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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 2, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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really amazing organization. check them out. luke's >> dana: this is a thing for you emcee role. >> joey: charities like me because i'm cheap. >> dana: you run the room very well and keep things moving which the guests appreciate. that's it for us. "special report" is up next. hi, bret. >> bret: is he a great emcee and he shoots love birds. thank you. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, new information about the disinformation board. the biden administration is pushing back on heavy criticism of its decision to set up what some lawmakers have likened to an orwellian ministry of truth to monitor public opinion. now it's being called a working group. and a bit of walkback this weekend. white house correspondent peter doocy starts us off tonight live from the north lawn. good evening, peter. >> peter: good evening, bret. as officials stare down grim
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early midterm polling president biden private lunch today somebody who knows all about what it is like watching republicans win control of congress in this first set of midterms, bill clinton. >> i will tell you what, we work for them. >> that salute to a federal workforce now include the dhs disinformation governance board led by nina jankovicz. >> the woman you noted has extensive experience. >> she has also posted videos like this. ♪ ♪ >> peter: a defensive jankovicz i'm a pregnant woman working for the government who used to have thanks covid a musical theater hobby. take with the fed's policing content. this kind of stuff i cannot overstate this, this is not about ideology. this is about mental illness. this is about people who are crazy and out of touch with reality. >> message received by secretary
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mayorkas. >> bret: do you understand some of this pushback. >> oh, there is no question, bret that we could have done a better job in communicating what it does. >> peter: so what does this board do? >> it would help coordinate internal activities from the department related to disinformation that poses a threat to the homeland. >> peter: this controversy comes at a politically delicate moment for the president. biden's pollster johnance loan say voters do not feel he has a plan to address the situation on the border and it is starting to take a toll. massachusetts, plaintiff with just a 46 approval rate there plan to send the president on the road should we look forward to in the future to her censors internet traffic about the hunter biden laptop. >> i think i noted what the objective of the board is, including continuing the work of
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the prior administration. >> peter: so if you don't like the sound of a disinformation governance board, officials here are saying blame trump and they are leaving many details about this to officials at dhs where the secretary mayorkas is insisting, quote: we're not the opinion police. bret? >> bret: peter doocy live on the north lawn, thanks. we have disturbing video from the southern border illustrating just how dangerous the illegal immigration surge has become. >> we witness a man drown as he struggles to cross the river into the u.s. correspondent bryan llenas has the story from eagle pass, texas. >> a cuban migrant thanks god after safely making it across the rio grande river into eagle pass texas on monday along with two other men. just minutes later, mexican authorities plead with three venezuelan teenagers to turn around, warning they will drown.
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but the teens crossed anyway and made it this is the scene every day as an unprecedented number of migrants continue to illegally cross into the u.s. they are the lucky ones. fox news captured dramatic and disturbing video sunday evening showing a man pictured on the right drowning while his friend struggles before slipping downstream to the base of a bridge. >> the 42-year-old named l.b. castro told us the current were strong. we told him to hold tight because help was on the way. l.b. was rescued by mexican authorities. the body of his friend nelson was recovered. they both fled nic i can't in december. the drowning took place in front of mexican authorities and just yards away from two national guardsmen who were equipped with kayaks and flow station devices a national guardsman told fox news they have been ordered not to perform any more water rescues following the death of 22-year-old national guard specialist bishop evans who
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drowned in the same spot while heroically trying to save two migrants. the scenes sparking outrage against the biden administration. >> because when you send a signal to the world that anybody can come, then people die. >> new video from laredo, mexico show hundreds of new haitian migrants arriving ahead of the anticipated end of title 42 this month a move expected to make unprecedented crisis worse. the biden administration insists it's ready. >> we have got 19,000 extraordinarily talented and dedicated border patrol agents securing our border. and more are coming. >> tonight in el paso, about 25 deported people refuse to walk back into mexico stating they wanted to stay since title 42 was being dropped. bret? >> bret: bryan llenas along the border in eagle pass. brian, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: the 2022 midterm election season enters a new
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phase tomorrow with primary elections in indiana and ohio. the buckeye state features a particularly tough battle for the republican nomination for a u.s. senate seat. correspondent mark meredith is in mason, ohio tonight. >> we're going to win this race tomorrow. >> author and businessman j.d. vance appears to be the man to beat ahead of tomorrow's senate primary. vance who wrote the best selling memoir hillbilly he will i didn't embracing his vision. >> it's not rocket science to know we need to finish president trump's border wall and -- >> he jumped top of the polls after earning president trump's endorsement in mid april. last night while speaking in nebraska, trump appeared to forget which mentioning up vance with josh mandel who is also running as a pro-champ candidate. >> we have enforced j.p. -- right, j.d. mandel, and he is doing great. they are all doing good.
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>> opponents quickly seized the moment. even after his endorsement, j.d. vance is clearly irrelevant to president trump. political analysts are closely watching ohio to see if trump's endorsement situation republican primary voters. >> ohio state senator matt dolan repeated claims of voter fraud is seeing a late surge in support. he tells fox he knows voters are giving him a second look. >> i think we are getting people leaving other candidates they want somebody singularly focused on going to washington fight tore the biden administration and fight for ohio. >> rob portman is backing former republican chile chair jayne timken. while timken is trailing. buckeye republican also fall in line. >> the party will come together in november. it's so important that we keep ohio senate's seat in the republican hands. >> the final vance event before the election is getting underway right now. pretty large crowd out here.
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already some 51,000 people have voted in this primary election. and those numbers while they may sound impressive campaigning tell me they are actually quite low. we will see what turnout is actually like tomorrow. democrats holding their primary for the senate contest it appears that congressman tim ryan is also the man to beat in that race. bret? >> bret: mark meredith live in mason, ohio, thanks. let's get thoughts from brit hume. good evening, brit. >> good evening, bret. >> bret: when we watch this race in ohio it is interesting to watch because there are five candidates if you look at the rcp average real clear politics average. you have j.d. vance -- dolan surging as of late the candidate who was not seeking trump's endorsement 21.5%. as you know, in these primaries, it's all about who turns out. and with that small of margin in between all these candidates, really anything can happen tomorrow. >> brit: looks like anybody's race at least among the top three candidates that you mention, bret. this will be to
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some extent at least a test donald trump's influence. he still obviously maintains a lot of influence in the republican party. and one of the things that this contest that others will tell us is whether candidates who endorse his agenda but not him or are not endorsed by him can win, which would be a signal, i think, to voters across the country that maybe it's time to move on from trump himself without giving up on his agenda. >> bret: yeah. and his policies. another one of those races is the georgia governor's race. they had another debate last night. take a listen. >> >> our governor sold us out and divided us. and i don't think he can win. brian kemp gave us joe biden. he gave us the troubles we are seeing in washington. >> i was as frustrated as anyone else especially at the federal level. >> look at the candidate in the light of who you believe are going to bring answers to
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georgia. not who can beat stacy abrams. >> stacey abrams will never win georgia in a fair legal vote. let's hope we have one. >> bret: the candidate that the former president endorsed is former senator david perdue there. if you look at the rcp average of polls, the current governor kemp is up significantly over perdue. although he has closed a little bit. he was up more than that. and kemp faces stacey abrams the democrat. if you look at that polling, he would be up about 5-plus points. your thoughts on this race? >> brit: well, it's interesting that kemp has managed to maintain his lead despite being criticized sharply by former president trump and despite the endorsement of perdue by trump. a signal, perhaps, that in georgia at least the party may be ready to move on from trump or trump endorsed candidates. kemp has held up pretty well. of course, the larger overall question here, bret, what kind
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of candidates will the republicans who are hoping to have a big landslide in the fall, what kind will they nominate? and trump tends to endorse people based not on how likely they are to beat the democratic candidate but how well he likes them and how well they like him and what they have said about him. so, it raises some intriguing questions as to whether trump's influence even if it prevails will end up helping the party in the fall or will not. >> bret: yeah. let me end where i started back to that ohio race. how big a deal is a screw up in the final hours to say i'm really happy that j.d. mandel is our endorsement and it's really j.d. manns. mandel treated out thank you, mr. president we appreciate the nod. >> brit: it's a kerfluffle i don't know if it will swing any votes. it does suggest trump's endorsement of vance was something less than full
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throated since he couldn't remember his name the very next day. hard to completely overlook that isn't it? >> bret: that's right. brit, as always, thank you. >> brit: thank you, bret. >> bret: stocks recovered late to finish the dow was up 84. the s&p 500 gained 23. the nasdaq rose 201 today. up next, new indications of just how concerned americans are becoming about inflation and the political ramifications of that concern. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. keep wyld wildfires from growing. big blaze is burning near the community of las vegas has charred more than 188 square miles. fox 5 in atlanta where grand jurors are selected into the investigation of whether former president trump and others illegally tried to influence the 2020 election in georgia. the former president told the secretary of state in a phone
3:13 pm
call he needed to find almost 12,000 votes to surpass joe biden in georgia. and this is a live look at frawmp fox 13. the big story there tonight, the lightning the tampa bay lightning begin their request for a third state stanley cup. two time defending champions play the maple leaves in toronto. the nhl has not had a three-peat since the 1980s. don't forget the caps. that's a live look from outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ when it comes to pain medicine, less is more. aleve gives long-lasting freedom from pain, with fewer pills than tylenol. instead of taking pills every 4-6 hours, aleve works up to 12-hours so you can focus on what matters. aleve. less pills. more relief
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♪ >> bret: u.s. supreme court has ruled unanimously that the city of boston violated a free speech rights of a conservative activist when it refused his request to fly a christian flag on a flag pole outside city hall. justice stephen breyer wrote for the court the city discriminated against the activist because of his religious viewpoint. he said the city had routinely approved applications for the use of one of the flag poles with what he called a lack of meaningful involvement. the price of diesel fuel has reached an all-time high in the u.s. the average price of a gallon is
3:19 pm
$5.32. that's up $24 from a week ago. a new poll indicates virtually all americans are at least concerned about skyrocketing inflation. this concern could translate into support for republicans in the coming elections. inflation is impacting some parts of the country harder than others. fox news correspondent grady trim he will takes a look tonight from capitol hill. >> when it documents inflation, not all americans are getting hit equally. >> food prices and fees rising. everything more expensive. it feels like kind of making it harder to just like live these days. >> prices in the phoenix metro area are rising at a faster rate than any other city in the country. according to data from the bureau of labor statistics, costs from last february to this february skyrocketed nearly 11%. a gallon of gas in arizona has climbed more than a 1.50 a year ago to $4.56. that's more than 35 cents higher
3:20 pm
than the national average and upending surgeon plans. summer plans.>> it's been roughy won't vacation. >> by region the mountain west saw price goes up by almost 10.5% more than any other area of the country. parts of the south and midwest shaded in orange and red on this map costs jumped by more than the national inflation rate of 8.5%. in the midwest, for example, food, new vehicles and home gas service are up by 1.5%, 3%, and 5% more than the national averages respectively. andy puzder, the former ceo of tke restaurants explains why it's worse in some parts of the country, especially rural america. >> with the united states not producing as much oil as it used, to and our failure to put in pipelines to make the transportation of oil less expensive, you are finding that areas where it's hard to get energy to are going to see
3:21 pm
greater inflation. >> no matter where you are in the country, inflation could spell trouble for democrats in the midterm. a new abc news "the washington post" poll found americans trust republicans over democrats it to better handle issues like inflation and the economy. bret? >> bret: grady, thank you. up next, horror stories from southern ukraine as refugees finally begin their escape and a bipartisan look at the state of helping the ukrainians there. first, beyond our borders tonight, the european union steps up its antitrust case apple, accusing the company of accusing the company dominant position limiting access to technologies allowing contactless payment. apply apple says it will continue to work with eu to ensure european customers have payment option to the their choice. the covid-19 pandemic in shanghai appears to be waning, the number of new cases in china's largest city has fallen
3:22 pm
onto below 10,000 a day. began ease ago citywide lockdown disrupted the lives of millions of residents there and dealt at least a temporary blow to china's economy. egyptian muslims celebrate the end ever the holy month of ramadan by attending prayers. the day continued with extended family gatherings where parents often buy gifts and new clothes for their children. egyptian president el-sisi attended the mayors at a mosque in cairo. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything.
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3:28 pm
sigh comes as leaders are jewish. lavrov said it's his opinion that adolf hitler had jewish origins. blaming jews for anti-semitism. he called lavrov's statement scandalous and horrible historical error. the white house says biden would love to visit ukraine. but officials there say there are still no plans to do so. tonight we're hearing stories of some of the first people to leave mariupol since the russians began their devastation of that southern ukrainian city. correspondent griff jenkins has the latest from kyiv. >> slowly emerge from the rubble of the steel plant in mariupol where they have been trapped for weeks, dozens of civilians, mostly women and children, saw sunlight for the first time in days. evacuating on buses organized by the united nations and red cross. other civilians stranded in the war torn city got out in better
3:29 pm
vehicles with tearful reunions as they arrived safely 140 miles away. >> it was risk. but they wanted to get from mariupol. >> hundreds of civilians and soldiers remain inside the plant. the last remaining strong hold of ukrainian forces in the city. those who got out recalled their horrific experience. [sobbing] constant shelling during the day, at night, the house were damaged. we hid in the basement. >> now amid reports of renewed attacks on the city, the pentagon is hopeful evacuations can continue. >> we obviously urge the russians to continue to work with the red cross and the ukrainian government to allow those who want to leave to leave and to do it safely without harassment. >> this as ukrainian forces take the fight to russia. ukraine's defense ministry says this video shows a ukrainian drone destroying russian boats
3:30 pm
in the black sea. if comes as a senior u.s. defense official says russians have had minimal progress in the eastern donbas region. meanwhile the state department is sending diplomats back into ukraine, announcing plans to reopen the kyiv embassy by the end of the month. the acting ambassador sending a strong message to moscow. >> i would say message to russia is you failed. ukraine is still standing. >> and michelle strikes continued across -- across today port city of odesa killing a 13-year-old child and seriously injuring a 17-year-old girl according to the member of parliament from that reason. >> bret? >> bret: griff jenkins live in kyiv. griff, thank you let's bring in massachusetts democratic seth moulton and ohio republican mike turner both sit on the armed services committee.
3:31 pm
gentlemen, thank you both for being here. congressman, where do you see ukraine right now and what congress should or could be doing differently? >> well, even spricketting an early fall of new package the president is talking about eastern flight toe allies and ukraine itself. likely have strong bipartisan support because people know that we're at a critical juncture ukraine at this point has been able to move off some of the advances that russia has made. sharing with them the type of intelligence that gives them an russian forward push. and then of course now we are looking at even more heavy artillery as they continue their
3:32 pm
fight russia focused on -- [inaudible] >> bret: speaker pelosi obviously made the trip over to below the president zelenskyy over the weekend. here she is talking about what came out of that and at the end of the trip. >> i accept this on behalf of the congressional democrats. it was a surprise. but i think it was a reflection of his appreciation for what the congress has brought to the table. >> bret: that was an award given to the delegation for coming over to kyiv. congressman moulton should that have been a bipartisan delegation? >> look. i would have liked to have see it be bipartisan. i understand that pelosi invited some republicans who refused to come. but, like congressman turner just said this a bipartisan effort in congress. a bipartisan effort to support the administration on supporting the ukrainians and really working to not just hold off the russians but crush them, to
3:33 pm
defeat them in ukraine. and i think you are going to continue to see that bipartisan effort going forward. we just had a vote last week in the congress on the ukraine lend lease act bringing back a tactic that we used way back in world war ii. it was 417 to 10. only 10 extremist republicans voted against the bill. the rest, 417 bipartisan republicans and democrats all standing up to support ukraine. i think that will continue. >> bret: i don't want to discount the bypass that's bipartisanthat's happening wereu invited. >> no. i'm the ranking member of the intelligence committee. i don't know any republicans that were invited. this is a pattern pelosi travels frequented whether i total democrat delegation. she has done that recently to nato. this is a pattern. to be very surprising if we actually find some republicans that said no. but they certainly didn't do any effort to reach out to those who work with the national security
3:34 pm
adviser. >> bret: let me play this soundbite. this is bipartisan about the concerns about nuclear weapons. take a listen. >> ironically, the more success that the ukrainians have the greater the risk that putin will do something because he is losing and has to save face at home. so, the potential of a chemical, biological or tactical nuclear weapon may grow as a result of that. >> prior to world war ii there were moments nobody ever wanted to get involved and eventually came to realize they had to. i hope we don't get to that point here but we should be here. >> bret: congressman moulton what's your concern about the use of tackle nuclear weapons in ukraine? >> i will tell you it's real. literally written into russian doctrine they will use tactical nuclear weapons. they have this crazy policy of escalating to diest can a late which doesn't work and it runs head on into our policy, which is that if you use nuclear
3:35 pm
weapons you can expect a nuclear response. so the danger is real and if nuclear weapons are used by the russians, the danger of escalating into a full-out nuclear war is real as well. now, the balance that we have to strike, of course, is not letting their threats intimidate us. that's why when congressman turner and i go into intelligence briefings, we are looking very closely at what the russians are actually doing vis-a-vis potential use of nuclear weapons. there is no question that putin is trying to intimidate the west with these threats. we do have to take them seriously and that's of course the balance we are working to strike. >> bret: congressman turner is there a creep here? is there sort of more lawmakers ready to do more even if it involves somehow u.s. action? democratic senator chris coons say going push came to shove and the u.s. had to get involved we would. where is capitol hill on that on both sides? >> well, i think one of the clear lines is if russia should attack one of our nato allies
3:36 pm
article 5. washington treaty, we would respond. i think one danger here that we have is that the administration has sort have been just ignoring these very strong statements of possible nuclear exchange. lavrov himself. these words, the words of threat of nuclear war. the administration needs to make clear that this could be russia wants peril. this is a line that i mean already if you look at what they have done in mariupol. is he willing to kill to destroy cities very short step to nuclear exchange. i think this administration needs to make it clear that that will not be tolerated and nato will not tolerated very strong response. will put that genie back in the bottle. many. >> bret: i only have 10 seconds left for each 6 you if you
3:37 pm
could. if they wrap this in the senate with a ukraine funding and a covid funding, you guys okay with that congressman moulton? >> look, i'm going to support it because it's the right thing to do for ukraine. obviously a lot of politics involved. and domestic debates at home about other policies and whatnot. at the end of the day, we have got it realize we are at war. we are not just at war to support ukrainians. we are fundamentally at war although somewhat through proxy with russia and it's important that we win. >> bret: congressman turner? >> this administration always tries to throw bipartisan inner sexual harassment this is another example of it the whole fact this administration is continuing to have open border policy looking at rescinding the covid policies that the trump administration put in place at the border really puts at risk any bipartisan aspect of this and i certainly hope they keep them separate because our policies in doing them are. >> bret: we like these bipartisan interviews. congressman moulton and c ment
3:38 pm
turner thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thanks bret. >> bret: up next, the panel on the disinformation board. illegal immigration, and what it all means for vulnerable democrats in november as we go to break, we remember country singer naomi judd, her daughters announced her death saturday. the judds were it be inducted into the country music hall of fame sunday. wynona and ashley judd talked about their mom last night. >> my momma loved you so much. and she appreciated your love for her. >> i didn't prepare anything tonight because i knew mom would probably talk the most. [laughter] >> bret: naomi judd was 76 years old.
3:39 pm
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we are against irregular migration, against individuals taking a perilous journey putting their lives in the hands of smugglers and trying to enter the united states in between the ports of entry. >> we do not have the resources to take care of this. there is not much we can do. we are asking president biden without disrespect to him we are
3:44 pm
asking to please make sure there is a stop to this. >> we need to lift title 42 and democrats and republicans should stop using any democrats that are doing this, should stop using immigration as a political football. >> bret: immigration it is a problem for the biden administration, for the president. especially along those border states that are seeing this influx even before title 42 is wiped away. "new york times," biden received early warnings that immigration and inflation would erode support despite early warnings from pollster, they have struggled to prevent either issue from becoming a major political liability. his economic team said inflation was temporary. turmoil among his immigration aids delayed any serious action to address the border. for all the ambition of mr. biden's domestic agenda warned him most voters did not have a clear sense of his economic proposals. with that let's bring in the panel, ben domenech editor of the and host of the
3:45 pm
ben domenech radio. mara liasson correspondent of "national public radio" and syndicated radio host hugh hewitt. good to be in person with everybody. hugh, immigration, we keep on coming back to it because it keeps on rising in the concerns level if you ask people around the country. >> it's an out-of-control statistic that hurts the biden presidency greatly. i noticed congressman mike turner in his conversation with you as he closed up managed to get border out of control talking point in there, and it doesn't work unless it works. and so it's out there now, making people talk about it in every single race. it's not going to get better. it's going to get worse first. >> bret: yeah, when they have this title 42, how much of a vulnerability is that for moderate democrats, mara? march.>> if you listen taps vulnerability. if covid is over title 42 should be lifted. it is something that was used to stop immigrants coming over the
3:46 pm
border. making it easier for the u.s. to send them back. the problem is that the biden campaign said it wanted to be welcoming and stop some of the inhumane practices of the trump administration but at the same time it's been trying to send this message don't come. well, that's not the message that people in central america are hearing. >> bret: we went round and round over the weekend did i with the department of homeland security secretary mayorkas, ben, asking him about magnets, asking him about numbers on the border. i also asked him about these 42 terrorist watch list people that had been apprehended. take a listen. >> we know where those 42 individuals are on the tsdb. the terrorist screening data base. let me share with you what happens. they can be removed. they can be placed into custody for criminal prosecution. they could be cooperating in an
3:47 pm
law enforcement investigation. and i don't intend to provide that data publicly if it's law enforcement sensitive. but we know where those 42 are. >> bret: they can be three in three different buckets but he is not going to get down into the weeds. >> the department of homeland security is a department that should not exist. it is a crammed together group of agencies all with different priorities and it does not function very well. when you hear that from secretary mayorkas, i don't think americans can have any real confidence in their ability to keep track of these individuals in the same way that they cannot have confidence when it documents control of our side of the border the truth is the southern border is controlled by cartels in mexico who use it to their advantage and human trafficking for profit. funneling people through a system where they can make money from them and drive, you know, fentanyl and other drugs into the pockets of americans and frankly, into towns and small cities across the country.
3:48 pm
this is not just a border issue anymore. it's one that is national and unfortunately the biden administration really, you know, as mara says they wanted to move away what they viewed as inhumane policies on the border. they have only furthered the inhumanity of the situation there we are going to see a crisis like we have never seen before. >> bret: we are trying to get to some of the numbers. we have what they put out on the people and the encounters but how many people have actually been deported under president biden's administration? that's one question that we don't have the answer to. for this politically though can they continue to talk about comprehensive immigration reform? not possible in the current congress, is that going to do it? >> no. >> bret: has this become just too tough. >> it is a nightmare political issue, especially among latino americans which are increasingly moving into the republican column. there is not a built-in constituency for people entering the country without permission. there is nobody that wants a border that has 2 million people
3:49 pm
and it's not the 42 that they know where they are if we believe the secretary. it's the 420 that they don't know where they're. 4200 that they don't know where they're. when the secretary wants to punt that and say we have got it under control. nobody believes him. >> bret: that's the problem. mara. >> yeah. that's the problem. immigration is the top -- one of the very top issues for republicans this cycle. they are hammering away on it and democrats haven't come up with a good answer. that's why you see moderate democrats saying keep title 42. if there was a better solution, we wouldn't need to focus on a public health rule. >> bret: all right. panel, stand by if you would. up next, our panel takes on the primary season getting underway. ♪ but first as we go to break "special report" throw back 11 years tonight 1 special operators killed usama bin laden during a raid in afghanistan. the al-qaeda leader had been hunted since the september 11th,
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>> we're actually talking to a lot of democrats who are not liberals who are also going to support my campaign. a lot of those democrats who have been left behind by the democrat party and they are
3:55 pm
going to be important in my base once i win this primary. >> on the other side you have me supported by president trump. that's really the closing ago. is what kind of republican do we want to send to washington? i think ohio wants to send an american first republican. >> we have endorsed j.p., right? j.d. mandel and he is doing good. they're all doing good. they are all doing good. >> bret: if you are on the vance campaign, that is not a closing argument you want to hear for j.d. mandel if you look at all the folks running in the ohio senate primary. there are five of them in the republican side and you have state senator dolan who has surged as of late. is he not someone who is going after the trump endorsement but the two top j.d. vance and josh mandel. we're back with the panel. mara, obviously this is going to be close and when you are talking primary, it is really who turns out and could come down to the wire. >> first of all, voting started before the endorsement was
3:56 pm
announced. primary polls are notoriously not accurate. and at least from that dlap is being played a gazillion times it's unclear if trump had his heart in it or knew who he was endorsing. this is going to be seen as a big test of what a trump endorsement means. some of his candidates are not doing very well like perdue in the governor's race in georgia. but, in ohio, it seemed like it was an example of when he gives the endorsement all of a sudden vance surges. we will see if it's real. >> bret: i put this up earlier rcp average in ohio vance has a lead over the of polls but i mention dolan picking up. is this a canary in a coal mine? a lot of people will read into it whether vance wins or doesn't, ben, what it means for trump's power in the primaries. >> look, i like j.d. vance. i think he would be an interesting politician if he makes it to washington. but i think that right now alt
3:57 pm
all of those primaries serve as essentially indications of the level of power, the level of might that president trump has within g.o.p. primaries. you are going to see over the coming four weeks a number of primaries take place across the country where the president has put his power, his authority behind one particular canada. usually in opposition to someone who he doesn't like for various reasons. and, yet, if he ends up losing or losing a significant portion of that, what does that say about the level of power that he holds over the party where he is supposedly the most popular figure? look, he may be popular, people also may be making a decision about we really like president trump. we liked him as president. we would defend his presidency. >> bret: or his policies. >> we are ready to move on from him and move to a new generation of leadership. what does that say going into the presidential stakes that begin immediately after the coming election. >> bret: given that ohio has become a republican leaning
3:58 pm
state in 2022 is shaping up to be a republican leaning year. the winner of the republican primary on tuesday is very likely going to be the state's next u.s. senator. you know ohio well. tim ryan is the democrat, it appears heading. in and is he running a campaign that's much more moderate and kind of catered towards remember,. >> full disclosure dim and i long time friends we twontd warren kennedy high school together. is he a hell of a good family. open faced quarterback everybody loves. when i moderated the debate six candidates in the fall i thought bernie marino would be the nominee he had the sparkle and money. you couldn't ask for a better closing 48 hours than dolan has had. the filibuster with the former president saying j.d. mandel. the fact that matt dolan has not been attacked on air. he has been the non-targets of everyone else. it's going to be a wonderful thing to dissect for weeks.
3:59 pm
>> bret: finally go down to georgiage a and have this final debate. that's another one where the current governor brian kemp seems to be holding on to a pretty big lead. not he would just holding off, a run off. that would be a real pee paleudisation of trump'sens doorsment. not just trump's race a rejection of perdue. >> bret: we will watch it all. panel, thank you. ♪ and finally tonight, it's a special day. ♪ happy birthday dear mary ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ >> bret: she was 13 years old when americans fighting in world war ii liberated her italian village. took her birthday cake from the window sill and ate it exactly 77 years later the army toasted the woman with a new cake. mary who turned 90 on friday was moved to tears during the emotional event. there you go.
4:00 pm
cake back on the window sill. tomorrow on "special report," results of the new fox poll covering the president's approval. immigration, title 42. and, yes, elon musk buying twitter. we want to know that plus election day as we talked about. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced with and still unafraid. will cain guest hosts for "jesse watters primetime" right now. hey, will. >> will: hey, bret. thank you very much. well, welcome to "jesse watters primetime." ♪ >> will: jesse had back surgery and he wanted everyone to know that it went well and he is now recovering and will be back as soon as he can in the meantime, i'm will cain sitting in for jesse. well, the world sits on the brink of mass starvation due to fertilizer shortages. the russia-ukraine war and china exports cut off much of the affordable global assess to fertilizer. making crops a lot more exervel to grow. food prices here could continue