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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 2, 2022 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> i gave my husband the basement. it's only taxidermy, joey, you would love it. ducks everywhere, camo, no furniture. >> i love it. wow, it's monday. you feeling it? yes, monday. thank you, everybody for watching. here is "america reports." >> sandra: fox news alert, biden administration defending the new disinformation board. the homeland security department saying the board's chief nina jankowicz will be politically neutral, but critics beg to differ. >> she previously claimed the hunter biden laptop story was planted by moscow and after seeing some of her far left social media postings, can americans trust the credibility of the self-proclaimed mary poppins of disinformation. jonathan turley has some answers today. >> sandra: and another fox news alert, the economy in this
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country in crisis. inflation reaching 8.5%, highest in a generation. and that read on consumer prices is reading double digits in some parts of the country. accelerating fears of the "r" word, recession. hello, and the voice you heard is mr. bill hemmer. >> good afternoon. our offices are right next to each other, so now we are sitting next to each other, so i always have a track on you and what you are doing. >> sandra: no secrets here. >> bill: good to have you along with us. "america reports." americans don't agree on much, but inflation is the exception. a new poll shows a whopping 94% of americans are either concerned or upset about the rising prices on just about everything. >> sandra: everybody is feeling it. the same poll shows nearly 70% of americans disapprove of president biden's handling of this tough situation. high gas prices, skyrocketing food costs, and unreliable
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supply chain are threatening to sink democrats in november. midterm elections, quickly approaching. fox team coverage begins now. charles payne will join us in just a moment. >> bill: grady is live on capitol hill. >> good afternoon, bill and sandra. when it comes to inflation, everybody is feeling it but not all americans are hit equally. this map illustrates the point for you. look at those areas shaded in green and blue, they have seen prices rise at a lower rate than the rest of the country. in the areas in red, orange and yellow, they are seeing increases greater than or equal to the national average of 8.5%. look at the mountain west, for example, paying nearly 10.5% more than they were one year ago. the former c.e.o. of c.k.e. restaurants, parent company of hardee's and carl's, jr.,
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explain why we are seeing the disparity. >> united states not producing as much oil as it used to, and our failure to put in pipelines to make the transportation of oil less expensive, you are finding areas where it's hard to get energy to are going to see greater inflation. >> no matter where you are in the u.s., inflation could spell big problems for the democrats in the midterms, that's because multiple recent polls have shown americans trust republicans over democrats on big issues. these midterms, like the economy, and inflation. bill. >> thank you, grady. in washington. sandra. >> sandra: charles payne, charles, thanks for being here. you have been taking us through this. people are wondering how bad things will get, some saying we are entering the period of stagflation before actual recession. we would have to wait on multiple quarter of negative economic growth to see that is actually happening right now. what do you do in this
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environment. you clearly see politically people are not happy. >> charles: that's a hard question to answer and the big conumdrum here. i look at the angles, including stock market, nothing is working unless you invested in oil and gas because the biden administration declared war on that. i cannot stress how treacherous, how dangerous thin ice we are walking on as a nation right now. i think most people get it a lot more than even economists do, certainly a lot more than the white house does, and the next 60 days, the next 90 days are going to be so, so important. now we have the federal reserve, they meet and they are going to act on wednesday. they are going to start doing some things they have never done before. remember, they printed up trillions of dollars and will try and take some of that back. engineer what they call a soft landing, no one believes they can do it, so how hard will the
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landing be to an economy that's slowing. this has never been done before. again, this is treacherous territory but i don't have to tell anyone watching the show i was shocked only 70% are upset. it should be 100%, in one way or another it's impacting everyone negatively. >> sandra: and the dow down 272 points. we just are coming off of the worst month for the u.s. stock market since the shut down for the pandemic, march 2020. market is feeling it, consumers are feeling it, and who is going to do something about it. latest washington post poll, and telling for what is to come in november, a majority, half respondents say they trust the republican party to handle this. and to paint the picture of how bad this is getting, put the diesel prices on the screen. we are dealing with the supply chain crisis, charles. you think about what this does to an economy, and the ability
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to do business in this country, you've got diesel now 5.32, a year ago just over three bucks. >> the diesel, i'm glad you brought that up. the trucks use diesel. these costs must be passed on. you have to think of the trucks, the big semi trucks, they are the artery system and carry the products. that's why no industry can escape. i've got a guy coming on my show, he owns a wine store in brooklyn. his prices have gone through the roof because the diesel in the truck is through the roof. sandra, just underscore how bad the market has been. first four months of the year the worst ever, ever for the nasdaq and the worst for the s & p since the great depression. friday's close, the worst friday close, second worst in history. we are in trouble right now. >> sandra: i want to finish off, ten seconds, maggy hassan,
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another democrat breaking with her party and with the president because they are facing such fierce pressure over rising prices. >> i'm taking on members of my own party to push a gas tax holiday and pushing joe biden to release more of our oil reserves. that's how we lower costs, and get through these times. >> sandra: because if the white house is not saying what they are going to do about this, these individual democrats, they have to show that they are on it. >> charles: miss maggy could a gonna step further and said i'm pushing the white house to call a halt to the war on fossil fuels. we are blessed as a nation to have this under our feet. you talk about rising prices of food, that's because fertilizer prices depend on natural gas. you send natural gas higher, fertilizer higher, we are talking about a food emergency in the united states of america that is self-inflicted by this white house. this is nuts, sandra, it's nice. >> sandra: and i want to finish up on the possibility of an
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extended amount of student loan forgiveness because the same time that we just chewed on inflation sky rocketing, double digit, administration says they are willing to spend more money, and inflationary historic environment. what do you think of the president's move on this? >> charles: it's horrific, the most elitist thing i've ever seen in my life. now the democrats are the party of the rich. to say oh, we'll limit it to people making 150 grand, or couples making 300,000. that's his sweet spot. college educated folks, 29 years old, also got child tax care credits, they do not need the money. just because they can't buy a house as early as their mom and dad did, they will enjoy the american dream better than anyone else in the country. let them pay their debt. and adding another 300 to $900 billion in an overheated economy is nuts, it is suicidal, it does not make sense other
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than trying to buy votes ahead of the midterm election. tell bill i said hi. >> sandra: you never hold back. >> bill: i was telling smitty in the hall a week ago, and how are you going to make money in this? >> it doesn't have to be but it is. >> sandra: ultimate optomist. you have top optimistic. >> bill: we'll take your advice to heart. secretary mayorkas says no question he could have done a better job explaining things. newly created disinformation governance board drawing a lot of fire, and standing by the leader, nina jankowicz. she's facing criticism for her
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past comments about the hunter biden laptop story. peter doocy has news for us on the lawn. >> she is sensitive to the criticism about her new role at this disinformation governance board because she posted something on facebook and part says the following, i have dealt with abuse before as my harassers note, i even wrote a book about it. they apparently don't like i want women to protect themselves online, the online threat investigator told me that had i not followed my own advice i would be in a much more precarious situation now and there are some democrats who say there's a big need for the kind of online policing that we are talking about. >> we know over the years, including the last administration, attacks are regular coming from both chinese sources and russian sources on, aimed at us, and aimed at our people. they want to bite it, we won't
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let them. >> there are critics challenging that as a major overreach, they don't think has any business being funded with taxpayer money that could be used elsewhere. >> look, i think first of all, this is a good example of big government socialism at work. this is a censorship board. first amendment of the constitution says you can't make any law that affects free speech. so, mayorkas, who i think should be impeached immediately and the board defunded immediately. >> no sign that's going to happen, about you we also have no formal explanation from the president why he thinks this is something that needs to exist. he does have two events coming up shortly, so maybe that will happen this afternoon. >> bill: sharpen the pencil, we'll be waiting are fot response. i told dana earlier and we were talking about this, we are dubious -- >> sandra: in what way?
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>> bill: it was thrown out without much detail, why is it under the department of homeland security, a lot of things need to be filled in before i'm convinced it will happen b. that. >> sandra: interesting. by the way, that democratic congressman will be joining us coming up and digger in deeper with jonathan turley, top of the hour. evacuations underway at the last ukrainian strong hold in the key city of mariupol, russia warns of nuclear attack against the west. dan hoffman will be joining us live. >> bill: hours from now, ohio goes to the polls to cast their votes in the first primary of the season that's been closely watched. senate race there, and other things happening, too. and former congressman explains why this election tomorrow in ohio will set the tone for the republican party across the nation.
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>> bill: fox news alert, authorities in alabama issuing an arrest warrant for a corrections official helping a murder suspect to escape. becky white said she was taking casey white, no relations, by the way, to a mental health evaluation. but there was no evaluation scheduled. they left in a patrol car. the car was later found abandoned in a parking lot, that happened on friday, and they have been missing ever since. >> sandra: nearly 100 ukrainian civilians were safely evacuated
10:18 am
from the bomb the out steel plant in mariupol. nancy pelosi turning up there, making a surprise visit to kyiv to meet with ukrainian president zelenskyy in a show of support for ukraine. griff jenkins has the latest from there, he's in kyiv at this hour. so, are civilians still being able to get out of that city? >> well, good afternoon, sandra. and that is what our sources say, people are continuing to get out, but neither the u.n. nor the red cross conducting the humanitarian corridors that began yesterday have told us how many have gotten out today. this after president zelenskyy announced 100 civilians have gotten out, mostly women and children, they got out of the asov steel plant, cut off from food, medicine, and some saying they had not seen daylight a month. and still 2,000 soldiers and
10:19 am
1,000 civilians stuck in there. speaker pelosi meeting with zelenskyy, even walking out in the open with him, along with a delegation of democratic lawmakers. here is some of what pelosi had to say, listen. >> we believe that we are visiting you to say thank you for your fight to freedom, and your plight is a plight for everyone, and so our commitment to be there for you until the fight is done. >> and check this video out. ukraine's defense ministry says this is a ukrainian drone attack destroying russian boats in the black sea. you can see the drone there on your screen, just hitting that boat right there. meanwhile, as the war enters day 68, the russian foreign minister not helping the peace process with those anti-semitic
10:20 am
comments. >> what kind do we have if i'm a jew. if i remember it right, i may be wrong, hitler had jewish origins. it does not mean absolutely anything. so, sometimes we have heard from the wise jewish people the biggest were jewish. >> u.s. diplomatic mission coming back into ukraine saying today they hope to reopen the kyiv embassy by the end of may if conditions permit. >> sandra: griff, thank you very much. >> bill: there was some talk over the weekend, too, about nuclear weapons on russian television, etc. we talked to dan about that, and the thing i cannot believe, all the reporting on mariupol hammered for two months now, still 100,000 civilians in that town of 400,000 people. >> sandra: still trying to get out. dan hoffman is coming up
10:21 am
momentarily. meanwhile, at the polls, interesting, tomorrow ohio is going to make a choice. early voting underway in a pivotal primary. and choosing the nominee to replace the retiring senator, rob portman. the two are running neck and neck. matt dolan appears to be making a last-minute surge. we'll find out if the polls are right. nice to see you, jason, welcome to the show. two points i would make here, donald trump won ohio by eight points, it's clearly in the red column, and on april 15th donald trump endorsed j.d. vance and vance seems to have gotten a bounce out of that. >> i think anybody would rather have the donald trump endorsement than not have it and from one person i talked there in ohio, a member of congress, said wow, it makes donald trump
10:22 am
really look magnanimous. he was not originally a donald trump fan, but to get the endorsements, vance is riding high. but the other candidate has ted cruz and others who are supportive, they know the people, i don't know that endorsements will make the key decision but donald trump does make a difference. >> bill: josh mandel earlier today with us on "america's newsroom." >> i think if the election was held in silicon valley, washington, d.c., vance would run away with it. but tomorrow it's run in ohio and i'm confident here in ohio i'm going to be the victor in tomorrow's race. >> bill: so donald trump, jr. was out there over the weekend, the former president about a week ago in delaware, ohio,
10:23 am
north of columbus. ted cruz spent the week with josh mandel. the latest polling we have, vance at 23, mandel 18, and businessman mike gibbons at 13, and businessman at 11, and jane timpton, the number at the bottom, undecided at 25%, jason. that tell you anything? >> it can still -- look, undecided, where do they good in the last 24 hours, i like when people vote at the same time with the same information. at the end of the day, number one thing to rally behind one person and beat tim ryan and republicans hold the seat into the senate, and you go early, get rid of the animosity for the people that lose. this is a hard fought battle,
10:24 am
but they got to rally behind somebody if they are going to be prevailing in november. >> spent a lot of money, too. last question. there is -- can you remember a time in american politics when we focussed on primaries? i mean, this close attention, so you have one tomorrow, you have one every tuesday this month, and i think by the end of may we are going to have a certain story, jason, and that likely be was donald trump successful in his endorsements or not, what do you think? >> well, history has shown he's been very successful. you don't want to go up against that trump base and try to explain that away, but at the same time, you know, where is the republican base? are they lurching far to the right or bringing in those independents that have been disaffected by the biden white house? i think they are going to be actually a little bit more of that than lurching far to the right. >> bill: ok, we are watching
10:25 am
tomorrow. thank you, jason. nice to see you. >> thanks, bill. >> sandra: critics calling out biden's new disinformation board as a tool for the far left to police free speech. so, should americans be trusting the self-proclaimed mary poppins of disinformation? >> bill: and dhs does not have a plan to address the migrant surge, but they have an idea how many illegal crossings. tom homan with the numbers. >> he's misleading the public once again, every city impacted, i don't know what my office is talking about. ubrelvy helps u fight migraine attacks.
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>> bill: border crisis, dhs secretary mayorkas echoing the white house message, migrants, do not come. that message has been ignored so far and our own cameras caught
10:30 am
the tragic results. former acting i.c.e. director in moments, but first bryan llenas in eagle pass, texas, more attempts to cross where he has been reporting from. what have you seen, and hello. >> bill, good afternoon. this morning we saw six people, venezuelans and cubans successfully make it across the rio grande river. yesterday we witnessed one man who did not. the video is disturbing, it shows one man drowning, trying to tread water as he made his way to eagle pass, texas. you can see him struggling, and his friend on the left is screaming for help. he goes under and does not come back up. fox news was in the air flying at the time and captured the surviving man, he eventually lets go, and the currents were strong, the nearby dam had just
10:31 am
released water. the man floats to the middle of a bridge, he takes out a cell phone used to protect against the water, at this moment i began to try to talk to that man. >> no, no. >> i am telling him help is on the way and pleading with him to hold tight. i kept telling him, please don't cross, i told him, because of the currents. he told me his name was elbe castro, his friend was nelson, 38 years old, he knew how to swim and they had left nicaragua. his friend's body, nelson, floated down river and the mexican authorities came over and bagged the body. the drowning took place in front of mexican authorities and three rescue kayak boats, humvee
10:32 am
on-site had orange flotation device but a guards man told me they have been ordered not to perform water rescues in the rio grande river following the death of bishop evans who drown, and took four days to find his body. people are frustrated, they say the federal governments are not doing enough and migrants who have misinformation about the immigration policy are taking dangerous chances and it's putting them and others in real mortal danger. bill. >> bill: need to figure it out. bryan, thank you. back in eagle pass, texas today. >> sandra: let's bring in former acting i.c.e. director tom homan. your reaction, it's bad now, expected to get worse. >> it's very sad and i've been saying, the biden administration are saying the policies are more humane and they are not.
10:33 am
open border policies has cost over 100,000 fentanyl overdose deaths and dea says most is from the southwest board. up to 70% of border patrol agents are no longer on the age, but dealing with the humanitarian crisis and processing people in the facilities. you have sections of 30% on the line. look, the biden administration, one thing people don't talk about. under the first year of the biden administration, nearly 700 migrant deaths on u.s. soil. that has never occurred in my 35 years. so his policies are causing more migrant and american deaths. >> sandra: and those who see them at risk. referencing back to the national guardsman who died while trying to save some migrants. and talk to bret baier, alejandro mayorkas, seemingly
10:34 am
not giving a clear answer when it comes to what exactly the border will look like when it comes to title 42, listen. >> when it's removed you will see more numbers. >> we very well could and estimate we will, which is why precisely why, bret, we have been planning since september of 2021 for the eventual end of title 42. >> sandra: by most estimates, you are talking about a surge of 18,000 migrants a day. do you find it odd you are not hearing some clearer messaging on the part of secretary mayorkas and acknowledgment and how bad it could get once lifted? >> he has not been transparent since day one. i've seen the plan, the plan to send more resources to the border to process and release quicker. they are going to spend almost a billion dollars building soft sided facilities, staff them with ngo, open border advocates,
10:35 am
and when you process people and release them even quicker, the cartels are going to use that as another selling point. look, you are not even going to be in detention for a few hours. they will process you immediately upon apprehension and let you go. that is just the plan. he has not got anything in the plan about enforcement posture. and even with title 42 in place, we are on a scale right now to beat last year's numbers by half a million with title 42 in place. what the secretary needs to be told by members of congress, ok, maybe you don't control the c.d.c. and title 42, but do control the remain in mexico program, federal judge has ordered you to reimplement. you are slow rolling it, 5% remain in mexico the way the trump administration did it. if he really cared about the surge at the border, really wanted to address when title 42 gets lifted and 18,000 a day, put the remain in mexico program
10:36 am
back in the way the court ordered you to do it. and if he doesn't, ought to be held in contempt of court. >> sandra: there are more and more democrats putting pressure on the president to do something about it, and 39 house members, in the senate 13 of them breaking with the president over this issue. title 42. it is a growing problem for the white house. see how it responds as we get closer and closer to that happening. thank you very much, tom. good to see you. >> bill: more word from washington that committee investigating the january 6th capitol riot is asking for testimony from three more house republicans. panel sent letter requesting testimony from house freedom caucus members andy bigs of arizona, and two others. saying they have information relevant no the facts, circumstances and causes of january 6th. the committee set to begin public hearings on the overall
10:37 am
findings in the month of june. >> all right. a courtroom we have been watching closely. fiery drama in there, could amber heard be testifying this afternoon? we are not sure yet, but we are watching it. she's been squaring off against johnny depp in the multi-million dollar defamation trial. a live report as we await her possible testimony. >> antifa assaulting in portland why did it take so long for help to arrive. shocking answer ahead. e savingsd more financial peace of mind. newday can help you get it with the newday 100 va cash out loan. it lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value: up to $60,000 or more. and veterans are saving an average of $615 every month.
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>> sandra: story we have all been watching just days before amber heard's legal team states its case in johnny depp's defamation case against her, the actress firing her p.r. team,
10:42 am
after a steady stream of bad headlines for heard, and now comes the question when will the actress testify. david spunt is at the courthouse in virginia. david, when will we hear from miss amber heard? >> that's a question we are asking, too. a source close to amber heard says it's likely going to be wednesday, although a possibility tomorrow, johnny depp's team still needs to finish. there were five witnesses on slate for today. it's not clear if there will be any more tomorrow. you mention that she fired her p.r. team over the weekend. had a p.r. team based in washington, d.c., now with a team based in los angeles. today witnesses that have been on the stand include a former security manager and talent manager for johnny depp. this trial began april 12th, and for the majority of the trial. amber heard has sat there stoically, just listening to witnesses, including her ex-husband johnny depp, on the
10:43 am
stand four days, telling of a physically and emotionally abusive amber heard. he is suing her for a 2018 op-ed she authored, during the height of the me too movement, described herself as a domestic violence, she filed for divorce in 2016, depp was never arrested, this is a libel trial, the pressure is on johnny depp, to prove she mentioned a disregard for the truth in writing the op-ed. it's a high legal bar but when she does take the stand, whether it's tomorrow or wednesday, a source close to the actress says she will admit to striking johnny depp but only in self-defense. she's going to portray herself as someone abused for years by
10:44 am
johnny depp. >> does this only take on his defamation suit, because she is counter suing him for $100 million, double what he's suing her for. is that involved in this trial or will that happen totally separately? >> that likely would be something completely separately. it's possible that the judge will find for both defendants and offer both of them some sort of monetary reward. also possible that neither of them will get anything. they'll both walk out of here after all these details, salacious details for people watching the trial and come out with nothing. that's possible, too. the burden is on johnny depp to prove. we have heard so many different things, sandra and bill, all the details if she hit him or what she was doing or fought back, ultimately it's up to the fact if she knowingly lied and provided a reckless disregard for the truth, that's what the trial is about at the end of the
10:45 am
day. >> bill: four weeks in the trial, could she be the last witness? >> this is week four. >> bill: the way this is going? >> you know, it seems like she was going to be the last witness but we have heard from her team she's going to be one of the first witnesses coming up, an interesting strategy. normally you think she would be the last witness to close everything out. there is no trial next week because of court scheduling, but appears she is one of the first witnesses when her team takes over. his team putting on their case right now, she's going to be one of the first few witnesses when they take over, and then some more witnesses and the judge hopes to have it over by the end of may, meaning this will be a six week trial when completed. >> sandra: wow. >> bill: longer than expected, i think, too. david spunt. thank you. >> you bet. >> bill: radioactive desert, new warning from russian state media for one western country as concerns grow over putin's nuclear threat. which country could russia
10:46 am
target, how real is the threat? a former cia spy in russia will talk about that. >> sandra: more democrats are breaking with the president on what critics are saying is a far left agenda. democratic congressman will join us, he tells us how he's urging his party to take a common sense approach to the many crises they have on their plate. >> it's no surprise people trust republicans, they have seen what democrats have done to them in a year and a half. th thirty grams. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. you're probably thinking that these two are in some sort of lover's quarrel. no, no, no. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do?
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>> sandra: police responding to a push from the father of jonbenet ramsey for independent dna testing in his daughter's unsolved murder. right now, local police are in charge of that, but ramsey has started a petition asking the governor of colorado to change that. the boulder police chief says the investigation has always been a priority for his department. she was reported missing the day after christmas 1996. her body was later found the first day in the basement of the family's home. bill. >> once in the british isle no more. >> 106 seconds, paris, 200
10:51 am
seconds. an stopwatch, 220 seconds, that's how you talk to them if they do not understand anything else. >> from russian state tv. news anchors describe the devastation that would rain down if moscow launched a nuclear strike on european cities. how real is the threat today. dan hoffman, former station chief, also fox news contributor and good to have your perspective today. >> saber rattling, it could be more than that, but this is a couple times now we have revisited the nuclear weapon issue regarding this war. how do you see it? based on what we are watching from moscow. >> well, it's very disconcerting and we need to take it seriously. this is kremlin state tv spewing vladimir putin's propaganda, so if the biden administration did not take it seriously, that would certainly be a major dereliction of duty. it's a key requirement for the
10:52 am
u.s. intelligence community to determine putin's plans and intentions, does he plan on using weapons of mass destruction, or weapons against the u.k. first one to raise the spector of the world war iii was president biden, he does not want to engage in russia directly, fearing it would result in world war iii. vladimir putin is trying to deter us from providing military assistance but not succeeding. we have $33 billion of economic and military assistance on the way. >> bill: the tricky thing, dan. you are trying to analyze and you did this for decades in your career. analyze what is words and what is possible action. when you consider those two columns today, how would you assess it? what report would you file, what
10:53 am
direction would you give your own bosses or leaders? >> yeah, so i would say you have to be made it clear that russia is at war with the west, it's a proxy conflict. he can't stand to be losing to ukraine, a country that he expected to defeat in a matter of days, and it's true that we have kept ukraine in the fight but the ukrainians are the ones fighting and dying on the battlefield right now, so we have to take this very seriously. that's why it's important for the biden administration to message russia overtly, publicly, emphasize we are going to continue to supports dangero disconcerting for the world. but also the biden administration needs to engage behind the scenes and we have seen a little bit of that with the release of trevor reed, an indication that at least the diplomacy might be working a little behind the scenes.
10:54 am
we got a u.s. citizen held without due process in their country. we need to be messaging the intelligence and diplomatic officials, including sergey lavrov, also saber rattling and threatening nuclear attacks. >> bill: do you do that privately or would you recommend that publicly? >> i think it's got to happen both ways. definitely privately where senior u.s. military, it's important we have an embassy in russia. we have come all too close to rupturing our relationship with russia and severing diplomatic relations. this is why ambassador john sullivan is in moscow doing the hard work, engaging with his russian counterparts, i'm sure he is, he's an exceptional diplomat, a holdover, one of the few from the trump administration. you want to do it privately and have the discussions privately and then publicly president biden needs to get on the bully
10:55 am
pulpit and say a few things in my opinion. >> bill: last point here, should president biden tell putin we are going to defend ukraine to make sure the country still stands, whatever it takes. >> a b remain in power, and they said be so weak they could not invade the neighbors again. we need to be clear we are standing up for a country, ukraine, which has the right to defend themselves based on international law, and that's what we are doing and we are going to keep doing it until russia no longer canhell on the. >> bill: dan, thank you for that. 30 billion request from congress, 20 billion of which for military aid, we are in it for a long time. >> sandra: good to get dan hoffman on that.
10:56 am
the big board, the u.s. stock market is sinking to the lowest of the year, giving up gains, after the worst month since march of 2020 for the month of april. we are watching that for you as this is another -- >> bill: and friday was brutal, really bad. >> sandra: new at 2:00, jen psaki set to brief reporters as we learn more about the disinformation board. what she'll have to say about that. we are watching it for you. come back at the top of the hour. jonathan turley. oh, i had never seen a picture of her until i got on ancestry. it was like touching the past.
10:57 am
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lets you refinance your mortgage, consolidate your high-rate credit card debt, get cash and lower your payments an average of $600 a month. so if you need money to take care of your family, use the valuable va home loan benefit you've earned with your service. >> sandra: brabd new at 2:00, was the c.d.c. spreading disinformation, it did tweet masks cannot help you avoid covid in 2020. >> bill: and also questioning origins of covid, a conspiracy theory until the world health organization said it could be true. >> sandra: you have heard about the new board to police the truth. now some truth that may have
11:01 am
made the cut. sandra smith in new york. >> bill: hello there, dear. i'm bill hemmer in for john roberts. a rainy monday in new york. >> sandra: we have a view of 6th avenue, a rainy wet mess. >> bill: fox team coverage. >> sandra: and a look at the white house, we are expecting a briefing from jen psaki a few minutes from now. as the biden administration is on the defense over the dystopian disinformation board and self-proclaimed mary poppins in charge of it. the head of the department of homeland security, mayorkas, playing the whole thing down, saying they are not monitoring anyone. >> we could have done a better job in communicating what it is and what it isn't. >> american citizens be monitored? >> no. >> do you think jankowicz is objective enough for this particular job? >> yes, i do. i don't question her
11:02 am
objectivity. a tremendous authority and very fortunate to have her. >> sandra: critics are saying the defense misses the entire point, this is not about monitoring people, it's about deciding what is the truth. >> bill: uh-huh. might seem clear-cut but it's not always the case, remember hunter biden's laptop? >> sandra: and questioning who decides what qualifies is the truth. ♪ it's how youid qualified. we'll see if jonathan turley agrees with that. >> sandra: fox team con board i defending hlf and her work in a facebook post. nina jankowicz maintains she
11:03 am
will conduct her job fairly and difficult to see people -- i would consider working for any administration, whether conservative or liberal. strengthen the democracy. republicans have been attacking the board and jankowicz since the department of homeland security announced the effort last week. kevin mccarthy said the same party that spent years promoting the russian collusion hoax suppressed hunter biden laptop story and equated parents to terrorists, believes it has credibility to control your speech. biden must abandon the plan to create an orwellian ministry of truth. but few details what it supposed to do, democrats say to address disinformation from abroad. >> we know over the years, including the last
11:04 am
administration, the attacks have been regular coming from both chinese sources and russian sources aimed at us and our people, they want it to bite us. we won't let them. >> also sounds like the job of the global engagement center, it's a part of the state department monitors disinformation from abroad, especially from russia, china and iran. mayorkas says it would tackle issues like drug cartels targeting migrants. >> bill: william has a look at issues that biden's dystopian board would have labelled disinformation. what did you come up with, william? hello. >> we don't know who else is on the board, how they are chosen, and what's the remedy? and what's true today to be false tomorrow. take covid, origin, treatments,
11:05 am
vaccine and mask mandate, efficacy. told it did not work and then told they did. or dismissing the hunter biden laptop story only to learn it's true. or the steele dossier, media reported as one thing until prosecutors proved it otherwise. >> how about 51 former intel officials told us that hunter biden story was, had all the ear marks of russia miss information. would that be something the governance board formed, would you look into that? >> congressman, the disinformation board addresses disinformation that imperils the safety and security of our homeland. >> so here are some examples that we have for you. now, mayorkas did say that they would try to counter drug smuggling cartels. here, going back to the virus, researchers casting doubt on the
11:06 am
coronavirus lab accident and "washington post" saying tom cotton keeps repeating the coronavirus fringe theory, scientists have disputed. turns out he was probably right. conspiracy theories about the origins of coronavirus debunked, on vox. so, going back to the idea the smuggling cartels, number one, criminals, doing it a decade, we are trying to dissuade people. but saying the border is open or mayorkas saying it's not. as you both know, the more you dig, longer you take, the more you find. so, timing will be a question with these guys, when do they try to come out with debunking something, you know. it takes time. >> bill: as you well know. reporting every day, william. thank you. sandra. >> sandra: george washington law professor jonathan turley and fox news contributor.
11:07 am
great to have you here, sir. wall street journal editorial board, calling it disinformation for dummies. it will promote more mistrust than it prevents. do you share that concern? >> well, i think it's telling that the biden administration went out and recruited one of the most outspoken critics of free speech and when the secretary says well, she's just going to offer best practices on how to fight disinformation. many of us in the free speech community respond with yeah, we can pretty much guess what those are. she has for years had two solutions, corporate censorship or public censorship. the third option is called free speech, the third option is to let the government and others put forward what they believe is true. how exactly is this group going to stop cartel disinformation? you can't sing a snappy broadway tune to the cartels, you have to
11:08 am
rebutt false information with true information. but that's not the background of this appointee. she has testified in the united states, in england, in favor of banning individuals, of censoring through social media companies, and even encouraging regulation of speech, which a lot of democratic members are now advocating. >> wow, did not know that. what's happening overseas. you think this is going to happen or not? everything seems so vague. >> sandra: hemmer is a skeptic. >> bill: mayorkas will have a lot of answers over the weekend, don't know how many people are involved, and clarified overseas and not at home, i wonder if the administration is putting the trial balloon in the air. what do you think, professor? >> when you saw the defense of this appointee, it was rather
11:09 am
tepid, mary poppins' terms, east wind blowing and maybe you should umbrella out of here. my expectation is they are going to try to minimize the group. but what is really important about this is that she is pitch perfect for the biden administration. president biden, i've said before, is arguably the most anti-free speech president since john adams. the record of this administration is chilling. and they went out and found this individual who has been a huge advocate for corporate and public censorship, distinctly anti-free speech view, and that's so troubling when the sent says she has a long background here. it's the wrong background. it's like saying a back burner has a background in literacy, yeah, he works with books but that's not the background you are looking for. >> sandra: when you put it that way. >> bill: long and wrong. >> sandra: we are safeguarding
11:10 am
free speech, says mayorkas, safeguarding civil liberties. i think it is an important endeavor. i don't know, tepid response in some places there but he was given an out that perhaps to build points it's not all put together and just trying it out to see how the country might think about it, but then again, this is pretty much how this administration rolls out all their plans and policies, to be honest. >> yeah, it's hard to see how the board is going to protect free speech. we have free speech. the threat is coming from the board and the secretary. he has information that counter information that is false. what is the brilliant solution they expect her to come up with when there is false information, free speech allows you to put forward better information. but that has not been the thrust of her scholarship and her work. she has really focussed on ways that the government can force
11:11 am
truth. and what is really concerning, she is applauded what the europeans are doing, what hillary clinton enforced, they gave preliminary approval to the digital services act. a huge censorship program, and what clinton suggested is they should pass that right away because it might force twitter to continue to censor, even after musk has assumed control of the country. >> bill: the last question here. some people are trying a tie-in because musk made the move for twitter last week and perhaps where it's going public and barack obama saying when he was at stanford, a speech about disinformation. >> yeah, what obama said is truly maddening for those of us on the free speech side. first of all, he said he was a first amendment absolutist, which is not true, but you notice he did not say free speech absolutist, he followed that up with saying except for things that i consider to be lies, disinformation or quackery.
11:12 am
well, it's absolutely bizarre. i mean, at least be honest. if you want censorship, own it, say it, because when president obama says the government needs to regulate, that is state control over speech. and if you want that, then be honest enough to admit it. if that's what the democratic now wants to be, the party of censorship, own it, run on it. don't try to evade responsibility like the awful speech in stanford. >> sandra: professor turley, good to have you. >> thank you. >> sandra: we are keeping one eye on that, one on the dow, the dow continues to slide into negative territory. it's well below 33,000 now, and down 376 on the day. it's a lot of worry in the stock market right now over possibility of entering a recession. multiple quarters of negative gdp growth showed growth was negative in the country. and by the way, the president was just speaking and said he
11:13 am
has not made a decision on student loan debt at this time, big questions over how much he is willing to spend to forgive a mountain of student loan debt in the country, and if we spend more, does it worsen the inflation crisis, and furthermore, exacerbate the problems in the stock market and the u.s. economy. >> bill: a lot of questions there, warren buffett over the weekend, did not seem he had good answers how you would navigate. >> sandra: you are talking to the wrong person, i look at what he is doing protecting his own book. the smart man no less and brilliant investor, tough to navigate the u.s. stock market in this environment. i will tell you that is for sure. this as housing affordability continues to go down and the yield on the ten-year treasury just hit 3%, bill, the first
11:14 am
time since 2018. keep your eye on that, that has major implications as well. now down 413, we are watching it. >> bill: black diamonds the last two hours of the afternoon. meanwhile, you know things are not going great for a president when members of his own party say he is wrong and they are doing it in mass. democrats splitting with president biden, and we'll talk to a congressman who is bucking the president, and he would like to see more common sense and more common ground, coming up. i, less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief when my genetic reports told me about my heart health, i was able to take action. and i got a kit for my mom, too, so she can get her own meaningful health info. this mother's day, start a new health journey together with mom with $50 off every kit. we need to reduce plastic waste in the environment.
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11:19 am
>> sandra: democrats breaking with president biden on the border. we'll speak to one of them who says it's time for some common sense. he'll join us in a moment. the white house considering penalizing college graduates who
11:20 am
found success in their careers. part of the so-called student loan forgiveness. the president biden is currently considering, which would have taxpayers pay off other people's student loans. that's how it would work. according to sources with the washington post, the white house is considering now an income tax. edward lawrence to tell us what it means live at the white house. >> that would mean maybe the family's income related to the minor and anything above a certain amount not theelp from the federal government. the president did say he has not yet made his decision on this. he would not cancel more than $50,000 of student debt but it would be more than $10,000. so the new york federal reserve put a cost to the taxpayers. cancel $50,000 of federally backed student loan debt, $904 billion of taxpayer money. if the president decided on the lower number of cancelling $10,000 of federally backed student loan debt, out
11:21 am
$321 billion. the senior policy director for the committee for responsible federal budgets says if the president takes this action, it's a slippery slope. >> if the president cancels debt by executive order, what is to stop the next president from cancelling more debt and the president after that cancelling more debt. what i'm worried about most is that that will be an expectation and it's going to lead people to borrow more for college, fancier graduate degrees, colleges will raise tuition, make higher education less affordable than today. >> progressive democrats want the president to keep his campaign promise and cancel student debt before the midterm elections. some want all student debt canceled. listen to this. >> i think it is time for us to consider what it means for people to worry about putting food on the table, to keeping an roof over their head while still having this massive debt, and as he said, an economic issue and
11:22 am
so many families will be freed by the cancelling of student debt. >> the freeze to start paying federally backed student loans, that lifts on september 1st. back to you guys. >> edward lawrence, thank you. >> record high inflation to the crisis at the southern border, president biden under pressure to change course. he has not done it. most of that coming from fellow democrats where the potential disaster looming in the midterms. new jersey congressman with us, thank you for your time. >> good to be back. >> bill: looking for a repeal of title 42 in three weeks, invest in law enforcement, you want to lower energy costs sounds practical and the leader of your party is not listening to you. why not? >> well, i think i'm focussed like you are on practical common sense things we can get done, a lot of bipartisan support for
11:23 am
and the co-chair of the caucus, brian fitzpatrick, we put out a series of ideas, we have democrats and republicans behind as you point out. legislation like the invest to protect act, i've led to invest in law enforcement, make sure they have the resources they need to protect themselves and protect us. support our veterans and make sure we take care of them and their backs as they should, and title 42, make sure we have a comprehensive plan in place to deal with influx and make sure we keep law enforcement safe and people, our families safe. live up to our values and protect dreamers and protect our borders. a way to do this, just to make sure we get energy prices down. a lot of common sense things we can do if we are willing to work together. we need to get democrats and republicans on the same page working together and i believe we can do it. >> sandra: we appreciate you coming on to talk about it,
11:24 am
that's a start. we welcome democrats to come on the practice and tell us where they stand on the issues you, see the polling, inflation and the border is as well and now more and more democrats breaking with the president on these issues, whether it be inflation or a title 42. and now we even see things like this popping up in ad campaign videos. this is senator maggy hassan, brand-new a short time ago we received this. listen. >> i'm taking on members of my own party to push a gas tax holiday and i'm pushing joe biden to release more of our oil reserves. that's how we lower costs and get through these times. >> sandra: is this a sign that more democrats are trying to put daylight between themselves and this president? >> i don't know, there's a lot of us who have been saying for years now we should make sure we take in all the above approach on energy, fight to get the prescription drug prices down, lower taxes, and bring in tax
11:25 am
cuts to our families. >> sandra: let me start here. do you believe we should be increasing oil production to bring gas prices down in this country? >> sure, yeah, i think we need to be energy independent and i think the idea we are going to buy oil from venezuela or sympathizers in iran is crazy. it's a false choice to say we cannot have good long-term goals on climate, i'm committed to and also increase domestic production. we need to do both, we need to get prices down for people at the pump. >> bill: doesn't seem you are going to get anywhere. you have been banging on the drum a long time and nothing changes. >> i don't know, we have got that bipartisan infrastructure bill. >> hang on. i don't know what happens in november, does it take a shelacking, to use barack obama's phrase in order to get joe biden to listen to you and change ways? >> i don't know, i think a bunch
11:26 am
of us have been working together for a while. i think there's a great opportunity on the china chips bill to produce more domestically on semiconductors, a lot of common ground on those areas. the question is, can we all get together and work on it and frankly, the problems in the caucus, it's what we do every week and we have passed legislation. people just think we fight all the time and actually a bunch of us who want to solve problems for folks and put country ahead of party. and i think if we took that attitude more we would be more successful. >> and the border, they are not listening to you. >> you have probably seen a bunch of us stand up and say we better have a comprehensive approach and states of emergency in effect with covid, we still have, exactly why title 42 is there right now, as long as they
11:27 am
are in effect we should obviously take that into consideration as well. so i think this is about common sense, where you started this conversation, and you are hearing from democrats and republicans on this issue, and i think we just have to keep pressing our case. >> sandra: when you consider the number of democrats breaking with the president, especially on the issue of title 42, and the expectation the border numbers are going to surge, 18,000 a day is the expectation, it's going to be a worsening problem as we approach midterms. what is your expectation the country will see with the elections? >> i'm hoping title 42 we get a more comprehensive strategy in place to address any influx issues and live up to our values as a country. but also make sure that we protect our borders. and i don't know, i think polls go up and down. what i'm focussed on and i will always be focussed on. >> sandra: it's one direction for a little while. >> here in northern new jersey.
11:28 am
they bounce around. focus on what's good for the country for now. >> sandra: we really appreciate you coming on, hope you come back. thank you very much. >> thanks, thanks for having me. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: never let a crisis go to waste, that from a top biden official, saying global food shortage will push farmers to green energy. >> fertilizer shortages are real now, russia is an exporter of fertilizer, we are working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost and may hasten transitions in the interest of farmers to make anyway. never let a crisis go to waste. >> sandra: ok, think what you will about that. she said that. >> bill: you want to put that comment on a string and pull it back? she did. i've got you, smitty.
11:29 am
waiting for the white house briefing, jen psaki take questions, we will check in on that. >> sandra: according to a new report, hemmer, don't expect jen psaki to tangle with the reporters of the mainstream media. some reporters go out of their way to play nice with her, unlike they ever did under the last administration. joe concha will join us live next. ys on their phones? they're banking, with bank of america. look at this guy. he bought those tickets on his credit card and he's rackin' up the rewards. she's using zelle to pay him back for the hot dogs he's about to buy. and the announcer? he's not checkin' his stats, he's finding some investing ideas with merrill. and third as you know in baseball means three. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop banking. what would you like the power to do? you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size.
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11:35 am
this at a political rally for supporters of a republican candidate for governor. portland of course became ground 0 for the defund movement. adding to the outrage, apparently it took police 20 minutes to get there. dan springer is live in seattle with more on this. >> broad daylight on a saturday, called a fund the police rally in support of a republican candidate for governor of oregon as you mention. and within 15 minutes of it starting, about a dozen members of antifa attacked. they rolled up wearing all black and some carrying the antifa flag. you can hear the loud explosions and then antifa starts throwing smoke bombs, larger firearms, and balloons filled with water and feces. two people were injured, a man's hand was injured from a firework and a woman suffered partial hearing loss. this video was posted by the mayor of sandy, oregon and currently a g.o.p. candidate for
11:36 am
governor. he is a law and order mayor who wanted to take the message to portland where crime is skyrocketing. >> we are sick and tired of antifa, we are going to put these people in jail and take the state back. >> as shocking on the attack on democracy, it took place next to police headquarters and there was no response for more than 20 minutes. and by the time cops showed up, the criminals were all gone so there are no arrests, no leads, police are left asking for the public's help. it's mostly because staffing is at an historic low between defunding the police bureau and cops quitting in droves. the department and the city are in crisis. 30-year-old murder record was shattered and homicides are on pace to be higher, and friday, democracy under attack, a convoy of trucks flying american flags was hit by fireworks and debris
11:37 am
thrown by people standing on an overpass. one shot was fired, again no arrests or spents. >> bill: dan, thanks. >> sandra: any momentki will be taking questions from reporters, a reporter told a magazine some mainstream correspondents are afraid to ask tough questions because tanto l going after jen psaki. joe concha, media hill columnist and fox news contributor. this reporter tells politico they are afraid to battle jen psaki, she makes you look like an a-hole. >> confrontation with the press secretary is no longer the in thing? i think it was during the previous administration and if this is the general feeling with some in the white house press corps, the speaking truth to
11:38 am
power and holding the powerful is no longer accountable as well and i'm confused, not like the president in the 50s and 60s, and high marks on border and education and overseas, we have an administration constantly on the defensive on all the issues and major messaging issues in the process. and the press secretary has been less than truthful. she once insisted all economists agreed with her, adding trillions in new spending would help inflation. and she said republicans wanted to defund the police, and the catastrophe at the border is donald trump fault and completed wall will do nothing to stem the tide of migrants, and peter doocy asked, when a huge group of criminals organize themself and they want to loot a store, you think it's because the pandemic, and she answered yes.
11:39 am
who exactly is looking like the derriere here when challenged, and that's -- >> sandra: keep it classy there. joe, we will hear from her in a few minutes. perhaps it's a sign she's good at her job, the reporters are also complaining it's just boring to cover this white house. >> boring, oh, so it's about entertainment now, ok. i didn't realize that. i thought it was actually getting facts. >> sandra: politico magazine is writing about the rise and fall of the star white house reporter, for years covering the white house was a golden ticket in the media. then came the biden administration, a quote on the screen. jen psaki is very good at her job, which is unfortunate and the work is a lot less rewarding, a quote from the reporter, because you no longer are saving democracy from sean spicer and men's wearhouse suit. it just makes you look like an a-hole, jawing with jen.
11:40 am
>> what's wrong with men's wearhouse? where do you think i got this thing? plenty of reporters in the previous administration wrote books and got rich off them, but a big seller and april ryan as well, and go down the list, so yeah, those books are not exactly coming this time, is there, and look, i got to know, by the way, why and how is jen psaki still white house press secretary. she has not denied she'll be with msnbc this month, she can measure for the drapes at 30 rock, as well as be the spokesperson for the president. one hell of a deal if you can get it. >> sandra: you know who are not shy, our reporters, jacqui heinrich, peter doocy, and we hope the reporters continue to do their jobs and ask the tough questions, that's what they are there for. great to have you here. thanks very much. >> good to see you. >> bill: thank you, joe. a family was having the time of
11:41 am
their lives at disney until the daughter's phone buzzed with a message. a stranger had been following their every move and did so for hours. >> how someone was easily able to stalk them. quite a story. how can you make sure it does not happen to you and your family? veteran homeowners. congratulations. chances are the home you bought has gone way up in value. that means you could have a lot more home equity than you think. use your va benefits to turn that equity
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11:46 am
>> health officials on high alert after a mystery outbreak of hepatitis in children turns deadly, what you need to know when it comes to your children next. a family was wrapping a day at disney world, meanwhile when one iphone message destroyed every happy memory of that day. phil keating has the story for us from miami. what exactly happened here, phil? >> a lot of apples customers love their air tags, which are about the size of a nickel. you can place them on anything you don't want to lose, like your keys, wallet or car. but they can be maliciously misused and this latest case happening here in florida outside of orlando at disney world. family on vacation from tennessee. according to that family, they were enjoying the theme park, heading back on the monorail to the parking lot when their daughter got a notification on
11:47 am
her iphone an air tag device had been tracking them. immediately they were terrified, they had not initiated this. >> and she literally watched it in realtime follow us from everywhere we were at that point from the tram all the way back to our vehicle. >> the air tag is another feature of apple's find my network, people are familiar with, thanks to the find my phone or find my laptop app to track down where you put those or if they were stolen. similar stories over the past couple years, including a new york city model saying she was unknowingly being tracked and another woman was tracked, and scouring the car thoroughly she could not find it, as was the case for the tennessee family. apple is aware of the occasional problem and posted this, actively working on law enforcement on all air tag requests we received. based on our knowledge and
11:48 am
discussions with law enforcement, incidents of air tag misuse are rare. however, each instance is one too many. you can buy the air tags for 99 bucks, four of them, and some people even put them on their dog's collar in case fido gets on the loose. but you know, we have seen these can also be used to spy on somebody else. sandra. >> sandra: i think a lot of people's ears perk up when they hear this story. we will keep following that.enter phil, thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: thank you, phil. an important story on an update we have been watching closely, kids infected with hepatitis. health officials in wisconsin are investigating what could be the first death linked to this outbreak. so far doctors are stumped. let's bring in our doctor, dr. marc seigel. what do you think this is? >> i don't think we are stumped but not a definite answer.
11:49 am
united kingdom, 145 kids infected, hepatitis, very sick. average age is only three years old. eyes turn yellow, stool turns light, urine dark, joint aches, fever, classic symptoms. and unfortunately 11 liver transplants have been required. as you just said in wisconsin we had a death and one liver transplant. 19 cases in the united states, israel 12, spain 13, around 200 cases in the world. there is an adenovirus 41, that affects young children but usually a respiratory virus. could have it have mutated or another idea circulating i have not ruled out is that maybe these young children did not see viruses the way they usually would. they are sequestered because of the pandemic. it's called the hygiene
11:50 am
hypothesis. that's another possibility. but we have all eyes on the virus and we are going to know when someone needs a liver transplant and we have to take their liver out, we can look at that liver and figure out what happened to it and i'm waiting for that answer. >> bill: ok, adenovirus, this is one kind of virus. thank you very much. one cause of the common cold. there are several hundred cases in the u.k. and what i'm reading it appears to be a worldwide outbreak that is linked to that particular virus. what would you add on that, doc? >> it's called clustering. it's occurring in clusters, and different areas. but it's not connected the way covid was connected where it zooms from one area to the next. certain areas are affected, and it's spreading but i want people out there to know it's in the hundreds as you just said, bill. but not yet in the thousands and it's been around a couple months. so i want people with young children to be on the lookout, it is not time to panic. these are still small clusters and we have to figure out what's
11:51 am
causing it and if it is this virus we have to get control over it, especially if it's moo -- mutated, and it can spread by respiratory or stool or touching surfaces. numbers are small, is it this virus. >> bill: doc, thanks, a story out of wisconsin and more. >> sandra: jen psaki briefing right now on ukraine, on lunch with former president clinton, and right now pressed on the border and lifting of title 42. listen here. >> i know i noted as well, he was wearing a mask for portions of the behind the scenes visit to the white house correspondents dinner, and determination was made that he did not need to do that while he was on stage. go ahead. >> thanks, jen. a local media is reporting the country is going to apply for nato membership next week. is that something you are aware of? >> we have seen some reporting
11:52 am
and i'm not going to speak for them. we of course support the policy of nato for those who are interested in joining to aspire and meet the qualifications to join. and certainly support any decisions by finnish leaders and others to apply. >> just more broadly, what is the president's personal view about just the question of nato enlargement, about whether that's something that would be an effective step to address the security challenges that are posed by russia or something that would be provocation? >> well, the president supports the open door policy of nato and supports those who have aspirations to join to apply for membership and the role of nato and making those determinations. but i would say broadly speaking what we all look at, the president, other european leaders, the fact that president putin's clear objectives at the beginning prior to his invasion, at the beginning of this war was to further divide nato, to
11:53 am
further divide the west. that is the exact opposite of what we are seeing here. these reports and the broad unity across europe and the united states, the west. >> amazon told its employees they would we providing a new workplace benefit to allow workers to travel to other states if they need to for abortion procedures. i'm curious what the white house thinks of that, whether that's something that is appropriate as there are more restrictions on abortion rights and whether it's something that unions should seek in collective bargaining negotiations. >> sure. i don't have any comments on a decision by private sector company. we know our view on the archaic abortion laws we have seen put into place across the country in far too many states, i'm happy to check if there is more we have to say on it. >> delegation that traveled to
11:54 am
kyiv, house speaker pelosi said they heard new requests from ukraine in terms of needs they had not heard before and made recommendations to president biden afterward. can you talk about what the needs are that ukraine has and what recommendations the lawmakers made to president biden? >> the president spoke with speaker pelosi and the delegation, i believe we put something out yesterday after the visit to ukraine before they went to poland. i believe that's where it took place in their travel. he is looking forward to getting a more extensive briefing from them when they return. the house is out this week, it may be virtually this week or return next week, so i don't have any more details to speak to what the ukrainians requested or asked for in their conversations. >> and nothing on the recommendations from lawmakers either? >> again, i don't have anything more to read out from here. i would say that as you know, we have this supplemental funding request that the president is going to be making a strong case
11:55 am
for tomorrow when he travels to alabama, and we are really going to continue to consult with relion the department of weapons what the ukrainians need to succeed in the war. >> given the two high profile visits we have had, secretary austin, antony blinken, and speaker pelosi, plans for president biden to go? >> the embassy open, i know the president would love to visit ukraine but no plans in the works. >> a week from today russia is expected to have the victory day. what is the white house expecting president putin to do on that day or the next seven days leading up to that? >> we know president putin has emphasized the significance of this day for him and for the russian military, but i don't have anything to preview or
11:56 am
predict from here what they may or may not do. i expect we will have more in advance of monday what we will do. >> just to clarify the last point, you expect you will announce more things the united states will do ahead of may 9? >> we will mark support for the ukrainians and europeans but nothing specific at this point in time. >> interesting. no, no, that was good, yeah. alabama, president is the subject of plenty of republican attack ads down there, anyone of the elected official variety will meet him? >> typically we don't finalize until the night before. >> you say 200 semiconductors per javelin? >> that's my understanding. >> given a semiconductor
11:57 am
shortage, are there enough to make them? >> there continue to be. we need the bipartisan innovation act signed and ensure we are not reliant on the whims of others in order to continue manufacturing here in the united states. >> and of course the president confirmed meeting with the parents of austin tice, he wanted to meet with them. anything more how that came together as quickly as it did? obviously they were here in town. anything more we can learn about getting the meeting together is quickly? >> well, i would say after the president made the comments, obviously we went into action to work to set up the meeting on sunday and see if deborah and mark tice, austin's parents would be available. since i would note that since the december meeting with our national security advisor, jake sullivan, john finer and other officials have met with the tice family in person on three occasions, including a meeting just last week, and so we have been very closely engaged with
11:58 am
the family and obviously meeting with the president is additional and more significant step in that regard, but we have been in close touch with them as well. >> what is the current u.s. government understanding of tice's whereabouts and status? >> i don't have any updates to provide to you from here. what the president will certainly convey, i'm sure a written readout after the meeting is that we will continue to do everything we can to bring him and as we do with any american home, and i would note that of course we have a special presidential envoy for hostage affairs as you know and you have become familiar with because of our -- >> sandra: ok, we have a minute left in show. we have been listening to the white house there, and a little bit of news with the former president bill clinton meeting and having lunch with the current president, and jen psaki saying they will speak on a broad range of issues. >> bill: what do you think that's all about, right? we had josh, the democrat from
11:59 am
new jersey with us about 60 minutes ago talking about how they are trying to get better enforcement from officers in america and also try to get title 42 in place and not removed from the border. our question said nobody is listening to you, maybe, maybe, bill clinton, the genius who changed the entire presidency by being more moderate. >> sandra: pop the big board up, near the lows of the day, you see the red. started out sort of in positive territory but a lot of concerns of housing affordability, rising interest rates, student debt loan relief and what the federal reserve next move will be. those questions resulting in whether or not we will enter a recession in this country. >> bill: on friday, such a significant down day for the markets, people went home and they looked at the 401(k) and did not like what they saw, and now even lower today. this is a significant move, almost down a point and a half
12:00 pm
on a percentage basis for the dow 30. >> sandra: yield on the ten-year, 3%, first time since 2018. and mr. hemmer, thank you for helping us out today. good to have you. thanks so much for joining us here on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. set your dvr so you don't miss a minute of the show. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. smitty and i will go back >> martha: great to see you both. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. also in new york, buckle your seat belts. the elections get rolling tomorrow. and the ohio gop senate primary is going to be full of lessons and tea leaves for who holds the tower these days in the republican party. one thing we know already at least looking at these polls is what americas are fearful about, what they're concerned about, what is nudging independence and democrats further right at this point. we know they're


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