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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  May 3, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> free speech isn't just saying what you want to say it's hearing what you don't want to hear. >> carley: thank you so much for joining us in studio on "fox & friends first." you are also on outnumbered later; is that right? >> tomi: yes, ma'am, i am. >> carley: joey worked his butt off yesterday outnumbered and "the five" and back this morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> politico is reporting on a leaked draft. >> the supreme court could be moving toward overturning roe v. wade. >> this is insurrection against the supreme court. >> utter disgrace in terms of how it is released. >> ohio goes to the polls. >> wide open senate race try to convince voters 25% undecided. >> ukraine military releasing video two russian ships being blown up. >> russian forces are resuming attacks. on a mariupol steel plant.
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>> good afternoon. >> federal reserve about to make things more expensive with a half point hike in interest rates. >> inflation surging 40 year high. record high gas prices. >> chase elliott with a lead. >> yeah, boys. ♪ got a feeling ♪ i'm high on believing ♪ that you're in love with me ♪ >> steve: wouldn't you like to be that one guy walking on the beach there in nags head, north carolina, sun is coming up on the atlantic. right now it is 70 degrees there. daytime high of 750 and he better head home because around 2:00 this afternoon there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms in nags head. >> brian: think it's kind of sad. i want to go for a walk anybody want to go.
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>> carley: guess who dog. >> i'm sure dogs like morning walks. >> ainsley: i like the hair cut. >> brian: really pricy. >> ainsley: $10. it. >> brian: extra super cut. >> ainsley: oh my gosh to be a man a little powder and $10 hair cut. >> brian: you are against the gender. >> ainsley: it's just life doesn't take you as long to get ready. >> brian: no it doesn't. >> steve: once you find something you stick with it marni at my barbershop out in new jersey has been cutting my hair for 25 years. >> brian: karina is back cutting my hair. we will see how that goes. i will say this: at least none of us had pedicures yesterday during the day. >> ainsley: i saw that eric adams pedestrian cure and going to the met ball he is our mayor eight people were shot in new york. >> steve: all about priorities. our priority on the news channel is to give you the news. and this thing hit like a ton of
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bricks. >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: stunning new report on politico on unprecedented u.s. supreme court leak that has rocked the nation. politico obtained apparently a draft majority opinion written by thomas -- mr. alito suggesting the high court is set to strike down roe v. wade. >> ainsley: and in this report on the unprecedented leak sparking late night protests outside of the nation's high court as a result. >> brian: doug la zared is outside of washington with more. doug? >> how much do we talk about leaks from the supreme court. this is really stunning there is the leak and there is a sweeping draft majority opinion as well obtained by politico which is very far reaching. protesters have been outside the court through most of the night ever since this news broke. we knew a ruling like this was possible. while this is just a draft and everything, of course, can change. this goes further than some anticipated. now, in the draft. justice samuel alito refers to
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the 1973 decision roe v. wade and writes this roe was egregiously wrong from the start. it's reasoning was exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. now, many were stunned and angry that someone, possibly a clerk in the usually tight lipped court leaked this draft. reaction to the perspective decision has been swift from both sides of the debate. >> this is bitter sweat on the one hand it's sweet we are finally vindicating the constitution and the babies who have been unprotected by the law, the bitter part is the way this was leaked. this was an utter disgrace in terms of how it's released. >> it would trigger the laws in over 20 states that have already said that they will outlaw abortion in their states. there create a patchwork of laws across the country. >> do you know who else we are going to hear from the vice
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president. kamala harris is set to address the pro-choice group emily's list tonight. if this draft stands by the way and we don't know when this would be released when the final opinion will be released, the states and congress may in fact rush in to craft new laws. there is talk from democrats of eliminating the senate filibuster to pass new legislation and this decision could change the entire complex of the upcoming midterm elections. back to you guys. >> steve: absolutely, doug, thank you very much. it inflames so many protesters. hundreds went out in front of the u.s. supreme court last night. this draft, which was written and circulated a among the justices on february 1st, it suggests when the justices met after the arguments in the early part of december, at least five of the justices voted to overrule roe and casey. those with are two different cases.
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samuel alito was given the job of writing the majority opinion. of the line-up of clarence thomas, gulch, kavanaugh, barrett, they voted with alito in december. and that line-up remains unchanged this week according to politico. so, five on the supreme court still want to overturn it. and as doug just said. what it would do is it would return the right of -- to the states to decide what to do about it. >> ainsley: yeah. until the opinion is signed and released by the court though, this is still in play and drafts circulate all the time and they do change. votes can change. and some are saying why did this leaker release this information? it's never happened. >> steve: i think we know. >> ainsley: saying it's egregious. last night if you watched our coverage so many of the experts say they think this was released so it would get the attention of america and americans would push back and then these judges would change their mind and possibly congress would get involved and pack the court. >> brian: this guy john the
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legislative texas right for life. he said he is worried about this draft that there is obviously a goal to have backlash and large enough response in the news in the real world to get some of the justices to back away from their kind of vote. because of the pressure and the protests that took place last night and most likely today. >> ainsley: but, the thing is, brian, these constitutional justices, they are reading the constitution and they say this right was nowhere mentioned in the constitution. >> steve: that's right. >> ainsley: that's why alito said the ruling in 1973 was deeply flawed. >> brian: they are saying people's reaction to roe v. wade being turned over and that's what justice alito says. that's not constitutional. this shoud never have been a state issue and at that time in 1973, 30 states had banned abortion but 20 didn't. here is ari fleischer last night on sean's show. >> what really troubles me. not about the ruling itself. that's the ruling itself. i accept and respect that ruling.
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but the leaker, make no mistake, sean, this is insurrection against the supreme court. i have already seen people on the left celebrating this leaker, calling him brave trying to throw a hail mary to. who will trust each other if they know their drafts are going to be leaked just like everything else? washington. the supreme court seemed to be the last institution standing that internal integrity. >> steve: just as we have seen activist judges -- remember, it was a month or two ago at the yale law school they invited in somebody from the political left, somebody from the political right for a forum on free speech. the students at the yale law school would not allow the free speech of the conservative point of view. and after that there was like what kind of lawyers -- future lawyers are we bringing up in our law schools today? because they are so politically
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active. it was probably leaked by a liberal law clerk trying to put pressure on the justices. ainsley, i completely agree with that now what that person thought they probably watch a channel that says that roe v. wade can never be overturned and if it would, it would be cat that chris mic. the fbi is in on this now. and they are going to figure out how it is. because there are very small circles of people who work in that building, and very few people had access to it right now in the supreme court, they probably have a pretty good idea who it was. hawley.chief justice. >> ainsley: that will happen this morning. >> steve: the leaker needs to it identify himself. let's talk about what you just did. >> ainsley: jonathan turley said this is unbelievable. they are in a different class the supreme court. he said i live in washington where we are the supreme court
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was the only island in the sea that didn't have leaks. so disheartens. >> brian: mark levin is going to be on later. shannon bream as was jonathan turley. carrie severino and leo terrell all esteemed legal minds will be coming your way. >> ainsley: talking about the election seasonal kicking into high gear today both ohio and indiana. the first in a packed month primary giving huge insight is into where the parties stand heading into the midterms. >> steve: less than hour the state of ohio and will head to the polls most of the contentious and closely watched senate primaries in the nation today in ohio. it's election day. >> brian: what do the voters think and what are they thinking? pete hegseth is live at jc's restaurant? burton, ohio. boy, it's packed. it sounds like it's loud. >> pete: it is, guys.
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the supreme court news you are talking about right now. that's what everyone is talking about. you guys are talking about it for sure. guys, it's election season. it's primary morning. here we are again 2022 and ohio is going to be a huge indicator amongst republicans which way they have got to go. i have been talking to folks this morning i have heard people saying they are going to support almost every single republican governor's candidate and republican senate candidate and at each table the conversation just from what i have seen so far is about the president and president trump's endorsement of j.d. vance and whether or not that convinces them to vote in that direction or whether or not they stay with another particular candidate and a lot of talk about governor dewine here whether he was too heavy handed on covid or not for the taste of republicans. really interesting and fascinating views from the voters. this is what we do on "fox & friends" on election morning. we talk to the people. we talk to the voters. get their appetite and their sentiment. they are fired up especially on
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the tube. don't think that it's just democrats that would be mobilized if roe v. wade is overturned. republicans here saying this is something they have been walgted for since 1972 as well. we will bring the view was the voters to you this morning on "fox & friends." guys. j. dr., burton, ohio. in j.d. vance gets lifted across the finish line after being behind the entire time by that enforcement what the indication of continuing strength. >> steve: don't you mean j.d. mandel? >> pete: there is a late write-in campaign for j.d. mandel. might it affect the outcome? we will see. see if we find any of those voters here. >> steve: grab a menu and figure out what you are having for breakfast and we will check back in with you. >> ainsley: thank you, pete. >> brian: eric adams bringing his own message to the red
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carpet and gun violence as crime suredgesz in new york city. >> ainsley: and elon musk is sharing his vision for twitter. how he plans to make the social media platform more inclusive next ♪ i saw her face ♪ now i'm a believer ♪ not a trace ♪ of doubt in my mind ♪ i'm in love ♪ i'm a believer ♪ and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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he remains in the hospital in critical condition his brother had been sitting in his car's driver's seat one block away from a police re60 when a gunman pulled up to him on the street and opened fire. no arrests have been made and the search for the gunman is ongoing. the hollywood and political elite are being criticized for their quote tone deaf celebration at this years gilded age themed met gala. new york city mayor eric adams sporting a jacket end gun violence while gun violence in his city skyrocketing. calling out adams pedicure in preparation for the gala one day after 8 people were shot in his city. also, hitting the red carpet. elon musk with his mom may in his first appearance since buying twitter. the billionaire shared his vision to share the social media platform. watch this. >> should everything come to
3:19 am
fruition is to have as broadly inclusive as possible. >> musk is in talks with large investment firms and rich individuals to take on more financing for his $44 billion acquisition of the social media platform. those are your headlines, guys. >> the met gala happened. >> ainsley: he went with his beautiful mom. >> carley: that's cute. >> steve: thank you very much, carley. the ukrainian military has released video of what it claims are two russian ships. watcher that being blown up in the black sea. >> carley: this comes as survivors what they have seen as resume attacks on mariupol steel plant. >> brian: ships blown up by snake island. matt finn is live in lviv, ukraine with more. hey, matt. >> good morning. we are hearing more and more news stories of survival. people who have escaped mariupol. that city is being described as
3:20 am
hellish. it's really just a race to get out of there alive. for months now russia has been heavily bombing that beautiful coastal city that was described as flourishing. now it's nearly leveled and charred from bombs and fires. an estimated 100,000 people are still sheltering in mariupol trying to survive. it seeking shelter in the tunnels. ukrainian marines along with innocent elderly people, women and children, some of them are injured. they are running out of food, water and medicine. it's an atrocity. latest update. ukraine says dozens of people are on their way to safety after being evacuated from that steel plant from help from the u.n. and red cross. lehr some others that have made their own way out of mariupol and surrounding areas. >> there was constant shelling, during the day and at night. of the houses were damaged. we hid in the basement. it's a difficult situation with the food. and there is no humanitarian aid. there is no money, it's very scary there.
3:21 am
there is nothing left in mariupol. no work. nothing. >> and dramatic new video claiming to show ukraine destroying russian patrol boats near the black sea snake island. and the new assessment today from the british military says it believes the russian military is now significantly weaker as a result of this invasion. it's modernization was not enough to dominate ukraine. russia's recovery will be exacerbated by sanctions and have lasting impact to deploy military force. president biden is scheduled to speak at a weapons factory later today in alabama. we expect him to talk about ukraine and then this weekend, first lady jill biden is scheduled to visit slovakia and romania and on our american version of mother's day to sunday, she is expected to talk to ukrainian refugee mothers. back to you guys in new york. >> brian: matt, is there a belief that he is actually vladimir putin undergoing cancer surgery this week?
3:22 am
>> there is that report. there is that speculation. senior defense officials tell fox news that has not been confirmed. brian. >> steve: that's right. thank you very much, matt. the "new york post" though has the story they state he is going to have cancer surgery. going to hand power over to the head of the russian federal police security council for a few hours to a few days. he apparently has seen a cancer doctor 35 times in recent years. but he is so paranoid. he is putin, he is so paranoid about his health he has turned to unconventional therapies and we were talking about how the "new york post" has a story that rather than traditional cancer therapies. he does stuff like bathe in blood extracted from deer antlers. he has some sort of a surgery last fall, according to the "new york post" regarding some kind of thyroid disease; however, the good news is the kremlin has denied that putin is having any health problems. >> ainsley: i remember when we were reporting on castro's death and when he fell down the stairs
3:23 am
and i believe he broke his leg and he had to have surgery and he did not want to have anesthesia because he was scared that they would try to do something to him and he wouldn't wake up. >> steve: got to be alert. >> brian: vladimir putin has got this wing man and patriotic of the ortho donation -- russian orthodox church bishop who has blessed this war and said it's great thing. kharkiv, all the death and destruction killing innocent people this guy loves him. thinks it's god's will. that is not the view of cardinal dolan. in fact cardinal dolan made it clear when he was on our couch is he going to poland and made his way into ukraine. remember he was on our couch and said really disturbed about what's going on wanted to see for himself. this is what he said right before ease e. easter. >> what can we do? we can do three things. for me i'm big on prayer. and we can never under estimate the potency of prayer. number two we can advocate.
3:24 am
we speak up on behalf of those ukrainian people and upper remind the world and our own government responsibility to them and number three we give relief. take care of those people suffering. i'm going over by the way when do i leave? i think a week from monday we can't get into ukraine yet. we're going to try. slovacia, hungary, just to visit the refugees. >> steve: earth that. so yesterday the archbishop of new york, cardinal dolan did make his way into lviv in ukraine. he posted video to twitter that showed it. he toured refugee and aid facilities in poland and slovakia before crossing the border into ukraine. >> ainsley: i loved his tweet we
3:25 am
didn't know if we would be able to goat ukraine. thanks be to god we made it one of the reasons we came is to show you where your generosity is going. if you have given money, he just wanted to show you where it's going and who it is helping. he visited with a 94-year-old woman who had been displaced from the donbas region. he talked to humanitarian aid workers and blessing people there were pictures of him walking through the streets and meeting people inside and putting a blessing on their forehead. >> steve: jill biden is going over there the archbishop the cardinal going over there joe biden today is going to alabama to troy alabama and the lockheed plant where they make javelins. >> brian: right. let's hope the javelins don't get into the russians hands. protests break out in front of the u.s. supreme court ahead of reports to overturn roe v. wade that could be coming in june. >> ainsley: fox news contributor jonathan turley calls the leaked documents one of the greatest breaches of security in the high court's his have and is he next.
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3:30 am
>> brian: fox news contributor jonathan turley joins us now. what's the biggest story? the decision that could come down in june that this is overturned or that it leaked out ahead of time which looks to be justice alito's not finished notes on this. >> steve: opinion. >> well, they are both huge stories. but the decision is not yet complete. decisions can change. people voting on one side or the other did change. jart opinion can become dissenting opinion. what is clear is what what who he kurd with this leak was an unspeakably unethical act. and it is unfortunately a sign of our times we're living in an age of rage. no principle sacred. naive. even though this is a city that floats on a rolling sea of leaks the court was always an island
3:31 am
of integrity. most of us didn't think this day would come. i'm not too sure why. maybe it's because we let hope triumph over experience. but the court has a long tradition that it would not yield to politics or dirty tricks. somebody shattered that tradition. and the investigation that will now ensue is going to shatter the culture the court. take a lot to get to the. it's a small institution. small number of people likely involved. but whoever did this likely took steps to hide their tracks. >> ainsley: jonathan, what's happening behind the scenes now? are they scrambling this morning trying to find this leaker already? and what happens when they do find the leaker to that person? >> well, yes. i'm sure that chief justice roberts has gone to the furthest
3:32 am
possible extonight launch this investigation. this is the greatest crisis of his term of chief justice. it's a crisis of faith for the court and country. he knows the integrity of the court is at stake. regardless of how you feel about this opinion americans should be outranged that anyone would take this type of destructive act. the question is how the court will go about to find this person. you know are they going to require lie detector tests or ask for lie detector tests? ohio stadium, how can they confirm. it would be odd to me that someone who took this reckless act would just send an email to politico. once that person is found, then may god have mercy on his or her soul because the court will have none. that person will be subject if the person is a lawyer to rather rapid disbarment and can give up any hope to practice law in any form.
3:33 am
>> steve: sure. jonathan, you know, it looks to a lot of people like this was clearly done to pressure the high court the justices. the five justices. who apparently are saying let's go ahead and derail roe v. wade to get them to change their mind. is there any way the chief justice can say, you know what? we're done anyway. let's just announce it today? >> well, they can. that's the wonderful thing about being the highest court. you sort of set your own rules. this opinion still seems a tad raw. >> steve: this is from february. >> these opinion goes through many, many drafts. i don't think they will release this opinion until everyone is satisfied with every aspect. but i think for -- the strange thing is i don't think this was meant to change votes on the court. if anything, it would encourage justices to dig in further. it was clearly meant to produce
3:34 am
a political response now the assumption is this is someone who wants to put pressure on congress to pass the codification of roe v. wade, perhaps looking to the midterm election. this is such a reckless and senseless act we can't make any assumption. >> ainsley: it's such a sensitive and controversial issue. didn't these justices know this opinion needed to be protected probably more than any other and they knew the fallout if this leaked out? it's never happened before. did they just get sloppy? >> i'm sure they follow their usual practices. no practice will be able to withstand such a thoroughly breathtaking unethical act. if somebody really wants to destroy everything the court believes. in everything they are supposed to believe. in then there is only so much the court can do. but, you know, i think that what the court is looking at, unfortunately, in the last few
3:35 am
years is this unrelenting attack on it as an institution. democratic leaders have been calling for the packing of the court for gutting the court in terms of jurisdiction. you have senators and members of the house have gone to the stairs of the supreme court threatening individual justices, threatening the ininstitution itself. that has an impact. and this may be that impact. that if you breathe that level of contempt for an institution, it's not surprising that some within the institution may share your lack of faith. >> brian: supposed to be massive protests. today there were presses last night. jonathan, we will see you every hour on the channel, thanks so much for your instant analysis. >> ainsley: you can get some sleep next weekend. >> brian: yeah. still ahead. it's voting day in ohio. pete hegseth is having breakfast at friends at j.c. restaurant in burton. >> boorng. good morning, we're at j.c.
3:36 am
restaurant in burton. primary day for republicans in the big senate race and governor race here in ohio. man, almost every single conversation turning to what you were just talking about the high court, the leak of this potential ruling, and the impact on roe v. wade how will people respond, what's their feeling? let's talk to the voters and we will do that on "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ i need a lawn...quick. the fast way to bring it up to speed... scotts turf builder rapid grass. it grows two times faster than seed alone for full, green grass. everything else just seems... slow. it's lawn season. let's get to the yard. my great grandmother started a legacy of education in my family. she ran for state office. had no problems breaking the norms. she had a dream and decided to pursue it.
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3:41 am
normally not open but today they are open for you. >> pete: you are right. normally not open on a tuesday. a little more business than usual on that tuesday we are glad for j.c.'s for opening up for us. the polls are open in ohio. you don't have to be quiet. it's a rowdy room. they got quiet on me real fast. we got a lot of opinions in here and elove it. doug and kathy and start by asking the supreme court potential supreme court decision. doug, real quick, you are a lawyer, talk to me about the implications of this but also the process and the leak. >> well, supreme court is sacrosanct, we were told the supreme court doesn't have a leak. who can trust each other now on the supreme court. it's just one of those things that should never ever have happened. one of those few last bastions of democracy that we have with our system of government.
3:42 am
i was more shocked by that it's an historic decision, too. one of the largest probably we have ever had to come down. and when they came down with it should have come out the right way. because then america is waiting for it and should be done the proper way. i feel -- in fact i feel sorry for the justices. they have all been in the a terrible position right now. all nine of them. what happens from here through the summer. and to the election. i think they have been put into a terrible position. as have the clerks or who -- who is going to be looked upon as somebody were you the leak? were you the leak? now there is not going to be a in i object who can trust anybody at the supreme court. that's no way want to to work with anybody. >> pete: one place where we felt like there was trust now that's breached as well a lot of concern from the group here about the implication. a lot of excitement about the fact that abortion at least at the federal level would no longer be legal but questions about riots and those types of things. kathy, real quick. we are here to talk about senate
3:43 am
and governor's race. who do you like? in the senate race and why. >> j.d. vance. he came from a very humble beginning. i would vote for trump again. when trump came out, my decision had already been made i think we need somebody assertive and aggressive in their values and to bring and listen to not only ohioans but listen to the united states people. we do not need to be lied to. we can make our own decisions. and the children also should be ruled by their parents and not by the government. >> pete: we have to move to doug real quick who do you like for senate. >> matt dolan. >> pete: house guided here. thank you both so much. we have bill, chris, serena and greg as well. chris, let me talk to you real quick. former democrat, switched to republican. >> i'm trump, love him. >> pete: senate race who do you like. >> i'm going to vance because that is who trump is with. >> you were not with him but switched when trump endorsed?
3:44 am
>> i was teetering. when trump endorsed him i absolutely decided to go with vance. >> pete: interesting. serena, how about you do you have a preference? >> ladies first at this table two great vets. who do you like. >> i'm still up in the air with the decision. j.d. vance maybe but i don't know. i just even though trump has endorsed him i'm still a little worried that he might be a rin. >> pete: represented sentiment. >> we are going to vote right after this so, yes. >> pete: greg, how about you do you have a vote in the senate race. >> probably vance. >> did that change? >> just looking at all the candidates and what they stood for and everything. probably helped a little bit with his endorsement from trump. we have to leave it here. we have a another wonderful table we couldn't get to but we will get to in the next hour. we have heard from mandel and
3:45 am
vance. we will get into the governor's race as well. a lot of trepidation, frankly about this decision from the supreme court and what it will mean for people who deal with the political consequences of those who don't play by the rule of law and i think that is the concern. today the rule of law hopefully does carry the day as folks go to the polls and make their pick. there is no doubt president trump is on the ballot and his endorsement and people are thinking about that today as well. >> ainsley: heard her say that. >> brian: pete, i haven't seen you pumped up for restaurant hit like this since the early 180s you are pumped up. >> pete: i'm ready to go. are we ready to vote today? [applause] >> pete: people are ready to vote. they are ready to go to the ballot box. >> brian: dick vitale of the restaurants. >> pete: you know it, baby. >> steve: pete, thank you very much. we will back with you.
3:46 am
>> pete: thanks, guys. >> ainsley: let's check in with janice dean. >> janice: take a look at the maps. potential for severe weather across the ohio river valley. take a look at it several storm systems diving into the northwest. that is setting the pattern and the stage for severe storms. including multiple rounds of heavy rainfall. we could see flash flooding over the mississippi and the ohio river valley. the tennessee river valley over the next couple of days. there's your risk today look at columbus ohio. damaging winds and tornadoes. watch where you are going to get watches and warnings. new system moves in next and oklahoma and membership river valley in the next day or so. there is your radar you can see where heavy rain is moving through. warm across the south. cooler north. one of the main ingredients we need clash of air masses. keep you up to date. if you are going out to the
3:47 am
polls, keep an eye on the sky and fox back over to you. >> steve: thanks j.d. >> pete: don't look up or j.d. will be out of a job. you shouldn't have to look up. she is going to do the weather. >> steve: just look out the window for the weather. >> brian: that will be even worse. the federal reserve is expected to tackle inflation this week by hiking interest rates at a faster pace. fastest in decades. stuart varney is going to break it down for us. he is almost here. ♪ ♪ ♪ go further with the power and range of a lexus hybrid. whoa. get 2.49% apr financing on the 2022 rx 450 hybrid all-wheel drive. do your eyes bother you? because after all these emails my eyes feel like a combo of stressed, dry and sandpaper. luckily, there's biotrue hydration boost eye drops for instant moisture.
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3:51 am
>> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. politico obtaining a leaked supreme court majority opinion suggesting the high court is set to strike down roe v. wade. the report sparking late night protests outside of our nation's highest court. doug luzader has more. >> this kind of leak doesn't happen from the supreme court. chief justice roberts is going to be scrambling this morning. we have seen protesters outside the supreme court since this news broke last night. we knew a ruling like this was possible. the draft majority decision, and this can always change, goes further than a lot of folks anticipated justice samuel alito
3:52 am
referring to the 1973 decision roe v. wade writes this: roe was egregiously wrong from the start. reasoning exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences and far from bringing back a national settlement of the abortion issue. roe and casey have inflamed debate and deepened division. now reaction has been pretty swift as you might imagine from both sides of the debates. >> this is bittersweet on the one hand it's sweet because we're finally vindicating the constitution. and the babies who have been unprotected by the law. the bitter part is the way this was leaked. this was an utter disgrace in terms of how it was released. >> if the final decision winds up following the draft, there may be an effort in congress to pass legislation. now, here is what president biden said about the possibility of congressional action during the debate back in 2020. >> a woman does have a right to choose. i would, in fact, if they rule
3:53 am
it to be unconstitutional, i will send to the united states congress and it will pass, i believe, a bill that ought -- that -- excuse me, ledges late roe v. wade adjusted by casey. it should -- it's a woman's right to do that period. >> elizabeth warren meantime tweeted, this extremist supreme court is poised to overturn roe v. wade and impose its far right unpopular views on the entire country. it's time for the millions to support the constitution and abortion rights to stand up and make their voices heard. we are not going back. not ever. in fact, a number of states may scramble now to go in one direction or the other here. california is already talking about enshrining abortion rights in their state constitution. >> ainsley: thank you for waking up this early with us. steve, over to you. >> steve: thank you, ainsley. the federal reserve is expected to announce the fastest interest rate hike in decades as top
3:54 am
officials scram to be fight inflation. what should you get ready for? start with stuart varney fox business stuart varney, stuart it, sounds like half a percentage points. >> yes. almost certainly that's what it's going to be. this is the end of free money. unless, of course, you are getting a check from the government. >> steve: right. >> end of an era first time in 22 years interest rates will go up a half point in one go. what it means is mortgage rates are going to go up. you are probably looking at 6% mortgages a little way down the road. adjustable rate mortgages will adjust up. car loan rates will go up. borrowing money will become much more expensive quite rapidly it reminds me, frankly the 1970s when you had high levels of inflation rises interest rates. the federal reserve steps. in raises rates big time and you get an awful recession. that's possible this time around. steve the problem is the federal reserve should have done more before. >> yes.
3:55 am
>> steve: we have been saying this on this program they don't want to hurt the economy. they blew it. >> they are a year late. >> steve: right. >> they were saying a year ago this inflation is just transitory it will go away. it didn't go away. it's getting worse. they have got to step in and deal with it they just got. to say. >> steve: switching gears for just a second. folks if you like miami beach and like alaska and the pipeline. you will like tonight's episode of american built hosted by that man right there. >> that's me. start with miami beach? >> steve: sure. >> fascinating story. a story of a transformation of a moss kit toe infested swamp delightful paradise for snow birds. a guy called crazy karl fisher dredged the bay, used the piles to create punisher island which is enclave for the exceptionally wealthy people of this world. that's miami beach. we have never one on alaska pipeline. 800-mile pipeline, they built it
3:56 am
in artic conditions. that's a situation. that's the story about can do america. remarkable. >> steve: what happened to america. >> went away. as we said last week drowned in lawyers. you can't do anything these days lawyers will object to it and keep it going with appellate court decisions all the way down the line. you can't do things today. you could do things then. this is a celebration of what we could do then. >> steve: did i not know the stories about miami beach. i'm going to be watching tonight at 8:00 on fox business. >> yes, sir. >> steve: stuart, thank you very much. , he will be talking about the roe v. wade situation coming up at 9:00 on fox business as well. all right, regarding that mark levin is in the house. the great one, coming up next at, finding perfect isn't rocket science. kitchen? sorted. hot tub, why not? and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfect.
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4:00 am
>> supreme court leak rocking the nation. >> chanting] >> the leak itself shocking unprecedented. >> bernie sanders tweeting congress must pass legislation. >> election season is kicking into high gear today. >> state of ohio and their republican also head to the polls. >> ohio is going to be a huge indicator amongst republicans. >> the ukrainian military releasing video two russian ships being blown up. >> russian forces are resuming attacks. >> on a mariupol steel plant. >> the white house defending new disinformation board. >> operate in a nonpartisan
4:01 am
manner. >> significant constraints on the bedrock of american values. >> how about this? we skip school for a selfie with mike trout. who wouldn't do that exact same thing and it pays off. ♪ >> brian: start with a fox news alert. political co-is tweeting this leaked documents reveal supremee court is poised to strike down roe v. wade. >> steve: live supreme court on the left side. pete hegseth joins us live from a diner in ohio where this, today is, primary day in ohio. there is a state pete is this going to impact the ohio primary? >> pete: probably not, steve to be candid.
4:02 am
jc burton ohio if you want to come back. probably won't impact the primary for the u.s. senate and governors race here. appear to of mind of almost everyone we are talking to in this diner. you mentioned the protest outside the supreme court. i think a lot of people who saw the riots of 2020. see those protests and say this is such a signature issue for the far left. the idea of abortion rights. that will it lead to violence? you saw the leak. we hope not. we saw the leak from the supreme court. the breaking of the protocol. disang a decision is coming there are ways in which it's is supposed to happen. amongst conservatives, excitement it could go back to the states and overturned also a little bit of trepidation what the future might hold in light of how important that ruling has been for the democratic party for going on now 50 years candidates are pro-life. we will find out from ohio this
4:03 am
is a referendum on donald trump in many ways. the endorsement of j.d. vance, gave him a huge boost. but we are also hearing of support for josh mandel and gibbons and dolan and you name them. we are going to talk to the voters. get a sense of why they shifted or if they did shift and whether or not donald trump had something to do with it, guys. exciting morning here in ohio. >> steve: pete, we will check back live with you in a bit. more from the white house on this unprecedented leak. that's what everybody is talking about mike, who is the leaker? >> great question. whodunit at this point. a unprecedented leak obtained by politico. justice samuel alito writing in the draft majority opinion roe was egregiously wrong from the start. it's reasoning was exceptionally weak. damaging consequences far from bringing back a settlement from the abortion issue. roe and casey have debate.
4:04 am
that league led to protests late night outside the supreme court. some chanting abortion is healthcare and we won't go back. others roe v. wade will be overturned. house speaker nancy pelosi and majority leader chuck schumer issued a joint statement saying, quote: several of these conservative justices who accountable to the american people have lied to the united states senate. ripped up the constitution and defiled precedent and supreme court's reputation. all at the expense of tens of millions of women who could soon be stripped of their bodily autonomy. a short time ago, professor jonathan turley expressed shock about the leak. >> what occurred with this leak was an unspeakably unethical act. the court has a long tradition that it would not yield to politics it would not yield to dirty tricks. somebody shattered that tradition. and the investigation that will now ensue is going to shatter the culture of the court.
4:05 am
, as we await formal reaction from president biden, it is worth noting vice president harris due to speak at the pro-choice emily's list gala tonight. steve, ainsley, brian? >> ainsley: i don't think she was scheduled to do that. didn't she change her schedule when the news came down last night? >> absolutely. >> steve: all right, mike, i hear the street sweeper behind you. better get to work. >> thank you. >> brian: laura ingraham did a great job covering this i think sean had the first show covering this breaking news. but, of course, laura with her legal background and when she learned at the supreme court she is uniquely qualified to comment on this. and she weighed in on what it means and the ramifications today. >> no matter what you think about this outcome, the leak itself represents a shocking, an unprecedented breach of the court's confidentiality. sacrosanct and it's key to the court's ability on any issue to engage in the give and take and
4:06 am
all the decision-making based on the constitution, not because of political pressure. it is not up to a law clerk or any employee of the court to leak a decision in what is a naked attempt to try to change the outcome i was a supreme court law clerk. and i know because i saw it. opinions go back and forth. drafts of opinions go back and forth. language changes. sometimes -- sometimes even votes might change. and through the entirety of the court's history no matter how controversial or disruptive the court's decisions have been none of those draft opinions ever leaked. do you know why? because everyone in that building understood that was a line that could never be crossed. and it is a sad commentary that someone in that building took it upon himself or herself to totally usurp the role of the justices and hijack the court's deliberative process.
4:07 am
>> steve: that was great. she would know. she was a supreme court clerk for clarence thomas. let's bring in mark levin. he also has worked in the federal government. host of life, liberty and levin. mark, thanks for getting up early today. so you heard laura. you have been thinking about this all night. obviously everybody feels this is some sort of activist inside the court trying to get the justices to change their mind. will this change any minds or will this just harden their belief that roe v. wade should be overturned? they are going to dig in on this. >> i don't think it's going to change any justices' minds, i want to talk about this in a broader context. when you attack america's institutions day in and day out with critical race theory. when you threaten the supreme court of the united states as chuck schumer threatened two justices several years ago for which he never paid a penalty, when you keep talking about packing the supreme court in order to get the results that you wanted, when you keep
4:08 am
denigrating these institutions, these american institutions, from the founding to our monuments, to our history, to these different branches of government, when you keep trespassing on separation of powers, this is what you get. when you use an unnamed so-called whistleblower to try and take out a president of the united states, and you impeach him twice really with no basis whatsoever, and when you trigger the investigation of a president with a special counsel, in violation of the department of justice regulations, with no predicate whatsoever, when you conduct yourself in utterly lawless way, attacking the institutions of this country, attacking the founding documents of this country, attacking the history of this country, this is what you get. lawlessness. it's just a matter of time. all these institutions are going to collapse. this is a grave assault on the supreme court. when i was in law school i was actually an intern to chief justice warren berger. i saw how it operated.
4:09 am
and i can tell you this institution takes its confidentiality seriously. why? that's the coin of the realm. they have got to be able to talk about ideas freely. they got to be able to discuss this without political pressure? why do people think these are lifetime appointments? and of course the democrat party is destroying this country. look at the confirmation process. it started with bourque, the democrats targeted him under kennedy and biden and it moves on to others including clarence thomas including kavanaugh. republicans don't treat democrat nominees this way they may object to them. when you say supreme court doesn't look like motorcycle, you are undermining the credibility of the court. this is a war on our system of government. you see immediately bernie sanders who really hates this country as far as i'm concerned. does he ever say anything good about the country? >> brian: never. >> when you see bernie sanders issue a tweet or a statement saying now basically onto the senate we have to get rid of the filibuster rule. they want to take out two
4:10 am
institutions with one stone. when you see that press release that schumer and pelosi put out, out there trying to politicize their base. trying to rev up the voters for november, these are disgusting people who are not states men who put their party before their country. we have become the united states of the democrat party. not the united states of america. so this person who has leaked, it's very interesting, i was talking to my wife about this last night. this person who leaked will be considered an iconic, civil rights-type person. whether this person is a lawyer and loses their bar degree or not, their law degree, they will make a fortune writing books. they will make a fortune going on different circuits, talk circuits, maggie maybe they will be focused on cbs sunday morning with the birds in the background and the flowers in the front ground. what's happening to this story
4:11 am
institutions from within. if you are burning things like critical race theory, you have no respect for this country. as a matter of fact, these kinds of leaks are necessary. if you believe that this country was founded in malice, that this country is evil, that you will do anything to take it down. and we have now reached a point where the ends do justify the means so whomever this leaker is, by the way, here it is. here's the document. it's everywhere. and what i notice is somewhere the minority opinion? i don't see it i guess that wasn't circulated. other opinions, other notes are not circulated just what apparently alito has alleged to have written. by the way it's a damn good draft. as a matter of fact. on the substance, we have headlines saying the supreme court is going to eliminate abortion rights. ladies and gentlemen, even if this opinion winds up being the
4:12 am
final opinion and you wanted abortion, you will get an abortion. it will be paid for by the federal government. maybe you will have to go to one of 30 or 40 or 45 states i'm sure people will consider that an inconvenience. the idea that people cannot get an abortion. abortion is not eliminated. it will still be funded by the federal government. we have one of the extreme processes extreme in terms of liberal processes. the roe v. wade decisions would a bogus decision, it was a political op-ed piece for the "new york times" or "the washington post." it has no basis in the constitution or law. that's this is why they fight like hell to get justices on there that will uphold it you don't need justices on the court they don't fight other plessy vs. ferguson. brown vs. board of education. plessy vs. ferguson.
4:13 am
they don't ask people like that. everybody knows that's settled law under our constitution. the corrupt decision was plessy, not brown. but roe v. wade is cruchings the supreme court. this is why we have unalienable rights and the majority should never rule in all cases. >> ainsley: mark, as far as the leaker is concerned. obviously it was unethical for this person to do this. but was it illegal in law school would have you learned this would have been illegal and if so does this person go to court after the fbi investigates? does this person go before congress? >> he says book tour i'm not aware of a federal criminal statute the people who do this for a living they will look. maybe accuse them of trespassing or parading at the supreme court. that might be a good try but nonetheless, no. it's ethical if they are a member of the bar they will be disbarred. they don't care that calculation was already made. again, they will be viewed by
4:14 am
the left the pelosis and shiewrms not as do i having the institution. making it incredibly difficult for justices to work with each other. changes processes will it comes to the law clerks and others. they will be geraldoed on the left. if you watch these other networks and you watch these senators, these democrat senators coming up fleury attacking alito, you saw what schumer and pelosi said about the justices they lied so forth and so on. again what sanders and the other reades want to do is now destroy the senate these people do not care about our institutions. this is a different breed now of democrat. most are as i have said american marxists. they are attacking the foundation of the country. they are not arguing within the box. they are not fighting within the box. they are destroying the box. the democrat party is taking the lead on this. they are not all that upset about the leak. in fact, i think they think it's a wonderful thing. i heard leo terrell last night. he nailed it.
4:15 am
this is all about politics. try to rev up their base for november. they want to put pressure on the justices. i do think it will work? no, i don't. it looks like roberts has lost already. roberts is no rehnquist when it comes to principles and so forth but roberts has a responsibility now. it's the chief justice's job chief administrator of the supreme court of the united states. and they need to find out who did, this punish the person and somebody needs to say something much more substantive or effective court by the democrats, republicans aren't committing any attacks on the supreme court. and also the war against our history, the war against our institutions, there is one party doing this i have a question. politico sat on hunter biden's laptop. they had access to it.
4:16 am
why didn't they report on it? yet, politico gets this leak and they can't wait to do a headline on it and push it out this just shows you how corrupt the media are. they wanted biden to win so the media for the most part and big tech oligarch sat on the laptop story. promoted the russia collusion story because they wanted to take or delet jit mize trump or take him out. here they can't wait to get the supreme court stuff out. this shows you how a poisonous media with a radical agenda harms this country so i will be the first one to say it. what the hell with politico thinking? oh well, we're got it we have to run with it no, you are liars. there is a lot you don't run with when it doesn't advance your narrative and advance your agenda. every participated in a grave assault on the supreme court of the united states of america and every democrat and everyone else who uses this as a political
4:17 am
opportunity whether to push for the filibuster rule to be eliminated in the senate or start attacking the justices, these are all corrupt, poisonous people and voices who are attacking the foundations of this country. >> brian: mark, a couple of things, number one, roll with the story. joe biden today in alabama before he talks about javelins and saluting the machinists who make them. he will say something and tap into jim crow 2.0 it attitude totally inaccurate in describing the rule. everything correct about the media. what does it tell you that the american people are still on the cusp of really doing damage to the democratic party if all these polls are correct? the media is not controlling things. they are not controlling the strings of the american people. the media is not where the american people are. >> the problem is, brian. the media have to inform the american people while honestly what's taking place in their
4:18 am
government. when the media take sides the american people don't know what's taking place on their government. we may win the midterm elections but are we going to win every election? are institutions going to understand this we have host on other networks who hate this country who push racism day in and day out. people in the past pushed pushedanti-semitism. these are people who have a situational ethics and ends that they demand and they are in the media. we cannot have a free country for long when the institutions that are intended to keep us free are corrupted so the media -- everybody knows independent from the democratic
4:19 am
party. why do you think they attack conservative talk radio. they attack fox. they attack other conservative outlets. they control # 8% of everything that's said out there and it's still not good enough for them. they want conformity. why do you think they attack elon musk? they demand conformity. they don't want free speech. they don't want a supreme court that sits there and debates issues and makes decisions though want their ruling the way they want their ruling. come hell or high water that's the way it is. that's why i started off saying it's the united states of democrat party. they are not thinking about america. i heard one senator say we are going to have a patchwork of abortion rules now. i said yes, that's the point that's the point. people in south carolina are not people in california whether it comes to certain viewpoints. >> steve: federalism. >> the reason the framers were so brilliant and did this is to keep the country united by allowing diverse views with diverse people with diverse religions and diverse background
4:20 am
to live where they want. to be mobile. so that one court and it's not even nine justices, maybe it's 7, maybe it's 5 doesn't put a stamp on everything that must be said in the culture you shall honor this. you shall pay for that wait a minute, it goes against my religious beliefs. i don't want to bake that cake. i don't want to do that you will do what we tell you to do. it's the same attitude tuesday when it comes to voting. the rules for voting. only the state legislature is supposed to makes rules. not the state courts and governors and all the rest. this is why we have had a battle over the 2020 election. the answer for the democrats is let's central that too so they can impose their will on south carolina. impose their will on pennsylvania which is a culturally conservative state. impose their new york city, san francisco rules on the rest of the country. this roe v. wade decision, the american people know it's not the right decision.
4:21 am
why are justices on-the first book i wrote was called this "men in black" how the supreme court is destroying america. the supreme court is nationalizing these decisions that said, the answer to that isn't to destroy the supreme court. the answer to that is to get the right justices on. so they have destroyed the confirmation process, the democrats on one footnote, filibustering supreme court justices or justices at all. fbiing judicial nominees started with the democrats. was promoted by chuck schumer. and now it's reached all the way to the supreme court for most of our history we never filibustered judicial nominees. now we do. and we never did to judicial nominees what we did to work bork, thomas and kavanaugh. we never do. i politico trying to cover its as. we never had a draft ever in the
4:22 am
history of the supreme court like this why? because people are being taught that the country stinks that our foundations don't matter we are a white supremacist nation and the only way to go is with the rated left agenda. the whole government is supposed to be focused on embracing the radical left agenda. >> steve: yeah. >> steve: mark, going back to what you said overturn roe v. wade, it sounds like. it will come to as you said accurately, every state will be able to decide whether to restrict or ban abortion. and, you know, this all started in mississippi where they said you can't have an abortion after 15 weeks. >> a couple things about this. it's not the final decision as professor turley and others have said. but it is an indication. isn't it amazing? all these medical experts and
4:23 am
scientists that we have listened to for two years on covid, they say follow the science. okay. i'm following the science, i'm following the son grams, the heart beats, but what is that exactfully a woman's womb after 15 weeks? what is it? what is it? it's not a bologna sandwich, what is it? >> steve: it's a person. >> it's a baby. more and more with our scientific technology, babies can survive and, yet, the democrats and the left still push abortion up to the last second. the governor of colorado, the governor of california. >> ainsley: and virginia even after the baby is born. >> it's a human being we can have that debate which is separate over institution. ybe it's not separate. it shows the poisoning of our culture, roe v. wade doesn't even do what these governors want to do. federal funding for abortions, we had an agreement under the
4:24 am
hyde amendment for 15 years that the federal dollars wouldn't be used because we had to have respect for people who have a moral problem with it. that's been eliminated. we have doctors and nurses for religious reasons and moral reasons who don't want to conduct abortions. those democrats that you hear now in the senate and the house. they are trying to force them. force them to do what they want them to do. this is what happens. people are at loggerheads here. absolute loggerheads. that's why the framers were so incredibly intelligent when it comes to the tenth amendment. solve these decisions most have to be left to the states where people have a viewpoint in one state where they may not have a viewpoint in another state. but the left is not happy with that so, when i hear a senator say well, we are going to have a patchwork when it comes to abortion, that's the point. it doesn't mean a woman isn't going to get -- are you kidding me? we have groups bringing illegal aliens in this country moving from city to city state to
4:25 am
state. if somebody says i want an abortion in the 18th week and i'm in mississippi. okay, let's get on the bus. we will go over to new jersey or wherever it is. this is not an issue about whether or not somebody can get an abortion i'm sad to say. this is an issue about the constitutional construct in this country. who makes the decisions? are we going to centralize all these decisions with handful of judges and schumer and pelosi and the radicals in this country? or are we going to allow the american people to make these decisions? this is a counter revolution to the american revolution. that's what's taking place here. and in so many ways we live in a post constitutional society now. i don't know. are we a representative representative? are we a federal republic? what exactly are we? so now they basically light a fuse at the supreme court of the united states. why not? why not? they are blowing everything up else. the court has a grave problem on its hands right now. somebody did horrific damage to the supreme court.
4:26 am
and i want the american people to understand. you might say well, who cares? somebody leaked something. everybody always leaks something. you cannot have nine justices sitting in a conference room openly discussing opinions, going back and forth, having their law clerk help prepare the briefs, going back and forth. it takes a period of months typically with a complicated decision it could be fix months if they think somebody is going to leak it just remember the mode disbehind the person who leaked it. they succeeded. they succeeded. the democrat party is running with this like a dog with a bone. and they are going to raise money on this and they hope it changes what happens in 2022. i predict, i hope i'm wrong. >> brian: right. >> that biden is going to be a dog with a bone in his mouth. that that's what they are going to do. >> brian: starting today. >> trying to change the subject. i want to to be clear sadly if you are somebody who wants to get an abortion you will be able to get an abortion. but the supreme court has been
4:27 am
severely damaged as have the rest of our institutions by the rest of the justices. >> brian: justice alito said we cannot allow our decisions to be affected in any way or influenced by anything such as public opinion. that's what alito thinks. and he says therefore, if the february paper stands, that will be the june decision. >> steve: mark levin thank you for joining us today. >> ainsley: you are so talented. thank you. >> thank you, god bless you. >> ainsley: polls are open in ohio now. that's where pete hegseth is having breakfast with friends at j.c.'s restaurant in burton. good morning,. >> pete: pete good morning, i'm here with chris, jerry and barbara. i thought they were lifelong friends. turns out they met an hour ago. we have been having a robust discussion a quarter of which is suitable forever television. we will bring you what we can. the opinions are flowing here this morning at j.c. look forward to bringing it to you here on "fox & friends." talking to the people. ♪ ♪
4:28 am
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4:32 am
still sheltered in the bombed city. this as video released what it claims are two russian ships being blown up near the black sea's snake island. first lady jill biden is set to travel to romania to meet with refugees from the conflict. we want to warn you this following video is graphic. a migrant drowns in the rio grande while trying to cross into the united states. a national guardsman told fox news they were ordered not to perform any more water refuses crews after a texas national guardsman drowned in the same area while trying to rescue two migrants last month. meanwhile in the el paso sector migrant encounters are up 58% just in the past six month alone. amber heard could take the stand in ex-husband's johnny depp's defamation trial as early as today. heard's testimony will come over a week after depp took the stand. heard's legal team is expected to ask the judge to dismiss the
4:33 am
case. the move will follow virginia statutes which essentially required defense steams in civil suits to enter a motion to strike that motion not expected to stand. if you want to learn more about this our very own brian kilmeade hosts who is amber heard and who is johnny depp. both are available on fox nation those are your headlines i want you know who they're. >> brian: they are fascinating characterization. unlikely. >> ainsley: don't need to be together. >> steve: they aren't. >> brian: someone should have intervened. >> ainsley: they should have gotten divorced a long time ago. >> brian: i will take it from here. thank you, carley. we kind of ran over carley. never got say goodbye to her. ohio republicans heading to the polls today in one of the closely senate watched primaries in the nation. >> ainsley: check back in with pete hegseth. is he talking to the voters. is he live at j.c.'s restaurant in burton, ohio. what are they saying pete? >> pete: good morning.
4:34 am
lots to say. brian, i shouldn't boost your ego and admit this. i also watched who is elon musk yesterday hosted by brian kilmeade my day off. it's really fascinating stuff. great people here too at j.c.'s. about what happened at the supreme court a leak there but also the big primary on the governor's race and the senate race. we talked a lot about the senate race but the governor's race is significant as well. paula, you are voting today? >> i am. still undecided on the senate race but on the governor's race who are you supporting and why? >> i'm supporting by mr. stone for governor. he supports conservative valley he represents ohio northeast region. we need to get back to our conservative values. crazy woke thing that's coming on and the leak in the supreme court is just not how we believe around here.
4:35 am
>> pete: well done, paula, thank you very much. >> appreciate your time. great spending a lot of time with you this morning. judy and sherri, correct? >> correct. >> pete: big senate race, i have been talking with this wonderful table of ladies this morning. lou supporting and why? >> imagined, veteran, pro-gun, pro-life, i'm good with that. >> you were with him from the beginning. >> yes, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> how about you, sherri, who do you support. >> i'm also for josh mandel. did he a great job as our treasurer. and he also is a marine. and my dad was a marine semper fei, and is he going to drain the swamp. >> pete: what about the trump endorsement. >> i wasn't a vance fan from the beginning i was always been a mandel fan. >> pete: thank you very much. appreciate it we have heard as i mentioned from all sides and all candidates,including from this great table here jon scott and ron. guys, talk to me about how are supporting and why in this
4:36 am
senate race in ohio. a lot of eyeballs on this race? >> mine is pretty simple. trump's endorsement convinced me that j.d. vance is the guy for the job. i am whoever trump supports in any position, that's my candidate. that's my guy he knows him and trump -- he is one of those few people that made promises and followed through with it. not that i want to live next door to him. but i think he is a good guy. he is one of those politicians that does what he says he is going to do. >> pete: run for president not your next door neighbor? >> you got it. >> i'm a j.d. vance fan. i was border line of mandel. josh and vance and since trump is going it w. vance that's who i'm going to go with. >> picked on you for sure. who do you like? >> josh mandel, marine, family man, honest. i like the guy. >> pete: you can see there is a mix. going to bring it to greg our
4:37 am
last guy. greg, who are you supporting in this. >> i'm going to support j.d. mandel. >> we found the j.d. mandel voter that trump was talking about in nebraska. it's an interesting miss match of two of the leading candidates. real quick who do you think you will support? >> i like j.d. vance. i like a young guy. i think we need some young people in the government. and i like his attitude with the border. the border to me is the most important thing in our country right now and keeping our border safe. keeping the drugs out. and it's just -- that's number one that's going to effect all of us. >> pete: there you have it guys. i have heard about every name on the republican side on the gubernatorial and senate side. trump looms large. you heard it right there. trump was the decider for a lot of people. for other people they said hey we respect that but we are sticking with our candidate. today with 25% undecided in the state, it's going to come down to last split second decision. guys bang to you in new york.
4:38 am
>> brian: a lot of money in that race. >> pete: 70 million bucks. >> steve: comes down to who shows up. primary raves as everybody knows not always widely attended. >> ainsley: i know you are talking to a lot of these people you are talking to are conservatives. how do you think this will play out in ohio once the primaries are over. >> brian: tim ryan, right? >> pete: tim ryan is the front run tore run for that senate seat. there is a sense that ohio has become a red state and more conservative candidate is viable at the state level. electability argument probably not as prominent as it used to be in republican party politics. >> brian: senator porten man moderate and that's who he is replacing. >> steve: we will be back with him in a little bit. leaked draft opinion from the supreme court signaling a possible end to roe v. wade after 50 years. that has protesters demanding democrats take drastic action.
4:39 am
judicial crisis network president carrie severino is a former law clerk to supreme court justice clarence thomas, she is coming up next. ♪ find your beat your moment of calm find your potential then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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>> ainsley: this is a fox news alert. the fbi is reportedly expected to launch a full scale investigation into the shocking and unprecedented leak out of the supreme court revealing justices may soon overturn roe v. wade. our next guest calls it -- is talking about, i'm sorry, i think this might be wrong. i'm not sure what you told our producers. is questioning the integrity of this. judicial crisis network president and former supreme court clerk carrie severino joins us now. carrie, you were in this position. you were a clerk. tell us what security is like around these opinions. >> yeah. you know, it's absolutely jaw dropping to have a leak like this. even when you can only think of a handful of times that even
4:44 am
just the outcome of a case might have been leaked shortly before an opinion is released. this is presumably months ahead of time and a full draft text of the opinion. we were not aloud to leave the building with any of this information whether it's a hard copy or flash drive. this is very small tight network of people who would have had access to this opinion including really just the justices and their clerks. it shows to me the depth to which liberal activists are willing to go and presumably in this case a liberal activist clerk on the court are willing to go to try to achieve their political ends. i think it was the assumption maybe this is going to help encourage potentially the court could change direction because drumming up, you know, protests and potentially violence like we started to see last night some of the protests at the court. you know, it's almost as if there is no american institution. they are unwilling to destroy in order to achieve their extreme policy goals. >> ainsley: if you think about the fallout.
4:45 am
this one person if it was a person inside that was leaking this. then, if you think about how this is going to effect the elections, the midterm elections, how this is going to effect this decision. it's bullying the justices to try to change their opinions, congress is going to say they want to pack the court. what are your thoughts on that? >> yeah. you know, i think it's shocking to me how you have had people on the left including members of congress basically trying to use this as an excuse, again, to bull doze every other institution. we have already now we are undermining the court which was the only institution that didn't used to leak. now we can't say that anymore. and in saying well while we are at it let's bull doze the filibuster and use it to push through legislation either to pack the court or codify roe. it is really discouraging. i think it's, you know, yet another new low in the attempt to bully and attack the court. and, you know, what is so ironic
4:46 am
is, i think if anything, the release of this opinion will probably only strengthen the spifn the justices. now that the american people can see, we don't know the final version of this opinion, boy, i had a chance to read that draft and it is thorough. it is well-argued historically incredibly well backed up and so clear justice alito didn't go into a lot of flaming rhetoric about this very clear you know what in the constitution says absolutely nothing about this. american history never had a traditional right to abortion. it was evented out of whole cloth and the court needs to return it to where it alleys should have been with the american people and elected representatives. that puts the ball back into the people's court. let's them to decide how to deal with this controversial issue. i hope people will take that role seriously rather than threatening and intimidating the justices. >> ainsley: i want to ask you because you clerked for justice thomas. what do you think is he saying this morning and what's happening behind the scenes there? >> yeah. i have to think that all of the
4:47 am
justices, i would hope and assume even the liberal justices are just horrified by this. i think that's why you are going to see swift investigation of the clerk involved. you know, i think the, again, i think the potential swing justice maybe one of the new justices would peel off. i think it just makes them more determined not to bow to this kind of pressure. chief justice roberts would like to see the integrity of the court protected. this is a huge blow against that i hope it would make him more determined not to tempt people to be publicly pressuring the court as they are right here. >> ainsley: carrie, thank you so much for being on with us. i know you have a busy day. thank you. let's check in with janice dean for the fox weather forecast. january zan we have storms across the ohio river valley. that might effect primary voting today. look at that severe thunderstorm threat for parts of indiana and ohio. both primary states.
4:48 am
toledo, cleveland, columbus and cincinnati, we are looking at afternoon thunderstorms. some of which could turn severe. some of the big cities right there. i think it's best to get out early and vote as opposed to later on this afternoon where we could see severe storms or thunderstorm watches or tornado watches. there is indiana where we could see the potential for severe weather. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, wednesday and thursday the focus is on texas and oklahoma and then over to the mississippi river valley on thursday. so there is a system we are talking about already bringing some lightning to portions of the ohio river valley and there is the next couple of days where we could see heavy rainfall and the potential for flash flooding. fox keep you posted all your watches and warnings, if you are voting today be very careful and keep abreast of all of the latest forecast detail. >> ainsley: very important day for several states. thank you so much, janice. sky high diesel prices have truck drivers pumping the brakes next guest warns if the industry
4:49 am
doesn't see relief soon. more drivers are going to be out of work soon. his message for the president next. ♪ i think it's going to be a long, long time ♪ bring back into ♪ the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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4:53 am
>> diesel prices are soaring with average cost per gallon is $5.37 per that is the highest ever. and those prices putting a strain on the trucking industry and could trickle down to the consumer. right now to react, he's a truck driver from ohio. you said you checked last year at this time. diesel prices where $2.36 per gallon. out of that figure into what you do for a living? >> think about it, brian. thank you for having me today. you think about it, if i take a truck out and i go for ten hours, that's about $600 worth of fuel. two years ago, it would've been $230. those costs have to go somewhere. business is so competitive today, we can't keep eating it. it's not like carpooling to school. i'll pick up your kid. trucks have to be places. they have to go. those are costs we can get away from. >> brian: we are tens of
4:54 am
thousands of truck drivers down. we know that for a fact. it's not just diesel. if i go to buy tires, it's gonna cost more. if i need repairs cost more. >> the asphalt in the road is made from oil. these are self-inflicted wounds. that's the hardest thing. it's really hard for us to understand. why are you doing this to our industry and relate to all our lives? we have people in our company that drive 40 miles a day to work. it's affecting their bottom line. they use to fill up their car for $20. not cost them $60 just to get to work. it's always on the middle class. it self-inflicted. >> brian: in what way? if we drilled more, we would have more control over the price. >> absolutely. we are begging people, countries that hate us to sell us oil when we have our own resources. you are in industry. don't think that it doesn't
4:55 am
reflect at the prices at the store. someone has to pay for it. it cost you $600 just for a few of the day, someone is the pick that up. it just doesn't go away. money doesn't grow on trees. there's no magic carpet bringing the stuff to market. >> brian: do you eat it for a short period of time when you factor it in right away? >> to a business is so competitive, there's no place to affect admin. prices are going to have to go up and it will make everything go up. >> brian: do you think washington realizes this? >> i don't see how they can. i don't know if it is that they don't realize it or they don't care. i don't care if you are in a labor union or regular worker or upper-middle-class, lower middle class, if you eat, if you need a place to live, and if you need to get from point a to point b, this is affecting you. the reasons are obvious. we can go on like this. there's just no way. >> steve: what do you plan on
4:56 am
doing about it? is there a union situation where you can have your voice be heard? >> is not so much a union situation. we have an election today in ohio. we have to get back to where we wear. the solution is simple. do it we were doing. the economy was going fine. we were energy independent. we are always going to have problems we could overcome. why put the self-inflicted problems on us? it doesn't make any sense. >> steve: the first i will be limited terms. easily the primaries matter a lot especially in ohio. you guys turn it around by fracking. that was part of the reason. thank you so much. >> thank you, brian. >> brian: protests break out in d.c. supreme court ready to strike down roe v. wade. shannon bream live next. that help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins...
4:57 am
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5:01 am
attack. >> the federal reserve about to make things even more expensive. but i have point hike in interest rates. >> this is the end of free money unless of course you're getting a check from the government. [cheers and applause] >> my goodness. another shot, but it's a goal. >> ainsley: this hour with fox news alert. politico reports the supreme court is set to strike down roe v. wade after they obtained a draft opinion. >> steve: the unprecedentedly sparked protest outside the court and it was noisy. >> brian: outside the white house where they are strategizing how to handle this. >> good morning to you. as shocking and massive link obtained by "politico." the draft majority opinion authored by justice samuel says
5:02 am
"it was egregiously wrong from the start. it's reasoning was weak in the decision is at damaging consequences and far from bringing about a national sentiment to the issue. deep in division. the league lead to massive protests late last night after the supreme court. some chanting "a abortion is health care and won't go back." nancy pelosi and majority leader chuck schumer issued a joint statement saying, several of these conservative justices who are in no way accountable to the american people have lied to the u.s. senate ripped up the constitution, and defiled president and the supreme court's reputation all at the expense of tens of millions of women who can soon be stripped of their bodily autonomy. earlier on "fox & friends," professor jonathan turley expressed outrage. >> what occurred with this leak was an unspeakably unethical act. a long tradition that it would not yield to politics.
5:03 am
it would not yield the dirty tricks. somebody shattered that tradition. the investigation that will now ensue is going to shatter the culture of the court. >> it is not clear when or how president biden will react. it is worth noting vice president kamala harris is due to speak at the pro-choice gallatin night. >> steve: thank you very much. shock waves in washington, d.c. not just for the fact that this could reverse roe v. wade. keep in mind, what this would do is roe v. wade legalized abortion nationwide. this would allow each state to decide on their own whether or not to allow or restrict or ban abortion. it would be up to the states as our framers decided. >> ainsley: what happened in december? they had the oral arguments and a vote in congress. they voted. the democratic justices, they
5:04 am
are working on according to this "politico" article more dissidents. this is just a first draft opinion. it has been circulating among the justices. it started on february 10th. clerics who do work for these justices. in one of them get their hands on this information and send it over to "politico"? we have been talking to experts all morning long that same that person would probably not send an email to "politico." they would handed over to that reporter. there will always be a paper trail and the fbi would be able to find out he did it. maybe there was a paper trail. >> brian: we are about to find out. really three facets to the story at least. one, you have the decision itself and what it means for abortion in america. number two, you have a leak this out. is that going to be the new way -- for the supreme court. this decision is out. we will know two or three months ahead of time. number three, one of the political ramifications as the
5:05 am
democrats may be looked at weaponize this and say come and see what happens when mitch mcconnell picks the supreme court justices. mark weighed in on this. he doesn't think "politico" should have published it. >> we keep denigrating the institutions from the founding two are monuments to our history to these different branches of government. when you keep trespassing on separation of powers, this is what you get. i will be the first one is say it. what the hell is "politico" thinking? they got it. we have to run with it. you are liars. there's a lot you don't run with when it doesn't advance your narrative and advance your agenda. you have participated in a grave assault on the supreme court of the united states of america. and every democrat and anyone else who uses this as a political opportunity whether to push for the filibuster rule to be eliminated in the senate or start attacking the justices, these are all corrupt, poisonous
5:06 am
people and voices who were attacking the foundations of this country. >> steve: why did the leaker do it? probably to put pressure on the justices to change their votes. we have had a number of guests and day that said would not -- >> ainsley: does this person think they know better than the nine justices? >> steve: they are trying to derail the process. let's bring in shannon bream the fox news and night anchor. shannon, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. >> steve: this is a gigantic whodunit. they think it could be certain clerks and names are being, you know, they are zipping around the internet right now. if there are nine justices, and each has 4 clerks, that's 36 people. how hard could this be? >> it's a very small universe of people who would ever have the ability to get their hands on
5:07 am
these drafts. you better believe the chief is already very much on the moment. last night and into the morning. he's going to have the ability to marshal the troops there at the court and say it one by one, need to know what happened. i need to know where this goes. there will be people who will figure this out. i feel confident some point we will have a name. if it is a person who thought that they would stop this decision or reverse some of these conservative votes by doing this, they may actually out themselves and say, i did this for history. i did this to preserve the right to abortion. there are people on the left who are celebrating this person if that is the scenario. and embraces role. >> ainsley: what is the vetting process to become a clerk? do they find out if i talk to the press before or if they've been unethical in the past? >> it is exceptionally, exceptionally grueling and difficult to become a clerk on the highest court. there are incredibly brilliant law students every year who are
5:08 am
vying for these year after year. it is such a tiny, tiny, multi-fraction of a percentage of those get picked. they know when they leave the court, they are set for life as far as their legal career is concerned with the thought that one of them would take this kind of risk is almost unimaginable. think about what we have already been through this term. and we were told there was reporting that justice was asked to wear a mask and he didn't do it and it upset justice sotomayor. i found out that was not accurate. within a day or two, we had multiple statements from justices sotomayor and the chief justice. we have the leaked retirement announcement before justice breyer was intending to do it. this has been a really difficult term for the court. after imagine the chief is not happy this morning. >> brian: if you look around the world, where do you think legalized abortion is heading? we see that argentina is legalizing it, texaco is, very catholic countries.
5:09 am
if we do make it a state-by-state situation, does that go counter to where the trend is? >> inc. that depending on the state we live. remind people about this. this draft opinion which i have been led to believe is an actual draft opinion that circulated in february talk about returning this to the states. we've already seen states on both of these past trigger laws. if roe is struck down, there is broader rights to abortion in that state or there is a more limited right to abortion in that state. the states have been getting ready for this. it doesn't mean that abortion will go away in the united states. a very much have to do with where you live in this draft opinion. it talks about sending this back to the people. the legislators they've elected to make decisions to the state level. >> ainsley: she clerked for clarence thomas. she had you weren't allowed to walk out of the supreme court with any papers. now, this is the day and age of cell phones. do you think someone inside dug a picture of it?
5:10 am
are you allowed to take a cell phone and when you're reading these opinions? >> for us and members of the press, we cannot take any devices into the courtroom when we go there. the 32nd have to operate in a way that they can work. that's going to include email and those kinds of things. there are a number of justices who only sent things around in long hand or an actual hard copies for them to go to other offices. there is a very limited use of email in the court. i would think for an opinion of this nature, it is with a probably hard copy situation for the most part. >> steve: a lot of people don't realize is that printers actually have a signature on each page. i would imagine the page was anonymized either by about leaker or perhaps by "politico." we will just have to wait and see. shannon, thank you very much. i've a feeling we'll be talking about this throughout the day. >> i will see you later. >> steve: let's check in. he's talking the voters in the
5:11 am
restaurant with a big primary today. >> yes, there is. guys, i'm here with janice and kathleen. we will talk at them in a moment. thank you for your services also on the school board. we were just talking candidates in the senate and governor's race. it is a huge primary that will tell us a lot about the state of the republican party. they are both -- i like this about one candidate in this for another. representative of the feeling of a lot of ohio folks. certainly endorsement of president trump away on the minds of many as well. as we always do on "fox & friends," we hear from the polls in abundance and the politicians. this morning, we are hearing from the people here in burton ohio. stick with us. you will hear more primary voters. i bet you wish you were running at home. ohio gets to today. >> steve: it's getting exciting. thank you very much, pete.
5:12 am
8:11 here in the east. >> ainsley: some headlines for us. >> police in alabama issue an arrest warrant for the sheriff deputy who allegedly help the capital murder suspect escape from prison. vicki wyatt is charged with permitting or facilitating the escape after she and the 6'9" suspect disappeared before his court appearance last week. police say both the officer and the murder suspect our army. they are looking a romantic link to tween the two escapees. the largest wildfire in the u.s. surpasses 138,000 acres. it forces mandatory evacuations in new mexico. evacuations are now expanding two parts of las vegas. shifting winds expanded the canyon and hermits peaks fires that are burning in the northeast part of new mexico. just 20% of the flames are currently contained.
5:13 am
award-winning actor, producer, and director, kelsey grammer is giving fewer than inside look at eight battles in early u.s. history that help shape our nation. our very own brian kilmeade joins them to help tell those stories. >> you think of the 13 colonies, new york was right in the middle. that is where the ports were. that's where the commerce took place. that's when the economy thrives. washington got the best of his army and they went to new york to square off with the british. >> i already feel more educated. you can watch the brand-new eight part series. right now on that is my second brian kilmeade promo for today. the only thing that would make today better is if i get a break. >> you have to do something else. >> ainsley: don't worry, i'm sure that's coming. >> brian: is really pumped up the do it. a really patriotic guy. really selective on what projects he does because is very successful.
5:14 am
really looking forward to it. >> ainsley: cheers. >> brian: meanwhile still ahead, thank you. i didn't thank you last time and i apologize. russia is ramping up attacks on civilians. the latest from the war-torn country. >> steve: new york city mayor eric adams making his wish to go to the star-studded met gala last night a reality with a message looking to back up his tuxedo. it's about ending gun violence. leo terrell on the tone-deaf fashion statement he says. the big apple. leo is in the house coming up next. ♪ ♪ you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ new projects means new project managers.
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5:19 am
>> brian: releasing video of what it claims are to russian ships being blown up in the black sea comes as survivors share what they've seen. there are civilians in regular military. matt finn is live. hey, matt. >> happening right now here in ukraine, their ongoing efforts to get survivors out of that city. it's being described as. it is really a race to get people out of there. russia has been heavily bombing the city for weeks if not months now. it was once described as a flourishing coastal city. now it's leveled from bombs and fires. an estimated 100,000 people are still sheltering trying to survive. hundreds of ukrainian marines have been seeking shelter in the dark tunnels between the steel plant. the marines on the last line of resistance in that city that russia wants to claim it has
5:20 am
control of. it is also innocent ukrainian civilians along with elderly people, women, and children. some injured running out of food and water. the latest update right now. dozens of people are on their way to safety after being evacuated from that steel plant with help from the u.n. and the red cross. here are some survivors that escaped mariupol and other nearby cds. >> there was constant shelling during the day and at night. the houses were damaged. we hid in the basement. it's a difficult situation with the food. there is no humanitarian aid. there is no money. it is very scary there. there is nothing left in mariupol. no work, nothing. >> dramatic new video claiming to show ukraine destroying russian patrol boats near snake island and the black sea. in response, this new video appears to show russia launching missile attacks where it is said target in a military airfield
5:21 am
and the southern city of odessa. president biden is getting ready to speak. jill biden is scheduled to visit slovakia and romania and our american mother's day, she is expected to visit with refugee mothers. >> brian: thanks, matt. great round up. so much more to talk about as well. let's toss down the easily. >> ainsley: new york city's mayor eric adams taking some heat over his bald fashion statement last night's met gala. the message "end gun violence" meanwhile, gun violence in the city is skyrocketing. shooting is up 10% so far this year. fox news contributor and former democrat leader leo terrell is here to react. he's at this fancy party in one of the headlines on the post says, eric adams gets pedicure. at a picture of him at the salon hours before preparation. eight people were shot in new york city on sunday.
5:22 am
>> thanks for having me. i said from day 1 the moment he got elected, this guy is enjoying being mayor of new york. he's having a great time. not the city of new york. that symbol -- criminals like eric adams. he worries about gun control pretty is not worried about the career criminals. a career criminal is not afraid of eric adams. eric adams is not done anything, and easily, since he took office on january 1st to get the career criminals off the street. he's having a great time. the citizens of new york are still living in fear of crime. >> ainsley: let's talk about the supreme court. this opinion leaked out on roe v. wade. there are two issues here. could it be overturned? the bigger issue -- that's a big issue. the other big issue i should say is the leaking for the audacity of this person to do this if it was someone on the inside. what do you think? >> i said last night, this to me
5:23 am
was designed to change the current narrative away from the disastrous biden administration. it is designed to focus on the midterm is. it is designed to get people angry, emotional. and it worked. we changed the news cycle. this leaker has changed the new cycle per the number one story is the leak. the democrats are ecstatic right now. because the focus of gas prices, inflation, the war in ukraine, crime in the streets, critical race theory, all being distracted by the leaker. >> ainsley: yeah, and what he think the point was? to change that justices mines, the pack the court, to change the midterm elections? what you think the agenda was? >> in my opinion, it was to directly affect the midterms. suburban mom, middle-class american, they are going after your civil rights. first, roe v. wade. now, your rights as a woman, your rights as a person of
5:24 am
color. it is a designed attack to change the narrative. we are in the most disastrous time as far as inflation and the democrats have no way out. this is a get out of jail card for them to change the narrative. that's why unusual earlier, they talk about kamala harris going to the emily last. it is to change the narrative. for the next 48 hours, it's going to work. >> ainsley: i think you are right. leo, thank you for coming on. coming up, it is primary day in ohio in a seat in the u.s. and that is up for grabs. literally having breakfast with our friends in the buckeye state. hey, pete. >> good morning. it is voters time. its primary time for the polls are open for a couple of hours. it's also bacon and eggs, biscuits and gravy with some friends here this morning. it's really good. as was pointed out, some healthy food which i may or may not get
5:25 am
to. great folks, they've got a variety of opinions about the candidates today. why they like them, where they may or may not vote for them. he saw that bowling that's a 25% of ohio republicans are undecided. that sounds about right because that's what i'm seeing in his diner right now. people that are walking into the ballot box unsure who they will pull the lever four. donald trump made him a lot of peoples minds this morning. stick around on "fox & friends." we will bring you the voice of the people in the moment. rom drs to workouts and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 in 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences. now as you're thinking about all the vaccines your teen might need make sure you ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist.
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>> steve: today is primary voting day in ohio. they've been voting for two hours. buckeyes state republicans are heading to the polls at one of the contentious and most closely watched senate primaries in america. >> brian: let's check in with pete. very emotional crowd on hand. eight. >> good morning guys. you're exactly right. a passionate and formed a crowd here looking to go to the polls in ohio. it will tell the nation a lot. hungry crowd. the biscuits and gravy and they are good. thank you for your service and law enforcement. i really appreciate that. it tell me about -- we kind but i thought process of the
5:30 am
republican -- talk about it. >> usually i go into these situations and i decided way ahead of time. now, with mandel, i like mandel. you know, you got j.d. vance that trump is endorsing. kind of skeptical because of some of the stuff he said a few years ago. at the same time, some people change and realize i made a mistake a few years ago and that's good. all i think trump would look into that before he would endorse somebody. he's a businessman. i like businessmen because you can't run a country if you are losing, losing, losing money all the time. i like businessmen. that's up in the air. i'm usually not like that. >> pretty undecided down to the last minute. >> really odd for me. i usually have my decision. >> thank you for your service as a school board member as well. fighting against a radical curriculum at the school board
5:31 am
as well. i appreciate that. service continues. who do you like in the senate race in the governor's race? >> i'm still a little bit up in the air. gibbons or mandel. >> undecided still. we will see which way it goes. i appreciate spinning times with both of you this morning. maybe that breakfast will decide. i don't know what it's going to tell you. gentlemen, how you doing? it is see you. what's your name, sir? i do you support in the senate race in the governor's race? >> in the senate race, to begin. in the governor's race -- >> why? >> why? she seems to speak from the heart. she seemed to be pure and honest energy is kind of new and unspoiled and uncorrupted, probably. >> good reason of any. so you are, you? >> first off, we can't lose.
5:32 am
it doesn't matter which one. it does matter, but we have a really great team. i am far vance. he is overcome some of the negative things that they have said about him about trump. he's not a rino. he's all in for trump. at the end of the day, the next couple of years, we have to -- we have three candidates now. dolan, timken and mandel who are ready to go on the bench. >> even if one doesn't win this year, two years on the road -- >> we've got -- they don't. >> deep republican bench as you can see. still some uncertainty about they are focusing and i candidates. everyone is acknowledging them it is important. but also, looking back at past statements and trying to weigh all of that. very interesting. that is where the national media attention will be as well. it's been a lot of fun, guys,
5:33 am
here in ohio. it does feel good to hear and see america be prepared to vote again. it feels like a long time ago. it's back here on fox. >> steve: we are getting back to normal. coming up on this tuesday, washington, d.c., elementary school gives 4-year-olds a book asking them to identify their racist family members. tyrus reacts what's going on in woke schools.ju we woke him up. that's next. promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. i look back with great satisfaction on my 32 years of active duty. i understand the veteran mentality. these are people who have served, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time."
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5:38 am
>> i'm shocked. this is horrifying, absolutely horrifying. it loses the complete message of what it is to -- the idea of standing up to racism is not create a new racism. blaming white children for a suppose that white privilege is about the worst thing you can ever do. most of the people in this country who are poor go through the same things. i grew up in a poor neighborhood. my friends were every color of the rainbow. we were all broke together. i never once saw someone who mr. brandt and their family kicked out. the landlord said, excuse me, they are white. that's an extra three months rent. it happens no way. this is what the woke progressive do. they create these problems of attack. in this case, it is white americans as if it is their fault and it's pathetic. >> brian: here's a statement from the principal trying to rationalize this. as we recognize any time we engage in topics such as race and equity, we may experience a variety of emotions. we want to continue the dialogue with the students and understand
5:39 am
this is just the beginning. >> we are putting the wrong things in the classroom. we are taken away from actual real racism and actual people who go through these things by making conflating and making the bike and statement a whole group of people are racist just based off an assumption or somebody is very true signaling. what is crazy as it is typically from an elitist person who is quiet and is now trying that passes down instead of focusing on their own issues coming back to haunt them. >> brian: your book is excellent. it is called "just tyrus." you go deeper into what it was like growing up. but it was like having your mom go through a divorce from your dad. getting married to that guy. and all along the way, you brought us into what was life was like for you even to a situation where it comes to raceway your grandfather didn't want to take you in because i don't want people in my white neighborhood to know that i have a black grandson.
5:40 am
>> unfortunately, that was a sign of the times. sometimes, you can have two thoughts about one person. we have a bad habit in this country of the worst part of a person is the whole part of a person. you know, i wish he would have been different in those terms. that was who he was. again, and sent me on a path that got me to sit in this chair with you. very rarely do i say i wish they would never happen. i probably would know veneer. >> brian: growing up, your biological dad was beating up your mom. you picked up a knife and tried to stab him. he tries to throw you out of a second floor window. your mom tries to stop him. that is how your life started. there is a series of those very traumatic incidents. you are all about to me overcoming. this is my situation. this is how i acted. this is all i from it. he went to teach yourself how to
5:41 am
live in this world. >> me and my mother, we grew up together. it was a really mother-son dynamic because she was a kid herself. two kids raising kids raising themselves is going to be difficult. >> brian: one excerpt from your book. >> dana perino sent you this. "my mother could have had an abortion and no one would've questioned her at 15 years old, but she chose to have me. so thank you. dad, thank you for never being there. if you're there, i would be just like you. i learned from other men. i am better in life." >> brian: some of those men are coaches. think about that a junior college coach. >> coached errol morris who i recently saw in nebraska. they instilled things and meet them at work ethic, discipline, accountability. and i thrive in those environments. sometimes especially for young
5:42 am
men, if you don't have dad to come home too, there are father figures out there. you just have to open your mind up to it in your heart to it. i was lucky to have success in sports financially and move on to football and wrestling stuff. if i never got $1 for football or $1 for being in the wwe, i'm still victorious being in sports because of what it taught me and gave me a work ethic. that never goes away. >> brian: they told you to lose 50 pounds and you lost a hundred. speak out that is what you do and you have accountability and you bet on yourself. >> brian: another moment that stands out. snoop dogg, i don't know him. you do. he does more great things for people than you ever know. you notice he starts a football league. you basically convince him to let you coach. why did you get at the end of that season that you said means more to you than anything? >> it started out being sarcastic because i cannot stand the kid's footwork.
5:43 am
it was the least coached spot. they because they couldn't do anything really well, they put them on the old line. i think they are the backbone of football, period. i digress. i started just helping out. you know so much about this. why don't you go to the offensive line? we ended up having an amazing season. it was the most respected and feared group of 12-year-old you could have in football. i still stay in touch with those guys today. they have the banquet. he's new. he came out to announce the recipient. i remember going to know he's going to announce himself to give the award to himself. only he can do that. when i heard my name, i thought it was a mistake. i was shocked. i was coach of the year for the league. he gave me the trophy which is the only trophy that i hold onto. it meant so much to me. it was the most awkward handshake in exchange effort.
5:44 am
like i'm telling you right now, that's all awkward and shocked i was. >> brian: you have to go all the way to the last chapter. are you headed off and how you are doing here at fox. great book i want a lot of courage to write it. i think it will going to learn a lot by reading it. thanks, tyrus. i'm going to toss it back over to steve. >> steve: thank you very much brian and tyrus. looks like a great book. a leak supreme court opinion published by politico reveals that the u.s. supreme court appears to be prepared to strike down roe v. wade. late-night protests outside of the nation's highest court. mike emanuel's live outside the white house. there are all these theories floating around on television and online. people are coming up with names of jobs of who could be the leaker. was it the clerk? was that somebody at the copy machine? who done it?
5:45 am
>> many people asking who done it? it's going to be a massive investigation to figure out who leaked this document. the draft majority opinion obtained by politico, authored by samuel alito says "roe was egregiously wrong from the start. his reasoning was exceptionally weak. the decedent has had damaging consequences. far from bringing about national settlement of the abortion issue, roe have deep in division. late night outside the supreme court. some chanting "abortion is health care" and we won't go back." others hope the leak means roe v. wade will be overtone. chuck schumer issued a joint statement saying "several of these conservative justices who are in no way accountable to the american people have lied to the u.s. senate, ripped up the constitution and defiled both president and the supreme court reputation all at the expense of
5:46 am
tens of millions of women who can soon be stripped of their bodily autonomy. it is not clear when or how president biden will react to this massive news coming from the supreme court. it is worth noting vice president, harris is due to speak at the pro-choice group. tonight. >> thank you very much. i was reading a news article online with all these different job positions and people. some are suggesting it could have been leaked by u.s. supreme court justice. yeah, right? that would be crazy. these are crazy times. thank you, michael. all right, not crazy weather times. things are kind of nice today. >> janice: here in new york city, into the 60s. we have severe weather i want to talk about because it's happening and primary states today. let's take a look at it. you can see the cold air behind this front and ahead of the front we've got the warmer temperatures and that that for severe storms including over indiana and ohio later today.
5:47 am
there is your primary forecast for ohio where we can see those thunderstorms start to fire off this afternoon. that is what i'm concerned with if you can get out early to vote, that is my recommendation. some of the big states are going to see big thunderstorms later on today. for indiana, you are in this risk were strong and severe thunderstorms. we can see some heavy rainfall and hail and damaging winds. there's your forecast for some of the big cities in indiana. so be careful, all right? here's your severe threat not only today but wednesday and thursday where the focus goes across the plains and the mississippi river valley on thursday. fox i know you have an important one for all those watching the morning and if you go out to vote, be safe and keep an eye on the sky. >> steve: coming up next, the meat eater joins us live after taking will cain and his children fishing. he's going to share how to raise outdoor kids and then inside
5:48 am
world. sounds great. first, let's go inside to check in with bill hemmer. supreme court meets a plumber. they've got a leak. i like that line. what was it, steve? outdoor things in the inside world? >> steve: outdoor kids. >> i like that even more. >> steve: you need to go outside more. >> great show this morning. andy mccarthy my analysis only they can provide coming up. also karl rove and kellyanne conway. it is hard to predict political consequences are all coming up for you. they are building in ohio, big test today for donald trump. in america, and economy is issue number one. the economy is shaky. we will show you how. big two hours with dana and me and we will see you then at the top of the hour. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call with san francisco. and you can find him, and millions of other talented pros, right now
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5:53 am
>> steve: let's start with you. you took will and his kids. this is what you are all about, trying to take kids who don't get out enough outside. >> that's right. that's one of the things i try to do. keep in mind that i have three of my own which require a lot of my attention. >> will, for you, there has got a be a dream come true. it's take my kids to work day. >> steve, it is the best assignment i have ever been given here at fox. we've got an idea. we want to send you up to montana to the yellowstone river. you have to fish with steve who my boys and i have been watching on netflix. we have been watching "meat eater" for years. i get to go with a celebrity outdoorsman to go fishing with my sons. yes, i guess i can make some time for that job, steve. if we want to do this very quickly, let's take a look at
5:54 am
what my boys charlie and wes and his crew and i got to do on the yellowstone river in montana. roll it. >> here we are at yellowstone river montane. the will cain boys and then meat eater. ♪ ♪ you can feel it. that is the wind. it's going to mess up the fly-fishing a little bit. these guys are nervous. i nervous? >> yeah. >> it's going be rough. >> are you ready? come on, charlie. >> is is a good time of year for weather? >> i love it. >> going around. it's beautiful. >> i wonder why. [laughter] >> i can't figure it out. ♪ ♪ >> he is trying to get trout. he's trying to keep his line
5:55 am
parallel. see if that line just right. watch that bobber. see if he goes on there. >> i have a lot of faith that there are fish behind that rock. >> that rock right there. confident that there is a fish right behind that rock. see if we can make it a little more enticing for it. >> that fish as i lay somewhere where he doesn't need to exert much energy to hold his position. they will use folders to lay down and get in a current break and let the river bring food to them. yeah! >> this winter. it's hard to get over to it. >> we were fishing very close to the boat. trying to do what we can to keep something in the water. not getting real crazy. not like any kind of river runs through it.
5:56 am
>> we are flailing the water. >> just trying to keep something in the water. >> look at that sucker. i don't think we catch them like that. big smile. >> one of the things we are looking for is the color change. most likely, that little bucket, a little bit deeper water area. as we are going down, we are for the green water. [laughter] >> what is the way to do this where you -- >> 9 out of 10 trouts pastor my kitchen. you catch them -- >> who is winning now? who's winning now? ♪ ♪ >> that is the underappreciated celebrated fish. >> those fish. most are very good. ♪ ♪
5:57 am
>> sunday, thank you, man. seriously, that was a lot of fun. >> did you guys enjoy it? >> almost a rainbow. you can't so many. those are the things -- ♪ ♪ >> steve: that is so cool. well, you know, it is epic that you are able to go fishing with steve rinella who is a legend in the outdoor world. you will never forget that day on the river with your boys. >> i won't. i went to turn this over to steve. this guy, he has his show pretty used to being on tv. here's the deal. steve spent hours with both of my sons and trying to ensure that they got a fish that day. steve, listen, i got forget how many fish we caught. my youngest son turned to me at one point toward the end of the day and said i love this. let's do this again. right there, that is the end.
5:58 am
that is the victory. that is what i want. >> steve: the whole idea of your book is for a variety of reasons so many of our kids these days are just inside all the time. there is a great big world out there. you don't have to go fishing. you can go camping. you could grow a garden. just go outside. >> that's right. i started thinking about this book pretty seriously. 12 years and nine months ago when my wife was pregnant with our first son, and i knew that i was going to be embarking on an adventure of trying to get my kids engaged with nature and get my kids engaged with the natural world and the same with that i was. i will point out my first two children were born in new york and my third was born in seattle. i knew i had a lot of obstacles that were standing my way. i knew also that i was not going to take no for an answer. >> steve: give some advice for the parents who are watching right now who would like to do something but i don't have a good idea of what to do.
5:59 am
>> it's going to sound when i say this, it's going to sound glib. you cannot take no for an answer. i know, everything is hard. staggs, naptime, diapers. everything is solid. manageable goal, we are going to spend an hour outside digging in the dirt. we will not take no for an answer. you have to set -- set your intentions. that is what you are going to do. nothing will stand in your way. it is hard. >> steve: you know, you are, you know, in the outdoor world, you are a big deal. you are the mediator. do your kids, you are their dad. it is cool for them for that reason. >> oh, that is one of the things i go for. my relationship with my own father was based on our time outdoors. those other things i remember it. that is important to me besides
6:00 am
the idea of self-sufficiency, all the thing they learned in the outdoors. that's where we go to engage where they can see by enthusiasm. i can tap into their enthusiasm. >> steve: check out their new book. "outdoor kids in an inside world." thank you as well. >> thank you, both steves. >> ainsley: i love that last question. "don't take no for an answer." have a good one. >> thank you guys, good morning. the nation's highest court is in crisis. >> bill: we begin our program now. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." this news was going to come at some point. we've been waiting for the supreme court decision but last night in a leak is not how it was expected. >> bill: many thought maybe the end of the term. the news breaks at 9:00 at


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