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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  May 3, 2022 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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all the thing they learned in the outdoors. that's where we go to engage where they can see by enthusiasm. i can tap into their enthusiasm. >> steve: check out their new book. "outdoor kids in an inside world." thank you as well. >> thank you, both steves. >> ainsley: i love that last question. "don't take no for an answer." have a good one. >> thank you guys, good morning. the nation's highest court is in crisis. >> bill: we begin our program now. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." this news was going to come at some point. we've been waiting for the supreme court decision but last night in a leak is not how it was expected. >> bill: many thought maybe the end of the term. the news breaks at 9:00 at night we're going to bed
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getting ready. there was a ton of reaction last night. >> dana: the breach at the supreme court sending shock waves through washington the draft opinion reported by "politico" shows the majority of the justices voting in favor of mississippi on its 15-week abortion ban and overturning roe in the process. >> bill: the unconfirmed leak is seen as an attempt to see one of the judges to change the vote. keep in mind draft opinions circulate and change. nothing is final until it is signed. apparently this was written the first part of february. according to many, however, the damage to the highest court in america, the damage to that court has been done. >> this is an utter disgrace in terms of how it was released. this thing has been brought about as a result of an unscrupulous person trying to subvert 235 years of tradition. >> a matter of time. all these institutions will
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collapse. a grave assault on the supreme court. >> this is just so outrageous that this draft opinion was leaked. it is clearly an attempt to influence the outcome. >> the supreme court seemed to be the last institution standing that had internal integrity. >> dana: team fox coverage. jonathan turley is here with analysis. we begin at the supreme court where david spunt is standing by. >> good morning. if you think the shock waves are strong across the country and across the world. think about what's going on in this building with the nine supreme court justices. this is a close knit group. they may not agree on every opinion but at the end of the day they're in an elite group. nine supreme court justices and questions about trust and which justice the leaker or the leakers work for. those are all questions. a lot of emotion last night after this story was released around 9:00 as bill said. many came out to the supreme
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court and protested until the early hours of this morning. some upset, some happy. many just looking for some answers. as for right now there has been a steady stream of people who have come out early this morning and largely peaceful. no issues. but you are seeing two different sides of this specific issue right now outside of the supreme court. i want to pull out two parts of this draft opinion and as you mentioned it is a draft from justice alito back in february. he says in part roe was egregiously wrong from the start and reasoning exceptionally weak and the decision has had damaging consequences. we end this opinion where we began, abortion presents a profound moral question. the constitution does not prohibit citizens of each state from regulating abortion. in september they heard arguments over a mississippi state law banning abortions after 15 weeks. according to roe versus wade abortions are legal up to 24
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weeks when a baby is determined to be able to survive outside the womb. the mississippi case highlights states rights versus respect for court precedent. in this case almost five decades of precedence. if this draft upon is a reality it does not mean abortion would be illegally every state. each state would have the power to decide whether or not to allow abortions. they could remain legal in california but illegal in nevada, for example. >> this was never appropriate for nine lawyers dressed up in robes to take this decisions away from the people elect lawmakers in all 50 states. it was a huge victory. >> it would trigger the laws in over 20 states that have already said that they will outlaw abortion in their state. it will create a patchwork of laws across the country. >> two lawmakers make no mistake it has major
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implications for the mid-term elections and the activity that goes on across the street in capitol hill to codify and make roe versus wade an actual law in congress. normally these opinions are are released at the end of june and early july. it still will be the case for this unless it comes out earlier. a lot of issues likely going on inside the supreme court right now because of this draft. >> dana: everybody bring sandwiches to david spunt. he won't be leaving that spot today. >> bill: let's bring in constitutional law professor jonathan turley. a lot to get through. we'll cut it to three. first of all, i want to talk about the leak itself. then we'll get to the decision and how it may impact america. on the leak itself, shannon bream was on last hour and knows the court as well as anybody as do you. and the restrictions that are placed on people and what they can and cannot bring in and out of the court on the daily basis. are you able to think how a
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leak was possible. >> if someone was willing to be flagrantly unethical there is not a lot you can do. human beings are involved in the process. it isn't a national security scif or installation. there is going to always be a vulnerability to human error but also intentional human acts like this one. i think that a lot of us are really still sort of breathless about this occurring. this is the judicial equivalent to the 1919 world series scandal with the white sox we were all left saying so joe. most of us thought even though the city is renowned for leaks there was one place that was a bastion of integrity and second rest re to allow deliberations
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to go forward. that has been shattered and it will change the culture of the court. but they are going to pursue this individual or individuals with a great passion. >> dana: so what are the consequences for that person or persons if they are caught and who does that investigation? i didn't know until this morning and i probably should have, having worked on supreme court issues for a long time, that the supreme court actually has its own police force. >> it does. they brought in the f.b.i. you know, releasing the opinion you could try to create some type of attenuated criminal theory like theft but it is not generally viewed as a crime. it is a deeply unethical act but that will soon change. there is a relatively small number of people with access to these opinions. the f.b.i. will interview all of them in short order. when this individual is interviewed, they will have to make a choice if they lie to those f.b.i. agents this will
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be converted from an unethical act to a criminal act because under a statute that is 18 u.s. it is a crime to lie to federal investigators. so that individual at that point will have to decide do i just come out in the open and show courage even though i lacked integrity or do you risk being charged? >> dana: i want to be clear. the leak itself, is that a crime? >> the leak itself probably is not. you could try to frame it as a type of theft but it has been treated as than ahn ethical act. in this case would result in a disbarment if this person is a lawyer. but once you give a false statement to an investigator like an f.b.i. agent, you are now in the realm of the criminal code and that's why that moment of truth is coming for whoever is the culprit here. they are very likely to be interviewed in a relatively
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short time by the f.b.i. at that point this can change dramatically. >> bill: lets he get to part three of the question on the implications if it's true. we haven't confirmed the report. we assume it to be the case right now. it is the 3rd of may. the last polling we did was in january at fox. supreme court action on roe versus wade 63% say let it stand. 31% said overturn it. same poll abortion should be legal, 52% say that, yes. 47% say it should be illegal. are you able to forecast now the national implications of such a decision when it is announced and official? >> well, let's keep in mind, of course, this does not -- this opinion even if it were finalized and remained largely unchanged would not make abortion unlawful in the united states. it would return the issue to
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the states. the majority of states, the vast majority of the population where they live clearly have indicated that abortion will remain protected in those states. up to 20 states have indicated they may restrict or ban abortion if they are allowed to do so. an issue if congress will step in and codify roe versus wade and if that would be subject to a constitutional challenge. we have a lot of issues that have to be resolved but what is clear is that this would not result in abortion being made unlawful. quite to the contrary, in most states it will remain protected as a matter of state law. >> dana: that's an important point. thank you so much. we appreciate your time this morning for getting us started. you mentioned when this announcement was made last night. "politico" got the document originally and then there was a lot of reaction last night on the media. let's look at some of that. >> in the event we had a
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republican president in 2024, that's where we would be. we would be at a south america style nationwide abortion ban in america. >> women are losing their rights in this country. we do not want to give individual states the autonomy to decide. >> pretty much the nightmare scenario if you believe in the ultimate efficacy of the constitutional order. >> it is just devastating to read. >> dana: you will see a lot of opinions. what jonathan turley is important what it means to let the states decide and for voters to have a say. >> bill: there are a few passages interesting if true. this is written by sam alito in february. they may have changed by now. one thing that i find fascinating. we do not pretend to know how our political system or society will respond to today's decision over roe and casey. even if we could foresee we would not let that knowledge influence our decision. a lot more to come.
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it is rich and we'll share it with you over the next two hours coming up. >> dana: also primary day in ohio and indiana. all eyes are closely watching this ohio gop senate race as several candidates make their final pitch to voters. we're live in cleveland today. alicia, a big day in ohio. >> really big day, dana. good morning to you. most of the polling heading into today indicated that most voters have not settled on a candidate here in the gop senate primary. they simply haven't decided. seven are on the ballot to take on the democrat in november. d.j. vance who received the president trump endorsement and gave his kam plain a remarkable shot in the arm. josh mandel, the former state treasurer is aligned with policy supported by the trump base and hoping that brings him across the finish line first.
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mike gibbons in the fight is an ohio businessman on a big bus tour around the state attacking j.d. vance and maga street ced. matt dolan, a surge of late. his campaign targeting those undecideds. >> i'm a big trump supporter but i'm very disappointed in his choice to back and i'm shopping around and i like what i see from josh. there are so many candidates. i've heard several of them interviewed on talk radio so i'm kind of leaning towards one person. >> adding to the mix, this leaked potential supreme court decision on abortion. in ohio, governor mike dewine, running for reelection has signed several laws restricting access to abortion. at the same time the ohio legislature has trigger laws working their way through should an official high court
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decision come down. the ohio valley is forecasted today to have heavy rain, hail, and heavy winds. the campaigns are already concerned about lower turnout. this won't help. we're nice and dry inside this high school in cleveland. >> dana: everyone stay safe as you get out to vote. thank you. >> bill: the white house doing damage control vows this new disinformation board won't be biased. how will they make that happen? >> dana: images out of ukraine as people try to escape a steel plant. they fear hundreds are still trapped. >> bill: a high stakes manhunt underway in alabama. murder suspect is on the run, possibly armed an dangerous and the twist in all this his prison guard might be linked to his successful escape. >> she knew she was not to leave there alone with him and so that tells us that, you know, something was up. she has an unblemished record.
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>> we have had a warrant issued for director nicki white. the charges are facilitating escape in the first degree. >> bill: that's the sheriff in alabama who will join us in a moment. the hunt for the missing corrections officer and confessed killer she was transporting continues. sheriff rick singleton will join us in a moment. first steve harrigan with the news from the southeast bureau today. >> the hunt is on not just for the confessed murderer but the corrections official as well. vickie white age 56 was a
6:21 am
corrections officer with a flawless record and often won employee of the year. keep in mind she just sold her house, put in her retirement papers. last day was the day of the escape. now police officials are saying she did help in that escape but there is still a question whether that help was willingly or whether she was coerced. the sheriff and people who worked with her for the past 17 years say they're simply shocked by what has happened. here is the sheriff. >> i worked with vickie white and have worked with her for years. this is not the vickie white we know biff any stretch of the imagination. she has been an exemplary employee. >> the convict casey white was in shackles when they left that jail. the two dumped the patrol car in a shopping mall and left alabama. casey white is 6'9" serving a term for a crime spree and
6:22 am
facing the death penalty for a murder for hire. this man has nothing to lose and considered armed and dangerous. >> bill: unbelievable. steve harrigan in atlanta. dana. >> dana: fortunate to be joined by sheriff rick singleton. thank you for being with us today. one of the things i'm confused about is that she apparently broke the protocol or procedure and went alone with him in the patrol car to the supposed mental health or medical appointment he was supposed to have but didn't. does that indicate to you it maybe wasn't coerced? >> well, it was orchestrated, definitely. just prior to her leaving or taking white two van loads of inmates went to the courthouse with two deputies on board. vickie white is assistant director of operations arranged all the transports. the pieces of the puzzle started falling together fairly
6:23 am
quickly. it took an orchestration to put all this together, determining there was no appointment for casey white. so he wasn't missed in court because he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. so just everything just adds up that she absolutely participated in this escape. >> dana: the question is whether she did so willingly or if she was coerced. how much time was there between her leaving the jail with him and discovering that they had abandoned the vehicle? >> she left the detention center at 9:41 a.m. we were alerted at 3:30 p.m. during that time there were attempts to contact her. the director texted her at one time shortly before 11:00 telling her he needed to see her before she left that day.
6:24 am
about 11:30 he texted her and said you had to go homesick, i hope you're feeling better. around 3:30 the booking officers informed the assistant director saying they were trying to get in touch with vickie to see how she was feeling and her phone was going straight to voicemail and also discovered, because they knew she left early with casey white, that he had not been returned to jail. so the assistant director ordered the sheriffs office. >> dana: so he is 38 years old. he is 6'9", 250 pounds. not somebody that can easily hide. when i think of someone 6'9" that's a noticeable person. they had six hours they could either leave, get out of town. she had been talking about want going to to the beach. there is a tip line here. are you hearing from anyone that might have seen them? >> we haven't heard from anyone.
6:25 am
i take that back. we have had some tips where people thought that they spotted them. none of those tips have panned out. we haven't had any confirmed reports of sightings. >> dana: we wish you the best and hope you stay in touch with us as you try to find these two and find out what happened. thank you. >> thank you. >> they will try to rev up their base for november. they want to put pressure on the justices. do i think it will work? no, i don't. >> bill: democrats looking for a political life raft. is the leaked opinion on abortion the issue they needed? donald trump may not be on the ballot today and holding the republican party on the line. owe is voting in the pivotal senate primary race and karl rove will break it down. what you need to know coming up.
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you as a veteran is your eligibility, for a va loan, which lets you buy a home with no down payment. helping veterans buy homes - that's newday usa. >> dana: senate democrats calling for action following the leaked draft opinion suggesting the supreme court is ready to overturn roe versus wade. upending the senate rules to allow the bill to pass with a simple majority vote. chad pergram is following all of this. busy day on your plate there, chad. >> good morning. the leak is seismic for the supreme court the fault lines run under the u.s. capitol. the ruling becomes a flash point in the mid-term elections. democrats will use the leak to get pro-choice voters to the polls.
6:32 am
>> this supreme court has this twisted, dystopian view of america. they don't want to turn this country into the handmaid'stale. they are so out of touch. it is a disgusting ruling. >> there is pent-up anger on the left after the confirmation of three justices under former president trump especially since the gop refused to grant a hearing to president obama's nominee for the high court current attorney general merrick garland. the gop is bracing for fallout. >> more republicans in the united states senate, not in spite of this, but because of it. because of the overreaction by the democrats. again they will try to delegitimize the supreme court and move on to propose we pack the supreme court. >> the leak will spur democrats to pass a bill to codify roe. the house approved one bill last september but it stalled in the senate. >> i believe we need to immediately call it up for a vote again. it has passed in the house of
6:33 am
representatives and time in the senate to call it up for a vote. >> this also reignites an effort to end the filibuster. progressives like bernie sanders will target moderate democrats like joe manchin and kirs tin cinema. >> dana: thank you for that. >> bill: want to bring in karl rove now. a lot to go through. more reaction on this. we're told the president will have a statement to release any moment. stand by for that. one headline from the statement. reuters is quoting saying the president does not know whether the supreme court draft on abortion is genuine or reflects the final decision. that's the first comment we got on that. here is another comment. this goes back more than a year, february of 2020, then joe biden on abortion. >> a woman does have a right to choose. if they rule it to be unconstitutional, i will send to the united states congress and it will pass, i believe, a
6:34 am
bill that legislates roe versus wade adjusted by casey. it is a woman's right to do that period. >> bill: that was from february of 2020. the statement is long, karl. let's get your reaction first and we'll go through this together. go ahead. >> first of all, this is a momentous act. somebody broke the seal of secrecy of the supreme court and took a draft opinion apparently and released it to a member of the press. it is hard to remember when that ever happened. there was a case in 1919 in which a clerk took two opinions and shared them with people in order to profit off of the results of those opinions. but this is pretty extraordinary. second of all, look, the opinion to the 68 pages long, basically says there is no constitutional right to abortion. this issue ought to be left up to the states and the elected representatives of the people
6:35 am
in state legislatures to decide. so the president of the united states may say he wants to send a law through congress, but i doubt there will be 60 votes in the senate. if the opinion is correct and if the opinion represents the majority, it is saying return this to the states to be decided by the people through their elected representatives at that level. and -- this will be a big issue and the democrats will fan it. we need to put it in context if you look at it in the most quinnipiac poll it was tied for the ninth most important issue. there were other issues higher on the scale than at 4% abortion. now that number will grow simply talking about it and fanning the flames about it will make it go up the scale but it won't be near the items up here at the top in my opinion. >> dana: we have fox news polls show democrats wanted roe versus wade to stand.
6:36 am
republicans 48%. how might an issue like this affect the mid-terms. the ohio primary happening now. the reason the nation is watching because there is such a close divide there in the senate and an open seat with rob portman retiring. >> look, i'm somewhat skeptical on this. it will matter to a group of voters both pro-life and pro-choice voters will be elements of those two groups that will be revved up one way or the other on this issue. on the other hand, this is not the issue on which most elections will be decided. and also look, americans have a nuanced percent pebtive of this. the polls show americans believe their ought to be -- a woman ought to have a right to abortion but even in one of the latest polls, even a "wall street journal" poll, 48% of the electorate supported what was in the mississippi law that is to say a ban on abortion after 15 weeks. so we live in an age of the
6:37 am
sonogram and it has changed people's attitude about this. they find it personally repugnant he have pen they believe the woman ought to have a right to make their own decision but the lines keep getting tougher and tougher an abortion. nearly half american people would say no abortions after 15 weeks is amazing given where we were 15 and 20 years ago when an unrestricted right to abortion seemed to be more popular than that. >> bill: all right political as you would very well imagine, karl. i have had a chance to read the president's statement. toward the end it falls on our nations elected officials at all levels to protect a woman's right to choose. an implication for next move. it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials in november. that's a quote now. we need more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice majority in the house to adapt legislation that codifies roe which i will work to pass and sign into law. i know it's hot off the press so to speak, karl, your
6:38 am
reaction on that. >> well, they will try to make political hay out of this. let's wait and see what the decision is when it comes down in june or july. second of all, look, they've run a risk here. yes, they can go out and energize pro-abortion voters who want to keep a woman's right to choose to be unrestricted at the federal level. they run the risk of looking out of touch with americans who believe the inflation that they are paying at the pump and at the grocery store, the issue of illegal immigration across our southern border, foreign policy with the war in ukraine, that these are all more important issues. the administration has had a problem in the past in dealing with those issues by sounding out of touch. inflation is transitory, it is going away, don't worry about it. immigration, the border is -- don't worry, we're doing an effective job there. if they come into that kind of environment saying the most
6:39 am
important issue in the election is a woman's unrestricted right to abortion they run the risk of sounding out of touch with the concerns of ordinary americans. >> dana: thank you. big day. i'm sure we'll see you again as ohio votes in the primary. thank you. >> bill: who wins in the buckeye state? we'll talk to matt dolan will join us next hours. >> dana: china's zero covid policy could have world ride ripple effects. could it threaten our economy here at home? china's growing aggression toward taiwan prompting concern. lloyd austin set to meet with his japanese counterpart tomorrow. mary kissel is here joining us next. they're both invested... in green energy. and also each other. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do?
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out-of-state corporations wrote an online sports some thbetting plan obvious they call "solutions for the homeless". really? the corporations take 90 percent of the profits. and using loopholes they wrote, they'd take even more. the corporations' own promotional costs, like free bets, taken from the homeless funds. and they'd get a refund on their $100 million license fee, taken from homeless funds, too. these guys didn't write a plan for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
6:44 am
>> bill: more breaking news now from ukraine. the first group of evacuees to leave the steel plant in mariupol over the weekend more than 100 civilians escaped that plant. many who remain in the plant and also in that town. matt finn is tracking it from lviv in ukraine. matt, hello. >> hi, bill. today russia has launched a new wave of attacks on that steel plant where ukraine says some 200 civilians plus hundreds of marines are still trapped right
6:45 am
now. russia has been heavily bombing the beautiful port city of mariupol that was flourishing and now nearly level and charged with bombs and fires. described as hellish, 100,000 people are sheltering fighting to survive there. in the dark tunnels beneath the massive steel plant the ukrainian marines and civilians are holed up at russia bombs them from above. the last line of resistance in mariupol. a city that russia wants to claim it has control of. in the tunnels people are running out of food, water, and medicine. here are some people who got out of the city of mariupol and other surrounding areas. >> we ran from my apartment. it was destroyed. we ran by my parents' apartment and it was destroyed by the bombs, too. >> there is nothing left in mariupol. no work, nothing. >> dramatic new video claiming to show ukraine destroying
6:46 am
russian patrol boats near snake island in the black sea. in response also new video appears to show russia launching missile attacks which it says targeted a military airfield near the southern city of odessa. britain's prime minister just addressed ukraine's parliament making him the first world leader to do so. he invoked winston churchill saying this is ukraine's finest hour. bill. >> bill: matt finn, thank you in lviv watching that again today. >> dana: defense secretary lloyd austin is planning to meet with his japanese counterpart tomorrow to discuss the war in ukraine as well as china's growing aggression toward taiwan. state department senior advisor mary kissel joins us now. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me back in studio. >> dana: let's talk about the issue with lloyd austin going to visit his chinese -- japanese counterpart. you are talking to a lot of people around the world voc used on the global economy.
6:47 am
how important it is to get this particular item right? >> it's crucially important. japan is a treaty ally of the united states and we need our alliance partners to extend our own national security and our relationship with japan is one of our most important in the world. you also see japan reacting in the kind of unprecedented way to the uptick in chinese aggression. just this week you had tokyo go out and ink defense treaties with thailand and vietnam. upgrading our relationship with the quad, india, australia, japan and united states all in reaction to the aggressiveness we've seen out of communist china. >> bill: maybe beijing on one hand here and a lot of our attention and focus has beenon ukraine but north korea has been at it. test after test after test this year and certainly that concerns the japanese as well. >> one thing that i tell clients when they ask me about the geopolitical risk that they didn't have to think about before but now they have to
6:48 am
think about with their investment decisions, we can't think of these things in isolation. so bill you talked about the north korea missile test. very significant. japanese are very alarmed by that. north korea got its nuclear technology from pakistan. iran is selling most of its oil to china. china declared a no limits partnership with russia in february. we should believe them. it is a no limits partnership. they are all linked together and that's why it is so important that we restore u.s. deterrents. that means we make people afraid to use their power, use their force. what we saw in ukraine was an example of what happens when that u.s. deterrent is eroded and that's why you are seeing the north koreas of the world and chinas and russias and irans starting to act out. they are not afraid of us. >> bill: you're saying we're not tough. >> not tough enough. no. >> dana: the other thing i'm interested is, i know you focus
6:49 am
on it. china has this obsession they have to get to covid zero and shutting down 25 million people and you start to see some of them come out. we chat notified this young guy, a chinese marketing analyst. he discussed the slumping economy coming out of china in all the lockdowns. the content has been blocked and the user the banned from using the account saying he violated the government's rules by saying there will be an economic slump. >> that's right. you also saw another man close to the ccp leadership just this week the financial times reported that he told investors that he thinks the economic downturn is one of the most serious in their history and potential or civil unrest. this is something we never talk about. we don't have a lot of insight and good fidelity of information inside china. remember, china is easing its economic conditions and trying to stimulate its economy. it is facing the same sorts of pressures that we are and it is
6:50 am
covid policies didn't work. so yeah, we should be concerned not just about the economic state of china but this is a great opportunity for us to exert some pressure there on the leadership to do the right thing. i think they are vulnerable. >> dana: do we have an administration willing to do that? >> i think we have an administration that has continued amazingly many of the policies of the prior administration because they came in, they read the intelligence, they got briefed by the bureaucracy and they realized wait a second, we got this wrong for 40 years. what do we do now? we're at the beginning stages of this. we don't have a grand strategy yet. the world has woken up. investment community has woken up. the only people who haven't woken up are some folks on wall street. >> dana: i would like to take your brain. >> bill: the folks on wall street haven't woken up. goldman sachs and we worry
6:51 am
about the rule of law and the war with taiwan. you start to see some bifurcation and people wake up and saying maybe my money is better placed in the united states and australia with a consistent rule of law and i know if i have a dispute, nothing is going to happen to my money or my people. >> dana: good to see you. >> bill: so many angles, right? she has the flow chart out. >> thanks for having me. [shouting] >> bill: late last night pro-choice activitys rallying outside the supreme court. legal analysis from shannon bream and andy mccarthy. an ohio businessman back on earth after making history in space. how he and three other crew mates broke new barriers, meet
6:52 am
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$1,500 lease cash available on 30 month 2022 rx lease programs. >> bill: history, historic
6:57 am
spacex flight slashing down safely off the florida coast. the crew was made up entirely of american citizens. the pilot is a real estate agent out of dayton, ohio. welcome home we like to say. you are continuing a great history of aviation in ohio. you got the wright brothers, john glenn, neil armstrong and now larry conner. what was it like? >> first off, i appreciate being with you folks but i would not begin to put myself in the category of the wright brothers, john glenn or neil armstrong. hopefully for the state of ohio and around the country and worldwide we can show what the private sector can do with the right kind of training and preparation. >> dana: what was it like when you were up there? tell us a little about your
6:58 am
experience. >> yeah, so words such as, dana, extraordinary, unique, once in a lifetime. so it was a huge challenge for me as a civilian and being the pilot. but we also recognized on the mission, the first all-private citizen, that we had a high responsibility. we had to get this thing right to show not only nasa but everybody across the world that we could execute and i believe we were successful in doing so. >> bill: you paid a lot of money to go but you made a lot of money along the way also. i just -- you have a very interesting life. dana and i were talking during the commercial. you were -- below the surface of the water. now you've gone to space and been on the international space station for a couple of weeks. are they similar? can you compare the experiences?
6:59 am
you are a pretty lucky guy, larry. >> i am exceptionally lucky, number one, you know. average guy from dayton, ohio, grew up in a middle class family and i've had the good fortune and opportunity to do some extraordinary things. in terms of the dives into the trench, i got involved with the research organization. we did three dives. first one to 36,000 feet, second one to 35,000. last one to 25,000. they -- comparing that to space, they are similar but they are very, very different. i think a common theme, though, was we did it based upon research, we did it because we thought we could actually make a difference, and, you know, i did it because it was a great
7:00 am
personal challenge and, you know, opportunity. on both fronts. but i would emphasize in the space mission we ended up in the mission 17 days. we did -- >> dana: amazing. >> 150 hours of research. 25 different experiments plus a significant outreach to youth not only in the united states but around the world by all the private astronauts. >> dana: larry conner, welcome home and thank you for coming on the show. next time take us with you. okay, thank you. >> bill: thank you. [shouting] >> dana: demonstrators gathering outside the u.s. supreme court after the shocking leak of a draft majority opinion indicating the court could be ready to strike down roe versus wade the landmark 1973 decision granting women the constitutional right
7:01 am
to an abortion. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. the draft opinion published by "politico" last night, a legal bombshell. shattering the court. >> dana: if the leak reflects the final decision at the federal level. president biden said we'll need more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice majority in the senate that codifies roe. full fox coverage. former assistant u.s. attorney andy mccarthy with reaction in a moment. first the chief legal correspondent and anchor of fox news @ night. a very long day for you and grateful to have you on "america's newsroom" this morning. >> great to be with you. i have to say this is the most shocking thing i have covered at the court in 15 years on this beat until last night you know in washington the court was considered the one place that didn't leak.
7:02 am
now that seal has been broken. when this case was argued back in december it is a mississippi state law that bans most abortions after 15 weeks. most of us who watched the court thought there have to be at least five just is vote to uphold that state law. the bigger question has been would they go after roe. this draft opinion which i have not been waived off as being legitimate upends roe if it stands. now what? no doubt the chief is well into an investigation to get some answers about this leak. what about the opinion itself? this is just a draft. a lot of things can happen between february 10 and when it is ultimately released. i asked mike lee about that. he once clerked for justice alito at the supreme court. >> i suspect the court would be well within its right and probably well advised to tell each member of the court all right, you are going to have to get your ducks in a row here and have to decide which opinion are you signing onto and get the finalized by the end of this week.
7:03 am
the only appropriate response here. >> so whether the justices are now working on dissents and concurrences and finalizing a majority opinion i suspect the chief we are focusing on that opinion until we can get it out. remember, until it is on paper with with the justices names and votes and officially released by the court we do not know what this opinion is ultimately going to say. >> dana: do you think there is any possibility that the chief justice will decide fog ahead and issue the opinion now that the news is out there? >> i think until you have everybody ready to sign off on whatever the final opinions are you can't do it. you know how he is. he is a protector of the institution. but i think it will be expedited. >> dana: thank you so much. more on this we have former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy. this was a big thing last night. your reaction. >> for those of us who thought it was an a bomb nation for 50 years it is a joyous outcome
7:04 am
but i think if you are worried about the court as an institution and the court has a vital role in our constitutional system, this kind of leak is not tolerable and it is particularly not tolerable under circumstances where it seems patent that is done to intimidate the justices and their process. >> dana: the f.b.i. is involved. one particular aspect of this and you will see a lot of people on the left including senators, democratic senators saying hold on a second. these justices even if they were appointed by george w. bush or president trump all said that roe was settled law. that's what they told us in their confirmation hearings. flashback to justice alito's confirmation. watch here. >> roe versus wade is an important precedent of the supreme court. it has been challenged on a number of occasions and i discussed those yesterday and it is my and the supreme court has reaffirmed the decision. sometimes on the merits, sometimes in casey based on
7:05 am
stare decisis. that strengthens it value in the stare decisis. >> dana: mississippi brings a case to the court and they say actually let's take a look at this. >> look, he qualified it as almost all of them do by talking about stare decisis, right? now you are dealing with very smart, gifted, clever lawyers and they speak like lawyers and they are very careful when they answer questions when they are being confirmed. what does settled law mean? what settled law means if the supreme court has made a holding and i want to run into my old haunts in the southern district of new york down the street and challenge the holding, a district court in new york cannot overrule what the supreme court has done because as far as the inferior courts are concerned it's
7:06 am
settled. the supreme court is able to look at its own cases and the most important task is stare decisis. one of the considerations of stare decisis is has the court reaffirmed the decision? but it is far from the only consideration of stare decisis. and this has been a very contested issue from day one. no one has come in and say it was a consensus view. >> bill: some of the passages have been reported by "politico". one line that was written by alito back on february 10th, i think. at least the first part of february we should say. this court cannot bring about the permanent resolution. this is not it, guys. this court cannot bring about the permanent resolution of a rancorous national controversy simply by dictating a settlement and telling the people to move on. whatever influence the court may have on public attitudes must stem from the strength of our opinions, not an attempt to
7:07 am
exercise raw judicial power. so he is saying look at what we have decided and on what grounds we've decided this and judge that. >> bill, what you are hitting on is really the difference between being a progressive jurist and a constitutional conservative. progressive courts, activist courts pronounce outcomes that take decision making away from democracy. take it away from our democratic self-determination. what makes a constitutional conservative justice a conservative justice is not about imposing conservative outcomes on the country, it is about what the court's role is in a democracy. and the court's role in a democracy is to be modest and to jump in only when the constitution absolutely -- otherwise they are supposed to let us govern ourselves, which is what happened with abortion up until 1973. >> bill: we're learning a lot
7:08 am
about this. i wasn't aware of this. you weren't aware of what earlier, dana? >> dana: a supreme court police force. you write the piece that says roe versus wade leak must be investigated at a crime and the f.b.i. has been called in. turley said it might not be a crime but unethical. >> a supreme court opinion they exchange around is the property of the united states. they are government employees. if you embezzle government records, that's a crime. if you convert them to your own use, it's a crime. if you defraud the united states, which is supreme court has somewhat extravagantly interpreted to me any deceptive practice that undermines government operations, that's a crime. if you obstruct justice in a judicial proceeding, that's a crime. so there are a lot of bases for the federal authorities, f.b.i. -- >> bill: we need to get to the border in a moment.
7:09 am
sth what i didn't know. roe versus wade divided 7-2. what changed in 49 years? >> a lot more attention was paid in the conservative movement to the judiciary. if you go back in history, some of the republican presidents say some of their worst decisions were people who they put on the supreme court. but i think beginning with -- the federalist society has a lot to do with this. beginning in the late 1970s, 1980s, the conservative movement turned its attention in a very exacting way to judicial interpretation and constitutional interpretation and a generation later i hate to say this, dana, two generations later we see the results. >> bill: andy, thank you. >> my pleasure. great to be here in person. >> bill: don't be a stranger.
7:10 am
southern border want to get to this quickly. more migrants are ready to cross into the u.s. as title 42 expires in just a few weeks' time. bryan llenas live in eagle pass, texas. what do you have? >> good morning. behind me is con ser tina wire set up by the national lone star in texas. this is wet clothes left by migrants and used the clothes to crush the wire and protect themselves from being cut from those razors. right over there you can see the rio grande river. the path people cross. it is dangerous. they come up here and you can see all the belongings and clothes left by families and single adults yet another sign of that unprecedented surge that they are expecting this summer as a result of the biden administration lifting title 42, the covid-19 policy used to deport migrants immediately. new video showing hundreds of
7:11 am
haitian migrants arrived in texas in the last few days. directly across laredo, mexico. this is directly across from texas. the local government there said they're facilitating covid-19 vaccinations for those migrants that don't have them. this photo from an el paso border source shows 25 migrants deported under title 42 refusing to go back into mexico. they protested and chanted before eventually being expelled. you can see mexican marines and border patrol trying to block them from coming back into the u.s. we're told the migrants stated they wanted to stay in the u.s. and title 42 was being dropped. there is this video. texas dps continuing to assist the border patrol as they encounter large groups of migrants. this is new video showing agents encountering two dozen migrants in the brush in the rio grande valley. then this, a group of 89 migrants was encounter by border patrol in arizona consisting of single adults and
7:12 am
families from brazil, cuba, mexico, and peru. now you are looking live at our video here from fox news drone. the drone is up above us. you can see just the scale of all of the clothing and belongsing left here. private property, a business owner here in eagle pass. it is up to him to pay for the cleaning up of this. he hasn't done it yet. he hasn't been able to afford it. just back here to me, guys, i'll show you what we're finding is not only clothes from families and single adults but i.d. cards. in the best interests of a lot of migrants trying to come here to be anonymous. sometimes it allows you to say if you are from chile you are from cuba and might help you in your asylum case. >> dana: voting is underway in the most expensive primary in ohio history. we'll look at the last-minute push to win over undecided voters. >> bill: labor department
7:13 am
releasing a snapshot on u.s. job opening. what it reveals about the labor shortage. >> dana: the white house mulls a decision on student loan forgiveness and what it could reveal about the president's priorities. >> an attempt to buy votes is all it is. finally it's inflationary. what you do is all the people who have to pay back their student debt, then they will suddenly have more money to spend on things. >> a conservative majority of the united states supreme court is ready to overturn roe versus wade. if this report is accurate, the supreme court is poised to inflict the greatest restriction of rights in the past 50 years. not just on women, but on all americans. under this decision, our children will have less rights than their parents.
7:14 am
the republican appointed justices reported votes to overturn roe versus wade will go down as one of the damaging decisions is modern history. several of these conservative justices in no way accountable to the american people have lied to the u.s. senate, ripped up the constitution, and defiled both precedent and the supreme court's reputation. all at the expense of tens of millions of women who could soon be stripped of their bodily autonomy and the constitutional rights they've relied on for over half a century. the party of lincoln and eisenhower has now completely devolved into the party of trump. every republican senator who supported senator mcconnell and
7:15 am
voted for trump justices pretending that this day would never come will now have to explain themselves to the american people. i'll have more to say later this morning but i want to make three things clear. first, now that the court is poised to strike down roe, it is my intention for the senate to hold a vote on legislation to codify the right to an abortion in law. second, a vote on this legislation is not an abstract exercise. this is as urgent and real as it gets. we will vote to protect a woman's right to choose and every american is going to see which side every senator stands. every american is going to see on which side every senator stands. third, to the american people,
7:16 am
i say this, the elections this november will have consequences because the rights of 100 million women are now on the ballot. to help fight this court's awful decision i urge every american to make their voices heard this week and this year. i urge americans to call their members, to write their members, to email their members, to text their members, and most of all, to cast their ballots. make no mistake, the blame for this decision falls squarely on republican senators and the senate republicans as a whole who spent years pushing extremist judges, spent years confirming three far right justices to the supreme court, but who claim somehow this day would never come. but this day has come and we will fight it all the way.
7:17 am
i yield the floor. >> bill: want to bring that to you first real statement from a leading politician. we expect senator mcconnell to be on the floor momentarily. mcconnell just said that if charges are applicable, then they must be pursued by the department justice based on the leak. >> dana: there is the leak and everybody will deal with that. what chuck schumer just did is set the stage for the argument over this decision on the merits of it and also showed his cards how they will deal with the politics of it as well. get ready for a real barn burner the way he described people who are pro-life. that is going to be a big issue. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back. ♪ i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans because i know so many of you have served our country honorably. one of the benefits that we as a country give you as a veteran is your eligibility, for a va loan, which lets you buy a
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>> bill: so this is intriguing.
7:23 am
moments ago labor department announced the number of job openings in marine ceased unexpectedly to a record 11.5 million. that's more than 5 1/2 million jobs available than unemployed workers. analysis connell mcshane, fox business. you travel the country and talk to a lot of people out there. what explains this? >> well, there are multiple explanations but nothing explains it all. we've been in this environment for a long time that people who own businesses have all kinds of difficulty getting enough people to work. we were getting to the point where we were starting to see the worst or best of it and it would start to turn around. not yet. 11 1/2 million was a surprise. the highest we were was 11.4 pl back in december. that gap you mentioned is interesting. that tells us that you remember to be unemployed you have to be looking for work and not have a job and looking for work.
7:24 am
the gap 5.6 million the number of people unemployed and the number of job openings out there is really remarkable. one thing it does not show us if there is any slowdown in the labor market. plenty of demand. >> dana: when you think of 11.5 million jobs open. what kind of jobs? >> all across the board. your point about us being around the country doing a lot of stories related to small business. when we were in the midst of the pandemic we visited restaurants and fast food restaurants and those were getting headlines at the time having all kinds of trouble finding workers. many would just open a drive-thru because they couldn't afford to have the main dining room open. we still see some of that. when you to go a big manufacturing plant in the midwest and talk to the ceo or leader of that plant almost all of them will tell you we don't have enough people working in the plant. some increasingly turn to automation where they can. trying to make it work, do more with less. but they definitely don't have the manpower that they would like to have. >> bill: this is a riddle now,
7:25 am
okay? there could be any one of 10 different reasons to explain this. what you are saying is if you want to work, you can. that's point number one, right? >> yep. >> bill: also, we don't know coming out of covid and the pandemic has changed people attitudes. whether they want to stay home. they got money from the government and float on by and then you have the gig economy out there. you are 40 years old, living in nashville. you want to drive your uber for five or six hours a day and you want to do it when you want to do it. that has to be a part of this. >> that's why i said at the beginning explanations but nothing that explains it all. there are examples of that with young workers of a certain age that have entered the gig economy and workers who are older who have left the workforce all together. we did a story some months back in south dakota, for example and we saw it come to life. normally you have people who get an early retirement late
7:26 am
50s, early 60s. a lot of those people in the past don't leave the workforce all together. they leave for a certain amount of time and go back and maybe take a part-time job or they -- in a place they moved to retire. we're not seeing that as much out of covid for whatever reason. this was a new sporting -- new arena that opened. usually the ushers they hired to be retirees. no retirees wanted to work. that's the kind of environment we're seeing. >> bill: you do great work out there. talking to people you learn so much as you well know. one last thing. if there is that much of a shortage of jobs, the employees are calling the shots. >> yeah. >> bill: which drives up labor charges. >> inflationary. >> bill: which adds to inflation. >> the quit rate is 4 1/2 million now. you have a lot of people who are willing to quit their jobs because they know they can easily get another job. the best way to get a raise, significant raise is to move jobs when you get more of a
7:27 am
raise and by definition it's inflationary. >> dana: good to see you. the supreme court apparently set to overturn roe versus wade. how could it impact the mid-terms. we'll talk more about that in kellyanne conway and mark penn. ohio voters casting their ballots. can an establishment republican win in the buckeye state? >> we get a lot of undecided. i think we get people leaving other candidates because they want somebody who is focused going to washington to fight the biden administration and fight for ohio and make america strong. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive,
7:28 am
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you see, son, with a little elbow grease, you can do just about anything. thanks, dad. that's right, robert. and it's never too early to learn you could save with america's number one motorcycle insurer. that's right, jamie. but it's not just about savings. it's about the friends we make along the way. you said it, flo. and don't forget to floss before you brush. your gums will thank you. -that's right, dr. gary. -jamie? sorry, i had another thought so i got back in line. what was it? [ sighs ] i can't remember. >> dana: primary day in ohio and time for campaigning is almost over. a few more hours to go. gop voters in the buckeye state are choosing their nominee to
7:33 am
replace rob portman today. matt dolan joins us live. there are reports that your campaign is surging. what does that mean and what do you base that on? >> well, hi, dana. yes. i base it on what we've been feeling across the state for the last few months. i realize it is manifesting itself in the polls. i have known that ohio republicans have been responding to my message it's about ohio. it's about ending biden's inflation, getting energy independence and ohio workers back to work and being america strong. that has been resonating for months over the campaign trail. i think people as they begin to pay attention to this race and there are seven of us to choose from they realize there is one candidate, me, talking all about ohio, going to washington to fight for ohioans and momentum is great. we saw it in pouring rain. the response was great.
7:34 am
>> dana: a question then. president trump went ahead and endorsed j.d. vance, a hard fought competition between josh mandel and j.d. vance to get the enforcement. since the endorsement vance's polling numbers have gone way up. do you think it has a possibility of putting him over the top tonight? >> well, it's always a possibility. what i think has happened is the other three candidates no longer have a campaign to run on because they were running for that endorsement. look, i have been running on trump policies. i've been running on what's good for republicans. ohio was good under president trump. we had a strong economy, less regulations. those are the things i've done as a state senator. i'm the one that has been implementing good, conservative, republican trump-like policies in ohio. as a result. ohio is strong. job numbers are getting better. we have choice for our parents to decide where and how their children get educated.
7:35 am
so i'm just the one that's looking forward saying republicans need to defend today's crisis caused by the biden administration and let's look forward to the positive conservative agenda. >> dana: what was your reaction to the leaked decision at the supreme court to overturn roe versus wade and how it will affect the mid-term in the general election? >> first as a lawyer and a constitutional conservative i am concerned about the leak. i hope the doj and f.b.i. find the leaker and prosecute them. as a pro-life legislature and pro-life person it is exciting. i have been strong always saying that roe versus wade needs to be returned to the states. i have a strong pro-life record in the legislature so i believe what will happen is if this draft opinion actually is -- becomes the opinion of the supreme court, that this will obviously be a major issue particularly in the state
7:36 am
legislative races. because now it is matter for the states to decide if this opinion actually is the -- becomes the law. >> dana: enjoy your campaigning and we'll see what happens tonight. thank you for being here. >> bill: fox news alert. we are oef about to see mitch mcconnell. his first public reaction to the leaked story from "politico" last night as we wait on him i want to bring in kellyanne conway, former senior advisor to president trump. mark penn former clinton pollster and advisor and you both look at numbers every day and get reactions from americans across the country. also, kellyanne, want to touch on the integrity of the institution of the u.s. supreme court. when you get what is arguably the most egregious leak in the history of this institution, let's start there. >> well, that will bother many americans right, left and center and it should.
7:37 am
the supreme court is seen as an institution impervious to politics and so many battles over nominees to the supreme court. i'm happy to hear that federal law enforcement is involved in investigating this leak. the poll itization of the supreme court has been a concern for people for many, many years and people have the right to go and protest in front of the supreme court but i'm worried about the safety of these justices and their families right now given some of the heated rhetoric that's going on out there. the supreme court also when you look at these decisions, they go through many, many different revisions. that's why this alleged opinion, bill, was written in early february because you can take out a footnote there and revise a paragraph there but we have never seen anything like this even when people know they disagree with the ultimate opinion. now the supreme court has been declining if favorability for several years and it worries several of us who watch the
7:38 am
court closely. in this matter on public opinion you see a number of americans calling themselves pro-life because the democrats have adhered to such extreme policies. they are for partial birth abortion the last months and weeks. for sex selection abortion. get a pregnancy test, don't want the sex go get an abortion. americans have slapped that back. let's also be very clear. if roe versus wade is overturned that does not do away with abortion in this country. people are lying about that. it kicks it back to the states where most health decisions are governed at the state level. 30 years ago i haven't heard the word -- it was a decision that did not have constitutional grounding and many americans now in the pro-life side because of the extreme positions of the democratic party on abortion. >> bill: mark penn, join the conversation here. it's a lot. how do you see it now?
7:39 am
>> well, look, i look at the polling on this and i've recently polled in december. 54% wanted roe versus wade to be sustained and 46% wanted this to be returned to the states. so politically this is going to favor the democrats. it will energize the democratic electorate. >> bill: i'm sorry, mark, i apologize. stand by one moment. senator mcconnell now. >> justices, clerks and staff have prized and protected the court's confidentiality. the justices must be able to discuss and deliberate in an environment of total trust and privacy. americans cannot receive a fair trial if politicians, pundits, bullies, and mobs get a say in
7:40 am
court. judicial independence is vital. but the far left has spent years shamelessly attacking it. democrats in congress have endorsed plans for partisan court packing. they've sent the justices threatening legal briefs. they've scheduled sham hearings to smear judges. in 2020, the senate democratic leader marched across the street to the court and shouted threats -- threats at multiple justices by name if they didn't rule how he wanted. in 2018, activists chased senators around the capitol and now last night a shocking -- shocking new breach. somebody, likely somebody inside the court itself, leaked a confidential internal draft
7:41 am
to the press. almost certainly in an effort to stir up an inappropriate pressure campaign to sway an outcome. the radical left immediately rallied around the toxic stunt, the cheerleaders for partisan court packing applauded what they suggested was the work of, quote, a brave clerk. making a last-ditch hail mary attempt to cause a political firestorm and cause the court to reconsider. liberals want to rip the blindfold off lady justice. they want to override impartiality. with intimidation. they want to elevate mob rule over the rule of law. the same political movement that used a leak to move up the
7:42 am
timeline of justice breyer's retirement process is trying to use yet another leak to make the court less secure and less impartial. never before -- never before in modern history has an internal draft been leaked to the public while the justices were still deciding a case. never before. whoever committed this lawless act knew exactly what it could bring about. the justices already require security. less than two weeks ago an unbalanced person lit himself on fire on the court steps. less than three years ago, a liberal mob tried to storm the court shoving past law enforcement and pounding on the
7:43 am
doors. look, everybody knows what kind of climate the far left is trying to fuel. one that is antithetical to the rule of law. right on cue. top democrats began publishing wild statements about what the court might decide. packed with using unhinged rhetoric that could easily incite, light the match. so what else happened? activists flocked to the court. an angry crowd surrounded the court chanting justices' names, their renewed calls to smash the institutions of both the
7:44 am
senate and the court at the same time. one of the court's most essential and sacred features was smashed just to buy the industry all conplex a few extra days to scream nonsense about what the court might rule. this lawless action should be investigated and punished to the fullest extent possible. the fullest extent possible. i'm certain that chief justice will seek to get to the bottom of this. if a crime was committed, the department of justice must pursue it completely.
7:45 am
so listen, i want all nine justices to know there are still principled senators who have their backs no matter what. there are still some people in this capitol and a majority in the senate whose support for the rule of law is not conditional, not conditional. the court should tune out the bad faith noise and feel completely free to do their jobs. they should follow the facts and the law wherever that leads. as i've warned in the past, courts bowing to activist pressure would never enhance judicial legitimacy. it could only erode it. and the hostage takers would
7:46 am
never settle for half a loaf. now, mr. president, on another matter. unfortunate routine keeps playing itself out with the biden administration. first they implement bad policies that create problems, then they propose solutions that are really just more bad ideas. case in point is inflation. democrats spent last spring unleashed a deluge of reckless spending on our recovering economy and spent the rest of the year trying to pull off yet another taxing and spending spree and now they want to pass a massive tax hike while families are already hurting. unfortunately for the american people, the same thing is playing itself out in the world of energy policy. since day one, biden
7:47 am
administration has done its best to wage holy war on american domestic energy production. the predictable result, thanks to these policies and the broader inflation that democrats have fueled, is that american families are hurting badly. >> bill: that is a fact on the economy. don't mean to diminish the comments from the senate minority leader but the issue of the day centers around roe versus wade and the supreme court. liberals want to rip the blindfold off lady justice, the leaker knew what would have happened with this news breaking and if a crime has been committed the department of justice must pursue it. back to mark penn. pardon for the interruption. mark, finish your thought. >> sure. i want to make two major points. first, where is public opinion on this? it's about 54-46 would continue roe versus wade. that gives an edge to the
7:48 am
democrats here. certainly there will be a lot of increased turnout, fundraising, and particularly i think this democratic areas kind of a very strong push. swing areas will be very divided on this issue because it was 46. actually, if the court does in its final decision keep roe versus wade but move back the viability date, a majority of people did support moving back the viability date a number of weeks from the 23 weeks it is now. so you see it is a divided country. i think this benefits the democrats. second the one thing i will caution in some of the democratic comments, they would be much better off sticking to the issues here involving whether or not women have a constitutional right to an abortion rather than attacking the justices personally and really tearing down the institutions. what goes around comes around. both parties here, people in congress and people in the court have to respect the
7:49 am
institutions even if they disagree and take a responsible debate to the american public. that's the right thing to do. >> bill: maybe this maris poll came out a while ago americans supporting some legal limits on abortion. found that 71% support that. kellyanne, i have 30 seconds left. wrap us up. >> yes, it's true especially when you talk about the extremes. americans are very confused about roe. we asked this past march what do you think roe versus wade provided? we left it open-ended. 26% of the country gets that quiz question correct. that's benefited the pro-abortion movement because then they project onto people what they want them to believe. remember, abortion any time is out of step. every democrat is there any abortion that you think is wrong? any? i would go back to the 2020 conventions quickly. for the first time in my memory the democrats did not push the abortion issue. they were more focused on race than abortion in 2020.
7:50 am
"washington post" did an excellent analysis of this. the reason is they know they've been losing that culturally. the democrats are science deniers. you present tent you don't know what you see? "the new york times" has written store eefs bit. it is a divided issue. to protect the institution, and mark and i both agree on that. >> dana: we're fortunate to have them today to get that perspective. i think that having listened to chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell, you see where everything lies and mcconnell making a big push about the leak being something that needs to be punished and that i'm sure they will try to figure out who it is. i think the left will celebrate the leaker no matter what. >> bill: he said they called the leaker brave. and >> dana: what is brave about it?
7:51 am
>> bill: a lot of democrats think about it that way. republicans you are doing this to the supreme court and you do this at the border america has no more boundaries. where are the rules? >> dana: a small weapon making a big difference on the battlefield. how the switch blade drone is helping ukraine. you'll want to see how it does. see him? he's not checkin' the stats. he's finding some investment ideas with merrill. eyes on the ball baby. digital tools so impressive, you just can't stop. what would you like the power to do? it was a tragedy. with knockoff batteries, little miss cupcake never stood a chance. until, energizer ultimate lithium. who wants a cupcake? the number one longest-lasting aa battery. yay! case closed.
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>> bill: taking the fight now to putin. ukrainian forces are using kamikaze switch blade drones against the russian army and having a devastating impact on the battlefield. we have a look at that today. >> that's right, bill. kamikaze drones for months have beaten back russian soldiers, a success one man takes personally. >> so you really experienced some russian brutality yourself as a boy. >> i did. when i was a teenager back in the early 80s i used to go to the roof of our house and lay
7:57 am
down and see the russian helicopters. >> he was 14 years old living in kabul, afghanistan, when the soviet army pounded parts of his city to dust. the irony here is amazing. russians were defeated in afghanistan. 40 years later you are making something that is helping to defeat them again in ukraine. >> yes. it is -- the world has its mysterious ways. >> he is the ceo of the maker of the kamikaze drone. the weapon of choice for many soldiers in ukraine. this is the switch blade 300. they say they like them because they are light, highly maneuver able and extremely lethal. even more so the switch blade 600 which weighs about 50 pounds and can fly up to 25 miles. at 70 miles per hour.
7:58 am
that i are launched off of a tube but can hover over their target and are very accurate. >> it's loitering missile systems. the fun part you have a war head inside as well as a highly sophisticated gym bell that works day and night and based on the operator's commands it can detonate on target precisely the way you like it to. >> these have made a huge difference in the beginning of the war. >> they really did. ukrainians used them to great effect. >> matthew is an expert on battle tragedy. for the next stage switch blades will be vital. the u.s. needs a new approach. >> right now the biden administration is giving them weapons to kill russians in ou crane. they will need to kill russians in russia with longer range. >> he and his employees are ready for whatever is required.
7:59 am
obviously you more than most understand how important this mission is. >> absolutely. you know, i've been there and seen exactly what this type of aggression will do to people's lives. >> the type of aggression he says everyone in the free world has a moral obligation to resist. that's it from here. back to you. >> bill: remarkable technology. fascinating look at that. >> dana: it's so interesting in terms of what it means for the future of war and what they are able to do with it. a big day today. we have the supreme court leak, the hunt for the leaker and then the subsequent punishment of said leaker. also the aftermath as people start to wonder what will happen as this decision about abortion could be returned to the states where the voters then in those states get to have a say. >> bill: extraordinary story there. watching ohio today. we'll get a measure of the land going into the big primary season. looking at the live shot from cleveland. a couple of people there.
8:00 am
cleveland is a big town. i was telling you during the commercial. early voting numbers are okay. they don't seem to be that impressive. anecdotal. the polls close at 7:30. i will see you. i'll be on the board and you will be here. >> dana: hillsborough right there. sandra smith is in for harris today. here she is. >> thank you, dana and bill. demonstrators on both sides of the issue gathering outside of the supreme court at this hour. bombshell report showing the nearly 50-year-old decision allowing abortions in all 50 states could soon be sending. i'm sandra smith in for harris in "the faulkner focus". a stunning and unprecedented leak. "politico" reporting a draft opinion authored by justice samuel alito suggests the supreme court has voted to overturn the landmark 1973 roe versus wade case that legalized abortion na


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