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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  May 2, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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lly works. go to to get yours. >> greg: we are out of time. ! our new studio. with evil shannon bream is next. i am greg gutfeld. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> and welcome to "fox news @ night." i am shannon bream in washington. >> [chanting] >> protesters gathering after a leaked draft opinion allegedly written by sam alito.
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we have special expanded coverage tonight from lawmakers and legal experts to political analysis. kevin corke starts us shannon. law professor jonathan turley writing "it's hard not to view this as a malicious act." he went on to call it a breach of the most fundamental obligations and traditions of the court. the greatest crisis. chief justice roberts' face on the court in your tonight as you point out, politico is reporting exclusively that the supreme court has voted to strike down the landmark roe v. wade decision, according to an initial draft majority opinion written by justice samuel alito circulated inside the court. according to politico, the draft opinion is a full started repudiation of the 1973 1973 decision.
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subsequent 1992 decision planned parenthood v casey that largely maintain that right. in the draft opinion there are a few quotes from justice alito. among them, roe was egregiously wrong from the start. we hold that roe and casey must be overruled and it's time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people's elect representatives, i.e. backed out of the states." reaction from both sides of the aisle. swift and predictable. >> i found it astonishing and appalling. this would appear to be an invitation to have a handmaid's tale type antifeminist regulation and legislation all over the country. >> it would mean we are no longer 1 of 8 countries, yes, you heard me correctly, eight countries in the world that allow elective abortion after 20
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weeks. from the beginning, roe was wrongly decided. >> this is an important note for those who are not court watchers like shannon and i am. justices can and sometimes do change their votes as draft opinion circulate. majority decisions can be subject to multiple drafts until days before a final decision. in this particular case, the court's holding will not be final until it is published, likely in the couple very busy and heated months. >> shannon: no doubt. kevin, thank you very much. will check back with you. let's get some insight in some big news. leach draft opinion allegedly by justice alito. joined by the author of "saving nine," utah's mike lee. good to have you with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: i want to start.
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there are those looking at this as a leak. brian fallon, famously says a brave clerk taking this unprecedented step of leaking a draft opinion to one of the country what's coming to see if the public response might cause the court to reconsider. you have clerked there. you know the sanctity of the court and the fact that the justices protect and defend each other. what do you make this leak? >> shannon, this is a night of sharp contrast. it's bittersweet. on the one hand it's sweet because we are finally vindicating the constitution and the babies who have been unprotected by the law because the supreme court of the united states has told states they may not protect unborn human life. that is the sweet part. the bigger part is the way this was leaked. this is an utter disgrace to the
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terms of how it's released. the entire kerfuffle has been brought about as a result of an unscrupulous person trying to subvert 235 years of tradition, trying to subvert the way the supreme court operates. as a law clerk to justice alito i've never been more proud to report for him. i am saddened by the fact that his work was released without authorization prior to his time of release specifically for the purpose of threatening, intimidating, and harassing those justices and trying to go along with what appears to be the majority opinion. >> shannon: how worried about you -- are you about those justices that we think have signed on. we don't know, the names aren't on there. it's pharma from becoming a final opinion. if we could end up with something much different than what we are seeing. >> we could, but i don't think we will. i hope and pray, shannon, that
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this effect reflects the actual majority opinion. i believe it should. for the simple reason that roe vs. wade was infirmed as a constitutional matter from the beginning. you take away the moral issues associated with the taking of an unborn human, take away all those and look at it from a sheer constitutional perspective. this was never appropriate. nine lawyers dressed up in robes to take this away from elected lawmakers. this was a huge victory. i don't believe any of the justices who signed on to what appears to be majority opinions of the court are going to change in response to this horrible, dastardly, cowardly attempt to threaten, intimidate, and harass them into doing something else. >> shannon: there are those on the left including justice ginsburg, felt like there were flaws with the way that roe was decided and
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potentially left it open to be overturned at some point. miss noxious folks on the right who thought the underpinnings of roe may not hold up to shepard judicial scrutiny. how important is it to you as a senator, someone was clerked at the court, understanding it's important we find out where the leak came from. cbs is reporting the fbi may get involved. what is the chief do? how does it get handled? >> it's important we find out who did this. and that they receive the appropriate amount of discipline and justice. i have questions about whether that person should ever be allowed to practice law. that something that will be worked out in due time. these are small circles. as a former supreme court clerk i can tell you there are very few people in the entire building who had access to the opinion. i am virtually certain there are number people inside the court, probably figured out who it is. that person needs to be brought
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to justice and held to account to what they did. this is the first and what i predict will be a series of other attempts to delegitimize the supreme court of the united states in the coming months. that's why i have written the book "saving nine." i think their next step is going to be to pack the court. they're going to threaten tech pack the court. they are going to do things like leak decisions in advance. this has never happened before. it's completely unprecedented. it's completely unacceptable. >> shannon: yeah, i've got to say i never thought i would see this day because the court is very tightly locked down. we've got to wait for the official one. i've got to ask, what do you think happens now. we expected this, potentially landmark opinion that could take well into the end of june. so if there are dissents and concurrences and other changes to potential drafts that it would be something that would be exceptionally well-versed and vetted before it gets to the final form.
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what do you think the chief does now as far as the timing of getting this done and getting it out the door in whatever form it into being? >> there's a part of me that wonders whether they will try to accelerate the release now that it's been linked. if it represents where true majority of the court stands, i suspect the court will be well within its right and probably well advised to tell each member of the court you're going to have to get your ducks in a row. you're going to have to decide which opinion you are signing on to get it finalized by the end of the week. that's the only appropriate response because otherwise what you're doing if you allow this to sit out there, you're allowing this kind of tactic to work and you are incentivizing future unscrupulous leftist law clerks with an agenda to try to release opinions like this with an eye toward improperly influencing justices. that cannot happen, shannon. the court will do what it sees
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is best and it's not my place to tell them what to do. what i would suggest if i were in that position where they were asking me is to say we are going to release it this week because this sort of thing can't be incentivized. >> shannon: let me ask you from the political standpoint, the democratic committee, getting more democrats elected to the senate says if it's true, this attack on access, birth control has dramatically escalated in the states of the election. we must protect the senate majority. how much do you think this is going to potentially impact the midterm elections? democrats are going to paint you and other republicans as extremists on this issue and potentially rally their base in the year they need that. >> i think they're going to try to do that and i think they are going to overreach. they can't help themselves. they have proven that time and
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time again. it's going to make things even worse for them. at the end of the day, you're going to see more republicans in the united states senate not in spite of this but because of it and because of the overreaction by the democrats. they're going to delegitimize the supreme court. they're going to try to interrupt its procedures, going to try to threaten, intimidate and harass individual justices and then they're going to move on to proposing that we pack the supreme court. these things will prove disastrous as a matter of policy and also for the democratic party. >> shannon: senator mike lee, thank you for your time tonight. good to see you. >> thank you. >> shannon: a live look where they put up a barricade. it seems rather peaceful. there is shouting back and forth but nothing beyond what we've seen today. crowds showing up as the news gets out. will bring you some scenes from what's happening. the political fallout from this
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unprecedented leak from the supreme court materializing they will talk about that with guy benson. and joe concha. great to have you with us. joe, this is one of the biggest stories to break. i'm reminded tonight the "time" magazine broke some of roving weight and what was going to happen with that case but i can't remember something of this magnitude in the 15 years i have covered the court. what do you make of the media moving ahead with something like this tonight? >> drafts like this, they are leak to set off a seven alarm fire to democrats, liberals that this could happen in to start mobilizing. it's virtually guaranteed as a result, this will blot out the sun as far as media coverage over the foreseeable future quite frankly. you will see massive protests, marches in cities across the country as early as this weekend and wait till you see the headlines in the op-eds tomorrow. hyperbole doesn't begin to describe what we are in store for already tonight. you can see it online.
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scotus blog, echoing jonathan turley, largely an independent news source for the supreme court. i'm sure you follow it. it says "it's impossible to overstate the earthquake that this will cause inside the court in terms of the destruction of trust among the justices and staff. this leak is the gravest, most unforgivable sin." ten years ago the supreme court had a 61% approval rating. 28% disapproving. recently gallup has the supreme court now at only 40% approval, 53% approval with many responded saying it's become too politicized, to weaponized. talking about a 44-point swing in the span of a decade. this week may be permanently damaging to the reputation of an institution that used it to be held in the highest regard of all government institutions, as you know. >> shannon: guy, i have always
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been impressed by the fact that this place is locked down pretty darn tight and the chief is made very clear that he cares deeply. all the justices do about the institutional protection and the nature of the court. that it not be viewed as something they can be torn apart by politics. guy, this has got to be the biggest headache for him tonight. >> it's a huge test when it comes to the integrity of the court. if it was detonated by a clerk, let's say, one of the dissenting justices, that's the presiding and prevailing theory right now, this is an attempt to sort of set off the judicial equivalent of a grenade to move some of these justices who would get wind of public opinion and maybe change their mind or just to try to prolong the anger and the tantrum if they feel like they've lost this case and there's no way they are going to prevail. ultimately that they are going to break the tradition in order to try to delegitimize the court moving forward. that would be a punitive
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strategy because they didn't get their way. in this very important case. i think that the likelihood of any of the justices being moved by this off of their position, if this impact is authentic, the content of the leak, i think it's virtually none. all the justices would have to dig in for the court's reputation. they can't be cowed by the sort of thing and i wonder because we saw the report from "politico" that it's 5-3. unclear what chief justice roberts would do. he's very concerned about the public's view of the court. i wonder heath if he might view this as an attack on the court itself. if that might affect his thinking as to how he rules. >> shannon: i think about this term. the last few wants, it hasn't been that long, we had maskgate, an allegation justice gorsuch was refusing to wear a mask. justice sotomayor had to sit
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next to him on the bench. then we end up getting statements from multiple justices. justice sotomayor, justice gorsuch and then the chief saying that that stuff was not true. then we had the lead to retirement news justice breyer. this has been a wild term for the supreme court. they don't usually make those kinds of headlines and now it had several. >> that's a great point. just in the past couple months alone we saw more leaks than we have seen out of the supreme court probably in its existence. and now you see the results immediately. as you mentioned before, capital city police having to put barricades around the supreme court when "politico" went public like this. there were people already there. it's peaceful but it's loud and i can only imagine what it's going to look like tomorrow. to the guy's point, this really does change the whole complexion of the november midterms which were looking like they were headed towards a road tsunami. for the first time in a long
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time democrats are energized. so too are republicans. it's going to get very, very interesting, very, very heated, no question. >> shannon: the aclu with the comments. they see the region protocol pales in comparison of the breach and constitutional freedom that the court is charged with upholding and if this draft opinion turns out to be legit and holds as the bulk of the opinion, the official opinion that we get, the whole argument that justice alito allegedly writes about is there was never a constitutional right to abortion. it was created, he says. >> conjured up by seven justices in the early 70s and has been controversial and not really settled law ever since. there are massive protests. tens of thousands of people who show up every january. every single year to protest with a view, many of us viewers
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a grave injustice. this has been a hot button. it's been a flash point. there have been cases along the way including casey in 1992, short of altering the jurisprudence here little bit. this would be clearly an earthquake, not necessarily one that is not expected based on the oral argument it seems like at least the mississippi law was going to be upheld only justices might go further it appears based on this "politico" report that they decided to just do away with this fundamentally unfair and unsupported supreme court precedent that obviously will be extremely controversial, very polarizing. yes it might affect the elections in november. it's also early may and we do not have much of an attention span in this country and there's a lot else happening. >> shannon: that is true. we are months out from the midterms, there will be many other scandals of headlines. how do you think this rates
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ultimately in the midterm? >> a few more leaks coming. this is the biggest one obviously. i can't see anything eclipsing this but you can't be surprised anymore. i will leave it with this, i looked at gallup, are you pro-life or pro-choice? right now that's basically an even split. 49% pro-choice, 47% pro-life. if you look at the chart it almost doesn't move over the years. i think the media will portray this as everybody is pro-choice now. it's not going to fly. the country is right down the middle basically on this, shannon. that's something when you watch the reporting, wash to see how often it's mentioned because it won't be, quite frankly. >> shannon: important to remind people of the sense up being is at the heart of the ultimate opinion it sends the decision back to roe and it doesn't mean there are no abortions in the united states. doesn't mean that at all. if this is what it and sent being, that people understand that.
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it will depend on where you live and who your legislators are. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: special coverage continues after this break. stick around. skyrizi 3 out of e achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches or coughs, or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything ♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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>> no justice, no peace! [chanting] >> shut it down! >> shannon: welcome back. tonight's big story, leaked draft opinion allegedly written by justice samuel alito obtained by "politico" reveals the supreme court could be moving toward overturning roe v. wade. let's bring in carrie severino. great to have you back with us. it's a two-pronged story, the
9:26 pm
content of what this is. but let's start with the idea of a leak. you clerked there, how many people would have access to this draft information and do you think we will ultimately get an answer? how egregious would it have been for a clerk to take this step if they did? >> it's hard to overstate how shocking, as a former clerk, to hear that another clerk would've leaked something like this but it's a very tight network of people would have had access to the opinions, just the justices and their clerks. i think that's why everyone assumes it was a liberal justice's clerk who leaked it. this is one of the things, never will you ever consider leaking this. anything from the court. i wouldn't tell people which cases i was focused on. even other people who clerked for justice thomas. this is a really shocking development. it's an attack on the integrity of the report, the respect the court has had. it's the only institution in
9:27 pm
d.c. that people used to say didn't leak. now that changes unfortunately with this leaked opinion. >> shannon: the aclu says if the supreme court does issue a majority opinion along the lines of the leaked draft, they shift in the tectonic plates of abortion rights will be as significant as any opinion the court has ever issued. it would decry half the nation of a fundamental constitutional right it's been enjoyed by millions of women for over 50 years. this gets to the idea that a decision stands. in this alleged draft opinion, you can see that there is working through the issue. when the court thinks it's appropriate, they will overturn an opinion as long as they go through that vetting process. whether or not the other side is going to think it was appropriately done, it's not that i cases never overturned, correct? >> absolutely not. there is a footnote in the opinion that it spans more than
9:28 pm
a page that is listing all of the times -- many of the times the court has overturned prior president and it points to significant cases, including things like brown versus board of education. you want to talk about a tectonic change in the country going from a separate but equal jim crow system and then integrating america, that was a huge shift in the american system. obviously one that was much needed. the court isn't afraid to bring the law in accordance with the constitution when it recognizes there's been a serious error made. so first pointing out how there are no constitutional basis. he said zero, known for the idea that there is a right to abortion in the constitution. no history supporting this whatsoever. also pointing out the errors in
9:29 pm
roe itself and how reliance on it has been -- created such a mismatch of american law and deepened if anything the divide in the country so you can see the fruit of that decision, why this is exactly the kind of case where it's appropriate for the court to bring the constitution and the legal precedent back and then allow the elected representatives to make a decision. >> shannon: as you and i talked about, when we officially get whatever the opinion is from the court, it will be very interesting to compare it against this alleged draft which i think everybody is going to do the minute we get it. who knows. carrie severino, thanks for your time tonight. let's continue the conversation with the former chief nomination counsel, mike davis. mike, your reaction come you clerked for justice gorsuch at one point, you know the integrity of the court.
9:30 pm
how shocked where you buy this? >> this is stunning, unprecedented. this is an assault on the court's judicial independence. i think the chief justice needs to punch back hard against this an issue justice alito's majority opinion tomorrow. >> shannon: what are the odds you think that happens? how quickly do you think the chief will say that she doesn't like outside pressure. he likes the court to operate free of these things but he's put in a situation where the world is watching. how quickly could we get the official opinion do you think? >> they could put a per curiam tomorrow saying this is how we are going to rule opinions to follow or they could put out a majority opinion and say the dissenting and concurring opinions will follow but they can get this result tomorrow if they wanted to. every day this case is pending it puts justices lives in danger. nursing people outside the
9:31 pm
supreme court threatening justices. this needs to get resolved. there are serious risks involved, you're risking the due process rights. you're risking the safety of the justices. they need to rip the band-aid off and get this case issued as soon as possible. >> shannon: we don't know where this came from. justice alito, no one has stepped up to say it is what it is, what its claim to be. do you think if it was an attempt at intimidation that any votes will change as a result of what's happened tonight? >> i think this will have the exact opposite effect of what you are seeing on twitter with these leftists saying on twitter and other social media, what it's going to do is any conservative justices who may have been waffling on the fence, undecided, i think they are going to be pretty solid after this opinion, this draft opinion was illegally leaked.
9:32 pm
>> shannon: joint statement from senator schumer and speaker pelosi saying several of these conservative justices who are in no way accountable to the american people have lied to the u.s. senate, ripped up the constitution and defiled both president and the supreme court's reputation all of the expense of tens of millions of women stripped of their bodily autonomy and the constitutional rights that they relied on for half a century. i've seen all over the place in different networks. playing the clips of various justices being asked how they felt about the idea of super president. democrats are saying that they lied, the justices, to get confirmed to the bench. your reaction. >> that is political nonsense from politicians on capitol hill. it is yet another reason why the justices need to protect the integrity of the supreme court and get this opinion issued as soon as possible. >> shannon: okay. mike davis, we appreciate your time. thank you very much. coming up, a look at some of the other headlines making news
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♪ ♪ >> shannon: in other news, we are hours away from polls opening in ohio for the hated republican primary race to replace retiring senator rob portman. j.d. vance has surged to the front of a crowded field. tuesday results expected to be extremely tight. we'll have it for you. the biden administration pushing back against fierce criticism of its decision to establish what some lawmakers have likened to an orwellian ministry of truth to weigh in on what's true or false. now it's being called a working group and we are told it won't target americans. a bit of a walk back. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is on the case tonight. good evening kate speak of the white house really is working
9:39 pm
overtime to convince people that this new disinformation governance board will be nonpartisan and apolitical. it's a tough sell considering that the executive director has a history of supporting information that favors democrats, like knocking down hunter biden's laptop or lifting up christopher steele, the author of the debunked steele dossier. janco it's not only supports liberal information. she supports liberals like hillary clinton. peter doocy asking jen psaki about janco. >> should we look forward to her censoring internet traffic about the hunter biden laptop? >> i noted the objective of the board. the woman that you noted has extensive experience and has done extensive work addressing this information. >> including addressing disinformation in a very mary poppins way. remember this?
9:40 pm
♪ ♪ we have seen it. but now she is defending her viral performance saying "i am a pregnant woman working for the government who used it to have, thanks covid, a musical theater hobby. for twitter page mocking the new disinformation board has over 200,000 followers into days. the satirical site in reference to george orwell lists its birthdate as 1984 and describes itself as the u.s. ministry of truth. the page also promotes tweets that hint at punishment for any dissent. on fox news sunday, dhs secretary admitted he could have done a better job at explaining the disinformation board's mission to the public except the new explanation isn't exactly crystal-clear either.
9:41 pm
>> shannon: we are going to keep asking questions, as i know you will. thank you very much. crime con is the event of the year for enthusiasts of true crime. every monday over the next few weeks laura ingle was going to give us a glimpse inside the world of dramatic crime scene reenactment, courtroom showdowns and much more. good evening, laura. >> shannon, this is crime con, the place to be for a die-hard followers of true crime. we are in las vegas, more than 5,000 people have come together to interact with law enforcement and victims' families involved in some of the most high-profile cases in america. many say they are not just here to listen. they are here to help. >> i am here to dive deeper. more resources i cannot get in a
9:42 pm
short period of time. you are learning about case files and things i was not aware of before. >> michelle brownlee traveled from charleston, south carolina, to be at this convention. in the age of social media 11 composed instantly about a tip in an ongoing criminal investigation, brownlee and thousands of others are ready to get involved. >> you like to try to solve the crimes yourself. >> absolutely. i take notes, keep binders, watch a lot of youtube videos, a lot of body cam. >> in the coming weeks we will take a deep dive into some of the big cases the so-called armchair detectives came to learn more about. including the search for a killer of 13-year-old abigail williams and 14-year-old liberty german whose bodies were found near a popular hiking trail in delphi, indiana, five years ago. police discovered that liberty used her own cell phone to capture the killers image and voice in a viral clip ordering
9:43 pm
the two best friends "down the hill." we spoke with the grandmother and sister of liberty german about a person behind a social media account that was allegedly communicating with libby shortly before the murder. >> the creator of the account is in jail. waiting to go on trial. for child pornography. i have seen where he did comment on libby's page so i know for a fact that this account did have contact with libby. >> it was a real shock. then i had to face the fact that i didn't monitor her phone or social media. >> in a cable news exclusive we hear from the police captain who oversaw an independent investigation into the
9:44 pm
domestic violence incident between brian laundrie and gabby petito in the days before police say gabby petito was murdered on the couple's cross-country road trip. >> mistakes and how they should have handled the incident. but to say that they failed gabby petito is to say that they are responsible for what happened. again, i will not blame those officers for what brian laundrie did to gabby petito. >> we take a closer look into the murder of betsy firrea whose husband was wrongfully convicted in her death. >> she's in prison and she was going to be in prison the rest of her life and i'm confident she's going to be convicted. >> the woman's friend stands accused of stabbing her to death in 2011 and framing her in the crime. >> organizers tell us this is the biggest convention organizers have seen. moving to a different city
9:45 pm
hoping someone somewhere will provide a critical tip that will help solve these cases. >> shannon: thank you very much. look forward to your upcoming report. what appears to be an unprecedented leak that could show the supreme court moving in the direction of overturning roe v. wade. you're looking live at the court tonight. we have more for you after the break. s, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go. hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. mayo clinic. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach.
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>> [chanting] >> shannon: you are looking at protesters gathered outside the supreme court. we have folks on both sides voicing their objections to the justices apparently possibly being close to overturning roe v. wade. others are excited. this is according to a leaked draft opinion allegedly written by justice alito and obtained by political. further discussion of this potentially seismic decision and the fact that it's been potentially leaked as well. thank you for sticking around. i want to read something from box covering the supreme court. "seriously shout out to whoever the hero was within the
9:51 pm
supreme court who said let's burn this place down. what you make of that? the left apparently cheering for this person? >> he's not a serious legal analyst, let's say that, about the person that we are quoting. but he is channeling what some people on the left believed. they are happy this is an apparent attack on the integrity of the court. they seem to have not gotten the outcome they are rooting for and therefore they want to blow the place up. they are not happy that there are five or six, depending on the day, conservative justices and the decisions rendered by the court, they want to paint in the imagination of the public is somehow not legitimate, not okay, not serious, not worthy of institutional respect. if that's the goal we are going to see more of this ugliness. i hope that isn't the goal for most people involved in the supreme court. i would hope the dissenting justices and some other supporters would say this is an
9:52 pm
internal precedent that's very ugly and very dangerous and will hurt all of us at some point if it's allowed to stand and not be punished swiftly and harshly. >> shannon: someone who is regarded as a strong legal journalist and analyst's andy mccarthy. he tweets if the story is true, this court should issue its opinion right away. otherwise the disgraceful leak wins. i would say that if my side lost, if we lose the integrity of the courts process, we lose the court. that should be intolerable to all of us who live in this country. we touched on this, you touched on earlier in the show. how quickly do you think that happens, that whatever is the actual final opinion, whatever form, is released officially by the court? >> we talked about this, the court can issue a per curiam decision tomorrow saying what the result is with opinions following, could be majority opinion, dissenting opinion, they could do this tomorrow and they should. this is an assault on the courts
9:53 pm
independence. this creates grave threats for justices where we have crazed people out there who may try to take justice into their own hands. this needs to be -- this opinion needs to get out there as soon as possible so there are no questions left. let's get this resolved. >> shannon: do you think we will hear from the chief rather quickly? he really speaks up when he does issue a statement it's on something of great import. >> i don't know if he will issue a statement. he should issue the majority opinion. i clerked for the supreme court. i've never heard of an opinion, a draft opinion leaking like this. i don't think think it's ever happened there's been snippets of opinions leaked before that's rare. this creates great damage to the supreme court, to the trust, collegiality. whoever did this.
9:54 pm
i would be very, very surprised if this came from a justice. they get along very well. this is probably from a robe supreme court clerk and they need to investigate this. >> shannon: something tells me we are going to eventually get a name. i watched a lot of coverage of this. there are other commentators looking at this alleged draft opinion from justice alito that "they are coming after us for everything else. they're going to get rid of same-sex marriage, up and all kinds of other rights." how worried are you about that from what you will read of this opinion? >> in a case recently the supreme court expanded lgbt rights and it was a 6-3 decision authored via justice gorsuch. some people are getting extremely heated. i understand this is a thorny and difficult issue where there are passions on both sides. all the passions on the issue exclusively reside on one side of the issue.
9:55 pm
the coverage of this will be extremely slanted, extremely high decibel. newsrooms are very angry about this. they are big abortion supporters and they don't make a pretense. >> shannon: we are out of time. thank you both. see you back here. i drop in at age related luring i drop in at age related luring near miss sounded like you just saidso and i drop and it may help you see up close. i did use beauty with caution in night driving and hazardous headac also, if your vision is not machinery. contact your doctor immediately if you have sudden vision. most common side effects are headache and irony. ask your doctor about beauty and see for yourself. learn how to sign up and sleep . my beauty points .com. you could only mean one thing the rest of your life to be pretty sure that's all.
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