker room she uses, what sports team, she wants to be on. what was your reaction when you found out this was going on behind your back? >> i was outraged and frankly all parents should be. this is happening all over the nation, this same protocol is in place in many, many schools across districts everywhere and even the guise being used to dictate transgender support plans that cut parents out have the same language. this is a very systematic way that parents are being excluded from decisions occurs with children and further social transition is a medical intervention that schools are grossly unqualified to take steps without parental involvement. >> carley: you are suing the school for violating your parental rights.
2:25 am
tell us about this lawsuit and what you both hope to achieve here? >> we filed a lawsuit end of last year and the school district filed motion to dismiss and we filed opposition and are waiting on ruling by the judge. what is most important, parents around the country are beginning to discover almost exactly the same kind of guidance, we filed a lawsuit in massachusetts, wisconsin, maryland, oregon and california. parents need to recognize they have right to direct upbringing, education, care, medical decisions, mental health decisions of their child and need to ark cert their rights with school. >> carley: this is an eye-opening thing, i wish we had more time, thank you for shedding light on what happened to you and your family. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> carley: thank you both. did you hear about this, time magazine calling out elon musk
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and calling the fight for free speech a "obsession of the mostly male white members of the tech elite," really? >> joey: yeah, joe concha has a lot to say about that and he's on deck next. vere crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after the first dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions and lung inflammation can occur. feel unstoppable. ask your doctor how lasting remission can start with stelara®.
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>> carley: back with a fox news alert.
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three meteorology students are dead after collide withing a semitruck after chasing a tornado in kansas. so sad. >> joey: the tornado generated 165-mile-per-hour winds. it carved a path of destruction 13 miles long. >> carley: janice dean is here with the fox weather forecast. sad news. >> janice: absolutely, storm chasing is a big deal and have you to be prepared for really strong storms. it is a dangerous thing to do, we do really need the storm chasers to bring information about tornados, but you really have to be cautious and of course our hearts and prayers go out to the families of these meteorology studentss. another day of active weather across the central u.s. area of low pressure across northwest now moving to the central u.s., cold enough air for snow for the rockies and wheelsee hail,
2:31 am
damaging wind and tornado threat from texas all the way toward st. louis. areas of low pressure from the pacific and bringing multiple rounds of severe storms and potential for flooding. cold enough for snow, yes, even in may. there is a flood threat over the next couple days. severe storm threat extends into tuesday in ohio river valley and again on wednesday. very active pattern, this is time of year we see storms., with the latest watches and warnings. >> carley: thank you so much. >> of course. >> joey: one top biden official saying quiet part out loud admitting to using food and supply shortage to push a progressive green agenda. >> we're working with farmers to
2:32 am
increase their production, fertilizer shortages are real because russia is big exporter of fertilizer and thinking about manure and compost, never let a crisis go to waste. >> joe concha joins us now. joey said it perfectly, saying quiet part out loud. us don't say don't let it go to waste about your own party's policies. >> joe: that is rob emmanual's motto, never let a crisis go to waste. when you have a president at 33% approval and on everything from economy to crime to education to the border to unrest, it is generous way of putting it abroad, that is a crisis all right and messaging out of the white house is tone deaf. people are having trouble putting food on the table, filling up their cars, they don't like what is going on with
2:33 am
the education system or don't like the fact people are crossing the border unvetted, this is the last thing you should be talking about on the public record, guys. >> joey: joe, teachers union president wein gartner said extremists are using lies to undermine america's public schools, we need to take a stand. randi weingartne >> joe: they took a stand in november of 2021 in virginia. in the commonwealth, voters rejected people like randiweingarten, who spoke on behalf of mcauliffe at his last campaign rally and you saw what
2:34 am
happened there. youngkin wins in a state where joe biden won a year earlier, why? on education issue. she took side of parents and if you talk to parents like me and you are a parent, i met your son, pretty sure you want to have a say in your kid's education and not leaving it to randi weingarten, it is a losing issue and last person we should be talking to. >> carley: this time magazine article is getting a lot of attention, it is about elon musk buying twitter, they turn it into a racial issue. the author says tech rhetoric has become obsession of the mostly white male members of the tech elite who made billions in the decade before rapidly diversifying workforce changed the culture. if you ark -- attach white to anything, we're supposed to think it is bad, are we turning
2:35 am
free speech into something that should be debated and another thing that has to be a racial issue now? >> joe: carley, i'm pretty sure it is not white elites against a board, ministry of truth, any american who knows about what the founding fathers were thinking, no government entsity, that was thegist. white house correspondence dinner this week ensd, there wasn't one criticism about it. all the journalists couldn't be bothered to speak out against this, they whon is targeted when this thing is up and weaponized and the "new york times" hadn't written one word about it. the paper of record. the man in charge of this is alejandro mayorkas, who has proven to be most inept member of the administration when it comes to incompetence and
2:36 am
dishonesty with the u.s. border. calling hunter biden laptop disinformation, praising chris steele in the steele dossier. i would just floored that at this weekend at the dinner, they call themselves journalists and didn't speak out against this. >> carley: it is one of the biggest news stories that happened last week, move intoing a second week. joe, see you tomorrow. thank you so much. >> joe: see you tuesday. >> carley: update for you, jack brewer officially filing a place report against msnbc joy reid, he says she put children in his mentorship program in danger. this misuse of black boy system tantamount to child abuse, i would like the back story on who these kids are and how they
2:37 am
wound up at an event like this. brewer joined "fox and friends first" to speak to the host. >> joy reid disrespectd and humiliated me and my children, i don't want her money or msnbc's money. >> carley: brewer is demanding a public apology from reid today. something affecting you, joey and many americans, price of diesel hit all-time high in gas prices are up across the board. rachel campos-duffy got an inside look at offshore drilling rig to see one side of the fight for american energy independence. >> this is really high-tech, the pay is really good if you are working on a rig and servicing the industry. >> joey: maybe rachel can bring
2:38 am
good news, she will join us next.
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hbo max, starz, and peacock. just say watchathon into your voice remote and get ready to watch. i love you. i love you. i love you all. >> joey: welcome back. antifa mob infiltrates a roly, hurling smoke bombs at a crowd
2:42 am
of people. >> carley: cheryl casone has more. >> cheryl: good morning, the attack happening around noon at a rally for stan polian, who is running for governor. they threw projectiles like smoke bombs, which contained women, children and the elderly. pulliam shares this is what happens when a republican dares to hold an event in portland to talk about funding police, antifa shows up. pulliam joined you last hour. >> statewide candidate for governor, we should be able to go to the largest community of our state and have a peaceful campaign rally. less than 15 minutes in, we're greeted by antifa showing up with firecrackers they are throwing at us, that is portland circa 2022. >> cheryl: homicides are up,
2:43 am
robberies are up 56.4%. >> joey: didn't look good in portland. what is wrong with parents in missouri, they are not happy right now. >> cheryl: they are not. the southeastern legal foundation wants to investigate a school district's questionnaire to students which ask kids questions about sexual orientation and their family's political ark filliation. the student survey violates state and federal law and ask that you investigate further. >> carley: also, bad news for the trucking industry. >> cheryl: you've been talking about this, price of diesel hitting an all-time high. there are worried about the trucking industry, it could push inflation even higher. average price of diesel is $5.32
2:44 am
a gallon. regular gas is $4.19, consumer prices rose 8.5%, truckers increase what they charge per load, that leads to higher prices for everything from electronics to groceries, it is supply chain. you know what drives supply chain? labor and truckers and fuel. >> carley: it is cyclical, everything is intertwined and going up. thank you for that, teeing us up perfectly for this. russia's invasion of ukraine making america energy independent. >> joey: rachel campos-duffy joined members of congress as they toured the world's largest offshore oil platform in the gulf of mexico. let's take a look. ♪ >> we're in the gulf of mexico, heading 80 miles off the coast
2:45 am
of louisiana to the platform, the largest one in the gulf of mexico. >> everyday we produce oil and gas through a number of wells and exported off the shore. >> this operation can produce 140,000 barrels per day, three million cars it could fuel. >> delegation of members of congress are here to check out our offshore oil industry. >> we just landed on the platform, let's get going on the tour. >> we have 20,000 chain links, the borings keep this afloat. it turns into steam -- use that steam to generate more power. >> the steam is created from the process that you are already doing? >> free power. and --
2:46 am
>> one thing that most impress you when you come out here, the cleanliness of the water. people, take a look, it is like blue, caribbean water. >> it is drill ship, they are drilling for this vessel. this vessel doesn't drill -- gas is dry, separated and -- ready for the pipeline. >> all these meters that you guys have, cyber security threat today is very real. >> it is very real. >> how do you monitor -- >> you can't just access -- seems like there is so much going on, seems like you need more than this. it is amazing how much stuff is here. >> they are running 24 hours, two shifts of 12 hours. >> we have people keeping us going, making sure we have power, pumps are working and
2:47 am
operators are getting oil out of the ground. we have a catering crew. >> hundreds of jobs created. >> the pay is good, if you service the industry, generates billions for the federal treasure. >> first time have you been on a tour like this? what is your first impression? >> this is phenomenal. being here puts spotlight on domestic energy production, technology and american engenushgity, producing energy. >> our adversaries would love to make us independent, that is why it is critical. >> others like this supply all of america oil and natural gas -- around the world, we should see more members of congress that want to come to see this and see people in the biden administration that want to come here. a lot of things they are saying
2:48 am
against american energy is not true. >> come on out, we would love to host a visit, it starting with understand, it is wise to have energy independence. >> if you had a wish list, what would you want? >> predictability. we don't have a five-year plan in place that will dictate how sales go going forward. >> biggest concern about what the biden administration is doing, they are making it harder for americans to be energy independent years from now, we will be deopinionedent on foreign nations, that is bad for america. >> carley: let's bring in rachel campos-duffy, excellent job on that piece. one of the best things about doing a piece like that, you learn so much about a topic that you were unfamiliar with.
2:49 am
what are some of your takeaways, things you will not forget about your time on the oil platform? >> the first thing that strikes you when you go out there is how big this is, what is interesting, the next platform, generation of that platform exactly online and be ready for production end of the year is about a third of the size. they are getting better and more efficient. this is lowest form of emissions in terms of oil production, this is amazing american technology, these jobs are high-tech and very well paying. people work on this platform, they come out for two weeks at a time. if you are willing to do that and spend half your life on the platform, these people are being paid well, they are proud of the work they do to make america, give america the energy is needs and i think it is troubling, when you look at the investment,
2:50 am
the leader of shell was talking about the area of the platforms, colette, there are no new leases into the future. 10 to 15 years from now, when the leases run out, what will be the next thing? how do you get this invest nment oil going? it is really troubling they don't see that. this tour was made of republicans, very few democrats make this trip. very critical of the industry. don't go out to see the ino -- innovation measures being taken to bring energy to america. >> joey: there is a lot of energy at energy. those people look happy to be at work. what disconnect from the industry to our pump? is it government? do they have insight on one thing we can change to get back to energy independence? >> rachel: they need predictability and they need
2:51 am
people in places of power, who actually want america to be energy independent. have you to look at politics and realize what we're seeing happening now is deliberates, there are people who think high prices will make us go green and buy electric cars and do things differently. it is pie in the sky stuff. it is hard to go there and not feel proud. i felt proud of american innovation. if we don't do it here, it will happen in africa and other places that don't have nearly the regulation and viermal concerns we have. >> carley: such a great point. we have learned energy independence is a national security issue. rachel, thank you for educating us on that, we appreciate it. thanks for joining us this
2:52 am
morning. love seeing you. did you -- speaking of fee, see this, new poll shows most americans trust republicans to handle top issues facing our country. mike huckabee will tell us what that means for the midterm. >> joey: check in with pete hegseth, what's up, brother? >> pete: great to see you on monday morning on "fox and friends," joe biden spent his weekend rubbing elbows with the dc elite and the doocy's nancy pelosi meets with zelenskyy. talk about the priorities and john taffer is here, will shortages and price hikes hurt businesses, bar rescuer is on deck and we have herschel walker, pierce and microe ahead
2:53 am
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>> there is no question, bret, that we could have done a better job communicating what does. we address disinformation that presents a security threat to the homeland. our work is does not infringe on free speech. does not infringe on civil rights, civil liberties. >> dhs secretaries dream defend new disinformation board. >> calling it a crack down on free speech say the woman in charge pedaled disinformation herself. >> former arkansas governor mike huckabee joins us now. governor, good morning to you. this islike asking to dogs have?
2:58 am
this is the in thiest thing i have ever heard. i thought it was satire. i honestly did. when that video rolled out of the young lady who is supposed to be the disinformation czar and she is going to really monitor all of this, and that honestly looked like something that somebody put together to make fun of someone. and she was deadly serious about her attitudes regarding free speech. this is stunning. beyond the comedy of it, we need to step back and ask ourselves is this a function of the government? you know, i have read the constitution several times. i don't recall a doggone thing in the constitution that one of government's responsibility is to monitor the conversations, the writings of americans and decide which ones should not be allowed to the public square? this is insane. zoe joe governor, a new poll finds americans trust republicans more than democrats to handle crime, the economy and
2:59 am
inflation. that's self-explanatory. why they may may do that it's not will republicans take the house. it's will they take the senate and how big will they take the house? what do you think is going to happen in the midterms? >> the other big question, joey, is will they do something with it. this is the dog chasing the car. once it catches the car now what does he do. the republicans are going to wined house and the senate. they better have an agenda. they better show up with an agenda to get something done for america. but it's no surprise that people trust republicans because they have seen what democrats have done to them in a year and a half. >> carley: that's absolutely right. another number on this abc news "the washington post" poll 68% of people disapprove of biden's handling of inflation. another self-explanatory one there when you think of everything going up and up. >> joey: in the words of trevor noah, everything suspect.
3:00 am
>> carley: mike huckabee, thanks for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carley. >> carley: all right. you are very welcome. joey, it was great being with you this morning. joe jail time here for a day or two. thanks to todd for letting me fill in and keep his seat warm. >> carley: i found out you use diesel in your truck. that doesn't surprise me at all. thank you everyone. "fox & friends" starts now. >> our work does not infringe on free speech. >> the department of homeland security defending the creation of the disinformation board. >> there's no question that we could have done a better job in communicating what it doesn't. >> new poll show numbers remain dauntingly low when it comes to creation. >> biden created worst inflation in 40 years it's going a lot higher. get used to it. >> antifa members attacking a peaceful rally in portland. >> you are campaign bus completely destroyed. that's the city of portland


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