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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  May 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i think that would be pretty cool. you never know. come back continues. tomorrow on "special report," we will have results from the primary elections in ohio and indiana. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for if this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "jesse watters primetime" with guest host brian kilmeade starts right now. what do you think, tiger? >> brian: i would think bret and tiger is a dream matchup that america needs to see. i'm already getting a lot of tweets on truth social. both also want to see that, too. >> bret: okay. >> brian: new media outlet. bret have a great night i will take it from here. >> bret: we will see you. >> brian: all right. ♪ ♪ >> brian: all right. as bret told you, welcome to "jesse watters primetime." i am not jesse watters. jesse is on the mend and will get back soon. i will be brian kilmeade for at least the next hour. americans looking for answers after the bombshell leak draft
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opinion overturning roe v. wade written in february. shattered shifting norms completely. >> what occurred with this leak was an unspeakably unethical act. and it is unfortunately a sign of our times. the court was always an island of integrity. and most of us didn't think this day would come. the court has a long tradition that it would not yield to politics. it would not yield to dirty tricks. somebody shattered that tradition. >> brian: they did. it's the first time a draft opinion has been leaked in the history of the supreme court. it's a big deal. there is a leaker in the highest court. who is behind it? for some reason top democrats refuse to call it a leak. they are calling it a report. >> i have not had a chance to thoroughly go into the report. >> last night, a report disclosed if this report is accurate,. >> brian: clinton's former campaign press secretary called
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the leaker brave. senior correspondent at vox. vox is i'm glad called it a leak anger and distrust that is the supreme court. irredeemable. this leak appears to be politically motivated. the times is suspicious. the draft was written in february. oral arguments in december. midterms are right around the corner today as a matter of fact in ohio and indiana. every poll forecasted democrats are going to take a shellacking of a lifetime in november. they changed the narrative, flight now the media stops talking about inflation, instead focuses on scaring you. >> my worry is that this is just the beginning. next they will go after gay marriage and maybe, maybe the -- what is it brown vs. board of education? >> yeah. >> they already eroded our voting right a little bit. i see fascism down the line here. >> there are a lot of things now on the chop and block. fundamental rights include interstate travel. include the idea of same sex
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marriage, include same sex relationship just to name a few. now this is essentially gone, what's next? >> brian: interstate travel? right. so, vote blue. despite what the december -- what the democrats did to our border, the economy, crime, foreign relationships, war, with the minutes of the leaked protesters marching in front of the supreme court with professional made signs. did i not know kinkos was open at #:00 at night. democrats all over the airwaves with their talking points in sync. this would appear to be an invitation to have, you know, hand maids tale type antifeminist regulation and legislation all over the country. we need to turn out the vote like we have never turned out the vote before. >> if you want to know what's at stake if republicans regain the majority, you just got a small advertiser for what's going to happen. what might have been a theoretical concern for some could become a clear and present
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danger. >> we have got less than 200 days until election day. roe v. wade in that sense is on the ballot. >> brian: all right. i get it. in case you aren't picking up on the theme here, eric swalwell posted it on twitter. look did up. vote blue in 2022. right. i wonder what joe biden thinks about this? >> what does this mean for the democrats 7 arguments in the midterm? >> i haven't thought that through yet. >> brian: okay. the person putting out statements with joe biden's name on it, they did think it through, he or she. this is what joe really thinks. it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials this november and at the federal level we will need more pro-choice senators and a pro-choice majority in the house to adopt legislation that codifies roe which i will work to pass and sign into law. see, that's what you mean, joe, as opposed to i haven't thought about it yet as opposed to in reality two hours ago somebody else thought about it. so this is the plan, it's all about the midterms. democrats already using the leak to raise money in an email the
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dnc sent this out. quote: we will fight back with everything we have. to make sure the republicans have to answer for their party's relentless attacks, comma, but we can't do that without you, rush $25 now to support the organization's efforts. border protection and more democrats rely on to beat back republican ongoing attacks all for $25. i believe we should act now. whoever this leaker is they are a huge asset to the democratic party. anybody working at the supreme court is really smart. they are top of their class. and they knew exactly what they were doing. undermining and politicizing the supreme court. will they ever be able to find this leaker and stop them from doing it again? and if they find them or she, is their legal career over? here now brett tolman former u.s. attorney and director of right on crime along with carrie severino judicial crisis network president and former clerk to justice thomas. i speekd to you earlier, carrie, so i have got to speak to this guy first. bret, can you tell me first off
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your experience at the highest court and how something like this can happen? >> you know, brian, it's shocking. this is the leak heard around the country. around the world. and to tell you that as, you know, any cleric, when they start out, one of the things they find out very quickly is the shear power that's in a draft opinion. and there's a lot that changes in those opinions. and for this to be leaked, there are certainly very few people that have access to these. and it is a very tight-knit group. the investigation should not be long. and i think they can find the leak fairly quickly, and i hope that they are working feverishly to do so. >> brian: carrie, do you think they found him or she already? >> you know, that's a good question. i bet there is a lot of people on the court who have some pretty clear ideas. i just hope that person is found and brought to justice quickly. this is outrageous. at a minimum firing offense. a lot of people are saying
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someone who has this level of breach of trust should not even be a member of the bar. and i would say it's-what's most egregious this is really not just an attack on the confidentiality of the court but the institution itself and the independence of the judges because it's trying to bring political pressure and threats even threats of violence from the outside. you see the protests at the court trying to help and intimidate them into having different decisions. that is a huge attack on the justices themselves and on the institution of the court. >> brian: chief justice came out document is authentic. written in february. the votes are not final. brit, make sense of that. >> the draft opinion is that a lot that changes. the justices have to agree when they join a majority opinion they have to agree with everything that's written there. unless they intend to write something themselves. to there is a lot that still can happen. and you talked to anybody and their experience with the
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supreme court, they are outraged because it is an attack on the integrity of the court to be able to make those changes and adjustments that a draft opinion is simply not capable of putting out yet. you know, just, brian, if you think about there is a lot of people clamoring and wanting to know is this a crime that has occurred? you know the more likely scenario is going to be that there is criminal activity in trying to hide what occurred it's very unclear whether this leak itself can be prosecuted with any criminal statute. now is the determining pointed of whether there will be some criminal activity on what they do to hide what they did. >> bret: what you are saying is -- what you are saying, brett and to carrie, this is to you yeah maybe no crime has been committed yet but if the fbi comes in and starts questioning you, and you lie, lying to the fbi is a crime, correct? >> yeah, absolutely. we have seen this one play out
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before. but, you know, i think in previous times we have seen that the -- the legal community itself would have ensured this kind of thing could not be rewarded and stories are being told of how justice scalia instructed his clerks if you ever leaked some confidential information from chambers i will personally make it my mission to destroy your legal career. he didn't stay mean. i want you to know your legal career will be over. i think once upon a time the institutions would have cooperated on both sides they would have said we can't accept one like that in this community. unfortunately i worry that this person is already being lauded by some of the extremists that you quoted on the left as a hero that somehow trashing every american institution from the supreme court for now people calling to an end to the filibuster to push through force through legislation to pack the court or to codify roe, they are ready to bull dozen any american institution that gets in the way of their liberal policy agenda. >> brian: got about 22 hours with this story. and i'm watching some of the instant speculation because we
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don't know for sure. we know one thing, democrats are energized. i wouldn't be surprise if republicans are energized too. we are not talking about the broken border. not talking about inflation for awhile. not talking about what is happening in ukraine. bret, who benefits from this and what do you make of the timing? >> brian, it's disheartening, the left is proving that they care nothing about the sanctity of our institutions. they will utilize, access and position to further an agenda. and they don't care about, you know, keeping the fabric of this great country together. they should be outraged. they should be upset. they should be trying just as diligently to identify hot leaker is and condemn it instead, we are seeing politics at its worse. and it's on the heels of everything that you outlined, brian, that is going wrong with this country in an effort to try to draw attention to something else and outrage the population
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further divide this country. >> brian: carrie, 20 seconds, real quick, why do you think this happened now? >> you know, i think it probably was a shortsighted attempt to shift the direction the court was going. maybe to spur legislation on. i think at the end of the day americans are going to be happy to know that they and their elected representatives are going to be deciding this the people most encouraged and enthused by this decision are actually going to be on the pro-life side and the other side was going to vote for probably joe biden or whoever the democrats put up either way. at the end of the day, i think it breaks news earlier in a way that they shouldn't have but i think it's not going to actually redowned to the benefit of the left. >> brian: decision not until the end of june. a lot of time to speculate. maybe we will get the facts and maybe we will get the culprit. brett and carrie good job. we move ahead. 18 minutes until the polls close in ohio. we have our eye on. that was best in the business karl rove is standing by. democrats are wasting no time spinning their leak to their
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>> does get him into hot water sometimes. last month he caused a huge international incident saying that vladimir putin should be removed from power. it was very, very upsetting to russia. [applause] yeah, until someone explained to them that none of the stuff biden wants actually gets done. [laughter] >> brian: he is laughing now. joe biden was the butt of the joke this weekend at the white house correspondence dinner. that was trevor noah. he wasn't wrong. joe has not gotten much done.
4:18 pm
his failure has been failure after failure, especially as late. maybe that's why democrats wasted no time supreme court leak political advantage. just hours after politico dropped their bombshell report bernie sanders already had his eyes on the filibuster. he tweeted this out congress must pass legislation that codifies roe v. wade as the laugh of the land of the country now. if there aren't 60 votes and there are not, we must end the filibuster to pass it with 50 votes and the rest of the democrats kept spouting out the same talking points. >> in washington, it's on us now to try to codify roe v. wade into law. the question is with the filibuster in place, which i firmly believe we should reverse, could we ever get to 60? >> i have been on the record for a very long time that we need to get rid of the filibuster and roe is just exhibit a for the reason for that. >> brian: i'm sure she will go on record again when the republicans get the majority to not blow up the filibuster. democrats have been relentless
4:19 pm
in attacking it joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have long rejected calls to get rid of it. manchin said today he will not budge this does not look like an issue that will push him over the edge. turns out most americans aren't too worried about abortion. new fox poll shows top issues americans are concerned with abortion is number 11. we are too focused on inflation, democracy, schools, guns and legislation right now. how dare we? when it comes to abortion more than half of the country now supports making the practice illegal up from just a few months ago. are democrats using this as an excuse to niewcket filibuster to pass build back better and other things? we'll see? this is kind of dangerous. wouldn't you say? joining me now is tennessee senator marsha blackburn. senator, what stands out about the last 24 hours? >> what stands out is the breach of trust that someone who is a clerk or working for an associate justice has carried out it's an attack on the court. it is an attack on justice
4:20 pm
alito, and this has never happened before, brian, what you have is someone who is trying to micromanage an outcome, push an outcome, and whether this is an individual from the left or the right, what they did is wrong. and they have to be held to account to the full extent allowable because it is unprecedented. and this is something that does not happen. do you not leak these confidential documents. what you do is hold the trust of the justice for whom you work. >> brian: right. i mean we got this poll out that came out one hour ago. one of the results six in 10 registered voters continue to believe the u.s. supreme court should uphold roe v. wade. in favor at six weeks, 50% in favor at 15 weeks 54%. so, are you worried that the supreme court and this decision if it comes down as it reads in february, if it comes that way in june the republican also pay
4:21 pm
a political price? >> no. what we have to do is allow the justices to do their work. what is not acceptable is what chuck schumer and the democrats have done today. they immediately politicized this you had demand justice and the leftist group immediately. they were teed up for this. they started fundraising. chuck schumer goes to the floor of the senate today to intimidate and undermine the justices. he called them liars on the floor of the supreme court saying they had lied about their position on this issue. this is unprecedented schumer has done it before previously. he tried intimidate gulch and kavanaugh and saying, you know, we will come after you, you will unleash a whirlwind. and this is on a previous decision. so we know how they operate.
4:22 pm
they're using this for political gain. they are using it to raise money. >> brian: so a couple things lisa murkowski a moderate to say the least. roe is still the moderate of the land. i think it makes sense and makes more sense now. the draft rocks my confidence in the court. that's a prungeght susan collins said if this leaked draft decision is a final decision it would be completely inconsistent with gulch and kavanaugh said to me. those are two republicans that are a little upset. >> well, we have to realize that this would not end abortion. what it would do is rightfully end the issue of abortion back to the states. that is federalism 101, brian. that is where these issues should be discussed and decided. it's with your state legislatures. so, it does not end abortion. now, what happens is as people realize the left is saying something that is blatantly
4:23 pm
false. that they are trying to intimidate these justices that someone has betrayed the court and the justice for whom they work, i think that people are going to say hey, wait a minute. let's let the court do their job. >> brian: let me real quick. i have been watching some wild proclamation from this statement. basically alito says this is not a federal issue. this shoud be to the states. that's his full point. if i was to summarize it but now they are saying if this is overturned in june, interracial marriage could be illegal. you might not be able to cross state lines, talking about same sex marriage being illegal. is that something you could see taking place? >> in is all the president and the democrats jumping the shark and trying to make these wild outlandish claims which are blatantly false. their agenda has tanked. they have nothing to run on. inflation is at record highs. people are paying more for a
4:24 pm
gallon of gas than they have ever paid in their life. the grocery shelves are partially full. the prices are high. you see the democrats with an agenda that people have not bought into. they are grabbing at whatever they can. and they have this they think this is something they can grab on to. they spent their time trying to politicize it and push it forward as an issue for them on the first day of the primaries. >> brian: we will see what happens. i think some time this week we will find out who actually leaked. this i think you are right. >> brian: their legal career should be over, i imagine. >> yes. >> brian: senator, always great to talk to you, thanks. >> you too. >> brian: the cdc today restating their recommendation for masks on trains, planes and buses. this comes after last month the national public transportation mandate was struck down in court you may remember, but, of course, the cdc doesn't listen to the courts. they listen to the science, so it's the science that keeps flip-flopping back and forth.
4:25 pm
ised it science that is telling 3-year-olds not to wear masks and telling them to mask up by themselves in the american people made it clear they want to return to normal while the cdc tries to keep us in a permanent sense of panic and pandemic. they have lost complete credibility. nobody trusts them. i have been on like five planes. nobody is wearing masks. including the flight attendants and pilots. why should they even trust the cdc. remember the "new york times" revealed back in february they had been lying to the american people and withholding critical covid data from us? they buried information on booster shots, on vax status data to try to scare and control you. i don't know what they're doing. i'm ready to move on with my life. tell me what you think. coming up on this show california residents are bailing on the state in record numbers. what's driving the mass exodus? i have a few ideas. plus we are moments away from the polls closing in ohio. the senate race, what does it mean for trump and trump followers running for president
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polls have just closed in ohio g.o.p. rates in the senate seat. turn now bill hemmer at the billboard still for the latest. bill? hit me with some stats. >> here is some polls are closing right now. ohio is kind of a cool state because they actually start taboo laghtd the vote on election day one of 23 states in the country that do it. we may when we get to the map here, brian, we may see some results trickling in. let me set the stage for you. how much sway does donald trump have in the state of ohio? he won the state twice right now. he endorsed j.d. vance on the 15th of april. a big rally a week later in central ohio. jane timken used to run the republican party in ohio. she was endorsed by rob portman who is leaving this seat which means all these folks here are vying for his senate seat.
4:32 pm
josh mandel well known in the state former state treasurer had been doing well. fox polling suggested he was running second or third. we will see whether that holds up tonight. mike gibbons a businessman from cleveland, ohio and matt dolan here is also from cleveland, ohio. dolan is a state senator who has partial ownership in the cleveland guardians. not the indians. the geestled guardians baseball team. playing field who is going to win or turn the trick tonight. not a certain number. whoever gets the most votes in ohio. also in neighboring indiana there is an interesting congressional race going on there tonight. here we are in ohio it is now 7:32, brian. i know the anticipation is killing you. i had hoped that some of these counties would start shade in but they have not yet filled in. but we will see this is cleveland, ohio, simply up here in cuyahoga. franklin county, columbus ohio.
4:33 pm
how important is the endorsement of donald trump? the major question tonight is that enough to pull someone like j.d. vance over-the-line. i mentioned what the president had done in the buckeye state. this is where he was over joe biden winner by 8 points in 2020. come on back in a minute. maybe we will fill in the map as we go here. >> brian: bill, if i remember correctly it was almost too close to call going in that race and ohio really went into trump's corner again. i will check in with bill hemmer shortly. we don't have any numbers yet. bill set the table beautifully for my next guest. turn to the former white house deputy chief of staff fox news contributor karl rove, bestselling author to break it down for us. what's at stake for trump tonight? >> well, this is going to be one of the first big contests where his endorsement the effects of his endorsement is going to be seen. is it positive enough? we don't know.
4:34 pm
take a look at this. i will show you numbers from primary polls and there aren't as many primary polls in a state race like this as there are in a presidential contest vote in the republican primary. the last poll that occurred before president trump made his endorsement on the 15th of april showed j.d. vance at 23. josh mandel at 28. matt dolan at 12. mike gibbons at 14 and jane timken at 8. if you look at the real clear politics average which is only two polls that were conducted in the last couple of days. vance gone up 2 points to 26. dolan spending a lot of his own money has gone up 10 and gibbons and timken are essentially flat. you would think that vance is going to win. it's most likely the outcome. dolan has had some momentum. we will see if the polls are accurate but it's going to be an interesting night to watch.
4:35 pm
>> omb director when you were in the white house is he moderate. does that mean people in ohio want a mod accurate in that seat or has ohio changed. >> i will tell you he has a moderate conservative. everybody in this race has tried to be a conservative. the difference is in the tone. most of them are making it all about, you know, i am maga, i want the trump endorsement, i'm like trump. and then you have got dolan who said i support the trump policies, but i'm dolan. i'm not trying to be trump. it's going to be interesting to see how it plays out. we also have a gubernatorial primary. trump didn't endorse in it but he went out of his way at his rally a few days ago in delaware, ohio, to attack governor mike dewine saying is he a terrible governor. is he a terrible, terrible person and we will see how that goes tonight. my suspicion is divine, who is sort of the epitome of a traditional moderate conservative, low key ohio republican is likely to win the
4:36 pm
nomination easily tonight. >> brian: let me see, you might not like him he is a not a terrible person. is he a nice guy. you know that bring hot issue the overturn of roe v. wade could happen late june. here is what chuck schumer said about the prospect. >> the elections this november will have consequences. because the rights of 100 million women are now on the ballot. cast your ballots this november. because if roe v. wade is overturned, we have to assume there is more to come. the question is what will these republicans, these right wing republicans target next? >> brian: is that legitimate concern or pure politics? >> pure politics. i don't blame him. if you are a democrat and people are concerned about inflation and they think the government is spending too much and they're upset with the attitude towards covid policies and they are worried about the immigration on the southern border and they are worried about rising crime and democrats being soft on it and wanting to defund the police,
4:37 pm
you want to talk about anything but that. so, of course schumer is going to say this. think about this. there are 18 states in the country that have laws on their books that if roe v. wade is everturned. protect a woman's right to abortion in those states there are 13 states that have laws on the books that if roe v. wade is overturned have constraints on abortion many, many of them having between abortion legal up to 15 or 18 or 20 weeks. so, the -- we got 20 states is that have yet to be heard from the district of columbia is counted among the 18 jurisdictions that have laws that provide abortion rights. so, look, this is going to be fought out at the state level and state legislatures and it's going to matter and that's going to drive some votes. the idea that this is going to lead to something else is just ridiculous. >> brian: all right. karl rove, thanks so much. >> you bet. >> brian: always great to see you. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead we change gears. a dead body washed up in a barrel behind nevada. what's behind this murder
4:38 pm
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>> brian: nevada police came across a surprising sight this weekend when they found a dead body stuffed inside a barrel. chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher is all over this. trace, what's this about? >> brian, the working theory for investigators is the victim was shot and killed, placed in a barrel and then dumped into lake immediate from a boat. police say the dropped in 25 to 30 feet of water if not for historic drought it would likely not have been found. as for the timeline ever the murder. police don't have much to go on. the victim was reportedly wearing shoes that were sold at k-mart in the mid 1970s. so they believe the body was dumped between the mid 70s, maybe early 80's. that of course, is when the mob connected casinos dominated the las vegas strip and, of course, downtown vegas. now, it's going to be very difficult to i.d. the victim.
4:44 pm
remember, 45 years ago there were no d.n.a. data bases so, there was no d.n.a. collection. so right now the best hope is to use extensive genealogy work but police say that might take years. here's a las vegas metro homicide investigator, watch. >> so we will look into our missing person cases from that time frame to see if we can even get a lead prior to the d.n.a. you know, there are some items that we did recover that we will look through missing person cases to see if there is even, you know a potential. i mean, granted it's a needle in a haystack but right now we have nothing to go on. >> just a litigation context the water level at lake mead is down 200 feet. because of that police are expecting to find more human remains in the months ahead. brian, when i worked in vegas 30 years ago the bodies of murder victims turned up in the dessert all the time but lake mead always concealed her secrets very well until now. >> brian: yeah.
4:45 pm
i thought we would find a t rex i don't think we would find a 1970s monster. stay all over this story even if it means you staying up all night, okay? >> will do. >> brian: people fleeing blue states and cities in droves. nothing like we are seeing in california though where after years of watching their dictator in chief gavin newsom completely killed the california dream for everyone except them. californians are completely giving up bailing on the state in record numbers. just this year california saw a drop of 200,000 -- 280,000 net losses in residents moving out forcing the golden state to have to announce yet another embarrassing population drop. they have less representation in the house of representatives, right? i wonder why? let me see, maybe it is something to do with criminals ramming their pickup trucks into mom and pop shops getting off without a scratch or just the fact it people can't get through a simple work day without seeing crazy people? by the way he is actually climbing up on the 61st floor
4:46 pm
of a building. that happened today. and that was taped from the inside. or maybe it's all about their politicians. who love to get their groove on while they keep everybody else locked down. >> something that was really monumental that occurred and that is tony, tony, tony. >> you know who they are. i don't care where you are sitting. you are going to get up and start dancing. my drink was sitting at the table. i got up and started dancing because i was feeling the spirit. and i wasn't thinking about a mask. >> brian: right. but we were. and it was -- they were coming down on us about it chef andrew gruel is a california restaurant owner and moving some of his businesses out of the state. andrew, what's the reason that people are leaving? >> look, california is great if you are either a pistachio or botox dealer. if you are a business related to pistachios or botox you will
4:47 pm
continue getting crushed down and they will take every last dollar they can from you. the governor here looks at it as an opportunity they are giving you toen an entrepreneur. and any extra money that you take, you know talk about that lake mead story and the mobsters faust forward to california that's the modern day mob centers right there. it takes place in a single party system. >> brian: you have the sheriff speaking out because he has no power to crack down ton criminals. aggressive homeless population even more in new york. you are like me andrew, i moved out to california too. it's a beautiful state with tons of opportunity. what happened to your california dream? >> it's absolutely beautiful out here. don't get me wrong. there are pockets of sanity out here. but overall and especially from a business perspective. what's happening now is that as calvary doubles down on just throwing money at problems, they are not thinking intellectually into how they can solve these problems. let's take homelessness for example. you just don't throw money at homelessness. a lot of these people have mental illness. you can't give them a tent and
4:48 pm
give legislator $55,000 apiece making those tents available. and it's solved. we have a drug problem. me as an independent business owner, i'm here trying to pay my employees more but the government is taking, taking, taking because they're mismanaging the state. the answer to this isn't necessarily money. sometimes you have got to be creative. you have got to be a smart politician and not just, you know, an overgrown mobster. >> how about crack down on illegal immigrants coming into the state knocking down the wages of people who actually belong here? how about number two making the taxes something make a business you want to open. where are you going to? >> you know, we are moving out of state. i have businesses in indiana right now which is a real business friendly state. we are going anywhere outside of california to open up a lot of these businesses because we can open up the same business, flight apples to apples comparison to hundreds of thousands a dollars less. a lot more can go into the business' pocket and then we can pay our employees more, right? this isn't about greed. it's redistributing the wealth
4:49 pm
the way that we as entrepreneurs see that we need to do so. i will tell you one thing about california anecdotally. you get into the most liberal cities and pull up into streetlights and pan handlers out there the people in the prius and people in the teslas jamming with the vote hillary sticker on the back of their car they are not giving these people any money. >> brian: no they absolutely are not. they also have something else that you can't overstate. that's rolling blackouts because it destroyed the power structure nobody wants to drill for oil and they want to find a way to power that city with very little freon. >> i have been running on a treadmill to store power and run enough so that we can cook eggs. >> brian: we all do our part. i think it's time for you to leave, andrew thanks so much. maybe they will get the message and elect a republican or a democrat who cares more about the state than his party.
4:50 pm
thank you. >> thank you. >> brian: polls have just closed in ohio highly anticipated g.o.p. race. it was about seven minutes ago that i went up to bill hemmer and he showed me an empty map. what are you going to she me now? >> bill: good evening to you. the polls did close 19 minutes ago. we have some of the maps starting to fill in here. it appears, look, this is early. some of the big cities, some of the big counties have not clocked in just yet. when you think about ohio, think about the three c's. okay, brian? cincinnati down here in the southwest, columbus in the middle, and cleveland up here in the northeast. that is where the population is. but, again, a lot of that vote has not reported just yet. so where do we stand? j.d. vance is marked in yellow. dolan from cleveland, ohio, the state senator matt dolan in green. josh mandel denoted here in blue there are other candidates on this map like you see a little bit of red here, some other candidates running right now. the red is mike gibbons a businessman running for the senate seat in ohio. so, these three candidates,
4:51 pm
timken down the list here. three-way race it appears. where are the votes coming in from. i mentioned the three c's. cincinnati, columbus and cleveland. we do have results out of columbus. this is franklin county. but to be frank with you, brian. it's not a ton. dolan 2800 raw votes. j.d. vance 1800. i was looking just two observations here and again this map is going to fill in throughout the night and keep coming in. two observations, brian, if you looked at some of the early voting and ohio has some of the most liberal laws. you can vote on saturdays and sundays. you can vote for a month. and republicans seem to be beating democrats just about every category in the early voting. now, having said that the recallry voting turnout compared to where we were four years ago in 2018 flightily higher than four years ago. suggesting the turnout might not
4:52 pm
be enormous. the other thing i found down in hamilton county my hometown, cincinnati, ohio, i was looking at the turnout numbers in cincinnati around 6:00 eastern. so that's about two hours ago. it appeared to me, based on the website for the secretary of state that the turnout was about 16% of eligible voters. now, i'm certain that bumped up a little bit. but 16% is pretty low. and just one more thing, brian, before i kick it back to you. just up here in cuyahoga county. the biggest city and county. turnout in cuyahoga was around 17%. so, look, it's a primary. it's gotten a lot of interest on behalf of president donald trump. we will see whether or not he can turn the trick for j.d. vance and at the moment vance is the inside lane here in ohio. but we have got a long way to go tonight, brian. back to you. >> brian: bill, real quick, what's better be on camera with me or talk about ohio six hours. you were born there make a
4:53 pm
decision me or ohio? >> bill: can i take both? can i do that. >> brian: can he? judges say yes. it's a tie. >> bill: two for two. >> brian: deal with somebody more intelligent in 8 minutes. kamala harris speaking for gala for emily's list there is one a day after the draft for roe v. wade was leaked. here is what she said. >> those who attack roe have been clear. they want to ban abortion in every state. they want to bully anyone who speaks or provides reproductive healthcare. and they want to criminalize and punish women for making these decisions. how dare they tell a woman what she can do and cannot do with her own body. [applause] how dare they.
4:54 pm
how dare they try to stop her from determining her own future. how dare they. try to deny women their rights and their freedoms. >> brian: the vice president making a speech. now this: while the integrity of our supreme court was compromised last night, some of the world's most rich and famous spent their time focusing on something more important an extravagant over-the-top party known as the met gala. a place where famous people come together as one to celebrate their wealth while the rest of suffering from inflation. celebrities play dressup in millions of dollars worth of close for the gilded theme which many have been given back why now. some were great and some were down right bad. kardashian monroe's original dresses $5 million. kim spent the night bragging about how she lost 16 pounds in three weeks just to fit into it i wish i was there.
4:55 pm
there was this guy dressed as, well, it looks like a fish. everyone else thought it was jared alito but tended up being a swedish fashion star being frederick robertsson. tax the rich dress at an event cost $35,000. new york city mayor eric adams tried hardest he got pamp everywhered about a nice pedicure who doesn't. hood to make sure his toes look pretty for the celebrities put his socks on instead of ending gun violence soaring in the city and crime up 41%. adams did something much more impactful. he wore a decked out end gun violence tux for all the rich and famous to see. hillary clinton was also there. you would think it would be impossible for her to top her prince look from 2001. i don't remember it either. crooked hillary really outdid herself. she wore a red ball gown
4:56 pm
strutting down the carpet like she was on the runway. she had a mask doght her too like the queen we know she is. adam carolla host of the adam carolla show. why were you not invited? >> i get invited every year. i just was in cannes. wore a marilyn monroe. i think she should have wore monica lewenski dress. >> brian: that would be interesting. she could get a date. where is her husband? why are they never together? are they having problems? >> i don't think they are having problems because they probably not spoken in 35 years. >> brian: that could be it, too. so, adam, it just seems this year more than ever, i don't know if we have changed after the pandemic. i mean, but it just seems this year more than ever, it just seems out of place, instead of wanting to be at the place, you
4:57 pm
almost laugh at the people at the place. >> well, i mean, you know, whether you are eric adams let's say, two parts to your job. there is the job part and then there is the optics part. and there are a bunch of people just shot in the subway 10 minutes away from where you are having the gala and you are showing up with a graffitid tuxedo jacket. you just look like an ass. it's the same we have in california. gavin newsom locking down schools. shutting beaches, telling when to mask up and then he heads out to the french laundrie with 26 of his closest friends. there is an optics part of your job when you are a politician and someone should make them aware of that. >> brian: absolutely. he had big change in policy fighting crime. and crime has only gone up significantly since he took over. the tux, my goodness, i think he took a vote from, i guess he took his cue from aoc. when you look at new york and california, adam, they have something in common. they are two cities with
4:58 pm
enormous potential that have unbelievable histories that are dying on the vine before our eyes. why does it seem like the average american realizes it and the celebrity and the rich and famous don't? >> i don't know. i know why they are all at the met ball. they travel in hyper baker chamber. they don't get news from the outside world. there is no normal people at those met balls and that's the people that they strive to spend the most time with. otherwise, why would they be at the met ball. they surround themselves with like minded idiots and never get the news. although i do feel this way about jared let toe. jay leno so close but yet so far away from a fashion sensibility. >> brian: a little sad on a different note james core dan going to call it quits in a year. so talented. that seemed like old fashioned late night. what do you think? >> um, i don't know.
4:59 pm
i don't know why he is calling it quits and i'm going to miss his impromptu dance circles in the middle of wilshire boulevard. i live in los angeles. every time he does one of those jamborees on the street. it closes down the city. so i'm actually happy to see him leave. >> brian: right. that's why elon musk is making you a tunnel, adam. just be patient. make you a tunnel to get through the traffic and let you back on twitter and say things that offend people. so life is going to get good again we end on optimistic note. adam, always great to see you. >> thanks, brian. >> brian: adam carolla. thanks so much for watching "jesse watters primetime." i'm brian kilmeade. watch me tomorrow on "fox & friends." i will be on three hours. six minutes i will scramble upstairs to the brian kilmeade radio show we have so many guests i don't know where to start we have the results of the ohio primary very big for donald trump. also, don't forget to watch one nation saturday night at 8:00. we have a great lineup. including a lot of surprises.
5:00 pm
that will be be it 8:00 repeated again at 1:00. glad you are there. continue to follow the ohio race on the republican side a lot of drama and also continue to physical the speech by kamala harris. she is speaking and it turns out she is using it as a political opportunity. who would have thought? now it's time for the tucker carlson show. listening for the snare drum. ♪ >> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." polls just closed in the ohio senate primary. one state, one primary, early in the season. the results could determine what the republican party looks like going forward. we'll bring you any updates we have. first, tonight, if you listen carefully, leaders of the democratic party, you'd think america was built on a single court decision from 1973


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