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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  May 2, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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of -- sharing her overhead baggage. that's a great line. on the way to vegas they didn't make it but because of flight delays appeared cancellations they got married on the flight. >> dana: that's so sweet. peter and i met on a plane, too. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: from fear to anger. americans suffering because of soft on crime policies. liberal district attorneys keeping up their assault on safety, letting repeat offenders back onto the streets over and over again. i'm harris faulkner and are you in "the faulkner focus". yesterday in a beautiful neighborhood on the upper west side of manhattan in new york a man had just gotten into his mercedes and shot to death in broad daylight. there was a precinct a block away from there. and at the popular game place
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dave and buster's in times square a career criminal has been arrested accused of stabbing another man. in new orleans on friday six people injured in a shooting in a bar. one of the suspects was reportedly charged last october with two counts of second degree murder and two counts of attempted murder only to see those especially serious charges dropped by the city's liberal d.a. and it's hardly been easy in the big easy. murders in new orleans spiked 42%. new york city seeing a jump in shootings as well despite the mayor's promise to put more police officers on the streets. nate foy cover the news with us with more. nate. >> good afternoon, starting today, the nypd will focus on the five-hour window where they say half of all shootings in the city happen between 9:00
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p.m. and 2:00 a.m. unfortunately at some of the stories you mentioned it is coming too late for multiple new york city residents. a 27-year-old man shot in the head in the middle of the day in manhattan and you mentioned the stabbing attack at the dave and buster's where a man was killed during an argument. also this weekend a chinese food delivery man was killed gunned down in queens. not just workers, business owners are reacting to the crime surge as well. the "new york post" reports luxury shops on madison avenue are dimming lights and opening by appointment only. it's up 43% year-to-date. homicide rate in new orleans up 42%. not just a couple cities, though, harris, philadelphia, los angeles, chicago all have increases in crime by more than 10%. chicago is up 35% year-to-date. in fact, just last night in chicago a man was shot in the head near a theater forcing a
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show to be canceled and another person was shot in the hand. we're working to learn if anyone is in custody. you mentioned that shoot-out at a bar in new orleans where six people were injured. one of them the alleged target was arrested for a double homicide back in october and police are telling local media, harris, they believe that he was targeted because of a feud between two groups possible retaliation for that double homicide. we'll send it back to you. >> harris: i called it a shooting. clearly a shoot-out takes it up another level with many more people involved as you point out. nate foy, thank you very much. let's continue here. it affects millions of americans, big crime problems now in portland, oregon as well. so far this year this city with democrat leadership has had 33 murders. the police department is understaffed and trying mightily to keep up. that problem persisted and slowed police down over the weekend when they got there as fast as they could but it took 20 minutes to show up to an
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apparent attack by antifa members at a campaign place. they threw smoke bombs and rocks at a republican governor candidate during a campaign event. some of the crowd were children. two people hurt in all of that. the mayor of nearby sandy oregon denounced the violence. >> we should be able to go to the largest metropolitan community of our state and have a peaceful campaign rally. less than 15 minutes we were greeted by antifa showing up with firecrackers that they were throwing at us. people are ready for a change and ready to get their communities back and safe communities. we've declared a war on woke. we're sick and tired of antifas and put these folks in jail and take our state back. >> harris: he is going to run on that and he might get a whole lot of traction when he does. the danger is for the people, the citizens. political headache is for
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particularly democrats. look. with a mid-term election six months out, 190 days today, republicans hold a 12-point advantage when it comes to handling crime. the highest mark in abc news, "washington post" poll going back 32 years. power panel now, david avila chairman of gopac. crystal knight from emerge tennessee. david. you first just to react to some of what nate was reporting on and what we're talking about today, the persistence of we don't have enough cops but we have a whole lot of crime. >> these stories are examples, harris, of how policy impacts the political environment. as americans don't believe democratic prosecuting attorneys will protect them because they want to lower the penalty on things such as murder or have no penalty for
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lower crimes. you see that the purchases of firearms are going up particularly being increased among minorities and women voters. one of the big indicators of how someone will vote is whether they own a firearm. you take that now to we're getting ready in june to have a special election in texas in a district that is 84% hispanic. joe biden won by five points. today the polling has the republican up by five points. >> harris: crystal, how is this okay? how do you sell this to voters, particularly in democrat-led cities that we're talking about, and expect them to say okay, i'll look past on the danger for me. you have defunded the cops but you will do the right thing. how is this okay? >> i don't think it's okay. i think what we have to do. one of the things that david
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spoke about were the policies. we have to look at the policies that have not passed yet. build back better there is $5 billion that has been set aside in that plan that republicans refuse to pass. i stated last week there are 21 states that have allowed permitless carry to happen in their states and so there are more americans carrying guns but i don't think it is because people are turning a blind eye and the democratic party is saying, you know, we don't care about it. we're saying we need more money infused into these cities so cities like portland can hire more police officer to deter crime and also hire and put money towards community violence intervention programs that would also deter crime and drug related programs as well. so it is not -- it is an issue. crime is a major issue but it is not because people don't care about it. it is because cities don't have the necessary resources they need. >> harris: no one is talking about no one caring about it. it doesn't mean you know what
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though do about it. you can care all you want. mayor adams in new york cares if his cops on the beat for 22 years but working with a liberal d.a. who is soft on crime and make no mistake about it, crystal. it is there. they are taking the teeth out of the law making certain things lesser crimes if any at all. people -- cases that normally would get adjudicated, people are being left out. let's talk about the liberal d.a. in new orleans in particular and the case there. >> harris, you are hitting on a key point here which is when district attorneys and prosecuting attorneys say they aren't going to enforce the law, you have a number of progressive attorneys who rallied around this thing called the day one memo which is the memo on the first day they take office, the laws they are not going to enforce. it says to criminals hey, you
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don't have to worry about it. crime, we are going to do it less, focus on you. it is why you have organizations like protecting americans project enforce the law.u.s., an initiative gopac is supporting to help take out those prosecuting thorns they don't want to enforce the law. you make things safer by enforcing the laws in place. >> harris: quickly i mentioned the campaign event in portland, oregon, republican governor candidate there and people were out supporting that person. we're in a campaign season with a mid-term elections 190 days away. there had better be some answers. all crime is bad crime but when you have people in the streets who are willing to put pressure on people who are there to support a candidate, i mean, we can't tolerate that.
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we'll see a lot of candidates on the trail. in these democrat-led cities they have to get it together for all categories of crime but particularly when it comes to free speech. newt gingrich is forecasting a red wave in november for republicans. let's watch. >> i think we'll pick up between 25 and 70 seats in the house. we'll probably pick up 4 seats in the senate. if you are in a district that biden carried by less than 15 or 20 points you are in great danger as a democrat. >> harris: the speaker's grim prediction comes as a national poll shows democrats are up by only 1 point in the generic vote for congress. look at that. they're in a statistical tie right there. republicans now hold an edge on the congressional ball wrote for the first time since 2014 in an npr poll. that shows independents favor the gop by seven points on that
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generic ballot question. how do you strategize for this one? you can't ignore it. you need a strategy. what does it look like? >> i think one of the ways that you strategize around these grim numbers is you talk about what you've done in your respective district and talk about how redistricting has hurt and squeezed democratic voters into particular districts so i would be curious based upon gingrich's predictions are many wins that republicans pick up is where district have been gerry man deared. ultimately if i were strategizing to all the candidates running i would have them focus on what have you done in your district, what has passed and what has the president done that has been helpful to your state so that voters can quickly identify those resources and those things and go to the polls confident about your candidacy. >> harris: what i find nuanced
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about your answer there, crystal, it might be something very positive for democrats to do. you didn't mention biden until the end. what you are talking about is doing what many people do make politics local. his numbers are in the tank far below most candidates across the country. >> democrats are moving from break the glass to turn out the lights. an election about the economics that people are feeling and more and more voters believe it is the president's policies that are making things worse. 47% of independents now believe biden's policies are making things worse and even the respected democrat pollster in her focus groups hears from democrats the words frustration, downtrodden, depressed, because as they have said, the build back better plan is a hodge podge of policy that has no company hereent message. that is not the way for democrats to win elections this november. >> harris: one of the reasons why when i hear certain
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democrat strategists say the voters are grumpy, i scratch my head. pain is far from being grumpy. when you talk about crystal is a positive for democrats to look forward to talking about themselves rather than the president. good to see you both. already the new disinformation governance board has the white house clarifying and justifying. what do you need the federal government to do when it wants to decide what the truth is and force it onto the people? you need them to stop that. and of course there is all the backlash over the woman to the left of your screen who will run it. it would seem from her past she might want to take a lesson in recognizing actual information. and this. >> i'm really excited to be here tonight with the only group of americans with a lower approval rating than i have. >> harris: that's hilarious. this year's white house
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>> harris: the biden administration on defense over its new disinformation governance board after critics are calling it a threat to free speech. the board's executive director nina jankowicz is not helping matters. her past tweets show her dismissing the hunter biden laptop story as a trump campaign product and promoting the debunked steele dossier. the board is part of the homeland security department
8:20 am
and on "fox news sunday" dhs secretary mayorkas tried to clarify, hello, clean up aisle 5, on the mission and defend that board and its director. >> it's a working group. it takes best practices with respect to our work that has been going on for years addressing disinformation that presents a threat to the security of our country. >> will american citizens be monitored? >> no, the board does not have any operational authority or capability. >> do you really think that jankowicz is anywhere near objective enough for this particular job? >> yes, i do. she is recognized as a tremendous authority and we're very fortunate to have her. >> harris: wisconsin senator ron johnson who has written mayorkas demanding more information on the disinformation board was on sunday morning futures. >> this is orwellian, a ministry of truth. the person they have appointed
8:21 am
is a democrat propagandist. she pushed the russian collusion with the trump campaign hoax. she pushed the hoax that the laptop was some form of russian information campaign. those are probably two of the most egregious and effective piece of disinformation. this was outlandish and should not be funded or ever established. >> harris: peter doocy is outside the white house. >> the head of the disinformation governance board spends a lot of time on social media, kind of comes with the territory. she now says on facebook the following. i have dealt with abuse before as my harassers note. i even wrote a book about it. they don't like that i want women to be able to protect themselves online. the online threat investigator i've been working with had i not followed my own advice i would be in a more precarious
8:22 am
situation now. there are democrats who are now saying there is a big need for this kind of online policing. >> we know over the years including in the last administration the attacks have been regular coming from both chinese sources and russian sources on -- aimed at us and aimed at our people to wand to divide us. we want let them. >> critics challenge it is a major overreach no way should be funded with taxpayer money. >> the good example of big government socialism at work. this is a censorship board. the first amendment of the constitution says you can't make any law that affects free speech. so mayorkas who i think should be impeached immediately and the board should be defunded immediately. >> the president has to events today. we haven't heard him give a detailed explanation of why he thinks this is important.
8:23 am
maybe today is the day, harris. >> harris: what's really interesting, watch the shiny object thing going on with the dhs secretary. speaker gingrich saying he ought to be impeached. republicans say he needs to be impeached over the border crisis. this thing popped up because they thought it would be enough disinformation to turn our aides. peter doocy, thank you. >> among those suspicious of the disinformation board's intentions the "wall street journal" editorial board is checking in. it writes the concern isn't that the board will spy on americans. the problem is that this new board may choose to play the role of national fact checker. a kind of government politifact look down from mount washington at this or that statement and vouch safe to the masses what is true and what is false. joe concha, fox news
8:24 am
contributor, media and politics columnist for the hill has a new op-ed calling the board joe biden's ministry of truth. joe is in focus now. so what is the real bottom line with all this? i read your op-ed. it is really caught on and a lot of people are calling it the ministry of truth. >> yeah. i think ultimately, harris, whenever the government is involved in this sort of thing. i'm talking about both parties. ultimately something like this board will be weaponized for political purposes. and it is amazing to see that the guy in charge of this disinformation board is actually spreading disinformation and trying to defend it. here you have mayorkas in terms of speaking about nina jankowicz top lieutenant on the board you just talked about. he calls her neutral. does he have internet access? the one as the senator pointed out and you hunter biden laptop product of the trump campaign. no. she praised christopher steele
8:25 am
the godfather of dossier misinformation. why are we giving mayorkas more responsibility? when you have more than 4 million illegal migrants in the first two years under him and his leadership, which is an oxymoron. once again this administration has stepped on several rakes. what should be a fairly simple messaging process. they did it with inflation, afghanistan, the border, they do it with education and now this ridiculous disinformation board right out of pyongyang. nina jankowicz saying she is being harassed online? people are pointing out the hypocrisy of her statements. her getting called out for what she said in the past. >> harris: this person will be deciding what is factual and what is not. what you are already saying is when she takes exception to something she calls it something else. that's a problem. let's get into learning a little bit more about nina
8:26 am
jankowicz though, critics are hitting the new information czar over this parody. you mentioned her being on social media. well, i give you this. ♪♪♪ >> harris: okay. she is going to run a federal government program looking for the truth and tell americans what to believe. the white house press secretary was even asked about it. she tried to deflect. let's see how it worked out. >> you describe what her job is going to be? there has been some tiktoks she has put out. one that one stood out to me we should take note and not support the laws with our wallet, voice or vote. homeland security telling people how they should vote. how do you explain that to critics who say that doesn't
8:27 am
sound right? >> this is an individual who will be overseeing the work of that board. personnel decisions are up to the department of homeland security. >> harris: the answer from the white house and you say what? >> i say that the press secretary is spending part of her time measuring the drapes for her new office at msnbc. you can't defend the indefensible. there can't be individual people aligned with the party acting as fact checkers in a situation because you know they'll skew the outcome. so that's where we're at at this point. this is the best unintentional comedy but it is scary and government should not be involved in speech. >> harris: when you talk about weaponizing something we saw what happened at the i.r.s. a few years ago trying to go after conservatives accused of all sorts of things. sometimes it can be
8:28 am
unintentional. sometimes intentional. we'll move on. the white house correspondents dinner returned saturday night from a two year covid hiatus was there. he made fun of himself and took shots at president trump and -- >> president biden: the industry is changing significantly. there is incredible pressure on you all to deliver heat instead of shed light. technology has changed so much. the system is changing. but it matters. no kidding, it matters. the truth matters. american democracy is not a reality show. >> harris: a lecture from someone who has been asked many, many times about hunter biden and the business dealings and now there are receipts and emails and all sorts of things that show maybe he was the last one in the room. joe. >> continues to lie, harris,
8:29 am
right? you go back 50 years he has repeatedly plagiarized and a serious credibility issue as president and talking about us about truth. cnn poll showed that 2/3 of americans say they doubt biden is a leader they can trust. that's what he ran on. so this is a president also by the way as he talks about the press has to get things right instead of being first with everything, he has done one broadcast interview in three months going back to the super bowl. with his approval at 33% in an election year when you have to push a message and are you still running from the press. that's where we are. don't judge joe biden on his words, always judge him on his actions. that should be true for all politicians, democrat and republican. >> harris: we'll see the if putting joe biden on the campaign trail to help other
8:30 am
democrats will see if it's a good idea or not. a beautiful point. we haven't seen the opposite. we haven't seen a lot of him sitting down. let's see what happens when he does that. thank you for being in "focus." is surge of illegal immigrants is about to get worse. the dhs secretary says don't worry. mayorkas is more concerned with the disinformation governance board. americans are very concerned and believe the gop would be better at doing this job. inflation and the economy also top issues which could be a problem for democrats come mid-term elections. the president taking major heat for laughing at families struggling. it was mind-boggling. you have to see it for yourself. david asman is in focus. look at him. he is downstairs. these are people who have served,
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the market and for americans 401k. posting the worst april since 1970. this comes as voters are sounding the alarm over issues which should have the president and his political party quite worried. a new poll shows nearly 70% of those surveyed do not approve of the way president biden is handling raging inflation. half say they trust the republican party to do a better job with both inflation and the economy as a whole. david asman, fox business anchor is in "focus" now. david, why is that? why do americans say they feel that way? >> well, it's interesting you started with the stock markets. because both individuals and companies share an interest in holding onto their capital and nothing kills capital like inflation. individuals call capital something else. we call it savings. we save money for cars, homes -- >> harris: the truth?
8:37 am
>> 401ks but that's capital. companies have capital for investment. as you can see when inflation hits it strips you of your capital and both companies lose and why the stock market was down and individuals lose, even though everybody is getting higher wages it's up over 5%. if inflation is up even higher you are under water. so both -- it is funny. you have the left wing politicians, aoc and bernie sanders and the others saying we care for the individuals, not for corporations. corporations and individuals share this interest against inflation. and the policies that are coming from washington are causing inflation. >> harris: and when i say the truth about capital, most of us see it as the nest egg, as savings in all of that. it isn't some nebulous thing. it is reality about our futures. >> by the way, a lot of the savings goes into -- by
8:38 am
individuals, 50% of individuals have some kind of stock either in 401k or stock traders or whatever. so when the stock market goes down and corporations are hit they get hit also. >> harris: let's talk about where we are going in this conversation. at one point the white house was trying to convince us this is transitory. first it was just our perspective. 94% of those in this poll say they are concerned or upset by inflation. let's break it down further. not just concerned, let's look at how many people are upset. 44%. that's a healthy amount. >> it is a healthy amount. the people it hurts most are the poorest people, people who can afford it the least. if you are very poor on some kind of welfare you can get subsidies but if you are in the middle class, the majority of americans are in the middle class. it is what makes the country rich. we have a majority middle class.
8:39 am
they are hit harder than anybody and being killed by inflation. again despite the fact they can see wage increases, they are nowhere near where inflation is. some people say we're already at double digit inflation. >> harris: the recessionary talks were popping last month, too, because we slid 1.4% gtp. if it happens a second month i've watched you say we're heading into a recession. >> two quarters of downward movement with the gdp is the definition of a recession. >> harris: biden says 2023. it feels like that could happen. we don't want to predict a negative. i want to get to this because i mention the president in all of this. you would hope we would have a president that might have some ideas. >> right. >> harris: here is his idea humor at saturday night's white house correspondents dinner when inflation jokes were popped from the lectern. >> these people have been so hard on you. i don't get, i really don't. ever since you have come into
8:40 am
office thinks are looking up, gas is up, rent is up, food is up, everything. >> harris: hilarious. there it is. complete and utter scorn for working families coming from biden and the democrats. they believe struggling families are nothing more than a punch line. that's one of the reactions. another from carol markowitz. summing it up if one word, gross. david. >> it's not only a horrible situation for the middle class in america who can't afford to buy the things that they were hoping to buy like a new car, supply chain problems. when it comes to food, there are individuals who are putting off buying meat week after week because of the spike in meat prices. people who really could be affected by hunger as a result of fertilizer not being available because it is going sky high if farmers can get it at all. farmers having trouble with
8:41 am
diesel fuel. so everything on the supply chain that leads to what goes onto our dinner table is being affected by this and it is affecting -- nothing to laugh at. the one joke he did say that i kind of liked by biden has nothing to do with our conversation. republicans seem to support some guy named brandon. i liked that. that was the only thing i thought that was worthy of laughing at in all the things said. >> harris: i know you caught that diesel fuel is up at an all time high. why does it matter? everything comes in on a truck or eventually on a truck. it may be coming cargo train but eventually on a truck taken to the neighborhood and they run on diesel for the big engines. so everything now is touched in a negative way. >> you have people in the biden administration repeating no crisis should go to waste. a line from i believe -- >> harris: the actor was up on zoom or digital somehow maybe instagram saying yeah, you know, don't use the war in
8:42 am
ukraine for anything than an opportunity i'm paraphrasing but spot on. >> sandra powers saying the same thing. it is just -- you don't do that. you don't try to take advantage of people's suffering particularly when you are one of the sources of that suffering because of the high inflation that we've had. again, we've talked about this before. a lot of the spending goes back to the trump administration. it followed through when biden first came into office. he was very proud of his first covid spending plan, close to $2 trillion. bragged about it. >> harris: we are know a different place with covid now. the white house and dr. fauci are arguing over it. they can't agree so i know we've moved someplace away from where we were. you have something for us from warren buffett. >> warren buffett is -- i disagree with some of his policy analysis. when it comes to stock markets and how inflation affects people and corporations together, i think he nailed it way back in 1977 before we had
8:43 am
a huge spike just as we were beginning our big inflation spike of the late 70s. he said the math makes it plain inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything enacted by our legislators. the inflation tax has a fantastic ability simply to assume capital. capital is savings for individuals. companies call it investment and use that capital for investment. the president claims he is a capitalist because he would agree with statements like that but he goes on with policies that are responsible for the inflation that is destroying capital. >> harris: yeah. well, what republicans are hoping that voters will do in the mid-terms is say what has changed for me with the new president? when the answer is what you just said, all of that inflation information and the pain they feel at the pump, they will vote accordingly. >> it is not going to change in
8:44 am
six months before the election. >> harris: hunter biden furious at a top obama aide for discouraging his dad from running in the white house in 2016. who was on that email? the emails, people. there is a call for special counsel with regard to hunter biden. plus this. >> when somebody says to you the border is closed you are dealing with a person who is a total liar, which in this administration is plausible, or a person who is delusional. >> harris: those options aren't really good or exclusive. president biden's out of control border crisis expected to worsen. however, dhs secretary mayorkas says he has everything under control. if not he will give it to the disinformation government board, kidding. texas congressman chip roy has some words with the secretary. we'll know what they were.
8:45 am
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>> president biden: everyone at the white house is so excited.
8:50 am
i told my grandkids and pete buttigieg they could stay up late and watch this show tonight. >> harris: all right. sorry about that. it wasn't the right sound bite. i will move on. dhs secretary mayorkas saying there is nothing to worry about at the border. the lifting of title 42, covid immigration restrictions is expected to cause a massive surge in illegal immigrant crossings. as many as 18,000 per day. that's almost triple what we have right now. border agents have encountered more than 200,000 illegals just last month. already more than one million this year. it is only may 2. biden's border crisis is awful and it continues. a new poll shows republicans edging out democrats on trust to handle it all. chip roy, texas congressman and member of the house judiciary committee in focus of the we couldn't take our eyes off the
8:51 am
screen when mayorkas was in the hot seat and you put heat to the metal. what did you say to him and what did you hear? >> we've just seen this morning watching with horror as bryan llenas posted video of a 38-year-old man who drowned in the rio ground river. i just this morning did a podcast of fentanyl deaths going up 400% in the last two years. these are real human beings. what i wanted to point out to secretary mayorkas all that he is trying to say to the american people, when he claims that they have operational control of the border, which he said to me under oath in that committee, is that we have real information demonstrating he has the opposite of that. our borders are wide open and that people are suffering. americans are suffering and migrants are suffering. i pointed out the mobile morgues in brooks county, texas, 100 some bodies of migrants have been found. we saw last week a national
8:52 am
guardsman who passed away drowning in the rio grande river. that's what i wanted him to own. he is lying. he is trying to tell the american people he has control of the border and he does not. the fact is we have 700,000 gotaways since the president has been in office. over 1.2 to 4 to 6 million depending the numbers you look at people released or gotaways. and we have massive numbers on a daily basis but yet dhs, ice have only been about 1500 people a month have they been actually removing from the united states. he is lying when he says ice is removing people. he is lying when he says they are enforcing the laws and the american people and particularly texans are suffering. >> harris: for you to go as far as to call the secretary of the dhs a liar, i know that you have must have seen and gone through quite a bit in your state. talk to me about why that word and where we go from here.
8:53 am
if he is not in charge, who is in charge of the border? >> well, i find it ironic they are putting forward this disinformation office. the only thing they need to focus is the disinformation the secretary is saying. he is using asylum to get into the united states and not released. i've gone to the border and talked to reporters and border patrol agents and talked to migrants and spoken to them. why are you coming here? they say i want a job. i want opportunity. to them i say god bless you. i don't blame you. but you know who i blame? mayorkas. when you send a signal to the world that anybody can come, then people die. people get hurt. americans die. here in austin, texas, here and throughout the country. not just a border crisis for texas but it's the whole country watching our young people dying from fentanyl poisoning and see the power the
8:54 am
cartels have. how can this administration look in the mirror and say they have operational control of the border and testify in a hearing like that when we see facts that clearly indicate anybody with open eyes know the truth. see not telling the truth. that's the disinformation we should be concerned about. >> harris: there are calls for his impeachment, his resignation. if he leaves, though, does anything necessarily change? because at this point the person who is really in charge is the president of the united states. he hasn't gone there. to the border. >> you are right he hasn't gone to the border. we know he is calling the shots. secretary mayorkas a lifetime of service in dhs and former prosecutor should know better. he knows and should stand up and say something. he is carrying the water for a president who doesn't care if our country gets invaded or get hurt and he doesn't want to do anything about it.
8:55 am
that's the truth. >> harris: i have had border agents tell me there is no way they can covid test everybody coming across the border. this administration wants us to wear masks on public transportation and say covid is urgent. they can't get it straight with dr. fauci. not important enough to protect us with title 42 at the border. it is mind-boggling. congressman chip roy, thank you for being in "focus." "outnumbered" is next. rugged 33-inch tires, and front and rear electronic locking differentials. dude, this is awesome... but we should get back to work. ♪ ♪ this good? perfect. if you're gonna work remote... work remote. find new workspaces. find new roads. chevrolet. >> tech: need to get your windshield fixed? safelite makes it easy. >> tech vo: you can schedule in just a few clicks.
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>> dr. makary: maksim alejandro mayorkas mayorkas maker
8:59 am
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♪ >> harris: americans struggle for a punch line and the president sounded hilarious that people are struggling. new poll forecasts bleak outlook for democrats in the election. you know i'm counting, this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner with my co-host emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. joining us today cheryl casone and joe


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