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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 2, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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cake back on the window sill. tomorrow on "special report," results of the new fox poll covering the president's approval. immigration, title 42. and, yes, elon musk buying twitter. we want to know that plus election day as we talked about. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for "special report," fair, balanced with and still unafraid. will cain guest hosts for "jesse watters primetime" right now. hey, will. >> will: hey, bret. thank you very much. well, welcome to "jesse watters primetime." ♪ >> will: jesse had back surgery and he wanted everyone to know that it went well and he is now recovering and will be back as soon as he can in the meantime, i'm will cain sitting in for jesse. well, the world sits on the brink of mass starvation due to fertilizer shortages. the russia-ukraine war and china exports cut off much of the affordable global assess to fertilizer. making crops a lot more exervel to grow. food prices here could continue
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to skyrocket while millions in poor countries begin to starve. when people go hungry, they get violent. the white house should be taking this seriously but it doesn't appear that they are. biden official samantha powers summed up their stance perfectly. quote: never let a crisis go to waste. their position is that of marie antoinette. let them eat cake but this time it's let them use cow patties. they see poor people starving as an opportunity for farmers to transition to green energy. watch. >> fertilizer shortages are real now because russia is a big exporter of fertilizer and even though fertilizer is not sanctioned. less fertilizer is coming out of russia. as a result, we are working with countries to think about natural solutions like manure and compost this may hasten transitions that would have been in the interest of farmers to make eventually anyway. so never let a crisis go to waste. >> will: dung and compost.
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six generation farmer. thank you for being on the program tonight. i'm sure you are relieved. perfect advice from the biden administration that might inflict your crop just use compost, just use manure, ben. >> well, what samantha powers said there has me deeply concerned about this administration's ability to lead us through the upcoming actual food crisis. how do i unpack this? samantha powers is not wrong on what she says about less food coming in because of russia-ukraine war and certainly less fertilizer supplies available. but waste a crisis and solve it with mature and compost? let me tell you global farmers don't waste a single pitch fork of pooh. we use all the waste of animals crops we grow right now. it's not been overlooked. compost, that's like bringing a squirt gun to a five alarm fire.
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can you save your egg shells and banana peels and further advise your garden but not the 250 million acres of commercial cropsz in the united states. this elite sort of green new deal thinking that farmers have missed this all overs years just is wrong. they just put the croop in or in the process of putting in the crop in the northern hemisphere with reduced input. we baked a smaller harvest into the mix this year. >> will: let's put some numbers on. that was quantify what the world, what the united states of america, what americans could soon be dealing with ben. i love the phrase never waste a pitch fork of poo if you were use strictly use compost and mature. you are going to lose out on fertilizer. take the biden administration's glee in the next step of moving away from fertilizer, what does it literally mean for your crop, for our food supply? >> we will get some man made
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nutrients, nitrogen phosphorus and poo at that time yum. it has doubled such as diesel fuel another key component of farming, but nitrogen fertilizer because of natural gas prices is up three times. you are looking at well argentina just announced over the weekend that they expect a 20% reduced harvest because they had to reduce acreage 10%. what they did plant they put with reduced amounts of fertilizer. we are in trouble. >> will: right. expensive here at home by the way, ben. we have seen this play out on the global stage where in places across the globe they have tried to implement these policies they saw food reductions by massive percentages and then in poorer countries, ensuing starvation. ben, thank you so much for showing us the way that this exactly, exactly what happened in she alan carrasco thank you for showing us how it plays out on the american farm, appreciate you, ben.
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you never want a serious crisis to go to waste. do things you thought you could not do before. >> will: never let a crisis go to waste. those words by rahm emanuel many words ago have pushed the democratic agenda full steam ahead ever since. just look how they are handling the energy crisis here in america. i'm sure your wallet has felt a lot lighter thanks to the skyrocketing costs of gas. and what the administration's plan to combat this pain at the pump? are they pulling back on crusade against oil and gas? of course not. instead, they are using this as an excuse to push their green dream. >> this crisis in europe and the crisis our allies are facing and
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the reduction of supply of natural gas and oil from russia creates a moment that we should be acting. we talk about electrification, obviously, it's not just about transportation. it's about homes and making sure that wean ourselves off of fossil fuels. >> families once they own that electric vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again. >> we can take advantage of the next generation of electric vehicles that a typical driver will save about $80 a month from not having to pay gas at the pump. >> will: it's a moment to wean ourselves off fossil fuel and a push towards electric vehicles. they don't care by the way that you are hurting. to them it's just never golden opportunity that they absolutely cannot pass up. how else convince to you buy a prius. that's the approved virtue signal. we shouldn't be surprised. this is the first play in the
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democratic playbook. pick a crisis, any crisis. and the democrats will use it to push their agenda. take another example, how about gun rights? the left waist no, sir time in trying to blame legal gun owners of america for all the ills of gun crime, to them, any shooting is just a chance to clamp down on the assessment. second amendment.>> think aboutg many 100 round it's a weapon of war. >> but no amendment no, amendment to the constitution is absolute. >> if i'm elected and i'm coming for you and gun manufacturers i'm going to take you on. >> to gun owners out there who say well, a biden administration means they are going to come for my guns. >> bingo, you are right if you an assault weapon. the fact of the matter is they should be illegal, period. >> will: it always makes its way back to the front of the agenda after a crisis. for the left, there's always
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another catastrophe around the corner. the democrats are in the crisis business. and thanks to covid, business is good. when the pandemic hit, the democrats only saw power. they used it to attack voting rights all across the country pushing for federal control of elections the same policy they are now trying to make permanent. >> voter protection bills as well as voting rights act, but please know that there is nothing more important that congress has to do than to pass this little. >> the most fundamental right in america is the right to vote and have it counted. [applause] and, look, it's under assault. you can't let this happen. tonight i call on the senate to pass, pass the freedom to vote act. pass the john lewis act voting rights act. >> will: gas, guns, universal mail-in balloting, federalizing elections, it doesn't matter
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what the crisis is the left will spin it to their added vantage. if there is no new crisis on the horizon. they will use fear to push their agenda. >> what you need to be looking at is global data. i follow south africa very closely. they are on a slope again, that tells me that natural immunity imwanesenough in the general pon after four to six months that a significant surge is going to occur again. we should be preparing right now for a potential surge in the summer across the southern united states because we saw it in 2020 and we saw it in 2021. >> will: that was yesterday. that's about another covid surge that she is predicting will conveniently hit around the summer months right in the heat of midterm election campaigning. how long until democrats used supposed threats of another
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covid surge to undermine election integrity. new calls to federalize elections, mail in universal balloting? of course we will. what will the democrats try to do with the next real crisis? dana loesch is a nationally syndicated radio host. dana, great to see you this evening. what do you think is going to play out. >> knives to see you, will. >> will: start with the short-term, dana, just over the next couple of months. what do you expect whether it comes to crises and the democratic agenda? >> >> well, i think that's what we are trying to prepare for as we look at midterms and people try to make long-term plans. the samantha powers. touch on that for a minute. that's unbelievable absolutely stunning video. so now we are going to be, i guess we are going to try transition back to manure away from fertilizer. reminded me of this quote from eisenhower looks easy pencil is a plow and thousands of miles away from farmland. that's usually how it's run that's how d.c. runs it larger
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point, what sort of crisis is going to develop to take the place of any kind of substantive policy or any kind of remedy for stagflation or anything else? i'm not quite sure. now you just mentioned it. they are trying to ratchet up covid again. it's endemic at this point. can we all acknowledge it is endemic? you have a virus, you have to act -- be smart as we talk to the public and educate people as to how live with endemic i willss. we do it with the cold and flu and number of other things. we are fear-mongering. panic creates some kind of need. people are going to be rushing into. they can't tell us, they can't bring positivity they can't tell us what biden has done since he has been in office. they can't tell us what democrats have done since they have come in office except pronouns and advising gas, et cetera, et cetera. fear porn that's what they are going to drive us all into. >> will: of course.
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fear is the ultimate tool. i don't think issue any kind of focus on covid, dana, to your point, whether or not it's a global dearth of fertilizer. whether or not it's code, whether or not it's guns clean-up is something you have been involved in literally dana, i have watched you at the center. we have known each other for a long time. i have seen you literally on the stage at the center of an attempt to use a crisis to push an agenda. and dana, from that perspective, you know, many would say hey, they are just trying to solve a problem. many on the left trying to problem-solve. interesting thing is those problems only become -- all of a sudden become the nail that your agenda is the hammer for. it's always waiting to pounce. not problem-solve. >> exactly. to say the problem solving begs the question, doesn't in, problem exists. their own creation. this isn't them offering remedy. democrats create a situation like for instance just look at the crime rate. look at the number of cities where it's either these federal
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consent decrees whether it's restorative justice, these progressive days that are allowing this rot to take place in the system that's allowing repeat offenders, they're eelgted getting wrist slaps and going out and reoffending or there is absolutely no deterrence at all what so ever. every weekend. i know you talked about this. every weekend see video of people packing stores. create a problem of high crime. then you have to create a solution to pretend to rescue people from what you just subjected them. to say. >> will: and you are absolutely right about the problem creation cycle there i get the sense, dana, we're on the cusp. we are waiting for the big natural gas, the big crisis that lets them or allows them or encourages them to unfold ultimate policy agenda and this that is the climate change agenda. >> terrible. >> will: that is when they get everything on their wish list. dana loesch always great to talk to you. good to see you don't, thank you. >> good to see you, will. >> will: it's a prison break
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4:20 pm
about the true purpose of their ministry of truth. >> there's no question, bret, that we could have done a better job in communicating what it does our work does not infringe on free speech. does not infringe on civil rights several liberties. it's not about speech. it's about the connectivity to violence. >> will: you hear that? it's not about speech. let's translate that not about speech. the goal is actually to control you. free speech just happens to be in the way you can almost hear 00 soviet anthem playing in the background comrade brian stelter sure does suiting up to show his loyal commitment to the state. >> here in the u.s. there has been an uproar in recent days about the department of homeland security setting up what they call disinformation governance board. this has been most lay fox world story and been a lot of right wing uproar without knowing what it is.
4:21 pm
when i good it joe biden's ministry of truth and they are going to -- you know, there is this incredible backlash to something that sounds like basic government bureaucracy. >> will: it's a far right freakout. you so he? what a white washing of tyranny. what a white washing of dystopia. white wash a little and tyranny is right there right in front of you. they want you to think control is now a basic function of government. and if you leave cnn on long enough. you will learn that the real problem is actually preach advocates like elon musk who are trying to give you too much freedom. >> there's a bigger problem that when we focus on the personalities of people like elon musk and people say oh i think elon is thinking this or that, there is a bigger problem here about how we are going to control the channels of communication in this country. you need controls on this. you need regulation. you cannot let these guys control discourse in this
4:22 pm
country or we are headed to hell. we are there. trump opened the gate to hell and now they are chasing it. >> will: how, quote, how do we control the channels of communication it's right there. what a stunning statement. he is not hiding. he is telling you exactly what the state wants to hear. almost, almost like it's out offerwell's utopia. what happened to the democratic party. the people that once called themselves the party of the working class and fought against censorship when it came toible they are trying to silence the very people they said they once represented is joe biden that radical?
4:23 pm
>> will: tulsi gabbard has some thoughts on who might actually be pulling the strings on joe biden. hi, tulsi. >> hi, will. >> will: if joe is not really in charge, who is? >> i think it's no surprise to know that it's not just obama but it's the whole obama clinton machine that has been machine strings behind the curtain and the biden administration. but when we are talking about there ministry of truth, will, what's even more disturbing than the fact that you have all these democrats that are supporting it there are powerful republicans supporting it as well. there is one in particular over the last couple of days who has been very vocal on television about this. and i want to read thinks direct coat quote very disturbing to me. this is an important function of the department of homeland security but they have put the absolute wrong person in charge of it. and, will, the problem here is not the person they put in charge of it the bigger problem here is the board itself.
4:24 pm
the bigger problem here unfortunately we have powerful democrats and republicans who are supporting this ministry of truth who do not believe in the constitution and have no faith in the american people and willing to put our taxpayer dollars towards this propaganda department. this ministry of truth. it's something that belongs in the dictatorship. a ministry of truth does not belong in the united states of america. >> will: no. it does not. tulsi, i hope you will forgive me. i have hosted three shows over the past weekend and somehow this missed my radar. who is this vocal republican politician in support of the ministry of truth? >> this quote that i pulled from was karl rove who has been pretty outspoken about this. he is not alone. there have been other powerful republicans who have sounded outrage about it outrage is not because of the standing up of
4:25 pm
the department outrage who was chosen to lead it the problem is when you take a bigger step back. powerful republicans and democrats supporting this. then we will end up with revolving ministries of truth pushing for whoever happens to be in power in at any given time. i have faith in the american people. unlike these people i have faith in the american people that we'll stand together and reject this insanity that and that we will stand together and reject any democrat or republican who fails to denounce this ministry of truth and who fails to stand up for our constitution, our bill of rights and our freedom of speech. >> will: well, i stand with you, tulsi. i appreciate you highlighting that this evening. as is always the case it is elites in power looking to preserve that power and just trade it between their two teams who look to control the people and speech and thought are the most basic fundamentals of control. tulsi, i always enjoy your
4:26 pm
perspective. thank you. >> thank you, will. >> will: all right. anthony fauci hit the town this weekend to party with celebs. but it looks like he is forgetting something. more on the maskless fauci next. this is roundup weed and grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works. this stuff works in flower beds. this stuff works in tree rings. this stuff works in walkways, driveways, pathways. this stuff works down to the root so weeds don't come back. this stuff works for you, your neighbor, your neighbor's neighbor, her neighbor's neighbor. this stuff works guaranteed, or your money back. this stuff works without hurting your back. this stuff works without hurting your pride. this stuff works early shifts, late nights, and holiday weekends. this is roundup weed & grass killer with sure shot wand. this stuff works.
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cal: our confident forever plan is possible with a cfp® professional. a cfp® professional can help you build a complete financial plan. visit to find your cfp® professional. ♪♪ ♪ >> will: if you were keeping tabs on the white house correspondents dinner and i'm sure you were not this past weekend, you would have noticed someone was missing. dr. anthony fauci because he said he wouldn't be attending the event after assessing his own personal risks. just to be clear, everyone at the dinner had to be vaccinated and boosted. but fauci still didn't feel comfortable and that's a real shame because he missed out on some quality entertainment. >> these people have been so hard on you, which i don't get. i really don't. i think ever since you have come
4:32 pm
into office things are really looking up, you know, gas is up, rent is up, food is up. everything. [laughter] >> my hunch is, this whole thing is just. >> notes, war with russia bad. >> keep it light, jen. >> cdc, good. >> really pissing me off. >> special thanks to the 42% of you that applauded. [laughter] i'm really excited to be here tonight. the only group of americans with a lower approval rating than i have. a republican seem to support one fellow. some guy named brandon. he is having a really good year. i'm kind of happy for them. >> will: we laugh at their pain and how much. it is surprising that dr. fauci skipped that kinner. i mean, since when does this guy pass up on an opportunity to be in the spotlight posed for a few photos, mingle with the celebs?
4:33 pm
it's really out of character for him. but, hold on, wait just one second. look at these photos taken on saturday it appears dr. fauci did in fact go out to preand post party for the white house correspondence dinner. it does in fact look like he was in the spotlight and he did pose for photo op. dressed like number 2 from austin powers. again, asking and leading to the question who is really dr. evil? dr. fauci is number two? but i get distracted. get this, you don't see any mask in those photos, do you? well aside from the staff in the background always the help who has to continue to wear the muzzle. but never mind them. dr. fauci was living it up at the pre-parties not a care in the world looking like, of course, dr. evil's sidekick which raises that important question who is dr. evil? we'll look into that very
4:34 pm
important issue a little bit later on "jesse watters primetime." for now we move to this. the write something on the wall, americans are tired of joe biden and the democratic party is about to get crushed because of it. he has failed us when it comes to crime, inflation, foreign policy, the list is so long. and, of course, it includes immigration. the crisis at our southern border it's one of biden's biggest blunders or a planned catastrophe. since taking office with record numbers of illegal immigrants crossing in 2021. >> and this year on track to shatter more records. here is homeland secretary alejandro mayorkas on sunday. >> the dhs has directly released 836,000 aliens into the united states since january 21st. then you add 2,207,000 unaccompanied alien children. uacs, and then your border patrol estimates somewhere between 200 to 400,000
4:35 pm
got-aways, in other words, encounters that are not evades apprehension. >> got-aways have been a challenge. >> bret: from the beginning. that matches your numbers, roughly? >> i believe so. >> will: matches his numbers absolutely staggering. those numbers of people who have been released three months of 2021-2022. that's more than the population of boston, seattle, denver, d.c., detroit, baltimore all released into the united states in the span of three months. it's clear our border is far from secure. the situation is so out of control even members of the left are warning joe to get it together joe biden's embassy used the phrase big [bleep] deal. when is he going to understand this is a big [bleep] deal. >> this is the same issue as brexit in england. same issue as trump voters in america. working class voters feel like they have been ban donned. that is a reasonable argument
4:36 pm
that there is this elitist group running the world that's left us behind. >> will: bill maher vocal critic of his own party. he is not alone. sounding the alarm desperately trying to save the party from a wipe out in november. >> democrats have lost their way, they have not been talking to mainstreamd. america. they have been talking to urban this group and a coalition. but they have lost their way talking to the rural america. to folks in on main street. we have got to get that message out to folks and we can't do it in a way that is simply like republicans are bad, democrats are good. we got to be talking about issues. we got to be talking about them and then say oh, by the way let me introduce you to this democratic -- >> will: kellyanne conway former president.
4:37 pm
the democrats losing the rural voter, the common man. it's worse than that they have lost young people. joe biden has bled young people, la teach knows, the african-american vote. the only constituency that is still in who is looking at the biden administration says thumbs up give me more college educated white women. even there attrition. is you bar ban women vote right on down the line youth vote. he has seen his poll numbers erode among all of them. will, not just poll numbers on overall disapproval. joe biden has 28% approval rating right now on the economy is which is the number one issue. net negative minus 40% approval rating on inflation, which is a top issue. and i think he is a big drag on the democratic party and they know it let's go through the numbers quickly. republicans are referred by 12 points on the economy. they preferred by 3 points on immigration. they are preferred by double digits on crime. according to abc news "the
4:38 pm
washington post" poll, think about that. these outlets did whatever they could to get joe biden into the white house and their polls are searing indictment of his performance. that's why you see a lot of these democrats breaking company with joe biden. breaking ranks with him on title 42. on the border. you had maggie hassan of new hampshire there two weeks ago belted wrangler saying we need better physical infrastructure. you mean like a wall? $72 million has been spent taking down the wall canceling those contracts and paying for some of those supplies. spite is no way to run a country. and it's not just the poll numbers. you see the number of people coming over. fentanyl is the number one killer of 18 to 44-year-olds now in our country. president trump had turned those numbers around. we had the first dip in overdose deaths in 30 years on his watch. now we are up to over 106,000 a year and it's an indiscriminate epidemic.
4:39 pm
>> will: kelly, you know what's fast fascinating? they have attempted to stem the flow. they have tried to talk positively on gasoline and anything they can think of. they haven't changed their policies when it documents immigration. that one is very important. even bill maher knows. kellyanne great to see. >> even bill maher and he has been critical of them on everything. thank you. >> will: you bet. see you next time, kelly. a 6'9" murders suspect is on the loose after a cop allegedly helped break him out of jail. also, antifa is back. more dangerous than ever ♪ ♪ ♪♪
4:40 pm
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>> missing alabama corrections officer has been charged in helping a capital murder suspect escape from prison. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has the latest. >> will, this really is movie material. the inmates name is casey white. he is already serving 75 years
4:45 pm
in prison for a litany of violent crimes. he was brought from prison to a jail in florence, alabama to await trial for a murder he allegedly committed back in 2015. the assistant director of corrections in florence is a woman named vicki white there you see her. same last name as the inmate but no relation. the day before officer vicki white was set to retire she tells the jail guard she is taking casey white for the courthouse for a mental health evaluation. casey white is 6'9" inches tall weighs 250 pounds. the rule is he cannot go anywhere without two deputies she took him alone they never made it to the courthouse. instead, surveillance video drove to a local shopping center ditched the patrol car and disappeared. the sheriff believes officer vicki white left with the inmate willingly. watch. >> those of us who worked with vicki white and have worked with her for years, this is not the vicki white we know. by any stretch of the
4:46 pm
imagination. >> here's the problem. the patrol car was captured on video arriving at the malibu there is no surveillance video of the officer and the inmate leaving the scene, so, investigators don't know how they got away or even which direction they went. for now they are trying to figure out if the two are romantically involved. the sheriff says vicki white worked at the jail and clearly knew casey white but there is no evidence of a relationship and, of course, since vicki white was armed, police believe both of them are now armed and dangerous. william? >> will: wow, from victim to possible suspect and accomplice, trace. what an incredible report. thank you so much. >> okay. >> will: all stan wanted to do was wanted to hold a peaceful campaign in portland. is he republican mayor of nearby sandy, oregon and he is running for governor. it make sense to get the vote out in the state's biggest city he didn't get the vote out like
4:47 pm
he planned. [whistles] [explosion] >> what's wrong with you guys? [whistles] >> will: antifa strikes again. look at them go. half a dozen antifa super soldiers throwing smoke bombs and waving back flags like they are all part of the all goth color guard. i know that looks ridiculous, these jokers did though hurt two people. including a child and elderly woman. mayor stan described the scene this morning on "fox & friends." >> less than 15 minutes, in we're greeted by antifa. showing up with fire crackers that they are throwing at us, paint, ccs all over our campaign. our campaign bus completely destroyed. that's the city of portland circa 2022. that's why we are running for governor. >> will: fire crackers, smoke
4:48 pm
bombs, poop, those are the weapons antifa is working with. how embarrassing, seriously who? what throws poop? these people are losers. instead of going to work or volunteering or doing literally anything else, these low t batman wannabes brought wire crearks to a rally. kindergartens having a public tantrum because a republican dared to set foot in their city. give me break. this is what you get when you let children doofer what he want want. spare the rod expoil the child. they threw away the rod in portland a long time ago. weak leaders like mayor taylor cowered to the mob two years ago. even though protesters tried to burn down his own apartment building. and the real criminals by the way not these sad sack out of work birthday clowns on my shoulder here, real criminals are taking note. last year the city's homicide
4:49 pm
numbers were the worst they had been in over three decades, and this year's numbers are on pace to break that record. cops are overworked, they are under staffed and even though ted wheeler refunded more than 5 million bucks to that police department that he defunded the year before, you can see what is happening with crime. remember, at the beginning, i told you two people were hurt at this rally, and it took more than 20 minutes for the police to show up. what would have happened if that had been a real actual violence? people might have died. joining me now 20 s. seattle radio host jason rants. good evening, jason. i want to turn to you and see if you need to make any correction to anything i had to say in that should i be taking these antifa super soldiers a little more seriously? are these your neighborhood clowns or true violent revolutionaries? >> they are truly violent and we have certainly seen over the course of the last couple of years how violent they can get.
4:50 pm
in certain. [no audio] their intent is to scare people off, using violence that classifies them in my view as domestic terrorists. it doesn't matter that in this case no one was seriously injured, but the problem is they have been empowered to do this. democrats won't call them out. media doesn't even use the word antifa. i think part of the reason why is because they can appreciate what these folks are trying to do and they maybe have justified this level of violence or intimidation. the problem beyond that is that you don't have enough police staff. looking specifically at portland, for example, they are down a tremendous number of cops. which is why they weren't actually able to respond in a reasonable amount of time. and it's just one step away from antifa you see all the other common criminals, the ones who are exceptionally violent who do what they do because there are no consequences. >> will: i want to go back to your why. why are these weak politicians
4:51 pm
not doing anything about this? i hear you suggesting it's because they might in the end agree with the ideology, you know, jason, i think there was a massive pandemic of weakness taking place in the united states of america from the corporate level to the political level. i just have to wonder when ted wheeler's own apartment building is almost burned down, are we dealing with a politician that agrees or dealing with a politician who has no spine? >> it's probably a little bit of both. no one has ever accused ted wheeler of having confidence or being able to stand up to bad guys. but i do think when you mix ideology into the mix. whether a you end up having is blinders. you have got blinders on. not really truly understanding the implication of what you are accepting. >> will: wow and they have had to accept this in the pacific northwest for far too long. i know you have been all over it thanks for telling us about this tonight. >> thanks, will. >> will: turkeys, serious now. turkeys are terrorizing the
4:52 pm
nation's capitol. the question is are they real? >> every single bird in the sky is a robot. the united states government. massacre 12 billion birds. beautiful living birds. ♪ we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect., booking.yeah.
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♪ ♪ >> will: we all know cbs's "60 minutes" as the beacon of truth. they only spend time on important stories, ones that are 100% real. once they've been able to confirm. if they are not authenticated by leslie stahl and a crew, then they don't do the story, they kick it to the curb. >> leslie, they spied on my campaign. >> can i say something? this is "60 minutes," and we can't put on things that we can't verify. >> will: we can't put on things we can't verify. okay. we are still waiting on their verification of the russia hoax at hunter's laptop, but this
4:58 pm
weekend the show spent 13 of its 60 minutes on this. >> so what two bird truther parlous believe? >> every single bird in the skies a robot. the united states government basically massacred 12 billion birds, beautiful, living birds using crop dusting airplanes, flying over the states. over the course of 40 years. and as the real birds died, the robotic drones rose. now we live in a world where there's 12 billion robotic birds watching us every single day. >> will: sir, sir, we do not put on things we can't verify. bird massacres, robot chickens, you may not have convinced me these things are real, "60 minutes," but you do have my attention. i am listening. there's a new kind of wild animal on the loose in d.c. terrorizing citizens, it's a turkey. let's turn to fox news
4:59 pm
white house correspondent kevin corke. maybe he can answer whether or not it's a turkey or a robot, kevin. >> that was a heck of a story. a fear most ball thing in the nation's capital is a turkey terrorizes washington, d.c., and last checked was apparently on the move, time to put out an app. despite the obvious humor in the story, it's actually fair to say that turkeys like this particular are no joke when it comes to getting their feathers ruffled. get this. they can run up to 25 miles an hour and this particular one has attacked and drawn blood with puncture wounds and left scratches and bruises on a number of district denizens despite the manhunt -- make that bird hunt -- this time is believed to have crossed state lines into maryland and has successfully eluded five agencies thus far. experts say if you encounter this ferocious vowel, get the hell out of there and for a report any sightings to local authorities. there are parent hunters of these types of turkeys in and around the districts, not counting some you see on capitol hill taste great with
5:00 pm
cranberry sauce. >> will: [laughs] look at that turkey crossing state lines, thinking. >> on the run. >> will: thanks for that report. >> you bet. >> will: thank you for watching jesse watters prime time, i'm cain. don't forget to catch the podcast new episodes every monday, wednesday coming friday. that's all for tonight. "tucker carlson tonight" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." here's a happy memory. by breakfast, really even brunch on election day, 2016, virtually nobody in washington, d.c., thought donald trump and win. and they didn't think that because the entire press corps had been telling them for months that trump had, as they are was put it, literally no chance, not even as an abstract, theoretical matter. this wasn't actually a race. come november 8th, you'll remember this, donald trump is


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