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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 2, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>> sandra: yield on the ten-year, 3%, first time since 2018. and mr. hemmer, thank you for helping us out today. good to have you. thanks so much for joining us here on "america reports." i'm sandra smith. set your dvr so you don't miss a minute of the show. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. smitty and i will go back >> martha: great to see you both. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. also in new york, buckle your seat belts. the elections get rolling tomorrow. and the ohio gop senate primary is going to be full of lessons and tea leaves for who holds the tower these days in the republican party. one thing we know already at least looking at these polls is what americas are fearful about, what they're concerned about, what is nudging independence and democrats further right at this point. we know they're disappointing in the rising costs of everything.
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an economy that they don't have a lot of confidence in. take a look at the dow. down 409 points. we get into the final hour of trading. these numbers that you're looking at on the screen right now, you're plus 14 and plus 19 in favor of republicans when asked which party is better at handling the issues of the economy and inflation. that is a big indicator right there. we're still several months away. that's where americans are and that's a "washington post" poll that those numbers come from. how about these numbers? 94%, pretty much the entire country says yes, i'm either concerned or upset about inflation and where it's going. with that, we bring in karl rove. the former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and mark penn here with us. great to have you with us today. i want to kick it off by showing
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this moment from the white house correspondent's dinner. peter doocy is asking this question. we'll dip over here and listen to that and be right back. >> why isn't he saying we know where the 42 are. they're in jail. >> well, peter, i'd point you to the department of homeland security to get more comments. he's had a range of hearings yesterday. >> what is the president's priority, potentially stopping terrorist attacks or letting the migrants come? >> a couple weeks ago when there was reporting about the numbers being stopped at the border, that was the border patrol doing their jobs. that was the system working and certainly part of the role of the department of homeland security, to keep our country safe, keep the american people safe and i think that's an indication of secretary mayorkas work to do exactly that. >> so take 19 people to carry out the september 11th attacks.
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what do you think 42 people on a terrorist watch list might be capable of? >> again, peter, the number 1 job of the president of the united states, the vice president, certainly the secretary of homeland security is to keep the american people safe. i think a lot of this reporting you're referencing is an indication that they're doing their jobs and doing exactly that. >> on another topic, does the president know that the dhs the putting together this disinformation governance board? >> peter, i think i would note -- i'm not sure if this is in your reporting yesterday -- this is a continuation of work done under the trump administration to take steps to add kris disinformation, the use of disinformation and helping smugglers prompt the movement of more migrants to the border. i would note the first example given in the announcement about this is dhs' work to see how disinformation is among
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vulnerable populations attempting to migrate to the united states. so for anyone concerned, this is the kind of apparatus that is working to address this information. again, continuing the work of the department of homeland security in 2020. something that we're applauding. >> in terms of what the president wants, does he want people to censor information that is not helpful to him? >> let me be clear on what this board does or the work they're doing does in their announcement, which is publicly available and the department of homeland security website for anyone to read. it says "the primary mission is to establish best practices to understand and respond to disinformation are done in ways that protect privacy, civil rights and the right to free speech." >> okay. there's this woman, nina jankowicz that is in charge of the board. he said she thinks the laptop is
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disinformation. so we look forward to her censoring information about the hunter biden laptop? >> we talked about the work of the prior administration. the woman you noted has extensive experience and extensive work looking at disinformation. she was testified before congress and in europe and worked closely with the ukrainians and has unique expertise at this moment. >> following up on the question about the stockpile on weapons -- >> martha: okay. so we'll use that as our jumping off point as we bring in karl rove and fox news contributor and mark penn, former clinton adviser, chairman of the harris poll. thanks for standing by with us. we started the program with a look at inflation and the economy and we showed how weak the president and his party are polling in both of those areas. then you have the questions from
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peter doocy, which go to the sense of security in the country. why are we allowing anybody on the terror watch list to be allowed anywhere in the country and why are we allowing this disinformation board that might stifle free speech. karl, your thoughts on all of that. >> let's start with the last one. this is an important function hoff the department of homeland security. they put the wrong person in charge of it. this needs to be somebody above reproach, this is a highly partisan individual. this is a woman that said the russians were behind the hunter biden laptop and that they were phony. you know, wrong. wrong on all points. so while i believe it's an important mission of the department of homeland security help guide americans by saying this is something that is coming from russia or coming from a nonstate actor attempting to unsettle the american population about bring about the decline in
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the trust in our institutions, they have to have somebody in charge of that that we can believe. we can't believe here. >> martha: mark what do you think? they need a different person? >> yes. the entire testimony of secretary mayorkas has been a disaster. it harkens back to when they put out tony blinken on afghanistan. now they put out the secretary on immigration. they have to pivot some of the policies here. they have to meaningful reduce the number of people going to and crossing the border nobody to show the american people they're dealing with the issue. this disinformation is a gift to the republicans. >> martha: it appears to be. peter's question about the number of people that it took to bring down those plains on 9-11, there's no reason -- if you can think of a better reason to turn someone back at the border, it's having your name on the terror watch list. karl, i want to play this from
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the white house correspondent's dinner. it was a joke about inflation. >> these people have been so hard on you, which i don't get. ever since you've come into office, things are looking up. gas is up, rent is up. food is up. everything. >> martha: a big chuckle from the president, karl. >> put a president in an acc ward position. if he doesn't laugh, it's a story. if he laughs, it's a story. this is no laughing matter. the administration is in difficulty by starting out this whole process by last year dismissing for far too long that inflation was transitory, it would go away. today the answers that they've got have been completely inadequate. mark wrote a great piece in early april on how energy, immigration, crime, education and foreign policy, the administration needed to make a pivot not just in what they were saying but in what they're doing. that is true particularly when it comes to the issue of inflation.
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they have to recognize where it came from and what needs to be done to stop it. that means don't spend as much money. >> martha: thanks the thing. the answer is always we want to pass some version of build back better to put money in people's pockets. we want to pay off your student loan. if the genesis of inflation is the trillions of dollars that has been thrown into the economy to cure covid, looks like independents have that message. 74% of them disapprove of the inflation situation in the u.s., mark. >> absolutely. what we did in the 90s was we came out for a balanced budget. everybody thought that was impossible. we put in a ten year plan. it was done in two. in a year, the administration has to pivot its fiscal policy. they're seen as taxing and spending. if taxing and spending is causing inflation and that is the number 1 issue when you're losing that by 14 plus points, that's a disaster.
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i will say that the congressional horse race is still 50/50 almost in many of these polls. so the republicans haven't closed the sale, but they're leading on the issues. >> martha: karl, i hear that a lot. people saying are republicans being overly confident about their position right now. there's still a lot of times before this mid-term happens. >> martha: yeah. it's good for republicans but they have to execute. good candidates with good messages. they have to lay out a personal agenda candidate by candidate about what they want to do about inflation and energy and crime and so forth. got to -- you can beat something with nothing, but you can beat it really bad if you have something good. >> martha: also, i think on the way out here, one of the big wild cards is what happens in
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ukraine, what happens with putin. how does that shift the attention of the american people as we move forward. mark penn and karl rove, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: so the nuclear rhetoric is intensifying out of russia in a number of ways. in one instance, a lawmaker on state tv talked about wiping out the united kingdom with a single strike. he's the first man in this clip. the other man and the women are russian tv hosts in this conversation. watch this. >> one missile and that's it. the british isles are no more. >> they're accusing us of state terrorism. u.k. also has nuclear weapons. >> no one will survive in this war. >> martha: no one will survive in a nuclear war says the last commentator. nigel farage is standing by. he has strong thoughts on this
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matter. first to lucas tomlinson reporting live from london. good evening to you, lucas. >> martha, that russian lawmaker went on to make the following boast. >> the question is can they shoot it down? this missile can't be intercepted. their abilities are limited. they say they can shoot it down. we'll see about that. >> russian threats like this had ronald reagan give intermediate missiles to europe. russian have short and intermediate range missiles already. another russian anchor known as putin's mouthpiece that rush forces could plunge britain in the depth of the saw. this missile has not been deployed or used. that did not stop a russian
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anchor from claiming the torpedo could flood the british isles. the domestic counter intelligence service says launches attacks threats have increased. >> we're doubling down. we will keep going further and faster to push russia out of the whole of ukraine. >> that includes the donbas and the british foreign secretary going further than any u.s. official to date. martha? >> martha: very strong words. thanks, lucas. we bridge in nigel farage. great to have you with us today. i know that you have said these are dark days for europe and you believe the allies poked the bear when it comes to russia. so it appears the bear is responding from some corners in russia with some pretty strong
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language about even taking out the u.k. >> sandra: yeah, look, you know, i have been a critic for over a decade of endless expansionism of nato. i said don't poke the russian bear with a stick. we have made mistakes. but if i provoke you, martha, if i behave badly towards you, you can say bad words back to me or turn volatile. none of our mistakes justify the actions that we're seeing in mariupol and other places like that. frankly, to see those appalling television shots from russian state tv last night, i mean never, never -- the worst moments of the cold war, even during the depths of the cuban missile crisis, never ever have we seen direct nuclear threats made by one side against another. it says there's something now
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very, very wrong on behalf of the putin regime. whether it's him, whether he's seriously ill, he's obviously on steroids, there's a thyroid probably. whether he mind has been effected, i don't know. yes, i know, ukraine has its faults. that isn't the point. russian ask threatening to wipe the british isles off the map. it's sick and ghastly. >> martha: it is. even during the cuban missile crisis, i read a piece by khrushchev's great granddaughter. during that moment, both sides didn't want to have a nuclear war. she said now at this point it does not appear that putin doesn't want to back down. a great point that we hope there's people around him that will think differently. last point before we head to the pentagon. >> i always thought that putin was a rationale player, an unpleasant man. i think he's an irrational
12:16 pm
player and puts the world perhaps in the scariest place it's ever been. >> martha: dark days indeed as you have said. thanks, nigel. sorry we're cut short here. good to have you with us. so pentagon press secretary john kirby has taken the podium. because of this talk of nuclear war and what is going on, i want to listen to this. >> to better defend their sovereignty. as you saw the secretary and the deputy secretary met with defense contracting ceos a couple weeks ago to talk about production lines. when we many ramstein, the secretary dedicated a whole session of that afternoon to talking about the defense industrial base not just of the united states but all of those nations. so many other nations are contributing systems and weapons to ukraine. of course, we'll continue to do that going forward. let me take a couple from the phones here.
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>> now we're two months into the war, can you talk about when the last time the secretary tried to reach out to his russian counterpart and what happens when he reaches out? is it the protocol that they reach out to the russian side, they don't respond or they said no thank you? you talk us through that. >> normally you reach out through the policy channels and also used the defense attache at the industry. that senior military officer is a representation of the secretary of defense inside all of our embassies. so they're usually -- after working it through policy in terms of the efficacy of doing a call, we rely on the defense attache. i don't have a date when the
12:18 pm
last attempt was. it's been many weeks since we've attempted another communication with mr. minister and there has not been interest shown by the russians in having that conversation. mike, "the washington examiner." >> thanks for taking my question. with russia's victory day a few weeks away, will russia make a push to get a victory between now and then? >> i can't speak for their plans. that is a question better put to the ministry of defense. when you're asking him, i'd urge you to find out when it is mr. putin will do the right thing and end the war. you can end the war right now if he so chooses. as for what their plans are
12:19 pm
regarding victory day, i'd let you speak to them. the ukrainians fight back ably and nimbly. we haven't seen the russians make a lot of progress in the donbas area or in the south. that is a result of the skill and bravery and the kinds of capabilities that the united states and so many other countries are providing the ukrainians in their self-defense. as for what their plans are for later this month, i think that is something that they should speak to what we would urge them to plan to do, is to meet with mr. zelensky to pull their troops out of ukraine and end the war. they can do that today. joe? >> on the defense secretary's meeting with his japanese counterpart this week what are
12:20 pm
this deliverables going to be from that meeting and how much will parallels between ukraine and taiwan play into that conversation? >> i'm not going to get ahead of the deliverables. you'll have access to the opening comments for that. look forward to one of the most important alliances is with japan. very excited to have the minister come see us in person. he was -- he attended -- security consulted in ramstein on ukraine. so i fully expect that issues regarding the ukraine and how japan and how the united states will continue to support ukraine will be on the agenda. i fully expect tensions with china will be on the agenda a you might expect. the degree to which there's an interplay between the two, we'll
12:21 pm
let the ministers talk before we get ahead of that. i would just offer if i might -- you heard the secretary has said this. we have to be careful drawing too many comparisons between taiwan ukraine. two different scenarios. nothing has changed about our continued adherence to the one china policy. nothing has changed about our dedication to continue to support taiwan's self-defense needs through the taiwan relations act. it's a different situation and we all need to be careful before drawing too many parallels. >> a question regarding iran in the last few weeks. i ran has said that they don't have any plans to abandon their plot to assassinate and retaliation for the soleimani
12:22 pm
strike. how does this iranian provocative activity change the posture when it comes to overseas diplomacy? >> we always look at our protection in the middle east. we change it on whatever the existing security threat is. let me tell you a couple things without getting into the specific anecdotes there. i'm not going to talk about intelligence. nobody here at the department is oblivious to the fact that iran is a malign actor. they continue to support terrorist groups. they continue to develop a ballistic missile program. even as they sit in negotiations continue to develop certain nuclear capabilities. and they are harassing shipping. clearly pose a threat in the
12:23 pm
maritime domain. you pick it, there's a lot there that iran is doing in a malign way in the middle east region. that is why even as this department continues to believe that an iran without -- no problem in the middle east is easier to solve with iran having a nuclear weapon. we continue to support the work of our diplomats as they try to get a new agreement here on their nuclear development. even with all of that support, we still have a fundamental obligation to protect our security interests in the middle east and those of our allies and partners. we have robust program on the ground and at sea and we're reviewing that as well. whether we have that right based on the threat. so look, force protection and the security of our footprint remains a paramount concern for
12:24 pm
the secretary. of course, he has a lot of experience in that part of the world. he watches us closely. we don't talk about nor should we talk about on any given day how it changes. quite frankly, because of iran's multiple destabilizing activities, that too, the threat too changes every day. >> just a follow up. assad said they foiled an attack on a u.s. general in germany. who was the u.s. general and when did this take place? >> i'm not going to talk about that. >> i want to ask you about north korea. in march, their readiness letter -- [inaudible]. could you give us an update on that, the readiness -- >> without giving you more on
12:25 pm
specific intelligence issues, you saw us talk about increased isr capabilities that we were going to be applying in the wake of these now multiple recent tests by the north koreans. we're still doing that. we're constantly looking for ways to get smarter and to get better information as well as to make sure we're sharing that with the south koreans. >> congress just approved the lent leaf act for ukraine and they talked about the political importance of this. i'd like to ask you about the military perspective. do you have any plan or any strategy which equipment, which arms might be provided to ukraine using the land lease? what will be the difference for sales or for military aid and does it mean like it was during
12:26 pm
the second cold war that arms will go secondly? >> it's pending legislation. the president hasn't signed it yet. i'm not going to get ahead of the president here. if and when he signs that, then it becomes law. then we'll execute it. we'll talk about it in more detail. what i can talk about is what we're doing right now. what we're doing right now is continuing to send over the weapons and material of the last two presidential draw down authorities, what we're calling 7 and 8, which was very focused on artillery particularly and some radar capabilities as well as unmanned capabilities. the kinds of things that we know that they need because they told us they need in the donbas and in the south. that's what we're focused on right now. i just don't want to get ahead
12:27 pm
of legislation that has president been signed into law by the president. >> martha: we'll keep an ear to this. a couple of questions about may 9, which is a significant date in russian history, victory day after world war ii and questions whether or not that would be a significant date that putin would want to declare victory. he's a long way off on that. also questions about the targeting of a u.s. general, which is just starting to percolate. he didn't want to answer questions about that as they wait for more information and the one question that something was thwarted. we'll get you more information if we can. we saw some push back from john kirby at the pentagon. griff jenkins is standing by. he's our reporter on the ground in kiev. he joins us with the very latest from there. good afternoon to you, griff. >> good afternoon, martha.
12:28 pm
what we're following are the evacuations that began out of the sieged city of mariupol. it's unclear whether they're continuing or whether they have been stalled amid reports of renewed russian shelling. we have no official updates from the united red cross that are conducting that humanitarian corridor where people are getting out. this comes after president zelensky announced the first 100 civilians, mostly women and children, were able to get out of that, where they were trapped for days and weeks without food, water or medicine. there's still 2,000 soldiers and 1,000 civilians believed to be stuck in there. this video here shows ukrainian drone attacks destroying russian boats in the black sea. a tactical perhaps victory of sorts for the ukrainian forces.
12:29 pm
meanwhile, speaker pelosi making a surprise visit meeting with president zelensky, walking out in the open with him along with a delegation of democratic lawmakers. later she met with poland's president and had this to say. >> we're giving support in a very strong way. the land lease won't just be for ukraine but for those countries assisting. >> the u.s. diplomatic mission continues to move back to ukrainian with hopes of opening the embassy by the end of the month. >> i would say the message to russia is you failed. ukraine is still standing. the government is still functioning. we're going back to lviv first and then kyiv to help the government. >> but the war continues. day 68, martha. we're monitoring reports of shelling in mariupol. we have confirmed reports of
12:30 pm
missile strikes in the strategic southern port city of odesa. the officials saying they're dead and wounded, but no additional information on how much or what the situation is. martha? >> martha: the port city very important to putin's goal to clear out the entire north part of the black see and dominate it. griff jenkins, thank you. former president trump's power about to be put to the test in ohio tomorrow. >> we had no inflation and we would have kept it that way. inflation was caused and started and now it's a raging tiger. it was caused and started by energy prices. now it's a raging tiger. now you look at the food and everything. food is worse than energy. what has gone up. anybody buy some bacon lately no thank you, darling. >> mercedes schlapp and byron
12:31 pm
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to see your dogs personalized meal plan. >> martha: this is the big question. it's the big question all the way through the mid-terms. how much influence does former president trump hold in the republican party and with his endorsements for police candidates. tomorrow's senate primary in ohio really kicks off this whole season. it could answer that question at least for this ohio candidate, j.d. vance was behind in the polls. but shot to the top of the polls. i think he's at 23% right now after the former president gave him his endorsement. but the race is fairly tight. mercedes schlapp is standing by. first, we go to mason, ohio with mark meredith. hi, mark. >> good to see you. later today j.d. vance the
12:36 pm
frontrunner in this race will be here for one of his final campaign stops ahead of tomorrow's primary. vance sky rocketed to the front of the polls after winning the endorsement of former president trump. the endorsement surprised so many. it wasn't that long ago that vance was a critic of trump and the maga movement. we asked vance over the weekend and he changed his mind and it's okay for voters to change their mind. the former president was speaking in nebraska and he appeared to mix up vance's name with another candidate, former ohio state treasurer josh mandel. >> we've endorsed dr. oz, we've endorsed j.p., right? j.d. mandel and he's doing great. they're all doing good. >> certainly fascinating. there's seven republicans running to replace senator rob portman.
12:37 pm
the resumes and backgrounds vary. matt deland is campaigning against trump when it comes to the claims of voter fraud. doland said that he's giving voters a second look right before election day. >> we're getting people leaving other candidates because they want someone going to washington, to fight the biden administration, make america strong and fight for ohioans. >> a quarter of primary voters were undecided as of a week ago. it could be anybody's race. 51,000 republicans have cast their ballots, this is a primary. the events are fairly small. we're not talking about thousands of people. it could be anybody's race. we'll see tomorrow. >> martha: 51,000 gop voters have already voted in this race.
12:38 pm
you wonder if they did that before or after the endorsement from the former president. good to see you in ohio, mark, where we will spend a lot of time over the next several months. this is mercedes schlapp, former 2020 trump campaign adviser and byron york. good to have you with us today. byron, let's start with you. you've been covering this race for many years. how does it look to you and what do you expect to learn from it? >> the race in ohio shows the influence of donald trump and not just in the j.d. vance candidacy. you had this extraordinary jump in the change in the polls when trump endorsed vance. through february and march, vance was rolling in third place behind josh mandel and mike givens. trump endorses him and boom, he's in first place. that is a big deal. but all of the candidates in
12:39 pm
this race including matt dolan is trety trumpian in all of his other policies. and all the candidates have trump-like platforms the president's influence has stretched far beyond one candidates. >> martha: we watched vance move up the outside lane in to first place. it is very close. i think he's at 23. the next -- mandel is around 19, mercedes. you've watched republican politics a long time. what do you think? >> i have to tell you, the mere fact that not only you had president up there with j.d. vance but you also had donald trump jr. very popular, popular with republicans. when he goes campaigning, he has a great following. thatted is a big dynamic.
12:40 pm
it's interesting to watch how it really have to spend some time giving cover to j.d. j.d. was critical of the president where josh mandel has the ted cruz endorse meant. it's this battle between these two conservatives. the reality is there's one common factor. they don't want a mitch mcconnell endorsement. that is bad in states like ohio. the problem is that if republicans are going to win in these states in a primary, they have to make sure that trump is behind him and not a rino like mitch mcconnell. >> martha: what do you say to that, byron? >> that's good evidence of the president's war with mitch mcconnell now. what mitch mcconnell wants is 51 at least senators, republican senators. he believes he can get them to vote for him for majority leader. obviously this is one race president trump's endorsement of
12:41 pm
dr. oz in pennsylvania got a lot of startled looks from some republicans. not sure how that will actually work out. the president messed up in alabama. it's a longer season than ohio. but in poll, most of the candidates are really trumpy. their platforms on based on the president's platforms. so if they do do well in these races, you will see a plan-out of what mercedes was referring to, which is this battle going on between president trump and mitch mcconnell. >> martha: fascinating. in pennsylvania, you have people that worked closely with president trump who are supporting mccormick and you have president trump backing oz. so you know, these are fascinating. i guarantee you nobody has any idea who is endorsing anybody but who trump is endorsing. other than that, they probably
12:42 pm
can't name them. thanks, mercedes. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: it's going to get interesting, folks. the next party that perpetuated a trump russian collusion hoax and dismissed the hunter biden laptop story before the election now wants to police the truth and make sure that you don't get any disinformation. david ruben on disinformationists at the disinformation bureau. sounds like something out of harry potter. woman, nina jankowicz is in charge of the board. she says the hunter biden laptop is disinformation. should we look for her censoring the internet about the hunter biden laptop. if dupixent has your moderate to severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin
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>> martha: moments ago, fox pressing the white house on the new disinformation governance board at the department of homeland security. >> the primary mission is to establish best practices to ensure that efforts to understand and respond to disinformation are done in ways that protect privacy, civil rights and the right to free speech. >> dave urban standing by. for to peter doocy who is just out of the briefing where he asked the question. hi, peter. >> we've been able to move this story forward now. the white house is insisting this dhs based board is not something that will be censors internet traffic. now we have a better idea what to expect instead. >> there's this woman, nina jankowicz that will be in charge of the board. she said that she thinks the hunter biden laptop is russian disinformation. so should we look for toward to
12:48 pm
her censoring internet traffic about the hunter biden lab top? >> the woman that you noted have extensive experienced a dressing this information. she's testified before according, was the in europe. she's done -- work closely with the ukrainians and has unique expertise. >> while defending this disinformation board at dhs, white house officials said it wasn't their idea. they said this concept came together at dhs during the last administration. martha? >> martha: peter, thank you. thanks, peter doocy at the white house. with that, we bring inday ruben, host of the ruben report. just to give people an example of nina jankowicz, this is something that she posted about disinformation and to sort of a jazzy tune from mary poppins. watch this. ♪♪
12:49 pm
>> martha: she's talking about saying them in public or coming out of the mouths of people in congress. atrocious lies, dave. so there's a lot said about this. they're trying to focus that people don't want to make sure they cross the border and get fed disinformation. what do you make of it? >> it's not 4:00 on a the east coast. if i knew you should have shown that clip, i would have been drinking already. these people are the architects of disinformation. jen psaki is the biggest paid liar in america. she cannot say anything true. if you ask jen psaki what her favorite color was, she would say seven. these people -- when you talk about disinformation -- remember barack obama. if you like your health plan,
12:50 pm
you can keep it. should he be booted off of twitter? remember joe biden, if you get the vaccine, you will not get or transmit covid on top of the trump very fine people and russian collusion and brett kavanaugh is a serial racist and kyle rittenhouse is a racist. the machine, the mainstream corporate press lies about everything. now what they're calling disinformation is just other decent people, regular citizens that can somehow see behind the curtain and see it's not the all powerful oz back there but basically jen psaki and i would say a negligent administration when it comes to defending the first amendment trying to silence the people that voted it in. >> martha: the "wall street journal" write about this today in an editorial piece. it says mr. mayorkas' i tensions may be nonpartisan but referees
12:51 pm
political debate isn't the government's job. leaf that to the free exchange of ideas in the public square. the disinformation governance board will promote more mistrust than it prevents. this is an excellent point. this is what elon musk is trying to return to twitter. we'll see. you don't want the government to be telling people what information is real and what information isn't. it smacks of what we've seen in communist governments for decades and decades. >> wasn't there some old document and a dusty piece of paper that we call the constitution? it had this extra set of rights, the bill of rights, that enshrined our ability to speak freely and guess what? you're allowed to lie or share misinformation. i would prefer people not to do that. i know you try not to do it. but the idea that the government is going to decide what is true or not, we're in 1984. this is the ministry of truth.
12:52 pm
they're not going to police peach that they don't like. if it's a lie that will further their goal, they'll be all for that law. the lie that they will not like is oh, say big government is bad or the democratic party is not so great or things of that nature. if it's designed to harm them, that is when suddenly they will have a problem with it. >> dave rubin, thanks for sharing your opinion. he has a new book out, "don't burn this country" that we have a podcast that you'll hear thursday. thanks. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: as we mentioned at the top of the hour, republicans edge out democrats enwhen it comes to the party that parties trust to control the border. we're live at the border after this. stay with us. >> tech: when you have auto glass damage, trust safelite. in one easy appointment... ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system.
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>> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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12:57 pm
>> martha: the other hot story at the white house, what happened when they left title 42 at the southern border, especially after reports that the border patrol has stopped immigrants on the terror watch list and knows where they are. watch this. >> there was reporting about the number of individuals on the watch list being stopped at the border, that that was the border patrol doing their jobs. >> martha: homeland security secretary says he has a plan to deal with the possible surge after title 42 ends. he's telling migrants do not try to get in to this country. watch. >> because our border is not open. what happens now is individuals are either expelled under the title 42 authority or they are placed in immigration enforcement proceedings and they are removed if they do not have a valid claim under our law to remain. and so the border is not open. >> martha: the border is not open sense the dhs secretary.
12:58 pm
bryan llenas live from the border in eagle pass, texas. hi, bryan. >> hi, martha. the video we're about to show you is disturbing. it shows two migrants attempting to cross the rio grande behind us. you can see one man on the right drowning literally and his other friend is holding on to dear life on a pillar there. eventually he goes under and does not come back up. this is all from the fox news drone as well which happeneded to be flying at the time capturing migrant and floats to the bridge. the shaken man attempted to use the cell phone and began -- that's when i started to talk to the man. i told him that help was on the way, to stay tight. he said his name was elbey and they were from nicaragua.
12:59 pm
elbey was rescue but he didn't want to go backs to mexico. authorities bagged the other body. the drowning took place in mexican authorities and two u.s. national guardsmen that were stand gt right there and they had rescue kayak boats on hand. a nearby humvee had a flotation device. a national guardsman told me they were not to perform water rescues in the rio grande river following the death of 22-year-old national guard bishop evans who drowned while trying to save two migrants. this is what we're seeing every day, martha. the reality is that people are risking it all to come here and putting numbers at risk, including national guard. martha? >> very dangerous. thank you very much, bryan llenas. good to have your with us today. good to have you with us for "the story," monday, may 2 now, 2022.
1:00 pm
we look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow. "your world" starts after this. >> neil: all right. what do they say after april showers, may flowers? we have some flowers by the end of the trading day. investors will probably take what they can get in one of the most volatile roads that we've seen in the stock market in days. i only say in days because this volatility where the markets can swing 100 and then another 100 and nearly 1,000 points in a typical day, you don't see that every day a


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